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Erykah’s Allah tattoo and China bull in Muslim shop

Tit for tat. Since it wasn’t too long ago that we Chinese were livid over Perkasa’s white angpow insult, now the shoe is on the other foot and we have to switch roles to understand Muslim anger over the photo of Erykah Badu’s tattoo.

Let’s take The Star‘s reaction:

“Star2 senior editor Lim Cheng Hoe and deputy editor Daryl Goh, who had approved the use of the photo in Monday’s edition of Star2, have been suspended with immediate effect and indefinitely. At the same time, two associate editors, Rozaid Abdul Rahman and Shah A. Dadameah, have assumed extra duties of overseeing and guiding the newspaper on issues pertaining to Muslim sensitivities.”

Sudah terhantuk, baru tengadah.

A case study comparison

Since the DAP success of 2008, there’s been an attitude shift amongst the Chinese.

I had pointed out that the state-funded Selangor Times which comes under the advisement of the menteri besar’s office has an all-Chinese editorial staff.

The Selangor Times copyeditor made a reply to this blog which you can read in the Comment section (click link above).

I followed up that posting with another one that said the Yeopies (Hannah Yeoh groupies) make as if the paper belongs to their grandfather. I did not check last year’s editions but beginning with the first issue of 2012 until the most recent, the DAP Subang Jaya rep has been featured 9 consecutive weeks and twice on the front page.

Selangor Times has only 18 printed pages (c.f. latest Feb 24 copy). Selangor has 56 state assemblymen/women. With the frequency of Hannah Yeoh’s appearance, you can well imagine that the copious space devoted to the tudung-wearing, religion-spouting DAP mascot has jolly well edged out any meaningful coverage of the Selangor opposition (i.e. Umno).

My criticisms fell on deaf ears as Selangor Times continued with its disregard of the many BN and Malay-majority constituencies while making Subang Jaya and DAP favoured politicians the centre of the state paper’s universe.

Besar kepala dah.

[In a nutshell: ‘Islamic’ in certain media is now defined for public consumption by those who ‘appear’ to be Islamic and this is considered good enough like how some Chinese restaurants think that ‘No pork served’ is halal already — read also Evangelis angan-angan nak ‘reverse takeover’ hudud kot. This paragraph added 3.05pm]

So simple also dunno

Back to The Star and its explanation of the photo oversight.

“But mistakes can happen out of carelessness, thoughtlessness, plain silliness or, as in the case of the photo of American singer Erykah Badu’s body art with the word Allah in Arabic, ignorance.” …

“Unfortunately, the editors who used the Badu photograph are non-Muslims and they did not recognise the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic. Ignorance may not be a good excuse but this is the real story behind the mistake. We wish to reiterate that it was made with no ill intention or malice.”

Excuse: The editors are non-Muslims. Fine.

The problem with our Malaysian landscape today after the last election outcome is that non-Muslims sekarang dok memandai-mandai on Islam.

Who are DAP’s Chinese and Indian supporters to pronounce that Malays who are in Umno are “not Muslim” – maksud mereka Melayu Umno tak layak digelar Muslim – because they (Umno members) are adjudged to “behave in an unIslamic way”?

These opposition followers are not only arrogant enough to mengkafir 3.3 million Umno Malays but also to determine, for the faith, what are Islamic norms and mores and what are not.

Only just because their own (non-Muslim) leaders are quoting the Quran and Hadith, loudly praising the glory of Islamic civilization and wearing tudung — see photos HERE and HERE (‘Apa pendirian Elizabeth Wong ah Lim & rakannya Selendang Squad atas anak ‘tak sah taraf’?)

Then there are the opposition followers (Malaysian Firsters) who can blithely declare that “a real Muslim” is not one who will do this or do that but will, on the contrary, surely think like this or think like that.

Apart from arbitrating which Malay is Muslim and which isn’t — to them a PAS Malay is a good Muslim and an Umno Malay is a disgrace to Islam — these opposition nitwits have also usurped the prerogative of Muslim scholars and Islamic authorities to determine apakah itu lunas-lunas Islam.

But what is the real level of understanding of Islam among the opposition Chinese?

In The Star brouhaha, it’s been admitted that two senior editors with donkey years of high-level exposure were still unable to recognise the Arabic script for Allah.

Yet over the last several years there has been such overweaning smugness enveloping the Chinese invasion of Muslim ideological space and mosques, including the heatedly argumentative articles defending Christian use of the Allah term.

And aside from the superiority complex of the Firster crowd whose in-depth knowledge of Islam is questionable yet taken to interpreting and preaching Islam, and claiming “we’re all brothers and sisters” (as opposed to those who touch on Islamic matters because we’re concerned how Islamism turning into law will affect non-Muslim lives)

and the same people whose command even of the national language, and let’s not talk about knowledge of a religion not their own, is deplorable (an indication of their lack of social exposure to the Malay community that practices Islam), are rather too fond of sneering as well.

So it becomes a combination of bodoh sombong and patronizing to boot.

Reverting to the Perkasa mishap, the Malay right wing group may be sombong but at least it has never boasted that it’s well versed in other cultures and religions.

On the other hand, certain publicity-crazy Chinese political figures are presenting themselves in Islamic dressing, and they and their ardent fan club talking (or perceiving themselves) like they’re more Muslim than the born Muslims.

Ultimately it is the Buddhist and Taoist ordinary Chinese who will suffer from the brinkmanship of Firsters. Please drop in at my FMT article today — ‘Two-party system: Umno vs bipolar DAP‘ — where a related theme is explored.

Continued: Belajar menghormati Buddhisme, Hinduisme dahulu sebelum cuba mencampurtangani Islam

Erykah Badu: Masih isu meleret dan dipersendakan


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36 thoughts on “Erykah’s Allah tattoo and China bull in Muslim shop

  1. This reveals how ‘knowledgeable’ a Chinese is about Islam even when he/she is surrounded by Muslim in a Muslim majority country…

    They say Malay are racist trying to push our supremacy above other races but in reality they are the one who are oblivious about the people around them.

    What is the meaning of Malaysian if you don’t really know the country and the people.

