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Tengok pada reaksi Wan Azizah

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail memeluk Anwar Ibrahim setelah mahkamah membebaskan suaminya daripada tuduhan meliwat pagi tadi.

Gambar diedarkan menerusi Twitter oleh anak perempuan mereka Nurul Izzah.

Wan Azizah memakai sarung tangan

Gambar di bawah pula ditangkap beberapa minggu lepas apabila Lim Guan Eng menyalurkan sumbangan RM20 setiap orang kepada penarik-penarik beca.

Nampak Anwar dan Guan Eng senyum. Nyata penarik beca ini tak senyum pun …

Berkaitan: Kes seks yang satu lagi


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61 thoughts on “Tengok pada reaksi Wan Azizah

  1. Helen,

    a picture speaks a thousand words :-D

    But I believe pakatan has more to lose if Anwar is acquitted. Here are some points:
    1. Their accusation that Malaysia court is bias become baseless. They would no longer have any issue to raise with the court and the government.
    2. He will become the thorn in pakatan power struggle.
    3. He is a guy with full of skeleton under his carpet. With is acquittal, probably more will surface. Its going to affect pakatan.

    1. Agree. Anwar’s not a winnable candidate. Better than allowing the opposition to make a martyr figure out of him (if jailed). But what’s with Zaid? Read here. — Helen

      1. Zaid has no clout on his own. He realises that now, so trying to worm his way back into anwar’s good books. Hopefully can become candidate for next GE. Desperation makes people do all sorts of things.

  2. It’s not a wonder Zaid tweeted to Anwar as what he had done previously with Najib regarding the ISA.One can look as teasing Anwar as Anwar always says that The Judiciary is under UMNO or maybe it is a sincere gesture.
    But it kind of curious as Wan Azizah did not smile when the judge make his decision, in court nor outside the court (As I watch it is ASTRO).

      1. Nasib baik lah terlepas charge liwat. For the sake of the children. Tapi wan Azizah memang tahu siapa anwar yang sebenar. Selama ni dia hanya pura- pura tak tau- semua kerana anak-anak. Carry on Helen! I like your style.

  3. helen ang….. u think we readers are dumb kids meh? u choose one naughty photo snap and tryin to make people think azizah not happy is it? why never show a different pic of azizah smiling…. got so many wat… like b4 she get up to hug anwar.. after they hug also got smiling azizah pic… aiyah.. stop being a spinner like rocky bru la helen… oh ya, for ur info if u think i am an anwar fanboy ah, ur wrong lar….. i dont think anwar is great… there are better PM candidates than him for pakatan…… but i tell u lar… i dont like anwar also i dont do dirty blogging like this……. zero marks for ur blogging dis time helen…..

    I’m glad you commented Jonathan so that the rest of this blog’s readers are introduced to your level.– Helen

    The pix on this page was selected & Tweeted by Nurul Izzah herself. Link here with the message “Mama and papa’s first embrace after verdict we are vindicated, Alhamdulillah.” She did not tweet any other picture of the scene — chronology of her Twitter feed here,

    1. A picture is worth a thousand words, yet that picture was chosen by Nurul Izzah. Keep us wondering why don’t you think?

    2. thats exactly da point. nurul izzah chose the pic….. but why add this type of spin to it? see what kind of interpretation helen is squeezin out of da readers? takde kerje lain ka helen? buat la komentar yg membina minda sket…. dont la nak putar2 alam macam rocky bru. i rest my case.

      1. ” I rest my case”

        Yes. Please do and go back to reading Malaysiakini. But you would need a new hero as your RPK is not talking as how you wanted him to nowadays.

      2. Hevea, why does everyone who tries to defend decency gets attacked as a *Pakatan hardcore person* or a *RPK-style Pakatan fanatic*? Many who comment here may not support Anwar but if they defend decency against the kind of insinuations Helen is making pun kena label as Anwaristas and Pakatan Rioters ke? Outrageous. Helen, go back to writing some quality stuff. Criticize Pakatan by all means but dont resort to cheap tricks like this. Reminds me of Rocky Bru.

