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Bersih 3.0: DAPsters thump their Chinese chests

Himpunan Hijau, the group behind the anti-Lynas protests, were the first to declare their participation in the Bersih 3.0 rally.

On a roll after Lynas and the Dong Jiao Zong rally, DAPsters have been quick to take possession of this third edition of the Bersih street demo.

I found one chest-thumping article on Go-Go DAPster Power that appeared yesterday in Malaysia Chronicle. It is written by one Frances Yip and illustrates the DAPster psyche perfectly. Excerpts below and my comments inserted within square brackets in bold green.

Frances’ chest-beating declaration is titled ‘Bersih 3.0: Rain or shine – I’m going to walk this time![she didn’t walk in Bersih 1.0 or 2.0 — typical of the terracotta warriors just off the assembly line]

Bersih-ABU poster (below) pinched from Zorro’s blog.

Update 1 (April 5, 12.10pm): Hindraf “holds back” support for Bersih 3.0‘ in FMT

P. Uthayakumar said:

“Everyone knows that Pakatan is behind it even though they don’t say it.”

Update 2 (April 5, 2.55pm): Recommended read ‘Election Reforms in Pakatan First lah, Come On!‘ at Stop The Lies

Helen’s additional note: Also LGE heading into his unelected 4th term as DAP secretary-general (what free election, hah)

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(original posting continues) FRANCIS WRITES in Malaysia Chronicle:


“I am very excited to hear that we are going to have another Bersih rally at the end of this month. As expected, the Election Commission has turned down our demands to implement some electoral reforms before the next general election, which will be Malaysia’s 13th and is due soon. [note the “excitement”, anticipation as well as use of the pronoun “our” to refer to the demands]

“We have given EC more than enough time – 9 months to be exact and most of the reforms asked for by Bersih 2.0, the free and fair polls movement, do not need to go through Parliament for approval. [note the possessive “we”]

“Good, now we have a valid reason to come out to the streets again and exercise our constitutional rights collectively as matured Malaysian citizens of all creeds and ethnicity. [Oh goody, everyone can move their cheese now. Note how DAPsters love of the sound of “all creeds” on their tongue. Uh, isn’t it “(all creeds) and colour” — don’t lah sunat this phrase even if it is hackneyed]

“Let the voice of Bersih Malaysia or Clean up Malaysia reverberate from New York to Sydney! [Today is the 6th day that rubbish has remained uncollected in my neighbourhood. Clean up Selangor first, can or not?]

“Thousands and thousands of Malaysians poured onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan despite threats from the police. [DAPsters flexing their muscle; if police kacau: “Who you gonna call?” Teresa!]

“In the end, the whole world saw what happened during those rallies – thanks to Al Jazeera and CNN. That is the power of modern communications and the Internet! [And this, friends, is the real motive — for the CNN footage]

“Many people, especially those from the older generation, still harbor some fear of reprisals. [Yes we’re aware … the new, improved version of the younger generation are now almost fearless]

Of course there are some who do not want to rock the boat. They already have a roof over their heads, a nice car to drive around, three square meals a day and comfortable jobs. In the end they chose to stay at home to relax or go shopping and let others do the battle for them even though they are equally affected by the bad governance of the present regime in one way or another. [Whoa! Can hear massive thumps on the heroic DAPster chest here. Tapi kesian juga kat the couch potatoes and shopaholics yang kena belasah. Geez, the air must be pretty hot up there at the mountaintop where Frances is blowing]

“Corruption is getting rampant in all spheres of our daily lives, racial and religious tensions are reaching boiling point, our public institutions are crumbling one by one, oil price increases, toll rate rises, utilities rate hikes – please don’t tell me you guys are not affected! [And it’s all Umno’s fault!!! Vote Pakatan and see … sure one, racial and religious tensions can disappear immediately, our public institutions can rebuild, oil price will go down, tolls also abolished, and can get free electricity some more …]

“Come on folks, don’t be so selfish and timid, times have changed. Rallies, once taboo in previous decades, have increasingly become a trend now, especially among the younger Malaysians. [Trendy indeed. Sounds like an evangelist trying to persuade reluctant folks to attend a revival meeting. But the paragraph is nonetheless a ‘cun’ reflection of the DAPster mindset and motives]

“Today we are wiser and braver in voicing out our unhappiness. Show the authorities that you want a clean and fair election. [The Anwaristas been there and done that in 1999 but I guess a DAPster today still thinks she’s just invented sliced bread]

“… come out and join us on the streets! Do not just sit at home and complain. This won’t get you anywhere. So see you on April 28 at 2pm. It’s a Saturday.

“… I will not miss it for anything. My yellow Bersih T-shirt is ready and so too are my walking shoes. Despite being discouraged by friends who fear for my safety (it seems a woman should not participate in rallies but stay at home or so they say, I am going ahead with my plans to walk. [The Chinese were real scaredy cats the many previous rallies but ‘times, they are a-changing’]

“I am not intimidated by tear gas, acid water or police batons. Chase us, frighten us, spray us, kick us if you must but I am going to walk on. And I know exactly why I am going to do it. It is for my children and their children. They deserve a better Malaysia –if we do not act now, when? If we don’t act for them – who will? [Frances must have given herself a self-congratulatory pat on the back at her pretty turns of phrase; actually nothing original to begin with — I’m guessing she’s in the advertising copywriting line]

“So let’s make a date on April 28. Let’s color our beloved country yellow again!” <Unquote>

Double click on the screenshot below to read Frances in full.


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115 thoughts on “Bersih 3.0: DAPsters thump their Chinese chests

  1. I am glad that you had taken this BS called BERSIH 3.0 head on – to be it sounds more like BODOH 3.0.

    That Frances get published in MC is a dead giveaway – for MC is to Pakatan what was Pravda to USSR – She must be a diehard Pakatan cybertooper.

    I think many neutrals who actually supportive of BERSIH 2.0 are disgusted by BERSIH’s sheer politicising of issue. There was this article by Gerakan’s Balbir Singh who participated in BERSIH 2.0 questioning Ambiga’s motive.He is right in expressing suspicions looking at the speed that BERSIH 3.0 organised and how they have shifted their goalposts.

    All these only confirms my belief that BERSIH is all about regime change than genuine reforms. BERSIH doesn’t even attempt to be seen as impartial. There is no acknowledgement of the progress made under the PSC or how most of BERSIH 2.0’s demands were addressed.

    I guess BERSIH 3.0 won’t be the last.This will go on until PR gets thrashed in the election. The main intention of organizing BERSIH is to prepare for the 13GE. BERSIH is setting the ground so that when PR loses,they can claim that the entire election process is rigged.

    I almost fell off my chair when Ambiga said they are expecting 500,000 people to turn up. I will be surprised if even 10% of that actually show up. The timing is at 2pm when the sun is at its glory and many of these DAPsters being pampered couch potatoes, we expect them to sit in front of their PCs to follow the news of their Mkini live updates rather than risk getting sunburned.

    I am glad that Anti-Lynas/Himpunan Hijau and 325 thugs will also participate. For we all know that it is the same bunch of people who participate in every street demos. I am sure they will be in real dilemma since they wouldn’t know which colour t-shirt to wear-yellow, green or white.

    I think there was some real clamour for change the last timebut this time BERSIH overplayed their cards and will end up eggs in their faces with low attendance, especially when Ambiga sets such high target and Najib will allow them to demo legally. This gonna take the steam out of their locomotive.In the end, BERSIH 3.0 will be a let down and we can see Ambiga and LGE offering all kinds of excuses.

    In meantime, I will be staying at home while munching a huge packet of popcorn watching my fav TV programs in the comfort of an aircon room.

    1. I seriously wonder whether any of those attending Opposition rallies have been paid. Anybody knows, any proof?

      Ambiga etc claimed Bersih 2 had 50,000 participants, the Police with 5 strategically placed static cameras and several on helicopters etc said only 5,000. I’m prepared to accept a figure of 10,000 but it’s still curious what kind of fellas would take time off (half – full day) from work or whatever vocation, amid rain (natural or chemical) or the hot sun, shouting, cheering and jeering like monkeys. One poor chap had a heart attack and died.

      We know the hardcore, fired-up and daredevil Pakatan Rakyat members would turn up any time, perhaps most of them being self-employed, or have PR-sympathetic bosses who’d gladly let them an off day for that. But I imagine even the workshops won’t allow their mechanics and assistants to be absent unless on a Sunday when all are closed (Apr 28 is a Saturday). Anybody knows who the bulk of them are in terms of occupation? Also the percentages of racial mix?

      Wonder, too, how many are University students. I know 17-18 year olds, unemployed and non-university students would jump at the opportunity of having some fun, if paid RM50, to hoo haa in town, see the spectacle and afterwards proudly tell stories of their heroism to their girl friends. We read of state governments like Trengganu withdrawing financial grants to fellas “di hantar mengaji tapi mengejar Al Juburi” (the quote is mine). People have commented about the large number of Malays but are they really much higher than the population ratio of the country?

      In England there used to be the “professional students” of various political denominations (communists, socialists, what have you), including foreign ones who registered as students for the purpose of legitimizing their stay but kept on being so for years and years without graduating, because of so much participation in Hyde Park and other rallies, in the tradition of such international student leaders asTariq Ali – wasn’t Hishamuddin Rais one of them? They could “live on the dole” of the welfare state there, or go from one of the Salvation Army soup kitchens to another getting free soup and bread, shivering in icy winter. But in Malaysia those don’t exist and, really, do they get 50 bucks to attend Bersih etc?

      I know, the Police giving nasi beriani(?) in covered temporary shelters at Bersih 2 might encourage these fellas too, but I hope they’ll announce no free makan next time. After all, DAPsters have been using the term “free lunch” to mean corruption.

      1. Anon,

        From what I know most of the particpants of BERSIH 1.0 and 2.0 were PAS Talibans with some sprinkling of PKR ragtags and DAPsters. Those who genuinely believed in election reforms were probably numbered less than 100. I think the racial mix was overwhelmingly Malay (probably 80 to 90%). I also understand that many of them were imported from PAS strongholds in the north and east coast. Of the total demonstrators, my estimate is around 80 to 90% were from PAS. If you had noticed, most DAP leaders stayed away from BERSIH 1.0 and 2.0.

        I guess this time we will see a higher % of Chinese with DAPsters joining in droves. I also expect Dear Leader Lim to be leading the mobs holding hands with Ambiga,

        We can expect the DAP-loving Christian leaders start to encourage their faithful to attend the rally starting this weekend.

        I also think PAS will have difficuties this time in getting the same number of people.

        As for these people being paid, yes there was allegations that DAP did pay people Rm50 to attend. And this was given out not out of DAP’s coffers but from Penang’s state coffers.

        I don’t mind allowing these Nazis running while but seeing Auntie Annie in action again scares the hell out of me.

      2. I think all of you should know by now that Bersih wants global attention. Bersih especially wants to target and mobilise the overseas chinese demographic and it is being supported by foreign NGOs and governments.

        Take a look at these pics from Bersih global:

        Take at look at this statement by an Australian member of the House of Representatives:

        Who encouraged this MP to make this statement?

        I was working in Korea during bersih 2.0 and found out that Seoul’s Bersih rally was organised by a guy name Alfian Tahir. I did a little digging and found another Alfian Tahir that worked for the Malay Mail. I can only guess that’s the same guy.

        Alfian was affiliated with a Korean NGOs. I can’t find out which NGO.

        I find it really disconcerting that foreign elements (NGOs especially) are directly involved.

        These NGOs are hiding behind the wings and should be exposed. What happened to the police investigation??

