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Zairil defends the Dear Leader ‘selling a 103 acres land to a single private developer’

The Malay beachhead of Ariff Sabri (Sakmongkol), Aspan Alias and Zairil Khir Johari in DAP is giving voters the worst of two worlds. It’s like a smart but ugly as sin millionaire marrying a gorgeous dumb blonde, and the poor kid inheriting the father’s looks and the mother’s brains.

'Is DAP the New Labour?' Khoo Kay Peng blogs

“Our beloved CM” is a term introduced to this blog by one Penang-based, staunchly pro-DAP reader ‘Pala Richie’ (comment #25 here).

It wasn’t too long ago that Lim Guan Eng attempted to discredit S.M. Mohamed Idris, president of the Consumers’ Association of Penang (CAP) for daring to question the billions-ringgit mega projects for the island.

In his press statement on 13 March 2012, the beloved chief minister said:

“CAP is not the only organization that has opposed the 4 infrastructure projects. Even BN and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has opposed the construction of the undersea tunnel from Gurney Drive to Bagan Ajam on 17 November 2011.”

Guan Eng’s calculated innuendo associating CAP with Muhyiddin signalled a green light for aspersions to be cast on Idris’s motives.

One hardcore DAPster in Malaysiakini suggested that Idris wanted to stand for election on the Gerakan ticket (Idris is 86 years old, by the way).

Others denigrated him as a “typical mamak” in cahoots with Umno (screenshots of Malaysiakini reader comments, below). The barrage of insults included accusations that he was “talking rubbish”, his “antics” are “malicious”, “Idris has lost all credibility” plus already sold out. Predictably they capped it all by telling him to shut up.

The Star describes the whole sordid episode thus:

“Idris is also just finding out what objecting to the DAP entails. He was visibly shocked … Welcome to the world of DAP politics, Uncle Idris!” (Source, here)

Any critic foolhardy enough to cross the path of the Lim First Family (whose favourite overt weapons are gag order and lawsuit) requires a constitution as strong as an ox and a hide as thick as a rhino.

Zairil Khir Johari writing a defence of his boss, said:

“While NGOs such as CAP have the right to differ with the public consultation process conducted by the state government, Lim believes that such differences of views should be voiced out in a civil manner.”

Zairil’s statement imputes that CAP has not been civil in its manner.

That was the Guan Eng political secretary last month. Today, Zairil is again doing his job polishing the Dear Leader. The scant few Malays … (sad) … on DAP patronage are seen to be often busy with this monumental task.

Zairil, Ridhuan Tee’s twin

The subject of Zairil’s column in The Malaysian Insider is “one particular political commentator”. Although Zairil’s article is 1,268 words long, Khoo is not mentioned by name but instead referred to as “our commentator” 9 times.

Zairil’s method is identical to Ridhuan Tee who sidesteps naming anyone specifically but invariably resorts to calling his target(s) an “ultra kiasu” (individual) despite providing enough description so the person concerned can still be identified.

There’s no doubt that Zairil meant Khoo, whose own article TMI had published on Monday bylined to ‘Gavin Khoo’ here, and in his own blog appearing the same day, here.

Among the TMI reader responses to Khoo are: “I believe the writer is a paid trojan horse of corrupt Umno and BN” (21 thumbs up), and “You are a pathetic ‘lap dog’ …hope you are well paid… at least with a month’s supply of dog food”.

Don’t blame the supporters’ behaviour for they are only following in the direction set by their party leaders. Here’s Zairil:

  • “One particular political commentator has been on a writing binge lately”
  • “revealing in the process an inexplicable fixation”
  • “his current pet obsession — the DAP-led Penang state government”

Zairil continues with the putdowns: “Reading the string of articles that [Khoo] has churned out recently” … “his often incongruous arguments and feeble attempts to claim the moral high ground” … “so myopic and borderline obsessive”.

Sakmongkol, Zairil & Aspan. Guy in blue on the left is a Roketkini rep.

This is how Zairil places Khoo’s criticism in a nutshell:

  • “trying to suggest that the DAP has in some way sacrificed its ideological principles, selling them as it were, to the ‘corporate capitalists”, and
  • “there appears to be an acute incompatibility with, on the one hand, the DAP’s ideological [purportedly socialist] principles, and, on the other, how the Penang state government is run”.

