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Pg: Bumi contractors RM61.4m, non-bumi 407k

Source: Lim Guan Eng website

Eh, LGE now says projects are awarded ‘randomly’. Whatever happened to his much touted boast of meritocracy?

July 28, 2011

GEORGETOWN: Some 200 bumiputra contractors in Penang have been awarded contracts worth RM15.7mil to carry out river deepening projects in flood-prone areas in the state. Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the projects were awarded randomly through e-Tender on the state government’s website.

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July 29, 2011

In the Penang Chief Minister’s statement on 27 July 2011, he had announced that the contractors in all five districts for the state’s Drainage and Irrigation Department projects are Malays, Bumiputeras and Indian Muslims, of which women account for 20%.

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* The figure of RM61.4 million in the title refers to the totalled amounts of bumiputera contracts in Penang as taken from the two tables above (years 2008-2010) provided by Lim Guan Eng. Non-bumi contractors got 407k worth of contracts in the corresponding time period.

The worth of bumiputera contracts as reported in the news on 28-29 July, 2011 is RM15.7 million; correspondingly non-bumi contractors got zilch projects and prompting the Penang Wanita MCA chief to accuse DAP of “currying favour” with the Malay electorate.


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One thought on “Pg: Bumi contractors RM61.4m, non-bumi 407k

  1. Actually, it does sound like LGE is trying to curry favour with the Malay and Indian-Muslim community by awarding them most of the contracts. Logically, seeing that Penang is predominantly Chinese, most of the contracts should have gone to the Chinese.

    The problem with LGE is that he is too much of an apologist.

    That being said, for once, the minority rights are protected, unlike in the rest of Malaysia, where the minorities are treated shoddily by the BN government.

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