        Searching more on Ambiga led me to this website:

        And another interesting write up:

  2. I hope that the government just let them do the demo, it’s boring and lame and serve no purpose. I don’t want to see tax payer monies (some of it are mine) to pay for their food and beefed up the security forces just to take care of the demonstrator, better spend it on the poor rural schools which don’t even have proper science lab and basic infrastructures. It’s the parliment job to debate on this issued but once resolved by majority votes, you can’t bring it to the street. Millions of malays are also dissatisfied’ insults to our religion, our schools system and even disrespect of our national language, I believe if Najib to called this people to assemble, it will be more than Bersih could ever achieved.

    1. i wish these pas stupidos would come to their senses and do not allow the infidels to make use of them. if they really understand islam, and the teaching of the sufis, these pas supporters should realise that they cannot mix or make friends with non-muslims because the non-muslims are ‘najis’ to muslims. this is the hard truth. kowtowing to non-muslims is akin to disobeying islam.

      1. hussin , lu agama apa???, lu punya program apa ,lu nak promote apa.

        sini sana, insult orang. tak tentu pasal . mana hutan lu keluar. Hutan KOMTAR KA?

        helen, remember i said shit coming your way earlier, well they come in many guises. this hussin is one of them.

        Hussin is my ex-colleague from NST. His identity is bona fide. — Helen

      2. Husin mana ko belajar ugama ni,sorry to say that your intepretation of Islam is way out,kalau ko kata hukumnya NAJIS berkawan dgn non-muslim,taraf ko ni sama je dgn Dr(fake) Yap dari Dong Zong tu.Tolong ko “quote” sikit kat mana dalam Quran yang mengatakan ni atau pun ko ni batu api Dap yang cuba melaga2kan orang Islam dan bukan Islam.

      3. HUSSIN

        PAsal hele vouch for you ,then i can say this put a leash on your emotions, if not you are no better than the PAS , DAP and DUMBO fanatics.

        IT is Blind fanatism that is the root cause of this mental illness, bro. So are you the solution or the problem , ask your self.

  3. To all those hopeful….Waiting for Generalismo Guan Eng the eternal leader of Penang, is like Samuel Becket’s comedy Waiting for Godot

  4. ahhh susah susah sgt semua pakat turun la..PR turun BN pon turun….pakat lawan bertumbuk ka berparang ramai2 kat sana nanti…naik meluat dah ni….yg turun demo bukan suara majoriti rakyat pon…senang cita kan? KKDN pon macam lembek saja tak buat apa pon

    macam ada pihak yg nak kekacauan tercetus sbb rasa dah tak leh menang PRU kot

  5. Kerana kebodohan dan keangkuhan pembangkang, saya dengan ini atas rasa terpaksa, akan menyokong semula Barisan Nasional pada PRU13

  6. Hai,

    They just want to demo and flex the muscles of Pakatan. Perhaps they should use the stadium in Shah Alam, instead of being a hindrance to businesses in the centre of KL. The jams and hardships of ordinary folks will happen again. Maybe this time, this close to PRU we’ll see how ordinary Malaysians really feel about it.

    Semoga kita dapat hidup aman di bumi bertuah ini

  7. I hope the Police will mobilise all the IWK tankers and spray all these scums with raw sewage,these pigs are ungrateful bastards,what more do they want from Persekutuan Tanah Melayu,they’ve a good life because the Malays have been so accomodating ever since the British imported them into this country.Don’t test our patience,May 13th have taught us a very valuable lesson.

    I would suggest PERKASA will come out to in Full Force demand the govt. On the same day to implement Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua rakyat Malaysia.

    Hidup Perkasa

    1. hang juke bok,

      They want perkasa to respond with anger and then blame UMNO and also inflame the public with anti government sentiment.

      My suggestion let them have their demo, dont do anything. Let the roads get jam, don’t clean their rubbish let them screw up kl all in the name freedom.

      Let them screw up the traders in kl , what better reaction from
      the non demo crowd who have to put up with their nonsense.

      How long can they keep calling the people to demo.

      1. Koteypanjang,first of all saja nak tanya, hang sunat tak,anyway I tend to agree with your suggestion that biarkan depa berdemonstrasi secara aman kat Padang Merdeka,I pray to Allah that day is going to be very2 hot followed by heavy rain with thunder and lightning,let the lightning strikes Ambiga and the leaders of the trouble maker and at the same time they will be cursed by the traders around as well as the passing motorist who will be caught in the massive jam.Let them screw KL and the surrounding areas and when GE13 comes they will be screwed big time by the RAKYAT.I hope thar Dr(fakeI)Yap will be around to lend these maggots moral support.

      2. Awat, hang pendek pasai kena sunat Ka,chek sunat sikt ja ,jajnji cukup syarat la………….

        Biak Bersih liwat KL , kalau boleh bagi benarkan kat bukit bintang,KLCC diatas Hiway pon bagi aja.Nak protes seminggu pon tak pa, bagi KL jam mampuih lagi baguih.

        La nanti senjata mereka, makan diri. orang ramaai dah meluat oii.

      3. Koteypanjang,

        You’ve got a point there. I believe in giving trouble makers enough rope for them to hang themselves with or, as they say, enough toddy to make them look silly.

        Suggest your nick be cut at the rear end. It’d sound cuter: Koteypee (rhymes with keretapi (without the gerabak. More like a runaway train)).

      4. salhas, thanks for your opinion.

        “Kpanjang ” my other prefered sunat version of my Nick, cause all G/F agree that old saying” size does matter’. another old wise saying ‘ when you got it, flaunt it’………. :)

  8. I think it will end up as damp squib if PM allows it to happen and even provide them with protection. No extra coverage, coz no force used. What a bummer it would be.

    As we try to move forward, these bunch of emotional losers try to take us back to palaeolithic era. Jeez….

  9. Helen,

    Ada cadangan utk membiarkan mereka ini berdemo freely tanpa gangguan. Kita biarkan mereka berpanas sambil menyanyikan lagu kegemaran mereka. Pendek kata kita ” buat bodoh” sahaja terhadap mereka ni.

    Saya secara kasar bersetuju tetapi harus di ingat bahawa mereka ini terlalu dahagakan perhatian dari semua. Tidak hairan mereka ini akan mengkelar leher mereka sendiri dan menuduh pihak berkuasa yg memaksa mereka melakukannya.

    Demikian juga semasa mereka di padang kemunting kuantan tempohari..
    secara amnya, masyarakat kuantan tidak memperdulikan mereka tetapi mereka ini sanggup berarak dari pusat bandar ke padang kemunting. Semua itu utk dapatkan perrhatian dan menyusahkan org ramai.. Pendek kata mereka ini akan sentiasa akan menyusahkan segala galanya..

    1. Zack,

      Saya berharap pihak berkuasa akan membenarkan Bersih 3.0 menjalankan rapat umum mereka tanpa gangguan. Jangan dilepaskan gas pemedih mata. Jangan tembak meriam air. Jangan halang, jangan tangkap. Bagi saja mereka permit untuk buatlah tiga hari tiga malam di stadium.

      Tapi boleh kerajaan tempatkan polis & pengawal keselamatan untuk menjaga ketenteraman awam.

      Pada hemat saya, isu mahu memantau pilihanraya – supaya ia boleh diyakini sebagai proses demokrasi yang lebih ‘bersih’, adil & telus – memang tindakan berasas serta harus ia ditangani oleh pihak berkuasa dan para penggubal undang-undang.

      Namun lagak DAPster ‘Frances Yip’ ini (secara kebetulan nama penyanyi yang agak terkenal zaman 70-an) nampak mengada-ngada. Itu sahaja. Jemu & jelek saya tengok gaya retorik dia. Mentang-mentang rencana itu ‘planted’ sebab sudah tidak asing lagi kita dengan Chronicle itu serta agenda siapa yang selalu dibawa oleh portal tersebut.

  10. Bersih 3.0 means Balkanisation of Malaysia, where UMNO will be the cornered Bosnians, PAS will be the flintstones (batu api) Slavs, PKR will be the terror Croats and DAP will be the the assertive butchers Serbians

  11. My, my, Helen, how condescending! If so and so wants to march or sit for a certain cause, that’s their right. Why this paranoid, see a “rascist DAP Chinese Christian udang behind every batu” name-calling stint by you and your commentators? Stick to the facts and debate on those lines lah.

    Anyway, I agree with your implication that Bersih ( meant to promote free and fair elections, period.) is being hijacked various groups to promote their own agendas or being boycotted ( read Hindraf) because their agenda will not be promoted at this demo.

    Ambiga and her group should ensure that they stick to the main aim of the movement and tell off anyone who tries to deviate/ corrupt Bersih ( remember her very public telling-off of Anwar?)

    Hullo, hullo Amaranathan!

    Why are you deliberately misrepresenting me by saying “If so and so wants to march … that’s their right?” & thus implying that I favour denying Bersih 3.0 the freedom of assembly?

    Pls see my reply to Zack time-stamped 12:54pm (i.e. 20 minutes before you made your comment here) where I said the authorities should leave the protesters be. — Helen

    1. Amaranathan@KOMTAR,

      Pray tell us what “facts” you are talking about ? The fact is Himpunan Hijau/Anti-Lynas/Save Jalan Sultan/Anti-MRT/325 rallies and movements are lead by DAPsters. The fact is PR is behind Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 and without their presence, we will hardly see a handful of supporters. As a proof look at the pro-PPSMI rally.

      As for DAP’s udang di sebalik batu, there is nothing that this neo-PKM party has done without a hidden agenda. Helen has exposed their hypocrisy here many times before.

  12. Agree with you guys. Najib should allow these DAPsters, Talibans and Anwaristas to demo freely and even provide police escorts and FRU protections so that they could do it without any hindrance. In fact we can even have FRU use their water cannons to cool these demonstrators from the hot weather so they can shout the slogans well refreshed.

    FRU also can use their guns to fire air fresheners instead of tear gas so that all nasty smell from the bodily noxious gases and sweat can be eliminated to provide a pleasant environment for these great green and yellow clad warriors of democracy.

    That alone will take away most of the steam from the 428 rally and with that none of the sensation-seeking foreign media will be interested to do live coverage and interview.

    There will be no Tian Chua vs FRU trucks incident, there will be no attempt to ass-ass-inate Anwar, or even Mohd Sabu vs police Land Rover accident,etc.

    But knowing Ambiga and Pakatan,they will not let this 428 rally go without incident for we all know they are after publicity rather than fighting for reforms. I guess first thing they will do is disagree on the venue and would demand a venue of their own choice, ideally someplace ridiculous (like Dataran Merdeka, Jalan TAR, the Parliament, KLCC,etc) where they can create maximum havoc. They would be hoping that Najib will disagree and then ban it so they can create a big confrontation and then a huge negative publicity.

    I would say that Najib should agree to it and then cordon/shutdown the entire area and let these hooligans shout themselves hoarse with police and FRU providing protection. That will take the wind out of their sail.

    Anyway, mark my words, Ambiga and BERSIH will be unreasonable in their choice of venue and the terms of the rally.They will try to find some ways to create a confrontation.

  13. Helen a point for you to ponder.

    Have you noticed how unpatriotic most DAPsters are? They run down the country in the company of foreigners and refuse to sing national anthem or fly jalur gemilang during Merdeka saying they are made as 3rd class citizens. They are even ashamed to be identified as Malaysians.

    But when it comes to anti-BN rallies they transform into super patriots, singing Negaraku (albeit in broken BM and with wrong lyrics) and waving the national flag with a zeal and energy of an Energizer Bunny.

