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Bersih 3.0 — updates on open thread

Continuation: ‘Bersih 3.0 Raja Monyet’, ‘Bersih 3.0: DAP, Christians, churches’ and Bersih 3.0 aiming at regime change

One of my regular readers Subra believes there will be no Bersih 4.0 as the Chinese pantang the number four.

So this one is the last of the series but they can always still go ahead by moving backwards, like what George Lucas did with his Star Wars prequels.

I shall be online throughout the day. You can scroll down for newer entries.

Only please remember to refresh your page every now and then.

Aside from my pegging a timeline of breaking events, I hope that you too will contribute your input in the form of thoughts and opinions so that we can together try to make sense of the bigger picture.

It’s more than just Bersih supporters attempting to occupy Dataran Merdeka; in fact the ‘occupation’ agenda in itself is already suggestive.

There are those who believe that what the opposition really want is civil disruption akin to a Tahrir Square situation so that the government of the day can be toppled and the opposition propel themselves to power.

Who are Bersih?

MalaysiakiniTV’s abstract (see above) of Bersih 1.0 in November 2007 states Anwar as well as mentions that he’s accompanied by Hadi Awang, Nasharuddin, Kit Siang and Guan Eng.

Note the MalaysiakiniTV report blurb fails to list any names belonging to NGO leaders while Ambiga is not even in the frame.

Power to who?

Haris Ibrahim posted in his blog:

Haris wrote on 28 July 2011, “[Tian Chua] you took it upon yourself to alter a peaceful rally to one of aggression and, in so doing, put many out there at risk to life and limb.”

Tian Chua responded with a press release on the same day.

Barely 10 days later on Aug 9, Haris ‘resigns’ as Bersih 2.0 steering committee member.

So who do you think is in charge?

After all Anwar could say, “I’ll tell Ambiga to call off Bersih rally if …”

And on their own how many people do you think lawyers like Ambiga and Haris can summon to the streets?

April 28

“The Bersih feeling is in the air in Kuala Lumpur” — Ambiga tells the press this morning.

So are the twits on air.


Bersih is determined to sit in but there is a court order barring the public from entering Dataran Merdeka in force from today until May 1.

There is also the new Peaceful Assembly Act that bans dynamic street demos (meaning, crowds on the move as opposed to static).

“Supporters of Bersih 3.0 are permitted to gather at their meeting points but are prohibited from marching to Dataran Merdeka as provided for by the recently enforced Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA), said Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohmad Salleh.” — see here

If the Bersih protesters are nabbed for breach of the law, blame it on their beloved Pakatan leaders, i.e. the MPs who did not do enough to block the passage of the Peaceful Assembly bill in Parliament.

The opposition are more interested in agitation and care more about political mileage and publicity on CNN and Al-Jazeera than they are about safeguarding our civil liberties where it counts — in Parliament.

The Dewan is where DAPsters, Anwaristas and such ilk have enthroned their media darlings to play the role of legislators, and some of the Pakatan reps have been caught busy Facebooking when the house is in session.

All ye who blame BN for everything, recall that your Pakatan representatives are lawmakers too.

For the record: I’m against the ‘no marches permitted’ stipulation in the Peaceful Assembly Act. Hence I’m very disappointed in the Pakatan parliamentarians (who got my vote / I didn’t elect BN) for sleeping on the job when they should have been alert watchdogs.

Bersih begins at home

Pakatan’s three parties can’t even keep their own houses in order.

The election process in PKR? Enough said.


Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching and Jeff Ooi were nominated as general election candidates in 2008 despite not fulfilling the requirement – serving a minumum two years as DAP members. Their nomination was in contravention of the party constitution but they were allowed the caveat.

DAP’s recent acquisition – the Malay window dressing Sakmongkol – will be nominated as DAP election candidate in GE13 using the same waiver.

Kim Guan Eng may be sailing into his fourth term by flouting the same DAP constitution which limits its sec-gen to three terms. DAP’s mandatory party election is due this year but has been postponed.

Do the Pakatan parties respect the electoral process?

Or due process? Ask Hasan Ali who was sacked by PAS in the most peremptory manner.

Do the opposition even respect the need to hold elections?

In their own backyard

During their last GE campaign, Pakatan promised to carry out local elections. They are in power four years already now in Selangor, Penang and Kedah plus donkey years in Kelantan.

[They can pass a contentious fatwa as law in Kedah and yet DAP keeps mum].

A special assistant to Subang Jaya Adun Hannah Yeoh was this year appointed to the Subang Jaya municipal council (MPSJ). Chia Yew Ken takes over the seat from Edward Ling — Hannah’s political secretary who was sitting in the MPSJ the past few years.