  4. She was probably overcome with emotion. She was overwhelmed with relief and, in such a state, who could grin endlessly like a monkey. It was a very emotional moment for her. There were times when she smiled, times when she cried. She is the wife who had stood by her husband all these years, and finally, to see him vindicated would be almost too much for her.

    1. Totally agreed. It kinda nasty of Helen to try to make such subtle insinuations

      Actually, she looks glum in most of the other photos I’ve seen of her today. — Helen

    2. Memanglah you Helen, very teruk la you!!I Menyelak kain kak Azizah, itukan reaksi semulajadi Azizah when she feels trap remember when she try to covers Anwar whereabouts during the allege rape took place. She was lost for word during press conference when she was asked further to where was the meeting. Also the same reaction when confronted about the omega. Perhaps it was a cried for help. Her almost found freedom not granted.

    3. They key word is probably. To assume that is is overcome with emotion, of enormous relief is no better than to assume that she is not happy with the not guilty verdict.

  5. You are cruel, Helen, to use one photo to insinuate that Azizah was anything but happy with the “not guilty” verdict. Are you normal or not?
    Have you ever seen someone overcome with relief weeping instead of smiling or laughing? Never?
    The poor lady has been put thru a lot and probably was too overcome by emotions. Do you ever stop to think that she endured too many sleepless nights to jump up and down with joy for the public’s benefit? Shame on you, Helen, for stooping so low!

    You should learn BM & understand my comment #4 (above) in reply to Hasan. — Helen

      1. “Someone like me?”
        What do you mean? Insinuations are insinuations so don’t try to cover your tracks later on ….

  6. Helen,

    Wan Azizah pegang tangan Anwar all the time – hence pakai glove (sebelah kanan sahaja).

    Reason: supaya tak batal air sembahyang

    BTW, you ought to admire the perseverance characteristics of WA kan?

    1. Yes I admire WAzizah. That is why I am so angry with AI, to put her through such ordeal and paraded her and used her as another pawn in his political game, to gain sympathty towards his cause.

  7. Helen, I used to admire your writing previously, but nowadays you have become just like Rocky – a spinmaster. I hope you never have to go through the kind of sorrow that DSAI’s family had. Instead of these silly and bitchy articles and comments please go back to the more substantive type of writing you used to do.

    1. henrietta, If you really admire her writing then you must respect her decision to speak her mind and not wishing her to write something that satisfies your own small mind.

  8. What came to Azizah’s mind at that moment?
    Oh no, I have to put up with his butt screwing again.
    If Anwar is jailed, she will get some relieve from having to put up with Anwar’s dirty tactics.
    Don’t you think so?

    1. Helen…….. no comment about dis Mohd guy punya statement ka?? how come butt screwing type of comment like dis you so quiet?………. aiyah Helennn why so bias one……….

      1. Jonathan. In fact I do have one comment on the Mohd Guy. And here it is;

        Whatever he said is TRUE!

  9. Elijah,

    I’m glad you see my point.

    The same logic applies to why are those who think that the opposition is thrash are lumped together as an UMNO or BN stooge even though they are not members nor supporters.

    The moment their comrades in arms takes an about turn, they are branded as UMNO or BN stooges.

    Its so pathetic that before this, they were literally eating the grass that RPK was walking and believing what he said hook, line and sinker but now he is branded as “pekakas BN”.

    I never took him seriously but I look up to intelllects like Chandra Muzaffar, Zainur Zakaria etc who stuck their head out and got shafted in the end.

    So you expect me to take the opposition seriously?

    1. Only those who think will write like you Hevea, those who follow blindly wil write like you know who…

  10. Ramai juga yang tidak bersetuju dan menghentam Helen. Meskipun Helen telah meng “iya” kan apa yang ditulis oleh Hassan pada nota 4.

