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Woo-hoo … Bersih 3.0 here they come!

Federal Territories MCA Youth chief Chiew Lian Keng has urged Bersih 3.0 to call off its rally at Dataran Merdeka.

This was reported yesterday in Malaysiakini under the headline ‘Stay away from Dataran, urges FT MCA leader‘ (April 13).

UPDATE: This article is Part 1 of the DAPster trilogy. Part 2: “Lu bukan cantik, apa pasal orang mau ‘bogelkan’ you?” & Part 3: Straight from the Hosanna’s mouth, haw-haw-haw.

Please proceed to Part 3 to participate in the reader discussion.

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Chiew Lian Keng’s call to Bersih had outraged dedicated readers of the news portal and many left their angry comments on the article.

Screenshots (below) of the comments made by Malaysiakini readers have been grouped thematically under topic headings; they are thus not in chronological order.

While we have come to expect DAPsters to slur opponents with labels such as “goons”, “nincompoop”, “idiots”, etc. (all these examples are indeed to be found in the Malaysiakini readers’ responses to Chiew Lian Keng), nonetheless the volume and intensity of the comments this time are simply staggering.

And mind you, what you’re about to see more of below – all taken from feedback to a single article – is only a partial sampling from early yesterday afternoon. Later comments from last evening and night are not included.

Do note some of the pseudonyms and avatars used by the Malaysiakini subscribers (only paying readers are allowed to comment). They call themselves ‘Multiracial’, ‘Fairness for All’, ‘Democrat’, ‘Righteous’ among others.

They use, among others, the anti-Lynas logo as well as the Penang flag as their avatars.

It is highly instructive to spare some time to read the comments as they indicate the strength of support by opposition followers for the planned Bersih sit-in. They also express how DAPsters feel about MCA.

MCA go to hell

Die, MCA, die

MCA close shop

The ‘F’ word

Kissing Umno’s arse

The putdown

MCA shut up


Umno’s running dog

More ‘dog’ digs

Still bashing ‘Ms Tow Truck’

‘Prostitute’, ‘pariah’ & other invectives


Holier than thou


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80 thoughts on “Woo-hoo … Bersih 3.0 here they come!

  1. If all malaysian think and speak like that susah lah malaysia.

    Cannot imagine that people have descended down to desktop insults while thinking they are doing something angelic or saving something… Cannot also imagine whether the same typist will descend to Bersih to siege (among the suburbian type looking people with topiahs)

    Hopefully it is just their cybertrooper (multiply by 10 times or ID per person)

    Don’t know what will happen if Malaysia is lead by such type of people if really they existed.

    At MK, they’re registered & paying subscribers unlike the portal’s free-to-read online rivals. Some of the commenters – anonymousA, fairnessforall, 20121221Disaster – for instance, were already leaving comments on my writings when I was a columnist, which was some years back. Others have their own blogs, like ‘toffeesturn’. — Helen

  2. I am so tired of these Bersih agitators that if I have ***, I would [*** edited]. These bersih supporters are actually people with evil hearts and deserve to be [*** edited].

  3. If May 13 were to erupt again, blame it on the Bersih agigators and all those arrogant, belligerent opposition supporters. these people just did not understand what DYMM Yang diPertuan Agong and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib had said and promised during the installation ceremony of Wednesday.

  4. My god !! What is happening to these people ? Is Malaysia that bad ? Why they have so much hate in themselves ? Where they learn that kind of languages ? Are they human ? What schools they go to ? These people should be in cages , do you think so ?

  5. Helen, kalau dilihat dari komentar di Malaysiakini, orang cina di Malaysia semakin racist, tapi tidak mahu mengaku.

    namun begitu, yang pasti Helen, yang komen di Malaysiakini tu takkan ada di Dataran Merdeka untuk bersih 3.0.percayalah. hahahahhaa…orang melayu ada maaa!!

  6. It’s not about fair election. They hate Malays (read Umno). If that kind of viciousness is reciprocated by just 10% of Malays, racial riots would almost be a certainty. Most M’kini comments are from non Malay, and chinese sounding names. I don’t think Indians and Malay would care about the politics of Mca.

    SPR already gave most of what they want. Perhaps they just want a slap when the authorities get fed up. Think about it, how could a man who ran as an independent win against the might of Umno, if the election is rigged, as they claim. I’d advice the Fru to get ready with water cannons and smoke bombs this time, and not to feed them out of our tax money.

    Semoga kita dapat hidup aman di bumi bertuah ini tanpa diganggu gugat oleh kebodohan mereka yang jahil.

    Correct. “Viciousness” is the operative word. — Helen

  7. Helen,

    See. i told you. DAP’s way of winning seats is by condemning any other Chinese party that allies with Malays ( meaning UMNO( as selling Chinese interest.

    whereas MCA just accept reality that due to Malays being the largest race( in term of percentage of population) , there is no way any politician with brain can ignore that.

    But calm down. DAP’ target actuaaly is not MCA. It is UMNO. It is UMNO that is standing against DAP. It is UMNO that preventing DAP from DAP instituting “Malaysian Malaysia “( or rather Lim Dynasty Malaysia”

    As such, the hate campaign( as long as i can remember) will go on and on , election fever or not.

    Helen, I used to stay in kg Baru when I was a bachelor. If you wannt to know what DAP did during 1969 that leads to May 13, 1969, then visit Kg Baru. Try talking to all these “pak lebai” and “tok imam’ who are born and bred there. They will tell you what exactly Kit siang did that lead to May 13, 1969.

    On another note, UMNO received decades of bashing from PAS for alliance with MCA. I heard ( on my 2 ears) how they condemned Dr mahathir as “pharaoh” in mosque Taman Kosas way back 10 years ago.

    PAS then simply refused to accept reality that in a country with 40% non Malays, any Malay party must have alliance with non Malays. Nothing magic about that. Just the reality.

    It was easier for UMNO to follow PAS . It would save it from eternal condemnation. But whatever said about UMNO, it holds to its principle.

    But of course, in politics nothing is permanent. PAS now “befriends” DAP or rather as Malays see it “kowtow” to DAP.

    As a person who have nothing against you ( meaning Helen) and fellow Malaysian chinese, I would like to advise on a saying “senjata makan tuan’.

    meaning a knife can sometimes cuts both way. Tolerating DAP’s dangerous manouvre( by keeping quiet and giving tacit approval) in the hope to threaten UMNO to give way CAN BACKFIRE.

    The “senjata Makan Tuan” was amply used resulting in Perak falling to UMNO back. Anwar’s manouvre in luring ADUN Bota to switch side provokes response by Najib. He just “lured’ 3 PR ADUN to topple the govt. the message is clear. “I can do what you do at a greater effect”.

    Had Anwar not tried to lure UMNO’s ADUN, Nizar i believe is still the MB.

    But of course, they say “greed” can destroy.

    1. re: “Tolerating DAP’s dangerous manouvre by keeping quiet and giving tacit approval”

      Those few Chinese who do not tolerate & do not keep quiet become victims of the DAPster smear campaign & all kinds of dirty tricks untuk jatuhkan nama kami.

      This sampling of Chiew Lian Keng’s harrowing experience gives an idea of the kind of irrational aggression we’re up against.

      You might say the above is just online behaviour by DAPsters but there was MCA Selangor Beliawanis chief Jessie Ooi (dubbed Ms Tow Truck by them) who not only had her family business threatened but also saw the Penang Municipal Council getting into the act of intimidating her, see ‘MPPP lancarkan serangan politik ke atas Jessie Ooi

      And Ceylyn Tay, the Ipoh municipal councillor who overnight become viral in social media and kena taruh kaw-kaw venomously by the DAPsters.

      Then there was the Wanita MCA Penang chief Tan Cheng Liang who had to be escorted out of a public forum to her car due to harassment by the pro-opposition crowd. The Pakatan politicians at the forum did nothing to placate or to try to tamp down the crowd’s aggressive behaviour, see ‘Ke mana halatuju dengan perangai ditunjukkan orang Penang?

      What happened to MCA’s deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong at the Dong Jiao Zong rally has been amply recorded.

      Again you might say that the rowdiness came from the supporters. But then again, their leaders brook no dissent and themselves encourage the followers to attack critics and political opponents.

      If the attack comes from the political secretary of Lim Guan Eng, see ‘Zairil defends the Dear Leader ‘selling a 103 acres land to a single private developer’ and from DAP frontline politicians getting extensive media exposure & wide platform, see ‘Pertunjukan pentas Ariff & Aspan’, then the excuse that DAP cannot be held responsible for the violent actions of its members or party faithful no longer holds water.

      You’re right that the ultimate target for DAP is Umno. But before that, the party wants to obliterate MCA & Gerakan and DAPsters would like nothing better than to annihilate any vocal Chinese who are “not with them and therefore regarded as against them”. See DAPster Trong’s fitnah – comment #31 against me in ‘Aku Cina‘. They are very vindictive not to mention unscrupulous, stopping at nothing.

      After I blogged the following story – ‘Guan Eng masih lagi mahu pusing hal Johor itu‘ – I no longer received any further invitations from the organization to attend their events.

      “They” (protectors of the Dynasty) have an extensive reach. I know of critics who have had their e-mail hacked.

      1. Politics of hate, eh?

        Saya rasa kebencian ini bersifat terapeutik. Cuba bayangkan, ramai warganegara Malaysia berketurunan Cina sudah berpuluh-puluh tahun berasa terpinggir and dianaktiri oleh Kerajaan. Dalam BN pun, UMNO abang, MCA adik. Suka tak suka, persepsi komuniti Cina bahawa mereka hidup di bawah telunjuk orang Melayu itu subur dan segar, dan diterima majoriti sebagai realiti. Tidakkah begitu? Bukankah orang Melayu jua yang suka mengingatkan bahawa ini asalnya bumi Melayu dan kuasa politik itulah satu-satunya pegangan mereka untuk menangkis kuasa ekonomi orang Cina di Malaysia?

        Kalau sudah begitu, kenapa nampak terkejut atau di luar jangkaan kalau ada sentimen penindasan-ditindas antara orang Melayu and Cina di negara ini. Sudah berzaman tuduhan-tuduhan ini dilontarkan – Cina bolot perniagaan, semua kakitangan kerajaan Melayu, Cina tak kenang budi diberi kerakyatan, Melayu tak kenang sumbangan bukan Melayu dsbnya.