Another MPSJ councillor is Rajiv Rishyakaran, also a Hannah Yeoh “special assistant”. Appointed. Not elected.

Is the MPSJ the family business of Hannah Yeoh & Co.?

And these are the very same folks pressing the Election Commission (SPR) to resign in toto under Bersih’s current demands.

And btw, what are the functions of the many Hannah Yeoh special assistants, you might want to ask? Answer: To carry her stuff, apparently — see screenshot of her tweet above.

Urm, what is the Bersih message again, leh?

What are among the Bersih demands? Oh, I see. Free and fair access to media.

Two words: Selangor Times

Add another two: Look mirror

But really. Are the opposition, particularly DAP, not featured in The Star? If you haven’t already, please READ THIS.

In fact, we should be more surprised to learn that the paper is owned by MCA. One would have thought it was The Rockette in disguise.

The clean, pure and prayerful

“… when pastors and priests are perceived to be delivering sermons that read as if they have been lifted from the speeches of certain opposition politicians.” — see here

Thump … thump … thump (here and here too)

“Like the earlier two rallies, Bersih 3.0 has evolved into an event that captures a broad range of concerns, from the environment, religious rights, 1Care health insurance scheme and corruption to electoral reform and free education.” — see here

Only Christian religious rights though. Hindraf has not been welcomed by Bersih. The Buddhists have been quiet in all of this.

Genuine issues

Nonetheless some of the issues raised by those scrutinizing the Malaysian electoral system are valid.

The blue bars in the chart are BN seats – wards with small electorates. The red bars are opposition seats with voters packed like sardines.

Avid Malaysia watcher Dr Bridget Welsh says that up until Bersih 3.0, it was her view that BN had the advantage. Today may turn the tide. That’s why The Saints Come Marching In to Dataran Merdeka.

Dr Welsh writes:

“Now, this dynamic [BN vs Pakatan in popularity] is again in flux. The competition has risen sharply, as seats in the BN’s hands are less secure. The recent questionable changes involving the electoral process are even more important, and contentious.”‘

What Bridget Welsh points out about the “questionable changes” contained in the Election Offences (Amendment) Bill 2012 passed by Parliament on April 19 is true. The amendments are indeed a cause for concern.

Dr Welsh made several further pertinent observations as to why the yellow shirts and green shirts are presently thronging the national capital. On the importance of being earnest, she links it to groups that will shape the election results.

The main one is the youth, providing at least two million first-time voters.

Dr Welsh summarizes:

“Today the issue of free education and treatment of students has made Bersih 3.0 highly emotive among many younger Malaysians, and their turnout will be a test for how the ground is moving.

“The second group is middle-class voters. Many of these individuals had never been to a protest before July 2011 [Bersih 2.0] and if they show up in high numbers, then it will highlight the challenge the government faces in winning over key opinion leaders in various communities.”

[they be DAPsters — bold emphasis by this blogger]

Dr Welsh’s analysis is that a “crackdown will only serve to reinforce the sense of unfairness and the need for better governance that is essentially underlying the Bersih 3.0 rally”.

Nonetheless amidst the Pakatan public image jockeying – fanning a sense of glory cum grievance from the outcome of today’s events – the players on their team have also made some alarmist claims meant to cast a propaganda cloud.

Blogger Jebat Must Die dissects one such claim.


JMD blogged:

“Bersih 3.0 was recently helped by another [of] Pakatan Rakyat’s sycophant by the name of Ong Kian Ming.

He just created a special project called MERAP (Malaysia Electoral Roll Analysis Project) which had made wild unsubstantiated allegations about the discrepancies in the electoral roll.

Basically he alleged that currently there are 3.1 million dubious voters in the electoral roll. His contention was:

‘Bersih accused the Election Commission (EC) today of failing to investigate 3.1 million voters whose identity card (IC) addresses differ from that in the electoral roll despite having the information since 2002.’

I believe this Ong Kian Ming, who is so biased in his political dogma refused to study the basic laws relating to the Electoral Commission law of Malaysia.

Before 2002, people can register to vote regardless what the address in the identity card is. The Act was changed in 2002 whereby your voting area will follow the address in your IC. Therefore, after 2002, if you register for the first time, your IC address will determine the constituency you will vote.

The law clearly stated that.

But if the voter changed address or live elsewhere, the place where he is voting will remain the same as what he originally registered himself. If he himself DOES NOT apply to change his voting constituency then the EC has NO POWER to change it for him.

