Somebody has been impersonating me on FB

As I’ve publicly announced several times before, I do not have any Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts.

The last time, I had to complain to Disqus to get the service to terminate an impostor’s account which he misused to make nasty comments in ‘my’ name on  political stories in Malaysian news portals.

See, ‘Dapster operative has been impersonating me on message board‘ (7 Jan 2016).

This FB imposter – likely the same culprit – is now doing the same thing again.


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Evangelical Christian Wong Chun Wai vely susah to live in Muslim M’sia wor

In his newspaper column today titled ‘Moderation, the way to go‘, Wong Chun Wai takes a contemptuous swipe at “Islamist” PAS and “morally-questionable” Kelantan.

Chun Wai’s argumentative premise is articulated in the standfirst to his article, which reads: “PAS, or any other group, should not be allowed to use religion to challenge Malaysia’s social climate and political system”.

His latest complaint is against the cancellation of the Better Beer Festival 2017 which he blames on “Islamist party” PAS, saying, “we are pandering to extremists, at the expense of our moderate way of life”.

He is disdainful if somewhat nonplussed at the apparent clout wielded by PAS, considering how the party “does not even have an MP in Kuala Lumpur, or even a member on the DBKL advisory board”.

Chun Wai grumbles that the BBF has been held for five years straight but yet PAS has successfully and swiftly made DBKL knuckle down to pressure. He goes to the extent of characterizing the cancellation as “clearly an infringement on the rights of non-Muslims“.

In Chun Wai’s lights, holding a beer festival is a God-given “right” of the Christians and Hindus in Malaysia. (For the record, Buddhism prohibits/discourages – depending on your school of interpretation – the imbibing of intoxicants.)

Hence Chun Wai is convinced affluent Christians have the right to hold beer festivals in arty, yuppie shopping malls in upmarket residential districts because “there have always been beer festivals in Malaysia …” and therefore, why is DBKL “allowing such a group [PAS] to get what it wants”, Chun Wai demands to know.

“A combination of terrorist wannabes, extremists, racists, right wingers and politicians posing as theologians is certainly a recipe for disaster for multi-racial Malaysia,” he proclaims. Ouch!

Chun Wai’s constant and consistent derision of PAS as well as activist groups like Isma makes many Muslims inclined to think that the J-Star’s controversial ‘terrorist’ front page celebrating the first day of Ramadan this year was possibly no mere accident.

And what is the progress of the Home Ministry’s investigation into the matter? No further action, quite predictably?

Picking on Kelantan as PAS’s “state of origin” – here Chun Wai is factually mistaken as PAS was actually formed in Chun Wai’s own state of origin Penang (in Bagan Tuan Kecil, Butterworth, to be precise) on 24 Nov 1951 – the J-Star boss fingers Kelantan as a place where “no unisex salons are allowed to exist”, where a shop owner is fined for his poster of a Bollywood actress advertizing a watch, where cultural performances in a hotel ballroom invited the intervention of Kota Baru Municipal Council, and where organizers of a fun run were told to gender segregate participants.

Chun Wai proceeds to rant, “Malaysia is not Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or an IS-held territory …”!!

Mocking PAS’s seeming failure to live up to its “puritanical priorities”, Chun Wai lists a series of negatives such as that Kota Baru netizens are the country’s second biggest surfers of porn sites, that Kelantan has 11,000 HIV-positive cases recorded over the last five years, “that drug addiction among students in Kelantan is at a critical stage”, that Kelantan harbours “the most nauseating incest cases” and moreover implying that Kelantanese AIDS-related deaths stemmed from “switching sex partners”.

It is clear that he is on a fault-finding mission.

In essense, Chun Wai’s column today is simply dripping with scorn for Malaysian “Islamist” leaders and those conservative Muslims who are of the same mind. Behind his veneer of moderation and beneath his ostensible promotion of tolerance lies the intolerance of a Christian supremacist who disdains Malaysia’s Muslim aspirations.

Given the evangelistas’ attitude of arrogance and contempt, it is hard not to visualize our socio-religious conflict taking a more hardline turn, and this sooner rather than later. Where now is the Christian’s much-vaunted ‘Love thy neighbour’, ‘Turn the other cheek’ pablum that they so conspicuously feed the gullible public?




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Why the Dapsters’ political choice is insupportable

In my preceeding blog post on Thursday, I featured a picture gallery of the many DAP Yang Berhormats who have camped in the mosques/surau.

DAP claims to be secular but they continuously carry out their cheap politicking in places of worship. Worse still, they occupy mosques which are the prayer halls belonging to a religion that is not even their own.

It’s bad enough when they take advantage of churches to use for their political platform. It is infinitely worse when these DAP evangelical politicians hijack other people’s religious houses as the showboat venue for them to score political points.

ABOVE: Zairil Khir Johari

Do note that none of the DAP Chinese YBs caught on camera or snapping selfies at the mosque are Muslim.

