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Papa & Mama DAPster tidak mengucapkan selamat Hari Wesak

Screenshot muka depan laman sesawang Lim Guan Eng (dua laman, yang rasmi dan yang tidak rasmi), DAP, Lim Kit Siang, Hannah Yeoh dan DAP Subang Jaya – dirakam kira-kira setengah jam awal – kesemuanya TIDAK mengandungi atau memaparkan apa-apa ucapan selamat Hari Wesak kepada penganut agama Buddha.

Sebaliknya blog Kit Siang hanya penuh dengan cerita-cerita Bersih [huh! Ingat begitu bersihkah diorang?], hentam kerajaan, hentam polis dan hentam media arus perdana. Facebook DAP Subang Jaya pun sama, menumpu kepada Bersih dan benci sahaja.

Sementara itu, laman ‘My Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’ membentangkan poster ABU serta mengesyorkan supaya dihayati ajaran Sun Tzu (lihat screenshot bawah).

A streetfighter is as streetfighter does, even on a day of peace like Wesak.

(Klik 2x atas imej-imej untuk tengok)

Najib Razak, Dr Chua Soi Lek dan G. Palanivel memuatkan mesej Hari Wesak mereka di laman sesawang 1Malaysia, MCA dan MIC manakala muka depan laman MCA turut mengibarkan sepanduk Hari Wesak.

Kalau MIC pun boleh mengucapkan Hari Wesak tetapi ikon-ikon DAP di bawah langsung tidak mahu mengendahkan perayaan orang Buddha hari ini, maka sudah terang lagi bersuluh bagaimana DAP parti evangelis agresif tidak memandang kepada penganut agama Buddha.

Bersambung: Guan Eng accused “BN-controlled media” of exploiting Buddhist bodies to run down Penang govt


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44 thoughts on “Papa & Mama DAPster tidak mengucapkan selamat Hari Wesak

  1. helen you notice it too , i was waiting to put out , tommorow.

    1. This is important to point out b’cos Malays are under the wrong impression that DAP is a Chinese ‘chauvinist’ party. More Malays must realise that Chineseness does not characterize the party ringleaders today.

      We (who are not Christian nor Firster Anglophile) rarely register on their radar & our Chinese concerns don’t figure in their bloodlust quest for power.

      1. mmm..same goes for the malays, the silent majority vs the loud minority.

      2. Same on the malay part, i have once posted well wishes for my christian friends durimg christmas on facebook and a senior of mine who is well known an ayatollah wannabe tegur me that it is haram to wish mery christmas or other non muslim festivals..well..fuck these PASters..i can wish merry christmas and even merry devil day to whoever i want…and i wish happy wesak to the buddhists. …. I am sure that the malays in the past decades have always wished well to the buddhists, hindus and everyone….the malays and its nusantara bertheren have maintained a unique brand of islam that is moderate and pragmatic…it is when these alien PAS ayatolah started dreaming turining malaysian into saudi arabia and iran that we have this creeping insular atitude especially among the PASters….it is no wonder PAS and DAP make good couple..both are extremist in nature..the christian crusaders and shiites who are hell bend on creating disharmony….these are aliens..that is why they do not present well wishes during wesak day or any other festivities except to win votes.

      3. Helen,

        I was think just now, have anyone given a taught of how easy Anwar manupilated and stoke up the young Malay mind to do his biddding during the Bersih ‘riot’.

        Anwar couldn’t could care less for the safety of the very young and the old in the crowd as they were pawns on a chess board in his quest to Putrajaya.

        Now who or what else is Anwar willing to sacrifice ? as he has shown his willingness to use riot as a tool.

        You’re absolutely correct on all counts. — Helen

  2. Helen,

    Actually malays see DAP as a party that actions often clash on Maly interest.

    And DAP is too “dynastic’.

    1. DAPje? Siapatu Najib BIN TUN RAZAK, siapatu Hishammuddin BIN TUN HUSSEIN, siapatu Mukhriz BIN TUN DR MAHATHIR, siapatu Khairy, etc.

      1. Eric..itu Najib,Hishamuddin dan Mukriz naik after their father steps down or long dead.. but this f88ckers at DAP controling all policies and direction of the party.Which party that have more family related MPs in thier party?

        1. Lim Guan Eng’s sister – Lim Hui Ying – is the assistant secretary of DAP Penang.

          The secretary of DAP Penang is Ng Wei Aik.

          The deputy chairman of DAP Penang Dr P. Ramasamy (also deputy chief minister II) who’s not even a Penangite but a parachute candidate in the last GE.

          As such, it is obvious that Ramasamy was installed by Kim Guan Eng b’cos logically an outsider from S’gor who just landed would not have been able to build up his own support base among the grassroots.

          The DAP Penang organization chart (2010-2012) can be viewed here.

  3. Helen,

    Kenapa website ‘Mama’ anak bangsa Malaysia kita tak boleh access?

    Mama Anak Bangsa Malaysia aka MamaTWEET!!!!!

    ps Papa Anak Bangsa Malaysia ni berbangsa apa? India atau Singh aka ‘Bai’


    WebsiteRighteous & tweet44400 open domain last I checked. The block, as far as I’m aware, was placed specifically on Cikgu Shashi & some of his friends (read ‘Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa & follow-up here.


  4. Islam teaches its believers : it is haram to wish the Non-believers on their religious festivals???


    ‘There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.’ (al-Baqarah : 256)

    i wish my Buddhists friends (especially my ex-boss)


  5. Ah the DAP, but then again, you should ask this question : why should the DAP wish the Buddhists a happy Wesak Day ? Mind you, the DAP’s elite core is Christian, so expecting the DAP to wish the Buddhists a happy Wesak Day or Hindus happy Deepavali is like expecting the sun to rise from the west.

    The DAP’s greatest success is misleading the Malays into thinking that it is a Chinese party when in fact its every single action is the opposite of what a Chinese party should be.

    Masyarakat Melayu harus sedar bahawa musuh sebenar adalah golongan Christian dan Anglophile DAP, dan bukannya masyarakat Cina non-Christian dan non-Anglophile. Kalau kita benar-benar meneliti tindak-tanduk golongan elit DAP, kita akan sedar golongan ini mempunyai 2 ciri yang “unik”.

    Pertama, golongan ini menolak budaya mereka. Case in point, Hannah Yeoh a.k.a Hasnah Yeop. Dia tidak pernah mengatakan bahawa dia adalah seorang warga Malaysia yang berketurunan Cina.

    Kedua, golongan ini kebanyakannya adalah pisang dan kelapa. Kuning dan brown di luar tetapi putih kat dalam. Apa maksudnya ? Mereka menganggap diri mereka sebagai “honorary white” dan jika terlalu extrem mereka akan menganggap mereka ini sebagai “whiter than white”.

    Saudara-saudari sekalian. Masyarakat Melayu, Cina, India dan rakan-rakan kita di Sabah dan Sarawak perlu bersatu. Tidak salah kita memelihara budaya kita, tidak kira Melayu, Cina, India dan Lain-lain. Budaya kita mengingatkan kita tentang asal-usul kita. Kalau kita lupa budaya kita, kita tak kenal siapa diri kita.

    1. True….the pakatan are like a horde of extremust chstpristian evangeslit crusaders, one a shiite wannabe tribe, and one a one man sodomite cult… thrm everyone is wrong…unlikr the mongoliaan horde…the pakatan horde erect the black ger straight away to slaughter and compel malaysians to follow their own versions of malaysia…the ones that are corrupted from their ways are to be expelled from malaysia or sidelined totally…

  6. I believe a wise person once said, “You cannot learn anything if you’re the one doing the talking.”

    It’s been quite a while since I posted any lengthy comments here, or on any blogs for that matter. Lately I’ve been lurking and keeping quiet, and I’m glad that I did, cuz I’ve learned something something really important.

    Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim said, “The DAP’s greatest success is misleading the Malays into thinking that it is a Chinese party when in fact its every single action is the opposite of what a Chinese party should be.”

    It all makes sense now. Eure-bloodyhellfreaking-ka.