That is why many of us go back to our hometowns to vote. This is a normal occurrence. Anwar Ibrahim lives in Bukit Segambut but he votes in Permatang Pauh. Lim Guan Eng was a candidate in Pulau Pinang but he voted in Melaka back in 2008.

I myself registered to vote in the 90s but have always voted in Melaka even though my IC address is in Kuala Lumpur. I have no desire to change my voting constituency. But am I a dubious voter?”


Although I’m registered to vote in Petaling Jaya Utara, my IC did not bear a corresponding address to the location. In fact, when the country changed to MyKad, mine was an Ampang address.

The pro-opposition political analyst Ong Kian Ming would include Jebat two, me three in his figure of 3.1 million dubious voters on the electoral roll.

I’m not. And the irony of ironies, my vote had always previously gone to the party that he’s so closely aligned with.

[More to follow … stay tuned]

Screenshot below taken from Anil Netto’s blog

Hmm, the Bersih song is mostly in Mandarin. So who it is that Dr Mana says are singing the song?

The first lines (of the song proper) goes:

我 们 要 的 不 多

不 分 肤 色 区 分 你 我

和 谐 共 处 和 安 乐 的 生 活

See video for lyrics translation

Voting is a matter of stepping into the polling booth and ticking a ballot paper. Why the tragic faces, pitiful pleas and the trickling tears if the video of the Bersih song is supposed to be talking about the movement’s demands like swabbing indelible ink on your finger and extending the election campaign period?

See the video. It’s filled with so many 可怜 and tear-stained faces.

Gosh, even the French are not this emotional.

France is going to the polls next week to elect her president. The challenger, Socialist candidate François Hollande topped the first round winning 29 percent of the vote and will be in the run-off with sitting president Nicolas Sarkozy who obtained 27 percent. The far right’s Marine Le Pen had finished third with 18 percent.

[Former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn failed to make the French presidential race after a sex scandal, for which he is accusing Sarkozy of orchestrating.]

Hollande “talks much about fairness, justice and equality” at his campaign rallies.

He “talks a lot about social justice, but barely at all about the need to create wealth. Although he pledges to cut the budget deficit, he plans to do so by raising taxes, not cutting spending,” says The Economist today.

I wonder too where Pakatan is going to find all that money to pay for all the things that they are promising to make free of charge, including abolishing the PTPTN and writing off student debts. The Buku Jingga must be some kind of Santa Claus ledger.

But back to the real socialist. François Hollande declares war on “the world of finance” and denounces the new super-rich as “grasping and arrogant”. During the 2007 campaign, Hollande was heard to declare: “I don’t like the rich.”

He sounds like the real thing (a socialist). Compare this French politician who was formerly First Secretary of the French Socialist Party with a certain fake socialist politician in our own country.

Ours (i.e. the sec-gen of our homegrown socialist party) is getting chubbier and chubbier by the day from what we Chinese call ‘prosperity’. So many photographs of him at Chinese banquets are often to be found in the society and business pages of the Chinese newspapers. He appears to love consorting with the rich — his new best friends.

Funny that DAPSY (Democratic Action Party Socialist Youth) – which is the youth wing of DAP – has not taken heed of François Hollande’s denouncement of the new super-rich as “grasping and arrogant”.

Penang is incessantly boasting how spectacularly it is doing since BN got kicked out and how prosperous it has become under the rule of the Caliph. And not forgetting, what many splendid and fine houses they have managed to built and are planning to build some more, and more.

In contrast, the people in the Bersih crying song video are so sad. I don’t reckon that they live in Penang. A change of air to the island might do them some good to help cheer up.

Updated: 9.45pm

The song above is titled ‘Returning Home’.

Political scientist Wong Chin Huat, a Bersih steering committee member, was interviewed by The Nut Graph today. To a question on whether Bersih was being impatient by not giving the EC a fair chance, he replied:

“From the [Parliamentary Select Committee] report, it is clear some of Bersih’s key demands will not be fulfilled. Crucially, the report was silent on corruption and dirty politics.”

‘Dirty politics’ is a wide area that is hard to be pinned down by an agency like the EC. Or corruption for that matter. Some examples cited by Chin Huat:

“In fact, immediately after the release of the report, cartoons showing (Prime Minister Datuk Seri) Najib (Razak) as Superman were distributed in schools, and Barisan Nasional (BN) flags were hung in KTM stations in Selangor. If this is how things are now, how much worse will it get when elections are called?”

Chin Huat claims that there were no concrete measures suggested by the PSC report to penalise and deter abuse of government machinery.

