Do you Malays hate us Chinese?

A netizen ‘Apocryphalist’ commented at Rocky’s Bru on “Namewee Fxxk Namewee”.

[Copypasted from Rocky’s comments section]

Apocryphalist: “You see, Namewee, they [the ticket buyers] don’t like you, support you or even watch you for the entertainment value that it [Nasi Lemak 2.0] provides. They come to watch it due to the racial suggestive innuendo complex that you and your film provides … It’s the proviso that your persona promises to show dissent and hatred towards anything malay.”

Apocryphalist is correct on the fact that so many, many Chinese (half a million?) have rallied around Namewee as their embodiment of dissent.

He is also perceptive that Namewee’s persona embodies for them (the cyber Anonymice, AnonymousA and DAP Ah Hoe’s) the vicarious bravado of cocking a snook at symbols of Malay control or authority — police, school principals, bureaucracy.

Public reaction to the Namewee YouTube slagging Utusan was clearly polarized along ethnic lines and the viewers’ comments were a proxy race war.

The last I had a look at the Like/Dislike bar before the clip was disabled, roughly 98 percent of YouTubers who voted had clicked ‘Like’ to Namewee’s rant at Utusan.

However, just to set the record straight for Apocryphalist and others who have not watched the movie, Nasi Lemak 2.0 does not show or sow hatred towards Malays.

‘Daily doses of hatred’

Apocryphalist discerns the hot lava flow of hatred. But he should realise that it’s not only against Malays alone.

Chua Soi Lek bears the brunt of it, don’t you think? Just look at all the sticks and stones they are forever throwing at him.

Even when Chua does something praiseworthily muhibbah, such as giving help to Hindu temples and Indian NGOs, DAP scolds and mocks him.

MCA is a victim of the same with being perpetually called “running dogs” and other vitriolic names (unprintable). And in the eyes of the Malaysian Firsters, blogger Tony Yew is ‘Judas’ (click here for a light diversion).

Below is what Penang Gerakan chief Dr Teng Hock Nan has to say about the situation.

Excerpt from FMT:

This level where people of different ethnicity are suspicious of each other, the lack of harmony between the various income-level groups, the subdued participation of non governmental organisations (NGOs) in community service and the hatred towards certain groups who are portrayed as elitist, have resulted in an unfriendly climate of co-existence in society here, Teng said.

According to Teng, NGOs refrain from speaking out against the Penang state government due to fear of being branded as “Umno agents”.

“To those overcome by emotions, it is like Barisan did everything wrong for the last four decades. They get blinded because Lim [Guan Eng] feeds them with daily doses of hatred and at times, outright slander,” said Teng.

I can understand the angst, disgruntlement and resentment felt by the minorities. And they’ve laid it all on Namewee’s shoulders as the standard bearer.

Voice of the Chinese

I’ve blogged about Namewee in order to juxtapose him with the politicians belonging to the political party that Malays assume to represent the Chinese.

Yes and no. True that overwhelming Chinese support is given DAP. Untrue that the party is acting in our best interest.

Ng Wei Aik (photo) is political secretary to Lim Guan Eng. He declares that his keturunan (descent) is Anak Malaysia. Ng and his fellow DAP state assembly representative Hannah Yeoh refuse to acknowledge their Chinese ethnicity.

He and she and their ilk will bash anyone who dares to see Malaysians in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Yet the reaction to Namewee’s movie and YouTube is just that — opposing groups of ‘us’. As in the split along other issues as well.


When Umno and Perkasa put a pig face on Namewee, isn’t that hatred too?

And the same Fauziah Arof argument can be applied to Namewee vis-a-vis Utusan.

Fauziah’s article is valid to claim that she’s not picking a fight with the movie but that she has issues with its director-cum-scriptwriter.

Similarly, the reason the Namewee YouTube resonated with so many supporters is that they have issues with Utusan the paper — its slant, its agenda, its mischief and instigation (even if Fauziah’s write-up is discounted altogether).

If you say Namewee is racist, we can say Utusan is racist. If you say Namewee is disrespectful of the azan, we can say look at the Shah Alam group who desecrated the cow head.

Admittedly Namewee more or less reflects Chinese sentiments on the ground. And his cameras lens are more honest than the DAP’s licik pretense.

So will you guys be equally honest and share what your side really, truly thinks?

(Read also my piece in The Star on moderates and the middle ground)

Siapa yang sokong hudud?


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100 thoughts on “Do you Malays hate us Chinese?

  1. Sad to say, all this racism is incited due to political reasons, if you meet normal people, living day to day life, most are very tolerant and sensitive to each other and live a harmonious life…. but I guess the best time was before the mid eighties, people really lived well together, things started becoming complicated in the mid 80’s onwards…… sad….. people born before the 80’s would know how things have changed

    1. I agree. Those days we listened to alleycats, kenny remy & martin. Their songs were in malay. I miss those times. I miss the 70’s . The govt really promoted racial integrity. What is happening in malaysia now is sad.

  2. Dear Helen,

    You have written earlier about Susi Susanto, Rudy Hartono, Thailand’s PM etc.

    Melayu gave up Tanah Melayu for MALAYsia. If (some of) you still do not want MALAYsia by clinging to your “chinese-ness and indian-ness”…

    ( – by speaking, writing, breathing your language every second of the day through out every inch of this land – for example )

    then let the Melayu take back their Tanah Melayu. Let the Melayu dump MALAYsia and become Melayu again. (some of) You please leave this land because forever (some of) you are really “PENDATANGS”.


    Kaum Cina dan India yang mana ingin bersama-sama kami, kaum Melayu untuk berganding bahu membina negara yang dinamakan MALAYsia ini?

    (and please it can be CINAsia or INDIAsia.. this should be mostly understood)

  3. *PEMBETULAN* “can” should read “CANNOT”

    Dear Helen,

    You have written earlier about Susi Susanto, Rudy Hartono, Thailand’s PM etc.

    Melayu gave up Tanah Melayu for MALAYsia. If (some of) you still do not want MALAYsia by clinging to your “chinese-ness and indian-ness”…

    ( – by speaking, writing, breathing your language every second of the day through out every inch of this land – for example )

    then let the Melayu take back their Tanah Melayu. Let the Melayu dump MALAYsia and become Melayu again. (some of) You please leave this land because forever (some of) you are really “PENDATANGS”.


    Kaum Cina dan India yang mana ingin bersama-sama kami, kaum Melayu untuk berganding bahu membina negara yang dinamakan MALAYsia ini?

    (and please it CANNOT be CINAsia or INDIAsia.. this should be mostly understood)

    I’m glad we’re honest enough to begin this discussion.

    Guan Eng’s pol-sec Ng Wei Aik refuses to categorize himself as a Chinese when filling up forms. Hannah Yeoh wears tudung. Do you think they are examples the rest of us (Chinese like me) should follow?

    (btw, Mentera Semerah Padi / M. Nasir is one of my fav songs.) Nice nick you’ve chosen. Cheers. — Helen

    1. Dear Semerah Padi,

      About our non-Nusantara sounding names: Ng Wei Aik (LGE’s pol-sec who wants to start the Anak M’sia club) filled in his daughter’s birth cert as “tidak beragama”. Correction: “Belum ada” agama.

      And like what Hannah Yeoh did, he also filled in his newborn’s keturunan as ‘Anak M’sia’. Yet his child who is not a Christian was not given an Anak M’sia name, going by our Susi Susanti-Rudy Hartono example.

      Ng Wei Aik’s baby girl was given the orang putih name Caryn.

      So you see, the political party DAP that is ostensibly leading the charge to strip us of our Chinese-ness and Indian-ness betul-betul cakap tak serupa bikin.

      1. Dear Helen,

        Personally, I do not mind at all a Malaysian keturunan/dari kaum India wears cheongsam, a Malaysian keturunan Melayu wears sari or a Malaysian keturunan Cina wears Baju Kebaya, bertudung or tidak bertudung. She is a Malaysian.

        But I do mind, when a chinese wants to deceive us, the Melayu, by wearing tudung & baju kurung but having foreign tongue, blatantly disregarding Perkara 152 and Akta Bahasa Kebangsaan (as an example). Ponder about it.

        Is she truly a Malaysian? Baju kurung bertudung just dont simply make one a Malaysian.

        There is bangsa Cina in China Mainland. There is Bangsa India in India. Where is Bangsa Malaysia? Who is Bangsa Malaysia? If keturunan/kaum Melayu want to remain Melayu, keturunan/kaum Cina want to remain Cina and keturunan/kaum India want to remain India, then Bangsa Malaysia will never be born. We have over 50 kaums in Malaysia, but we have only one Bangsa, that is Bangsa Malaysia.

        So who are with us to give birth to this Bangsa Malaysia after we have formed MALAYsia out of Tanah Melayu? These are the patriots of SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA! These are the true Malaysians, inner not just outer alone.

        Think hard about this. Ultimately, would there be a scholarship quota when we all are truly Malaysians? Would it not be by merit then? Malaysian scholarship are for Malaysians, but since there are chinese and indians living in Malaysia, then there will be scholarship quotas for Bumiputeras. That is only fair, unless these chinese and indians become Malaysians or they give their myKAD and head to India and China, respectively..

        I dont even mind if Mr Lee want to remain Mr Lee Lam Thye, not Mr Ahmad Dasuki (official name) and Lee Lam Thye (second name), like Susi Susanto, Budi Hartono. (Even though it is nicer that way). But answer me this:-

        Is Thaksin a chinese?

        Think about it. Think hard.

        Thanks Semerah Padi. I’ll pen a reply later b’cos I do want to share the Chinese point of view with you guys, which is the reason I started this blog & why I mostly write in BM here. — Helen

        1. Dear Semerah Padi,

          This is Part I of my reply where I’m in agreement with you. In fact, my very first posting in this blog is titled ‘Memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan‘.

          If we look at the immigrant countries that have successfully integrated, their Bangsa USA and Bangsa Australia all speak one lingua franca. I concur that Article 152 is one of the main pillars to building a Bangsa M’sia. How can we be one people when we don’t even have a single thing in common, not even a mode of communication?

          Therefore, I propose that when the chest-thumpers laying claim to being exemplars of Bangsa M’sia — such as Mr I’m-not-Chinese Ng Wei Aik — take to the bully pulpit, we demand that they publicly speak BM, our national language, at a level that does not give us ear-ache.

          Anyone listening to Lim Guan Eng’s Mossad, Mossad, Mossad YouTube will find that his spoken BM leaves much to be desired for someone claiming to be Malaysian Firstest.

          Next we expect M’sian First woman’s wing chairman Madam I’m-not-Chinese Hannah Yeoh to tweet to her 30,000 Twitter followers in BM with due respect to Article 152.

          As for their fan club, I also propose that we tell the members that their chest-thumping (about themselves and their revered prophets as being Malaysians and the rest of us as being racists) will not be entertained or considered credible unless their statements are presented in grammatically correct BM, our national language in accordance with Art.152 of the Federal Constitution that is the framework of this nation.

          And when Firsters declare that they’re not Chinese or Indian, we will in turn tell their voters that since the party they’re voting for does not recognize the Chinese or Indian races, therefore the government may in parallel regard it anomalous to recognize the need for Chinese and Tamil schools. After all, who do these schools serve if there are to be no pupils of Chinese or Indian ethnicity, only Anak M’sia?

          Part II to follow …

        2. Dear Semerah Padi,

          Part II of my reply will require your clarification before I can proceed. You wrote: “If keturunan/kaum Melayu want to remain Melayu, keturunan/kaum Cina want to remain Cina and keturunan/kaum India want to remain India, then Bangsa Malaysia will never be born.”

