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KFC dust-up and alleged ‘babi’ name-calling

UPDATE 4: This piece of news is being talked about in chat forum(s) in Indonesia, and has hit Singapore – World News item next? — 7.45pm, Feb 9

UPDATE 3: Sample of Malaysiakini readers’ call for boycott of Kentucky Fight Club and this is surely replicated in Facebook, chat forums and elsewhere. So who says a discussion here of the episode is making a mountain out of a molehill?

Elsewhere, FMT story ‘Punched customer: I won’t go back to KFC‘ tallied 11,900+ Facebook shares, and 12,300+ online shares and 326 tweets at 11.15pm — this must be a record for the news portal.

There’s also a pattern in the responses — Malay-named readers defend the KFC staff, Chinese-named readers defend the customer (not everyone defends or blames but there is certainly a discernible trend as stated). — 2.35pm, Feb 9

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UPDATE 2: ‘KFC assault victim denies provoking attack’ (in Malaysiakini)

“I was angry and scolded them loudly but I didn’t not use any vulgar, racial or discriminatory words,” said Danny Ng during a press conference today.

“Some accused me of saying things that insulted religion and race. I had never said it… Some accused me of being drunk that night but I was not. I don’t drink,” he stressed. — 1.15pm, Feb 9

UPDATE 1: goodking2’s upload has similarly been flagged as inappropriate. Why inappropriate? It’s not a snuff film, it’s not porn, it doesn’t contain profanities, it’s not graphic violence or explicit torture. In fact, it’s milder than any cowboy punch-throwing scene ever screened on our TV.

So why do people seem think that this 28-second video is so inappropriate that is has to be flagged? Or is KFC the one doing the flagging?! Although it’s flagged in YouTube, earlier embedded versions (like below on this blog page) are unaffected. — Feb 9


Video re-uploaded by YouTube user ‘goodking2’ yesterday (Feb 7) after earlier video titled ‘Pekerja KFC yang kurang ajar’ uploaded by ‘Jess6366’ was flagged.

Jess6366 had written that one of the workers allegedly told the customer: “Kalau mau makan, buat sendiri lah babi (If you want to eat, make it yourself, pig!)” — FMT report here. 

That the punched customer was called ‘babi’ is telling of the parlous state of race relations.

From the video, both the assailant and the victim are young people.

As we know, young people are more Internet savvy as a general trend.

Do you think that race relations has been deliberately aggravated by the nature of political activities online?

Asia Sentinel yesterday did a report on Malaysian cyberscape which included a telephone interview with Rocky Bru.

“Ahiruddin Attan, the Kuala Lumpur-based pro-government blogger who writes under the name ‘Rocky’s Bru’ says last September he pulled together friends to set up what he calls a small news portal called The Mole with the idea ‘to give certain balance to the reports of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Today‘.”

“In Ahiruddin’s view, ‘there are too many anti-establishment, anti-government sites in Malaysia’.”

Asia Sentinel, a regional online news portal, itself had a paragraph describing “the proliferating anti-establishment news organizations that are thronging Malaysia” as well as “an explosion of readers who gather their news from the Internet”.

In its article ‘Malaysia’s Anti-Opposition Bloggers’, Asia Sentinel reported:

“Because all of Malaysia’s mainstream media, including newspapers and television, are owned by its ruling political parties the country has generated perhaps the most vociferous opposition Internet news portals in the region, with some, including Malaysiakini and the Malaysian Insider, providing professional coverage of the government.” [bold emphasis mine]

Asia Sentinel makes a parallel mention of the cybertroopers on the payroll of the government of China for comparison.

“The so-called ’50-cent party’ arose in China in 2005 when Nanjing University officials hired students to search bulletin boards for undesirable information and counter it with comments friendly to the Communist Party. The price for each entry was said to be half a yuan (0.8 US cents) although varying prices have been paid by different Chinese organizations.

“The result has been a deluge of comments, not only on Chinese bulletin boards but almost any Internet publication across the globe that contains stories about China. Any even-mildly negative story about China on the pages of Asia Sentinel is certain to generate swift and angry replies …”

Although Asia Sentinel‘s story focus was on anti-opposition bloggers, its description of the terracotta cyber army is more fitting of pro-opposition followers.

Taking the two elements “a deluge of comments” flooding any story that is negative, as well as “swift and angry replies” — and measuring both these indicators in our local context — it’s indisputable that such cyber carpet-bombing is representative of Pakatan supporters especially the DAP’s.

In fact, I rarely see any comments online defending MCA by netizens with Chinese-sounding names.

Does the aggression online by smear campaigners, admittedly from both sides of the political divide, have any percolated effect on the ground? (i.e. increasing the possibility of short tempers sparking incidents like the one-sided fisticuff at KFC)

The antagonism, which in the country inevitably takes on a communal hue, is augmented and amplified through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking. Even the recent Bread War between Gardenia and Massimo was coloured by race.

Can we make any link between online venting and race-influenced bust-ups in ‘real’ life due to the fact that a sizable segment of the combative cyber participants who are pro-opposition are Chinese (DAP supporters) whereas their pro-establishment opposite numbers are Malay (Umno supporters).

I do not see that MCA has any discernible presence in the news portals, and as individuals, the Chinese editors and reporters (personally and independent of the organizations they work for) lean towards DAP.

The Chinese may rant louder and with a more contemptuous sting (take this guy, for example) in the virtual world but in the real world – if the KFC altercation* is to be any barometer – the regular Malay male is more physical and packs a punch.

I’ve written several times on ADU – Asal Dapat Undi – and the length those people are willing to go to get votes but its proponents are seemingly oblivious that their incessant taunting may translate into undesirable consequences.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

* Disclaimer: I’m only judging by appearances and appearances can be deceiving as in the nude squat in police lock-up case. However, I’m still willing to generalize that the Malay male is tougher as they’re in the uniformed services, i.e. police, army and play football etc. whereas Chinese guys typically look like this.

Continued: KFC punch: What’s the real temperature of babi?, Babi belaan selebriti dan ‘pig nose’ Cina



Malay support emboldening biadap syndrome

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101 thoughts on “KFC dust-up and alleged ‘babi’ name-calling

  1. That’s why I feel the irresponsible and incompetent opposition must not be allowed to win power. If they do, Malaysians are in for a lot of more vicious politicking, racial clashes, political murders, strikes, riots, arson, economic sabotage, a run on the banks and ultimately an exodus of investors from Malaysia. Basically, Malaysians will be much poorer than before, living in uncertain times, with escalating crimes and danger to life lurking everywhere. By that time, the opposition leaders are likely to be the first ones running away from this country, leaving the mess they created, behind. It will then take at least another two generations to rebuild

    1. Whatever the reasons, the customer should not utter racist profanities .
      Malaysian must restrain themselves from making racist profanity when in tense situation. They have habit of profanities since schooldays……no people will take racist profanities lightly…….

      1. @Overseasbumi.. it’s the alleged phrase of “cibai punya melayu” uttered by the ah beng that is considered racist remarks.. not babi… babi is a common word to scold somebody.. malays, chinese, indians use it.. even mat saleh scold using the words ie: you filthy PIG….

