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No Kit Siang, Najib is not a mad idiot

Update: Oh ho ho. Did Uncle Kit respond to me? You decide. He has blogged a follow-up elaboration on his Feb 20 statement, see LKS blog Feb 21. — Updated by Helen, 8.10pm

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang issued a statement yesterday saying “BN political chicanery, mendacity and bankruptcy of first order with CSL warning Chinese voters ‘A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS’ while Najib warning Malay voters ‘A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP’.”

Kit Siang claims that the inverse campaign lines by Najib Razak and Chua Soi Lek were “sheer illogicality, insanity and even idiocy”.

On Sunday, Najib had implied that if Malays voted for PAS, it will be its partner DAP sleeping in the same bed with the Islamist party that profits. The prime minister was speaking to 400 delegates at the ‘Himpunan Ulama, Cendekiawan Islam dan Penulis Maya’ in Kuala Lumpur.

Some 24 hours earlier, Chua Soi Lek had said during his televised debate with Lim Guan Eng:

“DAP is different from those days. Today, it has formed an opposition alliance with PAS and PKR. PAS will not easily give up their plans to make Malaysia an Islamic country and implement Hudud law.”

Dr Chua’s claim that DAP has changed is very true. DAP used to be socialist but is now capitalist with a capital ‘C’. And today DAP is the property developers’ new best friend.

But it nonetheless remains a member of the worldwide Socialist International, which aside from full member parties (see screenshot below) has 15 consultative parties and 33 observer parties.

Dr Chua had also said on Saturday:

“When PAS becomes dominant, the opposition will say don’t worry, it will all be good. This is the biggest political lie. Look at Kedah — men and women need to sit separately. No alcohol in Kelantan, no cinema in Bangi. This clearly shows DAP is a slave to PAS.”

Kit Siang describes the MCA president’s implicit warning that DAP will just be a stooge of PAS and the Umno president’s simultaneous warning that PAS will be a puppet of DAP as being “diametrically conflicting canards” which mutually cancel out each other’s message.

The DAP veteran insists that the “contradictory” scenarios painted by the two BN leaders are irrational if not “sheer nonsense”.

I beg to disagree. I’ve blogged before that DAP will stop at nothing to gain the Malay vote, even going to the extent of

(Related, see Dr Novandri Hasan Basri’s posting: Satu Lagi Video Cina Pakai Ayat Al-Quran Tunggang Langgang Di Ceramah PAS!!)

As a Chinese, I fear that DAP – due to its overweaning ambition to gain Putrajaya at any cost – is more than willing to be complicit in PAS’s hudud push.

Hence Dr Chua speaks for my fears.

Newspaper clipping below: DAP Senai (Johor) state assemblyman Ong Kow Meng says it is good to introduce and implement hudud.

'Hudud: DAP sambut baik' in Sinar Harian (5 Sept 2010)

On the other hand, a Malay may fear that PAS in repudiating its long-held aspiration for the Islamic State and replacing with the party aim with a Welfare State has succumbed to the DAP.

Najib speaks for the fears of the Malay. Both fears stem from the same sticky situation, i.e. PAS and DAP pakat-pakat.

(Related: Evangelis angan-angan nak ‘reverse takeover’ hudud kot)

Therefore BN Backbenchers Club vice president Abdul Rahman Dahlan is quite right to defend the consistency of both views as reflecting “two sides of same coin”.

Same as I’ve also said that Ridhuan Tee and Hannah Yeoh are similarly two faces of the same Malaysian First role model.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan encapsulated the argument succinctly in his explanation:

“MCA is MCA. Umno is Umno. MCA has its own concerns, same thing with Umno. They were articulating views vis-a-vis DAP and PAS.”

Lim Kit Siang in trying to make out a contradiction is simply putting up a straw man. And his son Guan Eng has still not answered the charge by Chua Soi Lek on DAP’s complicity with hudud.

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29 thoughts on “No Kit Siang, Najib is not a mad idiot

  1. haiya

    Go sleep la tai-ka cheh

    mabuk politik la you nih

    go find a proper guy seriously you need one more than the chicken essence

  2. the question is who would the chinese vote if the contest is between pas n bn/umno? most probably pas, i think the chinese attain a level that the fear toward pas islamic agenda is much less compare to the bn/umno poor governance and corruption practice.

    i see with my own eye how my classmate older brother (mca la who else) make his millions just for one term at dun. whatever mca claim doesn’t affect the chinese sentiment, the one that could really turn chinese against pas is pas itself.

