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Is this the girl?

‘ That ‘ photo originally here.

Another one for comparison.

She’s 21, not Malaysian and unlikely to have been in Penang.

Her biodata.

Talk about the Umno-affiliated blogosphere shooting themselves in the foot misusing the photo. Will this now create an international scandal?

However, there is something that’s curiouser and CURIOUSER …

As only to be expected, the staunchly pro-opposition portal Malaysiakini had produced a write-up in Guan Eng’s defence post-haste. In the story ‘Guan Eng mum over blog disparaging VVIP’s son‘ on Monday (Oct 17), reporter Susan Loone interviewed “a source from Heng Ee school” (screenshot below).

So ‘the source’ was shown the blog photo by reporter Susan Loone, and he [correctly it would seem] said the photo did not depict “the individual allegedly involved”.

Nonetheless his answer to Loone’s question at the same time also presumes that there WAS indeed an incident in which a girl from the school had her modesty outraged.

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(Note: Some Chinese schools are strict about even their girls keeping short hair. However exemptions for long hair may be allowed for special purposes, e.g. a student doing ballet, etc.)

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13 thoughts on “Is this the girl?

  1. Somewhat I remembered, a while ago, someone’s wife was highlighted in a vile smear campaign and this, back then was ok with the dap, now suddenly when it is returned in kind it became wrong? Babi la lu guan eng.

  2. You are just as guilty for jumping to conclusions with your earlier post about the poor victim without even checking the facts. Do try to be fair. Don’t you want to be credible. You seem to be on a hate fest lately.

    Hullo, friend. Even the Heng Ee “credible source” quoted by that most pro-Pakatan portal has conceded that there was a teenaged victim of molest.

    It’s the rankest hypocrisy to go on a self-righteous warpath defending the boy and nobody giving a toss about the girl.

    My sympathies are, yes, with the “poor victim” but some people b’cos of ABU are blinded to the possibility that the forgotten girl is the real victim in all of this. — Helen

  3. Well i personally hope her photo will not be published anywhere. x de protection untuk mangsa yang bawah umur? She’s a victim who is also a minor. Her identity should be protected at all cost.

  4. Terima kasih arjuna waspada dan Orangkampung atas komen anda.

    Saya bersetuju dengan pandanganmu (Orangkampung). Harap-harap mereka yang mahu mencari kebenaran tidak akan hilang tumpuan.

    Namun saya tidak akan ‘publish’ sebab sebelum ini saya telah menyarankan supaya maklumbalas ditutup pada posting tersebut supaya kita sendiri tidak mengeruhkan lagi suasana, terutama sekali dengan melanjutkan spekulasi tentang gadis malang tersebut.

    I’m glad the photo is not of a Penang girl and that her identity remains concealed from the public.

    I appreciate you guys reading my blog and please help spread the word. :)

  5. “Nonetheless his answer to Loone’s question at the same time also presumes that there WAS indeed an incident in which a girl from the school had her modesty outraged.”

    now, now helen… i’m not sure if you’re trying hard to discredit the pakatan state gov in penang, but you’re certainly trying TOO hard

    1. Helen is just pointing out the fact. It’s you who are trying too hard to deny it. Pathetic.

      1. Helo, the fact is the girl is actually a British chess player name Anya Corke. the accusation was all fabricate by umno dungu blogger. now the whole cat is out of the bag and egg on the faces of umno, esp khairy. poor helen also trying to salvage what credibility she has lost from this incident.

  6. “I think xxx yyy’s son had a hand in killing Altantuya.” – Now, just because I said it doesn’t mean that it’s true.

    In the same way, just because Helen says something doesn’t mean that it is true.

    Can we Malaysian citizens spend our energy on cases that have been clearly caught on video e.g. the Lingam’s judge-fixing video? or the clear-cut racist headmasters/teachers?

    1. The Lingam video is a big lie by DSAI, he promised to deliver the original copy, and until there is none…..

  7. Just because KJ gave a statement like he did in his twitter, I think that was not stupid and gutter. PKR and DAP made worst than that. But that was okay la because they think ‘we must take down BN’. but when the BN took advantage of this so-called rumour, melalak2 dorang sume ek.” paku dulang serpih, mengata orang, dia yang lebih”

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