  2. Cik Helen Ang,
    Saya amat tidak senang hati dengan sikap kurang sopan sesaorang pekerja , tidak kira bangsa apa pun.
    Perlukah saya selidik lebih lanjut apa yang menyebabkab budak Melayu itu mengeluarkan kata kata yang kurang sopan itu?
    Langkah itu memerlukan saya mengetahui perkara sabenar dari A sampai Z.
    Bukanlah senang bagi saya jatuhkan hukuman.
    Sometimes the truth hurts!

    1. Any public quarrel between two camps belonging to different races doesn’t necessarily have to have anything directly to do with politics at all, correct. But one can’t get away from the political climate, right?

      The reported fights between groups of boys in National Service camps have been racial.

      In this case, the ‘babi’ calling is racial as otherwise there are a choice of four-letter expletives or animal names to choose from — beruk, monyet, lembu, kerbau or anjing which everybody seems to be calling everybody (police & MCA being among the frequent targets).

      This YouTube has spilled over to Facebook forums (as have other incidents like the Chinese girl who ranted online that her h/p was stolen by an Indian & who proceeded to stereotype Indians & causing a race uproar) & netizens are taking sides racially, tho’ not all, or course.

      Even roti has race.

      1. Yeah if the reporting were framed under a racial angle, but from what I read, most commenters actually give their view from a service versus customer perspective.

        Back to politics, Chinese not support DAP alone, they support a coalition that consist of parties that represented Malaysian, I don’t think the number will be as high as present if the coalition break off. Thus some of the comments that tell 80%-90% Chinese support DAP is factually inaccurate.

        “Because all of Malaysia’s mainstream media, including newspapers and television, are owned by its ruling political parties the country has generated perhaps the most vociferous opposition Internet news portals in the region,..” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…..well said.

        Re: Chinese support Pakatan & not just DAP alone sounds a reasonable hypothesis. If we had more opinion polls to gauge sentiments & these are more neutral (rather than commissioned by the parties themselves), we’d be able to have a more accurate idea than the present guestimates. — Helen

      2. i don’t think babi is racist at all. babi has been used to maki hamun so long it has become something that rolls off the tongue so easily. is gila babi racist then? if i say gila babi do i mean a crazy chinese person? not at all. that you are feeling this way reveals your way of thinking and character, to a certain extent. I know of people who actually felt more insulted if people say anjing, rather than babi, to them. babi is sort of like bodoh; it rolls off the tongue very easily, and it’s less obscene than say, p**imak or c**ai. in fact in the kfc case i felt the only two logical choices would be bodoh or babi. not because its a malay saying it to a chinese, it’s just the situation and how i read it.

        ..and who the hell maki with kerbau, lembu, beruk anyway? teachers maybe, because babi or p**imak are obscene words that teachers should never utter. and god knows what’ll happen to teachers who say their students are bodoh.


    2. Given the latest development where the assault victim’s press conference was held in the office of DAP MP Lim Lip Eng & the guy’s claimed that he was approached by DAP officials after the incident, then this case has something to do with the politics of the party (that strangely claims it is race-blind).

      1. DAP did approach, helps to arrange a press conference and further “advised netizens, especially Facebook users, not to play up racial sentiments over the matter, as they were not present during the attack”. Is that not an approach not to turn every event into flimsy racial narrative of victimhood / aggressor?

  3. Helen,

    Your agenda is becoming clearer. You;ll downgrade Malay as you wish in any situation.

    Then, you’re actually very racist. Don’t deny that because it is thick in your mind and heart.

    1. This is not her agenda.

      She is just programmed this way, just like most in her community.

      I have already proven in another post that Helen believes in racial hierarchy. Though I do think she is making a sincere effort to understand it’s not right. And she is very intelligent, you know. She knows there is a nature vs nuture argument related to that.

      People like her would have to go through intense social re-progremming. It can’t be done in Malaysia. There are too many negative influences.

      After reading some of the Malay posts, Helen would probably return to her chauvinist buddies, most of whom won’t openly declare their chauvinism.

      Let Helen go and live among the general population in Australia or US and let her see how chinese are mistreated by the white people. I am sure she would slowly move to the enclaves where there are majority chinese.

      1. You are only guessing, beside telling us stereotype doesn’t help which i agree, i don’t see you have proven anything. The funny thing is that many of your comments is sort of stereotyping.

        Chinese is good in arithmetic, not mathematics, the reason is rote learning and practice, perhaps also due to hanzi and hanyu.

      2. I have demonstrated many times that stereotypes go both ways, negatively and positively.

        We can try to stop stereotyping, but it won’t make it go away. People do it unconsciously– myself included. It takes quite a bit of effort to stop falling in the trap of generalizing based on race, religion or nationality.

  4. Helen, When I got angry with my Malay friends, I called him babi too… And, tell you what, my Indian friend also scolded me with Babi when I calleh him Cilakak!


    My gut feeling is that the guy wouldn’t have been punched if he was Malay. — Helen

    1. I was told by a student who had to take ‘Interlok’ that the ‘pariah’ name-calling against Indians in the school increased after the textbook was incorporated into the syllabus — anecdotal not empirical observation.

      Oh ya, and there were race fights too. But no data on whether there were more incidences post-Interlok.

      1. What’s the deal with word ‘pariah’? Western people use it all the time. It’s a valid word used in many contexts.

        What do you think of word coolie? I think the word has already lost its sting because you don’t see that many chinese laborers anymore.

        Some people like to keep some words as ‘slurs’ because it does empower. Any use of the word can escalate things. And some people LOVE to escalate matters. See fight over fried chicken…

        1. In the context of the situation marginalized Indians are faced with in M’sia, lending a nod of legitimacy to the word ‘pariah’ in schools is retrogressive. Just like NEP was to do away with the connotation of word ‘Ahmad’, not instead to spread & popularize it.

          The objection was against an inappropriate text foisted on a captive & vulnerable audience, i.e. students who compulsorily have to take the novel as an exam piece in a must-pass language paper (BM & not an elective Kesusasteraan Melayu).

          Also from [sample] questions asked on the novel in school term tests & the Ministry’s own teacher’s guide, the leading questions were skewed to elicit answers that stereotyped the Indian community (viewed through jaundiced Malay eyes)…

          … such as ‘Jika jumpa ular dan keling, ketuk mana dulu’ — this phrase is NOT found in Interlok but I’m just giving a concrete & concise example of extant racial prejudices.

          The author Abdullah Hussain did mischaracterize Indians — that’s why the strong objections from Indians which finally forced the novel to be withdrawn from the syllabus.

      2. I do criticize some malay friends who use the word ‘pariah’ in closed circles. I know when they are using it in a derogatory fashion. I hope the word loses its sting in the future as the indian community gains more affluence.

        But by publicly opposing its use in literature, the indian community and some other politicians are trying to maintain the taboo associated with that word. They use it to gain political mileage.