  2. I read your letter at the FMT and liked it a lot.

    BTW, just as I had commented in your previous post, did you notice that our Ustazah Hajjah Hasnah and Khalifah Umar Lim and the rest of DAP’s Muslim-wanna be crowd are again strangely (or elegantly) silent on the ban on Erykah.

    Cat got their tongue kot ?

  3. Its a very, very poor excuse. Even if the editors did not not know the meaning, its in Arabic still. They can easily check it with their colleagues. They are not typing and preparing newspapers articles in a zen-like mountain trying to get inspiration. To say its an oversight may be forgiven. To elaborate that they are non Muslim and didnt know the meaning are just a lame, stupid excuse. A poor reflection of Star and its editors. A single sorry and they are off the hook?

  4. Helen,

    This is one of your best observation on the religious-politic scenario in Malaysia. It is unbelievable that this observation comes from a non-Muslim who can see deep into the facade of politic-religion scenario in Malaysia.

    When we speak about religious tolerance, it does not only mean respecting others believe, but also inclusive of none interference with other religions’ affairs.

    We have seen lately on how the non-Muslim trying to teach the Muslim how to practice their religion, what is suppose to be right or wrong to the point that what Allah suppose to mean in Islam. This is utter interference into religion of Islam. While there are differences of opinion among the Muslim, some are genuine differences, some politically motivated, some are due to ignorance of the subject (there are many ignorant Muslims out there), and worse some are due subdivision of ideology within the Muslims themselves, but this should not give the precedence for the non-Muslim to be part of it. Just as the case of white angpau, it is none of the business of none Chinese to tell the Chinese whether it is ok or not to accept white angpau.

    Thank you for such a wonderful article.

    1. grandmarquis

      I agree with you that the interference by non Muslims into Islam has become a trend especially after the political tsunami of 2008.
      While I detest these morons, I would also like to point out that a big part of the reason why is the attitude of some Muslims who have sacrificed their religion for their political ambitions. Look at PAS and PKR, in order to appease DAP they are saying some really ridiculous things about Islam. Look at the senile Tok Guru. He is even willing to defend Eli Wong.

      Look at PKR in defending the tudung clad hajjahs of DAPs who hijack masjids and suraus for photo shots and publicity stunts. Look at some of the Muslims that being paraded by Mkini and MInsider to promote liberal agenda of defending gay, sodomy, etc.

      Look at some PAS supporters in Penang who really think Khalifah Umar Lim as a great Islamic leader.

      When we have such incidents, these give some non Muslims the boldness to cross the line and take a condensending views on Islam and even lecture them down.

      These leaders of PKR and PAS are even willing to sell their religion, race and even their soul to acheive their goals. As such merely blaming the DAP and their misguided supporters alone is not correct.

  5. It’s all good that we have a chinese blogger criticise DAP and other chinese for being sanctimonious.

    However, we need someone of the ‘PAS persuasion’ to cross party lines and decry the misuse/abuse of Islam in the name of political gain.

    Is that person Hassan Ali?

      1. You will not find any PAS members yang akan mengutuk parti sendiri. Believe me. Ahli Pas adalah pengikut paling setia dan tidak akan membangkang (tapi sedar2 dengar berita keluar parti ramai2). I pernah google takut2 ada Pas members yang mcm akan utarakan apa yang tak betul dalam parti, but nada. Tak tahulah kalau saya tak pandai cari. UMNO? Bersepah2.Tapi masih setia pada parti.Why? Because ahli UMNO bukan penyokong buta2. Tai mungkin tak semua la. Sebab tak disangka2 sebab mahu harta/glamor, sanggup masuk keluar parti masuk parti lain. Kalau Pas atau PKR mungkin boleh terima. Tapi tiba2 DAP. Macam mana?

        “Bersepah-sepah”, cute description :) — Helen

  6. Salam dik Helen,…Pak Ard secara peribadi mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kedua-dua mereka yang terlibat menyiarkan gambar tersebut. Ianya kebenaran yang diserlahkan kerana kurangnya keperihatinan pihak yang sepatutnya bertanggungjawab dan kononnya prihatin untuk terlebih awal mengesan keperibadian penyanyi itu. Kenapakah selepas ianya dibongkar oleh STAR baru keluar cerita-cerita buruk lain tentang dia?Inilah pertolongan dua orang rakan bukan Islam kepada rakan Islamnya. Bayangkan jika ianya tidak dibongkar lalu penyanyi itu menyelak tayang dadanya sewaktu persembahan dan pada waktu itu siapa pulak agaknya akan di godam oleh mereka yang kononnya pembela Islam?
    Malangnya rakan-rakan saya itu “terkorban” kerana kejujuran. Sekali lagi, mereka bukan mereka-reka perkara ini, ianya kebenaran yang diserlahkan agar kita sedar. mereka dengan sengaja boleh melindungi perkara ini dan membiarkan ianya “terlepas” begitu saja. Tidakkah ada ruang pertimbangan sebegini sebelum menghukum mereka? Islam terletak kepada HAQ, hak kita, hak mereka, perlu ada timbang tara yang adil….berdakwah bukan sekadar ceramah pidato berapi tetapi juga perbuatan dan tindakan yang diperhatikan dan dinilai,.. tegas tak bertempat kemudianya tolak -ansur tak bertempat adalah tidak meletakkan haq pada tempatnya….fikirkan…Pak Ard mohon undur…

    1. Salam Pak Ard,

      pandangan saya bila isu ini timbul ada baik dan buruknya…kalau kita cari point yg buruk kita akan jumpak yg buruk saja…kalau kita cari point yg baik akan keluar yg baik la

      bagi saya yg buruknya
      -nampak macam editor tu tak sensitif dgn Islam di Malaysia
      -rupanya ada jugak org Islam yg tak sensitif dgn agamanya sendiri..tgk la statement artis2 dan zaid ibrahim…at least editor tu bukan Islam dan mungkin dia tak tahu

      yg baiknya
      -konsert dibatalkan…mengelakkan dari percampuran laki dan perempuan Islam..(yg bukan Islam xdak masalah)
      -org bukan Melayu boleh kenal macammana tulisan Arab hehehe