    This answered a question that’s been like a thorn in my side for ages. See, I grew up with many Chinese friends, and I really had a blast with them. It pains me greatly to see “Chinese people” currently behaving not only like jackasses, but the greediest and dumbest ones around.

    I know we’ve got cultural differences. Religous and economic ones too. But, taking into account all these factors still wouldn’t explain to me the dumbassery that I’m seeing nowadays. It wasn’t making sense, and it was bugging me.

    But now I know why. Thank you Mr. Ahmad Ibrahim, for shedding the light, and to you, Helen, for making it possible.

    I know this makes me look like a greenhorn who just figured out which end of the cow to give hay to, but I don’t care. At least I’ve figured it out. Pity the Chinese who haven’t seen the light yet.

    1. You umno lot are funny. Helen, dont you have anything else to bitch about? Like really, really?

      1. Really Mister dbdn, don’t you have anywhere else to bitch than to camp here like alphabet soup, morphing from ‘Sshsn’, and I reckon too that you’re ‘cscsc’ in the Stopthelies blog. Go occupy Dataran Merdeka lah.

  7. Out of curiosity as I am not a DAP web stalker, did they wish Christians ‘ Merry X’mas’ on their site? … Or Deepavali for that matter?

    Many Chinese are actually Taoist. Believers who pray with joss sticks are essentially Taoist,,, not Buddhist,

    Should DAP stop neglecting the Taoist and post web banners during the Nine God festival in the name of politically ‘religious’ correctness?

    1. Out of curiosity, are you one of those who look down on Chinese who hold joss sticks, and disapprove of Chinese celebrating the Nine Gods festival and other Taoist or folk religion rituals?

      To answer your question, yes Hannah Yeoh wished Merry Christmas screenshot here.

    2. I need to correct you in this, many Chinese are actually Buddhist about 70%, this is a fact,Taoist maybe represent about 10%. The anglophile current DAP only has about 9% of Christians. Now go and see the elected representation in the legislative process in Malaysia, it is the other way around. Now if you want me to breakdown how many from the Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Mandarin, Hainenese, Min Bei, Foochow clan,that would be onerous and can turn out to be like the Malaysian Indians. No I am not being political, but I think we need to appreciate our culture & ethnicity without regard to the pseudo political direction like one that we observe with DAP. As for joss stick or they call it aggarbathi amongst the Indians, and naturally Buddhist it has many natural medical element as oppose to the packaged,commerciallzed & marketed modern Anglophile medicine just like the politics that we observe for you and me that you can’t even imagine.

      1. “I need to correct you in this” i think u r incorrect, most chinese except the christian don’t really know specifically if they are buddhist, taoist or confucianist, maybe only 5% know. i am all 3. i did involve in census many years back, most r mix because i notice the praying statues are rojak, we r a lost soul when come to religion :) we pray to na tuk kongs tell all.

      2. I think this is not accurate. To draw a line between what constitutes Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist is extremely difficult. Hua Yong is correct, that Chinese had made it into a rojak religion of sorts, as because Buddhism is more towards the philosophy which Chinese accept and assimilate into their culture and Taoist/Confucianist practices. And example would be Mahayana Buddhism, which had some aspects of Taoism in it (joss sticks). Generally, how do you find Buddhist? Ask them this question, do you believe in a personal God/Gods? If they answer yes, they are more towards Taoism. If their are either agnostic or answer no, then they are Buddhist. As for pure Buddhist (primarily the Theravada/Zen flavours), their numbers are small, maybe 10-15% of Chinese.

      3. I think I want to side track here a little. The Chinese have syncretized Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism and it will do the same to Christianity. If Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism can stay side-by-side today and accepted by the Chinese, I don’t see how Chistianity will fail to be sinologized – centralized Church or not. The Chinese hammered and shaped Buddhism to fit their existing culture and so did Christianity in the Taiping rebellion.

      4. Actually most Chinese, especially the younger ones, are neither Buddhist or Taoist in a serious manner. Most Chinese like me haven’t actually lit up any joss sticks for years and I also don’t have any idol altar at home; however my parents’ home does have a Kuan Yin. I suspect most Chinese fill up the Agama section in forms with Buddha or Buddhism in the spirit of Rukun Negara’s Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan (We can’t put N/A, right? :)).