    Is DAP any better for taking in an ex-Umno assemblyman & promising to field him as a candidate? You wanna bet about the assets of S’gor Pakatan Aduns pre-2008 and post? — Helen

  3. malay fear? fear of what? the current politics divide is the end product of racial demographic when chinese drop to 26%. the strive for power among tha malay elite would be more intense when chinese population continue to reduce below 20%. the only fear is when the chinese revert to our tradition belief that more (son) is better, but that might take forever to catch up.

    Are absolute numbers the sole determinant of power & influence? Christians are not the majority (Buddhists/Toaists/Hindus are) among non-Malays. But how do you think DAP’s legislators will stack up if one were to do a headcount? — Helen

  4. A good post and good points, Helen. I didn’t realize that they are a part of the Socialist International.

    The term Communist International or Comintern used to be a dreaded word during the communist Emergency and when the communist terrorist Chin Peng was around though underground when their militant activities ceased.

    But Lim Kit Siang calling for Chin Peng be allowed to “enter Malaysia” leads to questions on his intent, despite the fact that many DAP fellows are now aptly described with the big word bearing capital “C”. Professor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim has checked the records and verified that the commie did apply for citizenship but did not turn up for the interview (to determine language proficiency, knowledge and respect for the Constitution etc) and he is legally deemed as non-citizen of this country. He must therefore not be allowed to “enter” to avoid inciting bitter feelings among the descendants of those who suffered under his cruel hands, evil planning and instructions.

    The communists and subversives did play a role in the race riots of 13 May 1969, sparked mainly by the DAP. They went underground after the riots but I believe the present DAP membership and hardline supporters include those communists and subversives and like-minded others.

    DAP needs to be a responsible party to be able to contribute meaningfully to the peace and progress of the nation. Less of throwing spokes into the wheel but more of making their members and supporters understand fully, respect and live by the Constitution of the country.

  5. Hi Helen,

    I think that both CSL and Dato’ Najib are just exercising politics of fear, and I think for Malays, that fear is justified. For all their acts of racial acceptance of today, cannot erase from the minds of Malays that since merdeka, LKS and DAP has always been perceived by us to be anti Melayu and anti RAJA. Even recently, some Dap reps had refused to wear the official attire in respect of Sultan Iskandar who threw them out of the Dewan Undangan Negeri. Then the KFC fiasco and numerous other incidents. It doesn’t help them win the confidence of majority Malays, so much the better for us. Now LKS’s son is in charge of the party. Good good. Let them hang themselves with their own rope I don’t see Pas remaining long in Pakatan if they lose Malay votes because of this unholy alliance with Dap. I pray that Pakatan will be brought to their knees in the coming election

    Peace be unto you

    Ya Allah peliharalah keharmonian kaum di Malaysia

    “don’t see Pas remaining long in Pakatan if they lose Malay votes”, you’re spot-on. The opposition Chinese fail to read these rumblings b’cos they cannot grasp the Malay POV. — Helen

  6. There must be good reasons why you and me never give a single vote to BN up to today, I don’t know is DAP / Pakatan any better but I am all for balance of power. BN modus operandi is money does the talking and the scary part is there are no sight any effort put in to end this. Naturally I expect the PR Adun would benefit from being an Adun compare to holding nothing, whether they engage in corruption, MACC must do their job (hopefully not case like lembu case in Bandar Tun Razak or TBH) and BN must willing to come forward to inform the public if PR did wrong, or we still rely on Petra?

    Of course under most circumstance absolute numbers might not be sole determinant of power & influence, however in the Malaysia context where people are categorized into race, can you enlighten me how absolute numbers is not the main factor? The assertion that DAP is a Christian party is purely the personal view of some, I have the habit to ridicule Christian (Malaysian) and their anglophile / western centered outlook but I don’t see any solid proof to associate DAP with Christianity. From a religion perspective, Christianity tends to be more assertive while Chinese religions (Tao/Confucianism/Buddhism) are likely to be passive, therefore from a historical point of view, DAP will attract those that are more assertive and aggressive, however, I don’t see any indication that DAP place Christianity as their major goal.

    Actually the question you should raise to most commenters here is why not they support a party like DAP that has the urge to transform the Chinese into a true Malaysian and not MCA that choose to preserve the Chinessness. Funny eh?

    1. Hahaha, yup — the Malay commenters here should by rights be Hannah cheerleaders.

      Why I’ve never voted BN: Well, an inherent anti-establishment bent & I find it more challenging to go against the tide (my writing would be so boring if I were a DAP kaki like the majority Chinese, doncha think?)

      Also BN has not really benefited us ordinary Chinese – worse wrt Indians – and btw, I’m still not benefiting any from BN (this side message is directed at the Pakatan cybertroopers).