Hmm, BN flags were hung in KTM stations. An ‘interesting’ complaint. Can any Penangites tell us whether DAP flags are flown in public places?

‘Forrestcat’, a regular reader of this blog, left a comment (excerpt):

“We can see that this fake anglophile hybrid Hannah HOSSANAH Yeoh also playing politics with no substance. Play with lies and hypocrisy… I work in PJ and [am] sick of seeing her face in Selangorkini and Selangor Times which are given free at mosques around PJ.”

@ 2012/04/21 at 11:35pm (here)

According to Chin Huat, it is an abuse of government machinery when Najib cartoons in booklets are distributed in schools.

How about when Hannah Yeoh photos (whose face we’re sick and tired of looking at) in print media are distributed in mosques every Friday by the state?

When BN does it, it’s dirty politics. When Pakatan does it, it’s the choir of angels singing in exultation from heaven above, yah?

Another dissatisfaction that Chin Huat had with the PSC report is its refusal “to affirm the right of all overseas Malaysians to vote as absent voters”.

Postal voters not okay but overseas absent voters encouraged? I’m still trying to digest the gripe. And is this such a big issue as to be a catalyst for the mobilization of the self-righteous masses to take to the streets, “walking alongside God”?

Chin Huat elaborates on his reply to the question:

“Deciding not to waste time talking to the EC is therefore not denying the EC a fair chance. Rather it is about giving Malaysian citizens a fair chance at clean and fair elections so that voters can decide who runs this country when the next general election is called. We are prepared to engage in civil disobedience to defy unjust authority.”

While Chin Huat himself may be already quite used to being a police magnet, is it wise to take thousands of fellow Malaysians down the same path?

Already we see the culture of anomie and anarchy proliferating online. Today was simply another occasion for this culture to be transferred to the flesh.

And it seems to me that the 428 event would have proceeded whatever the PSC or EC did or didn’t do.

Chin Huat paints the authorities as “unjust”. Are the state authorities of Penang and Selangor more ‘just’ than the federal authorities? Were the Penang authorities being just in this case (here)?

Updated 10.40pm

Just came across the photo below.

Wong Chin Huat is the guy in yellow standing beside the car, finger pointing up and speaking into the loudhailer. (??) [I have no idea …]


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

49 thoughts on “Bersih 3.0 — updates on open thread

    1. u see, we still need bersih even after BN is out, that is why many have agreed that bersih 4 is reserved for BN, either as sole organiser, or co-organiser :)

      1. just wait see when votes are counted , judging from the response of my facebook malay friends .the tide has turn, let see who have the last laugh,

        As in another wise old Sea proverd ” Mari kita tengok sapa yang KENA”.

  1. i think with plus and minus, the result of the GE13 is pretty predictable, just like the Bersih rally that is pretty predictable of who is coming and who not, who enjoys coming and who prefers to stay at home. Back in the 1980s when Anwar joined UMNO, Abdul Hadi Awang became the firebrand frontline for zealous Muslims of pro-Islamic state to gather around him and rally his cause. His lectures at his mosque in Rusila swelled into thousands. Yet, when it comes to election, he lost to Abdul Rahman Bakar who did not even hold nightly ceramahs or whip up the sentiments of the locals. Even when Abdul Hadi did win, it was by a slim majority. Why? Because those who came to his lectures were people from outside his locality, not those from within his area. The Bersih 3.0 demo is good for weekend movie along with the Avengers, but it will repeat the story of Abdul Hadi Awang and the Rusila crowd. The only thing left for Najib to do is to win at least 30% of Chinese support which, to date, is still a hard mountain to climb. Otherwise, I think he will have no problem retaining the current UMNO seats, and winning back quite a handsome number of seats it lost to PKR and PAS. BN’s focus is primarily on seats lost to PKR and PAS, and to get back back these seats, for this coming election, is enough to win the election which, I think, he already has in their bag. That’s why Najib and govt are having a nice cup of tea this afternoon and can afford to play golf. Also, in Sarawak, the DAP has fired all its salvo in the last state election, and won seats in Chinese-majority areas. PKR and PAS won nothing. For this parliamentary election, they have no more salvo to fire at except to repeat the same story of the state election. Well, form the way things go, pribumi and Melayu-Melanau votes are definitely going to BN, and the only thing left is to contain DAP’s influence and possibly, win back Sibu. So, Bersih 3.0 or not, I think the pattern of voting for GE13 is quite predictable, and we can see another five-years of BN rule,but hopefully, with a much improved government. For me, I will spend my Saturday watching Avengers with my friends. Not expecting the Arab Spring to happen.