Berjaya’s brother comes to town

The Bayan Mutiara project is Dijaya’s, a company belonging to Tan Sri Danny Tan (brother to the famous tycoon Vincent).

Zairil is claiming that the sale price of Bayan Mutiara “was, by anyone’s imaginations, a tremendous profit for the state”.

[Hey, nice to know that the DAP-controlled state is enjoying tremendous profits!]

Details of the Bayan Mutiara transaction are rather complicated. However the state opposition, Umno, has taken up the cudgels and their blogger’s network hotly pursuing the story. BigDog has the ‘Bayan Mutiara Guanomics‘ profile, a compilation of the essential facts.

[Sigh, just because I link BD here, the DAPsters will start their “guilt by association” smear tactic, like how Guan Eng tried to associate CAP with Muhyiddin. Bapa streetfighter borak, anak DAPster rintik.]

Zairil uses his Malaysian Insider platform to mock Khoo for expressing “concern about the DAP’s desire to embrace the market and promote commercialism to the benefit of the rich and the expense of the needy”.

To which Zairil pours scorn: “I really don’t feel that any explanation is needed to debunk this argument.” Well, Zairil seems to think it is beneath him to respond to the complaint that the poor are being (housed) priced off the island.

Khoo – who only expressed what’s been on the mind of many other Penang watchers and the lower income groups – should only expect the same treatment as Uncle Idris whose organization CAP pulled out of the Penang Forum after their unfortunate brush with the Dear Leader.

Zairil, on the other hand, was recently appointed CEO of Penang Institute, courtesy of the CM’s office.

The NGOs may be unhappy but who cares. Penangites are happy. It’s after all they who count. And Zairil is showing them what he’s made of: Yang Berhormat material cut according to DAP cloth.


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14 thoughts on “Zairil defends the Dear Leader ‘selling a 103 acres land to a single private developer’

  1. this Zairil is either the illegitamate son of Khir Johari or adopted Chinese boy found at a garbage bin Puchong by Christine..there is no Bin to his name but bears the famous UMNO veteran’s he a Malay a Muslim?? desperate the DAP is in getting “malay” support

    1. yes he exist before the malay man married his mother. instantly he is malay

  2. The funny thing is that KKP used to (or is) pro-DAP and close to their leadership until recently. He used to be in awe of the Dear Leader. However, lately for some reasons he was upset with the Bayan Mutiara scandal and started to question the Dear Leader. His comments were pretty tame (compared to SatD or mine for example) but then again, questioning the Dear Leader is considered a high crime and a crime against the state under the DAP regime.

    It used to be Jeff Chew who did the hatchet job for the Dear Leader in coming out fists flying in defending LGE and pummelling those who dared to criticize Chairman Lim. But with election fast approaching and the candidate list being finalised,Zairil would want to be seen as the vanguard of the Dear Leader who will defend to the last breath.

    I have a sneaking suspicions that since Zairil being his fake Malayness is a sure ticket for an ADUN/MP seat, probably aiming for something even higher – DCM1 post perhaps. He probably knows that PKR and PAS will be wiped out in Penang and it is possible that no Malay will be elected on PKR/PAS ticket in Penang.

    We can see that DAP is grooming him to be the some senior role in the party, his promotion to the CEO of Penang Ins is a clue.

    ZKR is voter registered in Kebun Bunga DUN. Safe Chinese area. I noticed that the PKR Pg Aduns were either Chinese or some (e.g. Maktar Shapee) won in Chinese majority areas. Factoid: DCM (I) Mansor Othman initially lost in Pulau Betong/2008. — Helen

  3. Helen, properties in Penang has gone beyond the reach of most regular folks here, younger ones especially.

    Property prices have soared at least one fold since 2008.

    Personally I’m getting very concern with the way the state government manage the property development in Penang.

    Recently, there was an uproar among residents in Sungai Ara area due to a new hillside development being approved by the state government. One of the municipal councillors, Lim Mah Hui, has claimed that he’s not privy to the project approval as it was approved by the one-stop-centre presided by four other councillors and department heads (sic). He appeared to be lending his support at the recent meeting among the residents of that area. The spoke person for the residents, Manuel Nicholas has remarked during the gathering, that 80 acres of the land was awarded to Sunway City and was classified as Projek Istimewa.