        Kenapa semuanya hilang kewarasan dan dipermainkan oleh golongan elit dan bangsawan kita yang rata-ratanya harmonis sesama kaum kerana berkiblatkan wang ringgit? Saya tak nampak Ananda Krishnan atau Tony Fernandez rasa terpanggil untuk menyokong Hindraf, dan saya juga tak nampak Francis Yeoh atau Vincent Tan terpanggil untuk menyokong DJZ, dan saya juga tak pernah nampak Nasimuddin atau Syed Bukhary terpanggil untuk memastikan semua kakitangan korporatnya Melayu.

        Habis tu?

        Manusia perlu praktis dan realistik, dan hanya yang taaksub sahaja yang tak nampak permainan dan percaturan politik sekarang. Saya mengalu-alukan semangat dan passion kawan-kawan kita dari Bersih, Lynas, Perkasa dan Hindraf, tetapi mereka semua itu hanya umpan undi. Kita perlukan manusia-manusia yang cetek akal dan buta hati, sebab kalau semuanya rasional, tak akan ada apa-apa masalah yang perlu diselesaikan.

        Jadi, saya pragmatik, kerana ada golongan DAPster yang berbuih di mulut dan kesat bahasanya, maka akan ada yang berapi di mata dan kesan timbal baliknya. Diperlaga kem-kem yang bertentangan, dan rajin-rajinlah korek rahsia dan salah laku – yang menanggung kesan positifnya adalah rakyat. Ini satu balance atau keseimbangan yang diperlukan, kerajaan yang lemah, pembangkang yang kuat, baik mana-mananya BN atau PKR. BN sebagai pembangkang di Penang akan rajin korek PKR, dan PKR sebagai pembangkang di Perak akan rajin korek BN.

        Kita tak perlu gusar, kita hanya perlu risau apabila majoriti hilang akal dan hanya menyokong satu-satu belah, seperti mana yang dinikmati oleh BN selama ini untuk sekian lamanya.

      2. My sympathys to you helen ,in view of the vicious degrading attacks on any chinese who oppose them via DAP cyber troopers.

        My view on this fenomena is base on one of LKY peech on how the CHINESE VOTE . He said that the chinese will vote like placing a bet, they will back who they think is the winning horse.

        So the need to show to the non partcipating chinese that DAP are the clear winner in every cyber arena is their holy grail .

        Hence the show of force in cyber space with Komtar gestapo, on every major cyber news portal.

        So your blog appearance in English and BM is now a thorn in their hip.

        So my suggestion to you and fellow reader is to focus in spreading link in the malaysian cyberspace.

        Sis, can you share the readership trend and figures with the rest of us. It will motivate us to know that our effort are working.

        Helen, I can safely assume that many of us do not see eye to eye on many issue , but the comman factor among us , is that we ALREADY CAN SEE THE TRUE FACE OF DAP. and the danger our it use of hate politics.



        Lu Orang Sendiri Pikir.


        The rise of this blog has been meteoric, hence the Vong, Trong & sshsn incessant slanders.

        Alexa ranking (M’sia): Today I’m 6,018 compared to Haris Ibrahim (18,398), Anil Netto (9,003) & Zorro (6,163). However, these rankings are fluid & change daily.

        WordPress (BM): Today, this posting is Top Post and also Top Blog in Blog of the Day.

        So far this blog has processed some 4,350 comments. Reader participation is active. That’s why I’m under Komtarwatch.


      3. ‘majoriti hilang akal’? MAJORITY still have their sanity for choosing peace & harmony rather than inconsistency in own stand & lots of hatred voiced in the opposition team!! if we take the language used by many opposition leaders & hardcore fans, we can simply judge how low their minds are!! bashing others to achieve satisfaction exists in most of their speeches & comments. this is not acceptable in our religion & culture… i pray that none of my children, grandchildren & future descendants would follow or have the intention of becoming a fan of the opposition camp for any reasons but distinctive one: too righteous-self (Holier-than-thou mentality)!!

    1. MYIN i like your humanity spirit, i sat by and hope that reasonable people will thiank reasonable.

      my view is that humanity spirit come with thinking, via mind. But hate comes from feelings, via the heart.

      But asian are so emotional, hence hate wins easily over your humanity spirit

      But what is your propose action to counter the hate politics by our politician?, do tell instead.

      1. MYiN, i didn’t read the link above in your artical before i penned the above reply.

        It is primary school level, reverse physicological propaganda dribble .

        If that solution, you might as well wear Anuar’s used condom on your head and claim it makes you smarter, only then i will agree.

        yes, i will agree that you are not as smart as you think.

      2. In China, under the rule of Mao, all these miscreants were rounded up, killed or maimed. The rest were put labour camps and had their minds rebooted. Perhaps the Government can come up a mechanism where all these political and economic miscreants could have their minds rebooted and accept the fact that they are most fortunate Chinaman in the whole world. The BN have given them almost everything and yet they want more. The silent majority, meanwhile, suffer in silence but tolerance and patience have a limit. Push it too far and something has to break. Do we want to suffer the fate like the Iraqis?

    2. Dear i hate n’s’sync, you put point across well. Some i can understand and agree with the message. It is about how the minority really feels as Malaysian. it was a fine until the blame game started.

      “Kita tak perlu gusar, kita hanya perlu risau apabila majoriti hilang akal dan hanya menyokong satu-satu belah, seperti mana yang dinikmati oleh BN selama ini untuk sekian lamanya.”

      The above statement should be as follows “kita hanya perlu risau apabila majoriti hilang akal.” and leave it at that for your
      ‘club members’ to ponder when the shit hit the fan.

      If this advice is considerd as a threat, because you choose to see it as one, so be it . If an adult see a child playing with fire, and sternly warns him, does that considered a threat or and advice?.

      It is not about who is right or wrong. It is about what WE will lose if thing carry on this way. I am all for A RESPONSIBLE opposition in our country, as a means of check and balance .
      But this all or nothing politics of sowing hatered ,WILL come to grief.

      Now try and put other’s shoe on your foot, Are you aware what the ‘majority ‘ aspiration for their homeland and their brethens?.

      May be you will find that, they are not so diffrent after all .

      1. Wahai saudara Kotay,

        Saya tak berpihak kepada BN mahupun PR. Saya percaya ramai orang Malaysia macam Shamshul, Helen dan anda, semuanya faham konsep balance and ingin melihat rakyat Malaysia hidup rukun damai. Namun, kita perlu ada had dan limitasi. Jangan termakan pengaruh orang politik (baik pembangkang manhupun kerajaan), yang meracuni pemikiran kita dengan rekaan-rekaan sosial seperti “kuasa” Melayu, “identiti” Cina dan banyak lagi.

        Kekuatan sesebuah negara terletak pada nilai-nilai sejagat rakyatnya yang boleh digerakkan ke arah kecemerlangan. Budaya kuasa dan wang tidak boleh bertahan lama. Hanya semangat cinta akan negara sahaja yang mampu menyeru pengorbanan oleh semua rakyat jelata, bukan semangat cinta akan bangsa keturunan tertentu.

        Apabila Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. berhijrah dari Mekah ke Madinah selepas Yathrib, apakah baginda membeza-bezakan antara Ansar dengan Khazraj? Hak orang Islam dengan bukan Islam adalah sama di sisi undang-undang menurut contoh perjanjian Madinah. Saya percaya telah diseru agar orang-orang yang beriman dan takut kepada Allah harus melawan orang-orang yang melakukan kejahatan, meskipun di antara mereka sendiri. Juga orang-orang yang melakukan ketidakadilan, dosa atau kerusakan dan kerugian ( korupsi) di antara mereka sendiri. Mereka harus bersama-sama melawan semua itu, meskipun terhadap anaknya sendiri. Tuntutannya kepada bukan Islam adalah untuk kerjasama membangunkan negara, perpaduan, saling bantu-membantu – bukannya hubungan abang-adik. Bukan tuan rumah dengan penyewa. Bukan tauke dengan pekerja. Bukan dianiaya atau dimusuhi, atau dijadikan musuh dalam selimut.

        Ya, saya sememangnya cuba memahami sentimen kawan-kawan kita berketurunan yang Melayu, Cina dan India. UMNO atau Keadilian, MCA atau DAP, itu semua wayang politik. Kalau nak menang undi, kena berlakon, itu sudah lumrah proses demokrasi. Saudara Kotay patut risau akan pembencian yang disemaikan orang-orang politik, tapi saudara juga patut risau akan pemalsuan, fitnah, puterbelit dan stererotaip yang disuapkan kepada rakyat jelata, baik dari BN atau PR. Konsep DEB memang cukup sempurna, tapi malangnya dihijack oleh golongan elit untuk meraih harta kekayaan dan digunakan sebagai jalan singkat. Kalau asas perbezaan antara kaum itu jurang ekonomi, betulkan sahajalah mengikut pendekatan bantuan kemiskinan tanpa mengira kaum. Itu pandangan DEB asalnya, tetapi sampai ke rakyat sebagai hak orang Melayu untuk terus dicandukan dengan keuntungan atas angin dan rent-seeking economy.

  8. These people do not deserved to be malaysian..i hope they eventually migrate to australia..all of them to the down under of hypocrisy.

    Surprising these people in malaysiakini think they are the pnnacle of democeatic reality hey are the dregs of a stagnant mentality.

  9. I hope Umno win the GE, MCA wiped out. PAS & PKR 95% rejected. Then we have Umno vs Dap in the parliament. Then we can label all Dap MP whenever they want to oppose Umno as communist. Then Umno MP can start calling them names, and ask them to migrate if they don’t like this country.
    That time there wont be Anwar, Azizah, Hj Hadi or Azmin to defend them. Because they also will be rejected by the voters. Then Anwar, Hj Hadji & Nik Aziz will grow old and die and then Umno can do whatever they wamt. If communist Dap want to riot or revolt, Umno can send police, Rela, Fru and army to crush them and kick them into the drain. Then they will block capital from going out of this country, so if this communist Dap dont like, they can pack and off to zimbabwe, leaving their money behind. Then they can shout and complaint about malaysia to the international community from Zimbabwe. The rest of the world wont give a shit about them.

    It will be happy ending for majority of people in this country and sad tragic to the communist Dap. This is my prediction only. Haha

    The end

  10. Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    The devil – we know: the Police said 5,000 of them at Bersih 2 although they propagandized the figure to be 50,000. Imagine the huge discrepancy, the vast difference in perception. But to the organizers and supporters, it was not a matter of perception of numbers, but a deliberate attempt at projecting the extent of the so-called popular support.

