Dong Zong faces de-registration, so Dapsters may soon get their non-divisive M’sian First school

Today is past the July 30 deadline given Dong Zong by Registrar of Societies to resolve the association’s protracted leadership fight. Two warring factions are claiming to be the legitimate office bearers representing the Chinese school committees.

Earlier on Monday (July 27), the High Court advised Dong Zong to settle its bitter internal dispute after hearing applications for injunction order.

Dong Zong faces the risk of de-registration should it still fail to resolve the crisis (more…)

July 31, 2015 at 3:48 pm 29 comments

Zahid Hamidi: Race-based schools are divisive

In an interview with Berita Harian on Saturday, Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said segregating children by race through the education system is divisive –

“Mana boleh sebuah negara ada tiga sistem berbeza berdasarkan kaum dan agama yang tiada titik pertemuan. Kita kena ada pendidikan nasional yang melangkaui batasan kaum, agama dan bangsa.”

Read more at ‘Memperkukuh agenda perpaduan menerusi sistem pendidikan‘ (BH, 1 Aug 2015)

You will not see a Chinese face in a Tamil school, and rarely one in the Sekolah Kebangsaan. Chinese children are actively segregating themselves from the other races.

The present vernacular system allows for division according to language streams. How divisive! And the Chinese are the ones embracing this divisiveness at full throttle.

Zahid has called for all children to study under one roof. Yet in a warped response, Lim Guan Eng twistedly turned the tables by accusing Zahid of promoting disunity. Boleh pula! See, ‘Unite us, don’t destroy us, Guan Eng tells DPM‘ (The Malay Mail, 2 Aug 2015).

Guan Eng told a press conference on Sunday that the DAP disagreed with Zahid and further accused the DPM of “breaking the people apart”. Guan Eng is clearly pulling the Bak Kut Teh-is-not-pork stunt, i.e. Doublespeak.

The DAP sec-gen also hoped that Zahid would make statements “that unite the people instead”.


Race-based politics is racist

Papa Dapster is just about as confused as his protege Mama Dapster who complains about “race-based politics” but fudges when it comes to race-based schools.

First, Hannah is unhappy that MCA claims credit for the existence of SJK(C) and the she goes on to berate MCA and MIC and Umno for their “race-based politics”. Anything “race-based” is bad in the DAP’s books. It’s “racist”, you see.

Twitter - hannahyeoh this is y race-based politics

Hannah urges “Folks let’s move beyond race!” – see her tweet above.

She is adamant that “race-based BN must go” – see her tweet below.

She objects to BN ministers playing “the race card”. This race-based orientation, in Hannah’s view, is so “Pathetic. Backward thinking“. She thinks the race-based party MCA is “pathetic” – see her tweet below.

She calls upon the concerned public to join the DAP in “knocking out race based politics” in Malaysia.

Hannah MCA is pathetic

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Race-based BN must go

Hannah said, “BN tak mampu berubah, race based yesterday, today & foreva!” It looks like the DAP is similarly incapable of change by wanting to cling on to race-based schools yesterday, today & foreva.

But at the same time, Hannah believes that “young Malaysians reject race based politics“. She declares “race based politics must be put to an end“, and repeats her assertion that “race based policies” must be abolished in order for us to have a united country.

Her biggest dream for this country is for “Malaysia to be free from race based politics“. She reiterates this wish every Merdaka Day … “My Merdeka wish & prayer : Malaysia to be free from race based politics!”, “May our great nation be free from corruption & race based politics,” proclaims Hannah.

hannah  race based yesterday today & foreva

As you can see from above, the typical DAP politician is anal retentive about how destructive “race-based” anything is.

Hannah Yeoh even publicly dissed Malay flat dwellers in Subang Jaya for trying to form a residents association based on race.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- MCA, UMNO, MIC, Perkasa

Hannah Yeoh unhappy that some residents are stereotyping people based on their race

Hannah Yeoh: “next generation can shape their reality the way they want it to be. Enough of race based la, u not sick of it meh?” – see tweet below

Hannah Enough of race based la, u not sick of it meh

Hannah: “Enough of race based la”

It is clear from the vehement protestations above that the DAP Malaysian First icon(s) are dead set against anything that is race based.

It is also clear how the DAP Malaysian Malaysia ideology does not condone race-based schools which are divisive in nature and promoting disunity among the races. (“Enough of race based la, u not sick of it meh?” – Hannah)

Should the government decide to abolish Chinese schools, it can rely on the DAP for their full support.

This is because the DAP Malaysian Malaysia ideology seeking to create bangsa Anak Malaysia endorses ‘Malaysian’ (“no Malays, no Indians too, zero Chinese, all Malaysians”) schools where the races study together as brothers and sisters.

Vernacular schools are race based. They are divisive! DAP thinks they’re bad.

