Sama-sama sembahyang jemaah jika bukan-Islam mahu berbuka puasa di masjid

Inilah jadinya pabila pompuan besar kepala

… muka pun penuh berisi. Maklumlah, jawatan besar kan, mesti sepadan.

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My seven-year journey and Allah withholding His grace from Hannah Yeoh

This morning I blogged ‘Bitter and resentful M’sians should emigrate‘.

I’m not against emigration to Singapore, Western countries or elsewhere. If it makes the emigre happier and provides him a chance for a better life, then by all means bon voyage and may he have success.

When I was in primary school, every annual term would see one or two Chinese classmates not returning to class because they have migrated – mostly to Australia and some to New Zealand or England – with their families.

After Form 5, more of my Chinese classmates left Malaysia to further their studies. Some married Caucasian men and stayed put abroad.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

I do not deride a Malaysian’s choice to leave the country of his birth.

What I’m against is the hypocrisy of Hannah Yeoh who discouraged young people from emigrating only after her own application for Australian PR was rejected – see Hippocrite Hannah’s tweet above, “Don’t change ur country, change ur govt!”.

My views a decade ago

On 24 Aug 2004 – that’s ten years (+one month) ago – I wrote a letter to the editor that was published in Malaysiakini. The portal titled it ‘Emigrate? But what about the doggie?‘ (Yeah, I’ve always been a dog lover.)

In my letter (see screenshot below), I aired some of the common gripes held by the non-Malays, non-Muslims in Malaysia:

“church … cramped shoplot rented in a commercial block”, “Taoist ‘temples’ located inside suburban houses and Hindu shrines sitting under a tree” compared with “funding [for] spanking new mosques everywhere”, “children would not be offered decent seats in local public universities”, “JPA scholarships [little] chance”, “Ah Chong the mechanic now working in Singapore or the girl-next-door selling Omega Trend products”, i.e. poor job prospects for the Chinese youth, “the tyranny of … state institutions”

So there you have it – above – the most biting of my complaints in mid-2004 about the discrimination against Chinese and our implied second-class status.

I concluded my lengthy letter by saying, “for individuals contemplating the move, it’s an extremely hard decision to take with an even more heartbreaking price to pay”.

Click to enlarge

Helen letter emigrate

How far have things changed? You go figure

What has changed since then of my laundry list of woes?

After the passage of 10 years, some churches are still in shoplots while others have gone lavish mega, Taoist temples are off the radar, Hindu shrines/temples raise the ire of Malay Muslims once in a blue moon, public uni entry is not so much in demand anymore with the alternative option of private colleges, JPA scholarship situation has improved for the Chinese since Ah Jib Gor took over as PM while job prospects are not so bright for all school leavers regardless of race.

And as for “the tyranny of … state institutions”, the JPJ is so wicked and evil to deprive its visitors their inalienable human rights of wearing skirt above the knee.

7 year itch

Two times oppo, one time ruling party

In 2004, the year I penned the letter, I voted for the opposition DAP. In 2008, I voted DAP too.

I’d have voted DAP as well in 1999 if the Election Commission had processed my registration on time. I was among 650,000 new voters who were disenfranchised by the EC.

Conventional wisdom is that young voters are usually likely to be anti-establishment. Was that why the EC was delayed approving our applications and causing us to miss the chance to vote in GE11?

So I voted oppo twice (GE11 & GE12) or thrice if you count intent (hasrat tak kesampaian in 1999). And I’ve voted BN once – in GE13.

I began changing my mind from 2009 onwards and switched my vote in 2013. From my first distancing away from the opposition up till today is a total of seven years.

The Dapster family – a ruthless mafia

The reasons for my disillusionment with the opposition is multi-faceted but I’ll pick three main ones.

Ask the villagers of Kg Buah Pala if Guan Eng had put people before profits

Kg Buah Pala villagers protested that the DAP sold them out

Hypocrisy (1)

At around the time that the Kg Buah Pala villagers in Penang were being evicted by Guan Eng’s developer crony, I was friends with Hindraf.

One of the Ponnusamy brothers – not Waytha Moorthy, and not Uthaya Kumar but a lesser known sibling Chandra Sekaran – held me hostage and tried his darndest to coerce me into taking an interest in the issue. He was on the ground in Kg Buah Pala when they demolished the KBP houses in September 2009.