    Hahaha, they’re hypocrites lah (to the extent of tudung). Well to be honest as a Chinese I don’t feel like a first-class citizen either. Just that I can see how irrationally & unreasonably they’re behaving. Most Chinese & Indians are strongly anti-establishment. How come you’re different? (I’m curious…) — Helen

    1. I used to be generally anti-establishment (and mildly pro-DAP) for long until I witnessed the true color of Malaysian Firster Dear Leader Lim in action when he became the CM. That was the turning point for me.

      I realised that DAP/PR “memang cakap tak serupa bikin”. It dawned on me that DAP is a racist party at its core and all the talk of Malaysian First is just BS. I have lived under KTK and believe me he was a far a leader and a person. LGE is just a thug in a suit. His arrogance and ego is unbelievable. His intolerance to criticism shocking.

      What made me finally trust BN is Najib. I think he is a far better leader than anyone in Pakatan.

      Thanks for sharing. Any particular episode that was a catalyst? Mine was KBP. — Helen

      1. There were 2 issues that proved to be the tipping point. One was the arrogance of LGE’s regime to the business community and another the KBP.

        In the first case, the business community had approached the LGE admin for some discussion since we were hoping for a real improvement in the way the state will be managed. I wouldn’t want to go into details, but the way LGE and his minions managed the whole thing shocked me.

        We thought these guys are reformers and genuinely wanted to bring progress and change. But the speed the power corrupted them convinced me that these guys are “cakap tak serupa bikin”. That perceptions that DAP is a lily-white party and LGE is a people-centric and humble leader disappeared within weeks.

        As you know I am into social services and know KBP situation well before the GE. While I wasn’t active in KBP but I was aware of the issues facing them. When Pakatan won we all thought the problem was over. But DAP’s tune changed the moment they won. They were aloof and indifferent and soon they became antagonistic to the cause. The Indian leaders themselves betrayed the KBP people.

        You are angry on what happened to KBP based on what you read.But I was on the ground and know every twists and turns and the biawak-ness of DAP and their Dear Leader.

        Due to PR’s stronghold on online media,not much was reported and even MSM did not fully cover it.But the whole sage can be written into a book. The way DAP cheated and intimidated and finally betrayed KBP folks was sickening to say the least.

        LGE used every dirty tricks in the books in the background to wear these people out mentally. He inserted DAP supporters into the kampung and to pretend as residents and issue pro-DAP statements. He bought residents. He used thugs to intimidate the leaders.

        I was personally threatened by these thugs. Reporters from MSM who were sympathetic too were bought off. People who wanted to visit the residents were stopped by DAPsters. He even forced Penang CPO to arrest those who demonstrated in support of KBP. This is where I saw the hypocrisy of DAP. The list goes and on.

        Frankly,I never expected DAP to be so heartless, cruel and most of all devious. That changed my perception of DAP completely.

        While this was going on, Najib’s aide approached the KBP people and offered help. Details of this shall remain confidential (as KOMTAR Gestapo is prowling here).But Najib’s offer of help and his genuine concern (despite there was no publicity) touched many KBP people and those like me who were there to help.

        That’s why I feel that despite its past record, at least BN has a heart and can be trusted.

        The Hindraf activists briefed me on KBP early on but it took little by little and only over time for the full extent of the twists & turns of the state govt betrayal to be grasped. That’s why the mind control that DAP is able to exercise & their Machiavellian methods deployed against critics is more dangerous than Umno’s sledgehammer & bluster. — Helen

    2. helen, ask the malays do they feel like first class citizen. (a majority in malaysia)

      they ask the malay (of singapore) if they feei like first citizen ( a minority in singapore)

      And then ask the same question to the chinese in malaysia and singapore.

      the answer, will be food for thought.

      I understand where you’re coming from. Will tackle the topic in my next posting. I remember one comment you posted a few months back where I asked if someone like Ridhuan or Hannah would be considered 153 enough to be accorded equal position & your reply – Tell me which Chinese wants to be known as a Malay? (along those lines, I’ll search your exact words later). Hahaha, a good one from you, that. Touche. — Helen

      1. I think it is wrong for non Malays to claim to be treated as 2nd class or 3rd class citizens due to 153 or the NEP. Being raised in a kampung myself I understand the Malay situation and their thinking. As I had mentioned in one of my previous postings, if we were to repeal the NEP, most non bumis would not feel a difference. Think about about this a little deeper and you will come to same conclusion too.

        An average non bumi is far wealthier than an average bumi. Just go to any mid to high-end shopping mall or any holiday destination and check the statistics. Non bumis will far outnumber the bumis.

        That’s why many Malays say they would rather be rich 2nd class citizen than poor 1st class one.

        I have lived in Singapore for years and I know how the Malays there are treated. If the non Malays in Malaysian get the same treatment as the Singaporean Malays they would have rioted long ago.

      2. I lived in Australia, and I feel like and treated like 2nd class. I’ve visited USA and Canada, and been treated less than favorably. That’s why I’ll never live anywhere but Malaysia. Here, I always feel 1st class….

      3. Good on you, Garret.

        If they respect and abide by the Constitution of the country fully, they won’t feel 2nd Class. Especially the DAPsters. The cakap tak serupa bikin kind.

  14. Nope, my intention was not to misrepresent you that you were against freedom of assembly. I was pointing out that your blog and comments have just degenerated into sheer hatred for anything DAP and nothing more.

    Again, i would reiterate what i said in my earlier entry about the need for Bersih to retain it’s independence and that that we should refrain from name-caling.

    I accept your rebuke about the inordinate DAP focus of this blog but nonetheless the term ‘DAPster’ stays. It means whatever the individual reader views it to be in his/her mind. Nobody (meaning Comment participants) has yet to sit down to frame a definition for it. — Helen

    P.S. I suspect ‘Frances Yip’ is PKR though (having a fair idea/guess who she is).

    1. Helen— Would this be by any chance someone at one time romantically linked to Tian Chua, the hero who has a liking for cops’ ears ??

      Amaranthan – If you think this blog is anti-DAP then you can choose not to read it and continue with blogs that adores DAP like Mkini, MI,MC and the rest.No one is forcing you to read it – unless of course your KOMTAR boss has asked you to do so to monitor Helen and spread some “Love DAP and Dear Leader” messages.


      (1) Mum’s the word, so ‘no comment telling’.

      (2) Amaranathan is a genuine reader (my considered opinion). — Helen

    2. Amaranathan, you should know this is a game Helen & her BNuthead cohorts like to play…

      1. Always turn everything into a Chinese, Malay, Indian vs. [insert race/religion here]. The title of her article here is very telling already
      2. Always find ways to blame Pakatan
      3. Put Hannah Yeoh into the equation, even if its a non-sequitur
      4. Attempt to redirect right-wing hatred from Chinese to the Xtians

      You defamed Dr Novandri yesterday. If you’re not able to furnish any proof that he published Anya Corke’s photo in his blog, you’d better retract your allegation. Otherwise it stands for readers of this blog to appraise the dirty game that you & your DAPsters play. — Helen

      1. Dave, welcome back. , dont waste time sword fighting la.

        fiirst question ,what is your view for bersih 3..0?

      2. quote: “you defamed Dr Novandri yesterday. If you’re not able to furnish any proof that he published Anya Corke’s photo in his blog, you’d better retract your allegation. Otherwise it stands for readers of this blog to appraise the dirty game that you & your DAPsters play. ”

        Hello Helen,

        Been back from a business trip, so wasn’t able to read up on your articles.

        Stop trying to divert, twist & turn. Dr. Novandri and his merry men made an allegation and was unable to back with proof. Further more the so-called photo evidence was fabricated. The onus lies on them (and you) to provide evidence of the issue. So far, we have not seen any proof from you on the so-called molestation case.

        And it will show everyone how you people try to twist & tai-chi the issue by tossing red herrings.


        Hullo! Why are you demanding that I furnish proof? If I had ever made any allegations to begin with, don’t you think that LGE’s henchmen would have happily included my blog among those blogs that they lodged police reports against?

        On the other hand, you very clearly made a specific allegation that Dr Novandri published Anya’s photo which you cannot back up. Now to add to that, you pile on a further allegation, this time against me.

        You’re a DAPster alright.


      3. Further to the “i agree with ..” comment earlier on, this time I agree with Helen’s comment on the comment above.

      4. quote: “Hullo! Why are you demanding that I furnish proof? If I had ever made any allegations to begin with, don’t you think that LGE’s henchmen would have happily included my blog among those blogs that they lodged police reports against?

        On the other hand, you very clearly made a specific allegation that Dr Novandri published Anya’s photo which you cannot back up. Now to add to that, you pile on a further allegation, this time against me.”

        In another post, you insinuated a RM2mil donation by PCCC had something to do with the (non-) case.

        And this… you appear to trying to still hawk the issue to the masses…

        Allegations that Dr. Novandiri and his band could not back up. Funny how you still try to tai chi from the MAIN issue

        quote: “You’re a DAPster alright. ”

        Funny, I’m trying to recall when I joined the dap…. IF i ever did. Reminds me of a time when umno people called me a fag because I said the whole Anwargate issue was a political fabrication…

        Funny why you should think that a DAPster necessarily has to be a card-carrying life member of that dynastic family party. If someone today is called a ‘Nazi’, does he need to have joined the defunct National Socialist German Workers’ Party (1920-45)? A DAPster is as a DAPster does. — Helen

  15. I wanna puke reading this frances yip. Gives me the yips.

    I hope the gomen will allow these noise-makers their day (or even days) in the sun. Biarkan.

    No need to close roads, ask them and their leaders to take care of themselves.

    You know, I really believe these “syiok sendiri gang (and that includes one geriatric in need of a barber to bersih him) won’t find it so “syiok” if they are allowed to do as they please. These ppl want nothing more than attention.
    Gomen kena buat reverse pyschology lah sikit, Don’t be so dumb.

  16. Dear Calvin, just for the record,i’m just a Melaka-mari aneh who has never been to Komtar and likes to read/watch everything from TV3/Star to MK and MC and gravitates towards RPK – the man seems to be nobody’s running dog and taruh’s anybody who is out of line.
    Thanks, Helen, for the consideration.

    1. Welcome, Amaranathan thank for dropping by and posting comment.
      Well here ,you will find people of many views and belief.We are not an organized group of any sorts.

      I think i can say that most of us here, agree to disagree on almost any topic. we TRY TO FIND COMMON GROUNDS

      We can agree on one topic and can be total opposite on another.

      We are not bound by any party “mind leash”, so we are not mindless party supporters.

      So there is no need to regurgitate party tag here.Those who do will find the sharp end of our reply.

      You are entitle to your opinion, but when you choose to put it out expect some rebuttal , gentle one’s and sometime hard ones.

      Over time your view on many things, thing’s that you may have not consider before , will change. This will help you understand the different concerns that different groups.

      If you live long enough , you can see the the unknown devil can turn into a bigger devil then the one we replace.

      Again welcome

  17. Should ask who benefited if Bersih 3.0 proceed as planned. Definitely, Ambiga and A. Samad Said. These 2 are publicity crazy. Imagine if there’s no more Bersih. Both will be completely forgotten. Pity those “demonstrators”, the majority being PAS supporters. They are being exploited by these 2 cunning personalities. DAPsters and Anwar being opportunists will hijack the rally at the last minute. The script looks very familiar.

    I suggest that Perkasa also organise Bersih 3.0 and get 20,000 supporters to sit down in front of Komtar and downtown. Let see if the people of Penang really support Bersih 3.0 when the whole island is caught in a massive traffic jam and business is at a standstill. LGE will be the first to ban future Bersih rally in Penang.

    1. DAP has just announced that they “are supporting” (present tense) Bersih 3 Rally, though I suspect there has been some tacit understanding – if not a verbal agreement – that Ambiga, DAP and PKR top brass have been together on the Bersih project for a long time.

