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Huraian pengarang-pengarang Sinchew tentang sentimen Cina

Lim Mun Fah adalah pengarang eksekutif, dan Lim Sue Goan dan Tay Tian Yan masing-masing timbalan ketua pengarang akhbar 星洲日報.

Tulisan mereka diterjemahkan Sin Chew Daily kepada bahasa Inggeris.

Saya petik apa yang ditulis ketiga-tiga pengarang kanan Sin Chew dengan disalin-tampal di bawah dalam bentuk ringkas (bullet points). Untuk membaca rencana penuh, sila klik pada tajuk.

The freedom of expression should not be like that

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily, Feb 25

The rise of the Internet has given birth to social network mobs and formed a worrying phenomenon.

How should we define social network mob?

  • they are greatly united, but the purpose is to kill targeted strangers;
  • they always wave the stick of law, but convict others without evidence;
  • they turn themselves into heroes and warriors and keep telling stories of justice, but deeply hostile to all who are not categorised as friends.
  • They shout angrily, call names, slander, spread rumours and look for the pleasure of stirring up troubles.

There are indeed many injustices in the society, but are [sic] getting angry at everything, cursing till the end, humiliating, slandering and even involving those who are innocent the practice of fairness and justice in the pursuit of democracy?

The Internet should not become a space where only the paranoid can survive. The freedom of expression should not be like that. It allows you to criticise, but not unscrupulously insult and harm other people.

  • In the online world, we expect to see free airing of views rather than murders with unanimous, vicious and cruel remarks.
  • They turn the online world into a bloody pandemonium, causing others dare only to watch but not participate.

***  ***  ***

Mad world

Translated by SOONG PHUI JEE
Sin Chew Daily, Feb 24

I found that it was indeed a mad world when I visited the Sin Chew Daily Facebook over the past few days.

The abusive words kept flying in my head and I felt dizzy for a very long time even after I exited the site.

  • A person could go mad if he is locked in a room for a long period of time, not to mention to get addicted to an online corner full of hatred.
  • Some people also advocate that illegal things can be done and there is nothing wrong to be a social network mob, as long as it is meant to serve the purpose of overthrowing unfair governments.
  • If young people are poisoned by such a thinking, the society will plunge into a chaos, similar to the Red Guards movement in China.
  • In fact, the online Red Guards political movement is traceable. Both “Ms Fairness” and “Ms Tow Truck” have been suffering from slander and even their families are hurt …

The hysteria on the Internet will gradually spread to the real life. Abusive language is used and curses are made whenever they are not happy with something, without caring about Chinese etiquette which has been practiced for 5,000 years.

I am also worried about the future of Chinese young people who have got addicted to the online world with their values distorted. They have also lost the ability to judge. How could politicians be so heartless to use and manipulate young Internet users to achieve their own agenda?

***  ***  ***

Spare the rod, act sensibly!

Translated by DOMINIC LOH
Sin Chew Daily, Feb 22

All of a sudden this young lady became the laughing stock, even the target of abhorrence, in town.

Everyone called her by a new name: Ms Tow Truck.

  • All because of an inappropriate outburst, she found herself under merciless and aggressive verbal attacks and intimidation from the public. Many online forumers even shockingly called her by degrading animal and sexually abusive names.
  • This is sheer fanaticism and barbarism.
  • They took delight in slaughtering their subject, and whitewashed their acts in the name of democracy and righteousness.

I am concerned that the Malaysian Chinese society will one day be inundated in hatred and disgruntlement.

Hatred would never be turned into a dynamic force forward, but would spawn negative anti-social sentiments that would give rise to a new breed of mobsters.

Demikian cedokan dari isi pojok yang ditulis tiga orang pengarang kanan Sin Chew.

Berdasarkan penelitian atas komen orang Cina dalam bahasa Cina, mereka amat runsing melihat gejala membenci yang kian rancak dan menular.

Perkara yang sama juga pernah dihuraikan oleh ketua pengarang kumpulan The Star, Wong Chun Wai dalam kolumnya ‘Of Angry Birds and angry Malaysians’ dan pengarang The Sunday Times / edisi Ahad NST, Chok Suat Ling dalam kolumnya ‘The dirty place that Facebook has become‘.

Pengerusi parti Gerakan Pulau Pinang Dr Teng Hock Nan – ‘Lim [Guan Eng]’s daily doses of hatred dangerous’ – dan presiden MCA Chua Soi Lek pun mengamati bahawa politik benci semakin ketara.