August 3, 2015 at 12:03 am 2 comments

Scrap 1Malaysia already! It reminds angry M’sians of 1MDB

Dear PM’s people
(I mean the locals, not the omputih consultants with vested interests),

The slogan “1Malaysia” is poison now. Nothing positive will come out of it any more.

When you trot out 1Malaysia, it automatically reminds the rakyat of 1MDB. And when 1MDB is brought to mind, ordinary citizens get angry at Najib Razak.

And it is not only the Star-reading, DAP voting people who are angry at Najib. Utusan-reading, Umno-voting people are angry at the PM too.

Please don’t bother bringing up ‘National Unity’ even though August is Merdeka month. Instead of being made to feel warm and fuzzy over the idea of 1Malaysia, the cynical rakyat think only you’re trying to use the ‘unity’ appeal – and its converse of the spectre of race riots and Chinese scapegoat – to divert public attention from 1MDB.

The feeling 1Malaysia invokes is symbolized by the ‘ANGRY’ icon in the J-Star‘s reader feedback – screencapped below – to the article ‘Najib: It’s time to strengthen unity, not dwell on 1MDB‘.

A total of 85 percent of EvangeliSTARs are angry at Najib even when he calls for “unity”. Pro-establishment folks are no less turned off by 1Malaysia unity blah-blah-blah.

Screenshot taken at 1.45pm

Najib strengthen unity emoticons3

If No.1 wades into an event like #nothingtohide that day, and his Rent-a-Crowd wave the “I love PM” placards, there’s no guarantee that they won’t be manhandled and the placards stomped upon.

I believe that the ‘1Malaysia’, ‘I love PM’ and ‘Im4u’ placards are made of plastic. Send them to the landfill immediately. Also stop giving out 1Malaysia souvenirs (mugs, flasks, T-shirts, etc) at government functions.

Drop 1Malaysia to the bottom of the sea. It’s better that the empty rhetoric 1Malaysia concept, coined by overpriced image and publicity consultants, be drowned rather than have the BN Titanic sink and its caption along with the listing, leaking ship.

The less 1Malaysia is in sight, the less reminders there are of 1MDB. How stupid is it to splash 1Malaysia everywhere and have people reminded of 1MDB constantly?

1MDB is a four-letter word. 1Malaysia is getting to be a dirty word too and associated in public perception with Rosmah.

So stop dwelling on 1Malaysia already. It’s like a sado-masochist compulsively slicing at his own toes with a Bugis keris. Do read the adverse reactions by pro-BN Malays here.

And by the way, The J-Star has selected a subtly unflattering photo of the PM, don’t you think? The look on his face is a bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

Such sneaky bastards – these EvangeliSTARs!

Najib strengthen unity tweet

August 2, 2015 at 2:05 pm 18 comments

Four out of five J-Star readers “angry” at Najib’s call to strengthen unity

The screen capture below shows reader responses to the article ‘Najib: It’s time to strengthen unity, not dwell on 1MDB‘ published in The J-Star today.

Please look at the reader feedback at the bottom of the page. The EvangeliSTAR crowd is 87 percent against Najib Razak.

What say the newly minted BN strategic communications director and his colleague the Multimedia Minister about this? (more…)

August 2, 2015 at 9:21 am 33 comments

MB Negeri Sembilan: “Kalau yang lain tu (MCA) nak mampuih, pergi lah”

Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Mohamad Hassan berkata Umno mampu mentadbir negeri tersebut tanpa kerjasama komponen BN – sila tonton video, minit 2:10.

Kata beliau, MCA satu kerusi pun tak menang. (more…)

August 2, 2015 at 1:53 am 10 comments

Madame Speaker’s female aide arrested during demo

‘Lady Miss’ Azira, who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, claims she “was roughened up during arrest”.

Pandai ye si Cina evangelista. While their Malay cannon fodder go and guling-guling di atas jalan raya, the Chinese boss safely at home satisfying the incessant food cravings. (more…)

August 1, 2015 at 8:21 pm 5 comments

1Bugis, 1Jawa, 1Liberal, 1Mandarin song

The RTM tagline is no longer Salam 1Malaysia. It has changed to Salam sehati sejiwa, orangkampung informs us @ 2015/07/29 at 1:26 pm.


Forget Malaysian First. Our PM is Bugis. The DPM is orang Jawa. (more…)

August 1, 2015 at 6:40 pm 11 comments

Cina cari nahas … dah lah bodoh sombong lagi

DAP darlings – the New Hope people – plan to take over existing party Kita, the Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air mosquito party that Zaid Ibrahim bought.

Prior to Zaid’s buyout, Kita was known as Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim).

Akim→Kita→New Hope is a political vehicle that’s akin to a none too spiffy used car. It changes hands when expedient and gets itself registered under new owners. (more…)

August 1, 2015 at 11:00 am 5 comments

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