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Comparison of Dong Jiao Zong rally and anti-Lynas protest

This guy Henry Loh is an Aliran exco member.

Aliran is a Penang NGO that is in Lim Guan Eng’s good books – make that very, very good books.

Henry attended the recent anti-Lynas protest at the Esplanade in Penang and wrote an article which was published in the Aliran portal.

The Aliran article is titled ‘Goon squad given free hand to spread terror’. Aside from the word “goon” appearing in the headline, it is also repeated five more times in the body text.

I’m excerpting below his description of the Umno Youth and allegedly Perkasa people who disrupted the anti-Lynas protest. And I’ve also put bold emphasis on some words and phrases that merit extra attention.

The thing is this: The Dong Jiao Zong rally on Sunday cannot be said to have proceeded peacefully either.

So the question is this: Would Aliran in its portal employ the same tone and same vocabulary to condemn those DJZ-DAP supporting individuals/crowd who roughed up deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong?

Or should we expect double standards as usual?

Excerpts of what Henry Loh wrote:

“a group of 30-50 individuals who made it very loud and clear that they were Lynas supporters”

“The behaviour of this group was disturbing and unsettling.”

“they resorted to rough and abusive tactics hoping to intimidate and drive fear into the much larger crowd of peaceful anti-Lynas protesters.”

“their ruffian-like behaviour”

“such people are just incapable of behaving in a mature and civil manner”

“If their parents – assuming they are decent and respectable human beings – had been around to observe what these thugs said and did – then they would have been thoroughly ashamed of their children.”

“The adjective “kurang ajar” is an apt description of the disgusting demeanour of this small group of Lynas supporters.”

“Unbecoming behaviour is way too mild to describe what this group of ruffians and gangsters did that day.”

“When speakers such as Suaram’s Ng Eng Kiat of Suaram, Penang state exco member Chow Kon Yeow and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng tried to speak, these hooligans made as much noise as possible to disrupt the speeches.”

“They also confronted the anti-Lynas protesters and insisted that the gathering be called off.”

“They kept shouting for us to “Balik! Balik!” pointing their index fingers menacingly hoping to threaten us.”

“At one point one of the ‘gang leaders’ approached me …”

“It is indeed sad to see the line of thought among these pro-Umno and pro-BN supporters; they seem to think that accepting the RM500 distributed under BR1M amounts to a pledge of loyalty to Umno and the BN. Evidently, these goons are incapable of understanding that the money distributed came from tax-payers …”

The anti-Lynas protest gathering clearly was not meant to be an anti-Barisan or anti-Umno gathering. The protesters chanted “Henti Lynas!” and “Selamatkan Malaysia!”; yet those goons saw it as an affront to Umno and Najib. For the Lynas supporters to believe that BR1M is a gift/allocation from Umno or the BN is a strong sign of arrogance. For them to believe that any opposition to Lynas is tantamount to opposing Barisan is a clear reflection of their ignorance.

the goons like those who reared their ugly heads as Lynas supporters at the Esplanade.”

“But the peace-loving and mature demeanour of the anti-Lynas demonstrators clearly proved Mahathir wrong. Kudos to the high level of maturity displayed by them.”

“The ‘Goon Squad” pushed and shoved and shouted vulgarities and displayed rude and lewd gestures. At all times they tried to provoked and intimidate various sections of the anti-Lynas protesters.”

“In the face of the intense provocation and intimidation, any physical retaliation would certainly have sparked off clashes and altercations and the outcome would have been disastrous. As it is, the main violence came from members of the Goon Squad, and two innocent reporters were attacked and injured in the melee.”

“Instead the goons were given a free hand to spread terror, disrupt, intimidate, threaten and provoked as they pleased.”

“To shake, kick and spit at the official car of the Chief Minister of Penang and not be stopped or arrested will certainly fuel the confidence of the perpetrators to try even more dastardly deeds in future.”

“All citizens of the country irrespective of our race, gender, ethnicity, age, social status or political affiliations are entitled to be protected against any and all forms of threats and violence.”

“Perpetrators who disrupt the peace and intimidate and threaten others should be refrained form doing so. If after being duly warned, they refuse to stop disturbing the peace, then they should be arrested and duly prosecuted.”

***   ***   ***

Now doesn’t the same descriptions apply to the treatment meted out to Wee Ka Siong?

Have we heard any NGOs come out to condemn the rowdy behaviour? All quiet on the Aliran front?

From what I see, Aliran is so partisan that it might as well just register itself as a DAP branch in Penang.

