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Sepet and political correctness gone mad

Mutakhir (Dec 7): Emma West ditahan pihak berkuasa tanpa bicara sehingga Jan 3, 2011. Ini bermakna beliau akan dikurung lebih satu bulan di pusat tahanan walaupun tidak bersabit apa-apa kesalahan ataupun menghadapi tuduhan jenayah serius (umpamanya mengganas atau merompak).

Wanita itu hanya membebel sewaktu menaiki tram dan itupun beliau sedang menimang anak kecilnya di atas riba — setakat itulah sahaja kesalahannya yang didakwa perbuatan ‘rasis’. Alasan diberikan bahawa Emma ditahan demi keselamatan dirinya, lebih kurang dakyah yang pernah diberi Menteri Dalam Negeri kita untuk menjelaskan kenapa wartawan Sinchew Tan Hoon Cheng ditahan ISA suatu ketika dulu.

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A white woman had to appear before the Croydon Magistrates Court yesterday for ranting, “What has this country [the UK] come to?…with loads of black people and a load of f**king Polish”.

Her tirade was captured on a 2:25-minute video clip which has garnered 2.5 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday. It was also brought to the attention of the British Transport Police which was super duper efficient in identifying and arresting Emma West, 34.

The BBC has reported that Emma is accused of “a racially/religiously aggravated intentional harassment”. A local paper additionally reported that she is being remanded in custody for a week pending psychiatric reports.

The British law enforcement and other authorities have gone way, way overboard in tackling her case. Such swift and stern action taken against her is simply symptomatic of European political correctness gone stark, raving mad.

So Emma doesn’t like blacks. Is that a crime? Would the pious posse be pontificating in equal measure if it was Emmet a black man who dislikes whites?

She’s also unhappy there are so many Poles in her country. Yet the Polish guest workers are white like her.

Basically, the issue is about coping with immigration.

Brits who use public transport – in her case the Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink – are surrounded by people whom they think are unlike themselves (the tribal instinct). Brits driving their own cars, i.e. the more privileged class, would not have shared Emma’s experience of up close-and-personal encounters with foreign strangers.

Paralleling the Emma situation to home, it would be like this: If you’re a Bangsar Malaysian, you would not have the experience of riding a public bus where most of the passengers are Bangladeshi, Myanmarese and Indonesians.

A Malaysian version of Emma would be complaining about ‘pendatang’, not necessarily only Chinese and Indians but Indonesians as well.

Her behaviour would not be socially sanctioned here either or but over there, they’re criminalizing it — which is too much. If folks were to be penalized for using expletive-laden language, then a good number of the readers commenting in Malaysia’s top ranked news portal would be paying fines daily.

What’s most/almost unbelievable is the part about the psychiatric assessment of Emma’s state of mind. Is Great Britain running a police state and indicting her for Thought Crime?

An incident of three women raising their voices and swearing at each other on a tram was greeted by the all too predictable chest-beating. Piers Morgan – a judge on Britain’s Got Talent contest as well as CNN talk show host – raged on Twitter (screenshot below).

Some called for Emma to be locked up while some said her child should be taken away, and others demanding harsher punishment. I suppose it makes them feel superior and above the petty race consciousness that afflicts lesser mortals but really, the ones who declare she’s an unfit mother and should be made to give up her toddler are beyond belief.

Some of the commentators in this blog have half-jokingly noted that anything they say which implies their Malayness will be used against them to brand them racists. I understand the frustration as DAP is criminalizing those of us who prefer to acknowledge our Chinese and Indian identities too.

This word ‘racist’ is overused, and projecting one’s self as ‘un-racist’ is an overrated virtue.

A mualaf once wrote in his Utusan column about how “matanya begitu sepet” referring to me, and saying “kalau tak puas hati bagus balik ke tempat asal-usulmu la” which makes him no different from Emma West except that the patriotic posturing is kind of wobbly when his own eyes are more sepet than mine.

I don’t lose any sleep if he (that prolific newspaper columnist) or anyone else calls me ‘sepet’. Nor do I believe that the law should be involved when people name call each other by ethnic slurs on our racial features.

