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Haris Ibrahim and mirror, mirror on the wall

Recently on March 20 (Sat), the Prophet of Bangsa Malaysia posted ‘What we need in parliament and government now more than ever before. Men and women of integrity in his blog The People’s Parliament.

Almost to the year ago, Haris Ibrahim – instigator of Asal Bukan Umno – postedWhy MCLM has severed ties with SNAP‘ (25 March 2011) complaining about the Sarawak National Party vis-a-vis the state election to be held the following month. According to Haris, the “16 [SNAP] candidates, none of whom, as far as we know, had been screened to ensure capability and integrity” … “are regarded as high-risk, integrity-wise“.

UPDATED: 1.45am, March 24

Hannah Yeoh surfing her Facebook when the state assembly is sitting!

A few months before that on 17 Oct 2010, Haris had dwelled on the integrity theme as well. Talking about the Batu Sapi parliamentary by-election in Sabah, Haris mooted an ‘Integrity’ Test: “This requires looking into the background of the candidates, to ascertain, to the extent possible, the risk factor of either turning out to be a froggie.”

Two months prior, on 8 Aug 2010, Haris had been similarly preoccupied with the integrity question still.

Discussing his campaign to “Kuburkan BN” – a precursor to ABU – Haris worried, “We have seen enough since the 12th GE to know that unless candidates of unquestionable integrity are picked to contest, the scenario I have described above [frogging] is a very distinct possibility, if not a near probability”.

If CAT puts Competency first, Haris puts Integrity ahead of the other two prongs of the trifecta – Accountability and Transparency.

Needless to say, his preoccupation with sorting out politicians with integrity from those politicians who are … well, politicians (note: DAP representatives are NOT your stereotypical pollies but pure and beautiful angels whereas BN people all got no integrity one, you know) is reflected in the contents of his blog.

In sorting out the sheep from the goats, Haris gave his stamp of approval to certain favoured saints … drum roll.

Hannah Yeoh.

Coincidentally, featured today in the photo gallery (see below) of news portal KL Pos is this state assemblywoman for Subang Jaya. The picture is taken during a current sitting of the Selangor legislative assembly.

Hannah is engrossed in her notebook. Hmm, wonder what she’s looking at?

In the second separate photo, she’s seen absorbed in her Facebook page. Ahhh, now we know how she came to have 42,000 Twitter followers. She spends a whole lot of time – even when the state assembly is in session – on the social media and its networking potential.

"Oh, Selangor Times did not use my picture today!"
IT'S ME, LOOK AT ME: On the notebook screen is the Hannah Yeoh Facebook page. Beside her is fellow DAP Adun (Teratai /Jenice Lee).

Haris proclaims that what we need in parliament and government now more than ever before are men and women of integrity. (Yeopies needn’t worry, integrity isn’t measured by navel-gazing quotient).

Hence the Anak Bangsa Malaysia protege can remain Haris Ibrahim’s “pretty” model of integrity.

Haris’ latest beef is the bumi/non-bumi classification to which he objects – see ‘Maintain the status of the Malays? Which ones?’.

In ‘Bumi/non-Bumi? Or one people, one nation, all equal? You decide‘, he blames the bumi/non-bumi classification as being a main plank of the Umno and BN race-based, ethnocentric divide and rule of the country.

“Umno/BN will not give up on these divides,” laments Haris.

I had blogged asking Haris some three weeks ago when he posted ‘Jibby, stick your bloody 1Malaysia up your bloody arse!‘ whether Pakatan politicians – particularly those closest to his heart in their mutual aspiration of Bangsa Malaysia – would support his cause and repudiate bumiputera-ism.

In my March 3 posting (which Haris kindly allowed a trackback), I wrote:

“Hannah Yeoh wanted to abolish classification of Chinese and Indian races. Great, let’s just have TWO groups then, one group Bumiputera, one group non-Bumiputera. Thus racism is ended (the DAP solution) — no more Indian race, no more Chinese race, just bumiputeraism which is groupism, a separate thing altogether.

“I shall take that to be the DAP’s position (no to Chinese, no to Indian, yes to non-Bumiputera label) unless they step forward to refute Haris.”

I could have mentioned any other Pakatan politician who similarly passed Haris’ Integrity Test but Hannah is flying colours on Haris’ score card as both brimming with integrity and other pious virtues. And besides, she is the DAP Malaysian First poster girl who valiantly fought the national registration department to introduce a new category of ‘keturunan’, i.e. Bangsa Malaysia.

If one’s party promises equality (or an egalitarian country) to those placing such high hopes in them, then it is only the ‘integrity’ thing to do for that party’s personality cult representative to at least make clear her position and not wilfully deceive legions of wishful voters.

If there’s a ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’, and “whose Haris’ favouritest one of all?” question, Hannah wins hands down.

Bangsa Malaysia, besides ABU, is an initiative that can be credited to Haris, and therefore making him her ideological mentor.

Thus far, that is since Haris’s several blog postings on the “Say ‘No’ to bumiputera” topic, the mentor has yet to indicate that the mentee is willing to step forward and make a personal stand on the very core and foundation of Haris’ colour-blind struggle.

For more than five years the prophet has been preaching, and he can’t even get a public commitment from his firstest disciple, if from nobody else in the Anak Malaysia galaxy of shining stars? How sad.

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  1. Helen, are you in talking term with Haris now? I no longer see you commenting in his blog and now you have been calling him a prophet in more than one blog post already. Calling him a prophet gave me an impression that you’re mocking him (although your main target is Hannah). I understand Bangsa Malaysia concept is probably a fantasy (given our current political landscape), but I think Haris’ intention is at least genuine.

    I don’t comment in anyone’s blog nowadays (got my own blog now!) nor in Malaysiakini even. There’s no reason for Haris & I not to be on talking terms unless he finds being called ‘prophet’ (c.f. ‘Oracle’ of Syed Putra) objectionable. — Helen

    1. i wonder if the irony strikes you that your post is actually a good case in point.

      *just saying… :)

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