        For the indian community, it can actually benefit them. Just like the word ‘nigger’ is used by the black community in the US. A white person can NEVER use the word in any public way, but black people can.

        When black people say ‘nigger’, even in anger towards another black, it’s ok. This allows some black people to get away with their own bad behavior.

        There was an uproar in the US to remove the word nigger in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry finn. I think there are many parallel with the anti-Interlok issue.

        Depends on how it’s handled in the classroom by the teachers. In M’sia, we have principals like Siti Inshah & Ungku Aznan Ungku Mansor. These kind of ‘educators’ will use ‘Interlok’ as a God-sent tool to humiliate minority students. — Helen

      3. Therefore we should rebuke the teachers who use abusive language or who use literature to promote negative racial stereotypes.

        I hate using the US as an example, but they go through more or less the same problems Malaysia faces.

        However, unlike Malaysia, they use Mark Twain’s literature to show how race relations was different in that bygone era. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own politicians to make a big fuss of it.

        Plus, in the US and many western countries, they understand the need to keep original works INTACT. That way you can’t white-wash the past.

        The lesson we should learn from Interlok is how race relations was in the 70’s, post May13. The teachers in Malaysia have to be taught how to teach such a sensitive issue.

        Obviously in Malaysia, they don’t care about what the original author wrote.

        I think some Malays would consider that Malay literature was under attack, not Indians, based on how the whole issue was handled. Somehow Malay books can be re-written by panels and politicians.

        Doesn’t this show how accommodating the Malay community is?

        1. Sek. Keb. are Malay dominated & Ministry of Education, Malay controlled — see list (compiled Nov 2010)

          State education directors

          Johor: Sufa’at Tumin
          Kedah: Shahidan Abd. Rahman
          Kelantan: Hussain Awang
          Malacca: Isa Abu
          Perlis: Mansor Lat
          Penang: Ibrahim Mohamad
          N.Sembilan: Abdullah Mohammad
          Pahang: Abdul Aziz Abdul Latiff
          Perak: Mohd Radzi Abd Jabar
          Sabah: Muhiddin Yusin
          Sarawak: Mortadza Hj. Alop
          Selangor: Sulaiman Wak
          Terengganu: Ariffin Embong
          K. Lumpur: Mohd Adenan Deraman
          Putrajaya: Khairil Awang
          Labuan: Mohammad Zaki Mohd Yusof

          Teachers will not be rebuked & the 2 principals got off with only a slap on the wrist.

          Abdullah Hussain’s novel was not cannibalized by the Indian protesters but with the approval of the author himself earlier.

          The 1996 Interlok edition is 503 pages — printed on page size 5.5″ x 8″

          The edisi murid (with 1Malaysia logo on cover) is 426 pages — printed on page size 4.5″ x 7.5″

          The truncated version was produced by 2 Malay editors in 2010, before & for the purpose of the novel’s distribution to the schools.

          Hence the pejuang-pejuang bangsa who “considered that Malay literature was under attack” are barking up the wrong tree to blame the Indian protestors. The novel was already tampered with by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka and Ruziati bt Abdul Ghani & Baharin bin Aiyob (the 2 editors) before it was approved for use by students [some sex/rape scenes & murder/suicide description were revised/taken out also].

          The copyright of the Edisi Murid 2010 belongs to DBP & not to the original author. It was not rewritten by the protesting Indian politicians nor the review panel.

          What the brouhaha shows is that the sentiments of the Malay community had been whipped up by the Malay nationalists & Utusan without giving recognition to the real facts.

      4. II don’t know where you got your information from. And, i don’t know if your characterisation of the punishment against the teachers and prinicipals is accurate. The controversy alone should have been quite a punishment.

        Who started this whole interlok hubbub anyway? Are you going to blame the author, Hindraf or the malay editors who approved it?

        Anwar Ibrahim himself doesn’t think the book is racist…

        To me, it is a sensitive book , and the edits didn’t make the issue go away. The issue could have been a carefully conceived plan to ‘expose’ the inherent racism in Malaysian society, which would prompt the paternalistic government machinery to step in and take action.

        Yes, it could be possible that the whole situation was ‘engineered’ to garner a response and to prove that Malaysia needs to continue down the path of government control of speech.

        As for the saying ” ‘Jika jumpa ular dan keling, ketuk mana dulu’ ” there are many versions of that saying and it’s probably impossible to know who originated it.

        In fact there is a version that is written in the book, “Vishnu’s Crowded Temple: India since the great rebellion. ” In that book, the saying goes:-

        If you encountered a Brahmin and a snake on the road you should kill the Brahmin first.

        I am paraphrasing. Go find that book online.

        So, don’t continue attributing that phrase only to Malays. Of course, there are some racist malays who would enjoy repeating that saying.

        Helen, would you come out and just say it? Stop beating ‘round the bush. Just say that you think Malays are racist or conditioned to be racist by the UMNO government.

        Of course, I would escalate it and respond and confirm that generally chinese are racists worldwide. I think I have demonstrated many examples in my comments that can lead to that conclusion.

        But I don’t conclude that, because the world is never black or white and you can never paint an entire race with a label.

        All the info I’ve reproduced above are easily verifiable facts lah. Just do your own research if you want to dispute [Google is at your fingertips]. As for quoting Anwar’s opinion okay-ing the book (Pakatan lost Indian votes there & Najib is more popular with the community) — Helen

    2. That gut feeling is plainy racist Helen, if somebody like that chinese guy infront of me & talking shit like that , i’ll punch him doest matter what race~ anyway ur entry remind me during Bershit 2.0(Bersih?) lots of my chinese friends talking huhahuhaha about they all should go down the street wearing yellow & stuff on FB. But when the July 9 came, none of them went to street…unrelated wif ur story maybe… but thats wht cone to my mind. Anyway the

      Could you give a transcript & indicate source (url) of what the Chinese guy said? The video was only 28 seconds of the punch-out up. — Helen

      1. Helen, I think you are the one thinking in racial terms.

        I had a malaysian chinese friend who got offended when I shouted the word ‘cheater’ to describe a businessman who would not refund pirated hardware (not software, mind you) that he sold. The businessman happened to be chinese also.

        When I asked him why he was offended he revealed that his father owned a business and some clients would come into his father’s store and call his father a cheater. More often that not, they were a malay clients. Those incidents obviously gave him an emotional scar that never healed.

        HIs father’s particular business , which I can’t recall, was generally dominated by the chinese. I don’t know if it is still dominated by the chinese.

        But I lost his friendship because he thought I was being racist. I thought he was being too sensitive. Who cares, life goes on…

        I think the word BABI has a particular ‘sting’ for you, Helen. Maybe something in your past caused you to feel that way?

        I know some black guys who are ok if I use the word ‘nigga’– which when I say it sounds just like ‘nigger’– especially since I generally use it in a friendly context and would never win in a fist fight with them. Plus, i am not white.

        I knew a white guy who said Thais (of all people) called him ‘kee nok’. It means bird shit. He couldn’t understand why . Then I told him the obvious, which is bird shit is white like him. But he was unfazed. He’s married to a Thai.

