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February 2, 2016 at 4:00 am 14 comments

Annie is a liar and fraud just like the Dapsters

The blogger Annie has repeatedly accused me of being a “DAP operative”. That’s an outright lie.

Protuns have no qualms whatsover fabricating stories just like how the Dapsters are so sneaky at concocting blatant lies. Annie, like the Dapsters, can simply say [boleh main cakap ikut suka].

BELOW: Taking the cue from Mama Dapster

There are no photographs of me at any DAP event or pictured with any DAP leaders because I don’t attend their party functions. I have never been involved with DAP in any way. I have never worked for any DAP leader.

I have never been a member of DAP or of any political party. I have never had any relationship with the DAP at all — zilch.

The sneaky bastards have been concocting stories to smear me like how they concoct stories to smear anyone critical of their Dear Leaders.

That’s what they do best. That’s how they got the 95 percent — through spinning and lying to promote hate. And now their target are the Protuns because the Chinese market is already maxed out.

Ask the Kg Buah Pala villagers if Guan Eng put them above profit

Sidenote: I have never worked in the Malaysiakini office. In the past, the portal gave me a column, like how the NST gives Tunku Aziz a column. Tunku Aziz having a column in the NST does not mean that Tunku Aziz “works for” NST.

The Dapsters lie that I worked for Malaysiakini in order to try and tie me with the opposition.

Granted, my views were previously anti-establishment. But I soon realized that Umno is not half as bad as DAP. The DAP’s true colours as kaki buli began to show almost immediately after their spectacular victory in 2008 . See photo above — Kampung Buah Pala residents feel that the DAP sold them out

Malaysiakini axed my column when I began to get critical about the DAP, i.e. the tudung-wearing and Guan Eng’s anti-Hindraf stance. It seems that the editors in the portal’s Chinese language section were the ones most unhappy with me.


I was a researcher

Very recently, Annie put up a link to an older video of me. It can be heard quite clearly in the clip that I introduced myself to the reporters at the press conference, telling them my job was as a “researcher”.

The full extent of my “connection” to the DAP is only my act of pangkah Roket in the 2004 and 2008 general elections.

Oh ya, I once interviewed wunderkind Liew Chin Tong. I’ve also spoken to Teo Nie Ching before, I’ve heard Hannah Yeoh speak in public several times and I’ve questioned Guan Eng during open floor Q&A.

Around 2007-2010, I was in the NGO circuit. Many NGO events, including those by the Bar Council, are attended by the same crowd who staunchly support the opposition. The English and Chinese-speaking NGOs are, admittedly, pro-oppo.

I attended the Bersih 2.0 rally to show my support for the PSM people. Six of them had been arrested under the Emergency Ordinance, including Dr Jeyakumar (whom I had previously interviewed once). I also sympathized with his wife – a PSM exco – whose several articles I had processed for publication in a website.

I did not attend Bersih 3.0 because by then I was pretty convinced that the movement had deviated.

2004 election

It is unfair to accuse me of “flip-flopping”

I changed my vote in 2013 to favour the BN.

How many of you have voted PAS/oppo before and switched to BN? Or voted Umno before and switched to oppo?

The ‘ubah’ message of the DAP is exactly that, i.e. asking voters to switch.

If MCA at the height of its popularity had commanded Chinese support in the high 40s percentage – see table above – then a significant number of Chinese (around 40 percent) have over the last eight years been successfully persuaded by the DAP to transfer their support to the opposition.

The only difference is that while the Chinese moved to the opposition en masse to effect the two tsunamis of 2008 and 2013, I moved in the opposite direction.

If I am to be accused of “flip-flopping”, then anyone who has ever shifted their vote between the two sides of the political divide stands to be accused of the same.

walking cat

I withdrew my support for oppo because …

of they way they asyik kenakan orang.

The latest incident is the Anon and Alphabet Soup who are currently dominating Annie’s comment space. They keep repeating the same slurs against me. I’m sure discerning readers can sniff out that they’re the real Dapster operatives.

They recently accused me of spewing a “racist rant” against Indians.

They cited the story of a Chinese girl whose handphone was stolen. The girl had suspected it was an Indian who stole her phone. Although the thief is only one individual, the girl however ranted against the entire Indian community.

Anyone who has followed my blog knows that it is impossible that I would do such a thing (spew a racist rant against Indians). The episode, however, is real and the young Chinese woman who ranted is a blogger named Sammy. You can Google it.

What kind of people would deliberately invent lie to say that I was the blogger who ranted against Indians? A very malicious and sneaky kind of people — the Dapster operatives.

Hindraf had rebuked the blogger Sammy.

In my blog – as the archives would show – I have advocated for the Hindraf cause to help poor and marginalized Indians.

But do you know what sort of twisted story the Dapster operatives fabricated in Annie’s blog?

They said that I was being supportive of Hindraf only because I’m Sammy (blatant lie) and Hindraf threatened Sammy/me (another blatant lie). And so, to get into Hindraf’s good books because of the fallout from phone theft incident, I meeded to be nice to Hindraf (the Dapster warped version of their entire concocted storyline).

What kind of people are they?!

I really, truly think they’re dajjal.

The ultra kiasus can lie without batting an eyelid. And it was done in the most deliberate, calculated and sneaky manner by latching on to a truth, i.e. my empathy for the Hindraf cause.

I’m humbled and honoured that the Hindraf leaders had put their trust in me to advocate for them even though I’m not Indian.