          Among the Chinese, we don’t all see eye-to-eye. For example, the Malaysian First of the DAP and their cohorts the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM) and Bangsar M’sians have agreed that they no longer want to remain keturunan Cina or keturunan India.

          That’s why the brouhaha erupted over the birth certificates of Shay Adora Ram (the M’sian First pioneering baby name) and Ng Caryn (M’sian First baby name #2).

          But as for me, I’m one of those whom you’ve described as wanting to cling to her Chinese-ness.

          Again, reverting to your statement: “If keturunan/kaum Melayu want to remain Melayu etc … then Bangsa Malaysia will never be born.”

          I get the part where the Firsters have repudiated their Chinese-ness and Indian-ness, e.g. Hannah Yeoh wearing baju kurung and tudung, and not speaking/writing Chinese nor adhering to the religion that is predominant with most Chinese people here (which is Buddhism according to our 2010 population census).

          But can you please explain how the Melayus can leave behind their Malay-ness, i.e. no longer remaining Melayu so that Bangsa Malaysia can be born? (I hope my question has been conveyed in a way that makes sense to you. If not, I can elaborate or rephrase.)

          And what do you think are the ciri-ciri Bangsa Malaysia, besides Article 152?


      2. Dear Helen,

        Agreed fully.

        Many of us can speak impeccable Bahasa, even though Bahasa Melayu is not their mother tongue. Numerous example we can see on TV and we meet everyday.

        What separate some of the “lidah kelu” and those impeccably speaking Bahasa, I think, just like you said, “Pemertabatan Bahasa Kebangsaan”. I think, these “lidah kelu” just dont have “Pemertabatan Bahasa” in their pysche, simply to say they dont regard Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia as their bahasa.

        Well, MALAYsia is a package. If you dont like Bahasa Kebangsaan, then you should not like myKAD too! Why pick and choose?

        If foreign tongue is more important to them, than Bahasa Kebangsaan, I wonder why are they still lingering here?

        It’s not only those Mr. I am not Chinese or Mrs Hasnah Yeoh, but Najib Razak himself. His 1-Malaysia bikin satu Malaysia pening with his … (I dont have a word to pen here) vernacular education system.

        This is big – will chinese and indian who is living in Malaysia, even born in Malaysia – willing to forego sekolah vernakular for the sake of Bangsa MALAYsia? Or do they want to remain forever chinese and indian in this land? You see, in SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN, was JAWI being stressed over and above Bahasa Kebangsaan? That’s the Melayu part. We dont expect Mandarin or Tamil to be over and above Bahasa Kebangsaan in SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN. Yes, Jawi, Mandarin, Tamil can be elective subject (this can be accomodated) but is BAHASA KEBANGSAAN bahasa pengantar in sekolah vernakular? Malaysia is the only country in the whole world practising this vernacular education system, and what worst, Najib Razak (him alone and perhaps those dong zong whatever) is very proud with this misplaced “Malaysia boleh”

        Most part of the world, which I have been to far, generally I would see this everywhere:-

        Their National Language…
        followed by English (mostly) where necessary (for tourists..) Some even translate foreign language media into their own national language on TV

        Look at us MALAYsia… now and then I receive adverts written in English first, chinese second (and vice-versa), if not not all chinese.. Dial a customer service banking lines.. what do you hear in the recordings?

        This is MALAYSIA, and I would expect in all form of communication and prints, be it government of private, to be in this order:-

        1. Bahasa Kebangsaan
        2. English
        3. Sign languages

        No. 3 is for FOREIGNERS whom we dont expect to be fluent in Bahasa, at the same time they also not fluent in English. Beyond this, they should get a translator to communicate as the need arises.

        Same thing in China Mainland and everywhere, right? National language first!

        Personally, to me, we Malaysians, beside “the-no-2-way-about it” in Bahasa fluency, we should also have enough fluency in English for communication (i.e. it should be stressed upon in serious manner). Other languages should only come after the “Sign language” as the need arises. You can have all the languages in the world, including timbuktu, if you want to. But Bahasa, there is no whatever excuse. The only excuse is that, you are not Malaysian. Period.

        Responding to your part II…. next

    2. Dear Helen,

      Same thing with us, the Melayu. We also have this “dont see eye to eye” among us. One example is Najib Razak, in this respect. Najib Razak, Hannah Teoh etc.. they are politicians.. do you see in them TRULY championing SATU BANGSA, SATU NEGARA, SATU BAHASA? Not me… well.. not all politicians are like that.. In this respect, Najib Razak should not even have a face infront of Malaysians like you or that Shen Aun DAP fella?

      Not that I am a PR fella. I still believe BN would do a much better job administering this country. But BN under Najib is loosing all these. Frankly, to me, I have come to the stage of trying to pick between two devils or pick nothing, none of which, is desirable.

      MALAYsia is the best of kaum MELAYU, kaum China, kaum India, kaum-kaum Bumiputeras. The very best blend we can achieve from time to time with the CORE being Melayu, that where MALAYsia comes from. That where Bahasa MALAYsia. That where adat resam MALAYsia evolve from.

      That’s where I meant Melayu cannot remain Melayu, cina cannot remain chinese, and indian cannot remain indian if we are serious about this Bangsa MALAYsia.

      Each of us, take the very best of us and blend it into MALAYsia, Melayu being the core, that is, for example, Bahasa Melayu become our National Language. Do you see Utusan Melayu (in JAWI) widely spread nowadays? Nope, you see Utusan Malaysia. Why cant you have Sin Chew Jit Poh written in Bahasa Kebangsaan? Why must it be in chinese character? oh! someone neither can read bahasa nor english…. get a translator then!!! or GO WHERE YOU CAN READ all your language isntead! THERE IS NO EXCUSE for a MALAYSIAN not to be able to read and write BAHASA. Are you not MALAYSIAN?

      One day you may even have Tarian Naga all shouting merrily in Bahasa instead of shouting and displaying chinese character. Why can it be like that? These are just few examples.

      Clinging to one’s kaum is very natural to me. But do you exert the ciri-ciri kaum over and above ciri-ciri MALAYsia that we are trying to build here? There is nothing you can do about your skin colour but there is everything you can do to Mertabatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan, right?

      Every person in this world would naturally cling to his own kaum. Again the question… is Thaksin chinese? is Rudy Hartono chinese? Here, I see the Melayu are much more tolerant because one day we may see Lee Lam Thye is still a perfectly MALAYsian name instead of choosing the name Ahmad Senawi. But can we ask the Melayus to be that tolerant sehinggakan Bahasa Melayu pun hendak dibuang ke tepi? Sekolah vernakular dijunjung dan sekolah kebangsaan di belakangkan? I mean SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN (milik kita bersama), bukannya SEKOLAH MELAYU JAWI pun…

      Let’s not go into lengthy discussion, into the finer point of being a Malaysia. Let us work together to identify the basic identity of a MALAYsian.

      What is MALAYsia?

      I am agreeable to this article here:-


      And let me quote, Demi Negara in that article above:-

      “Later, upon satisfactory cohesion and amalgamation of the Malaysian populace into a truly united Bangsa Malaysia, then by law, ALL references to race and ethnicity in our daily activities should be forbidden.”

      Remember, what I said about having scholarship quota earlier? Again the question… Is Thaksin a chinese? Think.. think very hard about it….only a THAI can be the PM of Thailand.. even Singapore said recently, that they are not ready to accept a non-chinese PM. Now compare these Thais and Singapore int this respect.. can you see where MALAYsia is heading?

      We can never be MALAYsia, like Singapore can never be truly Singaporean yet… unlike Thailand. Even clinging to one’s kaum is very naturally, do you see Obama as swahilian and American?

      Remember, it is a package. You cant just simply pick and choose. You accept the package as a whole. Take it, or leave it!

      I dont have much to say about religion but simply, I would say, faith is a matter of a man and his God.

      Agama Islam is identified as one of the key item in the Rukun Negara and Perlembagaan Persekutuan. If some of us suddenly found “azan in early morning” disturbing, after all this 50 years, then bring your case in civilised manner. Because someone might have just demand that this country must be cleared from pork in retaliation. And “ghost festival” must be rid off the festival is not one of the key item in the Constitution. We dont want that do we?

      I think, we have 2 pain in the neck issues in building this nation to become truly MALAYsia:-

      1. chauvinists, racist people
      2. extremists where “aku saja yang betul”

      Extremist, in term of faith and believe, I’d like to share this posting here… it takes a little bit of pondering…:-

      No kaum Melayus can leave behind their Melayu-ness, so do kaum china and kaum india… but all together, we have succesfully transformed TANAH MELAYU into MALAYSIA. Now we have to continue working together to give birth to the new Bangsa – BANGSA MALAYSIA – having the best of the many kaums blended into one, MALAY being the core. Of course, it may take hundreds of years to have it. But, we will never have it if we want to remain Melayu as Melayu, Cina as Cina and so on… we will not have it if we dont take the first step today..

      Thank you dear Helen for giving me this space..

      1. semerah padi. take your melayu and shove up your granpa’s ass.don’t you malays ever will be turning against your ownselves when all chinese leave this land. think with your brain before you spurt forth sampah like this. thank you for the space (in your head)

        1. Oi namaapa,

          Sebelum kamu orang Cina dan India datang sini pindah ramai-ramai pun kami masih hidup lagi, kenapa kamu fikir lepas kamu pulang semula ke China/India, kami akan mati/pupus pula?

          Otak dan adab kamu dah campak dalam tong sampah ke?

          P/S: Saya cuma respon kepada makhluk-makhluk jenis rasis macam ni, bukannya kepada semua orang Cina terutamanya yang sememangnya layak digelar bangsa Malaysia macam Helen Ang.

    3. One word, I think you are racist! No matter how many times you talk about one Malaysia and integration, you still spew venom from your heart and separate, Malay, Chinese and Indian. How many times have you wrote and highlighted the fact “Malay” in Malaysia and Tanah “Melayu”. Who are you to judge who are the pendatangs? Were you there when it happen? The true pendatangs are illegal immigrants from all over the world flogging into Malaysia…. please get your facts right. It is because of people like you, that the world is in shambles. Helen is too kind to tell you off. But I will tell you to stick your head in your arse and F*ck off!!! You have no rights at all to say derogotary bigot comments… but I guess, you are a bigot anyway!

      1. How can we think about Bangsa Malaysia when even the history of Tanah Melayu or Malaya will see a grand ‘FCKU off ‘ by people like namaapa and Michael Chan?

      2. SBA … I don’t understand what you just wrote. But I guess you are naive being young. Not to judge or anything but did you understand the main context of my comment? Your English is atrocious and I don’t understand what you mean. Is that intentional or you really can’t converse properly in English?

      3. well michael~ i am damn agree with u~ i read the comment of semerah padi and he/she purposely highlighted the MALAY in Malaysia and claim that almost every racist case is brought up by other religion~ Futhermore he stil said tat “MALAY shud be being the core” Tis is indeed a racist claim… sorry for my poor english

      4. Sorry Helen but some people just need a dose of electric shock in order to function properly. Read these articles by NON-MALAYS from all over the world about SOME Chinese (specifically people like Michael Chan, namaapa and anonymous Februari 11, 2012 at 1:02 pm.

  4. We don’t hate you. We’re just nauseated with your incessant demands. You don’t know your place in Tanah Melayu,

      sabah and sarawak ARE NOT TANAH MELAYU!!!
      In that case,both states have to be independent!!!

  5. Hahaha Helen. An interesting take on my non-interesting comment. I remember what my Grandma said when I voiced out I wanted to pinang Kasmah. “Ask people about her. Is she a disco goer? Who were her boyfriends before? Is she “sosial”? Did she habis mengaji?”