        Abusive words only bite if there is some historical or emotional context and if said in a hurtful or abusive way.

        By the way, isn’t the customer stupid to have waited so long for KFC? I mean it’s fucking KFC ! It’s not shark fin or abalone. Did that particular chinese lose his exquisite chinese culinary tastes?? I’m being sarcastic.

        I’m in Malay blogosphere. I’ve a more acute sense of the racial temperature rising against Chinese (vice versa if you’re a Malay able to read hanzi & you’re in the Chinese Facebook world, say). Would I place ‘babi’ as a general term of abuse or targetted at Chinese? It can be the former (even Chinese scolding each other) but in the past couple of years, I’d say ‘babi’ has taken on race confrontation overtones. — Helen

      2. The issue of chinese cursing in Facebook etc comes back to why I think it’s ok for the Chinese to continue their education in their chinese language schools.

        Let them curse in hanzi online and do what ever they want. Let them be insular and secretive. I don’t give a flying fuck unless it affects me personally.

        But, say the chinese curses in public esp to a malay guy’s face , then expect the consequences.

        See how the chinese guy cowered and retreated . That’s what happens when you work in cubicles all day in a company owned by your uncle or third-cousin . You become weak. See how the CHINESE WOMAN had to protect him

        I ‘ve known a few chinese women who certainly have bigger cojones than chinese men.

      3. “I’m in Malay blogosphere. I’ve a more acute sense of the racial temperature rising against Chinese (vice versa if you’re a Malay able to read hanzi & you’re in the Chinese Facebook world, say).”

        Show me the Hanzi FB link. I personally feel the public racial temperament tone down immensely in the last few years especially after 308. Some blog that were initiated to serve the racist (paranoia) theme is a different story.

  5. Helen – you and your umno gang of bloggers need to f off. Then there will be some measure of peace…

  6. I believe Helen’s choice of material is merely to generate discussion, as examples of ill mannered fellows abound among all sectors of this Bangsa Rojak that we, as a whole, are.

    Being Internet savvy may not be relevant, as a waiter can hardly afford a computer and the internet access fees. In any case, the words and action that prompted the fracas are not clear in the video.

    But in general, irresponsible blog hosting and unruly blogging by the public at large do contribute significantly to the worsening race relations in the country to day. Malaysiakini has been warned by no less the Minister of Home Affairs (they apologized publicly) for reporting what he said inaccurately and to the detriment of his and the Government’s interests. Malaysian Insider has been sued many million Ringgit (they, too, apologized publicly) by ex-MAS Chairman Tajuddin Ramli. Both these so-called news portals often do not publish pro-Establishment views but allow all sorts of pro-Opposition views, which appear to be mostly Chinese.

    Malaysia To Day has been wild in its accusations, taunts and half truths on the Government but has appeared to have changed its posture after years of RPK being sought after by the authorities and living as a fugitive. No doubt the pro-Establishment blog Rocky Bru was also sued (he, too, apologized publicly) but that appeared to have been the carry-over of a personal vendetta against the former NST boss and his blog participants appear to be racially mixed.

    I agree with the view that most of the Opposition blog operators/ Admin staff as well as the commenters (no such word in the dictionary yet the word “commentators” sounds bombastic) are either members or supporters of Opposition parties, especially the DAP. And the DAP has been known to be criticizing anything with Malay dominance – the Government, the Civil Service, the Police, the Military, the MACC etc.

    I agree with Ahiruddin’s view,”‘there are too many anti-establishment, anti-government sites in Malaysia.” The mainstream newspapers have gone bunkum both in form and in substance since the days of Tun Dol and I agree with Asia Sentinel on the “explosion of readers who gather their news from the Internet”, though I cannot agree that the Opposition blogs are “providing professional coverage.”

    Race relations appear to me to be in a dicey situation now and I hope to clarify that opinion another time.

    1. Whereas Helen’s choice of material for this post might have originally been merely to generate discussions, updating it with quite strong comments made by others on what must be a rare KFC incident gives rise to questions whether she wants to sensationalise the matter.

      Sensationalism brings in participation but, at times, also condemnation.

      I feel we need to treat the incident as a one-off case of a chap uttering expletives as a reaction to yet unclear acts or words by others, and not turn it into a race issue, like the Gardenia bread incident of the recent past.

      Let’s keep the happenings in this country in the proper perspective and not read too many incidents as race based. We must keep our race relations in a cool place and not heat them up – unnecessarily in this instance.

      I agree that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” but let’s have a responsible attitude and refrain from being combative unnecessarily.

      We need to be proud of the Muslims who did not react when pig heads were placed in a mosque in Rawang and another in Sentul. Those were deliberate acts of provocation but those Muslims concerned must have humbled the culprits who should have realized that they failed in their attempt to create religious disturbances.

      1. Quoting comments from Opposition blogs like Malaysiakini does not help the situation at all. Malaysiakini’s sense of responsibility may be seen from the fact that they even reported what the Minister of Home Affairs said wrongly. They were given a warning for that. And they allow gung-ho and daredevil type of comments.

      2. (1) Highlighting what other people are saying doesn’t automatically mean that I agree with or endorse their POV.

        (2) The updates are necessary to give a rounded picture as my focus is not on the customer-KFC staff altercation per se but rather the online agitation plus, as I correctly anticipated, the DAP’s role inserting itself.

        Malaysiakini is staunchly pro-DAP in its stories & so are its subscribers, hence the sampling of its reader comments.

        (3) This blog has a readership of xyz page views daily, which is the merest fraction of the heated chatter that’s going on ‘out there’ in the portals & social media network where again the DAP terracotta cyber warriors have a strong & active presence.

        I believe it’s instructive for my readers to get an inkling of what’s going on — which looks to be another round of Gardenia vs Massimo [food] war shaping up with the spreading of the call for boycott.

        (4) Ask yourselves – those who dismissed this episode as something inconsequential: WHY the kind of response that we see? The FMT article which brought this to mainstream attention only yesterday has already been e-mail shared 7,077 times. Now imagine that going around virally in chain mail, in addition to its 6,674 Facebook shares (multiply by ‘Friends’) and the sheer number of Malaysian currently talking about it.

        (5) What is the psyche of Malaysians (I’ve theorized that it’s recently been shaped by the confrontational politics of the last couple of years) inasmuch as something like this can trigger a boycott KFC movement? Merely bad customer service or something deeper running beneath the skin?

        Don’t be in Hasnah Yeop denial mode lah & chirping “Let’s share a Neapolitan ice-cream cone together, huh”?

  7. Dear Helen, babi doesn’t belongs to any race, event pigs are frequently being used by mat salleh to express their anger the highest consumer of pigs are mat salleh no Chinese…. Dear Chinese reader do not anger with the statement of the KFC worker, it might be some words mentioned by the guy that being punched towards the KFC worker…

  8. Hey everybody chill.

    Why must the fracas be seen through racial lens?