    Careful now, we must not get carried away into believing what they claim. Helen’s post above may also give an impression of a huge number of the errant devils in M’kini. But think of how many may have come from just one and the same laptop, the same IP address. Ridhuan Tee changed his non-moderated commenting to a moderated mode explaining that one bloke submitted hundreds of nonsensical comments. Presumably the same bloke who had many months earlier copy pasted hundreds of comments and excerpts of articles in The Rocket, Harakah and Suara Rakyat, many hardly relevant to the blog post.

    The deep blue sea – the turmoil brought about by half measures in the maintenance of peace and order. Damn this thing called democracy. It’s interpretation can be written on A4 paper laid miles long. Laws have been made to protect that very democracy. But propagandized otherwise by the Opposition – undemocratic, they say. And when a “flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy” administration did not counter the propaganda effectively, made worse by so many blunders like running to Beijing to apologize for a “Chinese national being forced to squat naked” in a routine bodily drug-concealment inspection procedure and having to apologize to the Malaysian public when later verified that it was not a Chinese national but a Malay woman.

    Effective counter propaganda there must be. Like the Election Commission Chairman yesterday said the Opposition must show proof on their allegations. They must keep repeating such every time EC officials come to the press to speak on any EC issues. 22 so-called demands at Bersih 2 nonsense. Only 8 were valid EC issues, the rest were DAP, PAS and PKR issues. Now talking about the so-called cleaning the electoral rolls. Not accepting the explanations that, other than taking out the names of voters certified dead, other “doubtful cases” need verification by the appropriate authorities to avoid unwarranted and messy legal suits by affected parties.

    The Government Information machinery must play their part. Be pro-active and not just wait for things said, then only react. Rais Yatim does not appear to be able to get the machinery to be moving effectively. Bernama even has poor English reporting, let alone depth in content. And Najib does not want any rocking of the boat, hardly any cabinet changes on the basis of performance, despite KRA this and that said to be handled by Koh Siew Koon.

    Of course, the Opposition goons exploit each and every weakness of the Establishment that surfaces, like those in the Aud G Report. (If they can call others goons, why can’t they be called the same?). They care not that various actions – both publicized and unpublicized – have been taken. For example, NFC assets have been frozen, the Chairman and Directors charged in court and Shahrizat has resigned – despite no evidence of her wrong doing so far – yet these goons still raise the NFC issue endlessly. Goonism knows no limit, has no boundary.

    To be continued ..

    Shahrizat did not resign her Cabinet post. Her senatorship lapsed & was not renewed, hence making her ineligible to be federal minister. If she wants to be seen as withdrawing, then give up her Wanita Umno presidency. — Helen

  11. Continuation:

    The blokes (check the dictionary if you think this word is offensive) going to the Bersih rally do so for a variety of reasons. These include entertainment – watching the spectacle, the habit of many Malaysians, like stopping by at accident sites, some jotting down the vehicle numbers for 4 Digit purchases. What more when petrol and pocket money may be given for attending the rally. The young at university residential colleges, at private hostels or cooked up in rented rooms, hardly knowing those in the other rooms, need to go out and find some excitement during the week end.

    Many may not know and won’t bother to find out that Bersih 2 was not even a legal entity and Bersih 3 may still be so, despite being headed by a lawyer. We all were like that one time in our late teens and twenties, weren’t we? But Samad Said may want to be there in the aura of popularity, in front of a huge audience, one that no public hall can accommodate, thinking of reciting his poems, or getting inspiration for new ones. And Ambiga perhaps hoping for a safe constituency to be offered by one of the Opposition parties.

    Yes, there’ll be the hardcore so-called “democratic” Democrartic Action Party fellows, the tidak adil Parti Keadilan Rakyat (even the former Justice Minister bolted out in disgust of “tak adil” party election procedures and PKR became a family party), and the buang jubah and sarban but ketayap-clad unIslamic Parti Islam SeMalaya members, dreaming of Hadi Awang becoming PM, when he is the kind of man who, disgusted in defeat at a Sarawak PRK (Batang Ai 2009?), humiliated fellow Malaysians, the Ibans, as “immature” and still “pakai cawat”.

    These fellows even harbor thoughts of Arab Spring, not realizing that Malaysian conditions on democracy are simply not comparable to the Aab countries, and that even after one year, the Arab Springers in Egypt are still not getting exactly what they wanted. Instead are suffering turmoil, uncertainty, instability, ramshackled economy and joblessness.

    To be continued ..

    To give credit where credit is due, Pak Samad’s ‘Unggun’ was a good poem lah. — Helen

    1. British PM David Cameron says he has changed his mind on whether the BBC comedy series Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister is accurate and true to life. Not so as a student but yes so later in life.

      So, students often see things differently – they don’t have the relevant facts. So are many of the Bersih youngsters who may even be fed the wrong facts. From the Rocket, Harakah, Suara Keadilan and he Oppo blogs.

      Sir Antony Jay, co-writer of the comedy series, says

      “I think possibly the younger you are, the more idealistic you are. The higher up you get, the more you realise that the personal interest in status and power and money looms larger and larger – and the reality starts to strike.”

      But of course, there are always those who attend Bersih simply membabi buta. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum kind. Minus the rum.

      And the Malaysiakini kind. Who may not even attend but shout and cheer from outside the lines – from cyber space lines.

      Rebellious youths tend to be attracted to anti-establishment. This is the chink in the Umno armour, vote-wise. Your thoughts & input? — Helen

      1. Well it more like pop culture(popular culture) the young and trendy are just folowing what their friends without giving deep thought ,or life experience to seperated the wheat from the chaff.

        But do not wre them off yet .

      2. Precisely. Not just UMNO but the other parties as well. Including the Opposition parties.

        Najib knows this and is right in having tackled this for some time already. Through various means. But I would avoid talking about the details of what are being done. If DAP wants to pay me the price of the Bayan Mutiara state land, I might consider, hahaha. Must spell out my hahaha, lest some blokes accuse me of being corruptible.

        Najib also knows it because the Ketua Pemuda UMNO has been a useless bloke. When past Ketua Pemuda always rallied the youth under various activities like persatuan silat since 30-40 years ago, this bloke has not done anything of the sort that I read about. No doubt he won the Ketua Post with just over a third Perwakilan votes. But he could have got the supporters of the other two candidates together under his banner after winning.

        The fact that he has at times been talking off tangent, not towing the line, so immature as publicly saying wanting to be PM by 40, rushing to personally carry and hand over Anwar’s passport upon being released from prison, suggests that Najib is right in ignoring him. Never in the history of UMNO Youth was the Ketua not being given apa apa in the Establishment.

        But Najib looks after the others who tow his line and who have no image problem among UMNO grass roots. Hence the recent Dataran Merdeka gathering involving 1,000 kompangs attracted some 60,000 people many of whom were youths.

  12. Continuation:

    I read that the Peaceful Assemblies Act is not in force yet. Already passed by Parliament but not yet gazetted or officially notified to the public to be in force. So, the Government can still enforce existing laws without regard to the new legislation. Demand that Bersih register itself as an NGO or as a political body. Demand to see their constitution. Demand to see the objectives for setting up the organization. Demand for a formal and certified list of their office bearers or committee members who will be made responsible for any improper behaviour.

    Now, if they keep making demands, why can’t the Government or Police make demands from them?

    I’m all for freedom but there must be limits. Freedom is never absolute. Rights under any democracy work many ways. The non political-minded citizens who struggle to make ends meet, living from hand to mouth, kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang, must not be hampered form earning their living by any traffic jam, commotion and the like during any rally.

    The Government has a right to protect the rights of these poor and often miserable creatures, too. Bersih blokes must be reasonable. Rally at a location that’ll disturb the rights of others the least. Ain’t that the fair, just, democratic and Islamic thing to do?

  13. Blame the DAP leaders for failing to be role models. DAP supporters uncouth attitude is a mirror image of their leaders. Recall the Malay proverb, “bapak kencing berdiri, anak kencing berlari”. Sigh.

    1. I doubt it, DAPsters are full of hate, even when they migrate to UK or austrapia..they tell seethung lies about malaysia….no need role model they are a bumch on bitter people..soulless and anglophile..jesus couldmnot quench their unearthly hate

      Perceptive of you. Yeah, where’s the brotherly lurrrrve they’re always preaching about? — Helen

    2. I hope the DAP leaders and supporters will kencing in their skirts and pants the minute they knew the results in the coming PRU13 where, if I have my way, none of their candidates won. How? I am working with some of the best IT experts in the world to hack the EC voter list and make sure that none of the DAP and opposition supporters can cast their vote. How? By making sure that the election officers cannot access their MyKad numbers, each and everyone of them, come polling day. Ha! Ha!

  14. I thnk that a greater understanding and acceptance of our differences is essential toward the goal of becoming Bangsa Malaysia. And in this saya berpendapat bahawa jalan yang paling dekat ke arah itu adalah bersama Barisan Nasional. Saya terima bahawa buat masa sekarang ini, semangat bangsa sangat menebal dalam ahli Umno, Mca dan Mic. Tapi saya juga ingin menekankan bahawa kita juga tidak perlu untuk memusuhi Umno, kerana selama ini Umno juga kerap beralah dan menjaga kepentingan bangsa-bangsa lain dalam Barisan Nasional. Bandingkanlah dengan pendekatan agresif dan konfrontasi dari Pakatan Rakyat.

    Masyarakat Malaysia kena terima bahawa bangsa Melayu yang merupakan majoriti dalam negara ini. Mereka boleh pilih samada Umno yang bersikap sederhana terhadap kaum lain atau memilih Pas yang memperjuangkan hudud. Sebagai orang Melayu Islam saya tidak keberatan dan boleh hidup di bawah perlaksanaan hudud, walaupun mendaftar sebagai ahli Umno. Takkan mungkin buat masa sekarang kaum minoriti menjadi pemimpin tertinggi seperti di Thailand, dan pemisahan persekolahan dan sosial akan terus menjadi dinding dan sempadan kearah pembentukan Bangsa Malaysia. Tambah lagi sikap konfrontasi para pemimpin parti bukan Melayu. dan penyokongnya.. You’re just making things harder for us all.

    Semoga kita dapat hidup aman di bumi bertuah ini.

  15. I think, living in Malaysia, every race has things that they are not happy about. You speak to a malay, he/she has something to complain about, speak to an Indian, the same and Chinese too the same. The thing is, every one has to give and take. If you can’t or won’t do that, than you can’t live here.

    1. Agreed. Must be based on the Constitution, please. Any one not respecting it “can’t live here.”

  16. Thank you for your understanding the spirit of humanity. The solution is simple just embrace the truth for humanity, not one’s self motivated agenda that flares the hate politics that you observe to protect and enhance them whereas humanity goes astray.It is we as individuals who can foresee and work for one another irrespective of our origin without expectation whether it is BN/PR for the truth.Then maybe we have found the middle earth for humanity to survive. The result is not in our hands nor the expectation but if it is the truth for another how wrong can we go.

