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DAPster dudes need to chill

They need to enrol in anger management classes.

They need to take time out. Stay at a retreat in the Himalayas. Get in touch with their deeply buried, inner self — the “good side” (a term opposed to the Dark Side they’re convinced the pro-establishment folks belong to).

They need to learn to feel the lurrve.

Mon, we all be brudders and sistas. Do not let ourselves be divided by skin colour. We’re all one race whether Smurf, Na’vi or Andorians (juga satu kaum yang berkulit biru). “The Earth’s a blue, big marble when you see it from out there …”

“Racist 1Cina Babi First”

Tsk, tsk, tsk, such venomous vocabulary. Aiyah, why like that one?

DAPsterverse (DAP universe) – continued from yesterday’s observation ‘Tunjuk alim, warak janggut macam kambing’ – seems to be suffering from an acute, planet-wide sugar shortage. Sad.

This DAPster (below) ‘Noble House’ envies “my size” and shape.

He must be small – yeah really small – to be so jealous of me!

He is further filled with jealousy that I’m “getting my thrills” (which he’s obviously not). The poor deprived DAPster.

Sad. I feel for his inadequacy.

Now if he’s willing to attend some personality and other enhancement programmes, to boost his size and self-image, then perhaps that would help in reducing the Envy and Hate he appears to be harbouring.

Who is a DAPster?

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25 thoughts on “DAPster dudes need to chill

  1. About the term ‘DAPster’, I agree that it is a label.

    It holds whatever the meaning that we want to give it in our own imagination since the word is not in the dictionary.

    It is not like the nickname “Naji*” by which opposition supporters like to call the prime minister. That anti-Najib name-calling cannot run away from its connotation.

    So despite the haranguing from some quarters, I will continue to use the allusion DAPster which is ambiguous (to each his own mind).

  2. A compilation of the wild accusations that DAPsters make is quite unnecessary. Suffice to say those unable to argue with facts resort to ad hominem.

    Definition ‘ad hominem’:

    (1) Arising from or appealing to the emotions and not reason or logic

    (2) Attacking an opponent’s motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain

    Is it reasonable to expect me to continue to allow their baseless allegations to see print here as Reader Comment all in the name of freedom of expression? I don’t think so unless I’m a moron or masochist.

    “A lie told often enough becomes truth.” — Vladimir Lenin

    Why should I allow lies to be repeated about me 1,000 times by DAP hatchet men and furthermore publish the lies in my own blog to help them spread falsehoods about me? Duh.

    To bounce the popular DAP slogan back at them, “Enough is enough, lah”.

    Not only is their kiasu behaviour testing our patience, I believe some of you reading this will agree that this forbearance is currently being stretched very thin.

  3. I am still trying to understand the real Helen. It cannot be denied that she is very critical of DAP/PR and equally critical of BN/UMNO. And as she had proclaimed many times before, she had not voted for either party. So what do we make of her?

    For DAPsters, they are completely baffled. Its like attacking a shadow. Tried many times to brand her but failed, simply because she is nameless. She looks real and at the same time appears unreal.

    She is Chinese and seems to also fighting for Chinese interest, yet at other times acts and talks as someone “unChinese”. Let the mystery continues. However, what’s more important, she is providing a platform and provocative topics to encourage fruitful engagement between DAP/PR and BN/UMNO supporters.

    (1) In the previous elections when I had voted, my vote went to DAP every time. Never voted BN.

    (2) Of course I’m ‘real’. Last time had to clock in for work at NST, then later Star. The editors know me as do Steven Gan of Malaysiakini and the present FMT editor.

  4. Let them publish here never mind, just censor the vulgar only and just dont react to them yourself sis .
    Reasonable people here , will distinguish these clowns from the genuine commentors,
    By the way we are seeing new face lately, who use the silent becoming vocal recently.
    Also more mild mannered PR supporter want to comment ,let them and engage them.
    “biar dia orang menang sorak, tapi kalah perang”
    The” Perang” is the reasonable people of malaysia regardless of their political preference.
    These people can be engage , with meaningful discussions.
    Take care,Sis

  5. Sorry to digress a bit and comment on another topic. But the observation you made about the change of the Chinese psyche about attending street demo is very pertinent.