      Agree that there must be a balance of power. BN balanced by PR, Umno balanced by PAS, DAP balanced by MCA. The Chinese community have lost our internal check & balance with DAP’s overwhelming predominance now. If we were solely to be checked & balanced by the Malays, that’s the 2-race system already.

      Also agree that DAP ground is not Christian — earlier 1.0 version’s LKS & Karpal are not. Only today their aggressive, highly visible evangelist leaders have taken over. The non-Christians in DAP must take back control of their party.

      As to the numbers game, a small number of aggressors are more destructive than a large number of passives. This caution applies to both DAP Chinese & Umno, i.e. Perkasa Malays.

    2. I think BN not benefitted most that is poor, regardless of race. The reason why deprived Malay doesn’t stand up against BN is because of fear, fear of losing the Malay hegemony, but the concern will continue to subside, and I think this is something we should cheer up. To most middle class, we are well aware that we are actually a lower class if apply global standard, our car and housing loan take up a major bulk of our disposable income, in fact we are not much different with the poor, thus I doubt our support to Pakatan tantamount to love them or simply getting fed up with the incumbent. The balance needed is to check against the misuse of power to enrich the few barons, Chinese or no Chinese is not much an issue now.

      Btw, I am not a DAP kaki too, likewise, my intention is to offer a more balance view to make you blog not too boring :).

      :) — Helen

  7. Najib is not a mad idiot. He is a ball-less idiot. And a DAP hater like you ought to chill out and go get some respite from an UMNOputra.


    1. lol , I’ve been there Helen, They’re yelling like crazy in the tune of godfather above. Let them yell and swear. It wouldn’t win them votes, hahaha. and I don’t see fit to tell them anything that they might use. Let the Lge worshipers wallow in ignorance.

      Peace be upon you, and thank you for the link

      Ya Allah peliharalah keharmonian kaum di Malaysia

  8. Well, both CSL and Najib are right. DAP and PAS are both riding on each other for a common gain, Putrajaya. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The battle of supremacy will come once the common enemy is defeated. The question is who will prevail?

    1. in the long term, pkr should preveil because they appeal to those at middle ground. hope they could endure and last long enough.

  9. Najib is not a mad idiot. He is a typical ******* UMNOputra. He spends billions on dubious defence deals, awards contracts to UMNO cronies like ****, *********….and to his buddies like *** *** ****.

    He panics when asked to announce an RCI on Sabah immigration, his wife attends a Perkasa fundraising function, his deputy approved the National Feed-a-Lot shame.

    Now, the man is not an idiot. He is just clueless like his supporters.

  10. It seems that there are Malay Haters other than LKS out there. They may yell and bluster, but when push comes to shove, it will be those that they hate the most that will come charging on a white horse, bearing green angpows, who will defend them to the death. Are they really citizens of Malaysia? How many Malay Haters are in the Armed Forces, defending our country? Why hate the ones who are with you through thick and thin? Are you really Malaysian?

    Peace be unto you

    Ya Allah peliharalah keharmonian kaum di negara kami ini.

  11. Vote Pakatan and you will get a republic and a theocracy at the same time plus a chameleon as PM.

    I better choose BN, strong, pro business and responsive.

    Other stuffs like NFC and lynas are non issue.

    Pakatan please come again when Malaysia is a developed state.

  12. Salam,..Helen,..Pak Ard rasa sedih bila hudud dipergunakan, dipermainkan dan dijadikan bahan ugutan. Pak Ard jadi sangat tidak setuju dan kecewa dengan CSL…setelah bersama UMNO, dia gagal memahami perasaan orang Melayu,…atau sengaja dengan licik merosakkan UMNO…untuk mengimbangkan pengaruh MCA yang merudum, ditarik UMNO bersama…apabila PAS sedang dihanyutkan PKR, UMNO gagal menjelaskan Islam kepada rakannya sendiri….
    Saya tidak mengenali Cina keseluruhannya, tetapi melalui rakan-rakan yang ada, hudud bukan permasalahan besar untuk diugut-ugutkan…apa yang penting adalah kesejahteraan, keselesaan hidup, sebuah kerajaan yang melindungi.Pada rakan-rakan Cina saya, asalkan perkara-perkara tadi ada, mereka boleh terima, kita bukan bangsa orang putih yang darinya undang-undang kita tiru sekarang…undang-undang Inggeris atau Islam tetap asing bagi orang Cina, India dan lainnya, apa salahnya digunapakai undang-undang Islam asalkan hak-hak beragama, mengamal budaya dan mencari pendapatan mereka tidak disekat…ini semua ada dalam Islam…dengan peraturan-peraturan yang telah digariskan jelas…tetapi dikaburkan untuk kepentingan sendiri…lalu rakan-rakan bukan Islam saya terkapai-kapai lagi mencari satu kepastian untuk anak cucu mereka…
    Monarki atau sistem beraja juga bukan asing untuk orang Cina, India dan warga Borneo seperti juga orang Melayu,..ianya telah ada dalam tradisi kita semua…cuma ianya perlu menampakkan naungan payungnya melimpahi juga kepada masyarakat bukan Melayu…DAP sendiri tak habis-habis dengan siasatan diraja….apakah ada ruang untuk rakyat SEMUA mengadu jika ada rasa teraniaya oleh kerajaan yang mengurus negara tanpa dianggap menentang kerajaan yang ada itu? DAP dengan fahaman sosialis dan diktatornya tidak disenangi bukan hanya oleh orang Melayu tetapi juga sebilangan yang lain…
    Semakin hampir untuk mengundi, Pak Ard semakin keliru…untuk mengundi atau bawa anak bini makan angin kemana-mana?…

