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Apa kurangnya BM?

Setiap pohon dan pelepah, setiap unggas dan setiap mergastua di bumi yang dipijak kita ini ada namanya dalam bahasa tempatan.

misai kucing
misai kucing
tanduk rusa
lidah buaya
paku langsuir / paku pontianak

Saya telah menggunakan nama Melayu tumbuh-tumbuhan dalam gambar di atas.

Bolehkan anda padankan dengan nama sains mereka?

(A)  Platycerium bifurcatum

(B)  Orthosiphon aristatus

(C)  Asplenium nidus

(D)  Aloe barbaderis

Bukankah ia lebih penting kita (terutamanya kanak-kanak) boleh faham apa yang disebutkan?

Puan Norma Alang, tolonglah pujuk dengan kata-kata muluk benda Palaquium ridleyi itu (tetapi lebih dikenali kita semua sebagai mayang ataupun bunga kelapa).


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  1. pelik org malaysia bergaduh pasal bahasa apa nak guna untuk belajar sains & math ….akhirnya tak kemana juga penguasaan sains & math mereka ….

  2. Saya rasa posting ini patut dapat anugrah dari DBP.

    Begitu mudah, tapi amat mendalam maksudnya.

    1. pegawai2 DBP sepatutnya dipancung semuanya kerana mereka lah perosak BM nombor satu, meng-inggeris-kan banyak perkataan2 melayu. sedikit contoh, kenapa (atau mengapa-mana satu yang betul?)) tukar perkataan “bangsa” kepada “ras”, “kegiatan” kpd “aktiviti”, “migrasi”, “adaptasi”, dsb?

      mereka sepatutnya mencontohi penggubal2 bahasa mandarin (an invented language & bahasa kebangsaan republik rakyat china] yang menjadikannya antara bahasa paling lengkap didunia. untuk makluman, mandarin bukan bahasa ibunda orang cina. ia adalah satu bahasa yang dicipta untuk menyatukan umat china yang bercakap di dalam beratus-ratus loghat daerah [dialect].

      jadi dhong zhong apa cerita? terbaru saya terbaca, lebih kurang 300 juta rakyat china tidak boleh berbahasa mandarin.

      1. tambah ckit…so, orang cina malaysia, mengapa tidak mahu jadikan BM sebagai bahasa penyatu semua rakyat malaysia?

      2. You’re right about the Chinese language not photostating from English.

        e.g. BM borrows “computer” and the word is adapted in Malay to “komputer”.

        In Chinese, a computer is 电脑 – which translated literally is Electric Brain.

      3. “ia adalah satu bahasa yang dicipta ” – no la. mandarin bahasa ibunda cina utara.

        cina prc pun inggeriskan (in literal sense) putonghua (mandarin), mereka menterjemahkan komputer sebagai 计算机, compute = 计算, ter = 机. cina taiwan dan hk masih guna 电脑 ( Electric Brain?)

        u see the similarity of shit communist chinese and our hmmm……

  3. Please read Feizrul Nor Nurbi’s argument against PPSMI.

    I like the point about the deafetist attitude. He gave an example of Proton.

    Personally, I think to succeed you have to be perseverance (tidak cepat mengalah). I have translated so many difficult texts and it can be done.

    Mahathir and his ilks just like shortcuts. There is no shortcut to success.

    Great that you’re noting Feizrul. I’ve reproduced some of his earlier letters too. Here. — Helen

  4. Kurangnya BM adalah kerana ianya terlalu senang:

    1. senang sebut: bo-doh = bodoh

    2. senang eje: rumah = ru-mah

    Oleh kerana tidak kompleks makanya ia dianggap kureng: kurang mencabar dan kurang glamor.

  5. Frenzied calls filter throughout the bush to the king ears of Intwa Demilo….”She who greets with fire, for She is the Vigilante Champion”.


    = Consist of more than 200 to 300 languages
    = Also known as Bahasa Indonesia
    = Divided into two, namely:

    1. Indonesia Centre
    2. Philippine-Formosa

    = in the sub categories of Indonesia Centre, among others in the sub root languages in the Nusantara is

    = Malay language is the language of Sumatra


    1. Sumatera = Acheh, Lampung, Melayu, Orang Laut
    2. Filipina = Tagalog, Iloko, Bikol, Bisaya, Sulu, Tombulu
    3. Jawa = Sunda, Jawa, Madura
    4. Bali-Sasak = Bali, Sasak, Sumbawa
    5. Kalimantan = Iban, Kayan-kenyah, Melanau
    6. Gorontalo = Bulangga, Kaidipan, Buol
    7. Sulawesi Selatan = Makasar, Bugis, Seko
    8. Tomini
    9. Toroja

    P.S. Known as Bahasa Melayu. In Malaysia, the 1957 Article 152 of the Federation adopted Johor / Malacca state as the official language (Bahasa Malaysia). Currently, Bahasa is spoken widely by more than 300 millions peoples throughout from the vast terrain of south Irian Jaya to west Madagascar to the far east of the Philippines.

  6. You need to understand the objectives behind PPSMI. Failing to comprehend the fundamentals behind the policy will lead to wrong judgement as what being said in this article.

    Even the DPM has failed to understand the PPSMI policy. The proof?. He propose MBMMBI to replace PPSMI which clearly show his misunderstanding about the policy.

    Please refer to for simple FAQ to understang the PPSMI policy.

    1. “Sekali lagi blog ini menekankan bahawa dasar PPSMI BUKANLAH untuk memperkasa atau menguasai bahasa inggeris. Dasar PPSMI adalah untuk pelajar memahami sains dan matematik dalam bahasa inggeris supaya memudahkan mereka menguasai matapelajaran sains dan kejuruteraan semasa di peringkat tinggi(universiti/kolej).”

      So boy, how to memahami M&S if you don’t memahami bahasa inggeris? I think you are the one that don’t understand PPSMI.

      Hua Yong,

      2+2=4 (tarak guna Inglis pun…) Chinese schools before the introduction of PPSMI have traditionally aced Math & Science. — Helen

      1. Go and understand the FAQ. It has answered all your arguments including how to memahami M&S if you don’t understanf inggeris.

        Please learn to differentiate english language and english for maths and science. They are two different things.

        Helen, again you don’t understand the policy. The chinese people who were aced in science and maths they are still a user. They are not a creator let alone technology founder. So far, with the old system we have created so many scholars..and they are still a user. The old policy is good enough to produce a perfect user or follower. The new policy is one action plan to produce technology inventor and not only a user.