“In a democratic society, a two party system is a good idea if there are adequate check and balances in place. Unfortunately, after March 3 (in 2008), the opposition has been practising the politics of hate as it relentlessly attacked the government to gain power.” — Chua Soi Lek (Feb 18)

Seorang pembaca Nik telah meninggalkan komen mengatakan saya tak ada “class” berbanding dengan Hannah Yeoh (yang pada pandangannya adalah high class).

Jelas Nik telah belajar daripada sifu kerana idolanya juga menggelar politikus BN sebagai “low class”.

Screenshot di bawah menunjukkan satu tweet yang dikeluarkan Hannah sendiri serta satu retweet yang dibuat Hannah dengan mentweet semula suaminya yang telah mengatakan liputan suratkhabar Star mengenai sijil kelahiran anak mereka berupa suatu “low class editorial”.

Kalau pemimpin DAP sendiri ghairah memanggil orang lain “low class” maka pengikut-pengikut mereka, termasuk yang Melayu seperti Nik, pun mulalah berperangai dua kali lima. Bapa borek anak rintik.


Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

23 thoughts on “Huraian pengarang-pengarang Sinchew tentang sentimen Cina

  1. Another good post, Helen. Internet gangsterism and hooliganism has for a long time been needing proper addressing. It should continue to be raised – and frequently – until action is taken by the authorities satisfactorily.

    Good also that it is raised by the newspapers, three comments by the senior staff at about the same time for impact. This time I agree fully with the views expressed by LIM MUN FAH, LIM SUE GOAN and TAY TIAN YAN.

    It used to be the politics of hate as manifested by a significant section of the DAP crowd but I fear it has engulfed many of the young in Facebook a large number of whom I suspect have no inkling of what politics really are.

    A study I read recently said that one 1 in 6 people who get “addicted” to the Internet developed some kind of problems in their thinking process. And now even kids have access to the Internet and the hustle and bustle of daily life in a society full of rush hours, rush meals, rush conversations with kids means very little checking on what kind of materials the kids are exposed to.

    The United Nation’s special rapporteur on freedom of expression, Frank La Rue, has tabled a report warning that Governments are increasingly controlling the Internet because of its potential to mobilise people to challenge the status quo but he did say that “there should be minimal restriction of information on the Internet”, meaning that restriction can be effected as far as the UN is concerned.

    He reported that in 2010, more than 100 bloggers were imprisoned … Governments are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to block content, and to monitor and identify activists and critics.”

    He said that restrictions should be only in “very exceptional, and limited circumstances prescribed by international human rights law.” But interpretations of human rights differ among countries, even among states within an advanced country – California allows gay marriages but not other states of USA.

    However, he calls on states to “focus their efforts on prosecuting those responsible for the production and dissemination of child pornography, rather than on blocking measures alone.” But I feel we should have a broader reach on our prosecuting and blocking measures.

    It is therefore clear that prosecuting and blocking measures are tolerable to the UN. Shall we now keep calling on our Multi Media authorities to take concrete and sustaining measures against internet gangsterism and hooliganism?

  2. True, chinese mob on the internet has been most hostile, have had a share with them even on innocent non political sites where chinese forumers will suddenly switch the thread into BN bashing and into Malay bashing witjout concern to malay forumers and when Malay forumers try to intervene they are ganged up by these DAP cyber warrioir, yours truly was banned by a forum discussiny buildings and built infrastructure because the moderator is a DAP goon who cannot stomach my valid arguments regarding the NEP and the constitution discussed in the political thread…but most Malay forumers have been patient and usually ignore these cina bukits online, we rather talk about you in our mykmu forums far from your prying eyes.

    It is actually verupy disturbing that many chinese online will go as so much to attack people in facebook. My chinese friend, an MCA supporrter who argued will not get bankrupt was attacked on facebook, i joined in by providing link to economic data from an economic blog which should validate that Malaysia is far from being Greece and the DAP goon switched to hokkien cursing like CCB and sohai…seriously, if the chinese hate the malays so much, in PRU14, the Malay sentiments toward the chinese wold change drastically, even PAS malays will not tolerate this online arrogqnce by a bunch of kafirs.