    1. giving analysis on traditionally skewed election will only give a false result. It is like asking you what is the best english football club in 1994 when almost all matches were fixed by bookies. What Bersih 3.0 asked for fair election then you make your analysis, no point in engaging a football match when the officials kept on changing the rules and move your goalpost.

      1. Noman, the idea of Bersih is GOOD, but it is hijack by an ‘***hole bandit and his merry gang’ who use it to his political advantage.

        Look at PKR internal erection, i mean elections. Daylight bullshit on his own party members. What more to say, what more to say of Ambiga when she allow the noble idea to be hijack by the ‘***hole bandit’.

    2. damn right you are. Rather watch the demi -god loki destroy the manhattan and stark fighting to save the city than the bershit people.
      as dr bruce banner said ” the secret (of being hulk) is not getting angry but always angry”

  2. Bersihkan diri dan parti masing masing sebelum nak bersihkan pihak lain..cakap memang senang,bila dah dapat kuasa yang sedikit mula besar kepala…heret rakyat…tanamkan kebencian,fitnah,tunjukkan seolah olah negara Malaysia serba serbi tak kena…,meluat tengok aksi segelintir masyarakat yang tidak mahu berfikir dan menggunakan saluran yang betul!!

    1. mana mungkin mereka membersihkan parti mereka masing-masing ? kalau mereka membersihkan parti mereka masing-masing, mana ada lagi calon yang akan bertanding pada PRU13 nanti ?

  3. Bersih has no purpose after 2008…i am staying home.did laundry,clean hamster cage and just ordered dominos for lumch…bersih has never had any impact in my life even when i supported bersih 1.0 durung the dark days of badawi rule….i say no to bersih..a carnival of hypocrisy

    1. 75,000 and its a 100% success? How can. Faulty maths, which is odd coming from a Chinese.

      You see, son, it can’t be a 100% success, because Ambiga had confidently declared the target number to be 500,000. So 75,000 of 500,000 would be…? You do the maths.

      1. meanwhile the next day, the perkasa could only get 400 people in its sunday’s rally.

        even today labour day rally in kl by nube/psm/occupy dataran/labour unions had 1000 plus people


    Maybe the above will give us all, an inkling as to what Bersih post- 2008 is all about. If you wanna know the motivations behind the insanity fair (why Vanity fair even, given all that preening, posturing hypocrisy on show) that unfolded in KL just now, go here where I penned the reasons under my nom’d’guerre, Warrior 231 :

    but please give the rest of the exchanges further down a miss as they may chaff at certain sensibilities , if you are of the oh-so prim and proper types.

    Whatever, the implications of today’s madness, I hope you folks get the actual drift of today’s political grift, after reading my hunch and the Bob Teoh’s rant. And the use of a mosque by a kaffir/infidel as her staging post must surely rankle the iman of any true Muslim worth his salt. Surely now, a jihad against the non-believers (excepting the peaceful coexisting ones) must be well overdue or have we Muslims become mere holograms of our cackling and clucking selves, woemen to the core!

    Warrior 231

  5. Ambiga says 250,000 participated in Bersih 3! 250,000, not 2500. A very truly success! she says. Yes, 250,000. Anyone believe there is 250,000 out there? Were you there Helen? If yes, you must be among the 250,000 counted to support the Bersih demo. Congratulations. A truly success story.

    Nope. Stayed home. — Helen

  6. 250,000? Betul ke ni Ambiga. Ini angka termasuk budak kecil, yang tak daftar mengundi, tak boleh mengundi, tak akan mengundi pada hari mengundi, dan yang seronok dengan pesta semacam ni kot. Saya sempat keluar bersiar dan lihat keadaan di KL dan Selangor tenang saja walaupun kesesatan lalulintas. Nampak gaya orangramai agak reda degan suasana negara sekarang, tanda bahawa demo ini dah jadi lumrah harian yang tidak akan beri kesan besar kpd senario politik negara, tak semacam Bersih 1 dan 2. Melayu saja yg banyak, mcm dulu-dulu juga, sangat monotonous punya senario. Patutlah kerajaaan relak saja. Dah tahu kot.

  7. Easier to get the crowd riled up, but harder for them to disperse…

    Sometimes I wonder if the politicians and Ambiga know this, just stoke the anger of the electorate, and they will do the rest.

    Some play this game better than the others, but Bersih will only harden the position of some, and scare the moderate Malaysians off the fence into BN’s arms. Generational, ethnic and class gaps? We shall see…

    In any case, Bersih 3 was an important lesson for the Government and the Opposition. I hope the right lesson was learnt.