      1. Pertama, permohonan untuk membawa masuk penyannyi itu…Pak Ard ingin cadangkan, jika masih belum ada, satu senarai semak peribadi penghibur yang ingin dibawa masuk yang perlu diisi oleh penganjur semasa membuat pemohonan. Antara semakannya ..adakah penghibur itu terlibat melakukan perkara tidak bermoral yang tidak boleh diterima oleh budaya masyarakat kita a) bertelanjang di khalayak ramai, b) mengaku mengamal seks songsang c) Mengaku dan bangga dengan pengambilan dadah,…dan-lain-lain.
        Pemegang kuasa meluluskan pemohonan perlu juga menyemak latarbelakang penghibur tersebut. Internet boleh memudahkan kerja. Jika ada tatacara kerja sebegini, mungkin kejadian serupa boleh dielak dimasa depan.
        Pak Ard tak harap sangat kepada sensitiviti orang lain terhadap Islam. Kita patut ada undang-undang yang jelas tentang penggunaan kalimah Allah, Ayat Quran, Nabi Muhammad SAW. Jika tidak ianya akan dipermain-mainkan bukan hanya oleh orang bukan Islam malah orang Islam sendiri.
        Malu untuk menagih ihsan simpati agar sensitif terhadap perasaan kita, ianya tak perlu diminta, ianya harus diberi, dan jika tidak ada kerelaan untuk memberi, kita perlu bertegas bukan memohon.

  7. in the business or common corporate world, there are always cases where the boss will always put down his signature without checking whatever is on it. Perhaps this is something similar, where the boss always approve without even reading. Well cant blame the suspension when others would get the show cause and domestic inquiries.

  8. what if the tattoo is not in arab but in a written language most malaysian cant read? what if star dont publish the photo and the concert carry on? the muslim should get angry with erykah or the star, or chinese? and i don’t know how this incident have to do with dap, moreover the star is owned by mca.

    The Star owned by MCA doesn’t mean that Cheng Hoe, Daryl & whoever else in the chain of error support MCA. Like are you going to say that the Kwong Wah reporter (who wore green T-shirt to Lynas demo & formed a link in the human chain to protect LGE) must necessarily be pro-govt b’cos he works for mainstream media? — Helen

  9. I am not too sure why you have a vendetta over DAP and Christians. You should know your heart n motivation well why you are writing the way you are writing. What you have put down is not helping the different races together but more of pitting the malays against the chinese and the muslims against the christians.

    I hope you would one day you will realise n come to your senses that your writing has invited so much of those commentators who are specifically zooming in to condemn the chinese. Occasionally, you will insist that the buddhists are like this and the christians are like that. Maybe many may not understand the points that you are driving at about buddhist and christian, but as I have been a buddhist and now a christian, it’s still the same me regardless of my preference in religion.

    How about you? Have you been a buddhist and christian or vice versa and if yes, please do enlighten me what is so different between the 2?

    My birth cert says Buddhist. I’ve never been a Christian. So I cannot oblige you with any comparison.

    But perhaps you can share with my Malay readership if it was the Christian missionaries who persuaded (berdakwah to) you and how was the experience of conversion? — Helen

    1. crate. you must understand helen ang is a pro MCA public relations agent. So it is in her kpa & kra to link all issue and any issue with Dap, no matter how unrelated or ridiculous it sounds.

    2. Helen
      In your mind, it’s only about missionaries that go around and persuade people to convert. To me, that is really narrow minded. I picked up a bible and read and through life journey, I discovered Christianity and embraced it eventually.

      At the end of the day, everyone is free to discover what they want to believe and it’s a free world. To constantly harping and mocking the Christians in no way giving you the credibility in your writing and it is no different from those who are on the rampage of Islam bashing.

      I hope the readers here will truly understand that the Chinese is not going all out to fight with the Malays for power but to have a good government installed for a better Malaysia.

      1. Good on you that you picked up the bible, read, discovered Christianity and embraced it. No one influenced, persuaded or baited you.

        But the concern has been the alleged proselytizing attempts by the likes of the Gereja Methodis Damansara (GMDU) and the intentions of those who insisted on the use of term “Allah”, which describes the one and the only Muslim God, when the word “Tuhan” is sufficient to describe the Trinity of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. The matter is now still at the Appeal Court and ought not be discussed.

        The GMDU invited 12 Muslims to “break fast”, during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadhan, in a church, and where a Bible was placed on the table for each of the 12. And, MB Khalid Ibrahim had to apologise to Pastor Ho even before the Selangor Islamic Affairs Dept (JAIS) completed the report on their investigation, probably at the instigation of the Christian DAP Exco members like Teresa Kok and Ronnie Liu, who have often been seen following Khalid all over the places, much like Perak DAP Exco Nga and Ngeh followed “MB Sekejap Nizar”.

        Since then, the expelled PAS Selangor Commissioner Hassan Ali has been speaking about attempts at proselytizing Muslims, even by a non-Muslim attending prayers at a mosque wearing the Muslim robe and white skull cap. JAIS and the Selangor Islamic Council (MAIS) have not yet completed their report on such matters to Khalid, who now holds the Islamic Affiars portfolio, allegedly out of his/ PKR’s sensitivity to DAP’s protests at allowing a Hassan-like PAS Exco taking the portfolio that was previously and logically held by PAS.

        I agree with you fully that “everyone is free to discover what they want to believe”, on their own, like you did, without being invited to “berbuka puasa” at a church and the like. We must maintain the status quo for long term peace and harmony in this country and there must be no missionary activities like the Christians have been doing since the British colonial days.

        Good of you to say “the Chinese is not going all out to fight with the Malays for power”, but what the DAP has been doing since the party’s formation after Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore were kicked out of Malaysia in 1965 certainly does not justify that statement. The race riots of 1969, what DAP leaders said during the election campaign of that year, what they, their members and supporters shouted and how they behaved when celebrating winning a few additional seats showed that they were interested in power no matter what.

