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Hosanna! Bersih, so pure, so naked

The words “so naked and so pure” are really mentioned in the article. Not my article lah. But an article written by Shamini Darshni in The Malaysian Insider.

Shamini Darshni wrote:

“When I joined thousands of Malaysians [in Bersih 2.0] last July 9, making our presence heard and felt on the streets of Kuala Lumpur to force the government of Malaysia to take the people’s united voice seriously, I knew, like every other person with me, that I was making a difference.”

Helen Ang’s comments in bold italics within square brackets.

[The sound of roars and chest pounding]

[thump … thump … thump …]

Shamini wrote:

“Since Bersih 2.0, we have seen, felt and heard an intensity so naked and so pure among Malaysians who want nothing more than a better country to live in.”

[thump … thump … thump …]

Shamini wrote:

“Although it is disheartening that the third installation of the Bersih movement is championing the exact same eight recommendations we called for last year, my pride lies in the face of the political awakening that has taken many of us by storm. We are now unafraid to say we want better leadership, government accountability and transparency, and an overall better life as a Malaysian.”

[Er … still on the exact same 8 demands?]

Shamini wrote:

“Did Bersih 2.0 then fail? Hardly.

[That’s good to hear]

Shamini wrote:

“Is Bersih 3.0 necessary? Let’s see: …

  • “As I write this piece, friends are holding a meeting on the funding cut by the Ministry of Health for the HIV and AIDS cause, which has resulted in a major scaledown of care and support programmes for people living with HIV and AIDS, and resulting in roughly 100 jobs lost. Unfair!”
  • “Fill in this blank. You are sure to find at least one reason for April 28. Enough. Again, enough.”

[If you say so …]

Shamini wrote:

“We can expect to hear that the authorities are going to crack down on April 28 protestors. We may even be tear gassed, be at the receiving end of water cannons, or be arrested again. But we will also sing “Negaraku” and discover new meaning to those words imprinted in our brains. We will smile at another Malaysian and feel tears in our eyes because there is one reason only we gather — for a better country.”

[thump … thump … thump …]

Shamini wrote:

“For me, the Bersih movement is not just about electoral reforms, but how this forms the fundamental from which all the wrongs in the country can be put right. If there is anything our pompous politicians should have learned in the aftermath of Bersih 2.0 is that they could not silence thousands of people who had gathered for one cause.”

[Well, hallelujah!]

Shamini wrote:

“The government of Malaysia must remember that the people, when united in a cause, are a force to be reckoned with. We proved it with Bersih 2.0. Let’s prove it again come April 28.”

[If you’re wondering where Hosanna comes into the picture …]

Do you remember a Rocket reporter, Chung Hosanna, who wrote about how “yellow-clad DAP supporters kept their cool despite being outnumbered and provoked” — see HERE

Well this Malaysian Insider columnist Shamini Darshni reminds me just of her.


The Auntie Bersih video — must watch, only half a minute HERE


Nanti tiba giliran Melayu lah


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28 thoughts on “Hosanna! Bersih, so pure, so naked

  1. With all those pics, are you making indirect associations between Shamini Darshni– a plump, dark skinned indian lady– and gorillas? Or is it DAP in general? Is it because you have eschewed comparing DAP to swine and so have now resorted to comparing them with apes?

    Being now in Mid East, I witness firsthand now the arrogance and rudeness of people of the indian/pakistani extraction. Don’t get me started with the Arabs, but I can understand their frustrations because ‘pendatangs’ from the indian subcontinent outnumber them 3 to 1.

    Again, I am not complaining that you are using these indirect associations. Please continue as long they specifically target those whom I disdain (shamini being a person whose writing makes me want to spew).

    Calvin should probably step in and give his thoughts on the gorilla imagery. Unlike some people, I am mindful of how things ‘appear’.

    1. I think not many animal in the animal kingdom mimic the chest thumping as good the Dapsters Alpha’s , hence the limited choice .
      But Helen,you should have choose to show an Albino gorrila , or that will make some people happy.;)

      1. they never evolved saudara Hussin. that is why they look just like those apes, as you’ve mentioned.