        Sometimes it is hard to comprehend Tun Dr. mahathir statement because his thinking is far ahead.

        1. Chewel,

          You claim Chinese-language people are not tech innovators. Pua Khein Seng (born in M’sia) is the inventor of the pen-drive who’d left to study in Taiwan at the age of 19 in 2003. He did not need PPSMI.

          Neither did the many great Russian and Japanese scientists. I’m not saying English was not useful for their professional work but you surely can’t be insisting that those Russians & Japanese scientists went through their countries’ own version of PPSMI when they were in school.

          And pls don’t waste your time giving me the TRANSLATION bogey. Nobody’s asking for any/all tech journals to be translated into Malay (what a baseless diversionary argument) — the usual pro-PPSMI tactic to serve as straw man.

          If someone specialising in the sciences has reached the level (Masters & PhD) where he needs to access journals & papers, then he should jolly well be able to read them in English!

          Dr M seems to have suffered another one of his bouts of selective amnesia (as with the VK Lingam RCI where he replied he could not remember 14 times).

          B’cos — like a certain Iguana Eng — the story about why PPSMI needed to be introduced has changed. Go back to all the press coverage around that period 2003/4 and you’ll find the consistent argument he gave out was that it was to improve the standard of English.

          It was a period when there was the surge of unemployed graduates. Their being unable to get a job was attributed (rightly or wrongly) to their poor command of English. Thus the PPSMI ‘brainwave’ was hatched to rectify that problem while at the same time introducing the language shift for Math & Sc.

          Now after all the criticisms and cold water thrown on the flawed prescription, Dr M is singing a different tune.

          Can you find me an old press clipping/article that attributes to Dr M what you’re claiming now instead of what anyone with some decent memory clearly remember him saying in the earlier years? Bet you can’t.

      2. Helen,

        Phua kein seng is not technology inventor, he is a product inventor which use technology invented by other people not malaysian. There are so many product inventor even the professors from the local U have created so many product. But they are still a user since they don’t create any technology. I was hoping that you can find Malaysia that come up with mpeg technology for example or at least sit in the mpeg expert group.

        Regarding Russian, Japan, German etc, please go and read the FAQ. It has been answered.

        I’m a phd holder. I can read and write in English but it still hard to get the basis or the fundamentals behind the technology since my mind keep thinking for translation. I’m not talking about English language I’m talking about English in science and maths(the technical/mathematical aspect of the journals)

        Tun Dr. Mahathis has given the same reasoning since the begnning. Perhaps you are having amnesia. If you check wikipedia which quot from the ministry of education, it clearly stated the objective of ppsmi and go figure what it tell you about the policy. In fact when the ppsmi chaos started in 2007, Tun Dr. Mahathis has been telling the same. He even give so many examples since 2007 to demonstrate his idea.

        Perhaps you should do a lot of reading.


        Dr M is the one with the proven track record of selective amnesia (and the transcript recorded in RCI proceedings with many esteemed witnesses).

        You’re now claiming: “He even give so many examples since 2007 to demonstrate his idea”.

        Why cite 2007 when the policy was launched 2003 and probably tossed about a bit earlier, say 2002.

        Since you do so much more reading than me, please feel welcome to provide me article citations of what Dr M said during those years, i.e. how he first explained his decision to the public when the idea was initially introduced and bulldozed through.

        ONLY NOW is he saying English’s the medium for acquiring knowledge. Earlier his PPSMI backers were very clearly saying that it was also to improve English standards through using it in 2 extra subjects (+ Language = total 3 English-medium subjects in school).

        Don’t be an Iguana Eng lah. :-) One specie is enough.

        Show us, if you can, any consistency between what he said in 2002/3 and in 2007 and comparing to the present day spin seen most recently in the Chedet posting.

      3. Helen,

        I was hoping that you can use google to search for that and I’ve given an example quoted from wikipedia. And if wikipedia is not reliable enough for you, here I post the statement from ministry of education in 2002 after the cabinet meeting on 19 july 2002 about the policy :-

        “In conclusion, the policy decision to implement PPSMI was made to ensure students’ mastery in science and mathematics in view of the fact that most of the sources are available in the English language. Indirectly, it is also hoped that the implementation of PPSMI would contribute to the enhancing of students’ command of the language.”

        this statement was made after the cabinet meeting which Tun Dr. Mahathis is the prime minizter. Please identify how the policy will help english INDIRECTLY! in chewal blog, it mention the same in the first item of the faq where enhancing english language become secondary.

        Now can you tell me who is having amnesia?. Tun Dr. Mahathir statement/reasoning abt the policy has always being consistent since the beginning.

        1. Chewal,

          You’ve cited the statement made by the Education Ministry after a cabinet meeting — “also hoped that the implementation of PPSMI would contribute to the enhancing of students’ command of the language”.

          And who was the head of Cabinet?

          So Dr M back in 2002 believed that Math & Sc in English would hopefully contribute to the enhancement of students’ English.

          This is not what he’s saying now.

          In fact, he has totally distanced himself from the above claim after all the popular derision heaped on the idea that Math & Sc in English can improve students’ English.

          The most recent Chedet posting makes only the argument that English is the delivery language of Math & Sc knowledge.

          He conveniently omits to mention his 2002 stated belief (which you’ve dug up from your research).

          Instead he recently (on Nov 15) wrote: “Saya telah cuba menjelaskan berkali-kali bahawa penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris untuk mengajar sains dan matematik bukan untuk mempelajari Bahasa Inggeris atau memperbaiki penguasaan bahasa itu. Tujuannya ialah untuk menguasai ilmu sains dan matematik.”

          See how his current statement – “I have tried many times to explain that the use of English to teach Math and Science is not … for improving one’s command of the language”. What he just posted in his blog is a complete reversal of his 2002 position you cited and which many of us still remember. Not everyone mudah lupa like him (when it suits him to be selectively forgetful).

      4. Helen,

        You still don’t get it do you? Do you really don’t understand the statement or pretend no understanding it? I’ve made it clear the main objective of the policy and the indirect affect or secondary impact of the policy.

        Please go back and read the statement made in 2002 slowly. I’ll explain to you. The MAIN objective of the policy is to mastery science and maths since all the references in the higher education is in english. Indirectly,(please note the word INDIRECTLY), it will enhance english language.

        Do you understand the different between the objective and indirect objective?

        If you can’t understand this simple statement, no wonder you can’t comprehend the policy.and even worst you blame Tun Dr.mahathir as having amnesia when you failed to understand the basic statement made by the ministry.