    And blog owner you must realise that when a Melayu is angry and in a verbal fight, the “babi” comes out along with other “bad” words like “cilaka” “sial” etc. Heck even if Melayu lwn Melayu “babi” may be freely used. Heck, my neighbour’s two kids whenever they fight “babi” and other salty words come out freely.
    So don’t be so sensitive lah.
    Don’t we say “pig” too in English when you wish to express disgust? Like “What a pig!”
    I am appalled at the behaviour of the KFC boys. I don’t think you should go punching people around even if you are tested to the limits and you are overworked and underpaid.
    I watched this vid last nite, even b4 FMT picked it up. We don’t know what happened before the punch-up. Were these really rude customers? But still no excuse for bashing them.
    Finally, your own remark:
    “My gut feeling is that the guy wouldn’t have been punched if he was Malay.”
    Now I ask you: Do you come with racial prejudices? I see it differently. These are young boys, hot-headed. They’d still whack… ciina, melayu or india.

    Adoi, KFC… Kentucky Fight Club.

    1. Babi is just a word, guys. Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if someone calls me babi, pundek, pukimak, lanjiau, butuh, pantat, or even Chink. And I’m Chinese. Of course, if society has been reduced to using these perceptibly “offensive words” more and more in daily conversation, there is much to be said about civility in public. But that’s another discussion altogether.

  9. Well, the Malays know enuff Hokkien that they been called stupid by Chinese DVD sellers who will scream stupid2 at the Malays….not to mention Chinese who despite their so called second class grievances control many private sector companies and deliberately employ only chinese and pay Malay professional less than Chinesewho despite his priviliged IPTA education and evend fiirst class overseas degrees will be severely discriminate in the Chinese dominated private sector.

    While its true and accepted that GLCs employ almost all Malays and bumis, public sector and GLCs would employ at most 1.5 million workers not including teachers and army(should be an additional million).That leaves about 9 million Malaysians in the workforce,and naturally only 60% of the adult Chinese population would be working,eaning at most 3 million an that leaves the rest 6 million to be absorbed by the private sector.

    Despite the abundance of positions in the private sector, Chinese chauvinism,though unintentionally have fostered ill will among the Malays.You will surprised Malays have very few good to say about Chinese managers in MNCs because Chinese managers tend to favour their kind in terms of promotion,this is OK if its a chinese compamy but even in international companies Chinese managers and HR will deliberately avoid hiring Malays, avoid promoting Malays and give them barely any pay raise and refuse to give them Raya leave.

    This and all will spread communal ill feeling across the Malay working class, especially in the urban areas. The worse of the Chinese chauvinists are relishing over their political advantage to show their ego by punishing the urban Malays who may have been pro Pakatan, but believe me, in a few years, the urban Malays will see that UMNO and PERKASA is right if the Chinese continue their chauvinist attitude in the private sector..and even the insular Kelantanese will return to Kelantan to spread tales of ‘racist’ Chinese trying to take over the country..and later..JIHAD..

    1. “this is OK if its a chinese compamy but even in international companies Chinese managers and HR will deliberately avoid hiring Malays,”

      Why this is okay in Chinese co but not in MNC? Your values is inconsistent. If you replace “private sector” with “public sector” in your last paragraph, should you preserve the same stand?

    2. Yes I agreed on this. I run an HR service provider firm and I am seeing this happening everyday.
      It reached the peak for me when a hiring manager without knowledge of HR requested I change English test to easier one for the Chinese candidates since m

      How come your last sentence cut off? — Helen

      1. Most of Chinese youth unable to speak English in comparison to Malays and Indians.
        In my line of duty or my personal experience this has been happening long long time.
        While they say NEP is bad I say NEP helped the country close the gap.
        As long as opposition. Don’t get this they will never be in power.
        I think you wrote something about you don’t agree with race relation law.
        I seriously think it is a must. Especially equal employment opportunity which should include commission set up specifically to probe unfair treatment at work.

        Worse part is not only Malays are facing this discrimination, Indians too. Many bright Indians end up only able to get a job at contact center.

        The video is not something justifiable. Neither the Facebook page dedicated to hate gardenia. But I bet the Chinese and the oppositions will not care about hundreds of hate comments by the Chinese and focus on this one alone.
        And people can think so complicated on issues protecting the Malay…

    3. I agree with what you wrote about chinese managers in MNCs. They do favor their own. Just to let you know it happens in many countries in SE Asia. It’s happening in the US as well.

      As I wrote in a different post, many Americans know to leave the chinese-american community alone. Let them live in their enclaves in parts of Cali.

      Most chinese-americans won’t change their insular and chauvinist attitudes, even after living in the US for many generations.


      1. Fren, the link doesn’t tell anything, i think the same apply to black american, arab american, hispanic amrican. You can’t be stating facts without having evidence to back it up, unless it is your opinion, i am fine then.

      2. Link shows that asian american also tend to move into enclaves. This is a fact. That’s all . Interpret it anyway you want. As for most chinese being insular, this is also a fact. Even Amy Chua in her book World on Fire admits that. And, she’s filipino chinese living in the US.

      3. Asian American? I prefer to interpret that human tends to move into enclave. I am not sure if Amy Chua did say most Chinese being insular, or Chinese American is insular, even if she did, she doesn’t represent the Chinese, hence your claim of ‘fact’ still pretty weak. I think Caucasian American is insular, a large number of them don’t know where Malaysia is, and many can’t speak a second or third language.

      4. Very true. Even in giving freebies too like giving T-shirts also Chinese will give only to Chinese but not to Malays, Dayak or Indians. Very cheap-skate lah this Chinese mentality.

  10. No big deal here Helen

    Its a matter of making a mountain out of a molehill
    Hopefully its not a case of pumping a mountain out of it.

    People call each other that name irregardless of race when angry. Malays call each other such as well. Even Chinese call each others “Chi Chai”(pig lad) or “Sek chi”(eat pig)

    Heck, even the venerable Mat Salleh insult each others by pig name ie pigfaced, eat like a pig, hey pig, etc

    No issuelah Helen
    Just a case of some punks having fun, nothing national issue about it.

    Majority of cases are just as is. Nothing deep nor racist about it.
    Just like Kampung Melayu Subang, Bukit China, Masjid India etc,
    Its just a part of life. And the beauty of having a rojak of cultures all in one.
    Its only the ugly politician whom exploits such issues.

  11. Only baby babis make a mountain of this issue. With internet… anything is made to look like a mountain – wonder why this video was uploaded into YouTube…
    and Helen…. dunno whats your intention in putting up this story too..

    The FMT story made 1,034 readers ‘Angry’ & was Facebook shared 4,389 times. — Helen

    1. Why is it that Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are now used as a measure of public sentiment?

      Helen, as an intelligent person, don’t you know that those surveys on social sites are totally non-scientific. In fact they are quite skewed.

      I deleted my Facebook account years ago because it only promotes like-minded people to share their stories. Any countervailing opinion would be brutally downvoted .