  3. Helen it is too late for these editors to speak out. Kenapa? Baru kena muka sendiri. If you look at gardenia hate page, calls for ethnic cleansing of the Malays were to many. In contrary we do not seen hating so called Chinese owned businesses and call for ethnic cleansing.
    I was a Malaysian who would like to see changes in 2008. I advocated that we need to teach BN a lesson. When BN won with reduced % I was happy.
    But one year after 308 I noticed changes, I noticed hostility. I noticed hatred. I noticed how certain race started changing and becoming more racist while demanding to be treated equally since they apparently started believing how much they are the victim of this country policy ( I stand on the ground that the policies of this country are allowing Chinese to prosper and Malay although subjected to discrimination as they have always been for years years at work place, still able to grow. While the policies suffocating the Indians, the orang Asli, the native of Sabah and Sarawak. This made believed ‘I am a victim’ is so hugely fuel by irresponsible people we hope to bring changes. Everyday pro-oppositions portals keep publishing stories to stoke hate sentiments. They allow comments be it extremely disturbing to be printed. I decided I no longer able to tolerate this nonsense when I saw the backlash on what Anas Zubedy wrote to LGE.
    These obsessed victims don’t even mind the SPICE scandal, don’t even mind the sand scandal, don’t even mind the Bayan Land scandal as long as ABU which is actually to melucutkan so called the Malay deemed to be in power and put LGE and the gang instead.
    It is getting more disgusting. I told my good friend, he is a Chinese, I am very scared that racial riot will happen again. And that can be closer than we think.


    There have been a few occasions when I’ve been subjected to hate comments in this blog by Malays who are Hannah fans.


    1. Before 2008 one of the online strategies used were to use Malay names when commenting in order to create perception. I bet more than half of the so called Malays are actually not. I think you can be as obsessive as you want but when you start fueling hates by creating what is not there that is damn low, people question me all the time why I am such a big fan of Helen Ang although your views can be very Chinese chauvinistic at times and I said I too am Malay chauvinistic at times, but Helen don’t go and says lets ethnic cleansing the Malays and I don’t say let’s ethnic cleansing the Chinese

      1. Hi Aidil,

        Just had a quick look at some of MB of S’gor – i.e. the Mem Besar’s – 41,000 Twitter followers. A sizeable number of Malays are in her fan club.

        I think what Forrestcat reported that “setiap jumaat selepas solat jumaat org2 PAS akan agih suratkhabar selangorkini dan selangortimes, dua2 pasti ada gambar hannah yeoh” might explain a part of the brainwashing.

        The hate comments (against me & in defence of ustazah Hannah) might have genuinely been from orang Melayu yang begitu teruja dengan penampilan bertudungnya itu.

        If this strategy to win popularity is proven to work, we might soon see more tudung-clad DAPpers invading your mosques and mangling Quranic verses.

        POSTSCRIPT: See photo montage HERE.

      2. Tactics used by DAP are similar to that of the Republicans and the hard core zionist Israelis online:

        -Delete, drown out or heavily downvote dissenting views

        -Use abusive language against their political targets

        -Skew online surveys

        -Delete or kick out forum goers who have differing opinions

        -Re-word articles using ‘weasel words’ and editorialize headlines to sensationalise minor issues

        -Follow a ‘narrative’ where their political targets are depicted as

        -Coopt their ’cause’ with religious fanatics (in the US it is the evangelist christians, in Israel it is the hardline zionist right, and of course in Malaysia it is PAS. Why? Becase these groups act on EMOTION, rather than LOGIC or REASON

        -Use ‘sockpuppets’ to pretend to be people they are not.

        This is EXACTLY why governments are planning to REMOVE anonymity online. The following are legislation US wanted to enact — ACTA, PIPA, SOPA. They were all designed to expose people online.

    2. That’s why the lessons of 13 May 1969 must be learnt. Not to scare legitimate dissent and valid arguments but to try and get some balance and proper perspectives on developments and happenings in the country. We must develop as a single, united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia based on values inherent in the Constitution, otherwise no real, lasting peace will emerge.

      DAP has denied causing the race riots, went to the extent of absurdly suggesting that it was Tun A Razak who did it. The booklet, “The 13 May Tragedy, A Report, by the National Operations Council, October 1969” clearly narrated the words and actions of the DAP leaders, members and supporters prior to and immediately preceding the outbreak of violence, losing their minds after winning more seats than they expected in the 1969 General Elections.

