Hua Yong’s response

January 30, 2013 at 11:34 pm Leave a comment

At the pro-Guan Eng blog:


Hua Yong points out that I had referred to his comments as belonging to a penyokong DAP.

He means this one (screenshot below).


The context:


Hua Yong is correct that I had recently placed his comments as belonging to the category of penyokong DAP who are in denial that there are Chinese still unable to converse in BM.

However in my reply to Ayah, I did not view Hua Yong’s comments (two samples which I quoted) in the light of his “rebutting a stupid statement from a dap lawyer” but saw them in the light of illustrating the thinking of those DAP supporters who are adamant that the Chinese are already up to the mark in their conversational Malay.

My contentious statement “furthermore, the incident he described DID NOT EVEN happen” which is in reference to (see screenshot below) is open to interpretation* from both sides.


* perspectives

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