    “Now why would I want to pry all those, grandma? Why the need to dig out whatever worms one can find?”

    “Because”, she said in unimpeded Minang slang. “Kita kene kaji yang buruk dahulu untuk mendapatkan yang baik”.

    I guess that’s what we are doing now. Study all the inconsistencies of this complex inter-racial cognates so that we may weed out the unwanted elements that impede a society’s dream for integration, and not let anything be unexploded time-bombs waiting for diffusements.

    Nantilah later2 when I am freer I will contribute a thought or two into this blog of yours. I am, after all, the Blogger without a Blog.


    p.s. And no, things didn’t work out alright. Kasmah married Burhanuddin Alipitchay instead.


    Hi, good to hear from ya.

    As you’d have guessed, this posting with its provocative headline is to solicit open debate and input from you (and Leman Pulut and others willing to participate by speaking frankly and forthrightly) so that we can take the discussion a notch above the current political correctness / vote wooing — manis di bibir sahaja — approach.

    [Moga-moga Kasmah bahagia ke anak cucu.] — Helen

  6. Its not about Chinese or Malay but its about Namewee as a person. I would suggest if you could browse Namewee’s previous YouTube collections… That will answer … if Malays hate Namewee
    Dear mantra,

    We have to face up to the truth that some of us (not necessarily you or me or participants in this blog) do really hate each other. I know where the Chinese are coming from. (Postscript: Namewee is a reflection of the Chinese milieu.)

    This posting is to help me better understand the Malay perspective.

    I’m throwing the cat among the pigeons because I have confidence in the quality and calibre of Malay commentators here, and in fact am most impressed with the level of civility and camaraderie that has been maintained thus far.


  7. 1. Namewee has the support of mat sallehs(as in SABI). Clips condemning him has been taken out of youtube while his clip (with expletives) still remain. Hmm maybe a fox in sheep clothing.(recall his face and name appeared in the allegedly “undercover/trojan horse” Undilah clip. (Wonder who funded the clip)

    2. All rakyat from both divides are just being buta buta being fooled by this namewee dork. He is just exploiting the most basic marketing tools to get famous and rich. Just forget about him and do not give air space. Everybody has to wake up and see through his sly trick .
    Tool 1: created controversies in the free youtube to get attention. Lack of ethics and self respect. However got free marketing ride. To top it all he was not punished. Got to see the minister as well. Bravo.
    Tool 2: Again rode on controversies. Capitalised “2.0” suffix to market his so-so show. Nobody would be bothered if he named it “Makcik Kung Fu”” or just ‘Nasi :Lemak”. Read somewhere he gotten RM4m already. Another Bravo. (Wonder who bridge–funded the movie)

    3. There you go. The Dork has used up few minutes of my time to type these stuff. And I had wanted to ignore him earlier. It seems that everybody is giving him some air space either in kind or hate. Bravo again

  8. SR,

    Helen kalau saya tak suka Cina sudah tentu saya tak baca blog awak. Lagi pun kawan paling baik saya dunia akhirat ialah seorang mamat Cina. Siapa Melayu tak suka orang Cina atau India atau mana-mana orang lain kat Malaysia….itu kita patut buang kenegaraannya. Dia sudah menderhaka kepada Raja.

    Tapi kadang-kala saya terguris dgn perangai orang-orang Cina (orang India kurang sikit, mereka lebih blend dgn konsep muhibah).

    Apa lagi yg kamu mahu? Kekayaan yang tak habis 70 keturunan? Nah, tok nenek moyangku dan anak cucuku sudah berikan?

    Kebebasan kamu untuk beragama? Ambil lah agama kamu. Ikutlah ia. Jadilah penganut agama mu yg baik. Tuhan kita (tak kesahlah kau nak panggil nama Dia siapa atau berapa ramai dia ada atau berapa banyak tangan dia ada) menciptakan kita pastinya bukan untuk dia lihat kita berbalah-balah berselisihan macam sekarang.

    Hak memilih dan memilik…..ambillah seberapa yg telah raja-raja kita wasiatkan untuk kamu. Ambil lah.

    Tapi tolonglah berhenti menjadi Cina yg amat kecinaan.

    Jadilah penduduk tanah Malaysia.

    Bertolak ansurlah dan berpada-pada.

    Jgn asyik terlalu meminta-minta dan asyik menyalahkan Melayu dan India sebagai penghalang ‘kekayaan’ dan ‘kejayaan’ kamu.

    Jangan sinis dan kritis terhadap kami. Kamu mengagungkan peradaban di Tanah Nenek Moyang kamu.

    Tapi nenek moyang untuk cucu cicit kamu – di sinilah tanah tumpah nasab keturunannya. Bantulah kami keturunan lain untuk menggemilangkan negara ini. Lebih gah dan hebat dari peradaban yg pernah dibina nenek moyang kamu.

    Hentikanlah retorik sekolah2 cina. satukanlah persekolahan anak2 kita.

    Saya sayang kaum Cina Malaysia (juga India, Punjabi, Dayak, Iban, Kadazan…etc…bla2).

    Saya sanggup mati untuk kamu semua.

    Saya sanggup mati untuk pertahankan Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.

    Kalau saya mati, harap kamu tak sia-siakan pengorbanan saya dan nenek moyang saya.

    BTW, saya pun separuh Cina.

    Kepada Helen: terima kasih. Anda saudara saya.

    Dah korang jangan nak komplen2 atau kondem2 aku.

    Malas nak layan.

  9. I hate those who are lazy, prefer subsidy
    I hate those who are ungrateful, forever unsatisfied
    I hate those who spread lies, double faces
    Black or white
    Chinese or Malay
    It is not the color or the race
    I just hate those…

  10. What I hate most are the politicians, irrespective of their political affiliations. They are the one who raised the temperatures among the ethnic groups. One common thread shared among themselves is their hypocrisy. And the thing I hate most is when they keep on blaming the other party for their inefficiency and incompetence.

  11. The problem is because you are chinese and we are malays. that s it.

    Why you choose to stay in malaysia is beyond malays imagination as they say hujan emas di negeri orang hujan batu di negeri sendiri lebih baik negeri sendiri.

    But I suppose it is the same with europeans. They wanted wealth land and they killed the red indians, aztech, incas, wounded knees, yellow eagles, land of the braves to setup their colonies.

    So it is all about power and land ownership. The Chinese led by Chin Peng tried to do the same killing the Malays in 1948 when the british and japanese were not around.

    The Malays killed the Chinese and these continued with Chin Peng.

    For us The Federated Malay States is our land of the Malays.
    We must have a Government of the Malays by the Malays for the Malays.

    Why you chinese and Indians can balek kampung however diifficult your relatives can tumpang you.

    There is no question of hating or loving the Chinese. We are of different races with our own agendas.

    So if you want to stay on in Tanah Melayu it is just as well to remember that. We dont owe you anything. Malays thinks they are being generous. Chinese and Indians thinks it is their right. Well no more generosity.

    No more chinese and Indian billionaires borned by Mahathir al Mohamed. Malays must limit wealth ownership to RM500 million. Reasonable what. most of us have nothing…

    1. So many friends, from other races, have told me that we, Malays, are the world’s ‘true gentleman.” Where else in the world can you find a people so kind, accommodating and willing to give way as long as “orang tak kacau kita, kita tak kacau orang.”
      But Malays are a proud people too, long civilised when other races were still eating each other (cannibalism).
      One of my relatives, who is a retired school headmaster, kept reminding me that the Malays were already wearing songket to weddings when the Europeans were still going around naked (and that in winter too).
      When I asked him what year was that, he told me: ” Awak kan pergi sekolah, kiralah tahun berapa tu.”
      Another special thing about the Malays, said my Mat Salleh, black, Arab, Indian, Punjabi and ‘others’ friends is our women, or rather the graceful way Malay girls or women walk.
      “Look at women from other races…they walk as if they want to trample you,” they said.
      But Malays, like other races, have limits to their patience. Breach that, and the Malays can go ‘amok.’ What happens when a Malay man goes amok?
      Hang Jebat (who is not Chinese by the way), killed more than 200 people, most of them innocent.

  12. Dear Helen, I am a Malay. When I was working dulu, I had many Chinese friends. Kami saling menghormati and knew the “do’s&dont’s” of our respective religions & cultures. My chinese girlfrens are in contact with me sampai sekarang. You see, when we go out & talk, it all comes down to the same things … staff problems, parenting problems, etc. etc. No talk on susah jadi Cina/Melayu/India.
    But I find that this is not the same with the younger generation. As a mgr, I have to actually inform my chinese staff not to bring pork dishes into the office & not to use the office cutlery for food that has any “processed pork” ingredients. By the same token, I have to inform my Malay staff to show the same respect for the Indian staff by not bringing in beef dishes. What saddened me was that we had to make this a policy subject to disciplinary action as the staff were sneaking in ‘forbidden” food despite the warnings.
    I rasa bila we stop being sensitive to each other, then we stop respecting each other which leads to other unsavoury stuff.
    I find Namawee to suffer from this syndrome… insensitive, very disrespectful therefore lambat laun jadi racist.
    This goes for certain political parties as well esp DAP.

  13. about utusan, well i think chinese newspaper is the same or worst.. you know what i mean.

    “When Umno and Perkasa put a pig face on Namewee, isn’t that hatred too?” — well this guy has insulted our religion, our azan and our culture, and our country. what do you expect? of course we hate him. and did he apologise??? no.. takkan nak sayang kot. he has incited this hate helen.

    we, the malays are your customers. we buy most everything from you guys ok from potong rambut to furniture to baiki kereta, motor. we even eat at you guys’ kopitiam, buys bread from you…what else. the chinese needs us. so, please show some respect – our culture, our religion. these are sacred to us. without the malay’s support, the chinese cannot be the rich community that they are.

    so what are you guys complaining about?? if you want equality yes you can but show us the malays that you deserve it. can you respect and uphold the constitution? respect the King? Respect Islam as the majority religion? Respect our islamic and malay culture.

    will you guys be kind enough to help the malays who are so behind economically when you guys are in power? or will you grind us to dust.

    i think its the chinese that hates us, the malays. we dont hate you cuz if we do, you guys would have closed shop and no chinese business can survived.

    the chinese hates us.. they think malays are stupid, lazy, poor and dont know how to do business.
    they think the malays doesnt know how to run the country and that everything we do sucks.

    yup, and our concern now as mothers when we send our kids to your expensive pre school and your expensive programmes, is whether the chinese teacher is biased or not. if the chinese teacher favours her kind only… and sees this poor malay toddler with contempt and biasness and of course gives as little attention as possible to that poor little malay boy/girl.

    we dont hate the chinese helen, fyi. :-)

  14. I
    Saya cuma mahu menyentuh tentang Utusan Malaysia. Sebagai seorang wartawan terlatih dan seseorang yang gemar membaca dan menghalusi pelbagai tulisan, saya dapati orangramai terlalu cepat menghukum Utusan Malaysia.
    Ada yang membenci Utusan Malaysia walaupun tidak pernah membacanya. Percayalah, dari kacamata saya, tiada apa yang rasis atau tidak rasional yang dimuatkan oleh Utusan Malaysia.
    Sebagai sebuah akhbar yang berpengaruh, Utusan Malaysia hanya berusaha mempertahankan hak-hak Melayu/Bumiputera Islam, yang pada pandangan sesetengah pihak makin terhakis hari demi hari.
    Cuma orang Melayu yang betul-betul berdarah Melayu atau bersemangat Melayu dapat memahami dan menghargai apa yang sedang diperjuangkan oleh Utusan Malaysia. Namun sekiranya seseorang itu sememangnya rasis dan cuma mengutamakan kepentingan bangsa atau kaumnya, mereka pasti tidak menyukai kandungan di dalam Utusan Malaysia yang memperjuang dan mempertahankan hak-hak Melayu/Bumiputera Islam agar Malaysia terus aman dan makmur dan membahagiakan semua rakyatnya.
    Sebab itulah saya tidak suka dengan Lim Guan Eng kerana dia menghalang wartawan Utusan Malaysia daripada menghadiri sidang akhbarnya.
    Bagi saya, sesiapa saja yang tidak suka kepada Utusan Malaysia, yakni sebuah akhbar yang berwibawa, orang itu kurang waras fikirannya. Buat pengetahuan anda, saya juga selalu membeli akhbar Sin Chew Jit Poh walau saya tidak memahami bahasanya tetapi kerana saya suka melihat gambar-gambar di dalamnya, terutama apabila berlaku tragedi besar, kes-kes kontroversi atau kemalangan yang mengerikan.
    Saya difahamkan Sin Chew kerap memuatkan rencana atau ulasan yang menyakitkan hati orang Melayu tetapi saya tetap membelinya kerana saya tidak mudah membenci, melainkan terhadap orang yang saya anggap tidak berfikiran rasional atau suka mementingkan diri sendiri.