      1. Not only would “any countervailing opinion would be brutally downvoted”, the individual holding the opinion would be verbally abused, leaving the majority like-minded people in an echo chamber reinforcing each other’s prejudices without any checks. (I wrote something on it which The Star published — scroll through my Rencana copypasted compilation for title ‘Keep abuse out in commenting’).

        The mobile phone was credited with helping People Power in the Philippines to oust Marcos, the new media played a role in our own tsunami, mms in the Iranian protests after their last presidential elections & Twitter in Tahrir Square.

        The media squads (like Guan Eng’s CM office’s humongous media unit) capitalize on the potential of social sites. FMT reported ‘Guan Eng in a spin over media hounds‘ (12 Feb 2011):

        “Lim has set up a powerful communications department which, besides liasing [sic] with the mainstream media, is active in the Internet realm.

        “His officers, who include seasoned and upstart journalists, also helps [sic] Lim to make a considerable presence on social media networking sites – the popular Facebook or the micro-blogging site, Twitter.”

        Social networking sites can be used to mobilize (e.g. create flashmobs) & also to mobilize a hardcore mindset.

      2. And this is exactly why social media should be regulated.

        Western governments love social media because they know they can manipulate public opinion.

        I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorists, but the US Dept of Defense has researched into creating fake accounts to flood comments sections with propaganda.


        The israelis created a tool to mobilize their online ‘army’ to alter online surveys and comments in their favor.


        If I were the government, I would consider the following:

        a) Block internet — Not possible nowadays
        b) Block people from reaching certain parts of the internet — I have seen it done in China, mid east and some SE Asian countries.
        c) Allow access to all areas and monitor those who try to access the most sensitive or politically charged websites. TRack those people! I think China is working towards this model.

        Option C is probably happening write now. Next week I will be going to Europe. Follow me if you want, SB.

  12. Helen,

    Don’t be too worried about all these small fracas. They happen anywhere when some guy on a bad day gets a rude remark that breaks his overstretched heartstring. Let nature even things out. Even 13th May played its part in letting off steam except that it was on a larger scale.

    That some lives can be lost as a consequence is just what the law of nature is all about. Some Arab milionaires irked George Bush by their superior business wheelings and dealings and the outcome was millions of lost lives in Iraq. Still the world keeps on spinning on its axis.

    As you aptly put it, Helen, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  13. you have to admit the chinese are good at 2 things, in virtual world as much as in real world which is complaining and provocation. the joint ran out of chicken and he wants an apology for that. it’s ridiculous but he won’t back off until he receives one so he kept pushing and pushing. a malay guy would not usually do this. he’ll quietly find another fast food joint or mamak stall or go home. he would not create a scene. therefore as you would expect he would not get punched.

    have we not learn never to messed with people who serve our food. it’s the stupidest thing one can do. god knows what extra ingredient they could add to our food behind our back. a malay guy doing less provocation that what this chinese guy did in let say Petaling Street would have ended with the same result or worse. what is may 13th all about? yeah, provocation too. and this one is over what? chicken drumstick? really? see how no one really come to his aid. although there are various race inside there. that should also tell you something.

    1. “see how no one really come to his aid. although there are various race inside there. that should also tell you something.”

      something like what?

      1. something like that he (chinese guy) is intentionally being a dick. when you saw someone being a dick and get what he deserve you don’t care to interfere. in fact one might rejoice quietly.

  14. Harap owner blog lebih bersikap adil. Cuba baca komen a few people dalam Youtube tu yang ada semasa di tempat kejadian.

    Pelanggan KFC yang berbangsa Cina tu dikatakan terlebih dahulu mengeluarkan kata2 kurang sopan dan berbaur rasis kepada pekerja KFC yang rata2nya adalah Melayu. Antaranya “***** punya Melayu”. Sebab tu tak ada pelanggan lain pun yang membantu pelanggan lelaki tersebut bila di serang.

    1. (1) Kalau betul pelanggan mengeluarkan kata-kata “ ***** punya Melayu” & pekerja pula membalas dengan ‘babi’, maka perkelahian itu memanglah berbaur perkauman seperti yang telah saya telaah.

      (2) Pasal orangramai berpeluk tubuh enggan campurtangan, agak biasalah dalam masayarakat kita, bukan? Yang paling menyayat hati & amat geram saya membaca ialah cerita di bawah — ‘Animal cruelty institutionalised in Malaysia‘ (Malaysiakini, 21 Nov 2008)

      “A case is point was that of the man who in 1995, strung up his German Shepherd dogs on his gate, strangling them with their choke chains while beating them to death.

      There were numerous witnesses to his grotesque act as well as newspaper journalists and photographers who captured the act on film and published the photographs on the front pages of their newspapers.

      “What action was taken against this man? None.

      “He tortured his pets to death in front of an audience but he was never even charged for his brutality.”

    2. Youtube comments section is a play ground for racists.

      Even in the US, any videotaped altercation between different races attracts Youtube commenters of all sorts. Many take the opportunity to vent their frustrations by posting racist comments, when in real life they would probably fear uttering such words.

      The US and many countries are considering removing the ability for people to remain anonymous online. See SOPA and PIPA legislations proposed by the US Senate.

      Exactly! I wonder how many of the Anonymice would dare call me “prostitute” or “bitch” to my face. — Helen

  15. Kalau Melayu yang start dulu, mesti Melayu sahaja yang racist. Kalau orang lain yang start dulu, Melayu dan orang lain racist. Orang Melayu, kalau gaduh sesama Melayu pun guna perkataan babi. Takkan gaduh sesama Melayu pun kira racist. It just that Babi is strong word, just like Anak Haram or Bastard, or Sial. But still, if you are coming from Kelantan or Terengganu, those are the words that you use with your friend.

    Using AKU and KAU may seem rude, but it indicates that you have a closer relationship.

    I do love your writings. Still, my conclusion is orang lain lebih racist dari Melayu. And what I am not understand is, why can’t I be racist? What is wrong if I tell my children that they are Malay, and that person is Chinese, and that person is Indian?

  16. “And what I am not understand is, why can’t I be racist? What is wrong if I tell my children that they are Malay, and that person is Chinese, and that person is Indian?”

    Nothing wrong because telling about someone race is not racist, but to say who is more racist than who sound racist.

  17. a small and islotaed cases. don’t look into it too much. but blown out of proportion in fb, twitter etc. campaign to boycott this n that. small minded people. just deal with it & report to police if they fell threaten. oh no, the police also tak adil is it?
    this is the work of so called independent, free news portal. calling people cow minister is not going to any good. let the court n pihak berkuasa menjalankan tugas. not the media or rakyat menjadi hakim. many campaign like ABU etc, it’s a very seditious act. we need to build bridges not to burn them.
    May God save us all.

  18. mmg cina kurang ajar…(xsemua.. tapi yg kurang ajar mmg terserlah.
    aper perkara pn dia mmg nk jd tuan.
    ingat kta ni hamber ker. untuk mudah dia tunjuk belang..
    klu cina kafir nak boikot elok pon..
    kfc dulu melayu islam konon nk boikot pon..
    masa ni lah boikot prodak barat yang menyokong israel..