        I even made it clear when I direct you to the FAQ which clearly, ention the main objective and the indirect objective.

        I’m sorry to say your understanding to the statement by MOE in 2002 is flawed.

      5. Hua Yong…itu sikola cina punya mudak memang aced maths ma…tapi wa ingat masa wa univasiti lulu..lia olang kulang pandai cakap milayu sama olang putih maa..lia olang kulang pandai kawan sama olang bangsa len maa..sikalang punya mudak saya kulang tau..tapi cina sikalang banyak masuk klistian maa sbb glamour sikit..tukag nama jadi John dan Betty. .cakap milayu pun tak mau maa..tak glamour..lia olang pun mana ala lespek ini melayu..lia cakap ini milayu lulu punya manyak modo kasih cina jadi lakyat mesia..haiyaa..apa pasat mau pakai ini bm? Bmw lagi mahut maa!

    2. re: chewal at November 18, 2011 at 1:14 am;

      pua khai seng may not have invented the technologies behind flash drive. but he did invent the product that applies the technology to practical use. true.

      but without his product invention, we will not be able to apply USB flash drive, phone memory for everyday use. we will still use big zip drive n flopy disk for data transfer. we cannot deny his product invention has greatly benefit us.

      another example on bigger scale is steve job’s apple. almost all the technologies like touchscreen, hard disk in ipod, flash memory, accelerometer, et cetera have been invented before. it was apple that merge these together into a package easy for majority of people to use.

  7. bcoz chinese school got dedicated teachers and good solid foundation , so what becomes of them when they come out to work? how many can actually converse in english? just because you are old and dying doesnt mean that the newer generation must follow your old thinking. give them a chance, give malaysia a chance, that’s ppsmi starts at standard 1 . to give them enough time to master it. if you have donkeys manning our education policies , you will produce donkeys too.

    1. PPSMI can solve the “how many can actually converse in english?” issue? By reading what you have written, i agree with your donkey theory.

  8. “Sometimes it is hard to comprehend Tun Dr. mahathir statement because his thinking is far ahead.”

    You meant what he did when he is the Education Minister? Yeah, hard to comprehend.

    Just by adopting English, it become a new policy and produce technology inventor? I thought we used to have English as medium until the thinking is far ahead education minister change all that, where is the technology creator when Malaysian learn every subject in English?

    I personally have no qualm to learn M&S in English, but please don’t
    make it sound like magic.

  9. Cantik helen. Kadang-kadang luka sembilu itu amat pedih sekali berbanding luka dari pisau.

    Singapura bangga sangat dengan bahasa inggeris nya sehingga terlupa atau kerap melupakan jiran-jiran terdekat yang sentiasa membantu mereka ialah orang-orang melayu….

    Kini mereka ‘gostan’ balik. Sombong dan angkuh yang tiada mendapat manfaat apa-apa. Sehingga wartawan mereka terpinga-pinga, akibat peristiwa wawancara di Indonesia beberapa tahun lalu.

    Cina Malaysia majoriti nya sombong dan angkuh ! Apa lagi cina bukit. Tambah lagi bila sekarang bila DAP dapat sedikit kuasa, di perolehi dari gelagat ‘kebodohan’ pemimpin- pemimpin melayu kecewa, melayu kiasu melayu ekstrim di mana mereka semua jenis hipokrit…. semua nya bangun meludah orang-orang melayu dan Agama Islam nya sekali…

    Lihat sahaja komen-komen yang di lemparkan. Gambaran seolah-olah nya tiada satu pun yang baik, apa saja berkenaan melayu. Ironi nya selama ini orang-orang cina sudah menumpang keselesaan dan kebahagiaan hidup zaman berzaman menjadi rakyat Malaysia menjunjung langit, menghirup udara nyaman yang sama !

    Orang Melayu itu halus budi pekerti nya….

  10. Helen, Dr M is also a politician. He is prone to playing with public sentiments too. But to say that PPSMI wont help doesnt make sense.

    1. Parcifal,

      It’s like ‘the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer’. With PPSMI, it’s the ‘haves’ getting ahead, the ‘have-nots’ being left further behind. My concern with PPSMI is as much a class (socio-economic) issue as it is a language issue.

      I agree PPSMI helps the urban households – especially those of whom are even claiming English is their mother tongue. English facilitates their children to smoothly transit to tertiary education.

      And it’s quite clear that these English speaking families have anticipated studies being continued in English at uni, which presumes that they (if not bumiputera) are moneyed enough to be able to afford the whopping course fees for private unis.

      Whether abroad or the offshore campuses here of the foreign unis such as Monash, Nottingham, etc. or the uni-colleges offering twinning and foreign degrees — the tuition is all far from cheap.

      On a nation-building level, we have to ask where, on the long-term does this marginalization of BM as the medium of instruction vis-à-vis our local tertiary education leave the country and our the future direction and future generations? The impact of sidelining BM for kids reverberates upwards all the way to first degree level, as we can now see.

      Is the Education Ministry content that national education in BM our national language is only good for up to Form 5? Something for the SSUS pro-PPSMI campaigners to chew on.

      Quite clearly, these pro-PPSMI parents have planned for their children to be taken out of the national education stream earliest possible, hence their intense preoccupation with English.

      These children of the pro-PPSMI parents will likely end up abroad or even if they return, they’ll not be in the public sector when they start work.

      Or if (a stretch but let’s indulge Dr M) we do manage to produce an army of rocket scientists, what is M’sia’s R&D capacity and what facilities do we have to allow these PPSMI-nurtured geniuses to find work here and furthermore to be at the forefront of their scientific fields? Do we have an industrial base and tech support infrastructure?

      Pls name our cutting edge research centres and science institutes and tech industries that will provide ‘world-class’, ‘world-beating’ Math and Science jobs for our PPSMI alumni. The above scenario describes what the pro-PPSMI people are hankering for if the so-called Math & Sc in English can bring the lofty ambitions to fruition.

      The best case scenario presumes 100 percent success. What is the actual delivery? Look at how other ambitious government projects have turned out compared to their stated objectives.

      As the Education Ministry and study results (eg. the one done by Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris / UPSI) show, a large segment of teachers are struggling.

      So the kids from families and living in an environment which is not English-speaking — who pre-2003 would have just been struggling with the English language subject alone — are now adversely affected in their grasp of Math & Sc as well. Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.