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41 thoughts on “Comparison of Dong Jiao Zong rally and anti-Lynas protest

  1. This is my first time reading the Aliran article. I wonder, do they read back what they’ve written ?

    I failed to find the link between BR1M RM500 with the pro-Lynas supporters. I’m surprised how the author can reach to that conclusion to bring BR1M into the story.

    The author said that anti-Lynas is not about anti-BN…. but why can’t the author realize that the the pro-Lynas is not pro-BN either ?

    Some people don’t really care about the truth !

    1. //Some people don’t really care about the truth !//

      The truth is anti-lynas in penang, the penangites protected our CM, the police just looked on.
      The truth is anti-lynas, these people come and kacau, intimidate and threaten the protestors.
      The truth is CKY, invited them to organised their protest, on the other side of the filed for whatever reason and support the radiactive, toxic as they like.

      The truth is at Dong Zong, We Ka Soing comes with 20 policemen,
      The truth is you walk into crowds that see thru the failure and unwillingness for the past 50yrs, and expect welcome.
      The truth is why don’t reports if you get wacked, why no tears? cry a little bit la?

      1. Still around eh?

        It Is Dap’s God given right to whack anybody who doesn’t agree with their view. Ever wondered why only Malay you saw there was the ic 71 guy? Or you think that the Malay Police personnel support you? You think Malays in Pakatan really support Dap? Strange isn’t it, that Malaysia First advocates only support Chinese schools? I thought you said ketuanan rakyat? Or is it ketuanan rakyat berbangsa Cina?

        Semoga kita semua dapat menikmati keamanan sejati di bumi bertuah ini.

      2. //Is Dap’s God given right to whack anybody who doesn’t agree with their view.//

        No, God gives me a hope, a heart to love. He say “take religion as compass, as lights, touch the right way to you and other, don’t take religions as whip on others”.

        //ic 71 guy?// what is ci71?

        Take out your hatred mind, look beyond the colour of the skin, you see we are bro and sis., we are diff from our political bellive but we still common m’sia, noboby is anybody’s enemy here..

        Phsyical anthropology… we are all mongoloid, some maybe cocausoid, but we are still common as human race.

      3. @ Pala

        The “truth”, when said by DAP or DAPsters, is always suspect. Imagine LGE claiming to have cleared some RM600 mill debt in 3 years, when the truth was a matter of treating the relevant figures as something else.

        The truth is, your own very words, belie the truth – “if you get wacked, why no tears? cry a little bit la?”

        Where got truth from the likes of you?

      4. @pala,

        I’m still waiting to find the link between BR1M and pro-Lynas supporters as mentioned by the author.

        I’m still waiiting to find the reason in the double standard/hypocrite behaviour of the author.

        and… you pala, still don’t care about the truth….typical mindset of the DAPsters.

        ohh yea…. even the penang budget bragged by the mischief minister is not the truth…. its a manipulation at its best.

        The best part is, you will never hear other MB or CM brag about the deficit reduction done in a similar way (shift to federal government) and take credit for that eventhough some of these states, save more than Penang.

        So much of your mischief minister care about the truth.

    2. //I’m still waiting to find the link between BR1M and pro-Lynas supporters as mentioned by the author.//

      You don’t knwo the link and you bark soo much, I also fail to understand the link. Those goons/thugs (with Umno’s hats on) shouted such “500 BR1M you ambil, you protest against Lynas, 500 mahu ambil, tapi protest”. Watch those clip is youtube.

      Ask them what is link?, the writer don’t know, I don’t know, you don’t know, nobody know, you go ask your freinds …

      //I’m still waiiting to find the reason in the double standard/hypocrite behaviour….//

      Yes, it was a double standard, my CM was protected by Rakayet, police looks on. Wee Ka Siong is protected by the police and rakayat mobs at him.. It is indeed a double standard.

  2. The sad truth is that people are gullible, I’m not excluding myself. If enough people say the same thing, repeated over and over, even lies can become truth. Using words like goons, dastardly, will paint their enemy black. But I think they’re still amateurs at it.

    May peace be upon us today, tomorrow and all the days after.

    The DAPster smear campaign is saying that I’m MCA – i.e. their cybertrooper comments in response whenever my articles appear in the news portals – and repeating it over & over (carrying this tactic to other blogs that pick up the articles) hoping that enough people will believe this lie to be the truth. — Helen

    1. Its typical nutless DAPbeng attitude, berani hide on internet or pick a fight only iif they have large crowd to back them up. And usually very confident to attack and verbal abuse women.

      Only there if they are out number or not confident of winning then they keep quite………

      1. You’re right about the DAPsters picking on women!– typical bully behaviour. Recent victims of their mass attack have been Jessie Ooi, Ceylyn Tay & Tan Cheng Liang.