    1. setuju..Sin Chew memang banyak memperlekehkan hal melayu dan mengagungkan bangsa/hal2 mereka di tanah besar china. contohnya..kalo ada banjir kat sana..10 hari 10 malam tayang besar2 kat paper. Kalo kejadian di iran ke, palestin ke..kalo ada masuk paper kira dah grand le tu walau cuma sebesar lubang idung je rencana nyer. Kalo hal dalam malaysia ni kalo nak terpampang setiap hari senang je…terus cerita atau pertahankan hak orang melayu…gerenti akan sentiasa terpampang. Mungkin takde tindakan pasal orang melayu yang kaki kritik tak dapat nak kritik pasal tak faham apa yang dia tulis.

  15. Dear Helen,
    What Sharifah 9.06 pm said is true. Dulu-dulu masa saya mula-mula start kerja (80’s), the non-malays were very sensitive. I still remember during Ramadhan, when they are going for tea break, they will go quietly. For your info, our canteen opened during Ramadhan walaupun most (95%) of the workers were malays. There was a time when my boss asked me to go for a drink with him but I had to tell him it’s bulan puasa. He quickly apologized because he forgot. But now… the non malays even ate ice-cream in front of our face in bulan puasa. Ada yang bawa bekal makan dalam ofis pun ada.
    I also noticed that younger generation or even older generation sangat kurang sensitif nowadays. They talked in chinese even when I am sitting right between them, and this was in the middle of discussion. I have seen one occasion where a group of chinese students talking in chinese right in front of their (malay) lecturer face. And this was in IPTA. Sedih…

    1. Nik2

      What you sedih-sedih about. you are pengecut. Go and punched those chinese students.
      Remember what the gutsy malay lady teacher told her chinese students when they rudely told her they dont know malay?

      Kalau tak tahu cakap Melayu pergi balek Cina!

      so straight forward. I believe there is a facebook for her.

      So dont be ball less. Time to get tough with the chinese.
      If you dont know how to speak malay go back to china!


      Sedih-sedih ******* ko… elok lagi cikgu perempuna melayu tu..hehehe

    2. Why the chinese dulu was sensitive? Because the malays mengamuk and killed the rude DAP chinese and Indians in 1969.

      That s why. You think you can main2 with the chinese. Sedih…shissh.. they were communist you know killing people like nothing…

      1. To bodohbetul & nikpengecut…we are not here to hate the chinenese or other races..we are here to make things better. if u comment & feels like this it would not solve any problem it would become even worse. We are living in the same country we should think of peacefulness.

  16. Setuju dengan pandangan Hussin Rahman – Utusan is not more racist than your any of daily chinese papers. Poor Utusan- whatever it says is branded as racist- The PR (DAP in particular) fellas have done a marvelous job in creating that impression.

    1. Biasalah. The strategi is called “proper labelling” to sell their point to believers. Clever but with any dishonest ploy it will eventually backfire..

      Just like the mat salleh calling the palestine as terrorist. They should be called as freedom fighters as it is their country being colonised hence the fight to reclaim what’s theirs. Just like invasion if Iraq is called Operation Freeedom. What Freedom when you kill people-look whats happening there now – still busy sucking and bleeding the oil reserves.
      Also just like calling the hooligans during the reformasi/Bersih days with some ideal name when they are just rioters having fun wrecking the tong sampahs along the streets. And the Bersih name is itself argumentative when there no major dirt to clean in electoral list-there are much more things to clean in pakatan’s internal election.

      Even the Keadilan name itself is argumentative-you steal in supermarket you get caught kenalah punishedlah-why the huhah to argue against the law. Being caught and punished itself is a keadilan process-kinda ironic huh–how can you call fighting against the present law as keadilan?

      So the racist term is used. To whitewash the whole greed process. Can anyone call schools are being engaged in selective process similar to racism when they separate the slow learners from the clever one and pay them more attention? What would you think when the clever ones(who also goes to tuitions by their rich parents) are suddenly revolting for the similar form of time and attention paid by the teacher to the weak ones?

      Now I ask you..would the clever ones become stupider or lose more by the fact that the teachers are paying more attention to the last class? Same here. Would the Chinese are becoming poorer by NEP or corrective quota implemented by the govt? NO. Perversely as a matter of fact when the society aligns itself to higher riches producing more spending power and able consumers, the Chinese businesses itself would prosper. You see the other race are supporting and giving to you. THINK. (I know of one chinese who grew up in Malay community and went to University by the wealth of family’s sundry shop business. That person is now DAP crazy. Think again. By right that person should be grateful to UMNO for making all the Bumi there able to buy and contributed to the family’s revenue.)

      Think again. If majority of Malaysian citizen(Malay) are worse off with resentment and anger building everywhere, country climate worse off, would you think your business will prosper Unless of course, you already have interest overseas and plans to migrate elsewhere (current trend).


      1. I agree. The chinese seem to think that their wealth come because of their hard work alone. If the malays did not buy from their business, i don’t think they can depend on their own race to patronize their shops.the chinese thrive on other races. That is why you could find them all over the world.

  17. The discussion here captures the ongoing debate on race-relations.

    (1) Malays own Peninsular Msia and non-Malays should be grateful.

    This is the Malay Supremacists view. This view is faulty as it does not understand the concept of citizenship.

    (2) Non-Malays don’t hate Malays but just can’t stand their constant demands.

    This view is also faulty. The root cause of Malaysia’s problems lie with Malaysians who have constantly voted for Barisan Nasional and allowing UMNO to ride roughshod over the rights of Malaysians. That this country has to come to this stage was not an overnight phenomena. It took 54 years. We’re all collectively responsible.

    (3) We should all learn to live in harmony.

    This view is faulty as there is no law that demands that we live in harmony. To suggest this is ridiculous when even families have serious problems enforcing this.

    (4) Politicians are to be blamed.

    Refer point (2). We’re all to be blamed for allowing politicians to determine how we behave.

    The above are also manifestations rather than the root cause of racism & religious bigotry. All of the above are articulated because the individuals have a worldview shaped by their environment. This to me is the real issue – the mental models that Malaysians have.

    I think we need to change this mental model. My idea (mental model) of Malaysia goes like this.

    The supremacy of the rule of law.

    (1) We’re all citizens of Malaysia – whether you came 1000 years ago, yesterday or in the future – we will all have the same rights. There will be no special position for anyone unless you’re disadvantaged. There will be no special preference for any religion or race.

    (2) There is no need to love one another or understand one another BUT you can bet your sorry ass if you break any law (which includes slandering other people’s race and religion).

    (3) You can call yourself any damn thing you want (Anak Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia, Cina, Kadazan, Iban, India, Melayu, etc), but policies in this country will have to meet the national interest test which is set out clearly.

    Race is a construct. It provides certain incentives. Currently, there are strong incentives to reward racist behaviour and this needs to be changed.

    While I appreciate the argument that an individual should be allowed to promote his/her race and heritage, due to the lack of a legal framework, independent arbitrator and the abuse of this legal framework, we see race & religious relations becoming tenacious.

    We need to depoliticise race & religion in Malaysia. The big question is how?

    This is where, a Malaysian first approach I think works. Not in a politicised way but in ways such as BERSIH, UndiMalaysia, LoyarBurok — and keeping in mind that there is no need to like or love one another, as long as we all respect each other’s rights and follow the law.

    1. Lopez, you are giving a typical rubbish answer. Is the US a melting pot? It is to the Germans, Polish, English, French etc who came and killed all the native americans.

      But not to the native Red Indians. The American Constitution will never hide the fact that the European came and killed the natives and took their land.

      U see the Europeans live in Europe obviously haha..

      But the Red Indians were technologically a hundred years behind.
      Unlike the Malays and Asia, we are more culturally advanced thus it was not easy for the Christian Europeans to killed off. Especially with being Arab influence, the Europeans had long contact with Arabs with their crusade and thus was familiar with moslems.

      So now the Malays are rebuilidng their nation which unfortunately the NZ maoris would not be able to do or the aboriginese of australia killed by europeans will ever be able to regain.

      And the situation is not so bad here because the Chinese still keep in contact with their mother land. Kuok does not live in Malaysia despite making billions from us. And Indians go back via their own airline Fernandes air to india frequently.

      I m sure Indians and Chinese would rather go back to what their familiar with rather having to copy with BM , pledging loyalty to Malay Sultans and refusing to wear songkok is a sign of inability to grasp that this is a Malay land.

      As the numero uno Indian son in Malaysia said, if the economy in China grows as the US, the Chinese would go back. When India becomes an economic power house, Indians would go back…touch wood. so that will solve our race relations… out of sight out of mind..hehehe and good riddance!

      1. son of mahathir, I was quietly reading the thread but you nicked one too many of my nerves with too many conjectures. I had to write up a rebuttal. So, how do i start?

        “So now the Malays are rebuilidng their nation which unfortunately the NZ maoris would not be able to do or the aboriginese of australia killed by europeans will ever be able to regain.”- So since when was the Malay people actively being hunted down and killed (don’t forget the other immigrants that got the same horrible treatments) and since when Malaysia is a Malay nation? I mean sure the area (indonesia and parts of papua new guinea included) was called Tanah Melayu which simply means a place with alot of malay people, it is essentially small kingdoms with different rulers. Malaysia was formed at a different timeline so one have to look at the relevance at the time. Immigrants at the time agreed the demands of the ingenious people during the transition from a british colony to a nation to prove their loyalty, their commitment to assimilate and also they have more to lose since they had already stayed in Malaya and invested so much of their sweat and blood (Don’t forget they fought WW2 for Malaya too). I for one think Malayan Union is brilliant as it sounded like a non-biased policy but it wasn’t compatible at the time and didn’t sit well with the Malay Rulers.

        Wat i’m trying to get at is what matter most is now and the next step. This brings us to the AUS/NZ treatment to the aborigines, the Australian government has officially apologized for the discrimination and had taken measures to increase their standards of living so that they can assimilate into the general population.

        “Chinese still keep in contact with their mother land. Kuok does not live in Malaysia despite making billions from us. And Indians go back via their own airline Fernandes air to india frequently.”- Now that is just downright stereotyping with a racist undertone. You can’t judge a person by their choice of cultural, religion and racial affinity. Are you saying muslims shouldn’t go to mecca because its unMalaysian because alot of us don’t see the point of going there? I fly airasia, not because i support Fernandes, it’s because MAS is friggin expensive, in fact I almost always fly with SIA because they are almost always cheaper than MAS. Kuok is a successful businessman with businesses in many countries. Now go look up the profiles of successful Malaysian businessmen with interests in many other countries. How many of them actually spend a lot of time in Malaysia?

