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Zahid beginning to sound like a DAP leader

‘You won’t lose Malayness by treating others well, Zahid tells youth,’ goes the breaking news headline in Malaysiakini today — see below.

Is the Umno president implying that Malay youths have not been treating the non Malays-non Muslims well before this?

As a parallel to Zahid’s comment last night about an individual not losing his Malayness, Kit Siang also once said that learning Jawi did not make him lose his Chineseness either.

So Zahid is now saying: “Our sense of Malayness and our faith will never fade if we treat other races and religions well” (quoted by national news agency Bernama). He was speaking at a function for young people in Banting, Selangor.

Does Zahid’s reminder to Malay youths – to treat the other races and religions well – mean that previously, these Malays have not treated the Nons well and thus need to be reminded?

BELOW: The Lims’ vintage DAP politicking style seems to have rubbed off on Zahid, and vice versa 

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Anjing, babi and other salami slices of un-secularism

The future of this seven-year-old dog ‘Popeye’ (pix below) now hangs in the air. It used to belong to an 85-year-old Chinese man living in Bentong who had raised it from a puppy. Continue reading “Anjing, babi and other salami slices of un-secularism”

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Hadi looking at DAP through lens of Mahathirism

Hadi Awang “claims DAP targeting ignorant Muslims” — see Malaysiakini headline tweeted below.

Well, yes … Malays, i.e. Muslims tend to bersangka baik. The ignorant ones are inclined to believe that non-Muslim politicians who’re regularly seen at the mosque wearing tudung have a genuine intention of embracing Islam. Continue reading “Hadi looking at DAP through lens of Mahathirism”

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Will Cina DAP bring tupperware to tapau from Anwar’s Raya open house?

Nons throng rumah terbuka PH

Anwar’s Hari Raya open houses in the imminent election states are expected to attract multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious visitors coming together in the spirit of muhibbah.

Raja Petra Kamarudin recalled how the Chinese had previously brought their plastic food containers to bungkus and take home the buffet spread served at Beloved Tun’s past open house @ The Mines. Continue reading “Will Cina DAP bring tupperware to tapau from Anwar’s Raya open house?”

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Tall buildings cleverly lighting up a cross

Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow will be Easter Sunday. This week is holy for Christians who are celebrating Jesus’ passion — the last days of his life on Earth.

On Good Friday 67 years ago, three New York skyscrapers were lit up with crosses. The photo below was taken by a New York Daily News cameraman on 5 April 1956. Continue reading “Tall buildings cleverly lighting up a cross”

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“Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)

Continue reading ““Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)”

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Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago

‘Jom ziarah kuil Hindu’ did not spark any uproar. ‘Jom ziarah gurdwara’ was carried out without controversy. ‘Jom ziarah tokong Buddha’ is not even on the schedule.

But ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ proved too hot to handle. Hence Hannah Yeoh speedily tossed it over to her fellow Christian and cabinet colleague Aaron Ago Dagang. Continue reading “Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago”