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Orang Cina di persimpangan, hujah-hujah

Sebenarnya saya amat tersentuh dengan satu komen yang pernah diberikan oleh blogger MyMassa.

Ia menunjukkan bahawa orang Melayu menghayati roh negara kita mencapai Kemerdekaan pada 1957 dan masih berpegang kepada semangat setiakawan yang terjalin sudah lebih setengah abad.

Screenshot bawah; komen asal di sini.

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Ulasan saya tentang perbahasan di antara Chua Soi Lek dan Lim Guan Eng yang akan berlangsung petang ini boleh dibaca di FMT — Not two-party but two race political system’.


CSL lwn LGE topik ‘Adakah sistem dwi-parti akan menjadi sistem 2 kaum?’

Evangelis: Hosanna, hosanna di China


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6 thoughts on “Orang Cina di persimpangan, hujah-hujah

  1. hi Helen,
    I think you’re right. How can people be so blind as to what’s going on in the country. Perhaps they only mingle with their own race. Sure, you see ordinary Malays on your everyday life, you see soft people, nice, courteous, willing to accommodate, and that’s what we are. But push too far, and Malays will react regardless of anything. The word amuk is a Malay word. There had been 2 small manifestations recently I understand when the Chinese say they are second class citizens, but we also have to understand that when Malays go to town, they see that most of the shops are Chinese owned, a lot of the beemers and benzes whizzing by driven by Chinese, the bungalow lots costing millions, owned by Chinese. And these facts are happening even with just the few restrictions imposed, agreed upon kemerdekaan. We Malays also see ourselves as second class citizens.
    It will be a sad day indeed, if Malaysia becomes a 2 race political system. We have all worked so hard to keep harmony among the races in Malaysia, and still many among the Chinese see us as enemies, and I view LGE as part of the problem, why insist on Mandarin? If he is sincere, use a language we all can understand, English maybe.

    Peace be unto you

    May Allah protect us and keep us from harm

  2. I find it interesting that LGE poked the DPM about the latter’s admission of being “Malay first” when he (LGE) insisted the debate be in Mandarin, then scampered to have another one or two sessions (maybe) in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia.

    I understand people would first familiarize themselves with others of a certain extent of similarity to themselves (for example, race) before other groups of people and hence I don’t mind people admitting to being (in alphabetical order) Chinese, Indian or Malay first and Malaysian second. What I DO mind (and to merely ‘mind’ is putting it mildly) are the hypocrites who claim to be Malaysian first.


  3. MCA is Chinese and less westernise and less anglo, ideology wise, i prefer MCA, however i will give my vote to DAP, not because DAP is great or anything. I know MCA too well, they are full of shit and crook, we can’t let crook and currupted mind to continue be our leader, even a dog will get my vote if contest against MCA.

    Btw, CSL use Mandarin as well. Just tell this two fella we want a debate in Malay or English if we are sincere and not act like a crybaby.

  4. belive me, if this county goes down to 2 race parties, malaysia would never be the same anymore. chinese will view malay as enemy and vice versa. And if BN still maintain as the government, malay will not forgive chinese and view them more than enemy. So later dont regret if future policy more and more favorable to Malay and sideline chinese more. Thats the recipe for this country moving down the drain.

    1. That’s why they in their selfish desperate bid, on the back of shivering AI and PAST, whom may not be an impact anymore the next election with all the current troubles, is throwing all their chip in this time round.

      Never mind lah if the country and its unity will be in shambles thereafter, whichever way the outcome, because its all about them(and family members) and not about the rakyat.

      MCA and BN are all about cooperation towards greater heights, a vice versa accommodation for all rakyat.

      Past 20-30 years ago, everybody else best friend used to be of another race. What happened now? Where has the selfish politician brought us, all in the quest for power?

  5. Before, the Chinese hedge their votes between MCA and DAP.

    Now cause they confident ‘badak’ they there will be a change of government post PRU 13, they put all their eggs in DAP’s basket.

    Well sometime you have to find out the hard way, what happens when you let go of a tree branch when jumping to another.
    Shit happens, let’s see who have the last laugh…….or cry of regret.

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