    Sifat dan perangai manusia memang begitu. Mesti ada perbalahan dan pertelagahan tentang sesuatu yang dibangkitkan. Semua ini mengajar manusia erti kehidupan dan menjadi lebih matang dalam menempuh likuan kehidupan.

    Ada yang memberi komentar yang sebegini rupa kepada Helen.. – “Instead of these silly and bitchy articles and comments please go back to the more substantive type of writing you used to do.” Tidakkah ianya seperti jarum yang menusuk ke kalbumu , Helen..?

    Juga terdapat komentar yang bersifat mendahului taqdir – ” If Anwar is jailed, she will get some relieve from having to put up with Anwar’s dirty tactics.” Orang yang melontarkan komentar ini saya rasa sudah tentu pernah tinggal sebumbung dengan keluarga Anwar Ibrahim sebelum Nurul Izzah dilahirkan.

    Sedangkan Rasulullah saw telah bersabda.. – Janganlah kamu berkalau-kalau kerana ianya akan memberi peluang kepada amal syaitan..!

    Helen apa-apa pun bentuk kandungan tulisan kamu sepatutnya menjurus kepada membenci kepada kemungkaran dan menganjurkan perkara-perkara kebaikan.

    Hentam DAP/Pakatan, hentam jugalah UMNO/BN. Serang peribadi Anwar dan keluarga maka dalam masa yang serang jugalah Najib dan keluarga.

    Semua manusia memiliki kelemahan dan kekurangan diri tetapi dalam masa yang sama ada kekuatan dan kelebihan dalam diri mereka. Gilap dan asahlah kekuatan dan kelebihan dalam diri kita itu agar ianya dapat menutup kelemahan dan kekurangan diri kita.

    Jangan benarkan musuh-musuh kamu menghidu kelemahan diri kamu, nanti akibatnya akan dilanda sindrom sesak-nafas dan ditertawakan…!

    Kudos dan mudos untuk Helen.

    1. Muda siapa kata Helen tidak ada mengkritik BN sila baca semua articles terlebih dahulu. Helen is just doing what she does best provoking your thought and if she is not fair or bias you will not be seeing some of the comments that is not favaourable to her

  11. 海伦, 老实告诉您吧,我读了您这篇“大作”的第一个反应是天啊,真的有必要如此吗?对于安华和他当年在位特别是教育部长时的一副嘴脸,我牢记不忘,可他这位妻子可说是做到了很多女人不易办到的角色,我总觉得她心中有说不出的苦,对她,我们不能宽容一点吗?我大概猜想得到您要表达甚么,可把她和冠英的这幅照片放在一起,虽然您没多加评论,我还是觉得您过分了。

  12. Dear Hua Yong,

    பிரித்தானியாவில் 2011 அம் ஆண்டிற்கான குடிசன மதிப்பீடு நடைபெற்று வருகின்றது. நீங்கள் எத்தனை பேர் வீட்டில் இருக்கிறீர்கள் என்பது தொடர்பாக அவர்கள் கணக்கு எடுத்து பிரித்தானிய மக்களின் அளவைக் கணக்கிடுகின்றனர்.

    இப் படிவத்தில் 16ம் கேள்வியாக உங்கள் இனம் என்ன (அதாவது நீங்கள் பிறந்த நாடு) எது என்ற கேள்வி கேட்கப்படுகிறது.

  13. I am amazed that Anwar and his Pakatan leaders (and cheerleaders like Ambiga) think most Malaysians are stupid like party members. They predicted Anwar will be acquitted as BN is afraid PR will win with Anwar. They claimed that with Anwar in jail, PR has better chance of winning.

    And then when Anwar was actually acquitted, they claim this is because BN afraid of people’s power and with this acquittal PR has a great chance of winning the GE.

    I think in this ugly drama that was sodomy 2, the biggest loser was Anwar. Despite his acquittal his name was dragged through mud and many neutrals are convinced of his guilt even though he seemed to be led to a trap. Wikileaks’ disclosure did not help him at all. Even his supporters in the west are highly doubtful of his innocence.