      1. You are wrong when you said that the policy will only help the urban students. If the policy is applied as early as possible as early as pre-school, the kids from any background will be able to catch-up. Don’t underestimate the mind of young kids.

        Your statement about school children don’t learn Einstein thdorem thus no need for ppsmi shows your misunderstanding about the policy. You must understand how the knowledge in science and maths grow progressively since the younger age to the higher education. Start everything in english me as you don’t need translation in your mind when reading the journals. For example, whenever you encounter the word ‘integration’ in the journal that explain the mathematics equation behind a theorem, you will understand in the first instance. If you learn in malay, the word that you learned is ‘kamiran’. This is just a simple example and I beleive you’ve got the point.

  11. Hehe. Chewal, you claim to be a phd holder but your English is bad gramatically. One example is “There are so many product inventor even the professors from the local U have created so many product.” (where are you “s”es for plural nouns, this is so basic English). I prefer if you write in Malay.
    No wonder you thinking is also so-so without valid and strong arguements. What is the different between an inventor of new technology and a user of existing technology to invent something new. He is still an inventor. Many inventors also like that.

    1. Thank you fir the correction. For your information, most of my comments were made on the move via smartphone or tablet. Pardon me for the mistakew. I even do so many spelling errors including writing mahathis instead of mahathir. Why don’t you pick on that.

      I have to continue using english for my journal writing, research and also teaching. Even my students who are the products of ppsmi request me to use english. When I asked why you chose english in your spm instead of BM, All OF THEM gave the same answer…they have better understanding with English and some of them coming from very rural/remote areas.

      1. I have no interest to correct your spelling mistakes. I am just pointing out that even if your are a PHD holder you still cannot master English as good as native speaker because it is not your native tongue. Over time, you have to marginalize your own language at the expense to master English, wasting time on what otherwise you should do as an educator is actually to transmit knowledge to benefit the society. I believe if you are an expert in a certain field, you should have no trouble to explain the knowledge in any language.
        Having said that, one of my concerns with PPSMI, is that over the long-term it will effect the development of Malay as the language of knowledge. The PPSMI policy does not address how to improve Malay language by developing scientific terms in Malay, etc. It does not address the need to empower the Malay language. This will be sad for the development of the Malay language.
        What saddens me more is that its big proponent, Tun Mahathir is the person who claims to be the champion of the Malays yet he himself does not have faith in the Malay language. I used to admire him but not anymore. I think most of his policies to uplift the nation are mee segera type, with little research, like this PPSMI.

      2. @kamalzack,

        As I said, most of my comments were made using smartphones and I don’t bother to correct the mistakes eventhough I know the mistakes. I want to finish quickly. This is not a journal paper.

        Again, I would lije to stress here that, I’m not talking about english as language subject nor that ppsmi. Just to make it clear, ppsmi is not to correct/improve your english. That is indirectly. Please understand the different between the two and why ppsmi is made. Most of it has been covered in the FAQ in chewal.blogspot including your concern about malay as language of knowledge. Please refer to the last item in the faq list.

        If you understand what Tun Dr. Mahathis want to achieve with ppsmi, you will realize that the policy can help to promote malay as the language of knowledge or atleast in that direction. If you really understand, you can see his vision and you will really appreciate it.

        The problem with rural areas has also benn covered in the faq. The key is to start as early as possible. I would propose the policy to start at pre-school so that the learning of maths and science in english will happen naturally. If you have small kids, you will understand how good and prepared their minds are to accept new knowledge eventhough it is thought in alien language.

    2. Wow! Your presumptuousness amuses me. What an excellent English language you wrote there?

      (”Chewal, you claim to be a phd holder but your English is
      bad gramatically.”)
      It is spelled ”CLAIMED” not (claim), past tense.
      It is spelled ”GRAMMATICALLY” not (gramatically).

      (”No wonder you thinking is also so-so without valid and
      strong arguements”.)
      It is spelled ”ARGUMENTS” not (arguements).

      (What is the different between an inventor of new technology and a user of existing technology to invent something new”.)
      It is spelled ”DIFFERENCE” not (not different).

      Plural is a common adjective used in the English language. The dictionary definition is consisting of, or containing, or pertaining to more than one of persons or things. It can also be used as a noun in many forms of the language.

      Got that! Simple but yet difficult? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      I suggest you write in ”BAHASA” instead of ”ENGLISH”, since this is where your excellent stand.

      Sebelum kita mahu menunjuk ajar kepada seseorang, maka hendaklah kita memperbetulkan diri kita sendiri.


      Sungguh bodoh lagi diperbodohkan!

      My two cent.

      1. my two cent……..s?

        Plural is a common adjective used in the English language. The dictionary definition is consisting of, or containing, or pertaining to more than one of persons or things. It can also be used as a noun in many forms of the language.

        1. plural an adjective? my understanding is, plural refers to any number exceeding one. adjective describes the state or nature of a noun… smart guy, tall tree, pretty face…. many guys, two trees, ten pretty faces are adjectival descriptions? well, i’m not an english phd or even master or even lower. i refer to webster’s but can’t understand its description of adjective.

          anyway, the arguments here are rather uncomplimentary & derogatory. tone down gentlemen! focus on the issues, not the writer. follow the lead shown by the blog owner.

      2. “I want to finish quickly. This is not a journal paper.”

        Like what we did to Proton and now PPSMI? The goal is finish, and quickly.

      3. @hua yong,

        Please read the second statement. I said, this is not a journal paper that need to be carefully written to avoid misunderstanding from the reviewer hence I choose to write quickly without checking the grammar and spelling. BUT, I will make sure the fact is right!

  12. Dr.M is a doctor and a doctor tend to diagnose symptoms and find the remedy for it. The best way is all school should have the choice to learn Math and Science in English or BM or Chinese or Tamil and even in Arabic. The advantage of learning in English that you can catch faster when you are in the higher education level eg: University. English is a Universal Language that can be use in most of the world. And when there is a convention of specialist all over the world, the language of communication they are using is English. ASUS is from Taiwan, if they market their product all over the world with manual guide in Taiwan, do you think people from other part of the world will buy it?. Dr.M doesn’t have a selective amnesia. If you are not sure of something then “tak ingat” is the better word. Remember this is a guy who start to write something in early of the morning routine before start anything else. Probably in the next few years we can go to Low Yatt and ask whether they have Pandu Pen, Disk keras or etc2. Simple comparison that we can see now is between Malaysia and Singapore. Which country is more technology adapt? Cheers.

