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The game that DAPsters play

The DAPsters are past masters at this game.

Side note: A reader Melonhead recently introduced the (certainly inspired!) word ‘DAPsters’ to this blog. It fits “them”. I hope it catches on.

An illustration of how DAP plays the deflection game.

Someone asks a relevant question, example below:

And see how DAP – tak kira le pemimpin agung ke atau wirawati diorang atau penyokong tegar atau sibertrooper Komtar – typically answers:

“You got a problem with [me]”?

[Go] “ask Najib” first lah.

Does “updating regularly” Twitter via her Facebook when the state assembly is in session justify her inattention to proceedings? Are her tweets ever on important and urgent matters of state to be a defensible excuse?


  • “@elizabethwong cant wait to see u bowl”
  • @tiniz @pummkin couldnt recognise both of u bcoz of the nice hair cut!”
  • “Wow Khir is in the house.”
  • “Waiting for my turn to speak at the State Assembly on behalf of the people of DUN Subang Jaya. Live on
  • “Our live tweet session with @hannahyeoh is 4-5pm today! #AskHannahYeoh anything: mention us & moderator @bongkersz will pick top 30 queries.”

The samples above are only the most recent. Look at Hannah’s Twitter archives and you’ll see how the calibre of her copious tweets – 8,428 to date – rightly befits someone who weekly graces the majalah kecantikan rasmi negeri Selangor photo spread.

Let’s see how the Yeopies [Yeoh’s groupies] spin Hannah surfing her “official fb page linked to twitter which [she] update(s) regularly”. I’m sure they’ll call “low class” the person making any query — follow the DAP leaders mah.

Low class” is a word which Hannah Yeoh and her husband have both tweeted before in replying to their critics. It’s slightly more refined than “prostitute” and other put downs that her fellow DAP YBs are free with.

Neither name-calling people who ask the questions as “low class” or other insults nor the reply that Hannah Yeoh gave Aziz Safar really addresses the query.

For more pictures and details, see HERE.

Wanna play the DAP deflection game like Hannah?

Here’s how it works:

If you ask them to explain Tailorgate, the DAPsters would say Umno steal more money what, no meh?

If you ask why their Perak warlord slur the MB “hitam metalik”, they would say aiyoh Umno always so more racist.

If you demand details on the dodgy sPICE deal, they say last time BN where got ever give you information one.

If you want a scientific discussion on Lynas, they say why not send the Umno minister’s family to live in Gebeng.

Feel free to add on more examples …

Continued: Jom tengok Najib naik super nam bike


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

59 thoughts on “The game that DAPsters play

  1. you nailed her . what to do Helen when come to politic we have to choose the best among the worst.

    1. More examples:

      If you ask them of the funny deals of giving away land to buddy developers to build high end properties with no mandatory development requirement for mid and low end rakyat(hence lessening the margin), they might say ask the past state govt.

      If you ask them(4 years down the road) why the rakyat is faced by water shortage, they might say its the federal govt fault (for not complying with their unrelated list before water be connected from other state)

      If you ask them why not transparent as per advertised earlier, they might blame the past govt-they just follow the system.

      Are they a bigger wolf in sheep’s clothing?

      Thanks. Related, in FMT today, ‘‘Mafia developers’ control Penang‘.

      1. Add:

        If you ask them, why the garbages are not properly collected by their newly transparently appointed companies which “replaced” the proven company with reliable track record, they might say give them time…

        They said garbage companies are discovered later on to be in need of compressor trucks.
        Latest: Garbage bin at playground also has been noted not collected.

        if you ask them also why waste money/incur more cost money by buying garbage compressor trucks and “rent” them to the said newly appointed garbage collection companies, they might say there’s nothing wrong, the purchases are transparent.

    2. On ashashim’s question “what to do”, I say we continue to hit them hard and as frequently as possible. Here are my points:

      The discussions in this post and the comments below, and in the earlier ones pertaining to DAP and the Chinese school-defending Dong Zong, show the following characteristics of their kind:

      1. Arrogance, hard-headedness, wildly accusatory
      2. Self-isolating, non-conforming, rejection of mainstream values, ignorance and rebelliousness
      3. Selfishness of the extreme kind, described by Ridhuan Tee as “ultra kiasu” = sentiasa mahu menang/ tak mahu kalah and not wanting to be left out
      4. Not respecting the Social Contract, not abiding by the Constitution of the country

      Books have been written about how they came to be having those characteristics. In particular, about the harsh environment – political, economic and social – in south China where their ancestors struggled for existence and developed those characteristics that they continue to exhibit in this country to this day. They have become a hugely, problematic lot, making it extremely difficult for the creation of a united and cohesive Bangsa Malaysia and lasting peace in this country.