        That has been the main concern of the Malays and of the reasonable leaders and members of the political parties in the BN coalition. Whereas the BN has been a durable marriage of some 54 years, the yet unregistered Pakatan Rakyat of nearly 4 years has been said to be a marriage of convenience, that, if and when they reach Putrajaya, power will go to the most racist of the three parties. DAP has accepted Anwar as the PM candidate, the gullible Anwar has announced Lim Kit Siang as DPM, who will become PM when, as believed, he’ll be in the Sungai Buluh prison – the end result of the Sodomy II appeal.

        Yet nothing has been mentioned for PAS, which might end up having only the least important portfolio – the Ministry of Welfare. If and when that happens – God forbid – there’ll be instability. The Malays will simply not accept a Chinese PM, what more Lim Kit Siang. Drawing parallels with the US and Barrack Obama becoming President is simply not applicable.

  10. Sdri Helen Ang,
    Ulasan yang sangat baik atas encroachment punya tajuk.
    kalau ada encroach, maana dula ada garis batasan sudah di padam kan tanpa di sedar olih semua. Bila nasi sudah jadi bubur amat susah lah nak buat garis batasan. maka pemerintah terpaksa buat undang undang baru.
    kita dah cukup undang undang di negara ini.
    Hanya, orang yang sengaja nak cari pasal dan sengaja nak cari isu.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  11. Hi Helen,

    1. If ‘those the star editors’ think like you…then they know Islam is not exclusive for malays only! Islam is for everybody, every race, every ethnic, who owns ‘digital clear heart’ to fully analyze and understand Allah’s Teachings. Refer to Quran, the first verse being given to prophet Muhammad SAW – “Read !( Ye shall understand) !”

    2.And that ‘those the star editors’ and others of the same clans, show their ‘human animal’ behaviors and dumbness towards the muslims! The target – Why only muslims ? Áre they happy being among the zionists?

    3.And that these clans of bastards will never apologize,will never learn,will never absorbs the TRUE nature of Malaysia….they should be thankful that they are not assigned or live in Afghanistan and Pakistan ! – refer to the latest news…

    4.That they always forget that the Malays are best friends ever – dulu, sekarang dan selama-lama nya…. Semua orang Melayu Malaysia Yang Beriman beragama Islam (if you non muslims are real and understand simple reasoning) but yet, those are the terms that are to be wiped out by… (you know whom)…by playing & porking around with Islam !

    5.Melayu tetap dan akan bersabar BUT until one day….

  12. What about you Helen, have you contributed anything good lately besides your warped views? [YouTube]


    I’m soooo impressed with your pseudonym — “get real”. So here you’re pasting a YouTube of Hannah Yeoh handing over a RM50k cheque from the S’gor state govt to a temple/kindergarten.

    Pls, go ahead & feel free to send us more YouTubes of how the Subang Jaya Adun has spent her RM1 million allocation (mind you, this particular 50k cheque is not included as it is separately & straight out of the S’gor coffers).

    We’d like to see her expenditure (besides hiring about half a dozen personal assistants) on the RM1 million as announced by the MB given to all Pakantan Aduns & and then some more out of the RM300 million Selangorku fund that she was eyeing.

    I’m sure my readers would be interested in the rest of the “good” – send your YouTubes of the donations made by Hannah in cash terms, ya – which she has “contributed lately besides her evangelist, self-righteous views.


  13. Can I throw in a similarity on how UMNO & the current anglized DAP operates. Back in th 80’s rampant conversation from Hindu to Christianity was prevailent in the estates after their displacement, naturally by the material enrichment for the poor & marginalized.The government nor the mandores did nothing to prevent this.Then the government realized how easy it is to convert the non muslim through enrichment and then all sort of benefits were awarded if we converted to muslim (for monetary purpose) that later stretched its arms to the orphanage, homeless (mostly Indians) for their bread and butter. Even after GE12, I met a Penang Indian bloke who runs his orphange on contributions from well wishers.When he approached DM Applasamy,he was redirected to anglized DAP Chinese and they said convert those children into Christian and we will provide you the funds. He showed them his finger. You see, religion should not play an equation in politics. At least UMNO is trying very hard to sober its stand, but these DAP personalities continue to bend backwards to brainwash the Malays how Islamic they have become in their approach for vote count.This is bollocks!!!

    The Malays are the most reasonable people you can find and they do respect the non malays as they are equally cultured as we are. I think the opposition should not teach them how they should live their life.Tell them the truth on the issues that concerns the Non Malays that has gone under the radar in infringing their rights thanks to UMNO and its mandores irrespective of origin.The Malays are reasonable people with conscious except for those political driven just like the opposition. I would love to get rid of UMNO, but with opposition in particular DAP & PKR playing the same game, it is doubtful anything will change for the poor and marginalized even with the NEP for the Malays. I don’t think DAP needs to flash its Melayuness if truth and reality is taken into factor for all whether small or big and the Malays (meaning those regular Joes & Janes) will come around to support the cause.The Melayu vote is always split because they are reasonable and heart driven whereas most Non malays mainly Chinese & Indians sways according to the momentum for how it fits their agenda.

    1999 Reformasi is a classic example, Malays were split but the Non malays carried the UMNO agenda. 2004 was a landslide. GE12, with the HINDRAF factor, the non malays finally woke up and the malays stood by them. So DAP rather than teaching a Melayu on how Islamic you have become, you should be going back to the drawing board and deal with real issues that deals with a day to day life of Malaysians minus the race and religion factor. To my Malay, Chinese & Indian Christian friends, on a personal note I have nothing against you but the modus operandi of a political party should not be religion but rather what is humane and righteuos for the common humane need without naivety & compulsion amongst us on a basis of religion. UMNO never figured this out, can the opposition figure this out?