    1. But Asus engineer don’t learn M&S in English, the same with engineer from Acer, HTC, Dlink, Benq, Kingston, or the Japanese producer, the Korean producer, and now the Chinese producer. The English manual is a must because many people understand English and some country even make it the official language, for instance, Philippines, whereby we knows their maid command a higher salary because they speak English, and our neighbour Singapore, but I don’t see many prominent technology brand from this small dot except that Creative Technology, where are they today?

      I agree fully Mahathir is good at diagnose symptoms, he don’t bother to look at the cause because we have many Malaysian like you. Cheers.

      1. (But Asus engineer don’t learn M&S in English, the same with engineer from Acer, HTC, Dlink, Benq, Kingston, orthe Japanese producer, the Korean producer, and now the Chinese producer)

        1. It is spelled as ”Engineers” not (engineer) (Plural) not (Singular)

        a. It is spelled as ”With engineers”. Not (with engineer) (Plural) not (Singular)

        ( I don’t see many prominent technology brand from this small dot except that Creative Technology, where are they today?)

        2. It is spelled as ”BRANDS”, (Plural) not (Singular).

        (I agree fully Mahathir is good at diagnose symptoms, he don’t bother to look at the cause because we have many Malaysian like you. Cheers.)

        3.It is spelled as ”He doesn’t” not (he don’t).

        ‘Don’t’ is the abbreviated of ‘do not’.

        ‘Doesn’t’ is the abbreviated of ‘does not’.

        Thus, try saying the sentence without the abbreviated word, then you’ll see why the first (he don’t), isn’t good English. Therefore, it is not a grammatically correct.

        4.Simple yet difficult? Simply ignorance?

        5.Smile, You’re on the Candid Camera ……..

        6.So sleepy, I go to bed now.

        7.Good night everyone.

      2. Asus, htc, benq are product producer. We can do that already. We have company like khind and pensonic that exactly do the same. The only different is market segmen and economy of scale. Given the same economy of scale, we can do better than them.

        But, that is not the only thing we want to achieve. We want to be technology producer instead of product producer. We want to create technology. We want to initiate theory, fundamentals thatbeing the backbone of a product. We want the other side of the world to use our technology, our theory and learned the concept from us to produce a product.

        We don’t just want to be a user of a technology, we want to invent the technology. For example, we want to invent new compression technique that far superior than mpeg compression and this new technique will be the employed by all international companies. We want to invent new type of voltage controlled current source that rival the mosfet transistors that will be the main building block of the next generation computer.

        The vision is very far ahead.

      3. Thanks Nicholas. i didn’t realised we were competing who write perfect English, but you perform better than most grammar checkers, and the best is you are free. Please continue and one advice, pride and dignity sometime help very little. My two cent……s.

        Btw, “you claim to be a phd holder but your English is bad gramatically.” is a logical fallacy but by reading that Phd holder reply, it seem Kamal assertion is not entirely wrong in this case, perhaps you are the one that don’t understand broken yet simple English? Comprehension incapacity I guess?

    2. To . kamalzack (@kamalzack).

      Let me give you a class of elaboration on the definitive concerning as a corrector.

      (”Yes, I have no shame to admit that my English is not perfect. It is not my native tongue but you get my point do you”?)

      N01. You as the so called volunteer corrector on an English subject, should have been more aware. You are correcting on other’s mistakes you know. Oh brother; I’m glad you have made such a progress correction on such an understanding within short minutes of time. It seems you have been enlightened on your stupidity! Your welcome.

      (”And I am not some anonymous coward”.)

      As for this question? You should have asked my real name on my 1st comment, scroll up. However, since you asked? Here, the answer is ”Nicholas”. You would not want my address do you? Let me guess? By naming us as (anonymously or as the above name mentioned), we are accused as such a coward? I really wonder how many anonymous users are there compared with real name users all around the internet figures are? Google it, it will give you another statistic chart.

      No2. (HANCUS BERTERABOH!), you mean this? I spelled it ”BERTERABOH” , while the actual correct spelling is as (berterabur), thanks; but on your suggested corrector on my spelling is (berterabor.) hahahaha confused?

      Anda mengolah dengan penuh kecelaruan? lantaran akibat kepanasan pengolahan komentari saya yang seperti tertera di atas.
      Dangkal? Saya serahkan kepada justifikasinya anda untuk menilaikannya.


      L earned, be humble!

    3. re: manual guide in “Taiwan”….mandarin la kawan bukan taiwan. there’s no taiwan language, me think. probably its orang asli ada bahasa sendiri. taiwan’s official language is mandarin. maaf kalau tak betul.

      re: which country is more technology “adapt”- “technologically more ADEPT”. impromptu writing & from smart phone too? forgiven, hehe.

      we, the supporters of this blog, have to ensure the high quality of comments posted herein, both in substance and presentation. i enjoy reading the exchanges.

  13. Chewal, do you know what your problem is? You are like a eagle that gazing from the top at the deer that trying to escape a lion by suggesting, why not the deer fly and attack the lion from above? Assume PPSMI work (in fact I never say PPSMI don’t work), don’t you think any far sighted leader should be insightful enough that our national car project lack foundation and groundwork? He should have implemented PPSMI first before invest in Proton? In a similar context, what have we done on the foundation and groundwork for PPSMI, on the job training like Proton?

    Don’t refer me to your FAQ, again, we debate here and hope we all learn something out of it.

    1. @HuaYong

      Do you know what is your big problem? You are a short-sighted and narrow minded person. That is the main reason why you can’t see the vision of the policy and that is also the reason you fail to understand the rasional behind the proton project. I don’t want to talk much about proton since it will prolong the discussion.

      I just want to tell you that proton project is not just about manufacturing car. It is far beyond that. You need to have far-sighted view in order to understand it. To some people, proton is just about making cars…but in reality, it is far beyond that.

      I will advise you to sit down and think deeply about this sentence: what we have today or what malaysia has achieved and developed today is because of proton project. Proton is about building a nation, building the people, the mindset and as a catalyst to the developed Malaysia. Open your mind and think about it. You also can read about the proton project in, posting in 2008. Go dig it up.

      As for the FAQ, I will always repeat the same as long as you misunderstood PPSMI. The FAQ is a simplified version to answer ALL your question.