  17. I hate NSync,

    “…dalam Bn UMNO abang MCA adik…”

    that is what we call the law of human nature. Why UMNO dominates BN actually? why? Because UMNO has the most number of seats in BN.

    Example: in selangor 18 out of 20 seats won by BN are held by UMNO. In Penang, all seat won by BN are won by UMNO. In Perak, out of 28 seats held by BN, 27 are from UMNO.

    that is the reason behind the dominance. Nothing racial about that. As an example, if you have 70% share in a company, naturally you are the “king maker” even though you put someone else as CEO.

    But why UMNO has the most number of seats? Because the Malays form the largest block of voters due to one simple fact:there are the largest race in Malaysia.

    The same goes to Penang. why DAP dominates Penang govt. because out of 29 seats won by PR, 19 are from DAP.

    1. Shamshul,

      Saya rasa perlu diperbetul atau diperinci konsep “UMNO abang, MCA adik”. Kalau setakat nak bersandarkan kepada majoriti electorate atau bilangan kerusi, itu dah boleh jadi macam-macam. Maka berasaskan pandangan Shamshul, maka dalam Pakatan, PKR (31 kerusi Parlimen) itu abang dan DAP (28 kerusi Parlimen) itu adiklah kan? Kiranya PAS adik bongsu lah dengan 23 kerusi Parlimen selepas PRU2008. Tapi, saya rasa itu pun tak betul sekarang sebab saya ingat PKR ada hilang beberapa orang MPs. So kiranya sekarang DAP-lah abang dan PKR dan PAS itu adik-adiklah. Dan menurut perhitungan saudara, saya kira DAP-lah yang menentukan berapa kerusi yang akan dipertandingkan oleh adik-adiknya, bukan begitu? So kira DSAI itu ketua parti pembangkang di Parlimen itu atas ehsan atau belas kasihan DAP?

      Saya masih ingat masa DAP berbuih mulutnya cakap pasal songkok dan menyelar MCA. Sekarang dah U-turn, siap bertudung lagi.

      Mesej saya senang aje, jangan terpedaya dengan cakap bohong dan bebal orang politik. Buka mata dan minda. Kalau abang dan adik itu ditentukan secara saiz kerusi Parlimen, atau saiz komuniti etnik tertentu, maka betul apa yang saya cakap tadi, Melayu itu abang, Cina itu adik. Kerana Shamshul termakan kerangka bodoh orang politik nak menyemaikan konsep “abang-adik” sesama rakyat jelata yang pendek akal untuk kepentingan undi mereka, maka pemahaman sesat ini berterusan. Bukankah ini yang menjadi batu penghalang kepada perpaduan? Macam mana nak cakap pasal perpaduan dan 1Malaysia kalau “diabang” dan “diadikkan” rakyat jelata mengikut kaum? Oh, banyak cantik nilai-nilai kekeluargaan dan kasih sayang sesama adik-beradik, tapi senang nak digunakan untuk menunjukkan bahawa sesuatu bangsa itu mempunyai hak yang lebih besar sebagai anak sulung. Bukankah Perlembagaan Malaysia mengatakan semua rakyat adalah sama di sisi undang-undang? Kedudukan istimewa itu tidak semestinya bererti kedudukan di atas, boleh jadi di bawah, di tepi, di kanan, di kiri atau di sisi.

      Saya bukan orang cerdik pandai, tapi saya boleh cium manipulasi manusia yang bertujuan untuk mengunci otak kita dalam penjara sosial yang direka oleh those in the coridors of power!

      Law of human nature? Law of the jungle-lah. Kalau orang Melayu nak jadi abang dan tak boleh memahami hak sama rata, tolong jangan tunjuk lagak murah hati “memberi” kerakyatan kepada orang bukan Melayu. Saya malu, saya malu kerana kita percaya rakyat Malaysia boleh diasingkan mengikut darjat, ada abang dan ada adik (dan adik angkat saya kira) kerana bilangan “abang” ramai. Tyranny of the majority, tak tengok isu dan situasi, tak tengok kebenaran, tak tengok keadilan, tak tengok keupayaan, tak tengok keutamaan – hanya kerana Melayu ramai, maka bukan Melayu boleh jadi “adik” sahaja. Apa yang hendak ditipu dan dipusing pasal PM bukan Melayu? Mana boleh adik jadi PM, abangkan masih ramai yang ada?

  18. Helen,

    Then as a chinese, you must be relentless in telling other Chinese how dangerous for chinese to support DAP that thrives on waging war againsts the Malays .

    It is not a one man job. I know how difficult it is. sometimes life are threatened for simply being different. and mind you, you are battling a part, DAP, that is yet to hold power. Imagine if DAP has power like UMNO has for decades now.

    I am sure Dr mahathir will be somewhere in prison under DAP version of ISA.

    Most Chinese seems not able to realise that they will be the ultimate losers by keeping silent( meaning tacitly approving) on DAP’s antics.

    I hear often enough of saying “guan eng is now king on the hill ” with regards to Chinese voters. Is that really true?

    They think he’s the emperor of heavenly mountain.– Helen

    1. Sikap perkauman yang menebal ini bukan sahaja di kalangan yang Melayu. Cina dan India pun sama. Ya, ITU human nature, itu fitrah. Tetapi inilah yang kita perlu tengok betul-betul. Kena teliti dan faham, kalau kita terus hentam ikut bangsa, polarisasi kaum akan tak berkesudahan. Kemenangan DAP akan diinterpretasi sebagai kemenangan Cina, kemenangan UNMO akan diinterpretasi sebagai kemenangan Melayu, bukankah itu bodoh namanya?

      Nasihat saya kepada orang BN, pakai hotak hang. Perikatan dan BN berjaya selama ini kerana majoriti rakyat Malaysia mengidamkan kedamaian dan keharmonian sesama kita semua. Baru-baru ini, Khir Toyol dan Mahathir menyentuh tentang kekuatan UMNO yang luar biasa akan membinasakan BN. Yang ada otak faham kenapa Pakatan boleh berjaya sekarang dan bukan dahulu, kerana mereka sedar kerangka Perikatan dan BN berasaskan perwakilan kaum itu masih valid, masih boleh pakai, itu sebabnya DAP, PKR dan PAS masih ada bau kerjasama Cina dan Melayu. Kalau 90% daripada jumlah penduduk negara ini boleh duduk sama-sama dan bersepakat, semua boleh jalan.

      Itu pemahaman rakyat jelata, and that is the wisdom of the masses. Kalau bukan kerana korupsi BN dan sifat tamak manusia (yang juga kebetulan human nature, absolute power corupts absolutely) sudah tenat dan kronik, ramai lagi yang masih akan pangkah dacing. Kalau Pakatan hendak ke Putrajaya, mereka perlu buktikan mereka ada persemuafakatan, keupayaan dan lebih bersih daripada putih salji. Dan kriteria pertama itu persemuafakatan – kerjasama antara parti yang mewakili kaum-kaum di Malaysia, that they can resolve inter-ethnic concerns in a pacifying and satisfactory manner. Penglibatan DAP dalam DJZ baru-baru ini satu kesilapan dan percaturan yang lemah kerana ini membuktikan kegagalan jalan tengah. Selama ini, sudah banyak keistimewaan yang dinikmati oleh golongan yang mempelopori penggunaan bahasa Mandarin dalam pendidikan rendah dan menengah. Tetapi apa yang ditonjolkan sudah menjadi fenomena “beri betis hendak paha”. Perception is king, and the truth is always the casualty in politics. Tengok saja Lynas, tengok saja Scorpene, tengok saja Bersih, tengok saja NFC, tengok saja PTPTN.

      Hakikat Malaysia maju kerana eksplotasi buruh menerusi sistem kapitalis, hakikat kehidupan kita di negara ini sudah banyak dicandukan dengan subsidi, hakikat ekonomi kita diapungkan kerana sumber asli – rakyat kita sudah diisi perutnya dan diajar berfikir dan semakin lantang, tapi masih ramai yang naive dan berfikiran mudah. Kebodohan nombor 1 yang terbaru saya dengar, dicadangkan PTPTN bagi sedekah saja duit rakyat Malaysia dekat graduan-graduan kita. Pancing undi saja saudara dan saudari! Kalau betul-betul dilaksanakan, lu pikir sendiri apa mesej dan implikasinya. Bayar dengan duit Petronas kononnya. Cakap macam tak pakai otak!

      Kerana hidup kita senang, banyak datang bergolek dan melayang, kita tak pernah get pushed for survival. Kita santai, kita rileks dan buat kerja secara ala kadar. Buat apa susah-susah, culture of excellence tak ada, hanya ada culture of power dan culture of wealth sahaja. Di kala rakyat jelata dibuaikan dengan hidangan politik masa kini, siapa yang mengemudikan jentera dan operasi negara? siapa yang menjana kekayaan dan ekonomi negara? Benda-benda penting seperti pendidikan, kesihatan dan kebajikan dipolitikkan. Dan yang menjadi tumpuan Jabatan Agama dan Jabatan Pendidikan adalah isu Kristianisasi. Komuniti agama berlaga kerana nak hakcipta istilah Allah untuk Tuhan untuk dibezakan dengan dewa, walaupun yang pelik dan ajaib itu semuanya merujuk kepada yang esa seperti mana yang dibawa oleh Nabi Ibrahim. Semua beli ipad, iphone, laptop – nak murah kalau boleh, tapi tak nak kilang nadir bumi. Macamlah semua tak nak incinerator sampah atau tempat pembuangan terbuka, tapi melenting bila kena caj bayaran untuk sisa-sisa kita. Semua nak kerja senang, gaji besar, tapi buat tak faham kesan inflasi jika gaji naik tapi produktiviti kekal sama. Tauke-tauke pula tak nak bayar gaji tinggi, tapi boleh rasa pelik apabila pekerjanya macam monyet. Semua cakap nak keamanan, keharmonian dan perpaduan, tapi buat macam-macam yang mengguris perasaan orang lain dan sengaja membawa cerita bodoh.

      God save the king, but we better start saving ourselves and each other.

  19. Helen,

    From chinese perspective, is it true that he is the undisputed no 1 man when it comes to Chinese politics. Not that i admire or believe him anyway. His performance is nothing to shout about. Or the truth I find him “imperalistic’.