      DAP opposed making History a compulsory subject in schools but thanks to TS Muhyiddin, that’ll proceed in 2013. Secret societies, thugs, gangsters, communists and subversives also joined the DAP goons in inciting the riots in 1969. Communists have gone underground but they have added to the strength of the subversives. Thugs and gangsters are still active in Malaysian society now and many of those Internet and facebook comments do sound like them.

      The Government, specifically the Multi-Media Development Corporation, must act on the irresponsible, racist and extremist users of the Internet. Anybody knows the status of the plans on such matters mooted out some time back by them, I think?

  4. Maybe its the work of a few internet squad team, who’s paid to do damage, all in the name of votes and hunger for power.

    Dangerous class of politician nowadays.
    How low can people go?

  5. Saya nampak kesan budaya membenci (hatred) kepada apa saja BN dan Melayu ini telah menular sehingga di kalangan warga Cina di Kelantan yang dianggap telah ‘assimilate’ dengan keadaan dan budaya keMelayuan. Saya dah biasa bertentangan dengan pandangan yang terselit rasa marah dan benci dari seorang Cina terhadap saya (Melayu) bila berada di tempat lain seperti Ipoh atau Kuala Lumpur (hanya mereka yang pernah dapat pandangan begini akan tahu rasanya dan bezanya). Jadi agak terperanjat bila berdepan perkara serupa di Kota Bharu terutama dari anak-anak muda yang lebih terdedah kepada media alternatif di internet. Satu perkembangan yang amat membimbangkan.

    Bukan sekadar benci tetapi saya perasan ada juga elemen perli, seolah-olah wujud jurang begitu besar di antara mereka yang kononnya berakhlak tinggi dan, (contohnya) saya, yang dikatakan mereka sebagai “no class.” — Helen

    1. Saya kesal terhadap tindakan Cina (bandar besar especially) yg tunjukkan perasaan benci. Saya asal dari kampung dan campur dengan Melayu, sehingga di Universiti pun saya biasa gaul dengan CIna dari Melaka (mereka ada sifat kemelayuan), Melayu, Kadazan Sabah, dan Muslim Sabah. Pendapat saya ialah orang kampung yang miskin terutama Melayu perlu etul2 dibantu dibantu. Mereka biasa complain bahawa pemimpin JKKK hanya tolong kawan2 sahaja walaupon kawan2 tu rumah besar dan kaya. Melayu yang complain tu rumah usang. Di kampung ada juga Cina dan India yang miskin, begitu juga JKKK wakil Cina pilih kasih untuk bantu. Bapa saya kerani dan mak saya suri rumah. Bapa saya meninggal sewaktu saya umur 8 tahun. Keputusan SPM saya tahun 90-an layak dapat biasiswa ke oversea kalau saya bumiputra. Sehingga kini saya tidak dapat apa2 kontrak gomen sbb saya tidak pandai berniaga dan masih makan gaji. Sebenarnya saya pernah terasa kenapa tidak layak dapat biasiswa walaupun mak bapa saya lahir di Malaysia. Saya berharap kerajaan (tak kira BN or PR) bantu orang2 yang betul2 perlu dibantu, sebab itu adalah cara manusia yang sepatutnya. Saya tidak anti mana2 parti.

  6. Kini pengarang dan akhbar Sin Chew sudah mulai merasa bahangnya daripada serangan yang lama dilancarkan terhadap Star dan Utusan (cemuhan “wartawan pelacur”).

    Juga saranan bahawa Sin Chew harus dikenakan boikot.

    Adakah mereka-mereka yang mahu memulau Sin Chew menganggap yang sesebuah akhbar baru yang dikelolakan Pakatan akan boleh bersikap lebih adil dan seimbang — umpamanya S’gor Times aka Warta Hannah?

  7. Hanya orang yang tiada ‘class’ yang akan memanggil orang lain ‘low class’.

    A funny story: a high-society (i.e. rich, old money) mat salleh lady told me this story of a chinese woman (who is her besan, i.e. her son is married to the lady’s daughter) criticising a section of malaysian society (i.e. non-english educated malaysians irrespective of race) for having no class…all the while, she was talking loudly with her mouth full of food! The mat salleh lady thought that that was hilarious!!!