However I do believe in social censure-cum-pressure so that the act does not come across as acceptable. It was appropriate that the prime minister’s special officer Nasir Safar, who reportedly uttered the remarks that the Chinese forebears had come to this country as prostitutes and Indians as beggars, resigned his post.

You can’t legislate so that people be forced to like each other through allowing the law to invade every inch of public space — dictating our vocabulary and monitoring our verbal tiffs.

Exposure and a spirit of accommodation willingly embraced is the better and less intrusive, less suffocating alternative. For example, take the rather unusual circumstances that I find myself in now — where the readership here is predominantly Malay.

Although I wouldn’t in the first place colour my language with racism but due to the environment of this blog, I do keep in mind more to ‘jaga hati’. If a greater number of Malaysians were placed in these same shoes, say a Malay working in a Chinese office or a Chinese having a predominantly Indian clientele, more of us would be making a conscious effort to avoid offending sensitivities.

Yasmin Ahmad's hit movie 'Sepet'

Related to my discussion above, there’s an article by FMT columnist Zaidel Baharuddin that I’d like to recommend. It regards his questioning of the adoration that Bangsar Malaysia showers on popular ad producer Yasmin Ahmad and their favourite movie of hers, Sepet.

Zaidel wrote: “I know some of you really like the fact that it is about a Malay girl and a Chinese dude and fantasize about it [interracial relationships]. … The thing is, though the preset of the whole story seems like a great idea, yet the movie itself, the scenes and plot feel fake.”

“I felt like I was watching a propaganda movie but unlike North Korea, this one is filled with untold yearnings and dreams of a director who is altering the reality to fit her definition of how things should be, it is like our reality is being overdosed with sugar, spice and everything nice,” Zaidel continued.

“I have this shallow hypothesis that those who love Sepet are people who never really mingled around. They wish they had the chance to do it and fantasize about it when they watch Yasmin’s movies. So when people tell me that Malaysia should be what Yasmin portrays in her movies, I tend to disagree.” (To read the rest of Zaidel’s column, click here.)

I am concerned about racism, and with DAP people being called ‘DAPpigs’, Chinese slappped the ‘kafir harbi’ label and worse epithets or Indians rudely stereotyped.

Nevertheless, I would at the same time caution against overreacting. The David Nga Kor Ming YouTube where he says “Menteri Besar hitam metallic” is one instance.

While I don’t disagree that there is hypocrisy in the attitudes of some DAP evangelist politicians, party members and their supporters, I feel the police reports and inviting police interference are unnecessary and taking it too far.

Updated (7.45am) Screenshots of the Emma West Twitter lynch mob grabbed from ‘Anorak‘ article about how they want her “raped, shot and knifed”.

Does the tone of the Tweets remind you of any of our own group of self-righteous Malaysians? Compare what they’re saying and see if they’re not themselves worse than the woman they’re casting stones at.

What’s most interesting is that the indignant tweeters sampled below, judging by their avatars, are white. Think about this.


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27 thoughts on “Sepet and political correctness gone mad

  1. I used to have several friends from the other races and we were so close that we used to condemn and criticise each other by using words that others would have termed racist. But nobody really took offence and nobody took it personal. After all, we could sit down together for teh tarik again the very next day, despite calling each other every name under the sun, the day before. But those days are gone, I think, as everyone seems to have been affected by this vicious politicking circa 2008.

  2. Well, aren’t movies based on elements of fantasy, even if it is your straight white-white romance? Inter-race marriage is more common than one think.

  3. But the whites, blacks, Poles, Jews, Pakistanis, Indian, Arabs, Greeks, Hispanics etc in the UK all go to school together and speak English (that is if they can’t afford a private school). If they would like to retain their cultural practices, language and education, that is done as an extra-curricular activity or in Sunday school. Same as in North America.

    Is it too much to ask for us to start thinking about this in Malaysia? No-one is suggesting we assimilate completely like Thailand/Indonesia. Just for some sacrifices to be made to build our country.