        “I m sure Indians and Chinese would rather go back to what their familiar with rather having to copy with BM , pledging loyalty to Malay Sultans and refusing to wear songkok is a sign of inability to grasp that this is a Malay land

        “As the numero uno Indian son in Malaysia said, if the economy in China grows as the US, the Chinese would go back. When India becomes an economic power house, Indians would go back…touch wood. so that will solve our race relations… out of sight out of mind..hehehe and good riddance!”

        -Maybe 1st generation immigrants will go back to their countries if instability struck Malaysia (includes 1st generation immigrants from our neighbouring Indonesia that gets bumiputra status when they get migrate over) There is no other home for most of the non-malay Malaysians get fall back to, debunking your idea of going back to our “motherland”. The ability to speak and understand more than 2 cultures are beneficial for international trade, guess who is business mediator between the Malaysian government and the Chinese government? Robert kuok who speaks and understand both the chinese and the malaysian people.

  18. I wonder what the Chinese think about the nude ear squat incident. Are you in favour of speaking up on behalf of a fellow Chinese who’s not Malaysian? or a fellow Malaysian who’s not Chinese? Because once it was discovered the victim was Malay, everyone suddenly shuts up.

    I do not hate the Chinese.I’m just concerned what if the majority (or, God forbid, all) Chinese are more interested in being Chinese than Malaysian.


    1. Hehehe…how very true….!! Probably, when the girl turned out to be a Malay, her rights don’t matter anymore. Sheeshhh…even a Minister had to go to China to pacify that regional powerhouse…

      This is a classic example how racism exists in all races….genetic disease…hehe

    2. “Chinese are more interested in being Chinese than Malaysian.”

      Naj , bro i think you hit the nail , with your statement.

      if you allow me to modify a little “The Dapster Chinese are more interested in being Chinese than Malaysian.”

  19. Simple only
    I think its just boils down to human nature.
    If the crew see the ship captain as weak, the crew will pakat and ho against him or worse mutinise and take over the ship.
    The boss give too much face and try to rationalise, the staff will lose respect and play play only
    If the parents do not reign their child, habislah no more respect

    Likewise here. The control has gone loose ever since Pak Lah Lah took over. The slide could not be halted by Najib. Worsened by the lust of power (and other things) by SABI.
    Now the Chinese dah merasa..Why keep on toeing the line anymore.
    As much as you want to rationalise, they won’t care,
    Just give me……….

    All kind of excuses will be made.Like rasuah etc. Come on. If rasuah were to abound, Malaysia would not be as rich as she is now and all of you also will not be as rich as you are now. Your children also would not be having degrees and some couchy jobs as now. Understand that some of you are also thinking of migrating to Australia etc. Leech I would call them

  20. I am a Malay but with 1/4 Chinese blood. Due to my Chinese DNA, I am smart, has fair skin and has great capability & ability to make money. Thanks to my Malay DNA, I’m not greedy, bersopan santun, has high tolerance level & quite forgiving.

    No I don’t hate Chinese. Once upon a time I used to love everything Chinese. It is the Chinese that hates Malay. And becoz of that I’m beginning not to like Chinese. The more I hear or read about Chinese condemning the Malays, the more I will dislike Chinese..

    You know when you dislike someone, you start noticing all the annoying stuff about them? Which you won’t even notice when you love them. This is the stage that I’m in now.

    I’m beginning to notice how rude the Chinese are when they speak Chinese when there are Malays present, how they always ask to go to your open house.. but rarely invite you over to their house, how they always stick to their kind when push come to shove, how they love to complain and blame everything on Govt (predominantly Malay), how disrespectful & ungrateful they are to our Military & Police force (predominantly Malay) when these hero negara stake their lives to protect people like us. This list can go on and on…

    The only way to stop this rot is for the right-minded Chinese to start condemning the racist Chinese loudly & openly. Unfortunately I don’t think many will do that… Why? Becoz deep down (even below the sub-conscious level) the Chinese truly hate the Malays. Stop hiding behind the “freedom & meritocracy” b***s***

    1. Hello ML

      I’m 50% Malay, 50%Chinese but a constitutional malay…

      I like your observations for I feel the same way nowadays…and I blame the current political climate….all those craps about Malaysian Malaysia and Ketuanan Melayu for that matter, are just rhetorics conjured for political mileage and expediency by both sides of the Great Divide.

      I hope for the sake of Malaysia as a nation, there are are tolerant and civilised citizens who can agree to disagree and move on. I’m just days into reading Helen’s blog and I cant seem to get enough posts and comments to read, that the Chinese vs Malay politics that are prevalent nowadays are not agreeable to majority Malaysians.

      As they say, politics is dirty business….that’s why I hate politicians from both sides (is there really a Third Force…:-) ??)

      I don’t care about Helen’s background and political inclination but I find her writings to be fresh and centred….not to mention her prowess in bahasa kebangsaan puts me a constitutional Malay to shame…..:-) note that I used the term bahasa kebangsaan, not bahasa melayu…a term that is offensive to the Ultra Chinese amongst us.

      To Helen…keep up with the good work girl….there are many Malaysians around who are still tolerant and civilised, no matter where we put our X on the ballot paper!!

  21. I would like to refer to the comment by Nik2 to show why the non-Malays think the Malays are unreasonable.

    Nik2 says that the non-Muslims used to be “very sensitive” about Muslims fasting in the past. He is unhappy that these days, non-Muslims eat in front of the Muslims during the fasting month. He considers that disrespectful.

    In my view, the non-Malays are doing nothing wrong at all.

    The trouble is with the type of Malay mentality exemplified by Nik2.

    If you understood what fasting is supposed to be about, then what others do around you when you are fasting should not be an issue to you at all.

    Religious fasting is a private and spiritual matter. Your fasting does not depend on what others around you say or do, or what the weather forecast is for the day, or what movie is showing in the cinema that day.

    If see someone eat in front of you and you can’t handle it and you complain about it, then please stop fasting. That’s because you have missed the whole point about fasting and are not ready to fast.

    It is pure arrogance to make a display of your fasting to others, to show how pious you are, to expect others to adapt their lives around your piousness and to give ‘respect’ to the fact that you are fasting.

    A lot of Malays these days are unfortunately like that.

    It reflects the supremacy mentality of the Malay Muslims, the ‘you non-Muslims should look up to us Muslims’ attitude.

    This is one of a number of reasons why there unease and conflict between the races.

    Namewee is expressing the Chinese response of this type of attitude in his Youtube videos.

    If the Malays are unhappy about the Chinese for anything, by all means please talk about it. Talking things together is good.

    But the Malays must also accept that they are not perfect. They have faults too and they must be willing to admit it.

    1. X,

      Obviously u have no inkling whatsoever what a person who fasting during the day have to go through but just pretending that you are. Perhaps one day, you might want to try it in order to understand. I dare you. Try fast for half a day. Abstain from drinking or eating from early morning. Just stay in your desk (assuming you work in the office) while your friends went out for lunch. It may not affect you yet because your little mind is just trying to concentrate on your work.Your friends came back from lunch. Meanwhile, you are still concentrating on your work and not thinking about anything else. You are confident you can hold up your fast till the day end without any problem. You are not thinking about food at all. Then suddenly….sniff…sniff…what is that smell? Is that Big Mac?? Owh my god I AM SO HUNGRY !! Game over….

      You have the luxury to run to the cafeteria and stuffed yourself silly because….you are just trying to fast. Muslims on the other hand have to hold out till dusk. That is why it is BETTER if no one else eat in front of you because the smell of the food can wreak havoc in your brain and made an already difficult task of holding out impossible. You might say….so what? Am i supposed to help muslims fast? Screw that. What i do should not affect them. What am i getting out of it anyway? Okay..i know you are that kind of people so that is fine. But luckily, a lot of non muslims that i know of are not like you. They try their best not to eat in front of me and other muslims. I never told or scold but somehow they just understand. After fasting month, the muslims in my department will organize a Raya’s feast. Everyone are invited. Muslims or not.The expenditure for the event were raised entirely by the Muslim staffs but they were not complaining. They are just happy that everyone’s there. No one talking about whats-in-it-for-me thing. A little understanding goes a long way. That is harmony.

      Perhaps the non muslims that i describes above understood something that you dont. Which is why i meant the sentence “little mind” in the paragraph above. If you feel that by not eating in front of muslims is too much to ask and in doing so will give the impression that you have to “respect” the Muslims, by all means eat in front of them. Hell, while you’re at it why don’t go all the way and offer your food too. It may not make you their enemy but for sure it wont make you their friends either. After all it’s fashionable these day to insult the malays isnt it?

  22. Hi Helen,

    1.Kenapa tiada suara cina lain yang ‘terasuh’ dalam kontek menjadi warganegara setia Malaysia menegur ‘this fucker’ ! Malah orang-orang mca dan gerakan atau pertubuhan2 cina sendiri senyap sepi seolah-olah menyetujui perbuatan biadab ini ! Jangan tanya DAP kerana perkara sebegini di cop di dahi mereka dalam perjuangan yang nyata anti melayu sama macam perbuatan ‘sang biadab’ ini

    2.Dalam negara ini, orang melayu dan Islam ialah bangsa tonggak yang menganut agama Islam. Orang melayu tidak pernah memulakan PERSETERUAN kecuali satu bangsa lain mulakan. Orang melayu cukup berpedoman dalam kontek ajaran Islam yang di ajar menghormati bangsa lain,budaya dan fahaman agama nya. Melayu tidak lemah. Melayu ini berhemah.

    3.Kenapa bangsa bukan melayu suka memainkan isu-isu provokasi? Sesungguh nya jika melayu ingin membuat provokasi,terlalu banyak dan besar sekali gelanggang nya. Takut-takut kalau bangsa cina tidak akan tertahan kelak. Pahlawan melayu tidak menghunus senjata membabi buta ! Tapi jika kerap sangat menjual, pasti nya ramai sekali Pahlwan Melayu berani membeli. Itu lah budi bahasa yang melayu amalkan. Jangan melampau-lampau mencabar dengan perkara yang bukan-bukan, terutama kepada Negara dan Agama Islam !

    4.Maaf jika saya nyatakan, jika cina itu mengaku diri nya hebat dalam serba serbi, kenapa tidak pernah menyokong dan bersatu membantu kerajaan, segi apa pun, tanpa perkauman? Kenapa dalam bahasa sendiri masih mengumpat dan berburuk sangka? Kenapa merasakan tersisih,walhal apa saja di Malaysia laba nya tetap pergi kepada bangsa cina? Ada kah betul-betul kurang atau hanya temberang!

    5.DEB dulu menjadikan cina untung besar. Segala kegiatan ekonomi halal atau haram tetap masuk kantung cina. Harta komersial dan pembangunan setempat yang sentiasa mendapat sokongan kerajaan. Terlalu ramai taikun dan kiasu bangsa cina yang di sokong sepenuh nya oleh kerajaan. Apa sumbangan mereka kepada Negara secara timbal balik untuk Malaysia? Kenapa butakan mata dan telinga?

    6.Kenapa minta yang bukan-bukan seperti memperkasakan sekolah vernakular, intitusi pengajian tinggi sendiri, malah terang-terangan membelakangkan adat budaya, bahasa kebangsaan dalam keadaan terang lagi bersuluh. Kenapa masih terperosok dalam laman dan dapur sendiri?

