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Storytime: Cat away, rats play

Cat needs practice

Click on poster below for music video on Tesla, a genius inventor.


How to use a mouse (for right handers):

  • Thumb on left side
  • Index finger on left button
  • Middle finger on right button
  • 4th/ring finger and pinky on right side

For left handers, inverse description.

Mouse properties settings allow you to switch button functions from default mode if you’re left handed.

Clicking requires you to press down (gently) on the mouse button.

Cliched but true — practice makes purrfect. After you’ve learned how to click (lots and lots of practice), the next lesson is how to drag your mouse.

BELOW: The rats in Subang Jaya are this big – view YouTube


This is an intermediate-level skill — dragging. Place the mouse pointer over screen icon and grab (just pretend you’re a puddy cat) the desired object. Then drag.

After mastering the previous step, you’re ready to proceed to the advanced level — dropping. While still holding on to the button with your finger, slide the mouse. When you depress the button, the object you’ve been holding in your teeth (remember, you’re still pretending to be a cat) is successfully dropped.

Congrats for completing the tutorial.

Selcat chairman Hannah Yeoh presides over Jerusubang Sin City which is full of rats


Updated: 11.50am on 20 Dec 2014


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