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Sekali lagi CSL lawan LGE

Berikut ialah sedutan kenyataan Dr Chua Soi Lek sempena Hari Kebebasan Akhbar Sedunia hari ini:

“We understand that policies and initiatives carried out by the government are not without weaknesses. Policies cannot be 100 per cent perfect, hence the media have a role to play in helping to monitor and correct these weaknesses.

“The necessary feedback from the media will help the government in formulating and relooking at its various programmes and policies which are always structured with the rakyat in mind.”

(Teks penuh Dr Chua boleh dibaca di sini)

Banyak berfikir sampai otak pecah

Berikut pula ialah sedutan sidang akhbar Kim Guan Eng.

Utusan Malaysia masih diharamkan untuk membuat liputan persidangan dewan undangan negeri oleh kerajaan Pulau Pinang.

Menjawab soalan pemberita sama ada Utusan akan dibenarkan untuk masuk dewan semula, Kim Guan Eng berkata dia telah meletakkan larangan ke atas the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) group, Utusan Malaysia, Bernama dan TV3 kerana didakwa mereka selalu memutar-belitkan fakta.

Dia juga dipetik The Malay Mail sebagai berkata:

“‘Whenever I give a press conference, they distort and twist my facts, and they refuse to give me the right to reply their distorted report.

‘I cannot be suing them everyday. I don’t have the resources and I don’t have the time. Therefore, I do this as an act of self-defence. Since you don’t want to report what I’ve said accurately, I’d rather you don’t report (at all),’ he said.”

Utusan dan NST juga tidak dijemput untuk menghadiri taklimat untuk wartawan (press briefings) serta acara-acara rasmi yang dianjurkan oleh pejabat ketua menteri.

Nyata sekali kerajaan negeri Pakatan ini begitu menghayati hak kebebasan akhbar.

Seterusnya Malaysiakini melapor hari ini:

“Asked if he would chase the journalists out if they appeared at his public events, Lim said he would not say anything against them.

‘We still have friends in Utusan Malaysia. Remember, former senior journalist Hata Wahari is a DAP member.”

Screenshot bawah, komen pembaca Malaysiakini pada rencana ‘Penang CM: Utusan ban an act of self-defence‘:

Bagi puak DAPster, kakitangan Utusan, NST, Bernama dan TV3 (media arus perdana yang digam oleh Dear Leader) adalah golongan yang mempunyai bakat multi-tasking, yakni berperanan wartawan dan pelacur sekaligus.

The Star terlepas daripada kutukan pedas kerana suratkhabar itu lebih sayang kepada DAP berbanding MCA.

Sementara itu, Aliran – cawangan kehormat DAP Pulau Pinang  – menyiarkan kenyataan ‘Bersih 3.0: Media groups condemn intimidation, arrests of journalists‘ yang ditandatangani enam buah pertubuhan.

Mereka ialah:

  • Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Malaysia
  • Charter 2000-Aliran
  • Journalists Union of North Malaya
  • Penang Chinese Media Journalist and Photographers Association (Pewaju)
  • Penang Press Club
  • Penang Press Employees Cooperative Society Limited

Kecuali CIJ, kelima-lima kumpulan lain yang telah menandatangani kenyataan tersebut ialah badan-badan Pulau Pinang. Tidak seperti Utusan, NST, Bernama dan TV3, badan-badan ini mempunyai hubungan baik dengan kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang.


‘Guan Eng, you’re our Super Hero’, di Buletin Mutiara


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22 thoughts on “Sekali lagi CSL lawan LGE

  1. Give it a break helen. No amount of spin from you will work.

    Then why do you feel the need to practically camp in my blog & comment using different names? — Helen

    1. ED, why should she , when she enjoy seeing dapster performing the same cheap trick on the blog day in and day out.
      if she’s lucky she find one like you.

    2. Camp in your blog? Have you ever heard of multiple devices used to communicate? Going by your replies you sound as smart as a 5 year old, so im not hoping for much.


      You mean “multiple devices” as in multiple pseudonyms & the DAP cybertroopers going to the extent of using Malay pseudonyms? I’m not surprised given how their reps even don tudung to Occupy Masjid.


  2. Helen,

    What’s your comment on the false reporting by NST and Utusan of the Aussie Senator?

    Where is their credibility and integrity?


    Since you think my “articles are nothing but just promoting hatred and spewing venom”, why in the world should my comment on the Aussie senator be of any interest to you?


    1. Dear Camelot,

      The dailies apologized and retracted the offending pieces. That’s more than I can say of some of the lies that gets perpetuated by the politicians.

    2. Jangan marsh. It,s just that you seem to glorify Utusan and NST when they are actively involved in false reporting. Bukankah itu tantamount to defending the indefensible on your part saudari Helen?

