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What has Najib’s “moderation” achieved the last four years?

Najib Razak mentioned the word “moderate” and its variants a total of 14 times in his recent speech to the UN general assembly.

Our prime minister said in New York, “Four years ago, I stood before you [the United Nations] and called for a global movement of the moderates, to counter extremism”.

PM then proceeded to set up an organization called Global Movement of Moderates (GMM). He installed Saifuddin Abdullah – pix below – as CEO together with J-Star boss Wong Chun Wai as foundation trustee.

BELOW: Wong Chun Wai defining the meaning of “moderate”

chun wai saifuddin

What Najib said at the UN about moderates

In his Sept 26 speech (full text here), PM said:

  “We believe this moderate approach can make a valuable contribution to fragile states and international affairs alike.”

  “In coming weeks, Malaysia will work with all interested partners to move the moderation agenda forward at the UN.”

  “By demonstrating moderation in the political process, we can ensure no-one is left outside society. By practicing moderation in religion, we can marginalize the extremists.”

  “The moderation agenda involves us all.”

  “The fight against extremism is not about Christians versus Muslims, or Muslims versus Jews, but moderates versus extremists of all religions.”

BELOW: Najib listening to the uber evangelista Wong Chun Wai


Najib’s moderation agenda

Our PM told the UN general assembly that Malaysia rejects “this so-called Islamic State” (referring to ISIL). Najib said, “We reject this state defined by extremism”.

Prime Minister Najib believes that he stands for moderation and hence established GMM which he put under the care of Saifuddin and Chun Wai.

The PM’s moderate think-tank – GMM – was established in April 2012.

But look at some of the events (photos below) that took place in the few months following Najib’s “moderate” foundation starting their wonderful work. It appears that the more ‘moderate’ Najib is, the more extreme his opponents become.

Pijak kepala

31 Aug 2012


13 Sept  2012



ABOVE: Even teenagers step on Najib’s head

They don’t like Najib and Rosmah’s face

Najib is moderate.

The opposition lawmaker in Penang below stuffed kangkung into Najib’s face. But PM is tolerant.

A couple of days ago, sex blogger Alvin Tan superimposed a pig snout on Rosmah’s face, on top of making a criminally defamatory statement about her. PM is still very tolerant.

Najib spoke in New York about moderation. Well, what is he doing about the immoderate people in his own backyard? He gives their defenders and advocates cushy positions in his pet projects.


Najib hands over national agenda to opposition

The PM has allowed his opponents to hijack not only our national discourse but permitted them to define the word “moderate”.

His department apparently even funds them so that they can take the centrestage.

At the UN, Najib criticized the “Islamic State” extremists. He said, “The actions of these militants are beyond conscience and belief”.

It is equally beyond conscience and belief when a DAP Member of Parliament and his party supporters dare to outright accuse certain VVIPs of committing murder.

BELOW: J-Star ‘Voices of Moderation campaign propaganda


It is “awesomely” (mind-bogglingly) beyond conscience and belief when so many opposition supporters can slander with impunity as if they were themselves eyewitnesses to that particular killing.

It is beyond conscience and belief that the Najib administration has allowed the avalanche of vicious lies concocted by the opposition “militants” / “extremists” to go unchecked.

It is beyond all sense and rationality that the Gomen headed by Najib Razak has not done anything to stamp out the culture of fabricating fitnah which the Yahudi Yeohs have entrenched in our society. Instead it is the biaDAPs who stamp on Najib’s face photos.


Najib alienates his allies, rewards his enemies

PM said in the UN:

“We must break the cycle where one group gains power only to wield it against the other. Where marginalisation leads to radicalisation, as people lose confidence in the state’s ability to provide both security and co-existence.”

Allow me to transpose what Najib said above in BN voter terms:

(1) We, the 47 percent voters who pangkah Dacing in the last election, will break the cycle of support for the ruling party in the coming GE14 unless the BN chairman shows some signs that he recognizes who are his friends and who are his enemies.

(2) We, who are alluded to as “stupid” by the former group editor of the MCA media, can clearly see that one group is gaining more and more power by the day. This group is not the BN.

(3) We, especially those of us living in Selangor and Penang, see the arrogant, greedy group rise and rise and wielding their power against us.

(4) We are being marginalized by the Gomen that panders to the ABU-ers. Pro-establishment groups are fast catching up with the anti-government groups in terms of radicalization because of the lembik Najib (lack of) leadership.

