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Hannah Yeoh disiasat polis atas dakwaan memfitnah

Polis sedang menyiasat Hannah Yeoh ekoran Adun Subang Jaya DAP itu didakwa telah memfitnah parti lawan dalam posting blognya yang bertajuk ‘MCA’s recruitment drive for phantom voters?’

Hannah mentweet pada April 18: “Wow MCA lodging the first ever police report against me for questioning their road show in SJ involving foreigners”, disusuli dengan “The police has called me in for investigation over police report lodged against me by MCA. They said bcoz I “fitnah” MCA. Police acts so fast”.

Serta Hannah menuduh “Nowadays BN cannot be questioned”. [Eh, selama ini saya menyangka ianya DAP yang tidak boleh dipersoal atau disentuh …]

Perpatah guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari ibarat perangai Hannah dengan perangai DAPster.

Sambungnya lagi dalam sebuah kenyataan media: “When did it become a crime to question MCA or the Home Ministry? When did MCA become untouchable, unquestionable?”

Kenyataan akhbar Hannah hari juga berkata ini:

“… how is it possible that MCA can be defamed? In my opinion, one can only defame MCA if MCA has a good reputation to start with. MCA today is not worthy to be defamed. Instead of providing an explanation as to why the Deputy Home Minister was soliciting for foreigners and permanent residents at a MCA program, MCA has inexplicably made this to be an issue of defamation.”

Hannah membayangkan Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri menyalahgunakan jentera kerajaan (ruj. tweetnya):

“MCA failed to answer why Dep Home Minister & Immigration would do a roadshow with MCA. Isn’t this misusing govt machinery for political gain?”

Aiyoyo tanggachi, boleh tak pegang cermin kejap dan tanya dulu kepada Selangor Times dan Media Selangorku jentera kerajaan yang mana diperalatkan untuk mempromosi peribadi (personality cult)?  

Selain itu, Hannah membayangkan kepada pemberita-pemberita – ramai wartawan media alternatif adalah rakan-rakan Twitternya (maklumlah Adun ini begitu asyik dengan media sosial sampai ketika DUN bersidang pun dia masih ghairah mengFacebook ) – bahawa MCA menjalankan kegiatan membeli undi.

“The Home Ministry worked hand in glove with MCA here, so who in their right mind will not equate this as a vote-buying exercise?”, katanya.

Hannah mentweet hari ini: “Mainstream media controlled by BN fitnah @anwaribrahim & family, @cmlimguaneng & family & other PR leaders on a daily basis. No investigation.” Hannah menuduh mereka-mereka yang mengkritiknya sebagai “terang-terang bersikap hipokrit”.

Hannah diwakili peguam Gobind Singh Deo.

Pengerusi Bersih S. Ambiga juga turut hadir untuk memberi sokongan kepada Hannah.

Tweet Hannah pada April 19: “Forum on electoral reform at St Thomas More Church with @teresakok @anthonyloke. Big turn out, so many have to sit outside of the hall.”

Hannah juga mentweet: “Supporters of @hannahyeoh arrives. Media seen too” dan “A gathering of solidarity for @hannahyeoh. Truth and justice is what they want. Enough of high handedness”.

Sambung: Hasutan: Hukuman penjara Guan Eng kes terdahulu, siasatan polis Hannah sekarang


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18 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh disiasat polis atas dakwaan memfitnah

  1. Helen ,

    DAP’s tactic is to slander MCA as a tool for UMNO, among other things. Meaning DAP is telling Chinese that no other Chinese party takes care of their interest except DAP.

    And another dirty tactic so oversused by DAP is to frame MCA and UMNO as incapable of being questioned. Anybody in the right mind know that the opposite is the truth.

    In fact, it is DAP that cant be questioned? DAP has been building fanaticm by telling the Chinese that criticizing it or its leader is tantamount to challenging Chinese rights or aspiration.

    Only know however DAP is feeling the heat. As it have Dr Chua Soi Lek who is not afraid to tell the chinese that they are the real loser by voting for DAP.

    1. Chua Soi Lek made a mistake by telling the Chinese what they don’t want to hear. If Chua Soi Lek tells the Chinese what they want to hear, then he would be worshiped like a hero.

      1. Alex,

        We do not elect politicians to tell us what we only want to hear. DAP poisons Chinese mind by saying Chinese are 2nd class citizens( meaning treated as 2nd citizens by UMNO).

        But I salute Dr Chua. it is high time for MCA to stand firm on DAP. Stop thinking that criticizing DAP is tantamount to selling soul to UMNO. There is nothing wrong with UMNO-MCA alliance. It is a political necessity. Nothing to be embarassed on fact that UMNO has more influence than MCA. That is reality as Malay is the largest ethnic group in Malaysia. It is pure demography.

        evaluating DAP, Chinese are at crossroad literally. Accept time tested UMNO-MCA alliance or support DAP that wages war on Malays. Remember. Just as Najib is courting Chinese, he is also courts Malays. It is very difficult for him to justify his attention on Chinese if they continue to reject his overture.