      Remember that the IGP had said, when talking about not giving permit to Bersih 2 before, that Ambiga had received cash from abroad in her account with a bank in which an Opposition party member had shares. And we all know that Anwar had been the agent with links to so-called NGOs for the promotion of democracy in Washington etc, from which Opposition so-called news portals like Malaysiakini also received.

      And Opposition party activists have been on the committee of Bersih 2. .

      Am not sure if the Peaceful Assembly Act has been gazetted and has come into force now. If so, they may be allowed to hold the Rally but must be in premises that would cause the least disturbance to the public, like stadiums. Nazri has said that Dataran Merdeka has not been gazetted as a location for peaceful assemblies. Bersih must hold the Rally only at places that have been gazetted for the purpose or that the Police deems OK. Otherwise Bersih will be bloody dirty.

      1. P. Uthayakumar said:

        “Everyone knows that Pakatan is behind it even though they don’t say it.”

        Ambiga no longer has any credibility as a civic organization leader. She was political in her stance and posturing during Bersih 2 and will be the same in Bersih 3.

        Been wondering whether she might not be another Sakmongkol Arif Sabri, out to fish for a Parliamentary or DUN seat under PKR or DAP ticket.

        Perhaps PAS might give her a seat as she could be made a member of Kelab Rakan PAS or something!

  18. Helen can you make your “Komen Terbaru “side bar list longer, now can fit only 10,try 30 . cause more comments are being posted, any i follow all comments. thanks

  19. Let’s see whether PAS supporters will go to the streets or not. Remember this is post-Hasan Ali.

    Agree. That’s the factor to watch. — Helen

    1. moimoi , |mesti ada punya but mostly import one , hasan ali only laku in KL

  20. Helen,

    DAP cant fool everybody all the time. BErsih has become one rally too many. It begins to stretch the patience of Government, not to mention common folk.

    The biggest stupidity DAP makes is assuming vast majority of Malays( especially the so called professional) are up against UMNO. DAP of course bases its assumption on vernacular newspaper or STAR newspaper.

    I realize this when several of my Chinese friends ask me “how come I do not trust DAP?” or “what magic does UMNO hold on the Malays that the Malays are so comfortable with UMNO?”

    I told them UMNO does not cast a spell on Malays. Rather, it is seen as a party that delivers. YES. It delivers despite warts and all. Despite whatever its weaknesses.

    Despite being the dominant party in Malaysia, UMNO is not cruel. It does not at any time threaten non Malays. UMNO for example, did not a scene when Ngor as an example mentioned the “unprintable” words:BASTARD to Dr zambri.

    Imagine if the situation was then reversed. You can imagine DAP will keep drumming it for decades. DAP will say “look. This isUMNO mentality”.

    UMNO also does not issue with Chinese school. Rather, it is DAP that uses Chinese school to stir emotion AS IF CHINESE SCHOOL IS THREATENED BY UMNO. The stir emotion and by doing so showing to the malays how true UMNO’s warning on DAP is. That DAP is all about Chinese and other races have no place in it.

    Just because there are 2 or 3 rejected former UMNO asssemblymen crossing to DAP( for personal reason everybody know about them) does not mean Malays in general trust DAP.

    Despite whatever said about UMNO( its member has of course shortcoming just like you and me or LGE), I find it a source of generosity and inspiration. Where in this world you can find a Ketua Bahagian who tells UMNO member to support say MIC in Malay majority areas. In other part of planet, no way the constituent will elect someone who is not “its” kind.


    “clean electoral system?’ . Ambiga must be blinded by hatred. If not clean, how come Selangor is held by PR? Why Kelantan is ruled by PAS for 2 decades?”

    Just because people do not support DAP or PKr does not mean the system is questionable. It just means people do not like you. Do not equate people dislike you with unfair election affair.

    But I notice some aspiring news lately. I began to know articles on vernacular newspaper( thanks to my Muslim convert neighbour) about DAP began to be questioned by Chinese. Some Chinese are uncomfortable with DAP seemingly anti Malay attitude. One example is LGE total silence in the case of Bayan Mutiara mosque.

    DAP reminded me of succesive Emperor of China way back in 19t centurys who tought China was still then the centre of the world when one by one its tributary states were snatched by European powers.

    DAP has planted in Chinese mind about Chinese “controlling” the politics . I would advise not to ignore its blunder in this case: Meaning do not ignore the elephant in the room. Or in other words check the statistics about racial composition here.

    As for Malays, the coming BERSIH 3 is another session of Malay bashing. The majority of protestes( like puppet with strings pulled) is Malay. And they will face police who is most of them Malays. and they will on that day wage war on Giovt( meaning Malay led Govt).

    And of course to CNN or western media, Govt( being Malay and therefore bad) must of course show restrain. Never mind the provocative language by brainless denmonstrators who try to show displeasure on their miserable life( because they refuse to stiudy) on Govt.

    Yes Sir. Another day of Malay bashing is on the way.

    1. I tend to concur with Shamsul’s view. I think BERSIH is never about having any logic or just cause for it is all about forcing regime change via the street as they know it is impossible to do so via ballot box. I think BERSIH’s real agenda are:

      1. Create momentum in favour of PR in order for a Political Tsunami 2.0 before the 13GE

      2. Create publicty and perception in the international media for PR to paint a picture that people are very unhappy with BN and want a regime change

      3. Prepare the ground for 13GE to show that the electoral system is corrupted so PR has no chance of winning. So when PR loses as expected, they can cry fault and say “told you so”. They might even try mass demo like in Russia after the 13GE.

      4. Force a confrontation with Najib and PDRM to show BN is cruel and repressive.

      So my belief is that they will somehow will create issues even if Najib agrees for a demo. They will probably impose unreasonable demands on the location and terms. I think Najib mishandled the BERSIH 2.0 but if he handles BERSIH 3.0 well, he could emerge as the winner and deal PR a massive blow.

    2. Just to say I agree with a lot of what Shamsul says. It’s good that the DAP and such blokes be reminded of certain pertinent points. Wish you’d come in more often in defence of the truths.

  21. It will be interesting to see who are the participants.
    Will we see more of Kopiah old man from kampungs/suburb?

    Will the core guys stay at home watching TV while waiting for feedbacks or “stuck” at hotels under aircon while the “imported” others from elsewhere with kopiah will get the good suntan on the streets?

    More interesting will they get the same good free food and tent shelters with fans?

    Maybe this time round, they’ll bring the kids and babies. Perhaps the more incidents may be better for them.

    For sure they will hold similar events round the world kinda like Save the Animal day event or something.

    Wonder whether the gay movement will join in this time.
    Hey, the more the merrier. Party till we drop

  22. To my Malay friends, some points to ponder.

    DAPsters know that to have any real impact, BERSIH must be multi-racial and have a sizeable Malay participation. And we all know that only party that capable of doing it is PAS for their have an army of zombies who will do anything as directed by their divine leaders.

    DAP leaders know that apart from the DAPsters most Chinese still have some sort of phobia for street demo,no doubt still haunted by 1998 Indon reformasi bloodbath and May13th. Some of DAPsters also of putera/puteri lilin-types who prefer to do the talking and walking in the comfort of their aircon rooms than getting wet by waterconnons and sweat and sunburnt by the hot sun.

    No doubt that we will see more DAPsters turun padang this time and less Talibans in kopiahs (in post-HA era) but I still think the crowd will be mostly Malays.

    So I think at least in this case, it is inaccurate to blame only DAPster for causing the mischief or Ambiga and the senile National Laurete for leading the regime change attempt.

    WIthout the support of PAS, BERSIH will fail and without the Malay support the whole charade will collapse. In another time,this axis of evil between the Chinese extremist of DAP and Talibans of PAS would have looked like a pact between the KKK and Al Qaeda. But today, because of this unholy alliance, we are witnessing chaos and instability.

    My point is that DAP and BERSIH is strong only because the Malays are divided. The British used divide and rule tactics to keep Malaya weak and under their thumb and these days DAP has adopted the same strategy.

    It is the willingness of PAS to sacrifice their principles and philosophy to do DAP’s and BERSIH’s bidding is giving them arrogance and strength.

    While UMNO and the rest of BN kept true to their struggles and founding principles, PR parties have demonstrated that in order to get votes they will abandon all their stated principles and form alliance with sworn enemies for political expediency.

    1. Agree with you, Calvin. Unholy alliance, indeed.

      PAS’ decades-old dream wanting Hukum Hudud, Lim Kit Siang saying “Never” and Karpal Singh saying “Over my dead body”. The Anwar-influenced so-called Erdogan group managed to get PAS Muktamar delegates last June to drop the Negara Islam/ Hukum Hudud dream, to the chagrin of the Ulama group. Realizing many members and ardent supporters grumbling about it, Nik Aziz picked up Hukum Hudud and flogged it again, supported by Pemuda PAS and even Anwar, who would not have felt any guilt conscience but did it merely for political expediency because he was the one who instigated the Erdogan group to chuck it out in the first place.

      Despite the component parties’ top level “agreeing to disagree” that PAS can promote Hudud but implementation will be subject to discussion, when Nik Aziz spoke about Hudud, Karpal Singh lambasted it again and again.

      DAP has announced acceptance of Anwar as PR’s PM candidate presumably also because Anwar has announced LKS as PR’s DPM candidate who, if PR gets to Putrajaya and when Anwar resides in Sungai Buluh after Sodomy II appeal, would become PM. The two fellas have not said a word on what PAS should get, perhaps only the Ministry of Welfare, not even the post of Minister i/c of religious affairs because of DAP lack of trust of PAS on Hudud implementation.

      Yes, PAS has not accepted Anwar’s PM’s candidacy. Hadi Awang in fact publicly stated that it’s not important to discuss the PM candidacy, which, they say, can be done after PRU13 – if they ever get to Putrajaya. One reason is obviously Anwar’s sodomy character and sex videotape background, plus telling Wall Street Journal agreeing on the protection of the security of Jewish Zionist Israel on which PAS takes a non-compromising stand.

      But Hadi may also have ideas of becoming PM himself if PR wins and if PAS gets more seats than DAP & PKR. That’s what the blokes scurry around for at Bersih etc, minus jubah and serban. But maybe doing so has lost them many votes because they are seen to be tools of “kafirun DAP” and “penderhaka Anwar”. Some even quote Qur’an/ Hadith on the sinfulness of allowing oneself to be led by a female – Ambiga. And non-Muslims will see them as Hudud fanatics with or without jubah and serban, anyway.

      The DAP brainwashing has succeeded to the extent that when MCA brings up the fear of hudud, opposition supporters streetfighters bash MCA kau-kau as racist Islamophobes. — Helen

  23. Despite the battle cry by Frances, Hindraf already ruled themselves out, and the DAPsters themselves still too scaredy cats to take part in Bersih 3.0

    But have no fear, thare always PAStoons army to take the water canon, police batons, tear gas….

  24. Dear Malaysians,

    The initial Bersih was totally a PAS agenda, the 2nd one was probably PAS & PR, now DAP has stepped up the momentum for Bersih 3.0. Although the principle which it began its journey for a fair and free election is to be applauded, it has now turned political as a tool by the opposition. Rather than being concerned with its initial objectives, it has become a tool like how the Chinese education issue was hijacked by DAP.

    Well what I find rather perplexing is when some of the commentors here who jump the gun as though we are at war with DAP or what the opposition represent although they are Malaysians like us. What BN irrespective of the origin has been is something that we cannot change, but they are trying to change after GE12 without much success for the heavy baggage that they carry with them in their cronyism, nepotism and corruption. You can’t blame them totally because we as the society allowed it to transpire so we reap it now.