    Me thinks that some DAP leaders and hard core supporters think they are whiter that white…like the lady mentioned above. Unbeknown to them, they are being laughed off by the very people that they try to emulate…

  8. Hi Helen,

    Saya fikir budaya membenci ini telah lama digunakan oleh pembangkang sejak zaman Tun M lagi. Mereka memainkan sentimen kebencian ini kerana telah terbukti sangat efektif untuk meraih undi. Tidak sahaja kepada Dap, contohnya kempen ABU itu politik apa kalau bukan kempen membenci? Terbaru kempen terhadap Jessie Ooi dan awak sendiri Helen. Mereka hanya memikirkan keuntungan jangka pendek tanpa memperdulikan implikasi jangka panjang. Bila manusia sudah membenci, kita bagi dia duit 500 pun dia kata haram, amat susah untuk mengubah fikiran mereka yang sudah membenci.

    Mereka yang pendek akal ini juga sekarang memainkan sentimen perkauman, ramai yang terperangkap, termasuk juga insiden Hindraf berdemo di Jalan Kebun. Pendek kata, politik najis sebegini sanggup digunakan oleh pembangkang kerana mereka tahu, kerajaan yang memerintah sangat beretika menggunakan kuasa, dan tidak akan sewenang-wenangnya mengambil tindakan, walaupun berisiko tinggi berlakunya rusuhan kaum.

    Barangkali kerajaan sedar bahawa kebanyakan dari kita sudah menganggap diri kita pertamanya Malaysian, kemudian baru diikuti agama atau kaum. Tahap pelajaran seseorang juga banyak mempengaruhi pemikiran mereka. Ramai antara kita tahu dan menolak politik kebencian ini, tapi malangnya lebih ramai lagi yang kurang akalnya mengikut sahaja apa pun yang diucapkan oleh ketua mereka, walaupun pada jangka panjang merugikan, seperti Amanat Hj Hadi yang kini menikam diri mereka sendiri.
    Apakah kerana mereka buat kita pun kena buat juga. Nampaknya begitulah Helen. Kerajaan BN hampir tumbang pada PRU 12 kerana tidak mengambil tindakan menangkis politik najis yang diamalkan pembangkang. Sedar atau tidak lebih 80 peratus modal mereka adalah berasaskan kebencian.

    Tentang internet pula saya tidak bersetuju supaya dikawal sepenuhnya. Dengan komen-komen negatif inilah yang dapat memberikan kita gambaran sebenar sentimen masyarakat dan memberikan kita ruang juga untuk mengambil tindakan sewajarnya. Hanya orang bodoh sahaja yang tidak ambil peduli apa yang dikatakan oleh masyarakat tanpa sekatan. Kita lihat dan belajar untuk menjadi yang lebih baik.

    Pendedahan-pendedahan internet banyak membantu untuk menyedarkan kerajaan tentang beberapa kepincangan lantas memberi peluang untuk memperbaiki apa-apa yang perlu. Kemudian kita juga boleh menilai apa yang kita buat melalui komen-komen ikhlas yang diberikan. Kita akan dapat luahan hati kecil sebenar sekiranya dia tidak takut diambil tindakan.


    Ya Allah, selamatkan kami dari kejahatan mereka yang zalim..

  9. Sdr Helen

    Paparan sangat tepat dan ulasan anda adalah tinggi.

    Sebelum 2008, hatred politics tidak dikenali.
    Ramai orang rakyat tak faham kenapa semenjak 2008 kebencian meluap luap dan tiada nampak akan menguncup.

    Perasaan Kebencian adalah across the lines of racial divide dan pada semua lapisan masyarakat. Dulu tiada garisan jelas dan terang.

    Semenjak 2008, semakin kuat perasaan dan menebal etnik dan swing kapada kelompok bangsa sendiri, diketengahkan (emphasis) suku kaum dan bangsa asal masing masing.

    Ramai betul pejuang bangsa yang menekankan race consciousness.

    Najib overreaction dan memujuk pengundi bangsa cina mendapat backlash di mana pengundi cina merasakan mereka adalah king makers. DAP menjadi more chinese dari mca.

    Seterusnya adalah sejarah sehingga terkini.
    Saya tak nampak ia akan mereda sebab semua telcos FB twit blog dan media vernakular sedang mengambil keuntungan komesial dan menggalakkan pemikiran songsang tanpa harmoni di kalangan Jen Y.

    Tiada siapa dan tiada kuasa dapat menghalang kemarakkan tidak kesihatan ini. Kalau tinjau dari jauh, rasa rasa nya pemerintah PRC di Beijing yang mampu mengurang kesan kesan akibat gejala saperti ini.

