15 thoughts on “Gambar Elizabeth Wong muncul di sini pula

  1. Elizabeth ni memang cantik. Tapi dia salah kerjaya. Dia kalau jadi model aku akan kawin dengan dia

  2. Hmm.. apa nak kata ah ? PRU dah nak dekat. Semua “billboard” Khalid Gaygap dah bubuh muka dia. Jadi, ini la satu jalan nak sua muka..

    Nasib baik dia guna gambar ni, kalau gambar2 yang lain-lain tu lain cerita nya pulak.

  3. Boyfren dia dulu apa cerita?

    Edited. — Helen

  4. Laa! Tajuk Helen buat tajuk macam tu, nak tarik pembaca baru melawat blog ni ke? Ingatkan tadi ada gambar baru, macam gambar Eli yang terkenal tu!

    Tapi Helen, bagi penyokong mereka, semua nya elok, bijak, sesuai.

    Mereka boleh buat, tapi kalau orang lain yang buat, salah!

  5. Kind of hypocritical isn’t it ? Someone who has been proven to be immoral and who refused to resign after getting caught in a sex scandal yet appears on calenders lecturing down people to go green. It beats me how she could face people after she was “exposed” in more than one way. I guess it runs in the party and leadership by example with her party boss being involved in sodomy, china dolls and Thai gals sex scandals.

    Notice how she positioned the bag ? That meant to cover her recent prosperity (ie ballooning tummy). If you notice many of the former PR leaders driving around in Proton just before GE, now are being driven around in luxury cars.

    1. Calvin Sankaran, What a Clever and brilliant comment. Full stop. U have said what is in my mind. Yup, Immoral and shameless woman.

    2. Personally, as someone who is non-Muslim and non-Christian, I’d prefer to put the sexual morality business on the backburner — this includes for Anwar (pun intended? maybe) …

      for Chua Soi Lek, Rahim Thamby Chik, Abu Hassan Omar, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Bung Mokhtar and other politicians who have been caught in sex scandals or whose names have been linked with marriages the consummation of which caused hurt to other families.

      I understand that those belonging to the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) put sexual morality squarely in the public sphere because of the religious teachings that you follow.

      But for me, I feel that there are more critical issues of governance plaguing our political elites, and these are the areas that affect us (citizens) more seriously.

      While the sexual mores of the politicians admittedly affect their partners and their families, it does not impact on voters the same way as other forms of misgovernance do.

      Recall that Chua Soi Lek was reelected MCA president. The party delegates indicated that they could live and let live with his actions. So can I.

      When CSL’s critics refuse to let go of their Rottweiler attacks on that tape, they’re doing us a disfavour each time they deflect the focus to his extramarital affair whenever he raises a genuine issue.

      My opinion is that our politicians are already wanting in other departments (intelligence, decency, compassion, common sense and particularly straight-talking). Therefore, I wouldn’t put what they do in their bedrooms on my list of political sins. Their sexual life as far as I’m concerned is their own private business.

      I’m also not impressed with the banner slogan “Righteousness exalts a nation” that Hannah Yeoh displays on her website. There is a risk that such a (self) superior attitude veers to self-righteousness, and I don’t need that sermonizing – particularly Hannah’s irritating religious homilies – in my politicians.

      Guys, I’m not giving a lecture or anything like that here. Just confessing that I’m a liberal, and also to avert further adverse comments on Elizabeth Wong as this posting was never meant to put her in a spot but more of me being naughty with the headline.

      1. But the lecture is a good one. My reservation is that most society even those from the west is not that liberal and tolerance toward politician exposed extramarital affair, everyone have right to choose his course and action, my only hope is that please spare the family member, most of the time, they don’t have a choice.

      2. Helen,

        We understand your position. I am no moralist or conservative myself. Many of us are least interested in Liz Wong’s sex life or her Paris Hilton-like lifestyle. What makes many people upset is that leaders like Liz tend to be highly condescending and mouthing high moral principles but don’t seem to “cakap serupa bikin”. We expect someone with high moral stance to own up and resign and not offer excuses that belittle our intelligence. That’s why CSL is a leader people still respect and willing to give a 2nd chance.

        Ibrahim Ali is not someone I will “like” in my FB page but he’s no hypocrite and doesn’t go around preaching.

        I equated Hannah @ Norhana Yeop to Sarah Palin in one of my letters and she’s daily proving this fact with her tweets and speeches. She uses religion the same way Ibrahim uses race while riding the moral high horse.

        Agree that Ibrahim Ali is not a hypocrite unlike the ‘Ye All are My Brothers and Sisters’ bunch. Cheers. — Helen

  6. anak badak air dlm kalender sapa nak nengok? potong setim jer..kalau nengok eli rasa tak nak buang sampah merata-rata! lu memang cun la eli..lu kasi ramai sakit mental..

  7. Shit. *** PR jadi model hijau pulak

    Edited. — Helen

  8. Hahaha…Selangor kekal hijau?

    Just imagine they conducted PJ half marathon @ Kelana Jaya last October with “Run for a greener PJ” theme, at the same time they allow the GREEN Kelana Jaya PKNS field for a mega mixed- development project which comprises five 35-storey apartment blocks and two 15-storey business complexes – just imagine the number of cars then and of course this will worsen the traffic congestion on the LDP & increase pollution.

    Run for a polluted PJ or Selangorku akan dicat Hijau…

    This land was earlier classified the as a clubhouse/recreational zone.

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