Why blame MCA for Chinese being Chinese?

Pakatan supporters who accuse BN of playing the race card must first sort out which is the horse and which the cart, and put them in their correct order.

Our race politics follows on from the social landscape and not the other way around.

In Penang, there is a Sun Yat-sen museum, memorial as well as tourist ‘heritage trail’ due to the Chinese immigrant community holding on to a China orientation for many decades pre-Merdeka.

Attacking the BN communal formula (Umno for Malays, MCA for Chinese, MIC for Indians and so on) is quite typical of Pakatan campaigners but ignores a necessary understanding of the facts of history.

In 1948, the Kuomintang in Malaya counted a membership of 45,000 Chinese. To comprehend the scale of this number: Kuomintang had more than double of the 19,543 PKR members who voted for Azmin Ali to become deputy president in the party’s last election. Public gatherings were held – yes, in Malaya – where the Chinese commemorated Kuomintang founder Sun Yat-sen’s birth and death.

In the late 1930s leading into World War II, the Malayan Communist Party formed a movement to galvanize local Chinese to support China when it was invaded by Japan. These developments indicate a China-imbued identity consciousness and by extension a Chinese self-identity among inhabitants here.

The Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA) were guerrillas who saw their resistance to the Japanese occupation of Malaya as linked to the war of resistance ongoing in China at the same time.

From the end of the war until the British clamped down on such activities, the Chinese in Malaya celebrated the Oct 10 anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of China, i.e. China’s National Day. At these gala celebrations, portraits of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong were hoisted. The flag of China was also flown.

Why did the events mentioned garner wide participation? Answer: Because the Chinese pre-Merdeka perceived themselves as China nationals.

The China Democratic League (CDL) was a China political party that had branches catering to the Chinese diaspora, including those living in Malaya.

Nan Chiau Jit Pau – a CDL party organ first published in November 1946 and read by Chinese in Malaya – boasted a circulation of 22,000. For comparison, the New Straits Times today sells only 73,000 copies on the street.

Chinese newspapers in Malaya used to refer to China as “our homeland” and “our country”, and their content showed a keen interest in affairs of the Chinese mainland. In fact, Kwong Wah Yit Poh was founded by Sun Yat-sen.

How can and why should one put the blame on MCA for the Chinese being Chinese?

The Malayan Union proposal required the Chinese to shift their political orientation fully to Malaya, and that was why the 1946 plan was given a lukewarm reception initially.

In fact, the Chinese up till 1957 – when some were forced to make a choice – considered themselves sojourners. (Sidenote: Those living in the Straits Settlements acquired citizenship by operation of law).

They still repatriated money ‘home’, much like the Bangladeshi workers we have in our midst are transient migrants who send money back to their wives and parents.

When Pakatan supporters accuse Umno of Chinese bashing, they forget the other side of the coin where not a single day passes in the online portals and social media network in which Umno and Malay bashing does not occur.

Don’t just blame Umno alone for the short-lived 1Malaysia project meeting its demise. The concept was stillborn because thwarted at every turn by the opposition.

At last count, Umno has 3,297,358 registered members. Multiply this figure of 3.3 million with 2-3 other adult family members in an average Malay household to realise the ocean of individuals implicated by the opposition trope that Umno is the Lord of Darkness and embodiment of pure evil.

For Yeopies, only one party is at fault – Umno.

It would do well to remember the dictum ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. This implies a ding-dong.

Yet the highly pronounced bias of alternative media is reflected in the one-sided criticisms that proliferate in their pages.

Umno is accused of employing political gimmicks to con voters. Well, it’s six to the half dozen because the opposition is not free of con artistes either. And at least we don’t see chameleon Umno politicians wearing a crucifix for the purpose of wooing Christian voters.


The above is a condensed version of my Letter to the Editor yesterday. You can read it full-length at Free Malaysia Today.


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5 thoughts on “Why blame MCA for Chinese being Chinese?

  1. Hi Helen, sometime, if we can just face the reality, it would be just great. We are always will be divided by something, religion, race, colours, kasta, etc. the list could go on and it will never stop. and i believe sampai kiamat pun. We can just unite under one nation as Malaysians even though we have different races. Not bangsa Malaysia because there cant be a bangsa to create a nation except Israel but look at Palestine. They lost their homeland because either of them cannot except each other or maybe one of them is gready. cannot compromise. In Islam community, we always believe that there’s Israelian conspiracy in this matter. but Dont look at them. Look at us. Indepency is not a legacy. not by UMNO or British. (just a matter of a fact, UMNO then has many reps than other comp. party, so that they get the MAJORITY, not because they feel like they are the tuan of this tanah Melayu) but it is what we earn. if we dont appreciate then we lose it.