      Yet we need to get as many of them as possible on the bandwagon to a harmonious, peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. We must therefore keep on hitting at their ways in the hope that others, especially the younger generation, do not follow them. Indeed, there have been many of those attending the SRJKC, but later the SMK, have become entirely wholesome citizens, socially interacting, Constitution-respecting, reasonable and respectable fellow Malaysians. It’s those continuing to isolate themselves by not mixing with others even when at SMK, and those attending the SMJKC, who grow up into hardcore self-isolating, non-conforming, selfish and rebellious characters.

      We must continue endlessly calling for a harmonious, united and mutually respecting Bangsa Malaysia based solely on the Constitution. The only way is through the Single Stream Schooling, which DS Najib said will be implemented “when the rakyat wants it” – an expression meaning “wait for a suitable time.” We must get all Malaysians to be loyal citizens, and loyalty must be based on the Constitution. For what else can there be as the measure of loyalty to the country but the Constitution. One cannot be said to be loyal when one doesn’t respect the Constitution. Without loyalty there cannot be patriotism or feeling of love for one’s country. One cannot be loving one’s country if one doesn’t even know the Constitution, and especially when one knows but deliberately does not respect it.

      And fellows cannot be said to be patriotic if they say, “Give me what I want, then only will I give what my country wants.” They should have listened to the famous JF Kennedy lines, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Or the old British wisdom, “My country right or wrong” – dissent by all means, but it must be according to the procedures, rules and regulations provided in the Constitution and prescribed in the ancialliary laws. And those who often think of “My kingdom for a horse”, willing to sell or abscond from their country when they find the going is tough, really has no business to continue to be here. When the going gets tough, let the British Overseas Citizens of Penang etc get going, and others who want to get lost, let them get lost. All the talk about brain drain and loss of investments has largely been propaganda by the DAP and their kind.

      We must have citizens who are loyal to this country. We can’t even talk about patriotism in this country yet – blokes are not interested in joining the Army to fight for the country, yet made hell of hulabaloo about the Military allegedly unwilling to take their kind. Let’s move on with our nation building agenda, based fully on the Constitution. And pooh pooh them as much as possible along the way.

  2. Suprise. not many people still remember the father LKS , scream to high heaven ,on why the goverment wasting rakyaat money building the1st Penang brige as “Mega Project”.

    Now when compared to the Spice price tag 8 Billion,is it a peanut project?

    And the monent they step in power they ask the BN goverment to continue the 2nd bridge.
    Melayu cakap “sudah ludah, jilat balik”, helen need to list on all this back stroke the unholee father and son” DAPocrites” (Calvin Sankaran original “gem of a phrase) tag team

    The sPICE price tag is RM300 million but the repercussion from that deal is that its developer SP Setia is exempted from the density ruling & allowed to build more per acre for other housing projects. The RM8 billion is the undersea tunnel plus 3 expressways in return for which the contractor is given a land swap. — Helen

    1. If I list out the sins of the Lims, then the DAPsters will play the game if you want to talk so much, why not you just stand for a seat in Penang, dare or not?

      And then if you try to point out the weaknesses of the Lim regime, they will say who are you, you’re not elected whereas the people Penang guarantee will vote DAP to be the government again in the next GE, so LGE must be doing everything right.

      This game could go on and on …

    2. thanks for the correction, yes not Spice what is is name of the tunnle project?

      Any suggestions? It should be named in honour of its architect (the Caliph), doncha think? — Helen

      1. Yah ,wait till the dividen of hate is cash in. see who have the last laugh……………. then don’t go around crying.

  3. Helen,

    I notice that DAP elected representatives are rude generally. DAP has been saying to Chibese for decades that any Chinese political party that allies with UMNO is actually bretraying the Chinese community.

    DAP always complain about Chinese not accorded fair deal and “treated ” like pendatang. Actuaaly, DAP is the one that “BEHAVES” leke pendatang. It simply object any genuine effort on multi cultural society. It made fuss on “songkok, it does not say anything on “mandarin is preferred” advertisements so rampantly displayed, it conveniently ignores that almost all multi billionaires in Malaysia is Chinese, it objects “non Mandarin speaking teachers( meaning Malay) in Chinese schools.

    It is a tragedy that sizable Chinese population is led by DAP to believe that they ( Chinese) would gain by “WAGING WAR AGAINST THE MALAYS”.