    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  10. It is frustrating to read this post because we know it is happening but don’t know how to stop it. For years, pro opposition blogs and news portal has been sowing this kind of attitude. Go to Malaysia-Today, Malaysiakini, MalaysiaInsider and try to say something against the opposition or pro government. Be prepared to get the stream of most abusive insult.

    What is more disappointing is that some PAS blogger are more willing to release abusive, vulgar comments that favour them then proper comment that go against their view. They do that in the name of religion.

    All I can conclude after the 2008 tsunami is that everything opposition is plain hypocrisy., from their top leaders to a nameless cybertrooper. They are a bunch of sick, selfish people who only think of their selfish agenda and stop at nothing to fulfill their lust or hatred to annihilate their political enemy.

    1. ” Be prepared to get the stream of most abusive insult.”

      that’s good since your comment is being approved.

      my comment, normally with figures i.e. the case of “Menara 100 Tingkat PNB”, when I explain that PNB as a manager of 120Billion as at 2008 and have a right to earn 1% as a management fee, thus they will get a management fee of 1.2 billion a year, and to construct a 5billion tower is within their reach. Imagine that you’re buying a house of which 5 times of your annual income

      I’m not bashing government, neither i bashed opposition, yet the comment was not approved by MalaysianInsider.

      at most now, i just browse through the comment, and have a big smile especially comments on the financial related news.

  11. Dear Helen:

    To quote Eric Schmidt :
    “The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

    I really doubt anyone can control the internet, or even destroy it (you can expect Google and Wiki to pull off another stunt). It is as what Schmidt had aptly said, anarchy. Moreover, you can expect people to play the Freedom of Speech card, especially in fb. But FOS in itself is controversial, as in where do you draw the line. Is sexism, name-calling and racism allowed? If Malaysia wants to enforce any law on this, it is the government’s (and all our) best interest to set up a panel to discuss on this. It is clear that the balance between suppression and freedom is grey. But the people using it can be educated. That is key, and our education syllabus are woefully outdated (particularly on proper internet usage and sex ed). I still believe that with proper education, FOS can still be fully implemented, that is any comment is allowed irrespective of how bad the comment is because if the crowd is educated, it will be self-regulatory, much like a crowd/rally. The current behaviour of these commenters are somewhat similar to that of the London riots if it were real.

    PS: Both social networks twitter and fb, and also a large number of blogs (blogs are dependent on the individual) do not fully abide with pure FOS, as there are still a certain amount of controlling on their part (In a sense, their terms and conditions are against pure FOS). However, yours is still very much close to pure FOS already :D
    Kudos on that and keep it up.

  12. Like a number of sane people who are not amused by the antics of some politicians, I am appalled by the netizens who sent or forward such hate mail and rubbish without thinking about what is true or right. Sending and spreading such hate is counter productive to our society and the so-called opposition who in some states are the govt. don’t seem to realise that it will take years to reverse the hatred that they have spawned. It will come back to haunt them. But it will be too late for Malaysia.
    I was pro-DAP but I cannot tolerate what they and the opposition are trying to do. Everything that the govt does is wrong. Only they are the heroes. The rest who do not subscribe to their views are either cronies or not worthy of their so-called patronage. They are the chosen ones to ‘right all the wrongs’ in the country and using whatever means to achieve that. To them the ends justify the means. Double standards all the way. They are not even in Putrajaya yet but they are already jostling among themselves for seats and positions to prepare for the heady posts that will prove that their means justify their end – their pot of gold!
    I hope those who think that the opposition will be what they hope them to be will use their god-given brains and think rationally and not be swayed by rhetoric gymnastics and stop this insane bashing in the internet. Read ‘Animal Farm’ and learn a thing or two from it.
    Whenever I read all this govt bashing and boycotting the mainstream media, I ask myself whether these people are really checking/verifying the information that they received or are they, like lemmings, following the pipe piper to their destruction.

  13. Perhaps they are short sighted. You can’t call somebody a prostitute and expect that person to like you 10 or 20 years from now. Who knows what will happen by then. Not only did they not apologize, but heaped on yet another insult. And they wonder why mainstream media don’t support them. It will be difficult enough to win support after such name calling with apology, it will be next to impossible without it. It is a puzzle to me why DAP still have support of the chinese.

    Peace be upon you

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