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Sah paderi gay sudah kahwin — gambar

Reverend Ouyang Wen Feng (kiri) dan pasangannya Phineas Newborn III melangsungkan upacara nikah di Manhattan Wedding Garden, New York pada Ogos 31, 2011.

Dilaporkan oleh CNN:

“It means a lot to be married that day (Ogos 31), to honor my country and people in Malaysia.” — Ouyang Wen Feng

New York telah meluluskan undang-undang membenarkan perkahwinan sama jantina dua bulan lepas (Jun 2011).

CNN juga melaporkan bahawa pendaftaran perkahwinan dilakukan di pejabat City Hall New York sementara kenduri untuk meraikan perkahwinan Ouyang akan diadakan di Kuala Lumpur untuk saudara-mara serta jemputan pada tahun depan.

Baca juga cerita latar, sini.


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4 thoughts on “Sah paderi gay sudah kahwin — gambar

    1. wuwekkkkkk wuwekkkkkkkkk, terkeluar isi perut aku, nafsu apa ni, jag terperanjat nanti ada yg kahwin tiang lampu

  1. Helen

    Let your buddy Shuzheng knows his latest article on Mat Sabu is a masterpiece. I almost puke to read Din Merican blog hypocritical horde comment and their political correctness bullshit, a bunch of pseudo intellectual with pathetic intellectual honesty.

    Back to this article, what exactly is your point? Just for our information?

    Dear Hua Yong,

    Thanks for the heads-up. Will read Shuzheng‘s latest.

    About this posting, it’s actually Scott Thong’s letter to the editor (linked above ‘Baca juga cerita latar, sini) that makes the point cogently, i.e. Ouyang — just like our ‘friends’ the Hasnah Yeops — is twisting the argument. Or perhaps your words also fit: Their “hypocritical horde comment and their political correctness bullshit”.

    The Christians who ticked off Ouyang are not necessarily anti-gay bigots as the guy tries to paint. What they simply object to is how the reverend is portraying as if Christian teachings support homosexuality (although Ouyang has not been able to rise to their challenge in quoting a single verse of the scripture to buttress his claim).

    It’s the same with the Anak M’sia movement. They are twisting the argument as if their critics are anti-integration (i.e. against the various races getting along) when what we object to is their whole lot of hot air. — Helen

  2. Ini semua hasil kerja pakatan rakyat.. sampai lelaki kahwin lelaki. PAS tentu suka perkara ni..DAP senyum sebab bodoh sgt..

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