    Isn’t it important for our children to grow up together? This is the key point we still need to agree or disagree on. The solution we can discuss after that.

  4. Aha….DAP Perak Peasant Leader Nga Ko jibed Perak MB Zamrri with insulting words of “Metallic Blacks”, the acts was in you tube and it has gone viral …Lets rally for establishment of Hudud version of Race Relations Act..potong lidah Nga Ko

    1. Please salle,
      There is no such thing as potong lidah punishment in Hudud. I’am offended, but maybe you dont understand, dont do it again, please…

  5. The British Police force have done the right thing to arrest Emma since the incident occurred being taped and shown in the Youtube than could increase the racial tension. Remember, UK was one of the country that had been bombed by terrorist and they could not effort another incident like the previous riot. And Nga Kor Ming should never as a LEADER said those things that touch the sensitivity of others. Wonder if Nga is brave enough to say those words in the US. If you called them “Negro” than you should been taking care of yourself seriously. The 13th May incident too happened because of the provocative words between races and we all know what that leads to. Cheers

  6. “Brits who use public transport – in her case the Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink – are surrounded by people whom they think are unlike themselves (the tribal instinct). Brits driving their own cars, i.e. the more privileged class, would not have shared Emma’s experience of up close-and-personal encounters with foreign strangers.”

    By the way, I beg to differ on this. There are plenty of the privileged class who use public transportation in England (unless they are ‘anak Lord’ and I mean literally). The UK is nice like that.

    1. If you’ll watch the YouTube, you can see non-whites (though I can’t assert that they’re less privileged, just that they’re possibly/likely immigrants or Poles) outnumbering native whites such as Emma West who insists she’s English.

      Yes I know that other countries are not as snobbish about riding in cars. The former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone was well-known for taking the Tube to work while the young European royals bicycle (environment-conscious). Even in S’pore managers take the MRT.

      The crux of the green failure on our part is bad planning and poor management of public transport.

      In Penang, it’s terrible esp. buses and their lack of coverage.

      In KL, the buses are not on time, unpopular routes are short-shrift on their schedules (too few plying) and they’re always overcrowded. Our nouveau riche will not take buses if they have to rub shoulders with Bangladeshis.

      Look at how the Pakatan exco gave themselves a fleet of Toyota Camrys the minute they ascended the Perak govt. And how our banks give out 9-year loans on car hire purchase to fresh grads. Crazy!

      Unfortunately we adopted the policy of promoting and protecting the national cars, and preferred to build many tolled highways rather than improving and integrating the public transport network.

      Similar to the rejection of BM, it’s also an attitude problem with our motorists. Try crossing a busy road when it rains and see if the drivers are considerate. The cars will splash you instead of giving way. The govt. does not build enough pedestrian crossings and overhead bridges, so here again is added the attitude of the authorities to boot.

      When they gave Brickfields a makeover not too long ago, it really screwed up the mobility of the many blind people who live and work there due to the unthoughtful changes made to the road system. Not only are we pedestrian-unfriendly, our streets are also unfriendly to the disabled … Sigh.

      1. My place, Batu Kurau, got no public bus service, after 54 years of Merdeka….tell me more about economic sabotage, abang hussin…

      2. you’re crazy labeling people who use public transport in london as poor or under privileged. have you even lived in london? you sound like those malaysians who go there and are aghast that there’s sooooo many non-white immigrants and that has tarnished your london experience because you wanna be around the right white people. you’re a total bitch for the empire and whiteness. oh but you know the right and wrong white of course, the poles. what is wrong with you?

        1. You sound like a distressed Guan Eng fan hitting out … kesian.

          You are the one labeling London public transport users as “poor and underprivileged” (these are your words). Nowhere did I say “poor”. In fact, I had even mentioned that the city’s then mayor Ken Livingstone took the Tube to work. However, I did comment that Brits driving in London were “more privileged”.

          You have extrapolated my “more privileged” London drivers remark to a next level of meaning that bus passengers are “less privileged” and then on some more to the next level that they are “under privileged”. If you wanna play this game, don’t complain when pro-BN bloggers take a leaf from your playbook and project whatever DAP leaders actually say to their next two levels of extrapolation.

