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God rest ye olde merry gentlemen

God rest ye merry gentlemen is an old Christmas song.

Old King Cole‘ was a merry old soul is an English nursery rhyme that has – like other nursery rhymes such as ‘London Bridge is falling down’, and ‘Ring a Ring of Roses’ – been put to tune.

Nat King Cole is an old singer no longer with us. Miss you like crazy was a hit song for his daughter Natalie Cole.

But the best thing since the invention of sliced bread (i.e. YouTube) now allows those who miss Nat Cole the Elder to hear him sing on your personal computer or tablet or at your workstation if the boss is not within earshot.

The next two YouTubes (below) are songs sung – again – by their original singers many, many years down the road.

I prefer the later versions reinterpreted by the merry gentlemen when they were older — have a listen to Rhythm of the Rain (lead singer at age 67) and San Francisco (Scott McKenzie, 66). Their voices are still amazing, recorded live no less.

The last YouTube below is an mtv performance of One Headlight by Jakob Dylan (vocalist/The Wallflowers) and Bruce Springsteen.

At the time of the recording, Dylan Jr – he’s a son of the famous Bob – was 28 and Springsteen was 48. But The Boss simply blew the younger man off the stage even though One Headlight was a chartbuster for Jakob Dylan’s group The Wallflowers. A case of the older man performing better.

Merry Christmas to all. May the spirits be with you.

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