  13. Helen,

    I am not sure if you notice the trend lately among the DAP fanclub members. They are starting a new mantra saying, “hudud is not the issue but corruption is”. In fact this seems to be the official party line. So I am wondering if this means Hudud is indeed not an issue for DAP and that they can accept PAS’ Hudud state. If Pakatan win the next GE, we could potentially see Hudud in Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah & Perlis if not for the whole country.

    I think DAP knows that if Pakatan wins GE13, there is no way for the party to stop PAS implementing Hudud at state level if PAS holds the majority. They can only stop hudud being implemented at the national level if there is a balance of power between DAP, PKR and PAS.

    The fact of life is that DAP will always be a minority party and they can only influence Pakatan’s policies if their partners are weak, ie, there is a balance of power between them. Since we can dismiss PKR, this means between PAS and DAP. At the moment there is a balance because PAS is weaker than UMNO. But if DAP keeps up with ABU and then asks the Chinese to vote for PAS, then DAP will create a monster that it cannot control.

    The marriage between DAP and PAS cannot last long and sooner or later this will end. If PAS gets stronger they will get assertive and start working on hudud and other fundamentalist policies. If the party gets thrashed by UMNO, then there will be a push from the party hardliners to go back to their roots of being Talibans of Malaysia. It is well known that these hard core group is unhappy with the “PAS for all” campaign.

  14. its an interesting take, from your point of view, that is, which makes me think long and hard why there is an EVEN immediate need to replace the current non performing government…..its the policy and mandate given to the government BY US as voters that has resulted in opinions such as your, that mirror in race and prejudices. it is at the end of the day your thought and opinion and yes it is your constitutional right to have your opinion. however i do hope you will revisit your thoughts and thinking methodology to really analyze the situation and your opinion that DAP is selling out, just to gain Putrajaya.

    My first question, so what if this is so? even if DAP sells out to gain a foothold in Putrajaya, does that mean its a disaster for us. Who cares! if they can administer the government like the way they are doing in Penang and improve our lives, i don’t mind, if they can be accountable and manage my contributions via EPF and TAX more efficiently, we all benefit!

    Secondly, are your that afraid of PAS, that you have this baseless fear about islam! go back to the history books, read about the places where islam was a dominate religion and read for your selves and compare with the exploits of our Christian counterparts over the centuries, (By the way I am a HINDU/BUDDHIST)

    Do you really think? PAS can implement thier islamic laws on all of us, so lets say, they do implement and DAP, PKR and all the other denominations support this move, then what can we do? VERY simple my friend, we throw them out in the next election!!!, we need to install the fear in the government that they WORK for us!!! not the other way around.

    I do hope you can start examining things in a matured way and perhaps have some or at least a bit of articulation in your thoughts and words.

  15. PAS-PKR-DAP need PKR. That’s why they need Anwar. Anwar is like husband while PAS and DAP is like wife no 1 and no 2. Without Anwar, PAS and DAP will not last longer. They’ll cramble in a blink. So it is not a right thing if a vote for PAS is a vote for DAP? So this means they are not a pakatan anymore? Everyone knows a vote to BN means a vote for BN.

    You know what Helen, in Kelantan, they only want PAS and not DAP. They dont care as long as PAS wins the state. Same thing in Penang. They dont care abput their pakatan because they want DAP wins in Penang. In the end, Penang is full of Chinese evangelis and Kelantan is the hudud state. So, what’s the catch? they’re going to be a republic?