      1. I think the Opposition knows that the majority of Bersih participants will be Malay. However, all they need is a trickle of young urban Chinese. That’s their target. They need the new urban votes, preferably with a few gullible ones thrown in. Bersih, like Lynas, is part of the momentum for the Opposition, despite whatever Ambiga says. I have a lot of sympathy for both issues, but I cannot tolerate the pillion political riders taking advantage of the situation.

        I think the street culture is not our culture. We need to be rationale and stay rooted on fact-based analysis, especially in reaction to the recent Election offence amendments. My bigger concern is that Ong Kian Ming’s claims will go unaddressed, and accepted as proof for further distortion. 3.1 million questionable voters because their MyKad don’t match the electorate voting area? That statement alone would have rendered any further discussion on MERAP’s research integrity moot. PureShitte only gave a very small slap on his wrist, I think with the methodology, results and interpretation analyzed, OKM would be lucky to escape with any of his credibility intact. The fact is, the EC and NRD have always worked together to clean the rolls, and yes we need more independent third parties, but definitely MERAP and OKM failed in their impartiality and transparency. Anytime a researcher deliberately allow their finding to be perverted to untruthful claims and exaggeration, they lose the most important thing in the line of business – credibility. When they lose perspective and make conclusions unpermitted and unsupported by their data, they only make themselves look like fools.

        As for Ambiga and Bersih 3.0, a postmortem in needed indeed. I hope the ex-President of Bar Council is not as naive as she seems, or else it would have really made a mockery of the people who share her profession.

        The Government should have made a counter offer of venues as soon as possible and not wait for Bersih 3.0’s formal submission. That critical delay in initiative of the Government’s part is not excusable, but the events AFTER Ambiga call for the crowd to go home have proved many fears to be correct. We have a peaceful assembly act, perhaps we need a peaceful dispersion act.

        One word to describe the claim of “3.1 million dubious voters”, DAPsterism. — Helen

  8. Helen wrote Hmm, the Bersih song is mostly in Mandarin. So who it is that Dr Mana says are singing the song?

    The song actually made me cringed, I stopped watching after a few seconds into the clip.

  9. Simple

    They ought to bersihkan their own parties first of election frauds and not so bersih actions.

    And they ought to get the 208 elections in which they won a lot of states to be annulled as it was “dirty”

    Simple. This Bersih is just a vehicle to win votes.(for the lack of proven track record) So if govt really give to the 8 demands they’ll still go to the street

      1. mana mungkin mereka membersihkan parti mereka ? kalau mereka membersihkan parti mereka, mana ada calon yang akan bertanding di GE13 ?

  10. For those people who joined BERSIH 3.0 just now deservedly to be called “STUPID”. Duduk Bantah konon!.And that Malay family who brought their kids to the rally is the STUPIDEST among them all. Others are mostly drugs addicts, bump students. Makcik and Pakcik from kampung-kampung were given gula-gula. Yeah I know those people trying to duplicate what happened in Tehran, and good news is their country finally at peace including Syria. By the way, the Government now have the advantages as the Police and the Government now is the victim, not you guy assholes!!. And hell yeah! Those people 80% of them never pay TAXES!! Stupid!!

  11. Just as much helen acknowledged that anglophile chinese are ruining the chinese sociopolitical position, we have misguided malays…whom i observe are blinded by their eagerness to erect a so called just and ‘islamic’ state…they say they see corruption in UMNO but they are blinded by the possible disaster that can be brought about under pakatan…the infighting….unparallel vision…..blind fanatcisim and racism….it is not proven…but for me..UMNO and BN is the lesser evil…as a resident of selangor..i see no improvements and ibserved even worse stagnancy in pakatan…even te corrupt umno can do an internal election as so MCA that can put aside personal problem and intenal bickering and erect an effective leadership…te same as all BN componen parties….pas, dap and pkr?..they are as good as three dictatorships…one a PAP style dynasty, one a shiite ayatollah wannabe and one centred around anwars big ego!!!

    I really pity the bersih participants…they are as good as pawns for the steering commitee who sit safely while they get chemical shower and chased aroun so that anwar and babiga can proudly proclaim tothe world how bad malaysia is….u ca be sure the malay protesters will also be tainted by the bad image projected in the incumbent government as DAPSTERS abroad will liken the evil BN government as a malay govt…hence the malay bersih are stuuupid…..and wik be seen as indians under the command if babiga elizabeth!!…hahahha

  12. Foreigners will now say Malaysia is Truly Monkey Nation after seeing the Bershit members jumping up & down the police car. I salute the men and women in Blue – they practised restrain!!!