    The rudeness is a DAPster trait. I’ve noticed DAP Indians are like that also. — Helen

    1. sudah macam PAS their can do no wrong””Taksub”

      Raja Petra said exactly the same thing today: “Opposition supporters are a pathetic lot. They suffer from a serious case of denial syndrome. They consider opposition leaders as incapable of doing wrong.” Here.

      1. before I call it “Kentut kita tak busuk”, but now the DAPsters up one level “kentut kita banyak wangi loh, lu tak bau rugi la!!”

  4. Women playing with Facebook at work is now common. Thanks to Hannah and Eli, a stereotype can spread and this doesn’t bode well for professional women.

    Imagine if Hannah’s Facebook-ing incident happened in a real office environment where the boss is chinese. Do you think her chinese boss would rebuke her openly or dismiss the incident as nothing serious, after all ‘ahmad’ a few cubicles away is also using Facebook?

    Also imagine if ‘ahmad’ (ok, let’s change his name to ‘najib’) is the first one caught playing Facebook at work. Do you think that the chinese boss (let’s call him Lim) would let him off the hook or would he jump at the chance to scold him for being inattentive and having a poor work ethic, as per the stereotype of the lazy malay?

    Kes Hannah perlu dipandang berat kerana dia mengabaikan tugasnya sebagai wakil rakyat (kepada berpuluh ribu orang pemilih Subang Jaya) & melayar FB sewaktu DUN sedang bersidang. Lebih-lebih lagi bukankah jentera media kerajaan negeri sering menggambarkannya sebagai Adun yang paling rajin? — Helen

    1. Sshs , lu apa kisah , it a free country, she put out her view with her own conviction. most of us dont blindly agree to her view on EVERTHING .

      UNLIKE DAPster,

      Everyone is idependent in his/her View here no Kambings here.

  5. Helen, why are you so obssesed with DAP? Did UMNo hire you on a retainer? Seems like waste of money given the poor quality you exhibit. Oh well…

    *** I’ve deleted my earlier mimicry of you. No point of me stooping to your level…

  6. Let me contribute to the growing and rich vocalbulary on DAP.

    DAPOcrite – Cakap tak serupa bikin DAPsters
    DAPfan – Tunnel-visioned DAPsters
    DAPism – The DAP version of uptopian philosophy of meritocracy
    Hannahtalk – Evading question by saying irrelevant thing

  7. Talking about DAPsters, let me relate something that happened just this morning.

    I was in waiting to be served in a service center of a telecom company and this Chinese male in early 50s who was also waiting for some reasons wanted to engage in conversation. I am not much of a talker especially so with a archetypical DAPfan – talkative, educated, professional & Malaysia-kini reading Chinese male.

    Within 10 mins, he was going on about cows and condos and we should be voting for change in the next GE. The original topic is where we stayed.He was relating on how happy he was with his new house where new roads and facilities have made him life easy (all initiated by previous Gerakan govt). He was also happy that a new Chinese school (funded by Fed govt) that been built near his house, which made his kids easy to commute compared to previous 30 min jam-filled journey. Then his mood changed when he complained about a mosque is also being built on the public space allocated for his housing development. He was unhappy a mosque was being built when the Malays were minority in his area. Then he started to complained about cows and condos and how we should vote to change.

    This is where I stopped and played the devil’s advocate. So I asked him if mosques are only built in Malay majority area then there will be calls to close down Chinese schools in non Chinese majority areas, especially if there are under-enrolled. This is when he started to get defensive and stammer. I also pressed him further on how we should vote for change – at state or Fed level. He answered we should kick out BN. So I asked him the state govt also have done nothing positive and involved in many controversies like Cows and Condos. So should we also vote for change at state ? He was getting agigated so I just excused myself and walked away.

    This illustrates the mindset of these DAPsters/DAPOcrites who play deaf and dumb on the failures of PR/DAP and view the achievements of BN as half-empty than half-full.

    DAPsters accuse UMNO for Ketuanan Melayu but in reality what they and DAP want is Ketuanan Cina.

    1. I wish I was there to witness your conversation with the DAP supporter. It would have been good if it were videotaped and uploaded on Youtube.

      This is video of some bad behavior from my people:-


      Some malays I know say that the video casts a bad light on tudung women in particular. The tudung women (PAS/PKR) are quite vocal nowadays to the point of being rude.