    I think what Najib and CSL said are true. DAP and PAS menunggangi satu sama lain. They dont discuss each other. They need third special person to be the connection. And that is Anwar’s role. At least in BN there’s a toleration, what is okay for you to do and what is not okay to everyone needs to considered or taken out.

    Why they need PAS for all and not PR for all as BN for all? Because they want to be republic. DAP tak kesah ape jadi asalkan mereka boleh memajukan negeri paling kaya dan paling cepat bayar hutang walaupun menipu. Kelantan pulak tak kisah jadi negeri paling miskin harta asalkan kaya budi bahasa (yang macam hamPAS bile kecek, bau budu jah, zero budi bahasa dan kurang ajar bila kena kritik, cakpa macm orang otak letak kat lutut), hidup bersederhana dan zuhud seperti TG Nik Aziz. Takpo mundur pun tapi rakyat Kelantan merempat ke luar negeri tapi banyak pitih nak shopping di negeri Kelate selamonyo tuh. Pastu duk marah kerajaan tak pernah bagi bantuan. Nak bagi bantuan macm mana kalau setiap kali bantuan diberikan dikatakan duit haram? There’s many issues about Kelantan that been twisted. I’m not saying BN is all perfect, they are not even close to perfect, but I rather choose BN for the sake of the country’s peace.

    p/s: Kalu ado ore Klate hok sero, kawe mitok maaf deh. Kawe pun asa usul Kelate jugok.

  16. Helen:

    Look at what the BN supporters are saying. “NFC and Lynas are non-issues”. “There are Malay haters out there.”

    Sure, Teoh Beng Hock became an issue for RM 2,400 of suspicious expenditure. Ahmad Sarbani became an issue that has now been swept under the carpet.

    Yes, these are all non-issues to UMNO as they continue to rape and pillage. Wait till the country goes bankrupt, then it becomes an issue to all UMNO lovers.

    We are UMNO haters, not Malay haters.

  17. My understanding on hudud is that, I seriously doubt its applicability to non-Muslims. Having said that, the current PR mantra of “corruption before hudud” as pointed out by Calvinsankaran earlier is true as well. Consider this scenario. Both DAP and PAS decides not to speak on this issue now and focus entirely on corruption. If they ever become the majority in parliament and also in most states, then the interesting thing starts. If PKR is weak, expect the PR to collapse, and we now have a 3 cornered fight somewhat similar to the current UK hung parliament (DAP/PAS/BN with none having majority and something has to cut it eventually, like a forced partnership and if this happens, hudud is unlikely). If PKR is strong, then after they dealt with some stuff which they consider more important than hudud, only then plans on hudud will start to appear. This is where everyone’s true colours will surface. It is likely that the DAP merely agrees to simply play hudud down currently to boost its popularity with the Malays, but if they are faced with the issue directly, I suspect they will reject it, or at least reject it for non-Muslims (like a chameleon). PAS would go for it, and PKR would be split on it. This situation will result with the plan not garnering enough votes to pass, BUT the opposition BN will play a huge role here now. UMNO may just go with PAS solely to sabotage the PR coalition, or they may decide to stick to their principles and decline it. MCA and the rest will definitely reject it. But DAP and PAS may decide on a compromise, in which only Muslims are subjected to hudud. Or in worst cases, only specific states with a higher MUslim majority practice hudud such as Kelantan. This is where the DUN comes to play, depending on which state is under which political party. Either way, I predict post GE13 will not be a stable time, possibly similar to the UK should PR get the majority.

    Regarding the hudud applied to Muslims only, it is possible, as now we have the dual-court system, with Syariah courts for Muslims, thus with some adjustments to the current system, I can see the possibility of hudud and syariah being combined together. But it would require cooperation of the states to allow this as Syariah laws are under state rule.

  18. Salaam,

    someone said rapists and pillagers? LOL. Since when has it been impossible to make money under BN rule? Corruption? Nga Kor Meng was found not guilty by Dap on Perak on his wife’s government contract deal. Corruption is everywhere in the world, but in Malaysia, despite some setbacks under BN rule, everybody prospers. Largest majority of the richest are NOT Umno members. We have weathered economic attacks and are still standing tall today under BN rule. Even the poorest among us get some benefits from our prosperity.Why whine to Helen about rape and pillage when you drive a Passat? or is it a Beemer, or a Benz? If you cannot make it to the top 10 richest, don’t blame Umno for it. And don’t point a finger at Umno party for the wrongdoings of individuals. Every political party has it’s share of followers, most are good people. But do you blame your amah when some Indons rob and kill just because she hails from the same country?

    peace be unto you

    Ya Allah peliharalah keharmonian kaum di negara kami ini

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