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Kes DUMC: Lambang salib ‘sublimal’ digunakan NGO?

Imej ‘sublimal’ ialah pujukan yang tidak disedari tetapi akan melekat dalam ingatan.

Screenshot ini diambil dari halaman ‘About Us’ di laman sesawang Harapan Komuniti — NGO yang menganjurkan majlis kenduri Thanksgiving (kesyukuran) yang mana orang Melayu hadir di Dream Centre gereja Methodist.

Jarang orang menggunakan skru empat-penjuru (yang juga secara kebetulan menggambarkan salib) pada papan tanda. Yang lazim nampak ialah paku tekan (gambar kiri).

Jikapun papan kenyataan digantung dengan tali, biasanya paku dan bukan skru empat penjuru yang dipakai.

Manakala clip art yang popular adalah seperti di bawah:


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8 thoughts on “Kes DUMC: Lambang salib ‘sublimal’ digunakan NGO?

  1. It comes back to INTENT. But if there is an ulterior motive, the little-little things that they do or did not do will reflect the hidden INTENT. The screw that bear an uncanny resemblance of a particular symbol may be a coincidence. We can only speculate but only the said NGO will know whether it was put up there subtly or otherwise.

    Man, however is a creature of habit and this will be reflected in his/her behavior. Did we manage to interpret the many behaviors arising from the controversy of the JAIS raid? Behaviour = Intent?


    Dear Moonlighting,

    I was wondering myself if I could be reading more into it than was there and weighing whether I wanted to point out the unusual (low probability that anyone uses a four-angle screw) graphic.

    If it was in another context, I might be inclined to believe that this was just a coincidence. However, coming from this particular NGO with all the stories that we’ve heard about them, I thought in the balance of things, it could be more than just my perception. — Helen

  2. Subliminal, Helen? Ahhh you are either being funny, or you are being funny. If subliminality be the name of the game, could it be perhaps that lots of people embrace Islam in the west due to staring at the moon or its crescent often? Perhaps it could also explain why there isn’t a SINGLE conversion to Judaism in Malaysia because, well, there just aren’t many menorahs around. (Or is it the Star of David?)



    LOL (your observation about lack of converts to Judaism here).

    Something for Leman to think about re the potency of the symbol: If you watch vampire movies, you see that the folks make a sign of the cross with their fingers or hands to ward off Count Dracula and his ilk. Err, do Muslims ever make the sign of the crescent on any occasion? — Helen

    Postscript: Not necessarily that they put a cross to entice non-Christians lah or as a means to get converts. It could just be a form of self-affirmation like how M. Night Shyamalan puts himself in a cameo role in each of his own movies.

    1. is there such thing as ‘convert to Judaism’ in the first place?? correct me if im wrong, the jews think judaism is only for themselves.


      Yup, Ivanka Trump, some Hollywood stars (e.g. Kate Capshaw aka Mrs Steven Spielberg & American TV personalities have converted and famously Madonna sort of.

      But apparently in Israel they’re strict and expect their Jewish immigrants from Ethiopia, China etc to be ‘educated’ again in the religion b’cos these ‘lost tribes’/descendents of traveler Jews have inherited only a diluted practice. — Helen

      1. i see.. madonna if im not mistaken is more inclined towards ‘freemasonry’, ‘kaballa’ whatever thingy worshipping sort of. anyway… thats another story.

      2. by the way, subliminally, the letter ‘t’ itself could be a symbol of a cross, not to mention most 2 panes windows on our buildings as well as images of snow flakes digramatically can be drawn into the star of david :)
        this is not an argument, just a mention.

        Fair enough but then like Moonlighting asked, was there any deliberate ‘intent’ given the various options at the pagemaster’s disposal? — Helen

  3. The Christians claim Isa anak Maryam is the son of God. Reason? He didn’t have a father. And God said He blew the Holy Spirit into Maryam and lo, Jesus was begat.


    Which should just make thinking humans wonder why the Christians don’t worship Adam as a god.

    Isa didn’t have a father; Adam had neither a father NOR a mother. This is verified by the same holy texts that the Christians use to justify Jesus as the Son of God. And what do we call entities that were not born of mortal parents? A god.

    So go on, good Christians – kneel before your Lord Adam, now.

  4. And they always say that Jesus died on the cross to atone the sin of Adam. Since when does Mr A have to burden Mr B’s sins. This defies all logic. Can you imagine LGE being crucified to atone for Tun MM’s sins?

    Another thing – if a politician gives aid to poor people to gain votes, it’s a bad thing. If a Xtian gives aid to the needy so that he (the needy) join his (the Xtian’s) flock, it’s a vituous act?

    The story of protests against overzealous evangelists is not confined to Malaysia only. Surf the net and you’ll find similar protests in India too.

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