    2. Just to add:
      A highly paid DAPsters llke colleaque just made no secret of her loath in paying tax, as though her money would be “wasted”

      And its a well known fact that our tax rate is lesser than other countries(some countries work part time also pay tax).
      The Govt has been probably tapping on the oil and agri resources to lessen the tax burden on rakyat (while the opposition are probably hoping for/busy painting a picture of bankrupty and mismanagement-the govt no money etc)

      And despite the comparatively low tax, its a wonder how the govt has managed to sustain an almost free medical benefit for everybody all these long years(with no validation of income level before any treatment- a rich millionaire can go to any govt clinic and still get treated). Also free schools, subsidized public transport/tols/roads tax/basic food necessities/higher education.
      Maybe a “Thank you” would be good. See the forest for the tree. Work and support only the ones with a proven track record.
      (Of course there may be some leakages once in a while as no human is perfect, even the ‘most’ democratic country or party has such episodes. Its the effort that counts)

      Maybe also the DAPsters just want to take and take, with no care for others nor to its origin and source

      And would their battle cry be “Take no prisoners”?

      Methinks “Take no prisoners” would be accurate. They be streetfighters, after all. — Helen

      1. Good post gratitude !

        Several years ago, I was having a conversation with some of my collegues in UK…

        They asked me about my tuition fees… I said, paid by the government. and they asked me about the living allowances… I said, paid by the government. Then they asked about the income tax rate and compared with UK which can reach 40% of the salary (not to forget the high council tax, VAT etc)… they were shocked to hear about Malaysia… and the final question is :-

        Where did your government get the money from ?

        That was the conversation with the local people. With the other foreigners from other countries, they were surprised to see the support given by the government to malaysian students.

        and… some of the malaysian students are the hardcore supporter of the oppositions.

      2. …. SOME leakages , eh? …. 100 billion by mahaTaik ? … Defence Procurements ? Scorpenes ? MAS n T.R. ? … Sweet Lizard n RM 250 million Cows n Condos ? … yeah , right …

    3. calvin not “ketuanan cina” its “”ketuanan ah bengs” not all subscibe to Dap politick.

      The Ah beng are the crude,rabid Dapsters loud mouth, who think they are god ‘s gift and self appointed defender to the chinese in malaysia.

      Helen,I have made my choice, i am official disbanding the “None of the above” campaign.

      Now the got one more to worry about., iam ready to take on the Dapsters.

  8. All you highly-principled, near-perfect, can’t take any mistake or sombongness from any politician (esp DAP) people like Helen, Calvin, RPK etc….where do you stand and what do you suggest for the rest of the already confused electorate?

    A. Vote BN
    B. Vote PR
    C. Vote any independent candidate (ABU and ABPR)
    D. Vote to stay at home on election day

    1. Amaranathan, I am formerly championing choice D, but as of today no more., c if i have choice, A if i have no choice ,definately not DAP.stinking racist.

    2. Amaranathan, just vote according to your conscience. If in 2008, most people were voting against BN, for the next election, at least try to vote for a candidate that you feel could represent your voice (someone real, not wearing a mask) and are really committed to serve the public, instead of voting according to party. Dr. Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj (of Sungai Siput) seems to be a candidate I could vouch for. By the way, we have seen a lot of poor candidates from PR being voted in because most people just want to vote against BN. If you happen to dislike all the candidates, just spoil your votes or maybe just take a nap during election time (it’s not mandatory to vote, right? I could be wrong though).

      For whatever it’s worth, BN will rule for a very very long time, despite the impression that they are fragile and as if they will lose any time. History around the world has shown that old regime won’t go away easily or suddenly, unless there is a great awakening triggered by a very severe economic hardship (i.e. Indonesia’s 1998 economic crisis brought down Suharto regime). Just like what US President, Bill Clinton have once said, It’s the economy, stupid! (not name calling by the way). After all, it’s really about bread and butter (everyone needs to eat right?).

      As long as BN could provide a conducive economy for its people to survive and lead a relatively comfortable life (read: food on the table and people able to do window shopping every weekend with families), BN will continue to rule. Malaysians largely have short memories and easy to forgive anyway. Also, forget about weeding out corruption. Hey, PR also corrupt what, so how?. Corruption happens everywhere, even in developed countries (richer countries like S.Korea and Taiwan’s corruption index is not a lot better than Malaysia what, so how?). Accept this reality, don’t complain too much and you’ll sleep better.

      It’s really a sucker’s choice, and don’t suck yourself too much into all these PR versus BN debates, sometimes it gets very exhaustive and tiring. Leave those jobs to PR lovers and BN supporters (I wonder if they have other stuffs to do in life other than surfing the web and writing comments in Malaysiakini, MalaysianInsider, etc. Hmmm, what am I doing here with this long comment?). If you still can’t sleep well, create your own exit plan or strategy (read: migrate to other countries or work outside Malaysia). It’ll be tough though but at least you’ll sleep better, right?