    7.Melayu tidak begitu atau membenci kaum cina. Ramai cina yang baik, tulus dan berperasaan. Ramai yang sealiran dalam keadaan majmuk. Ramai yang sedar dengan kemajuan dan keupayaan diri mereka. Ramai yang boleh bekerjasama dan menjadi jiran yang di hormati, sahabat dan rakan karib. Kerana apa? Kerana mereka secara tradisi nya bercampur dan bergaul mesra dengan orang-orang melayu dan bangsa lain nya. Mereka memahami. Perasaan mereka lebih berbudaya dan berbudi bahasa, malah sopan berbanding cina di bandar yang lebih mementingkan diri dan bangsa sendiri ! Malah lidah dan kehidupan harian mereka pun totok cina asli pendalaman seperti di negara China!

    8.CINA yang di BENCI ialah ‘perangai dan tindak laku nya’ konon rakyat Malaysia tapi bagai duri dalam daging. Walhal jika mereka ini berhijrah ke negara asing,walau ke China sekali pun, lagak angkuh, sombong nya akan hilang, seperti siput ! Tidak pula mereka berani berhijrah.

    9.Saya selalu baca tulisan helen. Cuma dapat saya andaikan helen seorang warga moden berfikiran terbuka. Begitu sepatut nya cina Malaysia di asuh dan di didik.

  23. Dear Helen,
    I really enjoy your blog. So refreshing.
    Please can you do a discussion on vernacular schools one day. I am a former university lecturer in medicine. I believe that our problems are only getting worse with vernacular schooling. We cannot be producing doctors who cannot even sit together at the canteen for lunch because of their racial background. I fully understand the concerns about the ‘quality’ of national schools. Tapi tak kan sampai bila-bila pun nak macam nie. Pelajar Cina yang kawan dengan pelajar Melayu dipulaukan oleh pelajar-pelajar Cina yang lain. Bila dah jadi doktor esok, macam mana nak bekerjasama?

    On vernacular schools, okay I will. — Helen

  24. Dear Helen,

    This is an indeed interesting topic. But i find it funny when you say that you are impressed with the maturity and civility shown by the comments,

    If you find:

    “MALAYsia belongs to MALAYS and cina must know their place or balik cina civil”

    I would like to know by what you mean by being uncivil.

    The majority of CINA in Malaysia have no intention of becoming PM or even DPM, FM or Defence Minister. The CINA also have no intention of becoming IGP, AG, DG or to become CEO / Chairman or GLC.

    Given that the deomographics of the Country is 70%+ Malay/Muslim, the Malay/Muslim will always be in power.

    Saya ingin meminta saudara-saudara saya yang berbangsa Melayu / agama Islam. Sejak Tanah Melayu Merdeka and Sabah & Sarawak bergabung untuk menjadi MALAYSIA, bangsa apa yang memegang jawatan berikut:

    Perdana Mentri / Timbalan Perdana Mentri
    Menteri Kewangan
    Menteri Pendidikan
    Menteri Perdagagan Antarabangsa dan Industri
    dan lain-lain jawatan penting dalam pentabiran Malaysia

    Kenapa majori yang miskin masih Melayu / Islam. Adakah Orang Cina yang mengambil kesempatan atas orang Melayu / Islam. Jadi kenapa Utusan Malaysia suka kata bahawa CINA mengambil kesempatan atas orang Melayu / Islam.

    Jadi, kalau majoriti CINA tidak minat untuk menjadi PM. Timbalan PM, apakah yang orang CINA mahu?

    Majoriti orang CINA hanya mahu untuk menbina masa hadapan yang lebih baik dan cerah untuk anak-anak / cucu-cucu mereka. Orang CINA tidak mahu selalu diberitahu bahawa CINA mesti terhutang budi dan “tahu tempat” kita kerena nenak moyang kita yang sudah lama meninggal dunia termasuk semua turun-terumun telah diterima sebagai waranegara Persekutuan Tanah Melayu (dan kemudianya MALAYsia)

    Dunia tidak wujud dalam suasana macam ini. Semua rakyat Malaysia mesti bekerja keras untuk memajukan negara kita dan kita tidak boleh wujud hanya bergantung kepada ‘terhutang budi’ sahaja.

    Bayangkan, Bryan Robson masih bermain untuk Manchester United. Adakah semua perminat akan masih menyolkong Bryan Robson kerana ‘terhutang budi’ kepada jasa yang lampau? Sama dengan Diego Maradona. Argentina menang Piala Dunia pada tahun 1996 hanya kerana jasa Maradona. Adakah Maradona boleh kekal dalam squad Argentina hanya kerana jasa.

    Rakyat Malaysia akan sentiasa berpisah kerana kelainan kita. Jangan cuba melawan kelainan ini. Tetapi kita boleh menguna kelainan sebagai satu kekuatan. Semua bangsa mesti menghormati satu sama lain.

    Back to you Helen, I must say in all honesty after reading what Helen Ang of CPI wrote and reading what you posted, I still think I was in Redhuan Tee’s blog. But its always refreshing to read differing views. We can always difer on many views
    but our common goal is to a better tomorrow.

    Of course, we will also difer on what we mean by a better tomorrow and how to get there.

    I appreciate your participation in balance — Helen

    1. I will maintain that my Malay commentators are civil even though you may disagree with some of the views expressed here. At least in the manner of expression, decorum is kept unlike some of the abusive online crowd going quite berserk.

      As for the hard-hitting luahan hati, I appreciate the honesty in the Malays telling us how they really feel. Do you think if the Malays were to listen to Hannah Yeoh speaking that they will ever get any real inkling of what a Chinese truly thinks? Which is the point of my Namewee postings — that the guy speaks the Chinese mind.

      In this blog, discussion between readers holding opposing views is possible. Do you reckon the other side can be heard under circumstances like 743 Thumbs Down in some of the Firster portals?

      Just FYI, the Malay-Muslim segment of the population is not as large as 70%. The latest census says 61.3%.

      As for your Ridhuan accusation, I hope you realise that the pro-opposition websites do not permit critical views including some of mine to be published (hence this need to set up my own blog). Read one case here.

      And back to you Anti F1, please don’t discount the possibility that even you might decide to adjust your own position as the situation unravels and the true colours of the deep blue sea are shown.

      After all, look at the Emperor (in-First-Clothes) recently caught with his pants down. Or let’s see how now the DAP Tudung Queens can justify rejecting hudud.

      1. Saudiri Helen, saya setuju bahawa blog pro-pembangkang tidak akan menyuarakan pendapat yang anti-pembangkang atau pro-kerajaan. Saya pernah menyuarakan pendapat saya tentang kes ‘Tudung’ dan ‘Songkok’ dalam upacara pembukaan sidang Parliament / Dewan Udangan Negeri (DUN) dan Majlis Konvokesyen Universiti tempatan tetapi blog tersebut tidak menyiarakan:

        ‘Memakai Songkok adalah tradsi dalam upacara pembukaan sidang Parliament dan DUN. Jika DAP tidak setuju untuk memakai Songkok, letak jawatan dan lain kali, jangan bertanding dalam pihilanraya supaya kes serupa tidak akan timbul semula.

        Sama untuk memakai Tudung untuk Majlis Konvokesyen Universiti. Itu pun adalah satu tradisi. Kalau tidak setuju, jangan pakai dan jangan datang untuk upacara tersebut. Pakai apa yang suka dan pergi ke Studio untuk ambil gambar sendiri. Apa yang penting adalah mendaprt sijil Ijazah.

        Memakai Songkok dan Tuding tidak bermaksud memeluk Islam’

        Saya pernah pergi ke blog saudara Redhuan Tee dimana saya membaca bagaiman saudara Redhuan Tee memaki saudari Helen Ang dengan perkataan yang amat kesat, ”Mata Sepet tetapi nama Kristian’, ’tidal bermoral’, ’KIASU’ dan lain lain.

        Sebagai seorang kelahiran Bangsa Cina yang telah memenumui agaran Islam yang indah, saudara Redhuan Tee sepatutnya cuba untuk ’menbina jambatan’ untuk mengatasi kelainan Bangsa Melayu / Islam dengan yang bukan Islam.

        Tetapi apa yang ditulis oleh saudara Redhuan Tee hanya memaki Bangsa kelahiran sendiri dan menghasut Bangsa Melayu / Islam untuk membenci Bangsa Cina / bukan Islam dan untuk menyokong UMNO / BN kerana Bangsa Cina / bukan Islam ingin menguassi negara MALAYsia

        Saya pernah membaca tulisan saudiri Helen Ang di Malaysiakini, CPI. Di sana, walaupun tulisan saudiri Helen Ang lebih condorong kepada pihak pembangkang, nada terebut tidak pernah untuk menghasut orang untuk membenci kerajaan.

        Tetapi di sini, nada saudiri Helen lebih condorong kepada menghasut Bangsa Melayu / Islam untuk tidak percaya kepada pembangkand / membenci DAP dan pembangkang. Kata-kata yang berulang seperti ”DAP 2.0”, ”Hasnah”, nadanya hampir sama dengan nada saudara Redhuan Tee ’ULTA KIASU” yang berulang-ulang. Mungkin saudari Helen tidak bermaksud untuk berbuat demikian.

        Balik kepada topik ini. Saya tidak boleh bercakap untuk pihak seluruh Bangsa Cina, tetapi Bangsa Cina, yang berpendidikan lebih tinggi dan golongan ’middle income’ tidak membenci Bangsa Melayu. Kita hanya membenci pihak yang suka menghasut Bangsa Melayu / Islam untuk membenci satu sama lain.

        Bangsa Cina memang membenci gologan yang suka kata ”Bangsa Cina mesti sentisa terhutang budi kerana diberi kerawnegarawaan pada tahun 1957.” Seperti apa yang saya kata dulu, dunia tidak wujud bergantung kepada ’terhutang budi’.

        Saya percaya bahawa golongan Bangsa Melayu yang juga berpendidikan tinggi tidak membenci Bangsa Cina tetapi masalahnya adalah propoganda media yang dikuassi oleh kerajaan. Cerita seperti PM Kristian, Teresa Kok dan kes Azan menghasut Bangsa Melayu untuk membenci Bangsa bukan Islam. Dan kalau hanya 30% pembaca Utusan / Berita Harian yang percaya apa yang ditulis, saya merasa sedih untuk masa depan negara kita.

        Kadang kadang saya ingin tanya, apakah visi permimpin kita terhadap masa depan negara kita. Adakah masa depan kita dalam masa 500 tahun sama seperti sekarang, ahli politilk dan media kerajaan akan masih kata bahawa ”Bangsa Cina mesti terhutang budi”. Sampai bila ”Terhutang Budi”.

        Adakah kita membaca cerita ahli politik di barat yang menyatakan:

         Kaum wanita mesti ’Terhutang Budi” kerana diberi hak untuk mengundi dan hanya menyokong calon lelaki?

         Kaum kulit hitam mesi terhutang budi kerana diberi hak mengundi dan hanya mesti menyokong calon kulit putih?

         Pendatang dari Pakistan / negara Islam lain yang menghirjah ke negara Barat mesti terhutang budi kerana diberi hak untuk tinggal / kewaranegaraan dan mesti manyokong calon kerajaan?

        Saya setuju, maklamat Bangsa Malaysia masih sangat jauh. Semua Bangsa mesti berkerjasam untuk mencapai maklamat ini. Pada masa yang sama, Bangsa Cina juga mesti sedia untuk membuat pengorbanan.

        Sekolah Cina mesti dimansuhkan dan hanya wujud sekolah kebangsaan dimana Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris diguna. Kuota bedasarkan Bangsa untuk Universiti mesi dimansuhkan juga (termasuk Matrikulasi) dan kuota berdasarkan keperluan sebenar (seperti untuk pelajar luar bandar / kurang berada) boleh diwujudkan. Tetapi Malaysiakini dan Malaysia Insider tidak berani menyiarakan pandapat ini.