    I’m beginning to suspect that the video Nalla gave to his lawyer contains explicit *** [edited].

    1. Malaysia is not a Monkey Nation. It is more like a banana republic, or almost anyway. As for the video Nalla gave to his lawyer, as always, if it involves a certain ‘pm in waiting’, the usual response of ‘that’s not me’ will ensue.
      Ah la hai saudara Anwar, kenapa setiap kali ada video ‘tonton’, saudara kerap kali menjadi ‘pelakon’ utama ? kenapa orang-orang kuat pembangkang yang lain tidak di heret ? Saya yakin saudara Anwar tahu jawapan kepada soalan yang saya kemukakan.

  13. Read my lips..DAP advocate imperial socialism . .Guan Eng is the eternal leader.

    1. Pas the hand chopping shiite ayatollah and pkr the new king of sodom…..god knows what the PR govt will be.

  14. Helen, here in Malaysia, a ‘Socialist’ tends to put on weight because, you see, in Malaysia, being a ‘Socialist’ in Malaysia is all about ‘socializing’ with the bigwigs. Emmmm … the property developers are bigwigs don’t you think ?

    LOL, pun-ny. Served 88-course Chinese dinners! Fatt-fatt. — Helen

  15. Helen .

    The thing about BERSIH 3 has nothing to do with electoral reform. The intention( called Niat by Malays) is not bERSIH in the first place.

    In Islam and also Malay tradition, the “niat” is off utmost importance. Meaning if someone prays just to show off and basking in glory for being heralded as pious, chances are his prays will not be accepted by Allah SWT.

    Likewise, everyone who wants to utilise brain knows that Anwar is least concern about electoral reform so to speak. What he intended to do is to create a momentum and pray the police will react, better still in excess.

    Then he will cry out loud that the police is cruel. For foreign media( meaning western media), Najib or police is already guilty simpy because they are Muslims who refuse to be “awed” by Western concept of freedom.

    Western concept of freedom is that freedom is unlimited. Meaning police must smile when demonstrators burning down motorcycle/ The restrain is on the police ONLY.

    But the concept ( for Western preachers) is applicable so long it is not in their backyard. There the august Ambiga will be pulled by her strands of hair literally on the street for all to see.

    As for Najib and Hishamuddin, may this mess put some sense in their head. There is a Malay saying “Buat baik berpada pada”. It means there must be a limit to tolerating nonsense.

    Revoking ISA will not bring votes to Najib. They have already decided BN must fall simply because UMNO is not selling the Malay interest while for Anwar, everything is for sale just to enable him to be PM.

    BUT THE BIGGEST CASUALTY is PAS. I am 150% sure PAS will be punished by Malay electorates especially. We have enough for self appointed preacher who preaches anything but Islam.

    As for Ambiga, she has crossed the limit. To us she is Menderhaka. for the uninitiated, if she is in Saudi arabia, in no time she will be beheaded.

    I am beginning to feel like vomiting seeing Hishamuddin is failing us at every junction.

    Hishamuddin behaves like a father who compromises on discipline whenever his child throws tantrum.

    HISHAMUDIN, please resign. You fail as Menteri Dalam Negeri.

  16. Betul ke Ambiga 250,000 orang yang hadir. Kalau Benar ala keganasan yang kat YOUTUBE tunjuk. Sekarang masih kecoh K.L.
    Ambiga suka berperang ni! Moh kita sama-sama masuk Hutan. Tahan Ke Ambiga!

  17. Folks..this was my “experience:” at Penang’s BERSIH rally, not as a supporter but as an observer.

    I had noted that there were many buses from outstation (Kedah mainly) in the vicinity of Esplanade. It seems that these people have been ferried from out of the island by the organizers. It would be interesting to know on who paid for this transport.

    It was raining and difficult to find place to park. I had to park a long way out and walk to get to the padang. My black t-shirt was rather obvious among the sea of yellow and green. And my Indian face stood out like a sore thumb among the mostly Chinese faces. The Dear Leader himself came in late.

    I didn’t stay on long after that, listening to the Dear Leader going on and on about Bersih and how bad BN is no balm to sore ears.

    Two other observations.

    1. The crowd were mostly young, Chinese and typical DAP supporters.

    2. The organizers (Aliran) seemed to be overly friendly with the Dear Leader and the exco members. It seems from their body language Aliran and Pakatan are very close. I knew Aliran is supportive of Pakatan but their behaviour at the rally seems to indicate that Aliran is actually a part of Penang state govt.