        As goes the saying “it takes two to tango’. Or in crude language choose whether you want to be part of Govt or entirely out of Govt. There is no way in between

  2. poodah tangachi,you fren with snakes you will also one day become snakes.

  3. Minah ni memang berlagak..baru setahun jagung jadi YB dah rasa dirinya yang paling baik,berhemah,bersih,bijak dsb…yelah..sekarang ni dah mula besar kepala..tak boleh kena tegur..dia sorang je yang betul…haprak betul lah!

    1. apa boleh buat ? dia ni kan tergolong dalam kategori ‘bangsar crowd”. Kalau tak kenal apa tu ‘bangsar crowd’, boleh tanya kak Helen.

  4. DAP is playing racial card with pety tactics by highlighting stupid issues…the kfc fight..the gardenia bread being a umno company…police target chinese…pizza hut charge higher service charge on chinese which is false but i personally met a supplier of mine who told about thes things thanks to DAP engines of lies…….we can see that this fake anglophile hybrid Hannah HOSSANAH yeoh also playing politics with no substance…play with lies and hypocrisy….i wok in PJ and sick of seeing her face in selangirkini and selangor times which are given free a mosques around PJ….like you said their mouthpiece are mirror images of utusan that they hat so much and too PJ centric.

    Helen, i notice DAPSTERS are also polluting general forum like low yatt and even a favourite infrastrucre forum of which i am a regular, they wil of course carry anglophile names like kenny and vince who focus atacks on certain states of figures like this vince in the forum pencakar langit keep bitching about johor under umno and bemoan how the malays are robbing chinese of their cultural rights with the DJZ isue and for some days he literally attacked the malays face on generaly ignored by te majority malay forumers…these same DAPSTERS all have the no shame menality online like when they attack the facebooks of prestigiou unis like curtin stevens institute acting arrigant tht these unis cannot survive without anglophile chinese from malaysia..prety arrogant these DAPSTERS and they think rhey are first class!

    Can you imagine living instead in Pg, Kenny-Hosanna Land in the flesh?

  5. pun intended.
    seorang rakan cina saya pernah berkata, kalau lah diri tak pandai urus, maka jgn harap nak uruskan yg lain. tengok je muka hannah, dlm gambar itu, banyak nye ‘blackhead’ dan jerawat batu.
    muka pun tak boleh jaga, camne nak jaga constituency dia.
    he he he

  6. hai nalza. biarkan sajalah. kalau dia nak lagak, biarkan. kan dia ni orang DAP, parti yang ‘bakal mengambil pucuk pimpinan’ kerajaan selepas PRU13. biasalah perangai orang macam dia ni.

  7. There is evidence aplenty here that there are a lot of mindless minions from both ends of the political spectrum.

    1. N sync, agree with you, problem On both sides of the political spectrums. but what to do?, life comes with the good and the bad.

      see we can agree on one of the problem. Amin

  8. In Hannah’s blog there was this flyer with MCA logo and the pictures of their leaders advertising a free medical service camp at Subang Jaya. At the bottom there was a note saying that foreigners are welcome to register to get citizenship with the Deputy Home Minister himself will be in attendance to give the citizenship out.

    No doubt this was created by PR’s troopers for why would MCA do so in all places at Subang Jaya ? Even if they (MCA) want to do so, I am sure they are not stupid or suicidal enough to distribute these flyers openly and in DAP-controlled areas like Subang Jaya. The note was also translated into Mandarin and I am sure there aren’t too many Indonesians and Bangladeshis in Malaysia who can read Mandarin.

    I also wonder why Hannah didn’t bring Mkini and MI to the “citizenship handling out event” to catch MCA red-handed instead of making accusations based on some flyers ?

    There was another piece of nasty accusation is flying around within the PR and DAPsters’ circle too about a form which says in effect is a declaration for that the foreigners will vote for UMNO (note, it is UMNO and not BN) in exchange of Malaysian citizenship. Many of these PR fanboys and gals take this as gospel truth.

    I think this is not just some stupid and random accusations manufactured by some Ah Beng at KOMTAR but a well planned strategy by PR.They are preparing the ground (ie their supporters and the foreign media and leaders) that BN is embarking on a dirty campaign to win the next GE. They are also talking up their chances. So when they get beaten in the 13GE as expected, they will create demos and make accusations that Najib had resorted to massive fraud to win.

  9. Talking about the misuse of govt machinery and fund, did you see the news about how the Selangor goverment is spending millions to advertise their leaders using Selangorku funds? The posters apparently for the state govt but carrying the logos of the political parties. This was carried by FMT.

    The same thing happening in Penang. There are many posters and banners advertising ceramahs and events featuring Pakatan leaders like Anwar, Mat Sabu, LKS,etc. I had once written to the press to complain as these guys have no position in the Penang govt so this is a misuse of govt funds. As usual, the DAPsters jumped in to defend the Dear Leader and abuse me.

  10. If we want to live in harmony with each other, improve the sharing system. Provocation will flatten malaysia with a lot of innocent blood.

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