    But after 54 years of independence, UMNO, MCA, MIC and other component parties, why now? Even if we said party base on race is not relevant, how come DAP missed to help their Indian supporters? and even if PKR said they want equel treat to everyone, why must they came out with a statement “Melayu jgn bimbang kerana keistimewaan tetap dipelihara”? so where’s the equality? If we justify on something, we must always be true to ourself, that we must unite in within our race before unite with other races. Kuatkan perpduan antara bangsa kita dulu before nak bersatu dgn bangsa lain.Remember, to gain independency, we are actually united under one race. you with yours and me with mine. most of us ni tak habis belajar sejarah. look back on our history and then we can go forward. Malaysia ni unik. Kita bukan macam US, UK or etc. We are one in the world. Kita patut jd contoh, bukan asik jadikan orang lain sebagai contoh.

    There’s nothing wrong with the race. Melayu nak jadi yang terbaik, that’s why we must bersatu to achieve it, bukan bersatu nak jatuhkan bangsa lain. And other races pun need to bersatu jugakla. Persaingan yang sihat kan bagus. So what’s the problem if Melayu being Melayu, Cina being Cina and Indian being Indian? As well as Kadazan being Kadazan or Iban being Iban?

    One thing for sure, it’s not about race. it’s about corruption, and so many other evil things yg merasuk manusia yang tamak. muahahaha.

    Interesting point you made, Darlyn, about “Kita patut jadi contoh, bukan asyik jadikan orang lain sebagai contoh”. Agree that our racial situation is unique. I feel that the Pakatan people who like to cite Obama as an example are not only cherry-picking but deliberately ignoring an honest appraisal of what got him to the top. That’s why Pakatan people get on my nerve more (muahahaha also). — Helen

  2. Who is blaming MCA for Chinese being Chinese ? We are blaming MCA for (1) being part of a conspiracy with UMNO to steal money from the rakyat (2) having a pornstar as President (3) being subservient to UMNO despite the exhortations of being equal partners. Have you heard anyone from MCA complaining about Cowgate ? Have you heard anyone complain about the racist divisiveness during the UMNO GA ?

    Stupid is as stupid does.


  3. When Selena Tay, as does all Pakatan, says BN plays the race card, they are saying MCA is acting Chinese, Umno is acting Malay. That’s blaming.

    Godfather says, ‘a conspiracy to steal money’. There is corruption, true. Anwar is equally corrupted. Godfather is also corrupted. Even Godfather corrupts the father and the god, two in one go. But, prove the “conspiracy to steal…”

    So, who’s the stupid one – god or the father. Or is it Godfather?


  4. Kalau nak cerita tentang dahulu kala, malaysia ni memanglah satu daratan dunia yang sesiapa saja boleh datang dan tinggal disini, seluruh dunia pun macam tu apa! Sekarang kita bercakap tentang tanah melayu merdeka dari british dan jadi malaysia akhirnya. org melayu tak bercakap tentang tanah melayu yg dulu, tetapi bercakap tentang malaysia yg sekarang iaitu selepas merdeka.merdeka ini maksudnya kebebasan dari pengaruh british bagi membentuk negara yg merdeka.
    Disebabkan kerajaan yg ada ditanah melayu sebelum british mula menjajah adalah kerajaan melayu (maaf bukan kerajaan cina, bukan juga kerajaan india) jadi org melayulah yg benar2 menentang untuk membebaskan diri dari british yg bermula sebelum zaman jepun lagi, lepas tu melayu teruskan perjuangan dapatkan kemerdekaan dari british, lepas tu bermandi darah halau komunis, kaum lain sebok bikin harta bertimbun, org melayu (majoritinya) meggadainyawa, habok pun tak dapat, jadi kita kena terimalah yang org melayu berhak keatas tanah melayu ini seperti juga tanah besar cina berhak untuk cina, benua india untuk india, indonesia untuk indonesia, amerika untuk amerika dan lain2 begitulah juga. Jadi kalau tanah melayu pun org india dan cina kata mereka punya, habis org melayu mana tempatnya pula. itu dulu, bila org melayu terima semua kaum menjadi bangsa malaysia, kenapa pula kaum2 lain ni macam2 pula ha? pelek sungguh, ini kelakuan bangsa yg tak reti berterima kasih.

    Ada juga saya baca, orang Melayu berhaluan kiri memainkan peranan [besar?] menimbulkan kesedaran nasionalisme untuk membebaskan tanahair.

    (1) Manakala Umno (pro-establishment, golongan bangsawan/elit Melayu) diangkat British sebagai wakil yang sebaik-baiknya dibawa ke meja perundingan kerana pada pandangan pihak penjajah, sekiranya Umno yang mengambil alih kuasa, kepentingan British akan terjamin. Contohnya milik British dalam sektor perladangan (getah — Sime Darby, Guthrie dsb), bijih timah dll peniagaan/aset tidak dirampas (‘nationalized’).

    (2) Saya juga rasa orang India dan Cina bukannya berkata Tanah Melayu kami punya tetapi hanya tidak mahu dilayan sebagai warga kelas ke-2 di Malaysia. — Helen

    1. POSTSCRIPT: Saya bermaksud kemerdekaan ‘dihadiahkan’ kepada Umno tanpa perlunya perjuangan (angkat senjata, ataupun masuk penjara seperti Nelson Mandela dsb).

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