  14. How many languages they have in Taiwan? 1? 2? or 5?. How many races are there in Taiwan compare what they have in Malaysia? Taiwan, Korea and Japan have the native language since the beginning of time and have bloomed after the WWII. And where were we during that time? Why the Singaporean was far ahead from us (20 years ahead) in terms of economy and development? When Dr. M introduced “Dasar Pandang ke Timur”, our student have to learn Japanese in order to continue their study there.
    For Malaysia to keep the pace knowledge have to be obtain fast. Technology is a very fast development and we cannot afford to be left behind. Yesterday you have Samsung Galaxy S2, today you have Samsung Galaxy Note. Much more easier for comparison is India at their Silicon Valley. Do they write their programming in Indian or English? And bear in mind that most of the technologies obtain like Japan, Korea and Taiwan were reverse engineering. PS3 originated from ATARI, XEROX, Mitsubishi, Sony, Samsung and others. They obtained the knowledge and they proceed from there. We might feel proud when we see the label on the AMD and Intel processors “Made in Malaysia” but the truth is we actually don’t have any idea how to make them.In fact how many programs do Malaysia have produced?. Cheers

    1. badtemperman,

      Do some search who has the most patent filing in recent years, and growth rate, Northeast Asia not only do reverse engineering, they also reverse the world trend that used to dominated by the West, but that beside the point of our discussion. Not sure what is your impediment or perhaps you have problem to understand my comment, but never mind I ask again in a more direct manner, you shall enlighten me by now why Singapore that learn M&S in English do not have a Asus, Samsung or Panasonic? Any fact to substantiate your claim that Singapore is more advance because of English? I leave Philippines out for the moment. Cheers.

  15. To 38. HuaYong | November 19, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Greetings brother, correction.

    ( i didn’t realised we were competing who write perfect English)

    1. I beg to differ. Unlike you, the awareness of our similarities is quite very different. I’m not here to compete on my English with anyone and neither, I’m here to be a corrector on anyone English base writing, including the Moderator herself. They are far better off than me. However, when someone like the below-mentioned statement tries to be the corrector on other users in English linguistic proficiency mistake as such;

    (Hehe. Chewal, you claim to be a phd holder but your English is bad gramatically. One example is “There are so many product inventor even the professors from the local U have created so many product.” (where are you “s”es for plural nouns, this is so basic English). I prefer if you write in Malay.
    No wonder you thinking is also so-so without valid and strong arguements. What is the different between an inventor of new technology and a user of existing technology to invent something new. He is still an inventor. Many inventors also like that.)

    Then you have to make sure before you presented out your facts, your answered as to the above comment qualifies you as a good as any English linguistic corrector. I don’t say you have to be a Pro. Check and double check! Comprehensible as that. Even nincompoops would have known better.

    Kalau tidak sungguh memalukan diri sendiri.
    (Seperti ibu ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus)

    2. Correction again, the definitive meaning of conveyance is acceptable but, to understand one cardinal principle which is, wrong grammar, wrong spelling, wrong past tense, plural and singular, scroll up; it is quite another. I never mentioned anything besides these few, the messaged he wrote has been delivered as such yes? You don’t need to be Eintein’s to understand its meaning. However, my emphasis is, the content within the writing is ungrammatical. As if you can and know how to drive a car from point A to point B, with authenticate license, but with less knowing of Traffic Rules and signs Regulations; you’ll only get Compoun And Summons. Is that what you want?

    ( it seem Kamal assertion is not entirely wrong in this case, perhaps you are the one that don’t understand broken yet simple English?)

    3. Bahasa perosak bangsa? Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa? Alternatively, are you the one among others who’s promoting of broken English?

    (but you perform better than most grammar checkers, and the best is you are free)

    4. I don’t hold any PhD. And neither I hold any professional profession. I’m just a normal student. I don’t deserve such praised from you. Thanks but no thanks. Currently, I’m not in Malaysia. And my time schedule is tight, unlike some other peoples.
    Unless otherwise less understood.
    Comprehension incapacity I guess?
    Simply, ignorance?
    Knowing is different from understanding.

    ( My two cent……s.)

    5.One word for one word = (. i didn’t realised………………..) scroll up, got it? It must be, ”I” not (i). An eye for an eye hahahahaha……….

    Kamal English proficiency is good, no doubt.

    (Thanks Nicholas)

    6.Your welcome brother.

    7. My two cents? ok arrrr? hahahaha…

    1. Ok bro, i think we should put a stop on English this and Grammar that, i don’t know what we could achieve by expanding into such topic. If you are busy, just stop, actually no one care whether you and me are free, or busy, this is how cyber world work. Again one last advice, sometime we are not aware that we are guilty of the same offence we accuse others. Try to understand and appreciate the contention put forward by Kamal, i believe this would make our discussion more productive.

      1. Greetings brother.

        (Ok bro, i think we should put a stop on English this and Grammar that, i don’t know what we could achieve by expanding into such topic)

        1. Refer this to Kamal. I never started this issue. He is Chewal corrector yes? Scroll up, I’m just Kamal’s observer yes? And you are our respondent yes? Hahaha…

        (If you are busy, just stop, actually no one care whether you and me are free, or busy, this is how cyber world work.)

        2. Currently, with my friends at ”Cathay Cineleisure” on the southern tip of west Malaysia. Figure that one out.

        (Again one last advice, sometime we are not aware that we are guilty of the same offence we accuse others)

        3. I guess you are referring this statement to the four of us? Yes? ”We”? Having said that, your Presumptuous is greatly welcoming.

        (. Try to understand and appreciate the contention put forward by Kamal, i believe this would make our discussion more productive,i believe this would make our discussion more productive.)

        4. Try to understand the notion thoughts and appreciate the contention put forward by Chewal, I believe this would make our discussion even much more productive. Agree to disagree? Agree to agree?

        P.S. The morale of the story is, everybody made such errors on the above-mentioned issues when comes to comments, as we generally took lightly on our grammar/spelling etc., but not articles. (where are you “s”es for plural nouns, this is so basic English), just by one definition ”S”? alphabet; (telur sebiji riuh sekampung, lantas menjerat diri sendiri). It is quite very embarrassing when we spotted ”He” has even many more errors to show up. I’m here just levelling the field.

        Be that as it may, this is a very constructive argument. Everybody is well behaved. We are worlds-class commentators aint we? Vulgarity is not included.
        I guess this would be wrap-up everything.

        Ok arrrrrr . I want to watch my midnight movie, don’t disturb arrrr haha….

        I know I love you too…

        Selamat malam.

      2. Kamal already stop comment on this subject for quite a while. “We” to be precise is actually referred to me and you, hope this clarifies, and take care, bro.

