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PAS more genuine than DAP

“… the Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid is perhaps the biggest con the opposition has ever come up with,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan in his Sept 15 article a fortnight ago on the eve of Malaysia Day.

I shall fine-tune Uncle Thaya’s hypothesis and observe that the DAP’s ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ snake oil is most certainly a big con. I shall explain why with reference to the DAP chairman’s most disunifying press statement which he issued today.

The top story in Malaysiakini presently – at the time I’m writing this (now) – is headlined Stop viewing non-Muslims as political foes, Guan Eng tells PAS

But wait!

Stop viewing Muslims only as votes to be baited and fished through cheap gimmicks, Helen tells DAP is my alternative suggestion for discerning thinkers.

Guan Eng said in his press statement (see his tweet below) today: “PAS reinforces exclusive, racist and extremist approach of treating non-Muslims as opponents that PAS is willing to negotiate with instead of inclusively embracing them as fellow Malaysians”.

Helen says: DAP reinforces its Bangsar Malaysia con of treating Muslims as a gullible vote bank that the party is willing to pander to by any hypocritical means necessary.

Guan Eng accuses PAS of expecting non Muslims to first agree with prioritizing the ummah unity agenda.

Helen says a picture speaks a thousand words — look at the photo below of DAP Selangor’s Chinese non-Muslim Aduns.

Guan Eng said today: “Non-Muslims should not be downgraded but embraced instead in an inclusive nature by any responsible political party that seeks to unite the nation.”

Helen says: Do Muslims want to be pandered to superficially by a political party that is unable to shake off its anti-Islam reputation?

BELOW: More of DAP’s non-Muslim women

Guan Eng said: “PAS must be reminded that non-Muslims are Malaysian citizens who are not political opponents of PAS.”

Helen says: DAP must be reminded that its leaders are self-proclaimed Malaysian Firsters. Why then is Guan Eng’s press statement released today via Facebook only in English and Chinese, with no version provided in BM (at this present moment)?

According to Guan Eng also, the PAS president has shown “open hostility and contempt towards the rights and dignity of non-Muslims”.

Guan Eng accused Hadi Awang of labelling those who encouraged the use of English “as having a colonial mindset”.

Sinchew recently published a feature on Sept 4 about a Malaysian Chinese actress who once auditioned for the role of Princess Hang Li Po in Takhta 3 Ratu.

The actress Lim Mei Fen could not even get her tongue around the word ‘laksamana’, much less string together any impromptu sentences, and was asked by the director: “Tak boleh cakap Bahasa Melayu kah?”

The Sinchew story added that such “a lame command of the Malay language” is “almost a universal problem among her [Mei Fen‘s] fellow Chinese Malaysians”.

So, here is Sinchew acknowledging that the ethnic group which makes up the DAP’s strongest supporters have difficulty in speaking our Malaysian first language …

Guan Eng said it is “shameless for Abdul Hadi to seek non-Muslim support for PAS“.

Helen says it is shameless for DAP to preach Bangsa Malaysia given how the party is sidelining bahasa Malaysia.

Guan Eng concluded his tirade by calling MCA, MIC, GPS-Sarawak and GRS-Sabah “eunuchs” for “whitewashing the racism and extremism of PAS”.

Helen asks why oh why are the DAP Christian women whitewashing themselves to look like PAS muslimah lite?

Firstly, a comment on PKR politician Elizabeth Wong. She was pictured wearing her pink tudung properly and gets a PAS – ‘pass’ pun is deliberate – for her effort above covering all her hair.

DAP’s Segambut MP and Subang Jaya Adun, on the other hand, both deserve a fail. YB Hannah Yeoh and YB Michelle Ng (pix below) get grade ‘F’ as wannabe hijabis.

Earlier this month, a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini was rounded up by the Iranian morality police in Tehran for not wearing her hijab properly. Mahsa’s hair was showing — just like the Christian Hannah (on the right in pix) and her Christian mentee, Michelle.

If DAP non-Muslim politicians insist that selendang is the right and proper attire, then it is only respectful to at least wear it like PKR’s Elizabeth and not askew like these Subang wefie cosplayers.

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