In fact, the DAP has got only one Muslim rep, i.e. Tengku Zulpuri (YB Mentakab) among the party’s 96 Aduns, and another two more Muslim elected reps, i.e. Sakmongkol (YB Raub) and Zairil (YB Bukit Bendera) among its remaining 36 MPs. Out of the evangelical party’s total of 132 YBs in parliament and the state assemblies, merely three are Muslim.

Yet the DAP politicians are more FB-social media self-publicized in mosques than are Umno reps.

Given the DAP’s ubiquitous presence in the mosque, it is perfectly legitimate to ask the beer drinkers presently complaining about their cancelled Octoberfest whether the party they voted for actually supports the Islamic stricture that alcohol is haram. Furthermore, don’t forget that DAP has already declared its support for Islamization.

Since DAP backs the Islamization process, and its elected reps are wearing tudung and camping in the mosques, isn’t it hypocritical of DAP to now bash PAS for objecting the Better Beer Festival and to claim that their Chinese constituents’ rights (to take part in an anticipated 6,000-visitor beer fest) is being infringed by the ban?

Beer most certainly not served to Hannah Yeoh!

How can tudung-wearing, mosque-frequenting DAP so unabashedly demand the freedom of enjoying beer (haram!) festivals?

I had raised a fair and valid point in my post, ‘Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging‘. The photos I showed of the DAP leaders occupying masjid are, moreover, all genuine.

Instead of offering a logical defense of the DAP, the Dapsters only responded to me with four-letter words, insults, curses and personal abuse of my Chinese ancestors on top of hurling accusations of “dedak” and my kowtowing to boss “Jibby”.

Quite clearly as a rational individual, there cannot possibly be any reason why I would care to vote for a hateful party like the DAP whose supporters are not only spiteful but full of malice.

September 23, 2017 at 9:01 am 3 comments

Why beer drinkers should just stop whinging

So the Oktoberfest is not allowed to be held. Well, the truth of the matter is that the bloody lot of them (beer guzzlers) voted for the very party (DAP) that has announced its support for the Islamization process.

Hence these DAP cult followers should be the last people to complain. Hey Dapsters, you guys must learn to reap what you sowed. After all, you voted for it.

Oh look, Mama & Papa Dapster – below – occupying the No Beer Zone

Surely the Baby Dapsters cannot now be expecting their leaders who are such avid mosque-goers to be endorsing haram things like beer.

Hannah Yeoh in mosque

DAP’s little tudung-ed chickadees in mosque

Lim Guan Eng in mosque


More DAP elected representatives camping in syariah-compliant premises, and endorsing the process of speedy Islamization …

Don’t tell me Dapsters fail to understand that beer is unIslamic?

DAP Adun for Kinrara, Ng Sze Han in mosque

DAP member of parliament for Serdang, Ong Kian Ming in mosque

DAP member of parliament for Kulai, Teo Nie Ching in mosque

DAP member of parliament for Seputeh, Teresa Kok in mosque

DAP members of parliament for Beruas, James Ngeh Koo Ham (& his cousin) with the late Tok Guru

DAP member of parliament for Taiping, David Nga Kor Ming in mosque

DAP Adun for Kg Tunku, Ng Wei Aik & MP for PJ Utara, Tony Pua in mosque

DAP Adun for Sekinchan, Ng Suee Lim (wearing yellow) in a mosque too?

DAP member of parliament for Kluang, Liew Chin Tong at pasar Ramadan

DAP Adun for Damansara Utama, Yeo Bee Yin tutup aurat

September 21, 2017 at 12:32 am 10 comments

DAP successfully made religion the ace card

Remember how DAP used to foam at the mouth that Perkasa was racist? Well, not anymore.

Today the Perkasa right wingers are DAP’s political allies, with the Malay movement’s ultra patron Tun M becoming the leader of DAP’s coalition of ‘Hope’ and embraced wholeheartedly by the Dapster family − Grandpa, Papa & Mama, with their cucu-cicit RBA in goosestep. (more…)

September 18, 2017 at 4:10 pm 5 comments

Man sues donkey who mistook his orange sports car for carrot

The donkey is named Fitus, the German driver is Markus Zahn and his suit for damages in currently being heard in court in Gießen, a town about an hour’s drive from Frankfurt.

Fitus took a bite out of Zahn’s €300,000 (RM1.5 million) Mclaren 650S Spider.

For story details, click here @


September 16, 2017 at 11:03 pm 1 comment

This year’s Malaysia Day most historic since 1963

DAP have thrown themselves into Mahathir Mohamad’s embrace – literally – and with such Christian-loving gusto.

The mind boggled to see how the Guan Eng cheerleaders have attempted to hoodwink their Chinese electorate that the irreligious Kit Siang is the one and only – konon! – DAP leader chumming up to Dr M.

These pictures below, however, tell a diiferent and the true story. (more…)

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