The lie that the Dapster operatives concocted in Annie’s saying that Hindraf threatened me is vicious. They’ve concocted the most inventive (other) lies that had the potential of ruining my relationships with family and friends.

As one example, look at what they did to try and ruin Chew Mei Fun’s reputation. They spread the lie that she was having an affair with a married man. One innocent bloke who happened to be photographed beside YB Chew was fingered as her partner in adultery.

Now this was merely an out-and-out Dapster fitnah to help win the Kajang by-election (which Chew eventually lost).

What the Dapsters do to people!

Nonetheless, the Dapsters didn’t care if the man (in the group photo with YB Chew; the Dapsters cropped the pix to show only the two of them as a couple) might have a wife and kids who might have chanced across the malicious and false rumour the Dapsters spread about their husband/father.

The Dapsters are totally oblivious to about the devastating effect of their actions on people’s lives … as long as they’re able to spread hate and win through their politics of hate.

Dapsters are that kind of people – matlamat halalkan cara. Asalkan dapat memang. And they must win at all cost because they’re ultra kiasu. These people have no scruples whatsoever.

That’s why their RBA can blithely masquerade as Malays and Muslims.

BELOW: Kantoi! Imagine an RBA calling himself ‘Aku Melayu’ but not aware that the salutation for Allah is ‘swt’ and not ‘saw’

Protuns are like Dapsters, sama-sama no scruples

If the RBA have no scruples in masquerading as Malay and Muslim, the Protun pula puts on a charade as a mixed-race Chinese woman.

If Annie cannot even be truthful about the basics like his gender and his race, what credibility can you attach to the rest of what Annie says? His contrived, heartwarming grandmother stories are just a figment of the imagination, no?

Norman Fernandez also says Annie is “a fraudster” who will soon reinvent himself and shape-shift into another online persona

Annie was previously Bigcat.

BELOW: Norman says Annie is “a fraud”

The lies that the Protuns have been telling have been exposed by Lim Sian See, Gopal Raj Kumar, A Voice (Brick in the Wall), Big Dog, Azmi Arshad, Rahmat Omar, Rocky and many others.

You can detect Annie’s lies through the inherent contradictions in the Life of Annie blog. Like Annie said he would stop blogging about politics but he still does so albeit tangentially. Annie said he would stop mentioning me but he has dedicated his blog to become a daily hate site against me.

Contradiction is cakap tak serupa bikin. Annie pretended to be ‘nice’ by three times asking his readers not to leave any negative personal comments against me (itu sekadar Annie cakap).

Apa Annie bikin was to link and promote the writings of a Cina ultra blogger who is on a smear campaign against me. (Yes, they hate us the 5 percent for going against the current). Annie’s actions do not match Annie’s words about “neutrality” and “peace”.

It should not surprise anyone that the Protuns are willing to be in cahoots with the Dapsters. After all, Tun himself showed leadership by example in joining the Bersih 4.0 rally.

Everybody already has a fair idea of the kind of fitnah which the Dapsters are capable of.

If you examine the conduct of Annie, you can see the malice inherent in the Protuns. They’re hand in glove with the oppo now — you’d better believe it.


February 7, 2016 at 2:34 pm 59 comments

Kenapa ada Melayu yang mahu lebih ‘Cina’ dari Cina?

Adakah ia sebab DAP sekarang sudah ada war chest yang besar dan sanggup menabur dedak?


February 6, 2016 at 10:00 pm 19 comments

Heh-heh-heh, look who are Tun’s biggest fans today

All the Facebook screenshots below are taken from today’s FMT article ‘Mahathir seeking a scapegoat for his grand failures’ where the ex-premier is being criticized by Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

Now check out the fake profiles of the Facebookers in the FMT conversation thread. (more…)

February 6, 2016 at 3:11 pm 27 comments

The PM’s learning curve

BELOW: Last year’s CNY photo … his gong xi clasp was rather clueless. Look at the position of his fingers — wrong.


Najib gong xi 1

BELOW: This year’s CNY … much improved.


Najib Razak Tahun Baru Cina 2016


February 5, 2016 at 10:18 pm 22 comments

Ola Bola? Since when did Bangsa M’sia-Chinese take over our football scene?

Semi-regular reader Surrhead left the comment below in my earlier post ‘MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay‘.


February 5, 2016 at 6:13 pm 31 comments

MCA, DAP fight over Khir Johari name and whether Zairil is Malay

zairil melayu“Zairil Khir Johari aka Christopher Ross Lim (left) does not count as an ethnic Malay and is at best a muallaf or Muslim convert who converted to Islam when his mother married his stepfather Khir Johari, the former Minister of Education”, stated Pemuda MCA’s Young Professionals bureau.

Bureau chairman Eric Choo said this in a statement titled ‘The real DAP dilemma‘ on the evangelical party’s schizophrenia.


February 5, 2016 at 1:40 pm 13 comments

Jahat betul orang yang main cakap ikut suka tentang Tabung Haji

Lembaga Tabung Haji telah mengumumkan dividen sebanyak lima peratus bagi para pendepositnya. Pengumuman kelmarin secara langsung dan sekaligus menangkis fitnah bahawa agensi Islam tersebut menghadapi masalah kewangan.

Sebelum ini, puak pembatu api telah cuba menimbulkan rasa sangsi dan gusar orangramai menerusi tohmahan bahawa TH sudah tidak lagi mampu membayar bonus. (more…)

February 5, 2016 at 8:53 am 42 comments

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