  14. salam n good day to all, maybe kite kena tgk taktik cam Suharto buat kat indon- semua kena convert jd indon. Bhase india, China n jawe semua tggal dialek jelah…. jgn mimpi nak skolah SRJK, surat khabar ke atau publication in different languange . Something yang Putin nak buat ngan Chechnya and Mother Rusia. Malaysia, dah bertahun hidup bersama, yelah xkan nak hantar balik or hantar training kat Indon or Russia kot. Kalo name melayu, islam isu pentingkan diri sendiri n berhati batu ni confirm xkan berlakunye. Tp bile duduk berbagai bangsa nie biaselah discrepencies akan berlaku. Sng sgt nak control Melayu nie, die bnyk sgt berlembut. Tpi kalo die rase melampau die diam je sedar2 amok. Cam kes Dato’ Maharajalela n budak kat KFC , temperory insanity n sedar-sedar kena je.

  15. Senang cerita, jika ada bangsa lain menyatakan kami primitif atau ‘live in year 0012′ kerana sangat sensitif dengan agama Islam, let it be. But they should know that after 54 years, they don’t know their Malay friends’ sensitivity on our religion. We say sorry for Ibrahim Ali’s behalf (even though most of us dont really like him, because we dont want our Chinese friends to hate other Malays just because of him doing that).

    Rata-rata di websites, banyak yang cakap Malay ni acted like Taliban, Malaysia akan jadi terrorist country and etc just because of Allah word in Arabic and questioning what if it’s in other words? And sorry to say, mostly are chinese (I dont know if they are product of DAP? Well, I’m not going to deny that there are also Malays saying the same thing).Saying/questions that is totally provocation for me personally (and Malays as a whole maybe) because it is related to religion, not just culture. Bila melibatkan agama Islam, please jgn campur dengan mempersoalkan kenapa. be it UMNO, Pas, PKR, memang ada extremist dalam soal ini. (Kalau tak, takde lah Hassan Ali begitu diterima). Bukan sebab nak cakap orang bukan Islam tak belajar atau tiada pengetahuan langsung mengenai Islam, tetapi tak salah kalau guna pendekatan dengan tegur, soal atau beri pandangan yang baik. Orang melayu Islam tidak pernah mempersoalkan tentang orang beragama lain. Ada orang Islam mempersoalkan agama lain secara terang-terangan? Tiada kan? Mengenai kalimah Allah, mungkin ada yang pernah dengar ada segelintir Islam memberi kebenaran guna perkataan Allah sebab alasan mereka, kalau akidah kuat, takkan mungkin orang Islam murtad. Ye betul. Tapi kenapa ada yang marah sampai berdemo dsb? Sebab dalam Islam ni ada 3 kaedah 1) dengan perbuatan 2) dengan lisan dan 3) dengan niat/hati. Dalam Islam, dengan perbuatan tu, orang islam berani menegakkan perkara batil dengan fizikal/ kelihatan, kedua dgn lisan, maksudnya kita tegur apa kita tak puas hati dengan baik melalui percakapan. 3) disebabkan tidak mahu memanjangkan cerita takut pergaduhan atau perang kita mengutuk sekeras2nya dalam hati. dan tindakan ketiga ni menunjukkan selemah2 iman untuk membendung perkara yg jelas salah di sisi agama kami.maksudnya kami pasrah agama lain guna nama ‘Allah’ dan tidak bersetuju sekeras2nya dalam hati.sebab kita tidak mahu benda ni akan mengakibatkan perkara buruk sebab agama lain ada kepercayaan mereka dan kita menghormati walaupun kami tidak mengakuinya. sama halnya dengan kes Badu ini. Apabila orang bersuara, bukan untuk menyalahkan wartawan tersebut, tetapi seperti kata Pak Ard, banayk kebaikan dan keburukan yg kita dapat belajar.

    kalau orang Islam, mereka tahu mengenai benda2 macm ni. tapi di blog Helen, ramai yang bukan Muslim. so I need to share. And kalau apa saya jelaskan ni tidak betul atau khilaf, saudara sesama Islam boleh menegur.

    p/s: Bahasa paling mulia dalam agama Islam adalah bahasa Arab, bahasa syurga dan bahasa apabila dihisab di alam barzakh. bukan bahasa melayu, english, cina, atau tamil. Semua orang Islam apabila melakukan ibadat seperti sembahyang atau mengaji akan guna bahasa arab. Kami tiada al-Quran yang terjemahan dalam bahasa melayu. kecuali terjemahan untuk memahami maksudnya. salah satu sebab kenapa tulisan tatu itu sgt sensitif. nampak simple dan mcm diperbesarkan, tapi ya, memang itu isu besar!

    1. Dear Darlyn Azlinda, you have gone to a great extend to explain about your religion.Fair enough and trust me we know the real Malay in their genuine approach and those who use religion to trade barbed wires for political needs.Let’s leave religion aside for how it is used by either UMNO /PR as it is known fact. Obviously you have taken the trouble to explain because it must matter to you.That is a good sign.So let me throw you a question, how did such a multicultured nation like us and being Islam majority benevolent nation allow the Non Malays to feel so disenchanted. Was this a doing of politics of the day or how we allowed it because religion becomes the overwhelming factor besides the natural cause based on humanity & reality for the non Malay. I understand that religion is one’s own prerogative whether it is Islam or other, but do you think it is fair and just for for a Malay administrated government need to suffocated it because the mechanism is forcefully on the non Malays. As a Non Malay Malaysian with the highest regard for a Malay, i ask you these questions to clarify the stand of a Malay and an Islamic preaching nation in which way our fellow Malay/Islamic friends wuld stand with us when all the non Malays seek is fundamental basic human need hat is well versed in the Islamic scripctures of faith for a humane cause. Please forgive me for not responding to you in our Bahasa Kebangsaan.