    Even during the Bersih 2.0, most participants were Malays. The DAP leaders and their stormtroopers were conveniently absent.However. starting with the Lynas rally and now the 325 DZ rally, we see the Chinese, helped by DAPsters,have shed their inhibitions and taken to the streets and mob mentality in a big way.

    BTW, did you note the shouts of “ubah” *DAPsters equivalent of Heil Hitler” during the 325 rally ?

    I think DAP especially their older leaders have forgotten that the last time the Chinese taken to the streets in an aggressive manner led to bloodbath on 13/5/1969. To me 325 echoed of 135.

    DAP has forgotten the fact that every extremist actions will have an equal reaction from the Malays. I am sure that many Malays would have taken note of the 325 rally and its similarities to the 135 rally.

    I can see the UMNO strategists shedding tears of joy at DAP’s kamikaze action in playing the leading role in galvanizing and whipping up the Chinese emotions. The images of325 rally will be widely distributed and shown to the Malay masses during the GE campaign.

    As I said before, DAP and DJZ have blundered badly in forging this axix of evil. DZ by making a pack with the devil, has damaged the cause of Chinese education severely too. Many Malays who have even considered sending their kids to Chinese schools are frightened off by this extremist actions by DZ.

  6. BTW, I was reading the Tamil newspapers today and one of the front page news was that Anwar will not defend his Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat but would stand in Nibong Tebal instead. This is exactly what I had expected and mentioned here ,if you recall.

    Nibong Tebal with its Chinese majority seat with significant Malay voters, stands a better chance for Anwar rather than Permatang Pauh. I get the feeling that Anwar could be defeated there or at best win narrowly.

    But I don’t think Anwar will stand anywhere else other than Penang as the sentiment is very much against Pakata except in Chinese majority areas. He won’t contest in urban areas as DAPsters will not give way.

  7. There have been such expressions as it’s useless to talk about the useless. Or no point in trying to convince the die hard and the incorrigible. But we need to say something to them periodically. So that the useless won’t become dangerous and disastrous. And the incorrigible know that they are being checked.

    Maybe not to talk to them. But talk about them. They may not listen or follow our advice and exhortation. But they’ll know that they cannot say anything they like without being challenged. Other than the rude and the lewd, never mind what the challenge may be. So long as they know that it’s aimed at them. That’s the essence of dealing with the DAPsters.

    And we must be magnanimous. Be kind in their defeat. Especially the unruly ones. Not being replied to or just being challenged may be taken by them as defeat. For they are of the mentality that they can always say things without being challenged. Like in M’kini and MI. Which don’t publish our counter-comments. Making the rude blokes feel defeated just being challenged when they come in here.

    But for you who write in M’kini and MI, Helen, perhaps you’d like to be very open minded. And expect them to accuse you all sorts every time. I’m sure you have smiled to your self on many occasions reading their stupidity. And told yourself that it’s below you to stoop so low. Maybe so in other people’s blogs. But in your own blog, it’s entirely your choice which ones you’d want to laugh at, hit back or petrify. Try Bishop Tan’s superfluous language and the DAPsters may get petrified. The English calls it “being intoxicated by the exuberance of one’s own verbosity.”

    Have a good evening everybody.

    1. Thanks Anon. Am in agreement that they cannot be allowed to get away anymore with continually throwing mud and hoping some of it will stick.

      Not only are they dragging standards into the gutter, they’re also destroying trust with their most outrageous & wild accusations, to the extent that in the DAP Warlord vs Godfather spat, even Karpal Singh was accused of being a “BN agent”. They must be demented to accuse the DAP chairman (of all people!)

      In my blog at least, I will no longer tolerate their crap such as I’m being paid to maintain this site or that I’m carrying out the dirty work or agenda of BN parties.

      Some regular readers think that we should be nice even if “they” are nasty because we cannot let ourselves turn into the very same people we criticize. That may be true but only up to a certain point.

      I believe we’ve reached a stage where short of filing libel suits, the DAPster behaviour has got to be confronted. Not tacitly condoned through silence, non-retaliation or letting them get away willy-nilly with slander, abuse & aggression.

      Where we see that they’ve taken almost total control, the DAPsters show themselves unable to observe the boundaries of decency anymore. Their obsession is with garnering votes, thinking Putrajaya is within their reach and must be won at all cost in GE13.

      Stormtroopers who in their propaganda blitzkrieg will stop at nothing are dangerous. And a menace.