        And also their sexism. Like if a Malay male such as SatD or JMD or Dr Novandri write critically of LGE, they won’t be making personal attacks on the writer whereas the DAPsters claim that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” for my not writing positively about the guana.

        And if their own pro-opposition male journos slag Khairy, those guys won’t be subject to personal attacks like oh, the articles are due to lowly paid reporters being jealous of KJ b’cos KJ is handsome lah, KJ menjadi kegilaan remaja perempuan, KJ is rich, KJ is an Oxford grad, KJ was a political shooting star — ooooh, those guys (writers) must be filled with envy!

        Bloody sexism and cheap shots and punching below the belt by the DAPsters, their typical diversionary tactics.

      2. Helen is right on Kotaypanjang…. she is a fan of kotaypanjang.

        //You’re right about the DAPsters picking on women!//

        We got Chong Eng, Teresa, and many .. tell me who can win more majority than these 2 womens.

        //Bloody sexism and cheap shots and punching below the belt by the DAPsters, their typical diversionary tactics//

        Auntie! I know you are petty, why downgarded into pitty, self petty!

        Bold this, a typical DAPters right!.. bold this.

      3. I don’t remember the vote count. But I don’t think those women’ll continue to have big majorities. Not with the kind of fb-ing and tweeting while the ADUNs were debating. And in full view of the cameras, too.

        Of course we’ll continue to pour out for public consumption any misconduct and abnormalities in their behaviour – words and/or deeds. Those that show they are not worthy of ADUNship.

        And many of those fedap with Abdullah Badawi, who voted them or spoilt their votes making DAPsters’ majorities higher, have said they regretted it after seeing PR performing a year or so in office, and many have also said they’d vote BN at PRU13.

    2. Helen, your fan boys also the same… how many comments in the blog try associate communists with DAP, try plant that ghost into the minds. The point is we spread hatred, that is what M’sia boleh, you, you fan boys and me included, why? maybe for votes, the end justify the means – how communists you guy are, non DAPsters.

      1. We don’t hide what we are. Helen supports Chinese, I support Malays, and others support whatever lah. Dap support apa? Adakah sosialis (= komunis), Islam (= Pas), Ketuanan Melayu (= Artikel 153), bangsa Cina (= sekolah SJKC). Hindus (= Hindraf) What are you? Atau cuma suka bila tengok orang dipukul dan diejek?

        Semoga kita dapat menikmati keamanan di Malaysia, bumi bertuah.

      2. //Semoga kita dapat menikmati keamanan di Malaysia, bumi bertuah.//

        Macamana ini nak bertuah, nak keamanan, tetapi setiap perkataan cina, melayu, india… ini cukup malang sekali!

        Ikut cakap saya ” saya cinta malaysia, semua rakayat sama rata, tiada tuan, tiada kuli, sama sama kita majukan negara ini” ini baru 1 malaysia….

      3. Saya nak tanya lah, awak bangsa Cina atau Bangsa Malaysia? Kalau bangsa Malaysia, kenapa support hanya sekolah Cina sahaja? Bukankah sepatutnya bangsa Malaysia memperjuangkan sekolah Kebangsaan? Bukankah sekolah Cina tu tidak menggunakan medium Bahasa Malaysia? Mana Malaysia first? Kalau Malaysia First, tentulah Chinese second? Cakap tak serupa bikin.

        Semoga kita dapat menikmati keamanan di bumi bertuah ini.

      4. Aiyya, why deny DAP was not, is not, associated with communists?

        The booklet “The May 13 Tragedy: A Report, by the National Operations Council” tells of the association.

        Only recently, Lim Kit Siang called for the communist terrorist leader Chin Peng to be allowed to enter the country. Don’t tell me he did so merely for the love of the worst enemy of the country for many decades.

      5. “Macamana ini nak bertuah, nak keamanan”, selagi ada jenis yang tidak hormatkan dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara. Mereka yang anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam, subversif kapada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dengan sepandoknya Malaysian Malaysia konon, yang mencetuskan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969.

        Ikut cakap saya, ”Hormati dan patuhi Perlembagaan negara. Itu undang undang tertinggi bagi mana mana negara. Tun Dr Mahathir dah kata, tidak ada sama rata selagi ada Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu. British dah kata sejak tahun 1956 lagi, bahawa Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu sudah ada “since day one”, dan di maktubkan kedalam Perlembagaan. Jika kamu tak hormatkan dan patuhi Perlembagaan, sebenarnya tiada tempat bagi mu di negara ini.”