      1. Salam MalaysianinNewYork, saya ingin mencelah tetapi bukan menjawap mewakili Darlyn, dan ianya dalam bahasa Melayu…saya tak pandai tulis dalam bahasa inggeris tapi membaca tu bolehlah sikit-sikit, tuan juga mungkin boleh memahami tulisan dalam bahasa Melayu tetapi lebih selesa menulis dalam bahasa inggeris agar tidak berlaku tersalah maksud, saya memahaminya… kepada saya tuan tak perlu memohon maaf untuk itu…
        Melayu juga manusia biasa, manusia tidak banyak beza dengan haiwan kecuali kepada pemilikan akal fikiran, yang lanjutan itu menerima keujudan Tuhan. Melayu di negara kita zahirnya beragama Islam. Pemahaman pada ugama itu sendiri berbeza-beza mengikut individu dan kumpulan (bangsa).
        Haiwan bersifat melindungi kumpulannya, mempertahankan kawasan tempat sumber makanannya dan sanggup bergadai nyawa merebut pasangan seksnya… manusia juga begitu, bukan hanya Melayu… dan apa yang dilakukan adalah adil dari sisi pemikiran mereka…
        Kepercayaan beragama menjarakkan manusia dengan haiwan dari segi tindakan kerana pertimbangan agama yang dianuti dan juga undang-undang dan susila yang dipersetujui bersama…
        Saya percaya kepada membantu mereka yang kurang mampu tanpa ada perbezaan kaum atau keturunan, dan juga percaya mereka yang dibantu akan berterima kasih dan menyumbang semula tanpa mengira kaum dan keturunan, ianya seolah begitu cantik dan sempurna…
        Kenyataannya di negara kita bagaimana? Ianya akan mengujudkan perdebatan panjang dan hujah akan menyingkap sejarah baru dan lama serta keadaan yang ada sekarang….
        Kejadian kejadian “kecil” yang terpinggir tidak boleh dirangkum sebagai sikap semulajadi sesuatu kaum, tetapi ia tetap dicurigai..ada gambar orang bawa penyapu besar sewaktu berpesta meraikan kemenangan pada satu pilihanraya satu masa dulu…apakah kumpulan yang akan di”sapu” itu akan melupakan penyapu besar itu, dan memberitahu anak cucu mereka penyapu itu “superimpose” agar mereka tidak ada rasa risau dan ragu…atau adakah sesiapa ingin memohon maaf atas perkara itu?.
        Mempersoalkan ke”Islam”an orang Melayu agar orang Melayu melupakan kenyataan keadaan sekeliling satu usaha dan percubaan yang baik….mengabaikan kenyataan keadaan sekeliling bagi mencapai kesempurnaan sebuah kepercayaan satu kesilapan yang bodoh dan mengundang bencana…
        Islam mengajar umatnya berwaspada, berlaku adil, dan memberi dan menerima pada yang hak…dan kesamarataan adalah satu kezaliman…kerana kita sentiasa berbeza….

      2. Dear MalaysianinNewYork,

        1) Thank you so much for the question. I’ll try to answer and explain to you as simple as possible and hope that it will reach to your understanding and perspectives.

        But let me answer this in Malay because I don’t think my English will be well-suited for the answers.

        2) Ya, Malaysia adalah sebuah Negara pelbagai kaum walaupun Islam adalah agama rasmi bagi Negara Malaysia, kaum-kaum lain berhak mengamalkan agama lain selagi tidak melibatkan pendakwahan kepada orang Melayu atau orang beragama Islam. (ini memang termaktub dalam perlembagaan). Tapi kita harus pergi balik kepada sejarah, kenapa dan mengapa perlembagaan ini wujud dan kenapa Malaysia mempunyai kepelbagaian kaum terutama selepas Sabah dan Sarawak menyertai Malaysia. Walaupun sejarah kita sekarang berada dalam krisis kerana dipersoalkan (kerana diwujudkan pembangkang, kita harus terima sejarah tersebut kerana ia telah diperakui dan menjadi rujukan rasmi). Maka, sampai bila-bila, perlembagan ini akan dikekalkan hatta BN terus memerintah atau jika ada parti lain akan menang suatu hari nanti. Bumiputera, agama Islam dan Raja2 Melayu akan terus menjadi isu kebangsaan jika dipersoalkan. Ini bolehla dikatakan sebagai had, iaitu walau sebebas mana pun semua kaum/rakyat di Malaysia, kita tetap mempunyai had/batasan tidak kira Melayu, Kadazan, Iban, Dusun, Cina, India dan lain2. Rules and Regulation, semua Negara ada perlembagaan.

