‘No-confidence’ vote triggered against minority govt PM


Prime Minister Theresa May survives the ‘no-confidence’ vote by her party backbenchers but can be no better than a lame duck PM now.

The 3Ms: May, Merkel & Macron … widely detested by swathes of their own countrymen, and living on borrowed time.


The threshold of 48 Conservatives MPs has been met, and thus Theresa May is being called upon to stand down as the British prime minister.

Tory lawmakers will vote shortly (Wednesday, 6-8 pm UK time) on whether they still retain confidence in Mrs May to lead the country. If a further 110 of her party MPs cast their ballot against her unethical leadership, she will be ousted as PM.

Opposition leader: Ruling party’s ”total inability to govern”

Half of Britain want May to deliver Brexit — a task at which she is foundering.

In fact, Europe’s Big Three Chiefs are all foundering and extremely unpopular among their respective publics.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has already been edged out from heading Germany’s ruling party CDU while French president Emmanuel Macron is currently beset by calls for his resignation at the same time that riots are setting Paris on fire.

BELOW: Two of the leading contenders to replace May — MPs Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg



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No confidence in bad minority government

“We should have a general election and get rid of the whole lot of them as soon as possible!”

Breaking news by BBC below. (more…)

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Why I think PAS better equipped than Umno to fight DAP

Dapsters provided all kinds of excuses for Guan Eng – ref. pix below of him taken during the most recent parliament sitting – and launched their usual feral attacks on anyone suggesting that it would have been easier for the DAP sec-gen to just own up.

DAP tribalism means their dear leaders can do no wrong, and their own side is always the upright and moral one whereas the other side is always regarded as evil. (more…)

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Flare of nationalism — cool half minute video

“God, Honour, Fatherland”, the marchers for nationalism chant.


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Anwar can wait forever

Yesterday DAP maverick Zaid Ibrahim released his Last Testament in which he said, “The die is cast”. He explains:

“Not only I will stop writing altogether, I will no longer be a member of any political party. I have wasted enough years in politics, thinking I could make some difference to the country, but it’s not to be.” (more…)

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Takeaways for PAS from foreign trends

Brief postmortem on midterms:

1. The Divided States of America

Everybody’s saying USA voting and the country itself is more polarized than ever. The red areas have gone redder and the blue areas bluer. (more…)

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Trump will be treated by Dems like Najib is being treated by Harapan

There is no blue wave. President Donald Trump somehow manages, quite miraculously, to blunt the pendulum swing traditionally occuring in the midterms.

Trump is correct to bring up (in his tweet below) the historical trend where “there’s only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election”. (more…)

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