        Untuk mencapai maklamat Bangsa Malaysia bukan bermaksud bahawa rakyat mesti mengundi BN. Rakyat Malaysia termasuk pemimpin kita sendiri keliru dengan maksud menyokong kerajaan dan menyokong parti politik. Memang ada perbezaan. Mungkin untuk topik ini pada masa lain, saudiri Helen boleh tulis.

        Saya juga ingin mohon maaf jika ada apa-apa kesalahan ejaan dan skrutur ayat kerana Bahasa Malaysia saya sejak meninggal sekolah sudah amat merosot dan saya tidak menguna Bahasa Malaysia dalam kerja harian saya.


        Pakatan ever sowing suspicion has caused M’sians to lose our capacity to trust. This loss of faith and goodwill is more soul-destroying than the damage wrought by BN. — Helen

        1. Hai Anti F1,

          ‘Bangsa Cina memang membenci gologan yang suka kata ”Bangsa Cina mesti sentisa terhutang budi kerana diberi kerawnegarawaan pada tahun 1957.” Seperti apa yang saya kata dulu, dunia tidak wujud bergantung kepada ’terhutang budi’.’

          Awak tahu tak kenapa slogan tu keluar?

          Awak sendiri dah jawab persoalan tu.

          ‘Saya setuju, maklamat Bangsa Malaysia masih sangat jauh. Semua Bangsa mesti berkerjasam untuk mencapai maklamat ini. Pada masa yang sama, Bangsa Cina juga mesti sedia untuk membuat pengorbanan.

          Sekolah Cina mesti dimansuhkan dan hanya wujud sekolah kebangsaan dimana Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris diguna.’

          Untuk makluman awak, masalah utama yang saya selalu nampak dikalangan orang Melayu di sekeliling saya ialah kebanyakannya jenis banyak fikir tapi bila nak bagi penerangan, respon yang keluar tu pendek je membuatkan orang lain salah faham.

          Jadi di sini saya nak jelaskan yang orang Melayu secara umumnya memang tak bersikap perkauman berbanding kaum Cina dan India, dan kami pun tak berminat nak ejek orang Cina/India sebagai pendatang TAPI mereka yang berperangai macam pendatang memang kami tak segan-silu untuk gelarkan sebagai pendatang.

          Dengan kata lain, slogan yang awak sebut tu untuk mereka yang berperangai macam pendatang sahaja (khususnya penyokong DAP), bukan untuk semua orang Cina/India. Jadi kalau ada yang terasa, fikir-fikirkanlah apa sebabnya.

          Hanya orang yang makan Cili akan terasa pedasnya.

      2. hey saya pun melayu, tapi saya tak suka tu ridhuan tee.. lebih melayu dari melayu..

        melayu riduan tee lebih kepada melayu PAS kolot dan konservatif.

        Saya pasti Ridhuan Tee tidak suka Melayu sekular dan moden mcm UMNO.

        Which is to say he is a potential chinese taliban.not malay.

        :D — Helen

  25. Helen

    “that the guy speaks the Chinese mind.”

    Then your grasps of Chinese mind need expansion and broaden. Namewee is one immature opportunist, he learned from Taiwan politician how to make use of rude behaviour and profanities for his selfish goal, the best instance for reference is that lowlife Ah Bian. I will write more about Chinese mind if time permit.

    Anti F1

    “Sekolah Cina mesti dimansuhkan dan hanya wujud sekolah kebangsaan dimana Bahasa Malaysia dan Bahasa Inggeris diguna……”

    May I know why and what you would suggest how we could mansuhkan Chinese school?

    “….kerana Bahasa Malaysia saya sejak meninggal sekolah sudah amat merosot dan saya tidak menguna Bahasa Malaysia dalam kerja harian saya.”

    Why a Bangsa Malaysia advocate like you doesn’t use BM daily? How you define Bangsa Malaysia?

    Hua Yong, i.e. “Mr XYZ is one to speak his mind”. You should take the sentence as that Namewee speaks for the Chinese pent-up feelings of grievances, resentment, dissatisfaction, etc. — Helen

  26. Helen,

    Perhaps I didn’t get you, but that beside the point. I am aware there is grievance, resentment and dissatisfaction, but who don’t feel the same way from time to time? What had we achieved from the Namewee episode, does it help to bridge the gap or we finally earn the empathy that we deserved? I don’t mind the common patron here to piss off, their civility never conceal their intolerance and bigotry anyway, I just couldn’t allow the general mass that is friendly, accommodating and kind to perceive this lowlife have anything that resemble the Chinese, in the context of ethos, culture and civilization.

    If we could went across the impediment in the past 50 years preserving our culture (our culture that is unique to us, not the absurd allegation of one attach to a foreign homeland) and education without resorting to what the lowlife did, why we need this lowlife to speak our mind now? What and who could stop us from carry on? Some think by just barking ‘Sekolah Cina mesti dimansuhkan’ would lead us into a datong world of great harmony? Initiate a common objective and work toward that common goal, don’t waste time grumble Chinese school this or Chinese school that, let us compete and complement each other, the only chance to mansuhkan Chinese School is by winning.

    PS/ Xiangzhuang performs the sword dance, but his mind is set on Liu Bang. Cheers.

    Hua Yong,

    About this blog as a platform: The exchanges here are civil (apart from the DAP hardcore who post their typical slurs, abuse and accusations).

    The question posed in this posting is with purpose b’cos (after the next GE, which is really all that the DAP 2.0 politicians with their trickery are concerned with), the need for honesty is most important so that we can plan our future with some real knowledge.

    The masquerade and falsity of the M’sian Firsters will ultimately be disastrous for us Chinese — this I know.

    I strongly feel that the civility found here is the first stepping stone, certainly a great improvement on the pious platitudes or the outright hostility found in some other online places.

    I don’t believe there are absolute truths out there but we can start on the journey to explore some semblance of it. At least in this forum we begin by listening to what people have to say from their hearts even if it sounds harsh rather than the lip service of political correctness (or cheap marketing by those seeking votes).

    Hence I am pondering on ALL the comments made here with an open mind, to try to see the point of view from the other side with as much understanding as I can muster. Cheers. — Helen

  27. Anti F1,

    You say:

    “Saya percaya bahawa golongan Bangsa Melayu yang juga berpendidikan tinggi tidak membenci Bangsa Cina tetapi masalahnya adalah propoganda media yang dikuassi oleh kerajaan. Cerita seperti PM Kristian, Teresa Kok dan kes Azan menghasut Bangsa Melayu untuk membenci Bangsa bukan Islam. Dan kalau hanya 30% pembaca Utusan / Berita Harian yang percaya apa yang ditulis, saya merasa sedih untuk masa depan negara kita”

    Saya merupakan golongan Bangsa Melayu yang berpendidikan tinggi sepert yang saudara nyatakan.

    I am a 40 years old professional, educated abroad, worked in numerous MNCs worldwide and am currently living an upper middle class life in a nice and leafy suburb.

    I have always been non partisan when it comes to politics in Malaysia and have always been pushing for the Malaysian agenda as my friends are multi racial. I have no qualms with hanging out with the malays at stalls or my “tudung”ed staff or at drinking holes with my chinese and indian friends.

    Coming from an international background and being senior HR pratiitioner, I do not discriminate based on race and have mentored and and developed many young chinese and indians to climb up the corporate ladder.

    I even voted for Pakatan in the last election purely because I had high expectations for them but they had failed spectacularly.

    But let me tell you this:

    I am not stupid nor blind at what the opposition has been trying to sow since the last election. I also know what has been sowed in the chinese papers and the numerous blogs which try to so call champion democracy but with hidden agendas,

    Why are you so worried solely about the 30% percent in believing the hatred news that Utusan is publishing?

    On the same taken token, if you were actually objective, you should also be worried about the 30% or 50% who actually believe the same trash that is published in the chinese newspapers, opposition news media and blogs.

    I do not read Utusan but any action will result in in reaction.

    So please do not speak for us as you have no inkling whatsoever on what we are or how we think.

    Because, if you did, you would be more objective just like my chinese and indian friends

    1. Tron, saya tidak membaca Surat Khabar Cina kerana saya tidak faham Bahasa Cina tetapi jikalau Surat Khabar Cina berani menerangkan Akhbar Sensai seperti Utusan / Berita Harian, kenapa Kementrian Dalam Negeri tidak mengambil tindakan.

      Mungkin saudara Tron berpendidikan tinggit dan manyanjung jawatan tinggi tetapi minda saudara Tron sama seperti ramai penyokong Perkasa. Saya dengar, antara permimpin tinggi Perkasa, adalah ramai yang PhD, MBA.

      Saudara Tron mesti membezakan antara permimpin politilk dan rakyat biasa.

  28. Tron “same trash that is published in the chinese newspapers”

    Such sweeping statement make you no difference with Anti F1, can you be more specific?

  29. I can’t believe this. A lot of the commenters forgot the fact that Malaysia consists of the Malay Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak. There’s no hak Melayu in the constitution, there’s only hak bumiputera. And for those Malay bigots, bumiputera does not just confine to you guys but rather the Kadazans, Ibans, Dayaks, Orang Asli and other natives. But the situation now is apparently the Malays are getting all the goodies at the expenses of the other natives. Please do not act and speak as if the Malays are the only natives in Malaysia.

    1. To Joe,

      Whaddayou talking about. Do you know the Federal Constitution of the Federated Malay States? You are just repeating that Chinese old man Khoo Kay Khim, Malaya not colonised etc.

      It is the other way round. There is no such thing as bumiputera.
      It is a newly coined word to take the natives of Sabah and Sarawak who were displaced by the British Raja Brooke who invited the Chinese to settle on Dayak lands or Iban as the case may be.

      Now Khoo Khay Kim will one day twisted this to say that Sarawak was never ruled by Raja Brooke and it was the Chief Natives who invited the Chinese to take their land..haha. stupid chinese old man.

      Read up man. There is no such thing as bumiputers. There is Malay rights and natives rights. But bumiputera is a modern lumping of these long words.

      The Rukun Negara specifically mentioned Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara. Raja refers to Malay Raja. This is a Malay country not bigots. Indians labourers were brought to work in rubber plantaiton that they first discovered in Brazil in by British advisers not Malay Sultans as the benefit and taxations all accrued to the British Crown. In Brazil, the British brought african people in chains to be slaved to work in rubber plantation.

      So please get a free ticket from your bro to Mumbai ya… promotion until september only.

      1. Hi appreciate your reply but would appreciate more if you read a book about critical thinking before penning your next comment. I am totally stupefied by your reply.

  30. I can see good exchange of inner feelings here in a well mannered language and temperament.

    Keep this healthy opinions going, it’s good for our soul.

    Keep it going Helen….

  31. First of all I’m Chinese from Sarawak. Maybe some of you might wonder how do i connect to the Internet and do I actually live on the tree haha, I will let you know later. I’m So worry ! and at some point feel sad for what Malaysia has becomed today. Malaysia is a multi racial country and we suppose to give and take and tolerate to each other. In Sarawak we are actually quite tolerate to each other be it Malay, Iban, bidayuh and other races but nowadays it seems like those in semenanjung is trying to drag us into the water from our comfortable tree house. In my Facebook I can see lots of my fren “likes” name wee video especially those that is mocking the government. I personally think that name wee is right at certain thing for example the inefficiency of our government sector and the corruption( we really have to wake up, open our eyes then you will see what’s happening in Malaysia) and that can give a message to the government so that they can improve, but he might have overboard at certain thing like racial comments he has made.. after all he is just a rapper who wants to be famous and at the same time expressing his view through his song which is what most of western rappers do as well. Having said that, I do not fancy name wee nor hate name wee, for me im just being neutral I think he is talented and at the same time dangerous and insensitive. Forget about name wee or utusan if you realize this are just individuals not representing Malay or Chinese. We should concentrate in developing Malaysia which is slowly overtaken by other country in term of business attractiveness and tourism, why? Because we are not unite too busy fighting each other commenting at name wee blog or mocking utusan journalist. Why don we sit down and wonder fly singapore’s escalator is faster than malaysia’s ?