        3) Soalan saya pula kenapa kaum2 lain berasa kecewa dengan kerajaan yg rata2nya Melayu Muslim? Sejauh mana kekecewaan kaum2 lain terhadap kerajaan dalam menangani isu beragama? Bahagian manakah anda kecewa? Biasanya apabila melibatkan isu agama, saya rasa kaum lain tidak perlu rasa susah hati kerana biasanya hanya melibatkan orang Islam sahaja. Tetapi mungkin berlainan disebabkan pembatalan konsert Erikah Badu (yang melibatkan sensitiviti orang Islam) sebab kaum lain tak ambil pusing pasal tatu with “it just a damn tattoo”? Baik, tahukah anda bahawa dalam tahun ini sahaja 5-6 konsert artis antarabangsa akan datang ke Malaysia. 2 dah jalan dah Evanessance dan Avril Lavigne. So adakah kaum lain rimas dan kecewa apabila 1 konsert yg melibatkan sensitivity umat Islam Malaysia tidak puas hati terhadap pembatalan konsert ini? Adakah umat Islam, iaitu umat yg bertolak ansur terhadap lesen arak, judi, sports toto, rumah2 ibadah yg tumbuh seperti cendawan di Malaysia tidak boleh mendapat tolak ansur daripada rakan non-Muslim tentang pembatalan konsert Erikah Badu? Walhal penganut agama Buddha di Malaysia adalah 9%, Kristian 6%, Hindu 1.3%? Tahukah anda di Klang ini sahaja berapa banyak Kuil dibina. Berapa banyak gereja dibina di Sabah Sarawak? Di mana terletaknya patung Buddha terbesar di Asia Tenggara? Di mana gereja terbesar di Malaysia? Adakah orang Islam menyekat hak kaum2 lain utk beribadat dan tinggal? (Jgn libatkan BN/PR, orang Islam yg tak cukup Islam, orang Cina or India dll yg tak suka berjudi dsb). Lihat isu pendidikan. Sehinggan kini sekolah jenis kebangsaan masih wujud. Kenapa? Kenapa pemimpin Bumiputera tidak bertindak seperti di Thailand dan Indonesia? Bayangkan hak orang Islam di Perancis tak boleh pakai tudung/abaya. Bayangkan polis di AS mengintip semua orang Islam sebab kami dilabel pengganas. Di sana, Muslim adalah minority dan adakah suara mereka didengari seperti betapa senangnya kuil dan tokong dibina atas tanah rezab kerajaan tanpa kelulusan? Dan apabila dirobohkan, masih mengatakan kerajaan kejam kerana itu adalah tempat suci walhal tanah itu adalah rezab kerajaan? Sampai kerajaan janji nak ganti lagi. Masjid pun banyak dirobohkan dan dibina semula di tempat lain (Kecuali kalau dipolitikkan).
        4) Jika saudara/I bertanya di mana kami akan berdiri bersama kaum/agama lain jika apa yg hanya kaum lain mahukan adalah “fundamental basic human need” seperti mengikut ajaran Islam, di manakah pula pendirian kaum/agama lain apabila umat Islam hanya mahu Islam dihormati/dan sensitif terhadap isu Islam? Adakah saudara/I akan menjawab seperti Lee Kuan Yew yg memberi komen supaya Muslim/orang Islam tidak harus begitu kuat sangat pegang Islam? Bagi saya, takde konsert Erikah Badu pun bagus. Lepas ni banyak lagi konsert akan diadakan. Saya sebenarnya tak suka konsert, tak pernah pergi pun seumur hidup saya, membazir, hiburan dunia yg sementara, boleh membawa kepada maksiat dan kejatuhan moral 9tapi tak semua orang akan jadi jahat lepas pergi konsert). So go to H with this kind of art. I think dalam mana2 agama pun tak suka hiburan melampau bukan? So tak rugi pun. Lagipun hiburan bukan keperluan. Ia adalah kehendak sahaja. Tak ada pun tak ape.
        5) Kesimpulan saya, walaupun BN atau PR memerintah, isu2 agama Islam akan menjadi mainstream issues sampai bila-bila. Percayalah. Even suatu hari nanti cicit LGE jadi PM pun, saya percaya dan yakin dia tidak akan menidakkan hak agama Islam, Bumiputera dan Raja2 Melayu (Chua Jui Meng dah berjanji, PAS dah janji, even DAP juga dah berjanji seprti itu, DSAI yg lidah bercabang pun ikut berjanji) dan Bumiputera juga akan mempertahankan perkara ini sampai bila2. Ini adalah negara yg menjadikan Islam sebagai paksi dan teras. Dan kalau mengikut sains pun, trait dominan akan menunjukkan sifatnya dengan jelas dan berlaku penindasan terhadap trait resesif (paling minor). Kalau di India, semua orang kena ikut perlembagaan India, di China, semua ikut perlembagaan China. Kalau begitu, susah ke ikut perlembagaan Malaysia yang dominannya orang bumiputera/Islam? Kecewa sangat ke Erikah Badu tak datang Malaysia?
        6) Ini belum lagi hudud dilaksanakan di Malaysia. Sebab hudud mesti dilaksanakan ke atas semua orang tidak kira agama/kaum di bawah negara yg sama (note: jika hukuman hudud lebih ringan daripada hukuman agama/kaum lain maka hudud perlu dijatuhkan sama kepada orang bukan Islam. So tiada erti kata lain hudud tidak melibatkan kaum/bukan agama Islam). Lain lah kalau kelantan dan Penang keluar jadi republik. Boleh la buat perlembagaan baru. Tapi pengikut DAP tak kisah dijatuhkan hudud jika didapati bersalah.
        7) Sebelum mempersoalkan pendirian rakan Muslim, wajar buat perbandingan negara manakah berbilang kaum/agama yang memberi peluang dan ruang kepada kaum/agama minoriti dengn begitu istimewa. Lagikan peribumi Australia pun didiskriminasi. Pendirian saya, Melayu (BUKAN UMNO, PAS or PKR). tetap akan menghormati kaum2 lain selagi kami dihormati.Kalau kita tahu sejarah kita, asal usul kita, sifat toleransi yg tebal, tiada istilah siapa tuan, siapa pendatang. Bila ada orang yg bongkak dan angkuh sahaja akan mempersoalkan kenapa ada tuan dan kenapa panggil orang lain pendatang dan kenapa orang yg datang dilayan mesra seperti tuan rumah dicaci pula dikatakan bangsa racist.
        Harap saya menjawab soalan anda. Ada juga pernyataan di atas adalah pandangan peribadi saya jika ada Bumiputera tidak setuju dengan kenyataan saya. Thanks.

        Sorry Helen, dan jadi satu pos pula kat blog Helen.

  16. I think the readers of Helen’s blog need to be educated on using the correct terminology to use in describing racial issues.

    Here’s a term you need to know


    Racial microaggressions are brief and subtle verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of another race. Perpetrators of microaggressions are often unaware (or feign unawareness) that they engage in such communications when they interact with other racial/ethnic groups.

    Racial microaggressions in everyday life: Implications for clinical practice.

    I linked to the site where the original paper that defines the term is located. THe paper is written for a US audience and studies the dynamics of White racism against minorities. I modified the definition to apply to the Malaysian context.

    First of all it should be realized that in the English speaking domain, the Chinese in Malaysia still reign supreme.

    The Star has the highest circulation for a english newspaper in Malaysia. It is largely read by the Chinese population. According to this source –– 50% of its readers are chinese, 25% are indian , 20% are malay .

    The Star is chinese owned. The Star knows its readers. They know how their readers think. That’s because the Star’s editors think that way too.

    They think in terms of RACIAL MICROAGGRESSIONS.

    Remember it was just last year that they did this:

    Pork pic in newspaper during Ramadan
    Even reported overseas :-

    Now, I am not saying the Chinese are exclusive in carrying out microaggressions. But over the years I have noticed the Star is a master of microaggressions.

    In some cases they are very subtle. Take the case of the Malay student:

    SPM top scorer’s mum denies daughter failing in UK

    Why is this even news worthy? To me, it’s a microaggression to undermine a Malay girl’s academic achievement and indirectly slight the sentiments of its Malay readers.