          What I had written in my post above was — copypaste to requote:

          “Brits who use public transport – in her [Emma West] case the Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink – are surrounded by people whom they think are unlike themselves (the tribal instinct). Brits driving their own cars, i.e. the more privileged class, would not have shared Emma’s experience of up close-and-personal encounters with foreign strangers.”

          “Paralleling the Emma situation to home, it would be like this: If you’re a Bangsar Malaysian, you would not have the experience of riding a public bus where most of the passengers are Bangladeshi, Myanmarese and Indonesians.”

          You’re right that my experience of London is only as a tourist but the woman (Ms Emma West) complaining about her fellow passengers is a white local and she would know who regularly takes public transport in her line from Croydon to Wimbledon.

          1. Before anyone chastises me, I admit My Bad.

            I myself am also extrapolating Guan Eng and DAP where the reader has made no mention of either. Mea culpa, I’m equally guilty of the ‘sin’ of “hitting out”. My excuse: I just find the Dapsters more sickening than usual this past week in their in denial.

  7. To your credit you allow all comments published. Otherwise, your blog may not have many Malay readers. Another reason is because your blog is perceived to be more neutral and fair to both sides. Of course the other side do not share the same sentiment because you are not seen to be pro PR. To them, there are only 2 options, either you are with me or you are my adversary. Taking the middle ground is as good as being pro establishment. I have given up on MI long ago when they refused to publish my comments simply because it does not rhyme with PR.

  8. That is why we don’t want to see some of us at par with those Indons, Banglas, Pakis etc. They are not Malaysians. They just come here to work but they are still respectively Indons, Banglas, Pakis etc.

    However, it is very sad for some of the chinese and indians. They are in many ways are chinese and indians, not Malaysian. Chinese and indian first as if they only use the term “Malaysia” because they have to. Because they want to be here physicallly only, not in heart, not in soul. Body here, heart and soul in china or India. So, why feel slighted when these kind of chinese and indians are being labelled as “pendatang”?

  9. Some people are criminals. Why should others feel slighted when we label their race as ‘penyangak’ dan ‘penyamun’?

    Atuk sebelah bapak aku pendatang. Saya bangga dan bersyukur kerana perantauannya. Tapi saya bukan pendatang, saya keturunan pendatang. Sudah tentu saya bukan orang asing, bangsa asing atau orang luar atau orang lain. Ini bukan soal saya merendah-rendahkan kedudukan Bangla, Pinoy, Indon atau Pakistani. Migrasi masih berlaku dan sedang berlaku, tapi jangan tersilap warganegara dengan bukan warganegara ya?

  10. Most White Britons are slaves, and lack the sense and or courage to come to this woman’s defense as she is persecuted.

    Why should she be expected to be happy to be surrounded by millions of foreigners in her native land? And who likes having to live with hordes of Niggers? Even Niggers who are able to will move away from Nigger countries and Nigger “hoods”, preferring to live amongst more civilized White people.

    Why should she be thrilled about having to put up with millions of Muslims in her homeland?

    The reactions of many of this brave and unfortunate woman’s critics reveal that they understand very well the feral, savage, brutal nature of the imported population — since so many comment that she is lucky not to have been beaten, knifed and/or raped.

    I expect she will express contrition, since she will naturally fear that otherwise the social engineers will take her children away from her if she fails to grovel and express the requisite self-hatred.

    The United Kingdom is a slave-state, run by Kikes, where the natives are second-class citizens or less, while the puppet government sends it’s military and bureaucracies around the globe spreading this Kike “freedom”.