  19. nobody dies in this story… stupid malay and chinese youngsters… just eat shit both of them

    A police report has been lodged. Apparently DAP officials approached the guy. FMT article ‘Punched customer: I won’t go back to KFC‘. — Helen

    1. Certainly, this plays into DAP’s hidden narrative . Malays are racist, in fact violently so. Chinese want what is ‘rightfully’ theirs– in this case fried chicken. Wrong stereotype la. It’s black people who like fried chicken!

      Why don’t the KFC workers also hold a press conference or get a lawyer? It’s now in the public, people need to know the other side of the story, too.

      DAP is fast! They are already setting the tone for the politics. And, they have mobilised their PR machine!!!

      It doesn’t need to be said. In US, republicans would say Obama is a racist socialist intent on taxing the rich and helping the lazy poor in black ghettos. No different. Politics (esp DAP politics) is played with sleight of hand and are done expertly by people who know how people think (ie racially and with emotion)

      Of course Malays will come up with their own set of racial interpretations.

      The Chinese guy so kiasu that he would wait 1 hour for to redeem his voucher for chicken. Chinese are so demanding and treat workers like shit. Chinese can’t be civilised and complain via letter, but must publicly humiliate the KFC crew. Yadda yadda.Everyone else in the video (I saw a white guy there) also waited but were not targeted by the Malay ‘gang’. So obviously the rest didn’t didn’t irk the malay KFC crew. That chinese was ‘asking for it’.

      So many angles. This is damn interesting.

      Funny . In the US there was a similar incident where a bunch of black girls were videotaped punching and violently kicking a white girl. Turned out that white girl was actually a transvestite guy and ‘he’ entered the woman’s bathroom!

      1. Maybe the Chinese guy was having a bad day. And somehow it turned into a national fiasco about alleged racism and being blown way out of proportion.

        Maybe Danny had a bad hair day.

  20. peribahasa dulu kalu jumpa ular sama keling…pukul keling dulu….sekarang sudah tukar kalu jumpa cina sama babi…kasi pukul itu cina dulu……yes im racist…

    1. As I wrote above…
      In the book, “Vishnu’s Crowded Temple: India since the great rebellion. ” the saying goes:-

      If you encountered a Brahmin and a snake on the road you should kill the Brahmin first.

      So indians were saying this to each other !

  21. we need to berbudi bahasa. both parties, the customers and the staff kenalah berbudi bahasa. boleh marah jika ada orang buat salah, tapi kenalah berbudi bahasa. what goes around comes around.

  22. Dari pemerhatian saya, sejak pembangkang hampir mengambil alih pemerintahan, india dan terutamanya kaum cina semakin mempamerkan sikap kurang ajar yg dulu mereka sembunyikan kerana majority melayu menyokong umno ada disekeliling mereka, dimana2 saja, dijalanraya majority cina memandu kereta, dan begitu kurang ajar bila memandu terutamanya berdekatan penunggang motosikal yg majoritynya melayu, ditempat kerja bos2 cina dah semakin berani memaki hamun dengan kasar pekerja melayu seperti tiada berpendidikan dan dimana2 kedai, taman dan sebagainya, fikirlah pemimpin melayu, saya tak menuduh tetapi saya alami sendiri, entah lah org lain. Saya tak bercakap berkaitan racist, tetapi berkaitan budaya sopan santun!

    1. Betul sangat. Cuma saya perhatikan ramai orang Melayu dah jadi penakut sekarang. Kalau saya berada dalam kedai KFC itu pada malam itu, saya akan lekas mengambil sos cili berbotol-botol dan saya akan sumbatkan sos itu ke dalam mulut dan bontot pelanggan yang kurang ajar itu. Lepas itu saya akan beritahu dia, sos cili yang banyak saya berikan itu tidak perlu dibayar!

  23. Saya sokong tindakan bermaruah pekerja tu, ini yg dinamakan anak melayu sejati, patutnya hentak biar sampai nyawa-nyawa ikan, mustahil pekerja kurang ajar dulu sebab dia menjalankan bisnis taukenya, pelanggan tak selalunya betul terutama macan cina tu!

    1. Saya berbangsa Cina dan setuju dengan konsep beradab dan bersopan-santun yang dinyatakan saudara itu. Tetapi, saya tidak bersetuju dengan sokongan saudara terhadap tindakan pekerja itu. Nampak sangat bercanggah dengan amalan bersopan-santun yang saudara nyatakan dalam pos #73. Pada saya, walaupun dimaki (tidak kira dalam bentuk perkauman atau sebaliknya), haruslah juga amalkan sikap beradab dan bersopan-santun. Kalau betullah si pelanggan mengeluarkan kata-kata bebaur perkauman, kenapa nak bertarung dengan orang tak berpelajaran itu?

      Saudara, bukan semua orang Cina bersifat perkauman.

  24. i always find it strange to the chinese response to anything KFC. it’s as if they’re trying to find fault or over reacting to any of KFC’s shortcomings. in our religion and culture we always says people who over reacted out of proportion is like a djinn and the best djinn are the worst of humans.

    this is not the first time the chinese are calling for the boycott of KFC. last time it was because of the free Zinger burger coupon which did not even last 24 hours before it was cancelled. they stormed KFC facebook and fuming mad as if KFC have committed genocide. they have incurred terrible losses and taking great risk by secretly printing the color coupon using their boss laser printer.

    even though my office is next to KFC yet i didn’t even know about the zinger burger coupon. it baffled me how it could affect so many people since it was cancelled in such a short time. or maybe the select few are vocal or maybe some just pretend to be affected as well just to bash KFC for fun or for some other reason.

    somehow it stuck to me that this chinese people reactions have something to do with some deep seated racist issues with KFC management and board members who are majority malay. “how could this inferior people (malay) control such an international brand, we have to boycott and see to it that they fail”. it is not too long ago penang chinese call for boycott of mamak restaurant establishment because of their perceived support for UMNO and Malay. did you notice a discernible trend on whom they liked to boycott? i sure did.




    1. Reply to “Helen lu memang babi la:. The first thing i can think of is, this is why do we have inbreded assholes in Malaysia. None of you esteemed commentors condenmed on this BS.This is highly derogatory and uncalled for.This is blog, not to swear and curse for your own menstruation. The guy/gal who wrote this, If you cannot dialogue, fuck off, but don’t make a racial accusation. You clearly mean nothing but as a malaysian i am upset that nobody questioned him/her on such statement. Malaysians stop flying your kites for your own agenda if you cannot question such nonsense as this is. Helen is as much a Malaysian as we are and we should not stand aside and accept unwarranted criticism if we are Malaysians.

    2. You can call us babi, lanjiau, cibai etc. If indeed the Chinese cibai really did say “cibai Melayu”, then his action is indefensible. But similarly, the act of the Malay staff getting physical is also indefensible? I thought Malays value “bersopan-santun”, “beradab tertib” above all else, even if they are being mocked? To hold your fist and your tongue in the face of mockery, racial or otherwise, is the highest form of restraint, in my opinion.