  32. i open newspaper, look at jobs advert, i saw most job indicated (bout 95%) ‘Chinese preferred, must be bilingual’. went for walk-in interview instead, they inform me during interviews; we need Chinese speaking candidates. Been like this for three months already, so do i hate Chinese? i’m already pitiful without job but when people being mean to me…they show their attitude to me like i’m wasting their time, or just plain rude (i’m the boss) it’s just an interview for heaven sake. Do i hate u all?? No. Because i’m malay and muslim. I think its more about being muslim than malay. Do you hate muslim? Do you hate islam? yes? no? Is the notion malaysia is muslim country annoys u the most. Is this true?

  33. im mix indian n malay n i hate most of the malay for their attitude u know they just make me angry all the time

  34. dear semerah padi,

    fyi, sin chew jit poh is a CHINESE newspaper. if it does not use chinese characters i don’t see why i should be called a chinese newspaper. and yes, there IS NO EXCUSE for a MALAYSIAN not to be able to read and write BAHASA. but think again, not everyone is good in the language. there are some aunties and uncles who can speak and listen but is unable to read malay. if i am rich, i would get a translator but then i’m not. so your reason that sin chew should be in bm is unpratical. besides that, tarian naga is a chinese culture. of course it should be in chinese. imagine if dikir barat is performed in chinese? weird isn’t it? i’m a chinese born in malaysia and i am proud to be a malaysian k. i have best friends from all races and i can tell u that people no matter what races can make u mad. i think cultures should be leave out of the racist topic because i think that even though i’m a malaysian, i should not leave my chinese roots. because that is what makes us malaysian proud: being a multiracial and multicultural country.

    1. Ashley, you have confirmed why we can never be Anak Malaysia. PIease read Semerah Padi comments again carefully.

  35. There are three things that we all should agreed as the citizen of Malaysia, about race, ethnicity and language:
    – My ethnic is malay, race is bangsa Malaysia, warganegara malaysian and bahasa kebangsaan is bahasa malaysia.
    – Your ethnic is chinese, race is bangsa Malaysia, warganegara malaysian and bahasa kebangsaan is bahasa malaysia

  36. Hi,
    Basically this racist and hatre issue started by perkasa ibrahim. And best is our PM doesnt stop him. why? the more ibrahim open his mouth the more the hatre grew…

  37. Wouldnt it be a very boring country of there were ONLY malays? Or only chinese? Or only Indians? Or only Ibans? Or only Kadazans? Or only one ethnic race?
    Thats the beauty of Malaysia – rojak…you have the kacang, the timun, the mangga, the gravy etc etc…taken from different places, cut into small pieces and mixed in one place and we have a variety of colour with a unique taste.
    U really think Nawawee or whatever his name is as well as Hanna Yeoh or whoever are Malaysians? They try to show theyre Malaysians – what theyre doing is purely cheap publicity to enrich themselves with money and supporters.
    An example of the REAL Malaysians – see Lee Chong Wei supported by the living colours of Malaysia as well as our national football team when met Indonesia…
    If youre a PURE Malaysian – show the world WHAT makes Malaysia right from the beginning….what race you are, how good your grasp of the national language is and how rich you are of the knowledge of the other races’ culture!!!
    EVERY dish you can find on the streets have its sweetness, its saltiness, its sourness and its spiciness.
    That is the dish of a Malaysian – like me.
    If we feel uncomfortable with any of the flavour – we sip a drink to calm this taste.
    Similarly, if we have misunderstanding amongst and between each other, we quickly find a solution by talking and we can prevent it by learning about each other first.
    Its nice to see almost every race provide special meals for each other during festivities.
    So politicians like Hanna Yeoh – be proud youre a chinese and your hubby an indian – be prouder that you live in Malaysia!
    And as for Namawee…if youre betul2 anak malaysia…use your FAT profits to support the 1Malaysia idea of the Prime Minister!
    Look at him not as a politician but look @ him as your father keen to reform the country without forgetting the races that make up Malaysia.
    As an exvat69 member, my multi racial team have served for almist 15 years in the jungles around the 80s to ensure that EVERY Malaysian and its guest can sleep soundly with their loved ones under the blanket of freedom and safety that we provided.
    Please dont UNWIND the present….

  38. my simple brain says this: Bangsa Malaysia, keturunan ……………..)follow husbands ethnicity – husband’s ethnicity follows his father’s ethnicity who in turn follows …..and so on) In this rojak world at least we can confirm one ethnicity this way. do not be in a haste to get rid of this ethnicity things. IT IS BEAUTIFUL TO ME ! and this is my own opinion about the beauty of each :

    the malays for their manners when entertaining guests – their dulang and lace tablecloths, Pn. Isa my class teacher from SIGS primary for her very very tiny waist, tights beautiful kebayas and high heels!

    the chinese for their simple frank talk and the way they adapt so easily to people of all cultures. They are very guarded when they first get to know you, but after sometime you can be sure you do not recognise whose is chinese any more !

    The indians for their way of understanding one’s grief. If you have a problem, you can trust an indian friend’s shoulder to cry on. If something is offered to you, be it food or an item, you can rest assured it is done with genuity.

    The Sabahans (i only know one so far) for their cheerfulness even when all is not right for them.

    What are your beautiful thought, I would like to hear

  39. huff …. malaysian hate chinese, indonesian hate chinese, malaysian hate indonesian and vice versa….the world getting old….as a human being we cannot decice what race or where we want tobe born….but God decide that….for those always hate pendatangs, think again, what if you were born as pendatang, or your family as pendatangs in other country…

  40. We are all a big happy family.dont hate each others. otherwise the outsiders will take an advantage of this…
    saaayyyaaa…. anak Malaysia…….

    1. I agree..!!!!
      bersatu kita teguh…
      bercerai kita roboh…
      fikir-fikirkan la..!!!!!!!

  41. Fighting for their interest not for Malaysian’s interest. Oppositions party nor UMNO fighting for their own cause not for Malaysians. The government need to actually “Work Harder”, we’ve been using wooden chairs in schools since independence I’m from a government school and I know Malaysia have enough money to increase our education standards and other things, I don’t care who hates who or what party, your question is stupid and as a Malaysian I hate it, but when I read the rest of your article I understand and you have your point. I vote for any party that capable of developing this country to a better nation for all of us. But right now, we have none. Every party are biased. Stop with these racial nonsense, and focus on the real problem, we want change, we pay taxes, we want improvements and we don’t hate each other.

  42. Dear Helen,

    Of course not. One of my close friends is a chinese, if I hate chinese then I’ll lose one of close and trustworthy friends right? It is so refreshing to read what people actually think in their mind, but I’m still young so I don’t quite understand all conversations and policies suggested above.

    I think we should look back to the basic problem regarding relation between races; that is relation. It is so difficult for me to mix up with chinese and indians in comparison to the malays to make friends, it feels like I have nothing to share or nothing to speak off with them. The feeling was so frustrating and I cannot do anything about it. Yet I still have a close chinese friend and some chinese+indian friends (not more than 10) that I can share experiences with, that is really2 a small number. When we talked, we never care much about our differences, but more to our similarities; like spending our time together playing video games on the weekends, go for a trip, etc like normal friends.

    However, I’m still confused why it’s so difficult to get new non-malay friends, is it my language of communication? Is it my skin color? I dont really understand about it. I dont know where to start.

    Being close friends, you dont mind what races they came from, how their face looks like or which family they were born into. You just care that when you need some guys to play FIFA or Call of Duty together, you’ll find them, and they will also find you. And you will regard all of them EQUALLY.

    Great that you noticed “It is so refreshing to read what people actually think in their mind”. I’m always glad to have young readers. — Helen

    1. young kiddo, it is like the glass is half empty or the glass is half full statement.

      It all depend on your point of view , you can chose to see WHAT’S NOT THERE ,or you chose to see WHAT’S THERE.

      That the divide we have in our mind.

      Which category do you think you belong to?

  43. Even if all indians, chinese, and malays speak malay language, it won’t work. We did that in indonesia and it failed. You can see what happened in 1998. Even though at the time chinese were all mostly speaking indonesian as their primary language, the Indonesian still viewed Chinese Indonesian as outsiders and attacked chinese instead of the corrupted government. So making malay as the language of all people will not solve the issue. Trust me.

  44. I love chinese ppl as they are smart and know how to manage their time. Really learnt tht a lot from them. The prob is mostly their parents don’t like tht relationship and I think I know why but I’m not gonna put it here.
    last but certainly not the least, chinese girls are cute! :)

  45. excuse for my poor english…

    I am a chinese, work as a gov Dr for the past ten years in 6 different hospitals in 4 different states from north, east to south…

    Ive help thousand of patients from all the races and foreigners (bangla, pakistani, viet etc…) but majority my patients are malay folks. To be honest, ive never hate malay…malays are my best patient, the worse is indian (the middle class) and rich chinese.

    I get along well with my malay colleague and staff. However, I do find some chinese Dr, malay Dr and indain Dr hate each other. They dont work along well. From my observation, it all boils down how are you being brought up by ur family and peoples around you. If you keep telling ur children to hate this race and this particular people, they will grow up with that behavior. Naturally, human are born with racist nature. It is our duty to educate ourselves and our children to respect each other.

    Sometimes i do hate malay, indian and my own race too. When a mat rempit snatched handback and kicked an elderly aunty , when an indian gangster robbed and injured a poor pakcik, when cilakak chinese mob/ business man abuse their worker…

    Damn…its the attitude that is changing. We are still the same, from ur skin till the bone…. SAME, all the blood is red !!! chinese blood not “red-der” than malays or indians.

    Ive shed tears for my patients, i worried about their injury….its my job and duty to fix them right. I hope they can get well back to their familes and continue their job, so they can earn a living, get better education for their kids and get them educated to respect HUMAN. Of course, not all highly educated people know how to respect other people…remember knowledge not the same with wisdom. But at least, learn to think.

    To me, most important is ur HEART. If your heart is pure and clean, you will respect everyone.

    1. I hear you Voon.

      But what to do, once the Malays were very tolerant and known as “bangsa tidak apa” , now not anymore my friends. I hope you will remain the way you are, the advice that I can no longer practice myself unfortunately.

          1. Let’s see what uncle google says:


            About 4,820,000 results

            and here are some examples:

            Babies develop racist traits aged nine months, before coming into …

            Science Says: Blacks and Whites are Born Racists | Scragged

            Sep 23, 2009 – Science shows that babies prefer white skinned people. If racism is genetic, doesn’t that make it natural and OK just like homosexuality?

  46. Wow! Keep this in our children’s mind…do not judge a person by his or her color. If a person do wrongdoing…. It is their judgement that they need to improve. It is not due to their religion or race.

    All religions and races teach the followers good values which are inline with human nature…. to be nice, respect each other etc. We love HUMAN, ANIMAL and PLANTS. We appreciate our environment and nature and must preserve it. We respect and support each other in practicing religion and tradition values.

  47. Bitches, We all are Homosapian HUMANS who started our journey from Africa to all around the world. It’s not like your a VAMPIRE who live thousands of years to rule a land that belong to GOD. Hmph, tell me the differences between a black cat and a white cat? JUST A FRICKING COLOR THAT IS DIFFERENT.

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