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The bishop’s back, siap dengan sidekick sekali

(1) Yang hentam Kristian itu ialah dungu

“Thus far, since the genesis of this phase of Christian bashing last May when a Christian plot to dethrone Islam was allegedly discovered in Penang to the Damansara Utama Methodist Centre controversy in August, this has been a story of plenty of smoke and no fire, of billowing fog and no facts behind it.”

– BISHOP PAUL TAN (laporan ‘Bishop raps Hasan over ‘talking Bible’
Nov 18 di Malaysiakini)

“If you weigh your values only in the scales of your belief-system, you emerge, in a plural world, with a view that is so lopsided it makes you daft.” – Bishop Paul Tan

P. Ramakrishnan ialah presiden Aliran, sebuah NGO ‘social watchdog’ berpusat di Pulau Pinang

MUTAKHIR (Nov 20/Ahad):Francis Loh takes over as Aliran president as Rama steps down‘ (Oooh, is there something nice awaiting Ramakrishnan post-departure given his high-octane enthusiasm for the Penang chief minister? Aliran’s ex-secretary Ariffin Omar has joined DAP by the way; Aliran does not allow its office holders to be card-carrying members of political parties.)

***  ***  ***

“Christian bashing has become a way of life for some unscrupulous people that their conduct seriously threatens to undermine our harmony. It would appear that these people are intent on causing chaos to promote their evil political agenda on behalf of the Barisan Nasional and Umno.”

– P. Ramakrishnan (kenyataan akhbar bertajuk ‘Unscrupulous actions,
unethical behaviour’Nov 19 di blog Lim Kit Siang)

(2) Iman orang Islam terlalu rapuh

“Why does Hasan Ali think that the faith of Muslims is so fragile?” – Bishop Paul Tan

“Is the faith of the Muslims so weak and superficial that Muslims can be so easily swayed, induced and bribed to renounce their faith in spite of the fact “the al-Quran is disseminated through loud speakers, television, radio and at government functions,” as pointed out by former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin?” – P. Ramakrishnan

“Doesn’t this situation call for some soul searching as to why – in spite of great efforts made and billions of ringgit spent on building mosques, suraus, madrasahs, religious instructions, al-Quran reading competitions – all this had failed to strengthen the faith of the Muslims?” – P. Ramakrishnan

(3) Tuduhan berciri pembohongan and hasutan

“Wild tales are being told and blatant lies are being spread with impunity. What is being done is to deliberately create uneasiness, anger and hatred against the Christians and their faith in order to undo our peace and unity.” – P. Ramakrishnan

“The latest claims by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) – that it had found that eight ways by which Christian missionaries are spreading the Gospel, one of which is by means of a high-tech device called a ‘Solar-Powered Handheld Talking Bible’ – is ridiculous and appalling.” – P. Ramakrishnan

(4) Dicabar Hasan Ali supaya buat repot polis

“If Hassan has so much irrefutable evidence, then he should make a police report.” – P. Ramakrishnan

“If indeed there was evidence, then the culprits attempting to convert the Muslims should be prosecuted. Aliran very strongly supports such prosecution for any violations of the law.” – P. Ramakrishnan

Baca jugaKemelut DUMC: Diberi betis nak peha

(5) Sungguh memalukan / Mufti Perak, Hasan Ali tak dihormati

“The very fact that no one has been charged so far would mean that Hassan and the others of his ilk should stop talking nonsense and behave in a reverential manner befitting their religious personage. They bring shame to their office and lose their dignity and they can never be looked upon as respected religious leaders.” – P. Ramakrishnan

“Wasn’t Lim Guan Eng made to serve 18 months of imprisonment for ‘spreading false information’? Why didn’t he deserve the tolerance that these people seem to be enjoying and benefiting from?” – P. Ramakrishnan

(Dihuruf tebalkan oleh blogger ini untuk menonjolkan ungkapan)


P. Ramakrishnan beriya-iya mengecam mereka yang memblog tentang tuduhan terhadap anak Guan Eng (baca sini)

Bishop Paul Tan, seorang paderi masuk politik atau seorang politikus masuk gereja? (baca sini)


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10 thoughts on “The bishop’s back, siap dengan sidekick sekali

  1. Bishop Tan talks like a politician better than many politicians…should consider entering full time politics. His flock in the DAP would surely make him a superstar.

  2. This support my theory.. the biggest evils are the politicians

    Employing whatever means to grab or hold on to power at the expense of rakyat long term wise

    Using racial divide
    Now religion divide

    Everybody, all rakyat please wisen up and see through the tactics and its danger.
    Pls employ the moderate means.
    Be moderate. Not selfiish
    Our children will inherit Malaysia

  3. I wonder why some people are scoffing in disbelief at the “solar powered talking Bibles” when there are equivalents in the local market of the Quran. (So you see, Malay-Muslims are actually as tech savvy as the Christians.)

    The audio Quran works something like this. Its pages are grid coded. You run a pen reader – battery-powered I’m presuming [I didn’t ask when I was shown the product at one of the seminars I attended] – across the ayat/ayah.

    When the pen optically reads the code, you will hear the corresponding verse (same concept like you hear the GPS voice in your car).

    Or if the pen reader is pointed at the surah title, it will read the whole surah.

    The Quranic recitation comes through the pen’s built-in speaker or you can use the earphone option. The model I saw was priced RM500 thereabouts.

  4. Hi helen,

    1. When religion becomes ” the voice of politics…” and this bishop talks on wild perceptions… fail to recognise the “talking Quran”

    2. When one ulama ( Dr. Asri ) against the other ( Dr. Hassan Ali and majority of muslims ) on religious philosophy, regardless of the root (main) factor – “Akidah”

    3. When somebody ( P.Ramakrishnan ) not Islam or well versed in Islam – just made blunder accusations denying facts on other case- so called ‘tuition class’ near Jalan Kelang Lama…

    4. When the said avengelism always “cross” the border – “denying facts Bishop Paul Tan, seorang paderi masuk politik atau seorang politikus masuk gereja?” – “cross Islam too” – WHY ???

    True sidekicks.

  5. What has Hassan Ali or JAIS got to do with UMNO/BN? Isn’t the former a member of Pakatan Rakyat state government and the latter a department under the Pakatan Rakyat State government? P. Ramakrishnan should not bark (or urinate) at the wrong tree.

    1. AH CORRECTION there…Hassan Ali still member of PAS and PAKATAN not BN/UMNO.. but as we all know…when it comes to blaming all the ugly thing will be the BN….:P

  6. saya nak komen, tp kerana saya melayu dan islam, saya takut pengakuan saya ini (yakni saya melayu dan islam) akan dianggap sebagai rasis dan juga extermis agama. maka dengan ini saya tak beri komen lagi.

  7. saya juga begitu.takpalah begitu saya (melayu) diam kerana ‘takut’ dilebelkan rasis. melayukan bangsa rasis. tak begitu helen.

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