    1. I find him scary.

      Note that MPPP attacked Jessie Ooi, Zairil attacked Khoo Kay Peng, Ng Wei Aik attacked Lim Boo Chang. Oh ya, and my cousin attacked me (ref. Overseas Bumi comment #45, April 9 @ 1:55pm).

      Examine who carried out all these attacks to get an idea of how ‘he’ operates.

      MPPP (his DAP appointees) attacks a Beliawanis for asking a question during Q & A, Zairil his polsec attacks a blogger for a mildly questioning write-up, Ng Wei Aik his polsec attacks a local councillor who objected to $PICE and KTC (who had his book launched by LGE) made that comment about me on FMT as well as on Facebook.

      PS: You Malays should be afraid, very afraid, of a slick streetfighter such as he.

      1. Our fear is the untold damage is race relations, all for selfish politcal gain across the social fabric.

      2. “untold damage in race relations” has already taken place on 13 May 1969. But chauvinistic, racist and subversive DAP never learns. Never bothered to. Arrogant, defiant, daredevil, not remorseful, dangerous, and “scary”, to use Helen’s word. The image one gets from looking at Lim Kit Siang’s face.

        They even went to the point of sponsoring the writing of the book that dastardly suggested Tun A Razak caused the race riots. And one comment here yesterday or so even suggested that the blasted book be used as a reference for the history of this country. Imagine that. A book so contradictory to the facts as known to historians and others all those 40 years.

        So-called “researched in England”, the book was probably based on reports written by British Embassy officers in KL at that time, using information tid bits, conjectures and speculation collected at Embassy cocktails and dinners, during curfews when no information was available and the city was awash with rumours and conspiracy theories. That sort of a book to be a history reference material? No, emphatically not, OK only as a novel. Even so, the book needs to be looked at by those responsible for enforcing the Sedition Act before release in Malaysia – if not yet done so.

        You see, Lim Kit Siang was DAP boss when the flagrant raising of race issues occurred prior to 13 May 1969. Now his son is DAP boss and race issues are raised flagrantly and brazenly again. The only way to avoid “untold damage in race relations” is to get rid of both of them. And Guan Eng’s son, too – he might otherwise continue the Lim dynasty. Rid them from the political scene. Permanently. For so long as they are there, their style of talking, ungkiting Article 152, 153, the position of Islam as the religion of the country etc tends to embolden others of their ilk to talk like them. Ungkiting. Flagrantly. Brazenly.

        ISA didn’t teach Lim Kit Siang a lesson. Neither did the nearly 2 years jail term for Guan Eng. And they even twist that to say Guan Eng was protecting a Malay girl from being done up by Rahim Thamby Chik, then CM of Melaka. Yet it was a girl who was said to be sleeping around with so many men that her credibility was nil. The fact that Guan Eng went to jail is testimony to the nonsensical claim made by them. Good that the ISA replacement is said to be as effective in dealing with the subversive and dangerous kind.

        The book wasn’t sponsored by DAP lah as the author left the party not on the best of terms. — Helen

      3. I missed the news on “the author left the party not on the best of terms”, Helen. Cd you pls fill me in. And on how damaging was the split on both sides. Also, if got time, your opinion on the validity or otherwise of the arguments in the book, pls. Thanks.


        At the moment I’m not up to the task of reviewing the book :) It’s big & difficult topic requiring academic rigour. Cheers. — Helen

        PS. Now looking into the SK vs SRJK (C) data you asked for. Will reply you in the relevant posting.

      4. “At the moment I’m not up to the task of reviewing the book”

        Hmmm….it is just a small thin book, nothing much except some personal opinion base on declassified British documents, I find it not a good read and pretty boring, the only thing that lead me into curiosity is why there was a change of leadership after the event, and I look forward there are similar declassified Malaysia documents to rebut Kua lousy book, hopefully from then onward, we all could direct our attention back to 21st century and not keep on turning back the clock.

        “just a small, thin book” — doesn’t mean a 10,000-word essay is necessarily more informative than a 1,000-word essay, or that a short essay has less challenging ideas or new/groundbreaking perspectives than a long essay. — Helen

      5. HuaYong,

        Would you like to say some more on the book, e.g

        – Wherher published in Malaysia

        – Whether cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs for sale in this country (I suspect the book is seditious, at least libelious, material – note that even Tun Dr Mahathir’s book “The Malay Dilemma” was banned by the UMNO/BN government), if so, any verifiable reference. I read that he launched a book in a restaurant (of all places) in Edgware Road, London, but if the book was published in London, wonder why bookstores in London or even the publisher didn’t lend their premises for the launching.

        – The “declassified British documents”: whether they were British Foreign Ministry records, reports by the British Embassy in KL sent to London (marked Confidential I presume), or British Secret Service records (marked Secret maybe). If they were Embassy reports, my earlier comment, suggesting that they were based on hearsay, conjectures and speculations gathered at cocktail and dinner parties, stands.

        If they were British MI6 secret reports, they could be based on the exchange of information with Malaysian authorities, including the Police Special Branch. But it’s completely inconceivable that the Police will say anything to the British that in any way suggested that Tun A Razak was responsible for the race riots when the also “small thin book” entitled “13 May Tragedy: A Report by the National Operations Council” provided a lot of reports by Police Officers, the rank and file of the Police, as well as responsible others like then Menteri Besar Harun Idris and ADUN Selangor Ahmad Razali Ali on what exactly happened immediately prior to the outbreak of the race riots, particularly the totally irresponsible, provocative and incendirary rude and obscene words and acts of the DAP members and supporters convoying past the streets of predominantly Malay Kampong Bahru, KL, and shouting “Lu balik kampong”, “Lu takda kuasa lagi” and obscenities to the policemen when passing Police stations in Pudu, Jalan Travers, Brickfields etc.

        I don’t know if the Malaysian authorities have responded to the “small thin book” (I almost typed “the Little Red Book” – that was prepared by the communists on Mao Zedong, a part of the personality cult designed to perpetuate the disastrous rule of the man that had made China become regarded as a pariah in the international arena until only 1-2 decades ago. If not responded to, it could be because of the fictional nature of the book and its content.

        I note that you found it “not a good read and pretty boring”. But surely the “change of leadership after the event” could be a natural sequence of the then UMNO Supreme Council members, reflecting the disgruntlement and wishes of their grass root members on Tengku A Rahman not taking action on the flagrant and brazen attacks on the Malay Special Position by the Opposition during the 1969 election ampaign, taking a decion constitutional and legal under the party constitution, to replace Tengku A Rahman. Like they did to Abdullah Badawi.

        There’s therefore no logic, and it’s utterly ridiculous, to think that a man so revered a leader as Tun A Razak wanting to grab power by the sacrifice of so many lives as on 13 May 1969 and the ensuing few days. Mao Zedong had been willing to cause so many millions dead in pursuit of power – his failed economic policy called The Great Leap Forward casued millions of deaths due to starvation, plus the ensuing so-called Cultural Revolution where university lecturers, teachers and even parents were paraded on the streets with hands tied, taunted by so-called “Red Guards” teenagers comprising university students and school children, prowling the country and fighting among factions and rival groups, lasting a few years and causing a total of some 30 million dead Chinese.

        If it was for power, Tun A Razak could have stayed on as Director of Operations under Emergency Rule indefinitely. Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt under Emergency powers for 30 years, Muammar Ghadafi did the same in Libya for 40 years, Assad the Senior and the Junior doing like that as well in Syria now over 40 years. But Tun Razak brought back democracy and had Parliament in operation again only 18 months after Emergency Rule was declared. What utter nonsense to suggest that he engineered 13 May. Weird, warped, skewed and demented thinking.

        To be continued …

      6. Continuation –

        Now a final thought on the subject –

        We cannot simply say “not keep on turning back the clock” and forget history. Mankind has been living with history for thousands of years. Aristotle and all the great philosophers acknowledged history. Only the tyrant Chinese Emperor Chin Shih Huang Di burnt books and even professors over 2,000 years ago in China. And very sadly, about 50 years ago communist dictator Mao Zedong did it again, burning books during the so-called Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

        Otherwise, Chinese Emperors kept historical records to use in bolstering up their spirit, if not anything else. “Historians” of the Chinese Imperial Court wrote about China being the “Middle Kingdom”, only Chinese said to be civilized, others referred to as “barbarians”. To their horror, they found that the West had used guns for warfare. Despite the Chinese being the ones inventing explosives used for fireworks. They lost to the British and the others during the period of “Unequal Treaties”. Hong Kong was ruled by the British and returned to China only in 1990. And, maybe due to arrogance, insolence and disregard for history, China, with a vast land mass and a huge population, was ruled by foreigners for long periods in their history – the Mongols since Genghis Khan in the 13th – 14th Centuries, the Manchus (Manchuria was a foreign country until only after World War II) for several hundred years until the 20th Century.

        Let us therefore live with history. To remind us of the pitfalls of being arrogant and insolent. Like Napolean Bonaparte of France. Or Adolf Hitler of Germany. If the League of Nations failed after only 20 years of existence and World War II broke out, let’s learn that history and keep the United Nations forever. More importantly, let’s have a united nations in this country called Malaysia. We may throw the united nations only to create a Bangsa Malaysia, one single united and cohesive race based fully on the Constitution of the country. Heleluyah everybody.

        And what “declassified Malaysian documents” can there be other than those that were already declassified for the publication of the “Malaysian small thin book” on 13 May published in October 1969?

      7. Anon, that book is a pretty common one, actually the language used is quite technical, and mild, I believe the reason it attract some attention is perhaps Kua the first one that put the new/groundbreaking perspective (Helen words :)) into a book, the ‘alternative’ view pertaining to the event is widespread in the web and among the older generation that went through it, and those that not solely read history from our school text. You can find the book in most bookstores, it is not that controversial, I don’t find it that popular either.

        I agree declassified is nothing to shout about, even that book come with lots of supposition and presumption, like I said, you should read it and draw your own conclusion, I have no clear position (yet) and prefer to read more, but as we know, it is much difficult to paint history as black and white, not only we have to know who wrote history, and should further study the historical and social environment at the particular time and current time, or in this event, the circumstantial evidence. Kua is not in good term with both DAP and DJZ (u may verify with Helen) but does that make his book more credible? I personally think no.