      1. A good example is Rosmah, i bet DAPsters have no inkling qbout but attacl her full force, in chinese forums, whole therads discuss about rosmah, hurling insults at her ,her families and children, i alsomsojourn mykmu where hardcore umnoputras are butbi never see them attack or talk abput members of lim kit siang or lim guan eng familes and even umno tried to reign in the bloggersbwhen they began attacking guan eng’s son over his allegedly molesting a girl and then transferrings school.Ti the extent that DAPster clogged stevens institute and curtin university with insults againts members of these institutions academia for conferring Rosmah honorary degrees.truly shameful.

      2. Dear Helen,

        Ignore such brickbats. The truth will prevail and the sooner the masses understand the hypocrisy of people in power everywhere, the better. The internet is recently abuzz with “Dr.” Yap’s credentials. I think Dr. Kua is smiling somewhere. For many of those who have followed the Chinese education movement for years, this is poetic justice.

        (A smile crossed my face when I read your comment).
        Like Dr K, I’ve every confidence that some time down the road – and this much sooner rather than later – I shall see my poetic justice done. Wonder if I can refrain myself from “I told you so” then? — Helen

    2. anon 8.09
      Intersting views yes we must be magnanimous. please pick a nick mame, so we can have contiunity of your views, in future topics

      1. Hi, K. Hope you don’t mind my calling you so.

        But Anon is also a nickname, friend. Another anon came in a few days ago but with a small “a” and I’ll continue using the capital “A” to “distinguish” myself – unable to distinguish like politicians do! (Though judging from comments made by Sultan Perak some time back on their behaviour in Parliament and DUNs, some may not deserve to be called YBs!)

        If another Anon turns up, I’ll probably use Anon1, 2 or 3. I’m afraid I’ll be hard-headed like the DAP igs or sters, my friend.

        No offence intended, mon amie – not sure with or without the “e”, as I’m told the spelling tells whether that French word refers to a male or female. Just like one’s Japanese pronunciation tells whether one learns the Japanese words at a Geisha House or at the Berlitz School of Languages in Ginza. Careful now when pronouncing Japanese words!

  8. Dear helen, this is normal conduct in the new media when it comes to politics, i admitbi have talked bad about DAPsters but after reading the profanity they hurled againts you which i think is uncivilized and shamefu,i dun think i ever went that far as to dengerate people on their physical appearanceal…let this be a lesson for us all…Fence sitters,umnoputras and the DAPsters that actually have a conscious to refrain ourselves from hurling personal insults and character assassinatip..lets fight with facts and arguments!

  9. Dear Helen,

    How kind and level-headed you and regular visitors of this blog must be, to use the term “DAPsters” so diligently.

    I usually hang out at GAP (the second search result after PKR’s website if you google for ‘PKR’) and the regulars there are quite content in sticking to the term “DAPigs”.

    Admittedly, the term is not as cerebral as “DAPsters”, but I kind of like it, as it rolls of the tongue as you say “Dee-Ayh-Pigs”.

    So forgive me if, in leaving my comments at your esteemed blog, I forget myself and mistakenly utter my vernacular, uttering “DAPigs” when I really meant to say “blessed DAPsters”.

    Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly that the DAP*** need some anger management courses. Short courses will do. Perhaps some twelve-step program which meets weekly at some discreet location.

    However, even more than that, they also need to flush out their hipocrisy. No week-long courses here. They need a full four-year degree program on this, preferably involving repeated exposure to the fire hose and electroshock therapy.

    I am recommending this not just for the inherent entertainment value (insert some winks and nudges here, lest the DAP*** somehow get it in their squealing minds that I’m recommending concentration camps to drown out their so-called democratic voices.)

    My real reason is that, well, they are bloody hypocrites.

    Lynas was cleared by each and every environmental agency that was called in. Yet the DAP***, who were surprisingly over-represented at the anti-Lynas rally, rampaged anyway, oink-oinking as they tried to run down anyone who tried to defend the rare earth plant.

    But when LGE’s office announced the solar panel plant in Batu Kawan, which had the potential to produce really, really hazardous by-products, the so-called eco-warriors of Lynas were conspicuously silent. To deny the potential hazard, the DAP*** said the project was given the “OK”.

    By whom? By the same bodies the DAP*** had attempted to discredit because they gave their OK to Lynas!