      6. Ok sakarang saya kata “saya malaysia first, chinese second”..

        Your turn En Penyokongketuanan…

      7. Tak pernah pula saya dengar Orang Dap mempertahankan Sekolah Kebangsaan. Yang saya dengar Dap mempertahankan Sekolah Cina. Tak pernah pula kerajaan tutup sekolah Cina melainkan dengan dengan sekolah yang baru, di tempat baru.. Tak timbul isu sekolah Cina ditutup. Dan faham saya juga, Dap bukan memperjuangkan sekolah, tapi mahu supaya guru-guru Melayu dan India dikeluarkan dari sekolah Cina serta merta.

        Ini Malaysia First ke? Atau Chinese First, Chinese Second dan Chinese Third?

        Dan satu lagi, tak pernah pula saya dengar Dap memperjuangkan supaya semua guru Cina dikeluarkan dari sekolah Kebangsaan. Baru Malaysia First (Dap style)

        PS ; tak jawab lagi persoalan komunis, perjuangan parti?

      8. //Tak pernah pula saya dengar Orang Dap mempertahankan Sekolah Kebangsaan//

        Masalah apa pula itu dengan sekolah kebangsaan? kalau SK ada masalah, saya yakin DAP akan tolong juga. Kalau semua sekolah pun masalah, jangan undi BN lagi dah. DAP for all, DAP is colour blind.

        My CM masuk penjara untuk pertahankan siapa? kata DAP racist, Helen kata DAP sexist, masuk penjara 18bln.. pertahan kan siapa? bangsa apa? Daripada siapa?…

        Our beloved CM said this, before going to jail;

        “If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women’s rights. There can be no women’s rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.”

        Karma would its course, good karma end good, bad karma end bad, petty karma end as petty writer.

      9. You should listen to what you say. Our beloved CM? Come on lah. There’s no way that you will listen to anybody who is against him and what he stands for if you call him beloved. I am also fanatically devoted, but not to any leader living. You will never be objective, so far, I’ve restrained from attacking LGE, and just stick to party only. I don’t think you’ll like it when somebody does that, as it will inevitably progress to. It’s Helen’s blog, do it on somebody else’s place. I’m done for now.

        Semoga keamanan negara kita berkekalan.

      10. pala , who is the one try to call the communist hero’s , freedom fighters, PKR and the gang .

        lu sendiri pikir, for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction.

        Now who’s fault is it, who support the communist as freedom fighters. amnesia is it ?.

        Helen sis, refresh his mind

        Penang DAPsters manyak susah oh. — Helen

  3. Mereka semua ni dah di brainwash oleh PKR dan DAP. Even PAS specialist in nuclear said LYNAS is safe and TG Hadi asked the members to listen to ‘pakar’. But they dont want to listen to the truth. What they want is LIES. Tipu2 ni sedap agaknya. Sebab tu kita suka sangat dengan cerita dongeng. Dah tahu benda tak wujud tapi masih percaya. Tidak ke keras kepala dan hati batu namanya?

    1. I don’t know what rare-earth is, I don’t know hat Lynas is. But I know I can’t trust AELB, after what happened in Bkt Merah.

      I don’t who is the expert, I don’t know what are these IAEA either. But I know after decades of media control, worst self -ontrol, I can’t trust what the media say.

      I think the chemist is the expert, she pull out a sperm after few days, disect it, profile the DNA and it single match the X person. and I said Wow!

      I think, the judge eventualy (after 2 years) did write something like “..motive… however important… was not essential… to constitue a murder”, that justify the 2 faceless men to face their gallow.

      I think 250m is a lot of money to hand over to Sharizat’s husband for cow business, I think don’t get a magician as zoo keeper.

      I am no expert, and I am just suffering from these public confidence difficiency syndrome…

      1. Pala, yes, 250 mil is big but we dont agree with the allocation as well. we want justice too. And some of the MP got contract by cronism, so it’s okay because small amount?

        Yeah, controlled media. so what happen to borderless world? Welcome internet. and also you all love ceramahs right? Anwar je baik hati sampai ke ceruk hutan Sarawak tetap ceramah. and your CM? What happen to Kg. Buah Pala dude?

        about sperm expert, i cant say anything because i’m not the expert. but what was imprtant, it happened. both of them buat suka sama suka. so?

        You dont know, and you dont trust. But you trust only DAP and know only DAP. I rest my case. and maybe you are not even Malaysian. and hello? to not box you by race? so what DJZ fighting for? go to SK la dude! have you ever understand Akta perlembagaan Malaysia? then you’ll be Bangsa Malaysia.