        And of course we must learn history, but at the same time should break away from the victimhood mindset and siege mentality in order to to move forward. Below is what Tunku wrote:

        :“It was clear to me as well as the police that in the highly charged political atmosphere after the policewere forced to kill a Chinese political party worker on May 4th, 1969, something was bound to happen tothreaten law and order because of the resentment towards the Government by the KL Chinese on the eveof the general election. This was confirmed at this man’s funeral on the 9th May when the governmentfaced the most hostile crowd it had ever seen.Therefore, when the opposition parties applied for a police permit for a procession to celebrate theirsuccess in the results of the general election, I was adamant against it because the police were convinced that this would lead to trouble.I informed Tun Razak about this and he seemed to agree. Now, without my knowledge and actually “behind my back,” there were certain political leaders in high positions who were working to force me tostep down as a PM. I don’t want to go into details but if they had come to me and said so I would gladlyhave retired gracefully.Unfortunately, they were apparently scheming and trying to decide on the best way to force me to resign.The occasion came when the question of the police permit was to be approved.Tun Razak and Harun Idris, the MB of the state of Selangor, now felt that permission should be givenknowing fully well that there was a likelihood of trouble. I suppose they felt that when this happenedthey could then demand my resignation.To this day I find it very hard to believe that Razak, whom I had known for so many years, would agreeto work against me in this way. Actually, he was in my house as I was preparing to return to Kedah and Ioverhead him speaking to Harun over the phone saying that he would be willing to approve the permitwhen I left. I really could not believe what I was hearing and preferred to think it was about some otherpermit. In any case, as the Deputy Prime Minister in my absence from KL, he would be the Acting PMand would override my objection. Accordingly, when I was in my home in Kedah, I heard over the radiothat the permit had been approved.It seems as though the expected trouble was anticipated and planned for by Harun and his UMNOYouth. After the humiliating insults hurled by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, and after theseeming loss of Malay political power to them, they were clearly ready for some retaliatory action. Aftermeeting in large numbers at Harun’s official residence in Jalan Raja Muda near Kampong Bahru andhearing inflammatory speeches by Harun and other leaders, they prepared themselves by tying ribbonstrips on their foreheads and set out to kill Chinese. The first hapless victims were two of them in a vanopposite Harun’s house who were innocently watching the large gathering. Little did they know thatthey would be killed on the spot.The rest is history. I am sorry but I must end this discussion now because it really pains me as the Fatherof Merdeka to have to relive those terrible moments. I have often wondered why God made me live longenough to have witnessed my beloved Malays and Chinese citizens killing each other.”

        PS/ Will write more on China history if time permit.

      8. HuaYong,

        I’ve read what Tengku wrote. It has always been my stand that Tengku’s interpretation of events that led to the riots was coloured by his disappointment of being left out of the situation, when a State of Emergency was declared and Tun Razak assumed the powers of Director of Operations.

        That power to declare Emergency rests with the Minister of Home Affairs, ON THE ADVICE OF THE POLICE. The Police must be the authority that had all the reports on the happenings and sayings of the public all over the places since the time of the1969 election campaign and throughout the voting process, as well as the kind of jubilation of the Opposition parties which won more seats than they expected. The Police must be the authority that can adequately and reliably assess the mood of the masses after the abuses, insults and obscenities were hurled by the DAP people convoying to many places in KL. It was the Police which had recommended to the then Home Minister, who subsequently consulted the Deputy Prime Minister. The Tengku didn’t say which Police Officer had given him the advice that he mentioned – his ADC? A senior Officer but not necessarily knowing exactly the internal security situation by the hour at the crucial time. And the Tengku was not the Home Minister, who must have got the hourly briefing at that time.

        Tun Razak knew Tengku’s character – a man who had even given away Singapore to Lee Kuan Yew FOC, destroyed the sovereignty and territorial integrity of his own country, instead of putting LKY behind bars, or had Singapore ruled under Emergency law like was done to Kelantan later. All because Tengku “didn’t want trouble”. He even gave away an important portion of his own country because of “not wanting trouble”.

        Now in May 1969 he said didn’t want trouble, too. Didn’t want a permit be given for the Opposition parties to celebrate their victories. Yet the ruling party had to show broad-mindedness, magnanimous in defeat, and gentlemanly in letting them celebrate.

        What’s wrong in Tun Razak not wanting to show his Malay politeness and subservience to the elder and the boss by saying on the phone that the permit may be given after Tengku left town? After all, Tun Razak was the kind who didn’t protest or pull his hair (which he had only a little anyway) in desperation and frustration when Tengku decided to give away Singapore to LKY.

        Wouldn’t Tun Razak and the Minister of Home Affairs then have felt that there was no real necessity for Tengku to be consulted on the permit that after all the Police had the discretion on? That a State of Emergency would have to be announced and the power also rested with the Police, at most, with the Minister of Home Affairs.

        So, when the authorities gave the victory celebration permit and when the situation turned ugly, declared the State of Emergency, it was a premeditated, long-planned ousting of the Tengku? No, my friend, it was not. It was plainly an ordinary sequence of events starting from the unexpected election results and the DAP fellows and others going on a rampage with insults, verbal abuses and obscenities to the public, including to members of the Police Force.

        I don’t like Tengku’s words “after the police were forced to kill a Chinese political party worker on May 4th, 1969.” He could have used better words than those even under the circumstance. You might want to fill in the details of the event here for readers to know. It certainly was not “forced to kill”.

        And Tengku did not have evidence, proof or justification when saying, ” It seems as though the expected trouble was anticipated and planned for by Harun and his UMNOYouth.” On a serious matter like that, how can he, as Prime Minister for many years not long before that, say “It seems ..”

        And the “meeting in large numbers at Harun’s official residence in Jalan Raja Muda near Kampong Bahru” was a case of stimulus and response. The DAP goons and others have been
        throwing insults and obscenities in so many places, including in Kampong Bahru just across the road from the Menteri Besar’s residence then. The gathering at the MB’s residence was a response to those. Read the book “13 May A Tragedy”, published by the National Operations Council which provided detailed accounts of the events there.

        Got to stop now as it’s late. Glad was able to type this comment when seeing yours before going to sleep earlier on. Good night now.

      9. anon, i know u r busy :) so i keep my comment short. thanks for the opinion and articulation, i am open though i may not agree. the debate on history and our constitution usually have no end.

        not sure if u realise, the reason we perceive someone as dap supporter and not patriotic is because he disagree with us, not because he have a poor grasp of BM, or from vernacular school, or ignorant about our constitution, don’t u think so?

      10. HuaYong,

        The reason we perceive someone as dap supporter and not patriotic is because he speaks DAP views, uses DAP talking style, makes wild and unsubstantiated allegations. On all of those counts, he’d disagree with us.

        I believe many DAP members and supporters are products of SJKC – the Middle School, not the SRJKC kind. These are usually people who don’t accept BM being Bahasa Kebangsaan and are therefore unable to speak it well. Invariably, they are ignorant about our Constitution.

        I’m damn glad History will be compulsory in schools come 2013. We must have all citizens know the history of our Constitution so that future generations will be more willing to respect it fully and all Malaysians have genuinely mutual respect for one another, and long-term harmony, peace and prosperity emerges.

        1. Anon,

          When you say the persons speak DAP views, use DAP talking style, make wild and unsubstantiated allegations, I’m assuming you encountered them via the English-language medium.

          Products of Chinese secondary school, say Namewee as one famous example, are not usually found in the English-language milieu.

          In fact the DAPsters hanging out at TMI for instance would be largely English-speaking Christians. I’m presuming based on their comments consistently appearing in TMI‘s Christian agenda stories, i.e. Al-Kitab, Convent Bukit Nanas, the Bishops / Herald / Allah topics & by the admissions/allusions contained in the comments themselves.

          Admittedly the majority of DAP supporters would be Chinese-educated. But the most vocal ones are either English First-speaking (although bi- or tri-lingual, e.g. LGE, LKS) or Christian (e.g. Teresa, David, Hannah). Compared to Hannah, I don’t believe Fong Po Kuan – who holds a higher post as MP as well as having more seniority – has registered on your radar, am I not correct?

          From what I’ve monitored, the DAP talking style and the wild & unsubstantiated allegations thus far have come from the wannabe White-Men-speak-with-forked- tongue types.
          e.g. Chung Hosanna’s false accusation that it was the MCA camp that picked Mandarin to be the debate language when the organizers themselves told reporters that it was LGE’s choice.

      11. I think it is simpler. When we encounter people who disagree with us, we will pigeonhole them. Because it is unthinkable that the person who disagrees with us can possibly share any other common positions, it becomes convenient to stick to conventional stereotypes and caricatures.

      12. Yes, Helen, I can speak on just the English-language medium fellas. Though I suspect the vast majority of them are in the vernacular language medium. They are mostly products of Chinese schools. Often with broken English and atrocious grammar. A few like the fella using the name hate in here are the exception.

        The ones thronging MI that I have long ceased to visit I remember are both Chinese and national school products, still, more of the former. Yes, the ones who found it fashionable to be anti-Establishment and anti traditional religion. They marvel at a new found status – “I’m Klistian, you know” they’d say loudly, hiding their tatoos under the arm pit and everywhere, “Father say I go to Heaven,” they’ll add gleefully. Then they’ll start hitting at anything Malay and anything they see as “Malay dominance.” Not that they’ve read anything the hate fella wrote in high-flown English language. Speaking in a smattering of Chinenglish, I imagine.

        I’m afraid I don’t even know and do not wish to know who Fong Po Kuan is – call me illiterate or politically dumb but I can tell from the first few lines whether a fella is DAP or DAP-inclined and I would no longer be interested in reading the standard arguments they put out. And no point in arguing with them hardcores who’ll never agree with what others say except themselves. The hate fella is a clear example. Coming out with rude words, insinuation and personal attacks when he runs out of arguments.

        And I won’t even pigeonhole anyone like the hate fella. Not worth it, wasting pigeonhole space! Imagine the fler thinking the freedom given under the Constitution gives him the right to say carte blanche about the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak, never mind the the Sedition Act. He and like-minded DAP fellas should read what Najib said in Parliament to day – even if the Sedition Act is amended the three basic ingredients would remain, including controlling words and acts against the YDPA and the Malay Rulers, controlling words and acts that’ll create ill feelings among the races.

        1. Fong Po Kuan became an MP at 26 but unlike ‘THE’ tin kosong attention whore, she’s not a syiok sendiri type. She’s a 3-term DAP Parliamentarian & well-liked in Batu Gajah. Initially she had not wanted to defend her seat in Perak (2008) — you know lah, which DAP cabal it is that controls the state. (Info for you to process)

          The English-speaking evangelists are the Avon-Amway-MLM energizer bunnies who’re always marketing themselves (remember the Facebook surfing when DUN S’gor was in session?) Their access to superb organizational structures gives them extensive & influential platforms. This advantageous networking allows self-promotion at a visibility level far above the numbers & sentiments they actually represent.