      1. Sorry, it should be “jangan marah” the auto spelling check punts pasal.

        1. It is the DAPsters who are constantly defending the indefensible. Fact: Dear Leader Kim banned four media outlets (Utusan, NST, Bernama, TV3) in Penang.

          Using his excuse, some of the BN leaders can also say that every day they’re itching to sue the new media for twisting their words or spinning. In fact, senator Ezam once threatened to “bakar” MK, MI.

          I don’t recall Dr M ever suing the press, not even Barry Wain, compared to the multiple lawsuits filed against establishment media by Kim Guan Eng. His evangelist colleague David Nga even sued a blogger for millions over the Tailorgate allegations.

          Yesterday was World Press Freedom Day. Pakatan made press freedom one of their elections promises, BN didn’t.

          Pakatan promised freedom of information, BN didn’t.

          That’s why Pakatan won middle-class voter and BN didn’t.

          Now, has Pakatan delivered?

          Evaluate the performance, not the rhetoric.

          Postscript: You claim that I “seem to glorify Utusan and NST“. That’s a DAPsterism tactic. What a silly accusation.

    3. My point precisely. Umno should have found someone with the smarts instead of you

  3. Helen,

    Is it true that Ketua Wanita MCA Melaka joined Bersih Rally? I read it in AAKJ blog.

    No idea but MCA did not ban its members from attending. Haha, they’re not dictatorial like DAP. — Helen

  4. Truly egomaniac to close himself from the media that is critical of him…if he is truly righteous let alone smart..he would open questions with the presses from both divide to explain his stands in many issues openly….instead he close himself to the mainstream audience of the various presses, umno linked or not are still valuable tools to reach to malaysians…..i read that kim guan eng would stop fundings to schools that subscribe to the newspapers he dislike…truly shameful…

    1. typical survival modus operandi of a slick cat

      forget about dong the right thing

      just play up to his audience

  5. Press freedom LGE et al. style aka ostrich style. He makes sure he hears what he wants to hear. If he can’t see his buntut therefore his buntut must be without blemish. At least the Ketua Umum does not ban mainstream media; he just, displaying great humility and patience, hounds their journalists to the lobang cacing.

    1. salhas, LGE has a way of thinking I call DAPthink, meaning he hears what he wants to hear, he believes what he wants to believe. So you can’t actually blame LGE, after all he is afflicted by DAPthink. Hahaha !

      As for Ketua Umum, well, saudara Anwar perlukan bantuan media, dia bukannya macam ahli-ahli Dinasti Lim, Dinasti Lim ada sokongan kuat orang Chinese Christians dan golongan muda-mudi Cina yang sudah dan boleh diperalatkan, saudara Anwar perlukan bantuan media, tak kisah media dari mana, untuk “do his work”.

  6. From today’s the STAR.


    GEORGE TOWN: Scores of yellow notes bearing criticism and praise from the media greeted Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, state executive councillors and assemblymen who entered the State Assembly building.

    The notes with messages written in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese, were pasted all over two wooden panels facing the main door of the House lobby yesterday.

    Some messages had sharp reminders for Lim and other elected representatives on their treatment of the media here.

    One requested Lim not to ban any newspaper from covering the assembly sitting as it was against press freedom and to allow Malay daily Utusan Malaysia.

    There were also messages urging Lim not to blame reporters and the media constantly when news about his events are not published.

    One chided Lim for not giving straight answers to reporters and instead blaming the mainstream media.

    Hahahaha — “urging Lim not to blame reporters and the media constantly when news about his events are not published”. Kim should learn from the secret of Hannah’s success for getting published everywhere. — Helen

    1. Lim not giving straight answers to reporters and instead blaming the mainstream media = DAPspeak

      messages urging Lim not to blame reporters and the media constantly when news about his events are not published = LGE already has the DAPmedia to do his work, funny that you already have your own “media” to do your “work” why do you need the mainstream media? LGE’s DAPthink at work again.

      Press freedom according to DAP = you report what I want to hear and believe, say good things about me, you can have all the freedom you want.

      If you do the opposite, you’re going to the gulag. If you survived the gulag, there’s the gas chamber waiting for you. Meaning that if you continue to report about me even after you’re banned (sent to the gulag), my cybertroopers and cyberhenchmen, or cyberhatchetmen, or whatever they are called, they will come to get you (the gas chambers). Period.

    2. I notice that selangort times is no longer sistributed at the mosque in kelana jaya where i go for friday prayers….now only selangorkini…guess they are loding anti malay and anti muslim stuff into selangor times and sparing it from their PAS ayatollah comrads.

  7. The reason Uncle Lim continue to ban MSM from covering his press conference is because he’s having a hard time giving straight answer on questions about his one-man-show style of state governance. Latest case in point being Bayan Mutiara land sale, which he admitted in the state assembly sitting that he did not refer to Jabatan Perkhidmatan & Penilaian Harta for land value assessment. Again, Penangites turning a blind eye when their rights are robbed off them.

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