    I’m sorry for repeating this here, Helen. You know of this story far better than myself, I’m sure, but I feel the need to shout to the DAP*** “You are bloody hypocrites!”

    How can anyone who practices such unbelievable hypocrisy be trusted with a government?

    Before any DAPiglets fall over themselves to shout “Wat about BN govenment leh? Their double standard is much worse wat!!”, please be reminded that Competency, Accountability and Transparency is your catchphrase.

    If, somehow, any DAP*** can contort the spirit of CAT to fit such hypocrisy that is currently oozing out of every possible DAP*** pore and orifice, please do so, as such a written description would be an education in creative writing like no other. It would be thoroughly nauseating, I have no doubt, but an educational masterpiece nonetheless.

    To answer my own question, from three paragraphs earlier, you can’t trust the DAP*** to run a government.

    Just say no to DAP. You might not like BN and UMNO, but the thing about DAP*** is that very soon it will get confused which bottle holds the antidote, and which the poison. Afterall, they pretend one is the other often enough. Too often. They do it with things that matter, like Lynas, and for all we know, for shit and giggles too.

    So just say no to DAP.

    I moderate & filter the term DAP*** in my blog. Let’s stick to “blessed DAPster” here. Tak nak lah seluruh masyarakat Cina pula kena tempias hanya dek perangai diorang. — Helen

    1. SoG,Helen
      What they really frear is DAPMMUNIST ( DAP + COMMUNIST).

      See how the momment is appeared , it got an instant reaction. Rasa ke tulang .


      1. Kpanjang,

        You might be surprised to know that some DAPsters actually think the term communist as a compliment.The brainwashing portals such as Mkini and MI have made PKM as the freedom fighting patriots. I had these moronic DAPsters arguing that Chin Peng and his gang of bloodthirsty terrorists as the real heroes. They even claim that PKM were fighting BN not the Malaysian govt.

        In the same vein, PASters have turned Ibrahim Libya as a martyr who fought injustice and for poor people.

        I guess, if Pakatan wins the next GE, this is what will happen:

        – Chin Peng will be accorded Tun-ship and SPGP medal for highest form of bravery and loyalty. He will be also given a hero welcome back to Malaysia,personally welcomed by Anwar and the top Pakatan leadership.

        – Statues of Chin Peng and his top leaders at the Parliament building. Chin Peng’s birthday declared as a national holiday.

        – Ibrahim Libya awarded Tun-ship and accorded Human Rights hero award. His grave removed to the national heroes grave. Jalan TAR is renamed as Jalan Ibrahim Libya.

        – Botak Chin and Bentong Kali are celebrated and awarded SPGP for heroism and bravery.

      2. Been wondering if to day there actually are communists in the country – believers in the Parti Kominis Malaya methods of creating chaos, alarm and despondency for the overthrow of the Government by all kinds of propaganda and by armed struggle.

        The Police would surely be on their tails but more might have come out, inspired by the rise of communist China as an economic power in the last decade or so.

        I recall the Perak Police announcing finding a cache of arms and ammunition somewhere Kuala Kangsar – Lenggong area at about the time the Perak Mufti was talking about fellows having a draft of a new Constitution. But did not read further about it being away after that.

        Anyone cares to say what the Police investigations resulted in? Perhaps Helen with her journalism background and photographic memory. (Me with a poor googling ability and lacking in patience).

        Knowing that might help us in hitting at the certainly anti-national elements in the country. Communism is banned here though dealings with communist China are allowed.

        Doubt very much Chinese will take up armed struggle when current Beloved Leader is a pale, flabby “failed accountant”. Chinese today capitalist with big ‘C’ (see Penang housing development) & can’t even survive camping trip much less Chin Peng jungle boot camp. Methods: Crafty and manipulative propaganda, yes. — Helen

  10. Anon,

    Being a student of military history (among others), I am well versed with the armed struggles of PKM. You see PKM changed their approached from an armed struggle via insurgency with their bases in the jungle to urban warfare in the 2nd Emergency in the 70s and 80s. In the 2nd phase, they used labour unions and Chinese NGOs to spread propaganda and sow chaos and disunity. They also used assasination squads targetting high value leaders and also Chinese officers whom they called running dogs and traitors.