    2. OB…

      I don’t think Helen could have selected a better analogy. I think she’s alluding to Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the noble aim of the socialist revolution descends into tyranny. DAP which started as a socialist party is now lost all their noble aims and morphed into a super capitalist and dictatorial party.Their supporters’ behaviour too is like the murderous Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution.

      The selection of gorilla is also apt, as kotepanjang has pointed out, the gorrillas chest thumping and traits of using their massive muscle and mass to bully and silence their opponents have much similarities to DAPsters’ political tactics.

      1. Good to know. If you’re ok with it, then I’m ok with it.

        It’s common to use animals to symbolize political movements. In the US, donkeys represent democrats, elephants for republicans.In thailand, the term water buffalo or kwai (ควาย) is used to depict the lower class people who occupy the majority of the red-shirt movement. It’s actually quite derogatory in thai culture.

        However, gorillas are sometimes admired for being a powerful and majestic beast.

        You know how some people get teased for something, but instead of trying to fight it, they embrace it (hint hint swimming sensation with thunder thighs) ? What if DAP suddenly embraces the gorilla as their animal of choice?

        I think if we want to be academic about how the blogosphere depicts DAP then we have to acknowledge the strong tendency of the anti-DAPsters to label them as pigs.

        Yes, this brings us back to the ‘babi’ issue this blog was known for a few months ago.

        We have to acknowledge that the pig is an animal that is often vilified, sometimes undeservingly. Pigs are actually very intelligent animals. In Animal Farm not all the pigs are bad. Pigs are known to be social animals and are among the top 5 most intelligent domesticated animals. They have self awareness; they have the ability to recognize themselves in mirrors, which only a few animals can do.

        When questioned by westerners why I dont eat pigs, I ask them would they eat dogs? Westerners would say dogs are intelligent. Well, so are pigs and this is a logical reason why to avoid pigs.

        Malay muslims tend to argue that pigs are naturally dirty animals and they eschew pig meat because of this reason. My western friends remind me of how, historically, pig meat in the mid east (or Fertile Crescent as it was known pre-religion) was always going rancid faster than other meats. They claim this is no longer a problem given advances in modern sanitation and refrigeration. I tell them that I don’t dispute the history of pig meat but their argument for eating pigs breaks down when one uses the animal intelligence argument. Cows and chickens are certainly less intelligent than pigs. (vegans don’t interject here, because I know how to argue against you guys, too)

        So, if some people argue against depicting DAP as pigs, tell them that pigs are intelligent!

        DAP should embrace the pig iconography as pigs are naturally known to be intelligent animals.

  2. “But we will also sing “Negaraku” and discover new meaning to those words imprinted in our brains.”

    Original meaning pun tak faham, “nak discover new meaning”. darling don’t reinvent the wheel, da dey.

    1. This is a classic one lah bro….I like the comment a lot…it is so true. I get really upset to see these DAPsters singing Negara Ku only when they are doing something bad like protesting or creating havoc. But when they are required to sing in official functions they refuse saying they don’t feel like Malaysians and being treated as 2nd class citizens. Hypocrites !

  3. Malaysia will be a better country to live if all these pollitical imbeciles who support Bersih were to pack their bags and leave our shores. Go, you Bersih ******* and apply for immigration and see if any country other country in the world want to accommodate mad and irrational people like you. China would shoot you on sight.

    1. Hussin,
      even if these people were to go back to China and India, the pertinent question is, would these 2 countries accept them ? Mind you, the people in China and India would just ask these bersih people “you and your forefathers left here a long time ago, now you want to come back ? You think this is a tourist destination ?
      Republik Rakyat China dan India tidak akan menerima golongan manusia seumpama ini. Kan dah jelas saudara Hussin, golongan inilah yang melarikan diri dari China dan India semasa keadaan di China dan India tidak memberangsangkan.
      These people are deserters. Why would China and India accept them ?

  4. sharmini should wear chastity belt when walking side by side with her hero, anuwar ‘shitvaji’ ibrahim

    1. where are we now ? the Middle Ages ? chastity belt ! ya saudara nik, that sharmini should wear a chastity belt when she is in the company of saudara Anwar. kalau dengan orang lain, tak perlulah bimbang sangat, tapi persoalannya anwarlah orang yang dimaksudkan. By the way, will Anwar be present this Saturday ?

