Its secular base must ask DAP to clarify on RUU355

Dapsters are mighty upset over MIC’s stance (below) on RUU355.

The following screenshot shows a typical subscriber comment in Malaysiakini.

In his/her comment, Anon accused certain MCA, Gerakan and clan leaders as being “notorious Chinese traitors” who had allegedly supported PAS’s earlier move to further entrench Islsmic law and the Islamization process.

He/she additionally labeled this group of non-DAP (i.e. MCA & Gerakan) Chinese as “pariah”.

Now look at the photo below of the Chinese protesters (pre-GE14) wearing “Sokong hudud” green armbands.

Note: I do not know the identity of these people in the photo other than that their pix was taken during one of Pakatan’s anti-GST demos and bylined to Malaysiakini.

But if the three Chinese hudud supporters actually belong to MCA, I’m willing to eat my hat or Hannah Yeoh’s tudung.

The green armband-wearing Chinese were supporters of the then opposition (before Pakatan captured Putrajaya) which at that time still consisted of PAS.

Members of the Malaysiakini mob – such as the Anon screengrabbed above – making “Chinese traitor” remarks against MCA have a skewed and selective memory.

They should instead be asking DAP to clarify its Harapan allies Amanah and Pribumi’s position on RUU355.

Surely DAP’s 95 percent “secular” Chinese base would want to know clearly.

Rather than venting at MCA and Gerakan, Anon should first ask DAP’s Chinese tudung-wearing Selangor Aduns below on their stance regarding RUU355.

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2020 is Year of Mahathir

So, another round of luar tabii allegations surface against Anwar, and the fat HOPErs really thought they had ushered in their Malaysia Baru utopia. A New Malaysia? Same old, same old what, no?

Recycled accusations.

Recycled PM. (more…)

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Yes, Chin Peng’s ashes are spooky … here’s why

The Chinese-majority groupthink that smears ordinary Malays possessing a long memory of the Emergency as being “supremacist” is mind-boggling to say the least. To impugn the Dapsters as simply clueless is too kind an understatement. They’re really mindless lemmings dashing to the edge of the cliff. (more…)

December 4, 2019 at 10:51 am 1 comment

DAP must tell us where is pastor Raymond Koh

“The victims of injustice cannot rest in peace until truth and justice have been restored to them,” said Suaram adviser Dr Kua Kia Soong yesterday in his keynote address to the Human Rights Week event participants at the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Among other things, human rights group Suaram wants to know the whereabouts of missing pastor Raymond Koh – who was a victim of enforced disappearance – in order for bringing closure and restorative justice to his family, and putting an end to “the culture of impunity”.

CHEAP … personal loss suffered by the Koh and Teoh (Beng Hock) families exploited as vote bait by the DAP (more…)

December 2, 2019 at 2:30 pm 1 comment

Don’t worry, be happy

Malaysians are “in a state of maximum worry”, one new survey (above) by a research outfit headed by Pribumi supreme council member Rais Hussin has found.

EMIR Research’s inaugural National Worry Index concluded that Malaysians are suffering extremely high levels of anxiety in four major areas. (more…)

November 30, 2019 at 5:31 pm 3 comments

Chin Peng: Mahathir 2013 vs Mahathir 2019

Chin Peng’s communists “were prepared to use extreme violence”, wrote Mahathir in his 2 Oct 2013 chedet blog post. (more…)

November 28, 2019 at 10:28 pm 5 comments

Malaysia Baru bendera baru


Some fellas think New Malaysia needs a freshly updated flag, as seen below in a Malacca basketball court. (more…)

November 27, 2019 at 8:33 am 7 comments

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