    I see DAP as the modern day reincarnation of PKM in their 3rd phase. Instead of jungle (phase 1) and urban centers (phase 2), DAP is using the lawless frontier of cyberworld as their base to wage war. Instead of guns, their legion of cybertroopers are now armed with PCs, laptops and ipads.

    Like PKM in Phase 2, they also have killer squads targettting key BN leaders like Najib and Rosmah. And like PKM, they reserve their deadliest venoms for “turncoat” Chinese leaders (ie MCA and Gerakan leaders) to kill them off.

    PKM had Chin Peng and DAP has LKS and LGE. PKM also had token Malay leaders and surprise surprise DAP also has Aspan, Zairil, etc too.

    Yeah, you’re right Calvin about their mutual obsession with shooting “running dogs’.

    Would you by chance know anything more about this?

    1. Thanks calvin. But wd you say DAP is communist, or communist-minded, or merely chauvinists and racists out to try and get power using PKM Phase 3 tactics?

      Are their cybertroopers properly organized, given guidelines, and move in co-ordinated attacks, in terms of targets, time etc, do you think?

      I suspect the vast majority main bantai saja – when KFC they all go there, when NFC, they shift target, follow the crowd, without any particular fellow like the DAP Publicity Chief giving the instructions.

      1. Dear Anon,

        DAP is officially a socialist party. But they are neither socialist nor communists but in reality racist/chauvinistic opportunists.

        Other than Cuba, I don’t think any other country really been/are communist in true sense, not even the former USSR. China is a communist country in the name only, for they only use communism as a guise for dictatorship.

        In my view the tactics of DAP and PKM are uncannily similar. If you are familiar with our history, you would realise that during the 50s to 80s, the communists created much chaos and racial disunity between the Malays and Chinese by playing up racial issues. Just like what DAP is using these days.

        PKM sang different tunes to different audience. To the Chinese they invoked the love of their motherland and the supposedly unfair treatment from the Malays. Later they used language and ethnic issues. To the Malays, they sang the tune of fighting for justice and fair society. Again, exactly like the tactics DAP is using.

        As for the cyber troopers, there are two groups. One is the organized group under DAP, mainly directed from their nerve center at KOMTAR. The 2nd and bigger group is the freelance DAPsters. The first group is highly coordinated and move as an unit and try to influence and shape public opinion. This group also has a PR element who will try to promote LGE so he appears in the media, TV, etc.They also use all kinds of social media to built the cult of personality for LGE and other Dear Leaders.

        This group also work hard in uploading Youtube with pro-DAP and anti-BN videos and create FB pages praising DAP and whacking BN. Chan Lilian is perhaps the most (in)famous example of this unit. It is easy to spot these people. Just go to FB and notice the group admin of those pro-DAP and anti-BN pages.

        This team also has paid writers who write letters to MSM and on line media under assumed names. These are normally current or retired MSM writers and can be spotted in MI, MK and FMT. Their names alone give away their fake identities. Try to see if you can spot them !

        A more insidious is the current reporters of MSM (the Sun, the Edge, the Star and even the NST) who quietly insert pro-DAP news/articles/letters. If you notice, the Star’s on-line and their hard copy sometimes tend to be different on the same issue. These troopers by pass editorial control and pose pro-DAP and anti-BN slant to issues on the on-line version.

        Let’s talk about their strategies. One of those is to pass as Malays and sing LGE and DAP’s praises in popular on line media so to create the impression that the Malays are with DAP. They hope with this approach, more Malays can be persuaded to vote DAP. They tried to do it at Malay blogs but not successful due to the poor Malay language skills and got exposed as fakes.

        They also given issues to attack (Lynas, NFC, etc) and “talking points” so they can attack more efficiently. I understand these tactics were taught to them by American and Isreali political advisors.

        Another of their favourite method is to attack MCA in English and Chinese blogs or any blogs that are critical of LGE. They did not attack Helen’s until recently as they do not have enough people.

        The strategic direction comes from LGE, Liew Chin Tong,Tony Pua, etc. Jeff Ooi is merely manages the IT side of things.

        The 2nd group (freelancers) are not coordinated and attack like a bunch of hyenas. They just whack BN at every opportunity.

      2. Interesting, Calvin. I do see most of those happening in the past and now. But it’ll be good if proof on the Komtar operations of organized and co-ordinated cybertroopers can be put out so as to make the powers that be take concrete steps to counter them in a systematic manner.