    With this case over there will be no need for any foreign human rights, pro democracy groups to support Anwar and he will be quickly forgotten especially now that Najib has repaired Malaysia’s relationship with western countries.

    Also now that this case is over, people like Tengku Razaleigh, Zaid,etc will be disappointed that their opportunities have gone. So you will start to see these folks suddenly making 180 degree turns from their previous critical comments of UMNO.

    Actually with Anwar being free, Pakatan will suffer both in terms of support as well as internal harmony. We will start to see internal clashes as he starts to be more assertive and in the process making unfathomable,stupid decisions that will alienate many people.

    Had Anwar been jailed, Pakatan would have been forced to look for new, cleaner leaders and in the process removed the bad hats like Azmin and Anwar’s cronies & family. This would have made PKR and PR stronger and would have stood a real chance of toppling BN. Unfortunately for PR, Anwar will remain and will keep trying to be the PM until he end up dead. And as long as Anwar remains as head of PR, the coalition will never be able to enjoy credibility and forever tainted with all kind of allegations.

    So, it is kiss goodbye to 13GE for Pakatan.

  14. Helen,

    One thing that make me respect you is, you will never block commenter (as far as I know) and you speak your mind. I know that Mkini and TMI block so many comments that do not favor the opposition and recently I’m surprised to know that even Syed Outside the box also block comments that he has no answer to fight back.

    Some people may not like it but they fail to see that this will create a healthy discussion among readers and everybody can say anything to state/defend their points.

    1. Chewal,

      It is not just MKini and MI but even so called champions of democracy and free speeches like LKS and Jeff Ooi blocks comments and even ban commentators who post comments that criticizing them.

      You might also have noted that MI and MK have gotten rid of even the few writers who used to have some semblance of neutrality and now populated entirely by rabid pro-PR/anti-BN writers. At least before they used to allow letters from people like me but now they have completely banned any letters or comments that are critical of PR.

      Helen: Don’t forget the block on Twitter even — Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa

      1. MKini and MInsider are not doing the fight for democracy and freedom of expression any good by acting like mainstream media by blocking out views that are not similar to them or to the view that they can agree with.

    1. kenapa jahat? sebab helen tidak memuja perempuan yang pejamkan mata walaupun tahu suaminya curang?

      1. Wah Syed Azman sangat yakin dan semacam tahu luar biasa hal DSAI&family… macamana dengan keluarga DS Najib&Rosmah? saya pun nak tahu drp tuan yang maha mengetahui ni supaya hilang beberapa kemusykilan saya selama ni…

  15. insider….intelligent people will look @ the subject matter first B4 commenting. Clever people will comment first..and then look @ the subject matter.

    If everyone thinks the same – isnt it a boring blog?

    and if you want only sweets and sweets in a blog – go and read and participate in a pro-Aljuburi blogs :-)))) theyre plenty of the Al Taqsub members in the Net!!!!

    It is nice to see people deliberate calmly – not all – while others simply hammer this and that person.

    If you do not like what you see – leave the blog. If you like it..either continue reading or read AND join.

    Me? Id like to warn everyone to watch their backs the next time they bend and pick up a pen, pencil, shoes or soap – Al Juburi is back on the streets!!!!

    And yes…poor Wan Azizah….

    It would be very interesting though if that Punjabi Godfather would swear on his Holy Book that he NEVER instigated or brought up Al Juburi’s unusual sexual preferences way back in 1997!!!

    But with Al Juburi refusing to swear on the Holy Quran himself….

    Im now trying to stop imagine if could it be that there could have been a Who did to Who between Al Juburi and the Punjabi Godfather!!!

    Go on Helen…its YOUR blog btw…

    1. AntiAljuburiArmy

      wah kah kah kah!

      you writting speaks them all..may god condemn you and your family

  16. You as a Chinese blogging in Malay, from the days of writing ( in English for Malaysiakini ){ muhibbah ? 1Malaysia ?} is highly admirable/strategic ( who knows ), alas…

    but the contents ?

    lol !