BELOW: Reader’s comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on Kg Buah Pala

Another Hindraf leader, N. Ganesan whom I respect, was also involved in the negotiations on behalf of the Indians to try and save the homes.

My eyes began to be opened to the DAP’s capitalism and cold-blooded politics of expediency. And lies hoodwinking its supporters that the party is colour blind and beyond creed. The truth is DAP treats poor Indians like shit.

I saw what a fraud Papa Dapster Guan Eng was when he preached his anti-racism and we’re all Malaysian First brothers and sisters crap.

You can search my blog. Some of my earlier blog articles related to Indian matters are filed under the category tag ‘DAP mengkhianati kaum India’.

Hannah Guan Eng

Hypocrisy (2)

I don’t have to elaborate on the sneakiness of Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh.

Suffice to say, I broke away from the Haris Ibrahim gang because I do not see eye to eye with the Anak Bangsa Malaysia that they were pushing.

It was also appropriate that the Sin Chew columnist Lim Fang recently alluded to Hannah Yeoh as a pengkhianat bangsa.

Hannah is so manipulative and sneaky.

She attempted to divert her tudung-wearing controversy as “respecting Islam” when in reality she was criticized for her hypocrisy and political opportunism.

How adroitly she turned on her critic and demonized him as a Chinese extremist and sicced her fanatical followers on him.

Some of my blog articles related to Chinese matters are filed under the category tag ‘DAP mengkhianati kaum Cina’.

hannahlks crop

Hypocrisy (3)

I started to be disenchanted with Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang for much of the same reasons that he is hated by so many Malays, especially the older generation.

The DAP is all sugar coat and honeyed tongue about a united and harmonious Malaysian race when they just want to take advantage of the Malays.

I’m open minded, analytical and objective. Hence in the case of the tussle over the ‘Allah’ word, I side with the Muslims … because it’s logic – Allah is the God of Islam (even this the evangelistas want to tegakkan benang basah dan tipu).

I do not have any of the guile of the evangelical Christians who are attempting hirabah (highway robbery) of the ‘Allah’ word while at the same time tricking the Muslims that they want to build bridges to erect peace and love. What bullshit. And PAS swallowed it until recently terkena batang hidung baru tahu.

It’s not surprising that some of my blog articles are filed under the category tag ‘DAP mengkhianati kaum Melayu’.


Hannah Yeoh tidak akan dikurniakan hidayah

You have to wonder why it is that despite the close proximity to mosque goers all these years, Hannah Yeoh is not bestowed the light from Allah so that she will embrace Islam.

In my humble opinion, it is because she is a munafiq.

Allah is all knowing.

I believe the PAS operatives who used to slander me back in those years when PAS and DAP were still in their honeymoon phase dah insaf and have realised, belatedly, that I was correct in my warnings about the evangelistas occupying the mosques.

hannah caption extreme

Oh well, haters gonna hate

The Dapsters and the evangelistas in their greed for Putrajaya, needless to say, consider me as their Public Enemy.

Unlike the PAS operatives and supporters, I do not reckon that the DAP J-Juice drunkards will come to their senses. They are unable to see why a Chinese should refuse to support the DAP.

In their communal mindset (for all that they profess Malaysian Firstness and Anak Malaysia), any Chinese who does not back the DAP to the hilt with the same fervour that they do must be a race traitor. (And these people loudly proclaim themselves to be ‘Beyond Race’ – the irony).

There is not a single day that passes without an outpouring of their hatred. Bosan dan menyampah! This morning, the Dapster evangelistas raged at Perkasa sec-gen Syed Hassan Syed Ali. This evening they raged at Ridhuan Tee. It’s very ugly.

They will never make peace with the fact that this is a Muslim country.

I don’t support BN blindly and nor do I agree with everything that the BN does. But between the two coalitions, I sure as hell don’t want to see the one led by the DAP come to federal power. And that’s that.

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Bitter and resentful M’sians should emigrate

Updated 11.20am – SHOW & TELL: how Bitter & Resentful sounds like, see Malaysiakini reader comments on Facebook, below (click ‘Comment’)

Original posting

Bidding farewell to Malaysia‘, an article yesterday by Dina Zaman in TMI is hot trending – garnering 25,000 Facebook shares so far.

Dina writes about Daphne Lim and Saranee Joseph (not their real names) who surrendered their Malaysian citizenship amid our climate of race and religious tensions, and are now Singaporeans.