      Lastly, our Malay friends are really the king maker in this country. Whether BN or whoever get kicks out, stay or what not, really depends on who, what or how they will vote. The ball is really in their court, not yours (if you’re a non-Malay).

    3. Well, I have been D most of the time. But for this general election, it would be A or C (ABPR).

      p.s. if people like Wee Choo Keong is in my constituency, I will make sure that I vote him, even if my eye is close. But too bad my constituency is a well known dapster who is known for tailorgate.

      Thumbs up for WCK! — Helen

      1. WCK also a steady one , have been keeping my eye on him , my choice Tan Sri Lee Lam Tye if he still in politics.

      2. Thanks for all your responses. Yes , true , vote as my conscience suggests, and seems to be a tougher choice everyday. True, vote for the candidate and not the party, but if it is BN or PR, the candidate has to cast his/her parlimentary/DUN vote according to his/her party line. Even the so-called independent is usually aligned to one side ( BN ).
        For me, as of now, it is ABU, simply because the criminals who have plundered and raped our country and polarised our people need to be brought to book and put out to pasture. GE13 is the time to strike, because the country seems to be heading towards failed-state status. No doubt, PR record is not perfect, but it’s nothing compared to the arrogant, ” we are invincible and this country is ours for the taking” attitude and actions of BN.
        Reason 2: a viable two party system whereby the rakyat can actually play politicians against politicians and not the other way around. If a 3rd or 4th force emerges, so much the better.

      3. The real politicians who need to be taught the lesson are the PR politicians. The think they are saintly figure who can do no wrong. Their political career has been covered with hypocrisy, lie and self-proclaimed hypocritical righteousness.

        But the real people that need to be taught the lesson are the dap supporters (dapsters). The have grown to be ultra obnoxious and arrogant thinking that everybody is behind their self-proclaimed reform, vote for change agenda and supporting their CAT chief minister. These dapsters are indeed the worse product of post political tsunami who need to be taught the real lesson

      4. Let’s not be petty here, be serious.

        M’sia after half a century of race and religious indoctrination, we talk race, Helen talk race, everyone talk race, and Malay make up more than 60%, you either choose PAS or Umno, forget DAP, forget PR, they are not the core players now, at this stage.

        Choose Umno, you choose status quo, is your free choice.

        Chooce PAS, comes along Hudud is this 2 partis system. I choose 2 parties system by voting PAS. Why PAS? Get BN a competitor, BN is not going to change or progress without a competitor. It is a good start for BN, give BN a chance, give the nation a chance. I am not anti BN, I hope BN can do better, I hope BN justify a vote of mine. I am not PAS, PKR, not even DAP fan boy. I am a simple, plain Malaysian looking for just and equal society, a nation with future for my kids…
        I think the government is not being sincere, not doing enough, especially in accountability! It scores zero. Economy, nation debt stood at 54% of GDP, 15yrs of deficits, rising cost of living, unhealthy budget operational expenditure at 80%. We have the PEMANDU that drive transformations, what happened to the restructuring of public servants? They consist of 4% of population (most country is 2%), where operational expense are at 80% of total budget, left alone 20% for future investment, the year in year out Auditor general reports.

        You can’t trust human, how can you trust Politician? Human change, before and after power, tell me who can guarantee they resist materialistic temptation when they are in power. To be a hero at ground level is a hero, it takes somewhere like Nik Aziz to hold on to its principle after installed into power. So, choose a candidates is the last thing you do, who ever he is Wee Choo Keong or Lee Lam thye.. they are the same. Never trust human, don’t trust Helen absolutely, trust the process, trust the system, eliminate the abuses of process, protect the process, we shall be a good…

        Power corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely, why you give BN these absolute power, why 2/3?

        What do you think Helen? Pls hilite this as well.

  9. I read stupud DAPster excuses for lime guan eng incompefencies, this one from aniletto reharding the undersea tunnel which is criticized by NGOs and even eniltto, DAPster is quick to give excuse on behalf of the chauvinist calph and at the same time bash BN or specifically UMNO/malays.. and i love it when they say penang is a dreamland for residmces.. bawahahaha

    NGOs objected , fair enough. At least that is already a sign of participation with the Chief Minister .

    Any NGOs propose a better plan , idea , solution other than a plain old objection (as usual)?

    CM met the NGOs twice for feedback ,

    The prime minister and his cabinet ministers never sought views from the public or any NGOs before when it come to ARE , Lynas , MAS merger , Smart tunnel , Scenic bridge , Putrajaya , Corridors , Iskandar project , PKFZ , Submarines , “saman ekor” , ISA , OSA , garbage incinerators , using your EPF funds and hundreds of others.