          That’s what my blog has been trying to tell you guys: ‘They’ are in the DAP top leadership positions disproportionate to their small numbers just like how the 27 Chinese billionaires in the Forbes Top 40 are not representative of M’sia’s race pop. ratio.

          Other Chinese not belonging to their clique (that is now enjoying the fruits of political power) will be the ones reaping what these DAPsters sow.

          Take LGE for example whom the Umno bloggers network unanimously dislike. He does not belong to the Chinese traditional religions (his wife Betty definitely Christian) & he was educated in the missionary schools. All his press statements throughout his political career have been drafted in English.

          Consider his profile. Reflect on the profile of the other DAP politicians who are M’sian Firsting.

          He’s the individual making you all [pro-establishment Malays] angry but you’re instead turning your gunfire at SRJK(C) school kids. Wrong target.

      13. Kesian Anon.

        Janganlah merajuk. Jangan juga sewenang-wenangnya buat stereotaip mengikut aliran persekolahan. Kalau dah masuk lubuk anti-Kerajaan macam MI, tentulah ramai yang sebulu anti-BN. Kalau masuk myKMU, ramai juga yang berbicara ikut sentimen buta. DAP saja ada penyokong tegar dan hilang akal? UMNO dan MCA apa kurangnya?

        Apa beza saudara Kristian baru yang Anon sebutkan dengan sesetengah saudara Muslim kita yang lebih Arab daripada Pak Arab? Anon sendiri tak nak kenal sesiapa dari DAP, itu sudah lumrahlah, nampak label terus gam. Jadi jangan terkejut kalau orang DAP nampak aje yang bercakap tu orang UMNO, terus kena hentam. Macam penyokong DSAI dan PKR, kalaulah orang BN atau UMNO yang cakap dijadikan PTPTN percuma, semua akan jerit beli undilah, bankrapkan negaralah dan macam-macam. DSAI cakap, semua diam, yang tak bersetuju pun diam, hanya mampu senyum saja.

        Apabila kita berhujah dengan orang yang berbeza pandangannya, bukan niat kita untuk convert mereka. Hanya melalui pertukaran pandangan sahaja kita mampu menyelami persepsi dan prejudis masing-masing. Saya tak sangka pun Anon rupa-rupa berasa orang Cina tak layak dan tak perlu menjejak kaki ke dalam IPTA. Mana saya tau? Saya ingatkan Anon macam orang Melayu yang lain, waras dan apologetic about tongkat bangsa.

        I hope you have no ill feelings, because clearly you said I am not worth it. So takde masalahkan. Hahaha…

      14. Folks, let the hate fellow try to redeem himself.

        I have, in the other post, proven him to be a chap who cannot be trusted, even tried to put words into other people’s mouth, often makes wild and unsubstantiated allegations, interprets the Constitution in a very strange fashion, admitted being angry when rude or vice versa and purposely uses the name hate in view of that, uses rude words and goes on personal attacks when he runs out of arguments, now accuses me of being “apologetic about tongkat bangsa”, becomes sensitive when quoted the Sedition Act.

        Of course it’s your choice whether to believe what he says. I’ll only come in on him when necessary to disabuse his abuses.

      15. Helen, I wish to agree with you but I sometimes find your position strange, the only thing I see in you is your consistency to defend the weaker parties, to the extent of stereotyping the English speaking and Christian. I am sure you are aware that DAP is quite diverse, those that are not DAP mainstream like Teng, Boon and Fung are of course not from the English speaking background, but Teresa, Chin Tong and David grasp of Chinese is damn good, in fact Teresa hardly speak English when she was in USM, she was from Kuen Cheng, while Chin Tong and Janice was from New Era if I am not wrong. Don’t you think you are trying to pigeonhole the LGE sect?

        The problem with us is we are basically racial incline, most commenters here see thing from the context of race and language, they have great prejudice toward the Chinese speaking but pretend not to acknowledge that most new generation MCA leader are with Chinese school background, which culturally are more accommodating and inclusive.

        On the contrary, they believe the Westernize and English speaking class would likely to progress toward a cohesive society, and don’t be surprise I agree with this viewpoint provided we were not a society segregated by racial policy. The commenters are either ignorant to the fact or bury the head in the sand hoping the Westernise education doesn’t impart the worldview of individualistic, human rights, and what fairness and justice is about, that is why they often have a hard time to debate with one that uphold a Weltanschauung that contradict with our racial base ideology, and the easy way out is to label them as DAP.

        Just my opinion for the sake of sharing the same fondness to generalize, what do you think?

        Hua Yong,

        I’m aware that Chin Tong is from New Era & Jenice is a Mandarin speaker (but I’ve never stereotyped J as I usually overlook her in my list of ‘evangelist’ mentions). But I believe you’re right that she’s Christian. I’ll remember to incl. her next time.

        As for Teresa, I apply the same understanding as I did Zairil, i.e. her Chinese-speaking and her born-again evangelism (her parents & siblings are not Christian) make for the worst of two worlds — It’s like a smart but ugly as sin millionaire marrying a gorgeous dumb blonde, and the poor kid inheriting the father’s looks and the mother’s brains.


  20. Helen,

    then the dreaded collision between Malay and chinese I say is inevitable if Chinese still support Guan eng in next election.

    and that is the reason why PAS loses significant Malay support nowadays. Malays in general look as PAS selling religion by having an alliance with DAP, the very party that challenges whatever aspirations of Malay Muslim community.

    1. Helen ,i have gone thru the book when it first came out,the “”declassified British documents” was let down.
      But l i will let you put her take and views first,

      Hua yong as for the change in leadership question, to put it briefly ,

      Tunku was apportion a sizeable chunk of the blame by the umno Taikor’s for his handling of ruling front and the event that lead up to the riot incident.
      So an ëarly the retirement option was put on the table for him . Tunku, being a gentelmen he is knew that he was no wanted and decided it was time to retire.

      To those who want to read the book, i remember reading it as free digital copy , i will try to locate the link , and post it if i can.

    2. Tak akan ada pertelingkahan kalau rakyat Malaysia undi dengan otak dan undi calon, bukan parti. Bukankah itu cadangan Anas Zubedy? Sudah lama konsep ini diwar-warkan tapi tak ramai yang nak ikut, kenapa? Bukankah itu lebih sihat dari ABU? Menjadi pengundi adalah satu tanggungjawab yang besar, jangan main pangkah ikut gambar parti sahaja.

      1. I hate N’Sync, ya , i agree with anas zubedy, I was running the “none of the above ” group campaign.

        We consider a spoiling your own vote as a third choice, in voting. It is a vote of disgust with politician that we have today.

        But thanks to LGE and the DAPster , is see the corruption of the mind with hate is far more dangerous, than BN’s corruption for financial gain.

        LGE running of penang is also over hype by the dapster’s. after 4 year i can see , ‘ cakap lebih, sendiri tak betul’ is no better than any politician in malaysia.

        But his bullshit on the 600 million debt repayment. mutiara land deal and his arrogence.

        Enough is enough. LGE is just a better bullshitter than BN politician,that all.

        But i still belief in a strong and RESPONSIBLE opposition. but the quality offered now made me cringe.

      2. Kotay, saya bersetuju dengan anda tentang mutu, gaya dan keunggulan politikus-politikus kita, itu realiti. Itu sebabnya kenapa orang BN kena pandai tangkis dakwaan-dakwaan sesat PR dan kena cermin diri, bermuhasabah diri. Macam mana nak jadi juara rakyat bila ada contoh NFC yang jual rakyat. Macam mana nak jadi negara terbuka bila digam penyanyi negara lain yang kurang sensitif dengan budaya kita. Peluang pendidikan hilang, semua disapu di bawah perkara yang tidak “boleh” dibincangkan. Macam-macam jalan penyelesaian ada, tapi memilih jalan yang senget dan menuju ke arah kemudaratan.

        LKY pun terror bullshitnya. Orang politik ini kena terror bullshit, kalau tak masakan pemerintahan kukubesi ala dinasti boleh dijaja sebagai demokrasi autoritatif?

        Kita ambil api kebencian lawan kita dan kita jadikan bekalan kewarasan. Ini tidak bermakna kita halalkan korupsi dan kelemahan diri. Kita pergunakan kebencian mereka untuk memperbaik kerja-kerja kita dan orang yang sudah buta hati, kita biarkan. Orang yang taaksub sudah tidak boleh diselamatkan kerana mereka sudah tak boleh nampak kesalahan diri. Kalau ada MP PR yang korup, mereka akan kata ada MP BN yang lagi korup. Sebagai rakyat, kedua-duanya wajar disingkirkan. Tetapi adat demokrasi kita pilih the lesser of two evils. Kita pilih calon yang lebih baik antara yang bertanding, tak kira paksi parti politiknya. Kalau tak ada winnable candidate, jangan harap nak jadi kerajaan, itu saja mesej rakyat kepada BN dan PR. Kita sudah serik dengan penipuan dan kroni-kroni yang menjadi kaya kerana memeras duit rakyat. Kroni-kroni ini ada Cina, ada Melayu, ada India, macam 1Malaysia.

      3. I hate in sink, He He,play play only.

        what are you views of “the great one”LGE performance so far , By the way tell me are you in penang or from penang?.

        I mean the whole nine yards , the good and the bad.

      4. LGE? He is not his father, and much a less formidable foe than Karpal – as an individual at least. The difference is that LGE has surrounded himself with cultists. They see him as a beacon of hope. He is not the threat that UMNO makes him out to be, and certainly MCA worries not about his performance, but the potential he represents for a new generation of DAPsters. I am not a Penangnite. I cannot judge his impact on local development, but I can see how hard his PR (public relations) people work. If he loses in the next GE, it will be over the perceived arrogance, his people included. He was smart to be friendly to big business, but it is too early to offend the CAP and NGOs who are against more big development on the island. LGE will soon realize, like how Nik Aziz realized years ago, running a state is impossible without cooperation. Yes, he has a few hound dogs he can use so that he doesn’t have to be the bad guy. But like any politician, it is the internal party politics that will undo him. Perhaps the Penangnites can be of better help in terms of assessing his performance. I only know Selangor is a failure under PR but the non-Malays will most likely give them support for another term, but it will be close. DAP’s mistakes have driven the Malays back to BN, but PAS will hold its own. A lot of the Malays now miss the congeniality of MCA and realize that UMNO have hurt their own partners with their hubris. Unfortunately, MCA’s house is not in order and they failed to get new blood to inspire others in their future. Same thing with Gerakan.