  11. The ‘natives’ being the “Working Class.”They were shipped out by the hundreds of thousands in cramped, fithy ships, flogged, chained and starved to Australia. There they were worked to the bone or to death cracking rocks building the roads and towns…7 to 20 years’ hard labour for stealing a loaf of bread in Britain or a watch or they were political dissidents.(Irish)…until they got their ‘freedom papers’!!.. Read John Pilger’s “A Secret Country” those former slaves had no victim, grievance, mentality. They knew only hard, hard, work would give them success. Between 1950–70s over 130,000 unaccompanied minors were sneaked out of Britain to be raped and sodomised by ‘Jesuits’ (Satanists) every night for years as they built their castlefortress at Bindoon, near Perth. A British social worker Margaret Humphreys (Humphries) exposed this…watch the true film SUNSHINE AND ORANGES. The working class got shipped to New Zealand too and used in Front-Line battlegrounds and. those loyal ANZACs suffered the most deaths (per head of population).Last year over 35,000 (mainly working class) White women were raped by Blacks in the USA… in vicious 2005 or 2007, it was 37, ONE YEAR and that statistic is for CONVICTED rape. Not ONE report of a White man raping a Black woman this year. Thousands of Muslim men ‘groom’ working class girls and rape them or force them into the sex trade…look it up! It is simply Satanic..please look up the 21 GOALS OF THE ILLUMINATI. This is a class struggle but is also a fight for human existence…Britain is a communist dictatorship…anti-family, promoting sexual depravity, destroying national sovereignty and anti Christian. They won’t stop with us..they want world domination. We are struggling with the real ANTICHRIST. Please pray for us.

  12. “Basically, the issue is about coping with immigration.” or Xenophobia I think is the only focal point of this entire conversation which interest me.

    What transpire Emma’s mind let it be on racism or what not is beyond our knowledge. Not that we are aware of on the investigation results.

    What the writer trying to project situation if we were in bus/train/LRT with loads of immigrant is a fair example for us to ponder. Are we short in having said the same thing in our heart like Emma? OR

    Are we trying to understand, tolerate and respect others like the way they suppose to? Those immigrant may have the same reason to be here in Malaysia like others in the Brit-Tram as well.

    Keep it up Helen!

  13. Helen , I think, knows that the term “Thought Crime” originates from Orwell’s book 1984.

    However, from my reading of that book, the term thought crime is from mere thought, not just speech or action.

    In the case of Emma, she did more than just ‘think’ about ranting against minorities. She spoke out loud in the presence of others and was videotaped doing so. And, the video went viral.

    This was serious. The government could not stand idly by as an economically dominant racial group demeaned minorities (“f*ing polish” is more than demeaning, they’re fighting words) who came to make a living in the UK. It would disrupt the status quo.

    Britian has suffered many racial riots . Vile, loud and hateful speech like Emma’s could easily spark another one. Her video was viewed by many who could have reacted violently to her speech. The government had to act.

    Compare Emma’s speech with prominent historian David starkey’s in BBC’s Newsnight. He claimed “the whites have become black” and that “a particular sort of violent, destructive, nihilistic, gangster culture has become the fashion”. He didn’t rant like Emma. And there was opportunity for other panelist to contradict him.

    Helen should also check out Dr James Watson’s views. He is the Nobel prize winning scientist who discovered DNA. He thinks that black people are inferior. He said “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really.” He is NOT being prosecuted like Emma because he did not speak in the same fashion and he was sincere in his assertion.

    However, this does not mean academics like Watson and Starkey weren’t punished in other ways that didn’t involve the government authorities.

    Helen indicates the many instances in the twtterverse of people who support punishment against Emma. However, Helen doesn’t indicate the many White Supremacist sites that congratulate Emma and who would like more people like Emma to rise up against the establishment and minorities.

    Ultimately, this is not about ‘protecting’ the minority in the UK. It’s about protecting everyone. Helen is one-sided in this article. She has to understand that seemingly racist speech can be accepted if it can be immediately challenged or if the tone is civilised.

    Another strike against Helen.

    “Another strike against Helen.” Your favourite pastime lah. — Helen

    1. “Your favourite pastime lah”

      i seldom agree with helen for her leap of logic, but i have to agree with her on this :)

    2. helen is an idiot. she’s racist and a classist. she’s mad about PC culture taking over because it means she can’t be a jerk face freely anymore and will have to suffer the consequences of being a racist, classist idiot and be held accountable.

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