Brace for new level of nasty against Najib

Look who’s whacking Najib now

“[Annie’s] blog has now turned into a haven for Pakatoons and Pakatuns to bash Najib and his government.”

Annie Najib whack

The Melayu-screw-Melayu Life of Annie is one of the nastiest ‘Whack Najib’ blogs


July 20, 2016 at 12:39 pm 80 comments

Regime change from domino effect

Tun is joining forces with the opposition to oust the prime minister through an uprising of mass unrest.

Anwar was the former king of street rallies. Tun will be the new emperor of street rallies.

Mahathir cube

Knock, knock, knocking down Putrajaya’s door

Knocking Najib who is the president of Umno will knock his party. Knocking the anchor party will knock BN. Knocking BN that is the ruling coalition will knock the government.

Once the government which is now sitting in Putrajaya becomes sufficiently weakened, there will be regime change. With a regime change, the DAP will come to power.

BELOW: With only a push from the tip of a poison pen – like say the mercenary Annie’s – the smallest unit of the domino can start a chain reaction from its first knock-on effect

domino effect

Peranan Melayu DAP di saat-saat genting

It is acknowledged that the DAP, on its own, cannot assume federal power.

To grab the Putrajaya throne, DAP needs the help of its Raja Mendaliars and Si Kitols. Tun-Protun and Anwar-PKR forces need to be melded with the brute strength and craftiness of the DAP’s terracotta terror army.

The glue connecting anti-establishment Malay Muslims with Cina DAP and evangelistas is the Melayu DAP elite corps.

These are the 20k Malays who share DAP’s dajjal traits of selalu tipu, bohong dan fitnah. They are capable of wreaking havoc because these new breed of Melayu pembohong are willing to cross ethical boundaries which were previously taboo.

They possess the kind of malice which is rarely to be found in the Malay community, and that’s why they’re the rare type of Melayu DAP (ruthless) and not Melayu PAS (clueless).

We’ve already seen how DAP has viciously slandered PAS and smeared the parti Islam leaders. Their main weapon of war is the wicked lie.


Even pretending to be half Chinese to please his paymaster

You can see blogosphere’s most inventive liar in action in one particular blog where the 20k Melayu admin has earned himself the reputation “makan dedak” and “DAP paid”.

Watch the sneaky spinner weave his tangled web of deceit in trying to deceive as many Protuns as he can to back the DAP’s moves for unseating Najib.

Where elections have in the past failed to dislodge Umno and BN, the hateful mob mentality being fomented by these devious, slippery fraudsters on the utra kiasu payroll might just do the trick.

July 23, 2016 at 1:02 pm 22 comments

CONFIRMED — Bersih 5.0 is on


July 22, 2016 at 1:43 pm 36 comments

Tun’s Bersih 5.0 — “a million people taking to the streets”


July 22, 2016 at 8:09 am 15 comments

The lucrative business of Najib-whacking

Ka-ching! Now is the time for mercenary Melayu-Protuns to cash in, and they are. The 20k premium has reportedly shot up overnight, following yesterday’s American cannonball.


July 21, 2016 at 4:01 pm 43 comments

Meet the dirty half dozen

Something must be done about the tokong-worshipping liars hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. They are a menace to society.


July 19, 2016 at 10:46 pm 9 comments

Is MCA suggesting a ban on the term ‘kafir harbi’?

In the past, Umno was called ‘kafir’ and ‘taghut’ by PAS.

Were any Umno folks ever killed by any PAS people as a result of takfir (Umno dikafirkan)?


July 19, 2016 at 11:34 am 41 comments

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