    I heard from reliable sources that the Pg NGOs did NOT consent during the 2 meetings as claimed by LGE (same lah like how he putar the Johor “crime rate” affair) but the CM proceeded to demonize poor Uncle CAP by falsely (dirty & devious tactic) linking him with DPM Muhyiddin. — Helen

    1. forrest cat what you mean Dap is following excatly like BN la. because what bn do is right ?????? or wrong . any way it is LGE who always wave the tranparent CAT story infront of us.

      bagus ,pandai

      1. I am not gullible to say bn is always right..but when hypocricy plays in front of you it ismuch worse….and that is happeing in penang.

        I am a regulr forumer at a infra board called forum pencakar langit and we havr many DAPSters preaching the cleanliness of penang,..below is one examp,e..just wanna make me puke…people talk about penang bridge then this ah beng preacher started fucking the bn and other forumers whom he think are umnoputras and then started bashing klites..seems this ah beng want penang to secede like singapore..pretty shameful of a penangite

        Below is another DAPster classic

        Originally Posted by kl 2020 ideas
        And that goes with you. You say everyone in Greater KL only knows Facebook and iPhone. What about you? You are from Greater KL so you are implying that everyone from there is stupid and half developed brain. So watch what you comment before posting it here!
        lol…. sorry for late reply…. i just said how imbecilic klang valleyans are and ur statement just proved me right…

        i never said all klites and selangorean but most of them… MOST of them…
        i’m in klang valley for now and it doesn’t mean that i have the same mentality… i move around…

        so ur stupid statement or retaliation is totally insignificant… go and see for urself whats happening to those upcoming generation of malaysia and most of those scums are from kland valley…. it’s because of the govt’s stupid policy and stupidity itself… BuN government… federal fu*ks…… do some homework and observation before u say anything…’

    2. …. n i heard from ” Reliable ” sources that you are married to BrahimKatak …. understand What i mean ? … anyone can say anything by quoting ” Reliable sources ” …. Salam 1 Malaysia , n a Bersih , ABU n UBAH to you too Dear Helen …

  10. Helen,

    DAP likes to think or make the Chinese think that Guan Eng is “the man” when it comes to Chinese issues.

    As far as I can see, Guan Eng is good only at “ceramah” where he ( maybe he inherits from Kit siang) is so good as lambasting others especially UMNO. But in debate, his mediocre standard is revealed as he often unable to reply or answer questions thrown at him, be from mild mannered Koh Tsu Koon or Dr Chua.

    DAP is fond of saying UMNO rules BN. Actually that is the truth as UMNO has the “lion share” in BN held constituents. Unlike MCA or Gerakan or MIC that depends heavily on UMNO for Malay votes, UMNO on its own has the biggest pie in Malay votes. And that shares is manifasted by UMNO winning the most number of seats in Parliament.

    WHat DAP tries to ignore is that Malay community does not trust DAP. And that is the reason why PAS influence among the Malays wanes . Malays feel that PAS is “kowtowing “to DAP. Of course, you would not read this in STAR . But the feeling is real.

    I can vouch that DAP is the most racist party in Malaysia. too bad that some segment of Chinese community is willing to sacrifice their own interest by supporting the Lim dynasty.

    1. Indeed…they have this blind belief that penang is’clean’ which i think is a superlative word imposible to b used on a person let alone a stupid state govt.

      Really helen, we malays, the ones who are non umno members are very perplexed by this attitude among the penang chinese..

      I dun mind opposition, i was anti bn during badawi years but i decided to choose lesser eil umno after seeing the shit after pru12, i believe many malays are like me, regret voting the PR in 2008…it was unfortunate my first vote in my life was for PKR!!!!

      1. a straw poll in the office also reflect this , not because of BN effort.
        But because of what we observed over time , The big headed , narcisstic, LGE DAPsters own actions
        Look BN is no angel by the way, but so is PKR.

  11. Dear helen,
    Whether you like it or not, your blog has now become an anti- DAPster site.I can’t say whether it i good or bad,unless we ourselves individually can decide besides defending something for the sake of defending a stance although the realit yis there for us to observes beyond an arm chair critic position. Amarnathan says “All you highly-principled, near-perfect,can’t take any mistake or sombongness from any politician (esp DAP) people like Helen,Calvin, RPK etc….where do you stand and what do you suggest for the rest of the already confused electorate” This question, whether he is BN or PR is not relevant, but indeed is valid because it dictates how a typical armchair critic in his pseudo character feels that you are breeding something against PR or in particular DAP like how it works otherwise in BN.