    You should duplicate this comment at Anil’s site. He’s after all the Aliran treasurer. Wonder if he would have anything to say in response.


    1. Anil is a pretty OK guy but sort of meek and unable to influence the Aliran committee in keeping on a truly neutral path. But what can he do as Aliran has been infected with the DAP virus.

  18. There are consequences for everything we do. It is for this reason that we take stock of what we intend to do and not act impulsively. Sadly Ambiga Sreenivasan, Anwar Ibrahim, Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang (by their endorsements of the Bersih event) are tainted by what came out of the event. The wanton destruction and hooliganism. How can we say we did not expect it when a lawyer in Ambiga set the example by disobeying the order of a court not to March. What of those not imbued with a legal background, what would their attitude to the law and order be?

    The consequences of Bersih 3 are clear:

    1. Dear soonkv,

      The first link you gave turned up this message: “The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

      The second link you gave requires paid subscription to read the article in full.

      The third link you gave said:

      “What started as a discussion on Facebook by several socially-engaged and concerned Buddhists, about the non-representation of Buddhists in the Bersih demonstration, culminated in the formation of Buddhists for Bersih group.”

      So at first there was “non-representation” (all quiet on the Buddhist front, like I’d said) but later there was your group.

      Well, I’m sure some Buddhists were present at 428, as were Hindus, and likely Bahais and Sikhs and other denominations as well … as individual/with family-friends presence but not institutional.

      My point was that the Christians were highly organized about it with churches arranging (will post link later, I came across this info somewhere) group attendance whereas adherents of the other religions lacked that active level of organization and structure.

      Thank you.

      1. Hi Helen,

        Sorry the first link is to a private group that gathered and talked about social engagement from the Buddhist community from all levels. The second link was to MK, and unfortunately, needs subscription :-)

        I cannot disagree that the Christians are highly organized group with strong social engagement. I acknowledge that it is their strength and I salute them to for their contribution to social transformation.

        In the event yesterday, it was the first time (as far as I know) we have full endorsement from major Buddhist leaders and represented by key Buddhist monks and nuns and organized – it is also supported by the larger engaged Buddhist network based in Thailand. Is there more that needs to be done? Yes, Much more. Building spiritually driven social action is something most Asian-originated religions are not so accustomed to at this point in time. I hope to see more from all spiritual traditions in time to come. Many people from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions (and other like Taoist) are committed to.

        In the end it is not so about the religions but about the social change and transformation agenda.

        thank you for your blog posts.

        Thanks for your feedback. I attended 2.0 and support electoral reform. Just concerned that Christian activism is confrontational towards Muslim majority & also about the long, bloody history of the two religions against each other. Buddhist engagement is good. My best regards to your network. — Helen

    2. Dear KV Soon,

      Copypasting the relevant paragraph from article by Dr Goh Chee Leong:

      “I met so many ex students, current students, colleagues, church friends, old school friends in the four hours we were there. I was particularly proud of our students and graduates for participating. It gives me hope for Malaysia’s future.

      “Thirteen years ago, many people would have been scared to participate in an event like this. Now, people are more courageous.

      I saw whole churches with their pastors who had organised group outings for this.

  19. This Dr. Goh Chee Leong is stupid or what?. Do he think rallying is the best place to meet old friends, church friends or what? Or do he and his family are so proud that a policeman and a reporter beaten up, with a monkey jumping up and down on the patrol car, taxi drivers with minimal income lost their source to support their not rich family?. Hey, we are not living in a dreamy country, without Law and Order they will be chaos and these have been proven time by time. In Iraq, in Egypt, in Syria. Provoke my ass!!.. What did the Police provoke those Bersih monkey? Did they jumping on your butt? Did they calling you names? No, this gathering is not truly Malaysian. This gathering of the apes!Comparing what UMNO do during sending a message to British? What a stupid statement!!. Ya! Ya! Comparing to Brisbane! Yeah! Tell me what Aussie think of Asian? Then comparing with US? Hahaha did he forgot the chaos there? Then comparing with England? This is one forgetful Dr!!.. Why BERSIH 3.0 not held at Stadium Merdeka or Stadium Bukit Jalil? Why Merdeka Square? You have the CHOICE to choose!! As citizen of Malaysia you have the obligation to obey if the order is for the interest of the country!. And I’m glad that Chinese lady who spoke in English rudely answered by a foreign local investor in Bahasa Malaysia make her speechless!!.. Smack back to her face!! If I have to respect a Chinese man today, that man would be Matthias Chang!!

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