  16. You’re hilarious Chewal, beside asking me to go to your FAQ which I have politely declined in my previous comment to you, and telling me I am short-sighted and narrow minded, what else you have done to convince me? In fact your comment start to sound like garbage the first time around, but that is fine with me, you are not the first and will not be the last.

    1. Is that all you can write after my lenghty explanation? I thought you will try to think deeper about the statements that I’ve made. The reason I ask to read the faq is because it has anwered most of the arguments about the policy.

    2. What lengthy explanation? Can you respond to a point with something that is actually responsive? I can always cite another dozen articles that talk in total reverse wrt PPSMI and the argument you put forward, but what is the point?

      Thus after go through the “try to think deeper” process, I rather don’t waste my time unless I read something here in Helen blog that deserve my response.

  17. Just to make things clear that I’m not a Singaporean but when we comparing the technology advance between Malaysia and Singaporean, they have the advantages. For example we use their engineers when we were building the LRT. We imitated their port to build Port Tanjung Pelepas. And why Singaporean is more ahead than us although their country is still young (younger than us) with the population of 5m?. Singaporean are more to bio technology advance than the peripheral technology even though they have Hewlett & Packard factory there. And Singapore is the financial hub in the region which will be using English Financial Maths for their trading. Although they have ASUS, Gigabyte (Taiwan) but the chip set is still from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel that were being used on their PCB board. In order to use these chips knowledge in English are needed. Taiwan have a population of 23m, Japan 125m and Korean 48m. All of them speaks in their native language. The reasons Malaysia nowadays progressed in the Technology Advance is because a large percentage of the people are now more adapt to understand English, the more they understand the more they have interest in it. We have the number of the population but the language is the bottleneck for producing inventors, scientists or mathematicians experts. Albert Einstein was a Jewish but most of his journal were in English. And Science and Math is not just Science and Math but more than that. And “that” are most in English. Expertise Malaysian first than we can do what we want to like Japan and Korea.Cheers

    1. I never perceive you as Singaporean because most Singaporean I approach know where they stand, many that talk highly about Singapore is Malaysian, especially Chinese Malaysian, but this is not relevant to our discussion.

      1) Singapore is a small city state island, dictatorial style but efficient with hard working workforce, they started earlier in term of infrastructure, education, bureaucracy and industrialized. Most that contribute to Singapore growth in the 60’, 70’, 80’ and 90’ don’t speak English beside that Anglo Lee and his cronies.

      2) Malaysia is relatively advance in agriculture, and thus no surprise if Singapore is advance in some other field, we call this competitive advantage, for instance, Singapore would never be that naïve to start a national car, actually we don’t need to be an economist and “far ahead thinking” to see this, just some common sense and understanding of socio-political aspect will do.

      3) “In order to use these chips knowledge in English are needed” – Wrong.

      4) “We have the number of the population but the language is the bottleneck for producing inventors, scientists or mathematicians experts.” – Again, wrong. Language was never the primary factor. Our policy and culture don’t encourage competition and don’t reward merits.

      5) “Albert Einstein was a Jewish but most of his journal were in English.” – Oh please not again, very wrong, do more reading and search before write, this same attitude is the basic requirement in Science.

      1. 1. I agree with the dictatorial style but you did include “education” as part of the growth. Singaporean still speak in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil but when they in the professional world they will use English as most of the dominant companies are foreigners;

        2. Correction. Malaysia probably advance in agriculture in producing volume but not in technologies. And no, we are not so naive to start a National Car, in fact now we have 2 National Car and 2 our own engine. Proton and Perodua. Campro and E01 Petronas which will commercialize in China. China do have their own National Car.

        3. Technical speaking, you need to know these chips (NVIDIA,AMD & Intel) before you solder it on the PCB. Try to have an engineer to explain in further detail to you.

        4.Yes, language always be the primary factors that will cause misunderstanding, confusion. But again, I agree with you that our previous policy and culture don’t encourage competition but as we moving forward these culture change.

        5. Albert Einstein. When he was with the German, most of his journals were in German but when he with the US then his journals were in English and when he communicates with his colleague or even with the US President that time all with English. I don’t know how many languages he can speak of other than Jewish, German and English.


      2. 1) English is also common in Malaysia commercial and business activities, so what exactly is your point?

        2) If you insist, I am okay with your claim that Singapore has a better technology in agriculture, in fact some believe that Malaysian have better technology to plant Apple tree, to each his own, however I will insist Malaysia is naïve to produce car, it is a misallocation of resources.

        3) What these have to do with English? Japanese monopolise the production of ceramic chips, of course you need to know these chips before mounting it onto a PCB, but do you need to learn Japanese to do that? Try to have an operator to explain this to you.

        4) English will not cause misunderstanding and confusion? Or in your ideal, we were turned into a country like America?

        5) Paste from the internet, the operative word here is EXCLUSIVELY : “A physicist, philosopher, humanitarian, pacifist, political agitator and cultural Zionist, Einstein was also a formidable writer, and very quotable. Because he wrote almost exclusively in German, his words have been translated into dozens of languages – though, as everyone knows, much can be lost in translation.”

        To clarify my stance, I am okay with PPSMI, my qualm is pertaining to the implementation and hope we could do without the force element. I respect the pragmatic attitude demonstrated by some of our Malay bro, my reservation is that to advance in M&S, or technology, we have to do more and don’t place too much hope on PPSMI/English. Cheers.

        1. Hua Yong,

          1. You receive engineering drawing from USA or Europe even from Japan. They ask to quote them . What language you going use?

  18. 47. HuaYong | November 20, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Greetings brother.

    (Kamal already stop comment on this subject for quite a while. “We” to be precise is actually referred to me and you, hope this clarifies, and take care, bro.)

    1.I ‘ve seen that; then by all means be specific, your exegesis is worth note-standing.

    I and we knew why he went missing from this commentary column, a man who knows his own blundering will comprehend the fruitless of controvert points.

    Be that as it may, he has my respect.

    Kamal when you read this, don’t be disgruntled alright.
    After all, we are one big happy family under the ”enchanting vigilante” biosphere. Kudos to her.

    Case close, unless otherwise stated.


    As for the rest of you ”Hua Yong” comments here, I’m evaluating on your ”points” at this time around, not necessarily grammar only.
    However, those respected commentators here, will be able to produce on such an intricate elaboration conclusion, unless otherwise I am needed to levelling the field.