    Without any prejudice, if you look at the responses, everyone is so engulged with what they think individually is right, not how they have contributed and made it worse sitting in their laurel until naturally HINDRAF arose out of desperation for the present marginalized Malaysian Indian community that had contributed in yesterdayears for the enhancement of the nation.All these guts, valor, thoughts by the rest is of no significant as the status quo does not change for them but only a hope in desperation for someone else to do the dirty job.

    Amarnathan, like your commentors are classic examples of summer soldiers and sunshine patriots.I don’t think a Malay, Chinese, Indian issue will be even be an issue nor whether it is a BN camp or PR camp if we individually have enough conviction to raise an issue for the well being of a Malaysian.

    Helen, to your esteemed commentors, please do not think that I undermine them or you, but we have had enough of the semua tahu attitude,let’s focus on issues in hand as Malaysians, not that it is One Malaysian or Malaysia first but just Malaysians irrespective of origin with their own right & dignity to be a Malaysian.

    Minta Maaf kalau fikiran saya ini tidak seimbangan dengan anggapan apa yang patut dan kesedaran diri sendiri untuk mencapai apa yang patut dan muktamat sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia untuk masyarakat kami tanpa kira bangsa & agama.

    1. Allow to add another opinion from great old KL:-

      On the same line, oppositions’ high pedestal criticism as just criticism for the sake of one. No solutions provided. Worst still, when solutions are conjured and worked out they opt to be out of it(say TBH’s inquest and Lynas’ PSC).

      All may be just academic rhetoric fantasies for the sake of fishing votes. Some may even stoop to character assassination, the easiest way. Demo gatherings/picnical riots are just tools to play with emotions(if some unfortunate incident happens, it may be capitalised). Hence Bersin 3 may appear sooner before election.

      In the same line, the more opportunity to fish for issues the better as they may be just living for and fighting for issues to fish votes, and not for the solution nor rakyat’s betterment

      Now, can they do better?. Or better still, have they done better in the states won? Have they walked the talk? What have we seen so far building up in the states won-is there any pattern? Will any country be well run by them? As somebody experienced in opp politic has pointed out, the opp leader, the superglue for the super mixture coalition is out of the country almost all the time-do what only he knows. Absence makes the heart grows fonder/country well run?


      Allow to compare. It is like spectators in a football match. Some choose to see only one mistake as a major unforgivable sin, while some see the overall performance and effort. Rational ones may choose to cheer and support their own team irregardless of the outcome. However some may choose to sabo by booing their own team.
      Now the question is whether can the boo’ers football be up to the mark if given a pair of boots?

    2. Dear MiNY,

      You could be right that anti-DAPsters will gravitate here.

      But I’m not really anti-DAP. There are many leaders in DAP whose names I’ve never featured as topics, such as Dr Chen Man Hin, Teng Chang Kim, Dr Boo Cheng Hau, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, Chong Eng, Fong Po Kuan, Jenice Lee (a pretty one) Kulasegaran, Manoharan, Norman Fernandez, Jeff Ooi, Gobind Singh Deo & even Lim Kit Siang has not come under shelling but instead defended by me, here.

      And Amaranathan is off the mark to say that I can’t tolerate mistakes in politicians. I rather like CSL despite his brouhaha and I’ve never bashed Anwar either on his sex tape or homosexuality charges.

      I will try to feature the necessary issues for those people who need their plight to be highlighted. Have been meaning to do so but since I only post once a day, I’ve allowed myself to be sidetracked by current events & breaking news.

      Don’t worry. I’m keeping the faith. Steady as she goes.

      You take care.

  12. banyaknyee comment
    ok, esok saya akan cadangkan kepada boss saya untuk membenarkan kami melayari internet (baca Facebook) di waktu pejabat kerana di Facebook saya memiliki official page kami sendiri.
    Jika dia menentang, saya akan meminta dia merujuk kepada DS Najib.

  13. Dear MiNY, yes, i am an arm-chair critic
    (in his pseudo-character? what’s that – no comprende)
    I am also summer soldier and sunshine patriot ( not very keen to stand-off against the FRU or be a guest of the Kamunting Hilton courtesy of the SB ). I’m also the average Muthu with one vote and keen to my very little part helping to decide our country’s future. My sources of info is everything from extreme UMNO ( TV3/Utusan) to extreme Chinese opposition ( MK/ Msian Chronicle), so forgive me for trying very hard to make sense of this endless politicking that has occurred since 308. This i do know, this country is sinking surely but slowly under the ” wisdom” of our leaders, while the rest of us squabble over trivialites ( eg. so and so is on her FB). We really do need to see the big picture. America and Soviet Russia put aside their ideological diferences to nail the Nazis, and no doubt the Cold War followed, but imagine our world if Hitler had won. Regime change is not easy, and running a country as diverse as ours is even more difficult; but definately can’t go on with same lot. So this arm-chair critic says give the other side a go – after all, they have at least managed to cut down waste and acheived a budget surplus in the states they rule

  14. During my days in primary school, I also get caught for reading comic during class.

    Helen, petty mind petty talk! Have you grown up?