    Now with the drive of HINDRAF, PR obtained significant push and created the unexpected upheaval in GE12. However what I see is this has got to their head and they began to behave exactly like how BN use to be.

    I am sure we have and visited many other main media and alternative media sites that professes the news and what we get is it is either pro BN or pro PR, nothing on the real issue that effect the public but only a political stance, so where does it leave us?

    I had condemned MKINI for taking out Helen as a columnist as she was becoming too much to handle when she started questioning PR on their motives which seems all political rather than the issue itself.

    Now in this blog, we attract a variety of comments, but what different will it be when our comments are again a tit for tat issue. Naturally Helen brings forth issue so that we can exchange and discourse but why with an anguish whether she is anti DAP or for BN.

    I presume she puts it as she sees it as an independent journalist, not hoping and anticipating a certain type of reaction like most media does, so why do we blemish it with a tit for tat attitude.

    Looking back at our role in the society, frankly I don’t think we have done much, if not why are we bitching and moaning about each other. I am sure a Malay Malaysian would want a Non-Malaysian to prosper in equal terms as he/she is and vice versa. The fairness, just and moral obligation between us should not be a play ground for politicians whether it is BN or PR.

    Helen, in her role, I presume plays her part independently to challenge the opposition because we don’t want them to be a replica of what BN has been for what is politically expedited. Nobody did the check and balance then, yet now, we swim endlessly to defend whether it is a BN or PR issue rather than how it effect real time and in reality Malaysian issue irrespective of origin.

    Howlah Malaysian?

    I think the affiance we should have is amongst us minus this political freaks are for what is moral and just and in Helen’s blog we have a chance to explore this without the typical I am BN or PR camp but what is the truth and how much I am able to deal with it and expand our thoughts beyond political division to create a truly Malaysian society if the cause is right for the society.

    1. malaysian in New York,

      I have no issue with people supporting DAP. What irritates me is that once I offer opinion that differs from that oF DAP, automatically I am accused of being UMNO lackey. It happened so many times.

      Do we need BERSIH 3 ? Do we need it really? Were all our previous elections not free? Or we only see it as free if we win.

      Kelantan has been under PAS for 2 decades despite onslaught from UMNO. Still election is not fair?

      They source of all this chaotic affair is Anwar’s mind boggling desire to be PM. As if Allah SWT has promised the post to him. He is not ready to accept rakyat’s choice of putting BN on Federal but with 5 states to opposition. As such, he lied about Sept 16, 2008 KNOWING WELL he did not have the support of UMNO MP to topple the UMNO led govt. It gaves him the greatest pleasure to make UMNO MP jumped like cat on hot tin roof.

      But Anwar forgot that he did not have the last laugh. He forgot that at the end he was the one jumping like cat on hot tin roof, trying to justify to the world why Sept 16, 2008 did not take place.

      As for DAP, it seizes the opportunity after seeing the divide on Malay community( no thanks to Anwar) . It relentlessly harps on false impression that Chinese are a nglected and oppresed lot in Malaysia .

      DAP is upset about the word ‘pendatang”. Yet many DAP leaders BEHAVES LIKE PENDATANG. worse still they openly wage war against Malay/Muslim community.

      It makes big issue about songkok. It insists on Govt funds Chinese school but again insists on Govt has no say in its administration. It laments on massive Malay orientation towards public sector. But DAP chooses to ignore that Constitution says that 80%civil servants must be Malays IN EXCHANGE on Malay Rulers showing unrivalled magnaminity in granting more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays at eve of independence.

      Suddenly signboard becomes an issue. DAP tries putting Chinese language on signboard, forgetting that Mandarin is not the official language.

      The debate between 2 “apeks”( as malay put it) just show that DAP is only about Chinese only. It has to be done in mandarin. And yet, DAP wonders why Malays are running from it.

      As for PAS, it supports to Anwar is done with the greatest of sacrifice. that is by renouncing islam as its tagline. Yes. the image that for decades make malays support PAS. Now PAS support everything EXCEPT Islam.

      Its manner in sacking Hassan ali is anything but islam And PAS realises that it carries burden with stories of anwar’s bedroom affair.

      PERHAPS, this PR needs to “bersihkan” hati. Just because PR is not “bersih”, it must not assume that others are so eager to follow its sordid footsteps

      1. Dear En Anuar,

        you say “But DAP chooses to ignore that Constitution says that 80% civil servants must be Malays IN EXCHANGE on Malay Rulers showing unrivalled magnaminity in granting more than 1 million citizenships to non Malays at eve of independence”. This is your preception but not something factual.

        Article 136, which requires that civil servants be treated impartially regardless of race not one based on quota brother. Clause 5 of article 153 specifically reaffirms article 136 of the constitution which states:

        All persons of whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall, subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated impartially.

        So please brother don’t make a mole a mountain of a molehill. I can understand your frustration with DAP like how I do too, but it means nothing if you go around accusing everything and everyone when we ourselves did nothing to understand the predicament of the nation. Read the constitution first.

        Then you also state, “My advice to chinese community is that if it tolerates DAP (meaning still support DAP) , then they (the Chinese) must pay the price. Do not expect the Malays to suffer because of that”.

        Are you threatening them? Which Malay is suffering, the elite ones or the one in the kampung. As you are well aware the Non malays have since 1957 have allowed more than 650 amendments to the constitution to uplift the Malay community, yet you portray your chivalry against the non-malay.

        Pleaselah brother this is 2012, not 1957 where we malaysian need to work together not living of crutches that only serves the elite and the politicians but the nation in totality irrespective of the origin suffers the consequences. How do you do it, forget your One Malaysia or Malaysia First just stick to the truth and reality that you see amongst each other and how we can ensure that the government works for us whether it is BN or PR rather than how we work for the elites whether it is Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain.

        Okay bro, sama geng macam “apa nak dikato” [You Tube]. Chill brother

    2. After a lengthy dissertation, have you got the truth? Did you put out the truth? No, it’s the same. With your words like “the heavy baggage that they (BN) carry with them in their cronyism, nepotism and corruption” and “we don’t want them to be a replica of what BN has been”. It’s called cakap tak serupa bikin for you fellas, especially in Penang. Note that whatever weaknesses BN has, PR also has. And showing since only 1-2 years in power.

      Btw, the latest catchword is “tit for tit”, not for “tat” anymore! Fly west to LA and ask George Clooney for that truth!

      Okay, I’ll give one truth: All Malaysians must respect and live by the Constitution fully. Because the Constitution is the highest set of laws of any country (democratic, that is, not like Mali where the military fellows have suspended their Constitution). from which all other laws emanate and no law shall contradict it as it becomes ultra vires. The Constitution must be the measure of loyalty for all citizens. One cannot talk about patriotism or love of country without a sense of loyalty to that country, warts and all.

      How about you come out with the truth as far as the Constitution and loyalty goes? And, as you said, let’s discuss the Constitution without the pro-BN or pro-PR innuendos. I think it’d still be in topic as participation at Bersih may reflect one’s respect and adherence to the Constitution.

      Another btw – As I missed out on the origins of Bersih, could you or any one else provide reliable links confirming or disputing your claim of its PAS origin? It’s strange that Ambiga would want to hijack the idea from PAS, of all people. (Are we talking PR/BN already?)

  25. How can you come to the table to discuss on ‘bersih’ when your hands are already covered in dirt?

  26. Calvin,

    Precisely. this is the attitude of DAP. It simply refuses to integrate with other malaysians. It for decades slanders UMNO by telling Chinese that they are 2nd class citizens.

    It continues attacking Malay, Islam by questioning scholarship on Malays and by painting all rich Malays must be corrupt( incapable of succeeding in life ).

    It insists on erasing “race” column in official document. DAP claims that it is a manifestation of racial attitude of Govt( meaning Malay is racist). But it insists on separate school system that separate us LITERALLY .

    It says it wants “Malaysian Malaysia” but never fail not to question Malays rights. It goes all out saying Chinese school is recognised in constitution but chooses to be “forgetful” that Malays are accorded special privillege due to malay rulers granting citizenship in an unprecendented scale at eve of Independence. It was actually a world record with more than 1 million citizenships granted , a testimony of generosity unmatched by any other countries.

    DAP cries for Democratic governance. But DAP continues to be ruled by Lim Dynasty. and when Kit siang was no more Secretary General, his new post Chairmanship was elevated to have executive clause.

    Kit siang chides other politicians of refusing to retire gracefully . But he is still there as if world will collapse if he retires. DAP lectures other on tranparency but there is a surge of prostitutes from China ever since it rules Selangor( with Khalid as yesmen).

    It mocks MCA for allegedly “kowtowing” to UMNO. Yet it simply refuses to acknowledge the fact that UMNO holds supreme position simply because it has the lion share in BN seats .

    It insists that politician who said Chinese as “keturunan pendatang( which is the fact) be punished BUT it was so lenient to Ngor who said that Dr Zambri is a bastard( meaning Dr Zambri’s parents are adulterers.

    It slandered that Tun Razak was respomsdible for May 13 but chose to be silent on provocation on Malays in Kg Baru that resulted in May 13.

    Because of DAP’s consistency in slandering UMNO and Malays, nowadays the Malays are upset with the Chinese. I

    My advice to chinese community is that if it tolerates DAP( meaning still support DAP) , then they( the Chinese) must pay the price. Do not expect the Malays to suffer because of that.

      1. relak , bro dengan maki-maki ni, lu nak ikut cara dap ke? atau lu lu orang dap?

  27. What I find most disturbing after reading Helen’s article and many of the comments, is the fact that so many seem to think BN is OK. As though it is an option to carry on with BN. I’m sure there are many rabid PR supporters out there who won’t contemplate any criticism of their chosen party, and you may appropriately criticize them for their blinkered view. But don’t for a minute even conceive that BN and its bunch are anything more that a clique of criminals. The evidence of corruption, and abuse of power and institutions to cover up corruption is there for all to see. DAP bash if you want, and if there is valid reason to, by all means, but please, please, don’t say that continuing under BN is ever an option. The road ahead is going to be rocky, and choosing PR is certainly not going to lead to a panacea, but staying with BN will take us straight to hell if we can’t provide some check and balance. This is not a normal political scenario ala UK’s Labour vs Tory or Democrats vs Republicans. This is about breaking the grip that a very powerful an corrupt coalition has on our lives and our future. PR with all its shortcomings and weaknesses, still offers a counterweight to the current corrupt regime. Today is the first time in our modern history that the rakyat have power, because the political parties either need our support or feel threatened by our rejection. Yet we do not see BN embracing the greater democratization of our country, but rather trying to subvert it with underhand tactics i.e illegals becoming instant voters (Sabah), media blackout of opposition, and abusing institutions of government to hold on to power.

      1. En. Rahman, his personal defect should not be our cause, but to enlighten him if he wants to be a Malaysian for the society. I am sure neither him or you are going to dictate the road map of Malaysians so why get personal. Let them have their thoughts whether it is political or apolitical. BN/DAP are equally bodoh. Imagine LYNAS did not have a thought to run this song by Zainal Abidin. Goodwill amongst Malaysians needs to be true irrespective of our our origin if we are truly Malaysians not just to fit an agenda what these politicians preach. Please correct me if i am wrong.

      2. bro,hussin, relex la . tak perlu panas sangat,

        goodmen , “The road ahead is going to be rocky, and choosing PR is certainly not going to lead to a panacea, but staying with BN will take us straight to hell if we can’t provide some check and balance.”, yes we need opposition in government, but we need RESPONSIBLE opposition parties

        We we see is an all out blame and hate game by the PR parties, here again BN is also not blameless.