        I don’t see Kementerian Penerangan and Bernama, the national news agency, aggressively explaining Government policies such that Lynas had become so controversial despite expert opinions saying it is not detrimental to health. They need to be proactive, create news, seek out opinions for quoting, rather than wait for events to happen – they can send reporters with a list of questions to ask public and private figures even as they come out of cars or going to toilets to get the desired responses and print them. Like they do in the US.

        I’m apalled that Bernama won’t even let the public copy paste any part of their reports that’ll help explain Government policies when blogging. Theirs must not be a money-making business organization – they still get Government financial grants, don’t they? Individuals should not be made to pay for news, and subscriptions should only be from public or private organizations, businesses, embassies and so on, like Reuters is being subscribed to. But then, how to increase the number of subscribers with poorly written and sometimes apparently unedited reports, both in content and standard of English. Often, no background or reference to related/ earlier events is furnished.

        One also sees DAP/ PR hands in Google Malaysia News Headlines pages – MI, Mkini and such so-called news portals are often given prominence, placed in the top part, Bernama and MSN below them. We may not do a communist China kind of control over Google but surely some people could talk to Google fellows to be fair and at least put out as many Establishment as Opposition news, and changing the precedence in placing them.

        Finally, perhaps you’d like to reply to sonofIskandarKutty who may also be DAP.

    2. PDC and the Penang GLCs are notorious for parachuting in such cronies into high places so I can’t say I am shocked by such news. But I am not aware of this particular case about PDCC.

      What concerns more is not these cronies being installed but the way the Dear Leader makes all the decisions and keep all the power to himself. All these state bodies, be it GLCs, town councils or exco, are merely rubber stamps for the Chairman Lim.


    blog pro komunis..boleh baca perjuangan ideologi komunis zaman sekarang yg bersangkutpaut dgn malaysia

    Abdullah CD juga pernah cakap selepas PKMM (parti kebangsaan melayu malaya) yg bekerjasama dgn PKM suatu ketika dulu sblm merdeka telah bertukar kepada PKMRM (parti kebangsaan melayu revolusioner malaya) pada thn 80an secara bawah tanah di malaysia….struktur kongsi gelap malaysia pon mirip kepada kerjasama PKMM dan Komunis juga kalau diperhalusi

    tak hairan kalau ideologi komunis masih kukuh dikalangan masyarakat malaysia berdasarkan perjuangan ideologi komunis mengikut fasa seperti Calvin Sankaran tulis

    PKR sendiri adalah gabungan Keadilan bersama sebuah parti sosialis(adik komunis) Parti Rakyat Malaysia

    kalau tgk perjuangan yg dibawa PR sekarang ni mirip kepada perjuangan PKMM + PKM suatu ketika dahulu…..dulu yang ditentang ialah British dan UMNO(dikatakan anak didik British) sekarang cuma tinggal UMNO saja la walaupun selepas 50 thn lebih dah merdeka

  12. Helen,

    There is nothing wrong for Muhyiddin to say he is Malay first then Malaysia. He is just being honest here. He appreciates the fact that he is on the coveted post due to his official position as Deputy President of UMNO.

    Ask any Malay ( except Anwar or PAS member) and he will tell you( most likely) he is Malay first. There is nothing racist about it.

    There is no need to be hypocrite like DAP or PAS. DAP must be dreaming to think that malays expect DAP to be “malaysian first, Chinese second”.

    Problem with DAP is that it carries the extremist tag for far too long. As long as i can remember, DAP is about Lim dynasty first, Chinese second. AND there are no other places for other races especially the Malays.

    DAP support to DJZ just proves what UMNO or even my mother in law have beensaying about it. DAP just provokes the Chinese just to get their votes. Its method is anything but ethical .

    DAP has given chinese community a false sense of control. This is dangerous as it convenients overlook the single biggest equation ; that the biggest race is Malay.

    Chinese community, in their enthusiasm of capturing Penang fail to realize that having a very anti Malay CM like Guan eng whose is known for slandering ad provoking the Malays in May 13 THAT they will end losers as very few Chinese politician who ally with UMNO win in the coming election.

    Guan eng to me is arrogant. Its trademark is toi dismiss criticism by accusing those who criticize as UMNO “trooper”.

    Why on earth the Chinese is willing to sacrifice their interest just to perpetuate the Lim Dynasty that is better suited in Jurassic age.

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