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Bag stolen when grocery shopping in Jusco

In the blink of an eye, my rucksack was filched by person unknown.

Happened last Saturday at Jaya Jusco grocery department in One Utama, Damansara.

I’d left it on top of the shopping cart.

Was inattentive for maybe just a little over five minutes when choosing frozen fish. The trolley couldn’t have been more than a few feet away.

Lost all the stuff in bag, i.e. wallet, bank cards, mobile, keys, etc

Which is the reason for this posting to notify friends that SORRY, I’ve lost some of your phone numbers. Also why I couldn’t be reached on the line earlier.

Recovery process

My handphone connection has since been reactivated.

Have collected replacement MyKad from Putrajaya. It’s quickest to have it done there — one working day. I was informed elsewhere takes two weeks.

Had to make two trips there though as I went in the afternoon. But was told that if you go in the morning, you might be able to collect the same day.

Didn’t need to pay any processing fee as I was victim of crime. However if you don’t present a police report, you’d be liable to RM100 fine (for first time losing IC) and another RM10 charge on top of that.

The police report needs to be validated and this can only be done during weekday office hours as a RM2 fee has to be paid. If you want your case investigated, it seems you need to lodge your police report in the same jurisdiction as crime scene.

Hmmn, nowadays …

After what happened, it’s registered on me over the past few days that there are notices on billboards and public service announcements warning the public to beware pickpockets. My fault for not heeding.

The Jusco security reckon that I was tailed to their supermarket after I withdrew money from the ATM.

Unfortunately no CCTV surveillance at wet food area.

The One Utama info desk officer was helpful in dialling me the helplines to freeze my accounts, etc.

Jusco security supervisor Kak Jamaliah bought me a bottle of mineral water and a jam puff, and later sent me home right across town to my cousin’s place (house keys also stolen and my locks now been changed).

Malaysians are kind to someone literally tinggal sehelai sepinggang — with only a few shillings in baju pocket and no contact number that I could recall off the top of my head. Nobody punches numbers on the phone anymore as they’re recorded digitally, so how to remember lah?

Also emergency telephone numbers jotted down were lost together with the wallet and it being Saturday evening, offices were closed.

The only phone number I can recall, aside from my own, is 7552525. It’s the Pizzahut “special delivery” from an old TV commercial stuck in my head in step with the tune of the jingle. Sigh, well at least the agency men should be happy to know that their ad had been so effective.

I’d request for friends to please leave their contact here as a blog comment. It won’t be published.



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6 thoughts on “Bag stolen when grocery shopping in Jusco

  1. Kesian nya Helen! Takpa lah, for the loss you suffered, you gain knowledge & experience in many other areas. I totally “satu kepala” with you on the handphone thingy. I too can only remember the PizzaHut number and that too only if I hum the tune. LOL!

  2. Peace,
    Agreed on how cellphone had affect our memory ability, and how catchy tune could improved it!

    Sabarlah ye, without such incident hidup tak best pulak.. nanti bolehlah cerita kat anak cucu and make fun of it.

    Abi Qalam

  3. “After what happened, it’s registered on me over the past few days that there are notices on billboards and public service announcements warning the public to beware pickpockets. My fault for not heeding.”

    Your fault? Not DAP’s fault?

  4. melon, what has the DAP got to do with this robbery case? Similar case happened to me before at IKEA, Damansara but I blamed myself for not being attentive. I hung my LV bag on the handle of the trolley but left it unattended while going thru some displays. Not only I lost what you lost, I also lost my key to my car.

    I hope all readers will pay heed to the above robbery at all times, everywhere.

    1. Dunno…. seems like according to Helen Ang, everything is also DAP’s fault. So I was kind of surprised that she didn’t blame DAP for her stolen bag.

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