        But the DAPster mantra of” all that is BN is bad ,and all that is PR is good ” repeated over and over again , shows a zombie
        mentality, this WILL allow what happen (abuses by BN) to repeat itself again.

        Already only 4 year in power (at state level)the PR are already shown sign of this.

        what you think if they are in federal level?. ALL politician are liars, but many seem to forget it.

        Already they impose gag order on their party members, you think they will allow the public to voice dissent later on?.

        look at Singapore ,look what happens when dont agree and voice out. remember LKY said “dont worry i will teach you”

        LGE is showing classsic sign that he will shut dissent via legal action , a classic PAP method.

        look we are not voting Saints in power, but just people just like you and me who make and break promise and also lies.

        so lite up .

    1. On the other hand, what I find most disturbing upon reading the comment by Mister Goodmen (who doesn’t seem to be living to his name) is that he thinks it is not an option to carry on with BN. And he pleads, “please, please, don’t say that continuing under BN is ever an option.” That sounds crazy.

      Yet he says “choosing PR is certainly not going to lead to a panacea” or remedy, and it only “provide(s) some check and balance.” So, what is he talking about? Some other third force ruling this country?

      He uses the words “after reading Helen’s article and many of the comments”, yet he utters, “DAP bash if you want .. if there is valid reason”. He has not read the 101 reasons given in the comments (100 of which are valid), has he?

      Good that Goodmen says, “you may appropriately criticize them (the ‘many rabid PR supporters’) for their blinkered view” – give the man credit where credit is due. But saying “don’t for a minute even conceive that BN and its bunch are anything more that a clique of criminals” is surely being a loose gun and shooting from the hip, this fella called Goodmen.

      Granted there is corruption etc, but PR is not free from those as well, even starting from 1-2 years into office, what more if given another term. We note that they want to stay in office until the last day allowed, perhaps jittery that they might not get another term.

      In one breath this chap talks about BN not “embracing the greater democratization”, in another he says, “Today is the first time in our modern history that the rakyat have power”. Now where does that so-called people’s power come from if not “the greater democratization” by BN, man? The term “lidah bercabang” may fit in here.

      His standard of English and his mention of UK and US political systems may give the impression that he is one notch higher than the average Pakatan Rakyat fellow. But when he makes wild, unproven and unsubstantiated allegations, including saying “trying to subvert it with underhand tactics i.e illegals becoming instant voters (Sabah), media blackout of opposition, and abusing institutions of government to hold on to power”, he does belong to the run-of-the-mill PR goons category.

    2. Goodmen,

      there is no true or tested set way. It is down on principle and truth in the matter. You get stopped by the cop in Malaysia, you rather settle with him for $50 rather than taking the trouble to go to court and fight it. True!!! whether it is BN/PR same story right because the system that we had breeded is such. So I guess in this instance principle finds its way out of the window for convenience.

      Do you think this does not happen in the western world? Sure it does not an outright bribe like how we do it but rather a refined legalized bribery. It will take me days to explain the mechanism. I am not interested in the western world but what happens in Malaysia as I am naturally a Malaysian. The public like you & me cannot hide behind the law and dictate this is how it should be or this is what it is but rather evolve with time to recognize what is the truth and reality for the poorer segment of Malaysian.

      I am sure most of us who blog in this blog are pretty set out in their life materially but gets caught in the wave of politics and become fervent advocates for BN/PR. What is the purpose? Frankly to fight against each other who is better when the common objective is for what is the truth and real.

      Everyone of us wishes to have the truth on our side, but not everyone of us wishes to be on the side of the truth. Isn’t this the situation when we are squabbling over whether BN/ PR is better. Think about it.

  28. Dear malaysian In New York,

    Thanks for the reply. As I said earlier, DAP claims to be representing malaysians of all creeds but in REALITY it serves Lim dynasty first, Chinese AND CHINESE ONLY.

    DAP simply refuses to integrate with other races. It cries about Chinese being treated as 2nd class citizens but make no effort to respect the aspiration of Malay community. any Malay politician voicing Malay thinking or defending Malay interest will be automatically accused of being racist.

    And you do surprise me. Tell me where Chinese is discriminated in private sector. What everybody knows is that Malays are rampantly discriminated in private sector. But of course, you will not hear Guan Eng talking about it.

    There is a saying “Once a decision is made a destiny is shaped”. Meaning the choice in Chinese hand. this is not a threat. rather the chinese community does not have to sacrifice their interest by tolerating nonsense from DAP.

    The same goes to Malay community. if they are willing to tolerate nonsense from PAS that loves to play God, then they must be willing to pay the price.

    I am all for critical thinking. I also lambasted one or two ketua Bahagian UMNO. But i must say that UMNO treatment of non Malay community is a hallmark of benevolence unmatched by any other countries.

    Funny is it not? At times where on its own UMNO can rule the country, it still includes other races. At times where it was slandered because one temple demolished( sold to developer by rightful owner), it still askes that Malay community to support MIC candidates.

    At times where DAP is busy going aroubd telling the Chinese that Chinese school is threatened, UMNO ensures that Chinese school flourishes.

    At times when Dr mahathir can easily put Mukhriz as a Minister, he decided against it. Compare it with Guan Eng becoming Chief Minister of Penang, sidelining Penang DAP Chairman.

    1. Bloody good points, shamsul.

      They need to be repeated periodically. Not for supremacy or ketuanan (which in any case has been enshrined in 153 and other Articles of the Constitution concerning the functions and the prerogatives of the Rulers) or whatever else DAP has been trying to erode, but to remind the others of the “reasonableness” of the Malays and that the others should reciprocate and “berpatut.”

      Read the books, The Malay Civilization, 2007, and Tamadun Alam Melayu, 2009, published by the Historical Society of Malaysia, to know what “patut” means and how the Malay mentality has been built along the line of “berpatutan”. And when that wasn’t shown by the British colonialists, they “mengamok” by spearing to death British Resident JWW Birch by the banks of the Perak River in Pasir Salak in 1875. And of course, during the race riots of 13 May 1969, which we all should try to avoid being repeated.

    2. Dear En. Anuar, I have no qualms for you to fight what is right & just for the Malay community, but it should not be at the expense of what is just and fair for non-Malays who are equally Malaysians in heart. Sure like you say, in the private sector the Chinese dominate, likewise in the public sector, the Malay dominates, so whether does these leave the rest? Let’s forego our politics whether it is BN/PR but work towards a system that integrate each other as Malaysians per se without holding on to a factor whether its is a Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain. How can this be possible if we continue moan and bitch about who is racist or who is not rather than taking into perspective without a consideration whether it is a a Malay, Chinese, Indian or a lain-lain issue but when there is the truth on the ground level for how we as public is able to deal with it. Is that too much to ask? If we want to talk about politics, it is like religion, it is an endless debate, but when we talk about the truth, it is only a one way street how we want each other to be treated as Malaysian without the typical hang over for what is just and fair.

      1. It is a natural instinct to favor one’s own. But with proper conditioning we can overcome this natural instinct.

        The thing we desperately need in Malaysia is proper training among all decision makers such as hiring managers, community leaders and especially politicians. They need to understand it is in their interests to ensure diversity and fairness at all levels of social/professional interaction. It’s not just about experience level, good grades and character. Consideration has to be given with regard to immutable factors such as race and skin color .

        If our leaders and politicians are truly sincere in trying to overcome the natural bias we all have, then they should try to de-construct the mechanics of discrimination. They should educate the public on how to mitigate the effects of discrimination without giving any specific examples that may upset the other party.

        Instead, most of our leaders, in particular politicians, harp on specific issues to rally their supporters while speaking in general terms.

        But therein lies the paradox. Politicians can’t be philosophers and speak in terms of generalities. They have to highlight specific issues.

        My solution is this: when it’s a specific issue, discuss and debate ONLY that specific issue; when it’s a general issue, discuss in general terms and don’t use specific examples to change public perceptions on that specific issue.

        In other words, if an opposition member says NFC is corrupt they can’t jump to the conclusion that the government is corrupt. NFC is specific to the people involved, not the entire government.

        Likewise, if you say corruption is a problem in this country, you can’t only use the specific example of police officers who accept bribes. This is because it makes the point seem like police officers are the primary source of corruption when it can be equally argued that those who offer bribes are just as corrupt.

        Malaysians (politician and non-politician alike) need to avoid jumping between generalizations and specific issues without proving causality or presenting the full picture.

  29. MYiNY , sokong your statement both to ,Rahman and Goodman , very agreeable points.

  30. Dear Anon at 8.54am, let’s put aside the name-calling and branding ( run-of-the-mill PR goons) for a while and just look at the facts: RM400 Bilion budget deficit and rising for past decade, annual Auditor-General horror stories about waste by the various Govt Departments and usual make-noise-and-then-forget-about-it by the Govt, scandals galore from cows to condos to subs to MAS to PKFZ, and the list goes on, lawless behaviour and double standards by the very institutions that are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, the worsening income gap between the elite and the rest, the deterioration in healthcare and education standards…..tell me if i am wrong. Then tell me why those responsible are not made accountable and if Goodmen is to blame for the way he feels. We are at the cross-roads of our country’s future, and sadly, the choice is to continue with one set of crooks or throw them out and try another set of crooks. The only silver lining in all this is perhaps our leaders in the future will now that they can’t do as they like and hope to remain in power

    1. Dear Amaranathan,

      Nobody disputes what’s in the AG Report. AG Dept is a branch of the Government, created for a similar purpose as a company’s internal audit, producing reports for the Government to act upon and improve themselves on.

      Of course, nobody should expect remedial actions to be taken immediately, without due regard for the legal implications, and prior to Police/ MACC investigations completion, etc.

      The NFC for example. You people (no branding so far in this comment?) whack Shahrizat when up to now there is no evidence of her involvement other than being a wife and mother to those now already charged in court. But isn’t it fast enough action for the freezing of NFC assets such that almost all of the RM250 mill loan could be recovered from the unused sum plus the sale of the properties at current market, commercially-appreciated, value?

      The problem has been you people making “wild, unproven and unsubstantiated allegations.”

      The AG Report merely stated the anomalies but they are not “due-diligence accounting”, are they? Where each and every detail may be recorded, the actual persons responsible identified, the wrong doings clearly spelt out. Even if so, they still need to be investigated and looked at by the professionals in criminal matters, like the Police and the MACC.

      So then, why the hell (if you think this word is not valid, tell me why) do you rant “the usual make-noise-and-then-forget-about-it by the Govt, scandals galore from cows to condos to subs to MAS to PKFZ, and the list goes on, lawless behaviour and double standards by the very institutions that are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, the worsening income gap between the elite and the rest, the deterioration in healthcare and education standards…..”?

      Et tu Brute? The loose gun, shooting from the hip cowboy, you?

      Learn to speak your complaints one by one, man, then give some justification. I know you don’t have evidence, but at least provide some explanation. For example on your statement “double standards by the very institutions that are supposed to uphold and enforce the law”, you should first pick out one institution. State the name, then give some details of what, who, how, when and where things were done or not done.

      Then you’ll avoid being called “run-of-the-mill PR goons” and the like.

      1. Yes Anon, here a some specific examples – demonstrations by some-eg with protesting against building of a temple by parading the severed head of some poor cow deserves a pep talk and request for understanding for the protesters by the Home Minister, whereas candle-light vigils by others face the heavy hand of the law.Demos by Perkasa is okay but those by PSM or Hindraf are subversive. Some poor dude (usually Indian)in the wrong place and time dies in an encounter or in jail, but involved VIP’s and their families are treated with kid gloves ( don’t ask me to elaborate on this)
        I can understand zero-tolerance by our Govt for any form of demo but enforcement should be uniform.
        As for the Aud-G’s report which expose Govt waste and inefficiency for at least the past 5 years, has there been any remedial action by the Govt to prevent such recurrences? Any one charged? And more importantly, have the Ministers incharge been made accountable? Or are you saying just let it be and someday perhaps the law finally catch-up with them like those MCA ex-bosses?

