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October 3, 2015 at 1:05 pm 14 comments

How come MCA no complain when DAP lempang them blue black?

Regular commenter tebing tinggi tosses a thought-provoking question @ 2015/10/04 at 12:57 pm, Should Malays be blamed for showing their anger or should the Chinese learn to behave themselves?

I can already anticipate that this question will make the usual suspects go berserk.

Here’s my experience from five years of blogging: The evangelistas are too sneaky whereas the Chinese ultras are foul-mouthed and vicious. (The viciousness stems from their ultra kiasuness.)

Regular commenters will be aware that I do not talk about my family in my political writings. In fact, my mother passed away before I started this blog.

Therefore, the vicious Chinese right wing ranter choosing to deride my late mother is really too much. And as if dissing my mother is not enough, he even drags in my long deceased grandmother as fodder for his own concocted stories just to get at me. It is obvious that they’re the type who knows no boundaries.

Pemfitnah tegar!

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Dapsters do all that and expect Umno turn the other cheek

Back to tebing tinggi‘s question on whether the Chinese can “learn to behave”? Cue for the ultrakiasu to go ape shit … .

From the ballistic behaviour they’ve been continually displaying – take the Bersih 4.0 antics for example –

Was Himpunan Merah a wave of anger in retaliation? Yes. If there had been no Bersih 4.0, there would not have been the red rally.

If the Chinese did not insult, provoke and much worse, then the Malays would not be retaliating.

But when the rest of Malaysia react to them, these Chinese are quick to scream “racist”, “extremist”, “bigot” and accuse everybody else except themselves of “spewing hate”.

What did the (innocent, meek and mild) Chinese do to cause such strong reactions?

ABOVE: MCA’s innocuous music video Love is in the air was made the butt of hateful jibes by Hannah Yeoh and her Jerusubang lynch mob

Hannah the hate monger

@hannahyeoh tweeted “I almost fell off my chair watching this MTV by MCA, my husband’s jaw almost dropped. Enough said”.

Mama Dapster even went to the extent of screening the above music video on a huge white screen at her ceramah so that her rabid fans can mock and jeer at the MCA amateur singers.

You can hear their catcalls in the YouTube of Hannah’s ceramah here.

BELOW: Hannah screening the MCA video as an object for ridicule

hannahss15 watch MCA video

Umno’s equal and opposite reaction to the DAP’s actions

Frankly, if the Lambs of God were only spreading goodness and Christian love all around as they claim, then why is it they are also whinging that they’re at the receiving end of racist treatment? You give love, you get love in return, tak gitu?

Or you mean to say that all the blame must be laid entirely at the feet of Malays and Muslims?

Have you ever heard – even once – the Dapster-evangelistas acknowledging that they could be partially at fault?

The opposition did Bersih four times but when the pro-establishment people were just warming up with their Merah debut, the oppo like Little Bo Peep immediately go crying wolf to the international community.

Najib cat

Golden rule is quite simple

What goes around comes around.

Well, what is coming around now is undoubtedly an increasingly right wing Umno and a hawkish federal cabinet. Please ask what the Cina DAP did to harden the attitude of the Malays. Baur-baru ni Tajuddin Abdul Rahman jentik sikit jer, fuyoh.

Some two weeks ago, Umno Muar gave Najib Razak a cat as cenderahati – pix above – for opening their division meeting. The Umno president is an animal lover, unlike the DAP sec-gen who is a dog butcher.

DAP promoted UBAH.

They’re also responsible for the change we see in the cat-loving Najib who grew claws only recently.

If the DAP supporters were some other kind of people that are reasonable and rational, Najib would today be our technocrat leader instead of a beleaguered one having to deal with the sort of Bersih 4.0 crowd who are egged on by their beloved political leaders to do those kind of things (their many creative ways to deeply insult).

They are getting the government they deserve.

Below: Crouching kitten, walking tiger

The Cat Who Walks

Even a cat when you step on its tail will jump – see animated picture above. Watch carefully the crouching cat stand up on its hind legs and WALK.

Jamal Sekinchan, Tajuddin Pasir Salak, Ismail Sabri and those Umno warlords that the Dapsters complain now about are only a by-product of the DAP’s hate politics.

Dapsters shouldn’t expect that they can escape the consequences of their own behaviour.

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Will MCA quit BN if Tajuddin doesn’t say sorry?

October 4, 2015 at 5:27 pm 16 comments

Will MCA quit BN if Tajuddin doesn’t say sorry?

Dr Mahathir has been leveling various accusations, it seems, every other day. His latest one earned a top story placing in The J-Star – see below. (more…)

October 4, 2015 at 9:13 am 15 comments

DAP tried to bully and intimidate Pahang Mufti

Here is Grandpapa Kit Siang leading the charge – see below. His pol-sec Dyana Samad also tweeted the article ‘When sermons become hate speeches‘ penned by a DAP Penang municipal councilor.

And not to be outdone, Hannah Yeoh’s aide Azira Aziz similarly jumps on the bandwagon – her tweet below. (more…)

October 3, 2015 at 5:30 am 27 comments

DAP and MCA fight over Chinese schools

“DAP has subtly turned Chinese primary schools into their dumping ground where they spread all sorts of malicious messages to incite the Chinese community against the government,” MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Chai Kim Sen said in a press statement today. (more…)

October 2, 2015 at 8:13 pm 16 comments

You think Umno will tolak balik atau beransur lagi?

Continues from:

DAP dah tolak Umno kena ansur lah

Highlights of the PM’s speech – Najib Razak quotes within inverted commas – yesterday addressed to the UN general assembly, below.

[My comments in square brackets]

Prime Minister Najib Razak: “the old ways are proving inadequate to the challenges we face today” [Helen: Why is Umno still employing inadequate old ways when faced with the challenge of Christian evangelism?]


October 2, 2015 at 4:17 pm 2 comments


“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.”


October 2, 2015 at 10:57 am 17 comments

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