  26. Helen congratulations now i can really see your true colors, sblm ni i dah was2 with your agenda, go ahead with kiasu world ah soo, ,,

  27. Hi Helen, I don’t know why you let comments like 72 be published. It’s personal, but I respect you for it. Lively discussion. I don’t have anything new to add but I say the video was deliberately edited and posted to show that Malays are racist or belligerent, and will not tolerate chinese. The video was too short and did not show what started the confrontation, only what came as a result.
    Dangerous ground to walk on, and I just don’t see Bangsa Malaysia a reality in our lifetime, not with these kind of publicity given to a minor disturbance. Perhaps DAP and Pakatan wants to kill KFC for whatever reason or maybe to win votes by playing racist sentiment.

    Ya Allah please preserve our racial harmony.


    I’m assuming the photographer is a 3rd party (i.e. onlooker not connected with Danny Ng & his wife). In which case, he/she (or any ordinary person) will usually not whip out a camera if there’s only just a verbal dispute going on among people you don’t know. But if there’s ‘action’, then yes, an average member of the public might start filming.

    However, I wouldn’t entirely discount your theory that the clip was edited if the photographer was someone related to DN. But it couldn’t have been Mrs Ng filming as she’s seen in the video in the middle of the ‘action’.


    1. Helen,
      The logical thing to do would have been to file a police report. They have video evidence, and those fools shouldn’t have whacked him, but I think they were just SPM holders, what do you expect?
      Now this Danny Ng is clever, he didn’t just want justice, he wants revenge, and he gets it. He went to DAP , held a press conference and show the public one sided evidence, then let the public judge. How do you think it would go? He doesn’t want an investigation to show that maybe he had been the one to start anything. The public outcry would hurt KFC even though they had nothing to do with it.
      Just shows what a clever person is capable of, so please don’t hurt racial relation just because of a misdeed by a few idiots.

      Peace be unto you

  28. Dear Helen, one glaring truth from most of your commentors, truth has no room, but only self satisfying hypocritical prophecy for as it is said human is the only animal that learns to be hypocritical let it be One Malaysia or Malaysia First. Truth & honesty is like gold dust in Malaysia. I wish you good luck in satisfying the hungry, ever knowing and convulated minds in your platform.

  29. this was a small issue indeed, jadi besar because of the one who punched the kecoh Cina guy was Malay. What if Cina punched Cina.. no issue, no buycott..
    I agreed Cinapek nak boycott KFC sebab KFC ni management majority Melayu, macam la tak paham.. tengok kes roti gardenia dan massimo pon boleh paham
    Kesian budak KFC tu, takkan Cinapek tu simply kena tumbuk kalau dia tak cakap apa2 yang rasis. Macam la kitorg tak paham bangsa kamu macamana Helen. I salute him, berani mempertahankan maruah bangsa dari dipijak oleh bangsa Cinapek.
    Belom kira lagi bangsa you all selalu kutuk us, malay or Indian dalam bahasa you all..
    I used to work with Cinapek boss, serious racist. I got most of the workload and I did performed well. Even he admiited my performance was the best in my team. But when come to performance review, it was frustrated when he appraised me similar to my other cinapek colleague yang pemalas nak mampus dan hanya tahu komplen aje.
    Honestly, if ada perang saudara ke apa kat Malaysia ni between Cinapek and Indian, or Cinapek with other race, I lebih rela masuk geng ngan Indian or other races.. they are more Malaysian that bangsa you all..

    1. From the bottom of my heart, I verity that what you write is very true, my friend. Let’s compare the Chinese who live in Kelantan, Terengganu or Kedah with the Chinese who live in Penang, Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. The Chinese who live in Kelantan or Kedah are polite and model citizens. Why? Because they are in the minority. Or it could be the Malays in Kelantan, Terengganu or Kedah are not cowards or easily conned by the Chinese like the Malays who live in other states. I live in Ampang, Selangor but God help a Cinaman if he ever maki or berkasar with me.


    1. You won’t eat at kfc because of race? Or you want all of us to shop only at outlets of our own race? or you want to kill malay businesses? Have you never had good service from malays? How many kfc outlets are there in the country? Do all kfc workers wallop their customers? Why are you so set against malays? Don’t have malay friends? Do you live in MALAYsia? Don’t like being a MALAYsian?
      Well, the government has never stopped anyone from emigrating to a country of their choice, perhaps preferably without any malays. In MALAYsia, there are malays everywhere, including in Helen Ang’s blog.

      Peace be unto you

    2. I don’t think KFC is racist by hiring more Malays as their staff. This is only business strategy because most Muslim would not eat at suspicious eatery run/operated wholly by non-muslim because of the non-halal issue n etc. About the panel doctor, I never heard abt this but what is so wrong abt that? I’ve watched the previous video and what I noticed most is the scolding voice in the beginning. Can see also that the staff are trying to ignore him. I’m not supporting the KFC staff, but I feel that the ‘problematic’ customer should control himself. I guess he is a hot-tampered person n scolding others in public is his habit. Happened to be, that night was not his. Hopefully he learns his lesson.

      1. I agree that Danny could have exercised more restraint and self-control of his anger in public. He is a young guy, still wet behind the ears and obviously has yet to learn the art of tactful behaviour. Let’s hope he realises this and turns over a new leaf. As for the Malay staff who attacked him, he too must practise a higher level of self-restraint. No point being physical at all. No point getting so worked up over an asshole who swears at you in public.

    3. example of stupid comment, showing how racist cinapek in MALAYsia nowadays.
      Boycott because of the Malay factor? bullshit
      It just remind me on Massimo campaign..

      Maybe Malay should start another new campaign, never go to any Chinese own business for e.g: Robert Kuok tepung n sugar, all food supply by them like Munchy’s or HupSeng, support Indian / Malay business instead.. You will not even die starving by not eating Cinapek food.
      Dont worry, Malay made up 54% of Malaysian population, and Indian made up around 13%, total should be around 70% max,
      long run, we will win!

      ok lets launch this campaign: Stop supporting Cinapek business dear my Malay and Indian friends!

  31. Those who make a mountain out of an inch of this silly issue is themselves babi – suka bergolek2 dalam selut dan kotor.
    And those who make this more viral LAGIIIIIII BESAR PUNYA BABI!
    Tak sangka ada juga orang yang suka babi punya cerita ya?#
    Relax lah bro….its just a heated argument about…tak cukup ayam goreng????
    Imagine kalau ada rusuhan besar and the world media investigates…and what do the found?
    It was about vouchers and finger licking good chickens!!!!
    Orang berperang pasal tanah…revolution….tgerrorism..and malaysians perang pasal ayam goreng kentucky fried chicken!!!
    Anyone who agrees with me that this is a very silly issue to pick an argument please write…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…in your comments.

  32. In rwanda, the tutsis were regarded by the former belgian colonialists to be the genetically superior form of indigenous people, because they assumed there were some shared physiognomy with caucasians — tall stature, and noses that were less broad than the hutus.

    The colonialists also suppressed the hutus

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