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Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes


The new non-Muslim wing is the latest showcase of the new PAS.

“It is the most significant political development for us this year [June 2010],” said Dr Rayney Ali, a delegate from Kuala Lumpur.

Still the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone want to join PAS as a token member, with a limited role and without any voting rights in the party?

The non-Muslim members are not full-fledged members and cannot even vote in the party elections.

Non-Malays often complain they are treated as second-class citizens in this country, yet they do not seem to mind joining a party where they are basically second-class members.

“We are not stopping anyone from becoming full-fledged members, they just have to become Muslims,” said Dr Rayney.

— from The Star article,
Party’s silence speaks volumes

(Bold emphasis mine)

There is an ample quantity of feature writings in The Star. However I make it a point to look out for Joceline Tan’s column as not-to-be-missed.

Joceline appears to have access to the some of the Malay movers and shakers in our top political circles — a contact list that gives value to her sources stories.

This aspect of her output is not always appreciated by the political junkies, especially the hardcore non-Malays who see Joceline’s quoting (i.e. soliciting the thoughts of) Umno politicians as reflecting a pro-establishment bias and her being too cosy with the party.

'Thumbs up' and 'Thumbs down' indicator of reader sentiments at The Malaysian Insider (Click for article)

This type of readers – harbouring contempt for MCA and hatred for Umno – are apt to lend more credence to other commentators from other news outlets even though the latter may not possess real any lines of communication to the power corridors as to be able to take the political pulse.

But it doesn’t matter to them because as long as their favourite writer’s opinions (read: ideological orientation and voting choice) tally with their own, the article receives thunderous applause — for example this one in FMT with 1,280 Facebook shares.

Click to read sampling

On the other hand, whatever Joceline writes is deemed suspect by those who monopolize the news agenda in the English language.

Not only are they sceptical and attributing motives to her, some tend to dismiss Joceline’s political analyses purely because the scenarios that she lays out are not in sync with their entrenched inclinations.

Religious fundamentalists

The observation – on how non-Malays who gripe endlessly about being second-class citizens yet strangely supporting PAS (where if they were to join, they’d basically be holding second-class membership) and the party’s many retrogressive pushes – is a razor sharp denouement.

Needless to say, the non-Malays who hog the English ‘Comments’ space refuse to see beyond the end of their nose to appreciate Joceline’s rapier stroke.

CLOCKWISE: Teresa, Tony, Guan Eng, Hannah - DAP representatives for Christian evangelists (Click)

Not only that, these non-Malays are willing to go to the extent of cutting off their nose to spite their face, with one example the politically motivated support of hudud.

And an example of someone who has conferred his blessing on the implementation of hudud in Kelantan is the Bishop Paul Tan, the pied piper of Christian politics.

It does not appear that hudud can be applied fairly in a multi-racial (i.e. practising different religions) society because a Malay perpetrator would have his hand chopped off for stealing whereas a Chinese is able to get off with a fine or light jail sentence for the same crime.

Hence what the Kelantan government proposes is for civil laws to be amended to equalise the punishments so that the penalties prescribed by the Penal Code can be made just as severe as that under hudud. (Read here.)

This might actually suit the DAP slogan of Satu Bangsa Malaysia: Sama rata, sama rasa. Those Malaysian Firsters who are gleefully anticipating Umno OKUs might just find folks from their own ranks amputated first.

Still, the Pakatan supporters would rather paper over the hudud dissonance than confront the cracks to be found in the patchy electoral pact.

There are many questions that beg for answers regarding the paradoxical behaviour of the non-Malay opposition campers. Joceline asked one. Here’s another:

What is it with Pakatan and its “half-pregnant” delusion?

Either one is pregnant or one isn’t. You can’t say that two parties are adopting the “agree to disagree” formula on whether a woman has conceived or not.

Or simply consign everything to the catch-all cop-out: “It’s not written in our Buku Jingga”.

Illustration by Jon Berkeley

Extreme electorates

The missing middle‘ – the Economist cover story this week – talks about the “woeful gap” between two extremes whereas embracing a centrist option would allow for more civilised politics (but alas, no).

The fierce partisanship that created a disenfranchised middle is hardly new but here, as in America, where “[e]ver more divisive media feed the activists’ prejudices”.

Intolerance, as seen in the torrent of abuse greeting any views that go against the Pakatan grain, is ringing the death knell for rationality.

We’re looking at strident voters who refuse to weigh those genuinely able to deliver but consider party alignment to be the paramount factor.

Independent MP Wee Choo Keong ranks among the most on-the-ball performers in Parliament, judging from his dogged queries on the questionable MAS-AirAsia share swap and his many often probing questions put to the Dewan on state affairs and government conduct.

Yet he is derided by a horde of lemmings who are unable to evaluate his diligence as a lawmaker and policy scrutineer but consider his leaving PKR (hence Pakatan) to be the cardinal sin.


Here’s what Joceline had to write in her column today:

“The [Selangor] state leadership is quite mediocre and it is being dragged down by the deteriorating delivery of its local government.

“There have been endless letters to the media complaining about unswept roads, poor garbage collection, unrepaired street lighting and back lanes that resemble abandoned schemes. For instance, Subang Jaya used to be an exemplary township, but maintenance and services have plummeted in the last couple of years and complaints have gone unheeded.”

Out of the thousands of townships in the country, Joceline had to single out Subang Jaya whose state assemblywoman the last couple of years is Hannah Yeoh. Joceline has committed nothing short of sacrilege.

Now all the Yeopies (Yeoh’s groupies) will be out to draw and quarter Joceline and metaphorically burning her paper at the stake.

I wish the opposition supporters could grasp that nobody is trying to “confuse them” or to “shake their beliefs” and enticing them away from the Pakatan congregation.

Only stop deluding yourselves that your paradoxes can be explained away with the ‘half-pregnancy’ article of faith.


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6 thoughts on “Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes

  1. Helen ~ you’re right to highlight on the adeptness of Joceline and the ineptness of Hannah. I think Hannah will have to look for a real job after PRU. She can learn loads from Joceline on how to carry out a job well.

  2. Just watch out for the silent majority among the Malays in the next PRU. PR has become too arrogant and so are the supporters. If they think UMNO bashing is helping their cause think again. Sebenarnya kita sudah sampai keperingkat teramat meluat melihat karenah pembangkang dan hipokrasi mereka.

    1. On the dot, Manggis.

      “Hipokrasi” in everything.. …
      Macam issue analism, man with man. Now they are brainwashing people to think that this sex is OK dan tak salah.

      Watch how Anwar plays his cards along the annals of history.
      (together with his orang putih masters/funders and the local legal dogs)

      Macam2 hipokrit. Nama saja fighting for transparency tapi practising nepotism leadership – fathers and sons/daughter. Leaders pun tak di”elect” melalui undi orang bawahan. Tambahan lagi banyak GAG orders.
      Go for AmBersih tapi undi dalaman parti sendiri ada macam macam lubang cacing.

      Sama juga di utara. Semua salah BN. Keretapi bukit pancit dan rosak pun salah BN . Anak kena ramas pun BN punya hal.
      Car park kancil pun BN yang salah. Main wayang saja 24 jam pasal nak pancing undi.

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