(5) People are losing confidence in the state’s ability to provide both security and co-existence. We are losing confidence in Najib Razak because he fails to understand that tolerance is wasted on the Yahudi Yeohs. The more tolerant Najib is, the more extreme his opponents become.

Ambiga Najib

BN leaders called “maggots”

See screenshot below.

Tun said that he has withdrawn his support from Najib. And when asked by reporters, he repeated that he no longer supports Najib’s leadership. According to Tun, BN might lose the next general election if Najib remains as Captain of the boat.

At the UN, Najib said that “we must defeat not just the extremists, but also their ideas”.

Herein lies the crux of the matter.

Najib Razak and his lieutenants such Khairy Zumba are bolstering the ideas of the opposition and shooting at their own side, e.g. KJ likening Isma to Boko Haram.

Tweets with replies by WEILING HO (@WanderingWales)

Allies of the “maggots”

In the TMI article headlined ‘Walk the talk, social media users tell Najib over his UN speech‘ (27 Sept 2014), Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen was quoted as tweeting: “@NajibRazak says the right thing at UN but fails miserably back in Msia – Umno, Isma, Perkasa, Utusan, Jakim, Jais extremism for all to see”.

Latheefa Koya was quoted on Twitter by TMI as saying: “Najib urges global community to defeat violent extremism & religious intolerance – hello? ada kenal Isma & perkasa? (heard of Isma and Perkasa?)”

Isma is made a scapegoat. JAIS is the bogeyman.

If 52 percent of Malaysians can be convinced that Isma is extremist and JAIS are religious bigots, then BN – which only won 47 percent of the popular vote in GE13 – will surely lose GE14.

The big problem is that Najib’s actions are misdirected to benefit the opposite camp that wants to bury Umno and send the BN into oblivion.

Can the Prime Minister’s office tell us how much money the PM’s Department has contributed to GMM which is funding the J-Star‘s ‘Voices of Moderation’ campaign?

BELOW: J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai calls on Malaysians to “stand up against religious and racial bigots, that’s the only way to keep the country moderate”


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September 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm 11 comments

Why Saari must be sacked, the big picture

The 2004 general election was held on March 21. Under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, BN recorded its most spectacular victory ever.

A closer look into the results of the 11th general election (GE11) reveals that despite the BN’s emphatic win, the Chinese electorate did not however give the BN any more support than they did in the previous GE10 in 1999.


September 29, 2014 at 5:43 am 23 comments

Will Najib defend his wife?

PAS laments that DAP and PKR are bullies.

PAS central committee member cum Pasir Mas MP Nik Abduh is complaining that the party’s Pakatan partners have become arrogant with power.

Nik Abduh, who is Nik Aziz’s son, said his Islamist party is a victim of bullying by DAP and PKR. (more…)

September 28, 2014 at 6:30 pm 29 comments

TalentCorp should persuade Alvin to come back

The Najib Transformation administration is very big on bringing back the lost sheep.

As far as I’m aware, TalentCorp – of which the prime minister is chief trustee (see below) – has been given a budget of RM80 million but probably more after added expenditure claims++ for this year alone to entice overseas Malaysians to return home. (more…)

September 28, 2014 at 1:34 pm 26 comments

Silap Hadi Awang, DAP bukan “sekular sosialis”, mereka evangelis

Ustaz Sallehen Mukhyi, exco agama dalam pentadbiran Khalid, digugurkan oleh Azmin daripada barisan exco Selangor. Exco pendidikan Dr Halimah Ali turut ditamatkan perkhidmatan beliau.

Parti mereka tidak mempersetujui agar wakil exco dikurangkan bilangan dari empat orang kepada tiga, kata setiausaha PAS Selangor Mohd Khairuddin Othman dalam satu kenyataan akhbar kelmarin. (more…)

September 27, 2014 at 7:08 am 22 comments

“Alvin & Vivian sokong Ah Jib Gor 100%”

Constitutional lawyer Tommy Thomas said Malaya reached a consensus in power sharing between the Malays and non-Malays when the country achieved independence and this compact is described as the “social contract” – see ‘Founding fathers will roll over in their graves about Zahid‘ (Malaysiakini, 24 Sept 2014).


September 26, 2014 at 12:37 pm 49 comments

Masa depan Selangor

Kita buat satu kuiz, ya.

Q: Bulat air kerana pembetung, bulat manusia kerana _________ (100 markah).

A. makan/an
B. gaji naik, senang hati
D. semua di atas


September 25, 2014 at 1:08 pm 22 comments

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