    Here’s another news on this:
    Residents protest against hillside development</a


    I know about the hillsides. My late mom used to live in Tg Bungah & we would go up to Batu Ferringhi to visit my aunt.

    LMH is a great disappointment! See sPICE: Dr Lim Mah Hui harus bersuara demi kepentingan awam.

    1. Hmmm …

      There were Sino-Malay race riots in S’pore in July 1964. Roughly about a year later to the month, S’pore was expelled from M’sia.

      S’pore had a population of 1,842,000 in 1964, say about 3/4 of them Chinese. The same year Malaysia had a population of 9,226,255 (including S’pore), which made S’pore residents 1:5 M’sia residents.

      So you can see the destabilizing effect of the S’pore Chinese population size on M’sia.

      The first of the 10-year Malaysian census was taken in 1970, then 1980, 1991, 2000, 2010. In 1957, Malays were 49.8%, Chinese 37.2%.

      1. Tombak is right, It was a DAP plan .

        But they show their hand by making a move by trying to convince the Sultan of Kedah, to drop the payment of 10,00 spanish gold, as payment to the Kedah govt.

        This is an annual rent paid by british for the rental for penang and seberang perai, which any subsequent goverment must pay to the Kedah Sultan /state.

        The removal of this payment is the first of many step of legal move that is needed. Because the island still technical belong to kedah, via a rental/lease agreement with the british and now the state of penang.

        And by law, the change of new leasee must be agreed by the Sultan of Kedah. If the change of goverment in penang (ie DAP tries to claim independence ) , the sultan of kedah is not in agreement , he can reclaim back the land as breach of the aggrement.

        Remember By law, all contract must include a payment ,even if it is a token sum of 1ringgit.( Hence Assnuar punasihat salary of 2 ringgit paid by the selangor state goverment, but his other perks , allowence and bonus is not disclose to public)

        If no payment is paid……… well i will leave it to the other blogger to find out . it is basic contract law

        helen care to comment , by the way say to the guys at CPI for me

  4. Correction
    Helen care to comment , by the way say HI to the guys at CPI for me. thanks

  5. Helen probably derived her analogy of dumb blonde procreating with a rich, ugly millionaire from George Bernard Shaw, who was credited for this exchange with a beautiful dancer, Isadora:

    Isadora:”Will you be the father of my next child?A combination of my beauty and your brains would startle the world”

    George Bernard Shaw: “I must decline your offer with thanks, for the child might have my beauty and your brains.”

    Isadora was a big believer in eugenics and deserved that put-down. Shaw’s response was the du-jour comeback/insult that the learned folks of yesteryear would dish out.

    Nowadays, we use popular culture. Hence dumb blonde and ugly millionaire is apt!

    Is the insertion of this paraphrased analogy cum insult a DAP tactic? I am asking innocently, not trying to be facetious or sarcastic. Are you also following DAP style in using “street-fighting words”?

    Well something instructive from US politics. It’s a quote from Barack:

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,”

    So, I suggest you up the ante.

  6. mamak memang mengaku dia mamak tapi zairil khir johari mengaku dia melayu pasal apa..guna nama khir johari ..sepatutnya guna nama abdullah sebagai bapanya..kerana mak dia kahwin dgn khir johari maka dia layak guna nama khir johari..piiiiiii rah kata orang penang..jadi guan eng jgn war-war kata setpol saya melayu..kata lah setpol saya malaysian.

  7. That was quite a delicious piece of your mind, Helen! Actually apple polishing exists in every party but Zairil seems to have jumped into it with great finesse. Wonder what his late daddy would think of it because TS Khir is famous for calling a spade a spade in the most witty way and that was why people loved him. It’s fun to watch the intellectuals fight … So stylish even when being petty.

    1. No. His spade was a diamond in the case of Zairil. Of the sharp pointed kind.

      They say Zairil’s birth date precedes that of his mother’s marriage to Khir. That led to a lot of speculation. At best, he’s a bastard. Correct if the irregularity attached to those dates is confirmed.

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