    I hope you can apply this concept to other things you read, witness and experience in day-to-day life. Does Helen use microaggressions? Or does she perceive microaggressions perpertrated on her and her kind when she sees comic drawings of chinese with up-turned noses?

    How about The Malaysian insider, Mkini, MChronicle?

    1. Does OverseasBumi use racial microaggressions? Or does he perceive microaggressions perpertrated on “him and his kind”?

      I was a journo, so this is insider info: I was told that the Star copy editor responsible for the Ramadhan pork chop picture was inexperienced & from Sabah (I didn’t ask his ethnicity).

      Across the South China Sea, they’re different from those in the peninsula for how they react to ‘sensitivities’ (pork, etc) c.f. Erykah Babu allowed to sing in Indonesia.

      Secondly, you not only fault the Star for “microaggression” but ascribe to the paper a hidden motive “to undermine a Malay girl’s academic achievement and indirectly slight the sentiments of its Malay readers”.

      Hullo, it was the Malay media & Malay blogosphere that went to town with Amalina’s story.

      Sensational b’cos this girl – previously known to the public at large as demurely tudung-clad – is suddenly found dressing in body-hugging clothes, leotards and not only thrown off her tudung & sporting dyed hair & using heavy make-up but also photographed hugging a white guy.

      Does this explain why The Star thought she was newsworthy?

      1. Funny how you run to the Star’s defence when I start to uncover their pattern of behavior.

        Ignorance is no excuse for publishing what the Star published. If they know they hired ignoramuses as editors, they should either demote those editors or put them in an icebox and not allow them to participate in editorial meetings. That is what most chinese managers do to make their workers uncomfortable– I am sure you know. It’s called ‘constructive dismissal’ and I am sure that is what the Selangor Times did to its malay employees to make them want to leave.

        As for the Malay girl’s improprieties, it’s her and her family’s issues. The fact they originated from the Malay blogosphere does not lend it more credence or make it more news worthy.

        In fact because it is a case of gossip, the paper should have exercised restraint and refrained from stooping to the level of Utusan.

        As for Utusan, when they published a justified negative opinion/review of Namewee’s mediocre movie, Namewee goes apeshit and posts a youtube video yelling and cursing. I don’t see you criticizing Namewee as much.

        Helen, I have again exposed you.

    2. >In some cases they are very subtle. Take the case of the Malay student:

      SPM top scorer’s mum denies daughter failing in UK

      Why is this even news worthy? To me, it’s a microaggression to undermine a Malay girl’s academic achievement and indirectly slight the sentiments of its Malay readers.


      I was following that issue about Amalina che Bakri. do you know all those rumours of her failing in UK, doing drugs, etc. were all fabricate by fellow Malays on gossip website & blogs?

      You want racial microagressions? Look at Utusan newspaper with its articles accusing of Chinese, Indian, Christian conspiracy. Until now they have not apologise even when proven wrong.

      1. How to spot a lame , lame argument.

        Utusan does it, so why not the Star?

        I don’t disagree about Utusan. But the Star should have standards. They’ve been in this business for so long.

        I worked East Malaysia for nearly a year and I know how liberal they are. But again this is no excuse.

        The star and every company in Malaysia should be given racial sensitivity courses.

        I was once admonished by a Malay for using the term ‘China-man company’ when describing a competitor. If Malays know to be sensitive, when will the Chinese?

  17. Salam semua,.. terima kasih OverseasBumi kerana sumbangan perbendaharaan kata inggeris “racial microaggression” untuk difahami bersama. Pak Ard tak berapa pandai bahasa inggeris jadi Pak Ard lebih selesa guna bahasa Melayu. Tuan rumah pun nampaknya terima celoteh Pak Ard dalam bahasa Melayu dan yang paling utama Pak Ard rasa kebanyakan yang bertamu juga rakyat Malaysia. Namun tak salah berbahasa apa pun asalkan matlamatnya tercapai..matlamat Pak Ard adalah berkongsi pandangan disamping memartabatkan bahasa Kebangsaan dan meraikan tuan rumah yang terbuka dan sedia terima kehadiran Pak Ard.
    Dalam pemerhatian Pak Ard, sentiasa ada dua unsur dalam setiap penyampaian, baik penulisan maupun percakapan. Yang pertama adalah yang tersurat dan yang kedua ialah yang tersirat, guru bahasa inggeris pernah berpesan “always read between the lines” lalu Pak Ard kata ” there is nothing between the lines, teacher” guru tu jawap balik ” there is always something between the lines but maybe there is nothing between your ears”. ianya begitu menusuk kalbu…
    Itulah permainannya, itulah seninya berbahasa…kehalusan lebih tinggi dari hukum perundangan, dimana banyak terjadi kegagalan membuktikan makna sebenar dari apa yang tersirat menyebabkan keadilan menjadi cacat. Perbuatan menghasut adalah contoh yang boleh diperhalusi, dan ini berkait dengan akhbar “Star”. Bukan hanya akhbar-akhbar, perhatikan juga siaran-siaran dikaca TV, Cuba luang masa perhatikan berita Mandarin di NTV7, sedangkan pemiliknya juga memiliki TV3, amati liputan beritanya. Tak perlu memahami bahasa Mandarin untuk buat penilaian…
    Yang tersirat memang menarik diperbahaskan, ia akan hanyut tanpa kesudahan…yang tersurat juga sering dipertikai dan yang dirujuk selalunya pengistilahan…contohnya istilah “negara Islam” ianya boleh dihurai dalam pelbagai sudut, perundangan, agama, kemasyarakatan, dan lain lain. Pemahaman terhadap istilah 1Malaysia juga diambil kesempatan untuk kepentingan sendiri, dengannya DAP cuba menusuk jarum Malaysian Malaysia kedalamnya. Ada yang lain mengambil kesempatan memperjuangkan “kesamarataan” atas pelantar 1Malaysia ini, ada yang cuba menghakis “Bumiputra” dengan 1Malaysia.
    Balik kepada tatoo ditubuh penghibur, ianya alat untuk ditunggang bagi menjaya maksud tersirat….seperti juga dengan kes-kes terdahulu…maka…bacalah…iqra’….

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