    1. A point of view that deserves a bold highlight.

      This DAPster here – Pala Richie – compares the Adun of Subang Jaya’s (YB FB) delinquency in the DUN to a primary school kid reading comic during class.

      So that’s just about her standard, yah? Hey, you said it! Not me.

    2. helen this mr pala, i suspect is aka Gohblk from Dr Rafik site.

      A friend of mine has this theory that ‘mengamok’ is the inarticulate response to this type of provocation which the DAPsters have turned into their fine art. — Helen

      1. //this is an anti- DAPster site….can’t say whether it i good or bad…..look at the responses, everyone is so engulged with what they think individually is right….we have had enough of the semua tahu attitude, let’s focus on issues in hand as Malaysians//- comment of malaysia-newyork.

        I concurred with this comment, fair and square.

        Is OK to called every Chinese DAPster, or even PERKASER, just don’t write so petty, look at bigger picture, why not starts yourself with Cow Gate-NFC, or Cop Gate, or MAS/Tajuddin, or Lynasaur.. many of them. Petty mind, Petty blog, expect you to write bigger than zoom-in, zoom out.

  15. DAP need to ape the ideology of Communist party of PRC as GE13 is looming…… she has to hold on tight to the price possession Penang based on chinese votes…look like DAP is forgoing her Socialist internaionale..where everyone is brother or sister…she’s trying to enter the den of Dong Zong and supported the cleansing of non mandarin speaking educators from all SRJK(C) as the litmus test of her ideology change to imperial socialist mandarin…the ideology practice by the PRC in Tibet and Xin Jiang..where Hans are the master race whilst others are the barbarians…

    1. //DAP need to ape the ideology of Communist party of PRC as GE13 is looming//

      Wow!, a fact need only few words, myabe they don’t need words, but to make a fiction logic, you need tons of bull-shit, this is for people like you.

  16. Rememder the in the fifties , the chinese high school in singapore and malaysia was breeding grounds for comunist ideologes.
    The DAPunist ( DAP+Communist) also need it as UMNO(malay) hating breeding grounds.

    Why you think singapore accelarate the chinese school demise, by stating under enrole school to be closed in 60and 70’s.
    Bingo, DJZ handed it to the DAPunist on a silver platter.Is it really about the inablility of the teachers in chinese langauge the real reason of DJZ hoo ha.

    Is what they want is a urban “Communist 2.0 ” movement in malaysia, a force hidden in plain sight?

    Ask your self this question from a non chinese perspective.

    P.S. More BIG shit coming your way

    1. //…the fifties , the chinese high school in singapore and malaysia was breeding grounds for comunist ideologes.//

      Who tells you communist ideologies get spread thru school? Re-sit your history.

      //The DAPunist ( DAP+Communist) also need it as UMNO(malay) hating breeding grounds.//

      I don’t get your points, (it is OK, we are the victim of education flip-floping policy). But I think you say UMNO needed DAP to spread hatred.. I agree, our political environment today, even a petty writer would take that trend, spread hatred, no more love!, only hatred get spread… hatred in blog, hatred in MSM… now, you understand by Burmese are happier than M’sian.

      //Why you think singapore accelarate the chinese school demise, by stating under enrole school to be closed in 60and 70′s.//

      No because of communist, communism is a shadow bogeyman that being planted into your minds. LKW let the Chinese school die naturally, why? b’cause: English, Dude, Eglish!, it is not a language that could eat into one’s maruah, it build your self confidence, it does not erode any social status of any ethnicity, it build and reinforced them.
      LKW said treasure the sunshine and don’t ask god for 4 seasons anymore, that grows their tourists.
      LKW said you don’t need the domestic flights, there you go SIA.
      LKW said you have to change, only change can survive you, even a mountain get removed if they don’t change.

      1. i think ‘natural’ is not that natural, but anyway lky succeeded not via shouting of a152 or whatever a.

        not every communist is leftist and not every leftist is communist, lky political opponent is mostly chinese educated and left incline, thus i agree communist is the bogeyman, the motive is political.

  17. I can say that all of us must believe that all of us are servants, and God is our only Master. No one or no race should claim that they are more special or supreme than the others. Sadly, a small groups of hyenas and pigs have spoiled the whole noble idea.

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