DAP should educate people that M’sia not secular country

The soldier below (from year 1958) suitably depicts the mentality of a Malaysian RBA in our present day still fighting to put DAP in power.

The black & white photo dates back to during the Algerian War for independence waged against colonial France. It depicts a jackass being carried by a French legionnaire — Story source: Snopes fackchecker

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Cats’ reaction to coronavirus lockdown

↓  My cat SIMBA

”Mine! It’s mine I say … Call me a hoarder, see if I care.”

↓  My cat SQUEALER

”I’m obeying the gomen order on movement restriction lah.”


“Face masks are all out of stock but I managed to buy a glove, yaaay.”

To see my  ‘Cats’ reaction to Sheraton Move’, click HERE

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The Hope people hating on Muhyiddin’s ministers

Haters gonna hate and there ain’t any cure for it. Sad.

Over the last fortnight, a volcano stream of venom and vitriol was spewed at newly minted Perikatan ministers Hadi Awang, Rina Harun, Wee Ka Siong, Dr Adham Baba and Siti Zailah. Refer below for timeline and bullet point backgrounder. (more…)

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Politician preachers in time of coronavirus

Some liberal ideologues are obsessive-compulsive and reflexive when banging on and on about the supposed
toxic religiosity” of the state religion in Malaysia.

They’re laser fixated on the religiosity in Islam, PAS and the flavour of the month — the Seri Petaling tabligh people. (more…)

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Evangelical church people in pandemic times: Shame on Hannah Yeoh!

Hannah Yeoh and her DAP Christian buddies got up close and personal with Mahathir on March 12 — see pix below. They were obviously flouting the Covid-19 ‘social distancing’ rule where everybody is required to keep at least six feet apart.

And only one day earlier (March 11), the World Health Organization had sounded its official global “pandemic” alarm.

BELOW: Hopefully one of Mahathir’s assistants remembered to disinfect the back rest where Hannah left her paw print on his chair  (more…)

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DAP reps crowding closely around Mahathir, muaaah

What a really big U-Turn! Today the DAP parliamentarians are jostling to be cheek by jowl with Mahathir.


March 24, 2020 at 1:12 pm 4 comments

Adun pembangkang di S’gor tidak disalurkan peruntukan tangani koronavirus

Geleng kepala …

Sudah boleh dijangka. Memang orang Harapan berjiwa kecil.

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