    52. HuaYong | November 20, 2011 at 8:57 am

    ( Singapore is a small city state island, dictatorial style but efficient with hard working workforce, they started earlier in term of infrastructure, education, bureaucracy and industrialized. Most that contribute to Singapore growth in the 60’, 70’, 80’ and 90’ don’t speak English beside that Anglo Lee and his cronies.)

    2. ??? I’ve got many perks and goodies for this above-mentioned statement.

    To put in my two pennies worth, that will be another round; unless otherwise concluded.

    Pleasant sunday everyone.

    1. IA, thanks for the first. I just call you IA.

      You are welcome to evaluate and rebut my points, as for the grammar, spelling or semantic, up to you if you have all the time. One thing, try to understand the context and where I am coming from before you start another round, if not sure, we can always ask each other.

      1. Greetings.

        1. Mind to intro?

        2. I would love to know you more?

        3. On account of, you are a worthy debater on a commentary’s base perspective.

        4. As for who I’m really am? I’m just your next door average student, nothing special about me, yes I’m a Malaysian. In abroad university.

        5. No worry’s brother, I’m multi-tasking. Thought time is a constraining factor to me.

        6. ? I’m taking my dinner now hahahahaha….

        7. No hard feeling yea………..

        Selamat malam semuanya.

      2. IA,

        No hard feeling, but u might be right, my response and tone depend on how i perceive what i read. I can be very mild and acerbic at the same time. :)

        Sorry not really grasp ur 1) n 2), is that a question?

  19. 1. The point is that is why Singaporean is far advanced ahead from us as English act as a jump start from them while we’re in the pace of catching up with them;

    2.Car industry in Malaysia is still young (20+ years) while comparing with German and still younger than Korean and Japan. The industrial revolution in Japan happened after the atomic bomb when the US sent their team to rebuild back Japan; All of these countries have history of having contact whether with the British or Americans;

    3. Operators just operate not inventing thus they will only following instructions. Are the instruction in Honda Melaka are in English or Japanese.

    4. Yes prefer Malaysia to be like US, but with 2 main languages. BM and English. Do the scientist in the US (Chinese, Indian etc) communicate with their collegiate in their native language?

    5, Yes Einstein wrote many journals and notes in his native language including others from Russian but were being translated into English so they can keep changing note of their discoveries.

    6. Singaporean boom because of these Anglo Lee as they attracts foreigners to come to Singapore and set up shop over there as they need skill worker and ease of communication.

    I’m not saying that all my point are 100% correct but the importance of English is significant particularly in Math and Science. The world is evolving in a fast pace. For example, ANDROID developer. Although there are many developer in the world but when they in the discussion the language that there are using is English.I do agree that PPSMI shouldn’t be implement by force but by choice. But sometimes when we did not force something, they will be staying on that comfort level as previously what you said “culture”. Cheers

    1. 1. Why Philippines is behind us?

      2. We can always claim Malaysia is young.

      3. So the operator do not need to learn M&S in English right? If there is a Honda Suzhou, the instruction is Chinese, if Hanoi, Vietnamese, and Jakarta, Bahasa Indonesia, in Melaka, I don’t know but I would assume English.

      4. Then we should learn from US, perhaps start with their constitution? I don’t know about US but most Chinese and Indian scientist or scholar speaks fluent English in Malaysia, they might not learn M&S in English though.

      5. I know.

      6. Why foreign investment goes to Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Thailand?

      If PPSMI is truly the solution, then it would be the parents ultimate choice, let the school compete.

  20. 1,Philippines Government policies while Malaysian have recognized which area to be improve particularly education;

    2. Yes, Malaysia is still young and yet progress aggressively;

    3. Yes, in simple plain English;

    4. Only for those who were exposed early in local school but the percentage is still small;

    6. Cheap labor cost; even Iphone made in China, Sony Ericsson, Playstation 3, AMD and Intel in Malaysia. Low production cost equal to low price. Nowadays hardly to find stuffs with the label “Made in USA”. We’re just assembler not the inventor.

    Yes, many parents still want the PPSMI and the choice should be given. But the educator should be educated first. Cheers

  21. 1. So Singapore is English and Philippines is policies?

    2. To each his own.

    3. Is that u or me that keep shifting the goal post?

    4. Define local school, On US n Singapore model, i am okay with it, not sure if Malaysian is ready for that.

    6. The crux is cheap labour. Whether you are able to transform from the low cost model, education and working culture is the primary factor, not English.

    7.(?) Agree, Cheers.

  22. 1. Yes Singapore is English together educated skill workers;

    3. Factory operator just an assembler;

    4. Local school (urban and sub-urban);

    6. Languages can be a bottleneck for progression.Similar as Vacancy Ad nowadays. Can write and speak English can have better position in a Company and with high demand.


  23. To 58. HuaYong | November 21, 2011 at 11:17 am


    (1) / (2) Ianya adalah tanda persahabatan persefahaman antara kita. sehubungan dengan itu, ianya lebih menjurus kepada perundangan pertanyaan, tepat.

    Walau bagaimana pun, natijahnya, saya tidak minta anda untuk dinyatakannya disini, kerana ianya lebih bersifat eksklusif. Lantaran itu…, disini saya lampirkan email saya berlandaskan kepada nukilan anda seperti yang tertera ini;

    (if not sure, we can always ask each other.)


    62. HuaYong | November 21, 2011 at 11:05 am

    Kepada persoalan ini, saya tidak mahu masuk campur. Kerana natijah persoalannya hanya berlegar-legar di situ sahaja. Nasehat saya kepada anda ”HuaYong / badtamperman”, hentikanlah. End topic.

    Ini sudah tersempang jauh dari asal topik moderator. Give some credit to her shall we? Afterall this is her biosphere.

    (Apa kurangnya BM? – November 16, 2011 at 12:28 pm)

    Tiada yang jaguh di sini. Let us move on, on her next exciting article. Let us battle out our intelligent witty commentary’s perspective there.

    Agree to agree? Agree to disagree?

    To put in my two pennies worth.

    1. Setuju dengan pandangan saudara, seharusnya berhenti awal lagi, bukan nak jadi jaguh, harap dialectical approach boleh pandu kefahaman, lagipun jaguh kat sini macam jaguh kampong aje, worth very little,

  24. Bukan ke PPSMI melanggar Dasar Pendidikan Negara? Macam mana seorang bekas Menteri Pelajaran seperti Madey boleh tak tahu?

    1. Nak bagi komen tapi odikal .Kat mana melanggar dasar pendidikan negara sedang bahasa penghantar masih Bahasa malaysia.

      Pandai komen tak pandai selidik.

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