  5. Lost all my respect for this blog – nothing more than hate-mail by people who are unable to discuss issues rationally and without name-calling. Definately will not visit this site anymore

    1. Dear “Amaranathan” @ KOMTAR Gestapo agent…No one gonna miss you too. Good riddance. But I bet we will be seeing you soon for you are duty bound to protect and uphold (and not to mention paid to) Dear Leader’s honor…

      1. Yes, i bet we will see Amaranathan comment in this blog in a couple of week..she will miss this blog..

  6. Saudari Helen,

    I used to have a lot of respect for you especially during those days when you were then writing for CPI Asia.

    However, of late, your articles are nothing but just promoting hatred and spewing venom in a manner worst than those you are out to criticize. For instance, I do not know what Hannah Yeoh has done to earn your wrath but in almost every article of yours, you will condemn her like no tomorrow.

    I know you may say that I am trying to be “holier than thou” but I sincerely do not think that this is the way a responsible blogger should behaves.

    Salam 1 Malaysia,

    1. I believe the DAPsters have taken this posting (among the rare ones I blog in English) to their extensive social media network. Golly, what do these people say in their Facebook, chain mail and online closed discussion groups that we’re not privy to?

      1. Helen
        If dare, post this article as a guest writer , i think some in your family will disown you.

        It’s a little extreme but then these day what is not extreme by Dapster standard if we say anything about them.

        Give them a taste of their own medicine. like i say before post it up if you dare……………….

        1. I’ve never seen in action this “Patricia Teoh” Bersih activist to whom the blogger GRK alludes or even heard her name before this. Can you provide any links?

          It’s a dangerous symptom where we don’t know what’s happening in the hyper active social media — who their celebrities are, what they tell each other & the enigma of how She-Whose-Name-Cannot-Be-Mentioned (or else I’ll be attacked by Yeopies) managed to garner 44,000 Twitter followers.

          It’s like they’re operating in a separate world & parallel universe.

      2. Like the the name says they are twits, look up the definition on that. ;) a whole lot of bloody twits.

        Yang si evangelis berjawatan tinggi ini ke? KLIK — Helen

      3. sorry helen, i don’t know any thing about her until just now, i am more interested in the Communist ver3.0 part of the story.

        Amacam ada berani ka?

        I osso dunno her; I only just Googled. Wish we had more info but like I said earlier, we’re in a different world from the 44,000 Twitter followers & their ilk with little idea of what makes them tick. — Helen

      4. helen problem is leap of logic, but she dun simply post rubbish, especially rubbish from a rubbish blog that draw very low visitors and readers, this has nothing to do with daring or berani. and i dun think helen need anyone endorsement if she a daring one or no, we know.

        u do have a blog albeit a new one, perhaps u shd consider to post that rubbish at ur blog, stuff with rubbish is sometimes better than nothing. :)

      5. I think it could be Tricia Yeoh rather than Pat Teoh. But I have come across this guy GRK in FB,

        As I had mentioned earlier, DAP is planning a massive cyber attack and recruiting more people as the GE approaches. So yours is one of the blogs they are likely target. Just be prepared. Not just IT security,please take care of personal security too as these DAPthugs have the habit of posting personal info on the web and get their supporters to harass you. Happened to me before, but then they forget I am smarter than them…LOL…

        Thanks Calvin. — Helen

  7. just managed to read this particular article. i think u should have added a pix of the great ape upping his/her middle finger…that would summarises the bullshit dished out by that sharmini…

    What you say is actually the biggest challenge to me as a blogger, i.e. to restrain myself from showing the middle finger in action/words to their bullshit. — Helen

    1. ..must be quite a challenge to restrain yourself, eh?…guess i will never be a decent blogger…hehe…keep up your good work, Helen!

  8. Your chimps are so naked and I can see their boobs. Feels like walking naked at Bersih. Perhaps the car was crashed into Sogo because protestors needed clothes to cover themselves and KL weather is freezing.

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