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“Tak lebih RM100,000 lah” kos pengubahsuaian pejabat exco

Baru sekarang Azmin Ali mahu mendakwa Hasan Ali mengubahsuai pejabat dengan kos RM300,000. Kenapa tak dedahkan awal-awal tatkala Hasan masih duduk dalam Pakatan?

Hanya apabila mereka mula bercakaran sesama sendiri baru saling pecah tembelang.


Mutakhir: Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim mendedahkan kos perbelanjaan mencantikkan pejabat Hasan Ali ialah RM329,000. Baca juga ‘7 exco belanja RM800,000 ubah suai pejabat?‘ oleh blogger Mat Kilau Penang.


Hasan Ali pula membongkarkan tentang perbelanjaan boros rakan sejawat exconya Dr Xavier Jeyakumar.

Dan ini dia respons: “Xavier said the renovation cost for his office was below RM100,000“. Kurang 100k tu berapa? RM99,900?

“Yang lain berapa pula?”, tanya blogger Cucu Tok Selampit.

Lepas tu, ada lagi RM300 juta yang loose change — duit saku ‘Selangorku’.

“Hasan, who is the Independent assemblyman for Gombak Setia, said the programme could not be properly planned because the money was not recorded under the Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI) account.” — laporan Bernama ‘Hasan Raises Doubt Over “Geran SelangorKu” Programme

Selain boros, regim Khalid juga betul-betul gila propaganda. Ngam lah bagi para Adunnya yang gila publisiti.

Dah lah sudah ada kalendar Selangorku, ada Selangor “majalah kecantikan” Times, ada Selangorkini, ada Selangor TV, ni diwujudkan Media Selangorku tidak lama dahulu.

Negeri-negeri yang lain pun tiada yang begitu banyak jentera media kecuali Pulau Pinang sarang sibertrooper serta markas bala tentera setiausaha akhbar.

Sepanjang sejarah Malaysia sebagai negara moden selama lebih setengah abad, mana ada politikus BN yang begitu asyik mempromo diri macam idola-idola DAPster kita?

Wawancara Lim Guan Eng pagi ini di radio BFM.

Calvin should listen & comment on this (click). He talked about the Batu Kawan housing.


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13 thoughts on ““Tak lebih RM100,000 lah” kos pengubahsuaian pejabat exco

  1. Petty writter, takda laku la… takda visitor kah? pi mai pimai pun … penyokongketuanan, apa nama kotaypanjang… don’t know what funny names, max 5 of them.

    Since no body visit, I start support sikit la…

    Ok, PR is stupid, PR also follow what BN’s corrupts, PR also wasting money. If your fact is right (provided it is RIGHT), PR also part of the problem, so how, the fact speaks, I accept, no fiction stories.

    LKY said..since you have only sunshine, don’t ask god for 4 seasons, there go singapore tourism. LKY said .. accept you do not have domestic flights, they have SIA.

    I said before, never trust any person, unless he is a dead man. It takes a man to be hero out of no choice, it takes nik aziz to hold on his principles with choices.

    The real test of God is when you are in an empty room without anyone. With the power you hold, a stack of contracts on the desk and a pen on your hand, can you holds on to your value. It fails many people, it fails BN, and it fails PR too, we are human, we are not perfect.

    Give youself a chance, vote 2 parties system, trust the system, trust the process, protect the process/system from abuses, never give you vote to a person, or a party that abuse the process.

    1. PALA ,Agree with you to a point. The problem is that we are going from a tiger mouth to croccodile to mouth , that is point that many here agree.

      I was under the”NONE OF THE ABOVE” movement we dont vote for snakes what ever the color. we dont care who start first as long you are playing this sick game we WILL kick you in the nutts.

      Politics is one thing , but to tear Malaysia social fabric is another. That one they are playing with fire my friend, and fire has no master.

      If you can calm yourself then, we wil refrain from from calling each other names. Be a champion of your view or issue , but dont be a champion of any political party. you can lean strongly towards it but keep it civil .

      And i can safely say , every one will let you be your own man.

      you dont have to agree with us , but dont slam blogger who voice out opinion even if you disagre with it .

      Over time you will find the people her are trying to find the aswer to ther same problems. But all of them have diffrent taste in political values and idea .

