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Murtad: Pendedahan Hasan Ali berbalik sekali lagi kepada DUMC

Bersambung dari ‘Apa ketetapan undang-undang atas Kristianisasi?

Laporan berita bertajuk ‘Hasan Ali screens “proof” of proselytisation(screenshot rencana The Malaysian Insider):

Bukti gejala murtad dikemukakan oleh saksi – dalam video ditayangkan kepada wartawan tengah hari tadi – yang mengaku beliau seorang pekerja Harapan Komuniti.

Harapan Komuniti ialah NGO yang terbabit dengan DUMC (Gereja Methodist Damansara Utama). Pemeriksaan ke atas DUMC yang dijalankan oleh pihak berkuasa Islam telah dibantah keras oleh para politikus Kristian DAP.

Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok dan Hannah Yeoh dilaporkan menghadiri ‘servis’ (upacara sembahyang Kristian) hari Ahad di DUMC pada 7 Ogos 2011 – iaitu empat hari selepas berlakunya pemeriksaan Jais – demi menunjukkan sokongan mereka kepada gereja itu.

Hasan Ali telah berkata dalam kenyataan akhbarnya:

“Ancaman Kristianisasi di Selangor seperti yang berlaku dalam kes di DUMC sesungguhnya sangat membimbangkan.”

Beliau merupakan exco agama Selangor, juga bekas pesuruhjaya PAS negeri, ketika kemelut DUMC itu dahulu.


Kristian pandai ‘menyamar’? (Lihat sini & sini)


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9 thoughts on “Murtad: Pendedahan Hasan Ali berbalik sekali lagi kepada DUMC

  1. It has always been the Christians’ mission to convert all of us earthlings to be in their flock. But the Christians should realise that their number is diminishing fast while Islam is the fastest growing religion, world-wide. In the Malaysian context, Christians should appreciate the generosity and tolerance of the Muslims here and must try to avoid hurting our feelings. Do not behave like beri betis hendak peha (give you the leg, want the thigh some more). Enough is enough.

  2. as a muslim i have no quarrel with churches within the council of churches who is aware if the religious sensitivities of muslims. we have no qualms about sending our children to convent or mission schools. what francis xavier, the portugese, dutch and english missionaries have failed to convert muslims for hundreds of years proved that.

    it is the new denominations of churches that i’m worried about. they have no qualms in spreading their religion through whatever means – guitar strumming nuts, jehovah jumping idiots in terrace houses and shoplots etc. something must be done to control this!

    1. I agree with what Hashim says above except that Bishop Paul Tan of MCCBCHST (such a long and high sounding name – perhaps befitting his language style – that I should be excused for not spelling it out) has, to my mind, become antagonistic towards Muslim leaders and even confrontational to the Malaysian Government.

      The Bishop’s comments as published by the Opposition blog, Malaysian Insider – a few of which were quoted in the previous post here – give that impression. This does not augur well for the health of inter-religious sentiment in this country.

      Yes, the missionaries prior to and during the British colonial rule had a fairly guarded approach to their Christianization efforts. No force, no cajoling and no disrespect shown to local culture by them. But inviting Muslims to “berbuka puasa” in a Church during a fasting month is not respecting the Muslim way of life by any standard. Especially when there are copies of the Bibles placed on the table for each one of the twelve Muslim invitees.

      Yes, it’s the various denominations like the Gereja Methodis Damansara Utama that appear to be competing among themselves to increase their flock. In their zealousness, they have discarded the rules of decency and fair play among the citizens of this country. Then again, one wonders what kind of background these people leading the various congregations have. One was a gay fellow. Has Bishop Tan any control or even influence on them, I wonder.

      Are they also exploiting the political situation like the DAP and the Dong Zong do? Making hay while the sun shines under a weak Government trying to get votes any and whichever way? Such that there has not been any clear, firm and assertive action on religious issues. We don’t want bad reactions like the burning of churches, do we? Under the circumstances, I’d like to ask Bishop Tan: Please do as you say. Not as you do.

  3. Anon,

    I agree with you on your comments. And I think Bishop Tan speaks like he has just stepped out of the 11th century (and behaves and thinks like one too by viewing Muslims as enemies of Christians). His bombastic & Crusader-like language is hard to digest even when reading, I really feel for those faithfuls who have to endure his sermons and lectures.

    However to be fair,the issue would not have become so serious if only Christian Crusaders and Dapsters are involved.

    I think the more important reason why such attitude had caught on and prevailing still is the tendency among some Muslims (Anwar and the PAS Talibans) who act as apologists to these neo Christian crusaders. Because the Muslims are divided by political opportunists, the Christian Right such as Bishop Tan and others has become enboldened and assertive and confrontational.

    I don’t think the likes of Bishop Tan will be so openly questioning the Muslims or the govt if he hasn’t got the backing of the Muslim leaders.

      1. I think you’re right En Hussin. Anwar is a loser. Looking at his face nowadays make me wonder. His face is pale and doesn’t shine, like someone disgraced by almighty God, if my english is correct.

        Takde ‘seri’ kan? :) Some words difficult to translate cross-culturally. — Helen

      2. hussin jangan senang me munafiqkan seseorang, walaupun kamu benci dia, kuasa iman ialah hak Allah.
        jangan lah jadi macam PAS yang kafir mengafir

  4. In this aspect, I wholeheartedly conform with Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali’s
    view to make it compulsory for Muslim pupils passing the Islam subject. We at Johor are glad that all Muslim children at least spend
    6 years at Islamic School, besides the normal primary school.

    There is a saying that, “Get It Right First Time, and Everything Will Be Right All Tme”.

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