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Remember him? 

So. What do you wanna be when you grow up?

It’s now all quiet on the virtue signaling front …

The pro-Rohingya Twitterati have moved on, presently lending their most virtuous voices to other stateless individuals under our media’s 15 minutes spotlight.

Even though Malaysian virtue signallers have the attention span of a goldfish, Bangladesh police – who possess longer memory – have noted an uptrend in Rohingya crime.

At a record high in the Cox’s Bazar sprawling camps are criminal demands for ransom — see Utusan tweet above.

The Malay newspaper-of-note yesterday reported that Rohingya are increasingly involved in the crimes of murder, kidnapping, extortion, drug smuggling and sexual assault.

See ‘Jenayah libatkan pelarian Rohingya meningkat di Bangladesh’ in Utusan online on 17 Jan 2022.

Rohingya refugees are also used as drug mules and pawns of human traffickers, according to Bangladesh police stats.

Two weeks ago, an op-ed in Sinar Harian titled ‘Kenapa Rohingya mahu ke Malaysia dan Indonesia sahaja?’ said there are 200,000 of them registered in our country.

But what about the Rohingya in Malaysia who are undocumented? How many these?

In the Bangladesh refugee camps, more than half the Rohingya are children.

Rohingya women have a higher birth rate than Bangladeshi women. There is no reason to suppose their fertility to be any different in Malaysia.

Rohingya babies are being born daily to stateless parents. They’re becoming a substantial population segment here too.

BELOW: Many, many, many stateless children 

Adverse impact of Rohingya on host community

Bangladeshis feel they’re being made to pay a heavy price – see above – because of the Rohingya who are never going to go away.

In Cox’s Bazar, “the locals knew not what troubles awaited them”, reported the Dhaka Tribune on 25 Apr 2020.

The newspaper also quoted Cox’s Bazar Civil Societies Forum president Fazlul Kader as saying the Rohingya have “become a burden”.

Malaysia’s virtuous Twitterati chirping their compassion for aggressive Rohingya children are like a caravan that moves on.

Communities hosting the Rohingya, however, are stuck indefinitely with the uninvited ‘guests’ in their midst.

“The Rohingya refugees and the adversely impacted host communities are stuck in limbo without knowing what will happen to them,” said researchers Anas Ansar and Abu Faisal Md Khalid.

Local sentiments began to shift starting mid-November 2018, they wrote in their article ‘From solidarity to resistance: host communities’ evolving response to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’.

“At this stage, the host community started to prepare for a long haul against the backdrop of a failed repatriation attempt. In this phase, solidarity gradually burnt out, and strong resentment became widespread,” said Anas and Abu Faisal in the Journal of International Humanitarian Action (July 2021).

Citing related fieldwork, Anas and Abu Faisal quoted that “since the last arrival of refugees in 2017, perceptible solidarity and support for the refugees faded away, and resentment against both refugees and humanitarian aid agencies, particularly among the impoverished local population in Cox’s Bazar district, is evident” (Khan 2018).

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2022 — PAS Islamists don’t be jealous of DAP evangelists, yah

Beginning tomorrow, the first day of 2022, politicking in Selangor’s masjid dan surau will be curbed by the state religious authorities.

According to MAIS, semua tauliah mengajar agama Islam yang sebelum ini diberikan aktivis politik di Selangor terbatal dan akan ditarik balik mulai esok. Continue reading “2022 — PAS Islamists don’t be jealous of DAP evangelists, yah”

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Orang asing dialu-alukan untuk guna PKL 

“Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur sentiasa mengalu-alukan warganegara atau bukan warganegara untuk menggunakan kemudahannya,” kata DBKL selepas ditekan aktivis di Twitter.

Cerita latar

DBKL takut bahang? Continue reading “Orang asing dialu-alukan untuk guna PKL “

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Threats on Twitter against DBKL library

More Rohingya boat people are on their way to Malaysia …

Now imagine, our public facilities being ‘threatened’ because they did not serve economic migrant / ‘refugees’ and their children. Continue reading “Threats on Twitter against DBKL library”

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DAP: Rise of the Nazi party

The Nazi party was founded in 1919 as the DAP, i.e. Deutsche Arbeiter Partei.

Partei is German language for ‘party’; the word Arbeiter means ‘Workers’ and Deutsche is ‘German’. (Germany is called Deutschland by its native speakers.)

DAP represented themselves to the population as the German Workers’ Party, and as national socialists. Continue reading “DAP: Rise of the Nazi party”

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S’wak Chinese switched from DAP to SUPP

One notable takeaway from the Sarawak election on Saturday is how different the Chinese situation there compared to the peninsula.

A staggering twelve Chinese Aduns will be sworn into the Sarawak government. Eleven of them are from Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) component party SUPP and one from GPS component party PDP. Continue reading “S’wak Chinese switched from DAP to SUPP”

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Rocket X’mas tree in S’wak (cont’d)


Sarawak 2021 DAP election results — click HERE

Sarawak is a Christian-plurality region. Let’s see how DAP fares in its state election today.

Continue reading “Rocket X’mas tree in S’wak (cont’d)”

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Mahathir’s view on Cina leaning to China / Bosnia simmering to a boil

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with three main ethnics — Bosniaks (Muslim), Croats (Catholic) and Serbs (Orthodox Christian).

Political observers say Bosnia still remains Balkanized and rife with inter-communal tensions. Continue reading “Mahathir’s view on Cina leaning to China / Bosnia simmering to a boil”

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Lawatan masjid: DAP’s schizophrenic storyline of ’Cina baik, Cina jahat’

According to DAP, ‘good‘ Chinese are the ones always keen to visit mosques.

And who will eagerly wear diversity tudung to show their “respect” either — ONE, when entering places of worship (including the Sikh gurdwara) or TWO, when showing solidarity with oppressed Muslims around the world (excepting the Uighurs). Continue reading “Lawatan masjid: DAP’s schizophrenic storyline of ’Cina baik, Cina jahat’”