      2. Now you are beginning to talk like normal people though you still perist in ranting off so many issues wihthout arguing them one by one. And still engaged in unsubstantiated allegations.

        “Issues” because they are not proven as facts. In fact, they are your opinions. Of Government or Police bias. And opinions when not substantiated with “facts” remain highly disputable. For example, do you know for a fact that the authorities didn’t act on the “cow head paraders”? Do you know of any law that allows the Police to drag them to the Police Station when parading a cow head? Is it under the Sedition Act? If so, who decides as to whether such “cow head parading” constitutes a breach of that Act?

        Likewse the candle light vigils in Brickfields. Do you have the arguments to prove that they cannot be brought to the Police Station? Do you know the circumstances that made the Police Act the way they did? Were there not any warnings given? Were they not disturbing the peace, causing traffic obstacle and what have you? Were there not lawyers who even participated during the vigils? How come they and the other lawyers defending them are quiet now? Are there cases brought to court? If so have they been decided? If not, isn’t it subjudice to talk about what is before the courts.

        And you generalize, speculate and even do racial profiling when saying “Some poor dude (usually Indian)in the wrong place and time dies in an encounter or in jail”. Didn’t you read about the woman made to squat to check on any drug-containing condom etc hidden in her front or rear receptacle, alleged to be a Chinese national but turned out to be a Malay woman? Crime has no race boundaries, Mister. And you haven’t proven the the poor fellow died due to Police manhandling. Just as the poor taxi driver who had a heart condition and died in the KLCC compound was accused of being “brutalized” by the Police. Ridiculous isn’t it?

        Me having to give proofs? Why should I? I’m not the one accusing.

        Based on what I said above, the rest of what you said in the above comment is, I’m afraid, gibberish. The usual wild, unproven and unsubstantiated allegations of the Opposition.

      3. Good that in your last paragraph you are asking questions instead of making wild allegations.

        Sure, there have been many remedial actions taken by the Government on the Aud-G’s report. A very clear case in point is the freezing of NFC assets and the charging in court of the NFC Chairman and the Director(s). Didn’t you read about those, dude? How come you are asking such a wild and generalized

        Don’t you know that there are a host of irregularities stated in the Aud Gen Report? The minor ones that deserve only Departmental disciplinary action like deferring increment or promotion, or transfers to God forsaken places (any more in Malaysia with our pace of development now?) must have been or being done without fanfare. The major ones involving offences under the Criminal Code – and there are so many Codes, including those of the MACC – must be investigated by the professionals and they take time to be completed. Even the NFC case, I’m quite sure not all investigations have been completed e.g if the bank lent such a huge sum of money without stipulating clear conditions of disbursement. Investing on condos, my foot. You see, I’m also interested that all of the blokes involved are brought to justice. I’m also a tax payer, mind you. But I go by the law, follow the procedures, wait for the results of the investigations.

        And you ask, “have the Ministers incharge been made accountable?” Boy oh boy, you should be asking “Are investigations on them completed” and “Are there evidence to show any of the Ministers in charge being accountable?” Learn to say the right things, ask the right questions, man. Otherwise, like I said before, you may be deemed as one of the “run-of-the-mill PR goons”.

        Dissent by all means. But say them by the normally acceptable means.

      4. What more can I say, Anon? No doubt, an accused party is innocent until truly proven to be guilty, but as RPK would say, justice not only has to be done, it also has to be seen to be done. Another quote: Justice delayed is justice denied. And i say this not just with regards to misdeeds by the BN Govt/s but also the various PR state govts. I don’t see how you as ” a tax-payer” can really accept that buying screwdrivers or computers and such at many times the cost-price is “waitable”, especially when these irregularites occur every year.
        In other democracies, the Minister involved would tender his resignation – perhaps thats not our way, but at least, the Minister should have restored his Ministry’s credibility ( publically and swiftly) by putting a stop to these irregularities and by terminating( not just transferring) and charging those found guilty. There is corruption in every country, but until we actually have a ” no-nonsense” attitude, we would remain behind as far as efficiency and transparency is concerned
        As for custodial deaths, it is a statistically-proven fact that there are proportionately more Indians than others ( sorry, i don’t have the statistics off-hand, but i’m sure it’s available) and most are otherwise healthy young men who suddenly died of “natural causes?”. Again, true, proof is needed before we persecute anyone, but wasn’t the slow-pace of investigations and almost non-chalant attitude by the authorities, that had led to the perception, (one of the many factors,) by especially the poorer segments of Indian society that
        they were being neglected/bullied by the Govt – and thus fertile ground for opposition propaganda which led to the 2008 tsunami?
        Finally, I would like to take you on, blow by blow, for every single “wild allegation” , but i’m afraid it may take a long time and a lot of this blog’s space. What i would like to stress is that many voters, like myself, are not hard-core pro-BN or pro-PR. We are the fence-sitters, and our numbers are growing larger,and our votes are usually not for any particular party or individual, but against what we perceive as incompetent, corrupt or bigoted

      5. I accept there has been a lot of hanky panky by BN Government. So long as you also accept that PR State governments also engage in hanky panky even since 1-2 years into office, I can take many of your criticisms. But I insist that action has been taken and will continue to be taken on the Aud Gen Report as has been argued out earlier.

        I don’t belong to any political party, actually. I hate politicians generally, although they are a necessary evil in a democratic country. I just wanna see the fairness of the opposition – any opposition, political parties or individuals. And fairness of ruling parties, too. But evidence, justification and reasonable explanations must be the basis of any accusation of unfairness etc.

        Note that the 2008 tsunami was not due to a love for the PR. It was a lot due to people being fed up with Abdullah Badawi. He is no longer in power and Najib appears to me to be trying hard. And I’ll stake my future with the devil I know and have brought development to the country for 54 years rather than the chauvinists and subversives who might make this country tumble down. The country almost did in 1969 when we lost democracy for 2 years of Emergency rule.

        When you quote RPK, you weaken your case. Especially when the man is a fugitive from the Malaysian authorities. He merely says justice to be done, to be seen to be done, yet he does not want to face justice despite the fact that even Anwar got away with his Sodomy II charge. Of course the process of appeals and counter appeals will run it’s course. But that’s part of justice, too.

        Saying justice delayed for irregularities like buying screwdrivers or computers in deference to more urgent cases appear to make you an unreasonable man. And I’m not sure if there is any point in my continuing this discussion with you.

        Have a good day to you too, Amaranathan.

        So long.

  31. Just a comment about KBP; as far as most outsiders know, KBP was a problem inherited by PR from BN. The highest court in the country ruled in favour of the developers and against the settlers. LGE offered and most of the settlers, some early and some later, accepted the compensation in the form of double-storey terrace houses. A lot of interested parties made maximum political capital out of this issue. The fact remains, that if LGE had retained KBP, he would have locked-up the Indian vote in favour of PR for the next few years at least, but he would be breaking the law. Anyone care to correct me ( pardon my ignorance on this issue)

    $igh … pls check the facts – ‘Kg Buah Pala: Pagar makan padi’. It was the developer who didn’t comply with the law. The main KPB contractor was Wabina, owned by the deputy chairman of the Pg Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Read also ‘Penang developers “big financiers of certain political parties”? & ‘Butir-butir $PICE: Developer dapat begitu banyak kelebihan’— Helen

      1. I wonder what “factual facts” mean. The links being provided do not suggest the words were a typo.

        Blogs like Malaysiakini and M2day are always suspect to me. Mkini was given a warning by Home Minister Hishamuddin for reporting what he said inaccurately, in favour of the Opposition. RPK of M2day has been a fugitive from Malaysian authorities and has only lately been writing on matters that are in favour of the Establishment.

        I think the links provided by Helen above are more reliable.

  32. Amaranathan, agree on your assessment of the local scene. But after seen the PR state govt in action , sorry la i think many here ,don’t like the alternative that is being offered by the PR.

    Also some here think the BN is still salvageable , but they need to tackle head on the corruption head on.

    Some see small progress in this matter, it is a slow and arduous process. But many( the young one) are impatient .( which i understand,because this generation prevalent need for instant gratification)

    we from the old school , understand to change take time and the new model is not always necessary better then the old model. We seen first hand it to many time in our lives.

    thanks for sharing your views

  33. Malaysian in New York,

    Again, many thanks for replying.

    May I ask you where in my writing that i suggest non malays should be treated unfairly.

    For the uninitiated, Malays based their relationship with non Malay( or non Muslim) in line with Prophet’s saying “those who are unjust to non believers are actually unjust against me and Allah SWT”.

    Meaning nobody in Malay community is suggesting that it is OK in treating non Malays unjustly. And I can vouch hat UMNO’s treatment on non Malays is superb and a model of benevolence for the world.

    Surprise? Ong tee Keat can still win in Pandan , a Malay majority seat. The malays also are willing to share . a classic case of UMNO letting Dr koh to assume Chief Minister post in Penang despite UMNO winning the most number of seats

    The IRONY part is that those who claim to be “color blind” is actually the most racist. I would like to ask you what is wrong with school children study under one roof. Are you going to be less Chinese by studying with other races?

    The whole point of my writing is to expose DAP as the most racist of party. And it is the truth.

    And we all me stop being hypocrite. since when race is not identity for all people in this world. There is nothing wrong with being proud with your identity. That is perfectly normal.

    what i cant stand is that DAP insists on exclusion of non Chinese in all aspects. You know what I mean. The perfect case is insistence of non Mandarin speaking teachers( meaning Malay) being out of Chinese school. Or “mandarin is preferred” in advertisements . Weird is it not. Most of the employees in these firms speak English( meaning broken English) and has names like Angeline Ong, Joshua or David Phua but yet they insist on workers to be hired to be proficient in Mandarin. Let us not talk about different pay scale yet simply because you are not Chinese.

    You seems to be concern about the truth. If you want the truth then you must accept the facts. As long as Chinese community tolerates nonsense from DAP that survives on depicting UMNO as racist( when the truth is otherwise), then the Chinese must accept that Malays view them with suspicion.

    Mind you in some countries, the politicians from majority population will just say “boleh berambus” ( of course in their language) if minority insists on separate school or trying to threaten them by saying they are treated like 2nd class.

    By saying that i am not suggesting Chinese forgo their languages or tradition. But stop behaving as if Malaysia is China.

  34. Anon, you say “I wonder what “factual facts” mean. The links being provided do not suggest the words were a typo”. Go see what it says, as most of it is factual not how its fits one’s own individual agenda on a cyber blog. It does not matter whether it is Mkini, MT, Utusan, or BH or any other site but the messenger is important. Nobody is interested whether it is Helen’s link is better or mine is better but do take the trouble to read it before you come into a judgement and your hapless presumption. We have enough kiasu people who think no end of themselves to deal with what has led the country to be in the state it is today. If that is not the case we won’t be sitting here and commenting and bitching about each other, like how we do now.

  35. MalaysianinNewYork,

    I’m perplexed by your kind of thinking and presentation of views. You have been mentioning earlier about “truths” and “facts” and now “factual facts”. Without stating what they are but merely providing links to what you want others to read. When people say they don’t understand what you mean by “factual facts”, instead of explaining them and/or giving examples, you merely ask them to visit such sites again. Are you attempting cheap publicity for the Opposition blogs you mentioned?