      2. I mean “PR MPs” and “you’ll never be Bangsa Malaysia like you wish for so much”

      3. //What happen to Kg. Buah Pala dude?//..

        Pls educate me a little, what happened? I m from Penang, to be specific I am from Kampung buah pala.. dah nama Pala Richie, share with me what you got.

        //to not box you by race? so what DJZ fighting for? go to SK la dude!//..

        Pls educate me a little, what is DJZ fighting for?

      4. pala,

        you’ve lost all credibility when you said you know nothing about rare-earth and Lynas.

        how can you oppose something that you know nothing ?

        Obviously, you don’t care about the truth…. typical DAPsters.

    2. @Pala,

      We have had the confidence in peace and security syndrome since DAP was formed and picked up the so-called Malaysian Malaysia slogan that was mischievously concocted by Lee Kuan Yew, after he, PAP and Singapore were booted out of Malaysia in 1965.

  4. DAP need to do the chameleon as GE13 looming…desprately needed to hold on to Penang..rapid ideolgy change from Socialist International(every one is our brother and sister) to Imperial socialist Mandarin (Orang China kami didahulukan, Kekayaan dan Kesejahteraan mereka kami utamakan)…same idelogy practice by PRC in autonomous Tibet and Xin Jiang..where Hans are the master race and others are the barbarians…

    1. We are all m’sian… don’t box me down into chinese, malay, indian and etc, don’t box helen into Han… (see correctly han.. A!, but that is what you write in about me)

      1. Malaysians who respect and abide by the Constitution fully are no problem for everybody – they are fellow Malaysians.

        Those who don’t, cannot accept the Social Contract, Bahasa Malaysia FOR ALL OFFICIAL PURPOSES, and the other sensitive aspects of the Constitution that are protected by the Sedition Act, are a problem to the politically conscious Malaysians. And there are many millions of them.

  5. Helen,

    It is not just Henry Loh but almost the entire Aliran except one of two of its executive members are in reality the cheerleaders of DAP and their revered Dear Leader and Chairman Lim.

    How can one take Aliran seriously when their President writes to press defending and justifying LGE and Anwar ? The role of NGOs like Aliran is to defend justice, freedom and democracy and NOT political leaders, Just read some of the letters written by their ex-President P. Ramakrishnan and you will [see] if Aliran is merely DAP’s branch.

  6. Helen you might be interested to know that DAP actually defended the rowdy behaviour of the crowd at the DZ’s “function”. While Mkini and MI ran the issue of Anti-Lynas protest incident for weeks and played the video of the clash ceaselessly, the incident involving Wee has been given scant coverage.

    In fact DAP even asking Wee to apologise for saying he was assaulted and defending the goons who created the ruckus, Guess who is at the forefront of this attack on Wee ? It is none other than our anti-violence and freedom loving and corruption hating crusader, the Cheap Minister and the Great Chinese Hero – Lim Guan Eng.

    I wonder what kind of journalistic integrity MKini has when it actually carries its vox pop section with comments saying Wee deserved the punches he had as these are result of people’s pent up frustrations suppressed for years. While you can accuse the NST and the STAR for bias, they don’t defend such behaviour. In fact I recall Gerakan even criticising the incident.

    I also wonder where are those NGOs (Aliran, Bar Council, Bersih, etc) who were so loud in condemning the Penang incident. Sleep kot ?

    This is exactly that many people (like me) who never supported BN for all these years now think that the ruling coalition is better off than the holier than thou warriors of Pakatan. They ride their moral high horse only when speaking of their rivals but when it comes to their own behaviour and actions, no rules, principles or ethnic apply.

    In contrast, if you notice, BN bloggers and supporters do not blindly support their leaders and can be even more scathing with their attack. For example, no one’s is defending the culprits in the NFC, Khir Toyo and PKFZ cases. But I am certain that if such cases are to happen under Pakatan rule, we will never see these issues being exposed.

    On the otherhand, whenever there is a Pakatan leader is accused of / charged with wrong doing, the Pakatan supporters cry of conspiracy or defend their actions and throw all their previous stated stance of rule of law, morality,ethics ,etc out of the window.

    This indicates one and only thing – under Pakatan Malaysia will turn into a dictatorship driven by personality cult ala North Korea. Look at Pakatan now. There is a LGE-cult,Anwar-cult, Nik Aziz-cult.But you don’t see such cult and hero worship among the BN supporters.The only one who has such respect is Tun Mahatir and this is not for the love of the man but for his service to the country.

    A good example would be the Selangor State Speaker’s SMS. We have our Calender Girl Hannah Teoh actually defending Teng saying it is a “private matter”.

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