      1. I found this FMT article today rather apt — here.

        Some paragraphs copypasted below:


        “… where every criticism is met with an outpouring of anger by DAP’s online cybertroopers, Gerakan leaders [in Penang] said.

        “There are instances where DAP would try to divert the criticism raised by attacking the critics instead, when they should be taking the alternative viewpoints in stride.

        “Diverting the issue does not mean that the matter is resolved, the Gerakan leaders said.

        “When it comes to their own internal squabbles, the first thing DAP would issue is a gag order, they added.

        “Outspoken Kedah Gerakan Youth head Tan Keng Liang said it is wrong for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to seek a total demolition of the opposition in Penang.

        “The way he conducts himself – through words and actions – gives the impression that he wants absolute power in governing Penang, Tan claimed.

        “’Lim may enjoy absolute power in DAP, but to translate that into the governance of the state, is wrong’.”


        They’re talking about LGE who is Pala Man’s “beloved CM” btw. The FMT article continues:


        “His counterpart, Pantai Jerejak seat coordinator Wong Mun Hoe, says given that the DAP is quick to threaten or sue many critics, the only safe place to criticise is inside the sanctity of the State Legislative Assembly sitting.”


  2. Pala, here is free lesson, i learn long time ago. In reference to your comment. “I said before, never trust any person, unless he is a dead man”, very cowboy like.

    This my view from own experience “trust is not given, it is EARNED”.

    To Earn our trust , it is by action, and not political upmanship crap that we seen floating around us today.

    brag less do more, the rakyaat is not stupid, they see they listen and they will act the PRU13. I Rather put my trust in the rakyaat, what ever they choose.

    Here’s my forecast: The Chinese will overwhelmingly choose DAP whereas Malays will turn away from PAS while PKR will plummet. The Chinese will reap what they sow. — Helen

  3. Helen, sekarang ni tugas you makin kurang. PR dah sama2 buka pekung di dada. Mereka ni tidur je sebantal tapi mimpi lain2.

    Hahaha, tapi ramai DAPster-DAPster dah mula datang berkhemah di sini. — Helen

  4. LGE on BFM ? No thanks. I will leave the pleasure of listening to the sweet voice of the Dear Leader to DAPsters.

    Aiyah, I was hoping you’d evaluate what he said on the Batu Kawan scheme. — Helen

  5. Helen, I am almost brain dead from listening to the rants and lies of our Dear Leader and Reichfuhrer of Gestapo Lim Guan Eng for almost an hour.

    Anyway, he lied and when he couldn’t he eveded questions. That’s why he’s called LGE (Lying,evading and gostan-ning).

    He was keep saying about the Rm500 million he allocated to Batu Kawan “affordable” housing scam,oops,sorry scheme. He claimed that this biggest ever amount by any state govt. This was an outright lie of course since Gerakan spent billions. Only thing was that nobody boasted about this during Gerakan time since this is considered as their responsibility and not something to be hyped about.

    Naturally he also did not say how he got the money from (ie selling off prime public land) or how the “affordable” project is only affordable to the rich.

    If I was the interviewer, he would had had a really tough time of course.

    I burst out laughing so many times when listening to the crap that he was saying. He even said that it is not a good idea to borrow
    money fto fund social projects. It appears that according to the holy principles of DAPism, it is bad to borrow money to fund social projects but OK to sell off public assets dirt cheap to do so.

    The way he sounded as though he has created an utopia in Penang in 4 short years. I bet many DAPsters will migrate to Penang after the 14GE when Pakatan gets soundly beaten in other states.

    BTW, I am just back from Kelatan on a holiday. My feeling is that PAS will be thrown out this time for good. So Penang will be the only Pakatan state left standing. Most likely DAP will win but PKR and PAS will be completely shut out. With reduced majority, LGE will be facing hell from BN in his 2nd term. With soundly beaten at Federal level, LGE will be standing on an even thinner ground.

    Thanks for viewing & sorry to put you through the self-inflicted sadomasochism. Methinks the DAPsters dream of seceding & forming the Little Republic of S’pore North. — Helen

    1. Calvin, Helen, I’m still waiting for Pala Richie to give whatever “kejayaan PR sepanjang 4 tahun” to back up his dearly beloved loving LGE.

      Still waiting…

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