Tun the 5½ foot walking screwdriver

Umno now views MCA as Gunting Dalam Lipatan. The parti keramat is aware that the Chinese BN party has been secretly bersekongkol dengan DAP and thus enabling the evangelical party’s politics of hate.

More and more Malays are wising up. They’ve finally begun to realize that the spite and malice of DAP evangelistas know no bounds, and no amount of deflection by MCA can whitewash this fact.

Last week’s Umno general assembly was an awakening where the party president fingered DAP unequivocally as public enemy No.1.

BELOW: DAP is full of hate

My hitam metalik kitten

My ‘hitam metalik’ kitten

Beating the war drums

Najib Razak has promised the Malay community that his men “akan turun gelanggang berjuang habis-habisan … dengan roh perjuangan dan iltizam baharu” against the hateful Dapster-evangelistas.

In his keynote address, Najib reiterated his “no retreat, no surrender” motif from last year but this time the sabre-rattling is even louder — with brandishing the sword on the right hand and unsheathing the keris on the left.

He intoned:

Jangan kita mundur walau setapak,
Jangan kita berpatah jalan walau sejengkal,
Dengan ibarat pedang di kanan dan terhunus keris di kiri,
Berselempangkan pula semangat yang tidak mungkin bisa mati.
Kerana janji Tuhan pada tiap yang berusaha tentu ada balasan jayanya.
Kalau belum hari ini, esok atau lusa cahaya mentari pasti terbit dan memancar jua.
Ayuhlah! Ayuhlah! Tanpa gentar dan tiada ragu-ragu lagi,
Kita bangun dan berdiri, bersiap untuk berjuang bermati-mati pabila semboyan dibunyi-kan nanti.

Is the fierce rhetoric by Najib for real? Nanti the whiny MCA complain some more how their delicate feelings are being hurt.

Tun the only Malay man in picture

Tun sedia berjuang dengan DAP

DAP’s Melayu-screw-Melayu strategy in play

DAP invited Tun Mahathir as the VVIP guest at their party convention so that the ex-premier can use the platform to exercise his trademark stinging sarcasm against Umno.

The DAP delegates even gave Tun a rapturous applause. And why not? He is after all their screwdriver to turn pressure on Najib and the hated Malays. For Dapsters, it doesn’t get any better than to watch Melayu screw Melayu.

But I wonder who advised the DAP to extend this priceless invitation that is backfiring with unintended consequences.

Don’t take advice from fools lah – click below to listen – or from useful idiots (i.e. Malay mercenary 20k bloggers who are the BFF of the RBA).

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Chan Lilian in ‘trouble’ over her Christianity, actually

Yesterday’s mammoth street protest against Jakarta governor Ahok was a show of Muslim unity against a – keyword – Christian politician.

The majority of the world media identified Ahok as a ‘Christian’ in their headlines. His Christianity is the operative term.

Najib Razak in his keynote address to the Umno assembly this week said GE14 will be a battle between DAP and Umno. In other words, evangelicals vs Muslims.

Or to put it quite simply, a clash of civilizations as is happening elsewhere in the world.

Below is my blog posting more than five years ago — from July 2011. I’ve been consistently saying this.

Ahok leaving the Attorney-General's office after acknowledging the charge of blasphemy

Ahok leaving the Attorney-General’s office after acknowledging the charge of blasphemy


Helen Ang

By all accounts, the crux of Chan Lilian’s contentious tweet lies in this line: “i think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord”.

The police had investigated Lilian for sedition but apparently No Further Action (NFL).

Chan Lilian, Special Officer to Lim Guan Eng and one of his chief propagandists

chan lilian lge

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Sneaky Star’s misleading info box on RUU355

Update 5.50pm:

SPDP (Sarawak MP) is open minded about RUU355. See, http://www.bangkit.info/2016/11/datuk-seri-tiong-king-sing-sokong.html


The J-Star last week carried a table on how Members of Parliament are likely to vote on Hadi Awang’s proposed amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act.

The private member’s bill submitted by Hadi Awang is popularly referred to by its Malay acronym as RUU355.

The infographic produced by the MCA paper – screenshot below – was crafted to mislead the public. (more…)

December 1, 2016 at 12:59 pm 14 comments

Give a stick to a Yellow Shirt, a Red Shirt — see the difference

When you give a stick to a Chinese man, he uses it to brutalize a foreign-looking fella (see viral video HERE).

When you give a stick to the Malay man, he uses it to beat up his fellow Malays. (more…)

November 30, 2016 at 4:59 am 38 comments



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Would Umno pour RM100m into Malaysiakini?

“The Star, in fact, is owned by MCA. But they serve DAP and the opposition agenda. Yet MCA is pouring money into The Star. It is as funny as Umno giving Harakah (or Malaysiakini) RM100 million to write articles critical of Umno and the government.” — Raja Petra Kamarudin

Everybody knows the urban legend … J-Star is owned by MCA, run by MIC, for the benefit of DAP. (more…)

November 27, 2016 at 8:37 pm 59 comments

RUU 355: Reps from MCA forget they’re elected by Muslims

All MPs should remember that they are elected NOT as representatives of a certain religion nor as Muslim MPs but to serve as wakil “rakyat”, lectured Heng Seai Kie in her press statement today.

The MCA Wanita chief called upon all MPs to emulate the MCA and reject the private member’s bill by Hadi Awang on enhancing criminal jurisdiction of the Syariah Courts (Act 355). (more…)

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