 Muhyiddin DAP Subang Jaya

ABOVE: They just can’t stop slagging Muhyiddin’s Malayness (28 July 2012 tweet by DAP Subang Jaya)

Daphne Lim is quoted by TMI columnist Dina as saying she is “glad to be rid of the political negativity in Malaysia”, and that renouncing her citizenship was “never an issue”, especially since the “opportunities and benefits” in the island republic are what she and her children can’t get over here.

Lim also told Dina, “I knew that one day, I would no longer be Malaysian”.

Joseph, meanwhile, noted that a few of her former classmates “had become bitter at not being able to fulfil their potential in Malaysia”.

According to Dina, Joseph explained that the bitterness displayed by her ex-classmates was not something she wanted for herself, adding that “she felt lucky to have found work in Singapore and to settle down” south.


Haters gonna hate

Isn’t it so much better to be honest and upfront about their burning desire to leave the country rather than pretending to be the most patriotic Bangsa Malaysia-Malaysian Firsters?

Yet some hypocrites like Hannah Yeoh can even make a 180-degree turn into Anak Malaysia (see her 3 Dec 2010 tweet below) after their own application for Permanent Residence (PR) in a foreign country – in her case, Tasmania Australia – was rejected.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- change country

Ubah – ini kali lah

Do tell me, what about Madame Speaker isn’t fake?

She pleads to the DAP vote bank “don’t lose hope. Don’t change ur country, change ur govt!” when she herself attempted to change her residency (leading to eventual citizenship) from Subang Jaya to somewhere in the boondocks of Australia.

Isn’t the truth of the matter that they’re always agitating for change – UBAH this and UBAH that.

 hannah caption extreme

See, ‘Hannah in AFP interview: “How extreme can you be”?

Toxic people poisoning our country

But despite that the Dapster evangelistas want to up-end almost everything – particularly Articles 3, 152, 153 and 160 of the Federal Constitution – that make up the basic structure of Malaysia, Hannah still has the gall to declare most disingenuously to her twits “don’t change your country”.

When they’re unable to budge the pillars cemented into our constitutional foundation, these bitter Malaysians incessantly attack and tirelessly try to dismantle and tear down everything Malay and Islamic that is making them so resentful.

And then they turn around and accuse the majority population of being racist and extreme.


So divisive!

Well, since the evangelistas believe themselves to be super-talented and near geniuses (they claim that their departure would cause a “brain drain”), I’m sure that some Christian country somewhere will be willing to roll out the red carpet for them.

What the PMO’s TalentCorp programme is presently doing, i.e. offering carrots for the Dapsters to return, is a sheer waste of time and resources.

TalentCorp should instead help with the talent transfer and facilitate their relocation to the recipient First World – for a fee, of course. If TalentCorp is unable to reinvent its present business model, then I strongly suggest that the unit close shop.


We take it TalentCorp enjoyed their European grand tour

July 1, 2015 at 7:00 am 30 comments

Hannah in AFP interview: “How extreme can you be?”

Excerpt below from an international (wire agency) news report yesterday @

hannah jeling 1
Garangnya … If looks could kill

“I really think moral policing has to stop,” said Selangor State Speaker Hannah Yeoh.


July 1, 2015 at 4:52 am 20 comments

Satu gerombolan Cina bertudung masuk masjid

Gambar di bawah diambil dari Facebook milik Lim Fang, penulis Sin Chew yang telah mengkritik Hannah Yeoh pada tempoh hari.

Kumpulan gadis ini nampaknya kakitangan dan pelatih-pelatih Hannah Yeoh – mohon pencerahan.


Hannah Yeoh mosque visit (more…)

June 30, 2015 at 12:18 pm 32 comments

The pimples are her punishment?

Islam has done wonders for Felixia Yeap (pix below). She looks lovely – wajah begitu jernih sekali.

Earlier today, Uncle Ed left the following comment @ 2015/06/29 at 3:32 pm, “The more I look at the pic. The more pimples I see. OMG!” He is referring to Hannah Yeoh’s picture below. (more…)

June 29, 2015 at 5:58 pm 3 comments

Roketkini cemuh Isma malukan Melayu

Haters gonna hate … so “divisive”!

Melambak-lambak puak ‘haters’ ini di DAP. (more…)

June 29, 2015 at 9:00 am 6 comments

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