    Don’t you realize that it’s you who want readers to believe what you say, otherwise you wouldn’t have come in with your comments? The onus is on you to explain or give the “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts”. You need to point out which out of the many things stated in the various links are “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts”. Surely not all are “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts”.

    Surely you know that not everything is black and white. There is such a thing as grey. And there are so many shades of grey, man. Even if you repeat the word “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts” a thousand times, there’ll still be various shades of grey.

    State what the facts are and give examples, man. After that only you provide the links. Then readers would see whether what your say is worth the trouble to be verified by or amplified with what are stated in the links you provide. Otherwise, what you say are not facts but are opinions.

    And you cannot simply give an opinion that such and such is a fact or a gospel truth and then ask people to find the proof or justification that what you say are ““truths”, “facts” or “factual facts”. That’s not how it’s done. Not even in New York where you claim to be, I’m sure. You may want to impress people by your name choice and pretend to be on a high moral ground talking about “one’s own individual agenda on a cyber blog”. Or are you saying you have your own agenda by participating in this blog?

    And then accuse “kiasu people who think no end of themselves to deal with what has led the country to be in the state it is today”. And, when others are trying to have a dialogue, a discussion, asking for verification or explanation, you think of “sitting here and commenting and bitching about each other, like how we do now.” Are those statements of yours also “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts” now?

    If you really are in New York (Helen has your IP address but is not obliged to tell), try drop in on the United Nations where there are so many of those who know how to have dialogues and engage in healthy discussions on national and international politics. Say hello to one or two of them, perhaps even the Malaysian delegation – the higher levels, the broad-minded ones, not DAP-type (one or two may have slipped into overseas Malaysian legations). Don’t you get invited to Merdeka Day functions held by the Malaysian Ambassador or Permanent Representative to the UN? Some do, and if you do, see how they engage in discussions. I’ll bet you they don’t simply say these are “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts”, if you don’t believe, read Mkini, MT or MI!

    Travels broaden the mind. But it doesn’t work for you, does it?

    1. wow, though i often take a totally opposite stance with anon fella, i have to say his retort really impress me.

  36. Anon, you have these to say, “Are you attempting cheap publicity for the Opposition blogs you mentioned? That’s not how it’s done.
    Not even in New York where you claim to be, I’m sureyou think of “sitting here and commenting and bitching about each other, like how we do now.” Are those statements of yours also “truths”, “facts” or “factual facts” now? Don’t you get invited to Merdeka Day functions held by the Malaysian Ambassador or Permanent Representative to the UN?” Such naive thoughts can only mean one thing. Are you goading me? Frankly do you think I am concerned with what happens with NY mission or their consulate? Good luck friend, you will be what you are, and I will be what I am as it does not matter what you think. Now I know who is the musuh dalam selimut in Helen’s blog. You see Anon, you need brains not brawn because even if i sit in Timbuktu I can still figure out your intention. Don’t underestimate another Malaysian for his/her goodwill for how it serves you for what it needs to be for you. Pleaselah brother I am not your regular joe/jane so think before you decide to pick a bone with me. No, this not arrogance but you cannot dictate everything because you think you know better as it is obvious you are just another hapless Malaysians who can can only serve your own agenda.

    1. “Frankly do you think I am concerned with what happens with NY mission or their consulate?” Doesn’t that tell your self-isolationist tendency? Call yourself “MalaysianinNewYork”!

      “you will be what you are, and I will be what I am ” – you sound like the Popeye TV cartoon character, don’t you? He often says, “I am what I am.”

      Now, now, whoever says I’m dictatorial – only those with absolute power dictate, and I don’t even have the power to reject comments in Helen’s blogs, man! But, even if I have, I won’t reject your comments because you have not used expletives and maintained decorum and decency so far.

      “Pleaselah brother I am not your regular joe/jane so think before you decide to pick a bone with me.” – What are you, man? Are you the New York Chinatown type? Not mixing around, cocooned by yourself, refusing to conform to the norms of society, of discussion and conversation.

      Btw, I don’t pick “regular joe/jane”, but only those sounding high and mighty trying to project Opposition wild allegations without proofs, justification or even explanations. And if I were to pick one, it’d be jane, not you, because you sound a joe. No, I’m not that way inclined and, although we came from the same school (different age group), Anwar will never be in my books. Politically or sexual orientation-wise!

      Have a good day, MalaysianinNewYork.

      1. Sure I am your popeye, your NY type China town apeh!!!!, Do you want to add anything else.please do. Did you watch tin tin. Do you know what presumption is? it is somebody else has a responsibility to give your life meaning and thoughts for your own frustration. Get a life friend.

    2. MYiNY, careful with what you say

      “Pleaselah brother I am not your regular joe/jane so think before you decide to pick a bone with me”

      Wait people think you a “REGULAR DICK”la……………:);)

    3. dear MalaysianinNewYork,

      you asked Anon, “Are you goading me?”.

      of course he is. and who could blame him? you blither, man!

      and that’s putting it kindly.

      i actually marvel at those who engage you because, while i suspect you’re a decent sort and your participation in the comment threads is quite well-intentioned, most of the time you don’t make sense.

      i dare say your incoherence probably irritates more than your actual dissenting points, substantiated or insubstantiated.

      you may want to bear in mind that those who cannot formulate their thoughts properly will fail to give credence to their arguments.

      disdain malaysia, her institutions, her government, her opposition or her public toilets lah, if being among the unwashed in nuyork makes you feel suitably qualified to do so, but maybe you want to do it with a bit more coherence, can or not?

      p.s. to Anon, please lah don’t malign the “New York Chinatown type”. i know some very good people there who aren’t in the least politically inclined. they’re all in the rotten apple just to “cari makan, mah?”, not because they’re anti-malaysia or anti-bn or anti-anything. they’re probably not on the net or mixing around because they are too busy earning minimum wage and trying to elude being deported. most, i dare say, are more patriotic than that poseur anwar ibrahim.

      1. I respect your p.s views, mekyam. But the very fact that they are “trying to elude being deported” itself suggests that they are not the law abiding kind, are they? That’s what I know of the Chinatowns I visited, read or heard about, overseas.

        But I’d prefer not to cross paths with you, Madam. Sincerely. Because I think I’m generally in agreement with your thinking in your comments here and elsewhere. I’d rather walk along the same paths as you do.

      2. Mekyam,your inability to digest and digress as you seem fit is not my problem. You say “you may want to bear in mind that those who cannot formulate their thoughts properly will fail to give credence to their arguments”. Seriously!!!! why do one need credence if truth is what we seek, does truth has a chosen vocabulary, a certain language, a certain religion or the political affiance for how it is professed. If so please do educate me. Maturity is not in the knowledge or age but the wisdom. Let me leave you with a quote – ‘Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools speak because they have to say something – Plato. Sure in your eyes, i am the later, so what can I do about it other than whine and bitch in Helen’s blog and ensure my individual palate for hypocrisy survives. I know in your mind this must be incoherent, but what can I do for materially enriched individual perspective yet the inherent humane defects for the community. I know this must be too much to expect from a dihswashing NY China town apeh for semua tahu community like you.

  37. Hey, how much are you guys paid to write here?
    Would like to earn some pocket money form the Feds!!!

    1. Ah Beng Vong,do u understand what is having a good debate?,we are not like your forefathers who were so bangsat when they first arrive in this Persekutuan Tanah Melayu where everything that you do will be centered around money.It is common knowledge that you Ah Bengs treat money as your GOD.I would suggest that if you are not able to participate in this discourse,you just go and wank yourself until your eyes pop out.

  38. Actually, the crux of the Lynas matter is quite simple.
    The Aussie government is very happy that this company can make money mining rare earth.
    But what it is very unhappy about is with the shit being left behind (the radioactive wastes).
    That, they will not allow to have in their own backyard.
    Now, the company will look for a country that will allow all kinds of shit, including radioactive ones in its backyard.
    NZ and Singapore are out because these countries, although nearer than Malaysia are very transparent and caring about their citizens and will not allow any tomfoolery within its borders.
    Next, Indonesia and the Philippines.
    Both countries now have a much better version of government compared with a few years ago and may not permit this business.
    But in addition, they have earthquakes, volcanoes and an active insurgency.
    So, they are out.
    Now, the obvious ideal choice will be Malaysia.
    It’s an ideal partner for this company because it has a corrupt and opaque government.
    And the laws are what the government makes of them!!
    Which is highly favourable.
    So, no need to look further!
    And of course the fact that local manufacturers also find the laws or lawlessness very favourable especially for those engaged in highly making highly toxic materials as they can dump their wastes in the Malaysian jungle with impunity is also very encouraging.
    It is a rarity that someone stumble across such wastes and the resulting hue and cry will last only a short while.
    As one former PM said, “Malaysians have short memory”.
    What with the MSM completely controlled by the government, reporters dare not kick up too much of a fuss, do they?
    So, now the stage is set for the company to operate in the Malaysian paradise.
    Its oft repeated promise to send the waste back to the country of origin (Australia) is just a mirage because that government has already steadfastly refused to accept any shit in its backyard.
    Or is this company having greater authority than the Aussie government?
    And with Malaysian law enforcement being non existent, for all any knows the famous way of disposing of toxic wastes cheaply will be followed.
    The government likes to call those who go against it as traitors but what does one call a government that is hell-bent on exposing its citizens to toxic wastes?

  39. Bersih 3.0: DAPsters thump their Chinese chests – end of quote
    Hi Helen Ang, I hope that you don’t mind if I ask you a rather personal question?
    Do you thump your chest?
    You should have a well endowed chest judging from your fat face!
    Hope you don’t mind posting a full length picture of yourself soon?
    In bikini will do!
    No need nude!!!!!!!!!

    1. In China a bloke with this kind of personality will be shot. I don’t mind if it happens in this country.

      I know Helen still prints him just to show readers the kind of mad fellows in the DAP crowd. I’ll repeat: I don’t mind if it happens in this country.

      1. Anon, not only shot but left to be devoured to a pack of dogs of this fat meat of this Ah Beng Vong,I hope one day our country will pratice this just like what China does.

  40. So, using so-called cybertroopers is one of the ways UMNO/BN is now using to win back the votes?
    How much are you people being paid?
    To sell your conscience, if you still profess you have one?
    To advance the cause of a Federal government that is steeped in corruption, theft, scandals and what not!!!
    Frankly, Malaysians, especially the Malays have woken up and the lies of cybertroopers will not work!!!
    They are no longer bluffed left, right and center by the MSM!
    And the Feds are now using you to try to save them from the frying pan?
    It’s way, way too late!
    In fact, by furthering their lies, you are fanning the incensed feeling of the electorate for you masters!
    You are shooting them in both feet!
    Every time Malaysians read about the stupid, supposedly favourable comments from people like you and compared from what they already know, they’ll only gaffaw!!!!
    This scheme is just another way to squander the hard-earned money of Malaysians to pay a whole lot of parasites that feed on the fear of UMNO/BN that they will lose the next GE!
    The fact is that they will because Malaysians have seen through their even plans!

      1. Anon,

        This Trong fella and that Vong fella live in the same house wor.

        We learn more about the DAPsters every day. They are replicons (from the root word ‘replicate’).

        Sad that they’re so insecure about their ideas that they have to regurgitate their views x 1,000 (following the Lenin dictum of repeating lies) in various guises.

        Believing that the greater their volume (‘volume’ both in quantity & in loudness), the more likely people are to agree with their views.

    1. Ahbeng Vong,we r not the cybertrooper but we are the army of Selendang Merah,we dont tolerate nonsense from people such as you.Pepatah Melayu kata Jangan menjolok sarang tebuan,Kalau takut dilambung ombak,jangan berumah ditepi pantai

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