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To take a break from the heavy weather of the past two series on White Angpow and Jalan Kebun-ABU/Hindraf, here’s a pictorial in a lighter vein.

Below is what happens when a person desperately pretends to be something he’s not. Methinks you guys know those whom I have in mind.

Content pinched from ‘A Photographic History of Michael Jackson’s Face’ — you can go to this web page which contains the accompanying text write-up.

If he hadn’t messed with his face, he’d have looked decent enough.

This very – really very – black guy with no cosmetic surgery done was married to a blonde supermodel. Photo here. They have 4 kids but recently divorced. (Celebrity life like that lah, what to do)

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  1. It was confirmed in Michael Jackson’s official autopsy that he suffered from vitiligo. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a disease where parts of his skin lost its dark pigmentation.

    We all know that you are born with fair skin. Stop picking on dead black people who really had a serious and emotionally scarring disease.

    Btw, Jon Hamm, the star of Mad Men also has vitiligo. Would you make fun of a handsome white man?

    Of course, I don’t know what disease MJ had that prompted him to have the nose job. I doubt it was sinusitis. Perhaps it was Wantobecaucasianitis

    That may be so but vitiligo while affecting the skin in patches does not cause the face to transform from a black man’s features (Afro hair, broad nose, thick lips) to a white woman’s. — Helen

    1. I think the ethos peculiar to a certain race can shape the person belonging to that race.

      I’ll give you a personal example. I’m fairly decent in Math. It could just be the positive reinforcement from the racial stereotyping, like how Chinese schoolkids shine in Math Olympiads.

      Whereas another person may have grown up in a self-deprecating environment where his community has a ‘fear’ of Math & thus instilling self-doubt. It doesn’t mean that either one of us was born with a genetically superior or inferior brain for math.

      But then the other community may excel in other fields where surrounded by positive role models.

      The excellence of the Romanian woman’s gymnastics team would be one example of this scheme at work, or Malaysia’s own success in badminton.

      1. So, I guess you do subscribe to it.

        You have to understand that you benefit from the positive stereotyping. Chinese are always perceived as superior academically, and it does lend a hand to boosting their confidence in school.

        I want to dispel such myths. I think it’s not helpful to perpetuate any form of stereotype. It’s worse in a multicutural society.

        ALso, can you tell me how many Chinese have furthered mathematics knowledge overall? How many chinese won the coveted Fields Medal. Who solved the Poincare conjecture and the Fermat’s last theorem?

        In fact, to westerners (ie white people) the chinese are only good at rote learning. So, they have counterexamples to popular positive asian stereotypes.

        I had a Chinese friend who tried to use the economic concept of ‘comparative advantage’ to explain why some work is offshored to Indian (subcontinent) engineers. There is some truth in that. It’s not that they are much better than say western or malaysian engineers.

        Similarly, it can be said that when looking at the tedious work and meticulousness that is required for mathematical knowledge, the chinese culture does help. The culture does promote iterative and monotonous habits, which are good for mathematical learning.

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