    1. I think helen dishes out admirable content but the problem is some people only see content as good only when it conform to their own biases and pander to their own way of thinking or point of views

  17. Hello everyone,
    I am compelled to defend Helen in this matter as she is not the first one to imply that Wan Azizah may not be as happy with her hubby as some might think. The first person to mention this was actually Zulkifli Noordin, when he told the story of how the by-election that eventually led to Anwar becoming a wakil rakyat came to be. You need to only go to his web-site to read what he has to say. But of course, PR has gone on major character assasination on him and anyone who do not agree with them. I find it incredible that a lot of people who do not Know these people (anwar, azizah etc) personally, can trust them 100% and yet do not believe, and even ridicule, those that actually know them and have realised that they are not all that they seem. I tend to believe those who have left PKR, even after their character have been malign completely. They knew these people, they were once on the inside…and for them to have left PKR and be so disillusioned, speaks volume…Tak kan lah semua yang tinggal PKR nak duit tapi Tak dapat? Chandra muzaffar, Zulkifli Noordin, etc…

    1. Good point Catty. It’s amazing that after so many people left PKR so many people still do not want to open their mind to the possibilities that the people who left were disgusted with Anwar and what he represents.

      1. Is that all? Anwar or no Anwar is not a problem… it’s only that at the moment he is the symbol against very corrupt UMNO/BN!! Not corrupt?what about Shahrizat family’s NFC-government fund company scandal or Taib’s-super brilliant children’s company that monopoly state government projects… the point is how people not so much blind with Allah know best – whether Anwar is gay or not, or whether it is Anwar-Saiful consented sodomy – when there are too many visible in land corruption scandals but no appropriate measures taken by the respected authority like SPRM, PDRM – which should be free – but not really free from BN Govt control – only for selected cases for the sake of PM’s image!!

    2. DATUK Zulkifli Noordin? You are saying that you actually believe this Kulim Kedah MP fast tracked Datuk?
      If he’s as holy and God fearing as he implies he is now, he should have told the “truth” about Anwar earlier (now he tells us he knew everything right from the start)instead of helping Anwar pull the wool over our eyes. He postured himself at Anwar’s feet and licked his shoes for a MP post. Kulim folks will kick him out come GE13, mark my words. We will give our vote our vote to MCA again.At least they walk their talk.
      How he managed to become a Datuk (awarded from another state other than Kedah) so soon makes one wonder? He has done nothing notable in Kulim but condemning his ex idol left and right at every BN given opportunity.
      Now Chandra Muzaffar is another case – I have respect for him and his ideals.
      By the way I do agree with Syed Aman’s comments about Helen and her blog. Keep it up, Helen!

      1. Hmm Sally, you just kinda proved my point with regards to the opposition resorting to ‘character assasination” every time one of their own turns against them. Why not just answer the allegations instead of attacking a person’s character? People change, everyone evolve. With new inputs, we process and come out with different outputs. There is something wrong somewhere when people who receive new updated inputs choose to produce the same outputs. So, take what people say,whether you suka atau tidak, dan fikir la secara rational. The easiest way to defend, is to attack. It takes courage to answer people’s allegations and to admit when you are wrong. I feel that with Zulkifli Noordin. I may not be his fan, but I listen to what he has to say and evaluate whether to believe him or not. To quote chris rock “only an idiot makes up his mind before he listens to the issues”. I try to not be an idiot (even though I fail from time to time).

      2. So the allegation, hearsay and speculation by this Zulkifli Noordin not amounting to ‘character assassination’?

        There’s a difference. Zul Noordin was a PKR-Anwar insider and one of Anwar’s lawyer for his sodomy case (esp. in the syariah matters). He was a close friend of the family — see photos in the Net.

        The speculation about critics — e.g. Umno paid Doc Rafick RM1 million — is by the Pakatan crowd who have never met the blogger in person. — Helen

      3. “is by the Pakatan crowd who have never met the blogger in person.”

        How do you know Helan? Rafick told you?

        “He was a close friend of the family”

        Are you a close friend of LGE?

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