      5. Nsync,

        your views are interesting , i have one point of contention with your statement “But like any politician, it is the internal party politics that will undo him”.

        how you come to this view? , what do you know of their process in electing their leader? please eleborate .

        i see you can type well and fast,from your jousting with Anon and Shamsul yesterday . Anon and shamsul is no slouch either. It was like a ring side seat to a heavy weight boxing match. i am wondering what wkind of work you, shamsul and Anon do, teaching maybe ?, lawyer?,or writer?.

        I am interested to know your depth of knowledge of their leadership selection method, in order to put such a statement as above.


      6. I know it could be a diversion, but I think there is more to Ramasamy and Karpal’s tussle. Perak DAP will pay a price for Kula, but the way their internal election works, and Kua KS can tell you that, the two grand old men (Chen MH is older, but he is out) has children in the party line-up. The thing is, central DAP and DAP in the respective states have a very loose relationship. That is why even if the central says they should do A or B, the state apparatchiks has its own mind. You must remember that there are a lot of old guards who have been loyal and went through a lot with the old DAP, but now with all the young guns blazing in, they found themselves sidelined. They are being appeased with minor appointed positions in the municipalities etc., and that’s why you won’t hear local government elections soon. Nobody like dynasties, so it is a careful two-step for LGE and DAP. He is still well regarded because his father has done so much. But any foolish moves in Karpal’s direction, that’s gonna look ugly real quick. I think the situation is the same for Najib, no? Najib must survive the coming GE in fashion, or else the knives would be out. With his wife being a controversy magnet (on top of his own woes), many in UMNO are already sniffing for blood. What’s your take on the Muhyiddin?

      7. I am not privy to their relationship (Najib and Muhyidin). But what i can say is this, i had underestimate him ,and I virtually wrote him off during his first year in the PM office. But have been warn by those who had work under him, not to write him off.

        He is very well like by the staff of diffrent ministrys that he had lead, his first focus is the wealfare of the staff and he fight for better budget allocation for housing and better pay and allowance for the staff. he get new , more and better housing for them.
        The education and defence ministry have benifited from
        better housing and salary during his tenure.

        But he can’t shake off the accusation on submarine deal. And his wife like you put it ,a controversy magnet. She just have face you like to hate

        But the last three years have shown, he is doer and not a talker.
        Anwar is talker or a supreme agitator, but of no substance.
        Mahathir is a talker, a man of many idea and pushy doer, forever in hastein try to get malaysia to a develop nation statue infrastructure wise.

        Muhyidin while as head of johor state , is remember for his effort for his good use of the state own company in expending the industrial capacity of johor via state economic deveplomnt board.
        I think the Umno warlords more confident of voter support now, then say two years ago.

        Like i say before , Najib is a doer, he will suprise many( not the hard core opposition ) with his actions and plans .

        Malaysian will get what they want, well to a degree. He has proven there are no sacred cows in his books, he will try to accomdate the rakyat wishes to a level grudging consider reasonable to many people.

        Of coures, as in a politicsl parties, ,Judas are abound when you fumble.

        Najib is currently in fine form thank to PR ,especially to Anwar video debut and also LGE loudmouth ,arrogant persona and mannerism

        But mostly it is Najib’s ability to use turn the enemy’s dagger on the enemy themselve, that is most eye opening and imppresive.

        Forgive me for my grammer and spelling, MY England not good la.

      8. Well being a Penangite I can share a thing or two.

        1. LGE is the politician with the most number of people and resources being used for PR purposes. He’s basically building a personality cult ala North Korea’s Dear Leader or PRC’s Mao. I think he has engaged highly experienced, American style PR professionals to build him profile and get maximum exposure. The thing is how can he afford to pay all these people and the services?

        2. LGE is running a dictatorship because of his position as the SG and also as Lim’s son. He has surround himself with weak sycopants (which is the usual strategy of dictators). He makes each and every decision and controls every aspect of the state that matters. He’s also a control freak.

        3.LGE is supremely confident of retaining Penang because he’s being surrounded by adoring DAPsters and sycopants. I can tell you that sometimes I feel I am North Korea with some DAPsters think he’s god and he can do no wrong. There is nothing or no one can convince these people otherwise, even if they are presented with irrefutable evident of his wrongdoings.

        4. His performance is nothing great at all. The problem is the state BN is not really doing a good job of exposing his lies, deceits and mismanagement. Bayan Mutiara was just one of his blunders. I had written a letter on the Bandar Cassia scandal but the state BN did not follow up and let a potentially bigger scandal slip by.

        5. The biggest advantage LGE enjoys today is that DAP can run the state without PAS and PKR since they have enough seats. That’s why he’s arrogant.But my prediction is that in GE13 things will change even if DAP retains Penang.This time the contest will be much closer and even if BN loses, it will have a strong presence. With that BN can makeLGE’s life much harder.

        6. Penang NGOs except Anil and CAP are merely DAPsters in NGO clothings.They will not go against DAP (exhibit 1 : Read Aliran’s ex-President Rama’s letter defending LGE in MK and MI today).

        7. Rama vs Karpal : This has been going on for years but exploded with the coming GE with people jockeying for MP & ADUN posts.But the real story is that a few people are eyeing DCM2 post and trying to get rid of Rama. Rama is from Selangor and never had grassroot support. He had alienated Indians in DAP Penang and only LGE’s support keeping him. LGE wants him there since Rama is not a local so no threat to LGE. To be frank, DAP Penang lacks of good leaders though Rama himself is completely an useless as a leader or politician. Basically the local DAP Indian leaders just using Karpal to attack Rama. .

    3. I agree with what calvinsankaran says at 11:46 pm. Lim Guan Eng has even said a few times of his uncertainty of winning Penang at PRU13.

      The arrogance, the deceits, the in fighting and the cakap tak serupa bikin will all contribute to DAP’s fall. Imagine claiming he wiped out RM600 mill debt in 3 years when he actually just changed the accounting method used for recording the debt owed to the Federal Government for the water assets handed over to the State.

      He assumed most Penang voters are unthinking. Not so. Most Chinese in Penang are DAP supporters. Not so. Gerakan etc also have their supporters.

      He appeared to have been less than honest on tenders. Consumers associations and others have asked him questions on the so-called “open tender” and “no tender” on the sale of the 100 acres State land in Bayan Mutiara and the “bulldozed” award of the huge Turn Key sPICE project to his crony, the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce President. How can there be open tender when the buyer themselves reported to New York Stock Exchange of “negotiations” on the purchase of the land?

      The North Korea “Dear Leader” dictator-image of LGE can also be seen and felt by Penang people from such events as the appointment of Zairil Khir to important posts without the due process of calling for applicants, short listing and interviews. The issue of gag orders from time to time. Even to DAP Chairman Karpal Singh and Deputy Chief Minister Ramasamy. Like father Lim Kit Siang, LGE also practices the belief that, as Secretary General of DAP, he’s the boss. Never mind the post of Chairman etc.

      He tried to make amends by saying sarcastically that Karpal is the boss on seat allocations, but in the next breath he said the DAP MP Cheras(?) will lead DAP lelction machinery. Rubbing it on Karpal again. Double whammy on the just gagged, poor old man.

      LGE himself is aware of his pitfalls and the perception non-DAP members among Penang voters has of him and the DAP. That’s why on cool, clear days he’d say out his uncertainty of DAP winning Penang at PRU13. I think there’s a good chance of BN wresting Penang back from DAP. Like was done before.


      The Penangites boasting about LGE’s success in wiping out the RM600m state debt don’t know about the particulars (hence their parroting his version) & when told, they don’t care. That’s why the Dear Leader cult is scary.


      1. KPanjang & Anon, I have my take on BN’s strategy and chances for Penang but let’s not discuss this in an open domain, knowing that Helen’s blog these days are crawling with DAPsters. I am not about to help re-elect Dear Leader with some free advices and tips.

        Look for me in my FB, we can chat there.

      2. Good idea calvin. But me no FBooker. Simply no time.

        DAPsters crawling in Helen”s blog? More like banging Helen’s doors with rude words in their comments to attract attention.

        Like Ronnie Liu banged MACC and Klang Hospital Mortuary doors when Teoh Beng Hock died. Gangster-like.

        Yes, those not leaving comments do crawl aplenty.

  21. salam 1m’sia kak helen,

    for me personally i hve to thank this lowlife Dapster cybertroopers . You see, their arrogance and egoistic attitude will drive the malay support out of PR. I’m not just talking about the the kg. and felda kind of melayu, but also the average IT-savvy melayu in bandar. PR especially pkr and pas still live in fantasy that they still enjoy the malay support as in 2008.

    Wake up lah. Pas & Pkr must learn to tame this rabid Dap, or else their Putrajya wet dream will vanish into thin air. Solid malay (read majority) support is a must to become the gov. But i guess there’s always SPR to blame when you lose.

    BTW, if you’re happen to be in KL this 28th, may i suggest you to come to PWTC. No, not for perkasa/ pemuda Umno counter rally, but for Pesta Buku Antarabangsa KL. Lots and lots of books and cheaper! But i guess you won’t find Pak Samad there, he’s too busy loitering around Dataran…

  22. Yes we are afraid. But we are not afraid of him, bur we are afraid hundreds of thousands if not millions of our brothers in pas n pkr who see him as khalifah lge. These are the ppl who are willing to lay on the road blocking vehicles, trade punch with the authority or maybe some day pick up arm struggle.

  23. Finally , a ‘G’ rated avatar complimentry to my name , well almost if you get my drift.

    The wife is furious ,cause i let out the family secret…. Ahmmm well you know what they say about Big , Strong and friendly men. :) ;)

    Now my blog has to carry the PG13 warning. — Helen

    1. Lucky or unlucky depends on your point of view, cause my wife didn’t want me to post an avatar as’Proof’ my right’s to my nickname…………… ;o

  24. Calvin,

    Guan eng portrays himself as beyond reproach, clean, honest and at the mercy of Federal govt( meaning UMNO).

    The truth is actually the opposite. He will lambast anybody that question him as “UMNO cybertrooper” or politically inclined. Any criticism will be brushed aside as lacking in sincerity.

    He continously threatens penang Chinese that should he fall, the coveted seat will go to UMNO. Is that not a statement of hipocrisy. At one side, he rejects ( he claimed) racial remarks . But the very other side encourages racism.

    He speaks about transparency. yet he bar certain newpapers from media press. He threatens the schools not to subscribe Malay dailies. The reason may have to do that vhe does not want Chinese to understand what malay thinks as reported in newspapers.

    He made a big cry over khairi’s candidacy on last election. Yet he does not feel guilty in taking the post of Chief Minister, effectively sidelining Penang DAP Chairman.

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