        PS: On the other hand, Penangites crudely called Anglophile as Ang Moh Sai in hokkien (Red Haired Shit); I wondered why.

      5. I hate N’Sync,

        Impossible. There are such things as Buddhist Christians, but nothing more. The reason is that the belief in the Chinese Pantheon of Gods is in direct conflict with the first commandment. Whereas I can see Buddhist Christians a possibility in the sense they take the philosophy of Buddhism, while also keeping with the commandments. No conflict at all. Infact, the Buddha mentioned to go and find for yourself what you think is right, and believing in that. So in a sense, if you think aspects of Christianity (or any religion for that matter) is right, by all means, adopt it.

        Lousy Engineer,

        Interestingly, most Buddhist (primarily the Theravada sect) “break” that first sentence in the Rukun Negara. We do not believe in a personal God, rather we are either agnostical or reject the notion of a personal God. The reason for the quotation marks is that it is only applicable to personal Gods, in a sense Buddhist do believe in deities who live in higher planes of existence (heaven), but they have no influence whatsoever on our lives. So if Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan is saying belief/trust in a personal God, then we break it. If it is belief/trust in a God (can be non-personal), then we are still abiding by it. And the reason why most Chinese put Buddhist (if there is a choice between Taoist and Buddhist), is because they see that they “worship” Buddha.

      6. Well, Beng, there are Christian taoists, and there is no short of attempts to marry the two, whether by the ang mohs or cina-peks.

        I think you are consider taoism primarily as the pantheon worship of deities. I think taoism is more of a philosophy or a belief system, and the deities and demigod came from the ancestral worship structure and Chinese folk religion. But in any case, the lines are so blurred that it is difficult to pinpoint the origins.

      7. There are more than 50 million Christian in China, but I suspect how many of them are ready to serve god, or prefer the other way round, I think this might be what Nsync trying to tell, that the element of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism may creep into Christianity, and make the religion look lack depth in the eyes of true believers.

        Tao the religion and Tao the philosophy is not the same, just like dog and hotdog though both founded base on the understanding of Daodejing, however my curiosity is toward Confucianism on how it get the status of religion when Confucius prefer to stay away from any metaphysical topic. Many claim that China is secular because historically religion seldom become a state affair, however if atheism is today deemed by many as sort of religion, and the dynastic system that governed by means of Confucianism tradition and practice which is religious in nature base on the same understanding of atheism, with most people in the society being the devotee of the same belief, would that not make China a “way of life” follower?

  8. Dear Hua Yong & BenG, I cannot justify nor intend to your individual thought process,but derived this from what is reported. Getting into the nitty griity of religious believe is not my forte. Naturally we all have our own opinions but the essence of our opinion alone don’t dictate the modus operandi other than to serve our own need as it is prevailent in Malaysia. Look at the bigger picture in the message and the purpose of it. I can understand we individually need a platform but it means nothing unless and until it transpires for the common folks irrespective of origin.The issue is not what I have stated but to acknowledge and realize that our Na Tuk Kong or our Datuk Keramat means nothing if we continue to fail the community who suffers humanity in the truth & reality that they face for our own obeisance in our own four walled closet concept.

    1. miny, what u wrote is deep and profound and i am not sure if i have the capability to grasp fully, hence i pick only those light one, nothing to justify, really. just want to have the feel that we r still communicating.

      1. Dear Hua Yong, we are still communicating as long the ren, yi & li are necessities not a luxury for humanity to survive.

    2. MiNY,

      There is a bigger picture of course. We Buddhist do see it, infact, we had “celebrated” Wesak before the actual day of Wesak (technically, no fixed date for Wesak, we’re not exactly bothered with it, so long as everyone is free). It is a state celebration actly, where in Selangor it was held on May 1st, at Shah Alam. From what I hear from my contacts, a similar event was held in Penang as well, but at a much earlier date. Infact, from online digging, LGE had gave a speech for all Buddhist in Penang that is during that event (note: We also know of the standard political takeover, and couldn’t care less about it).

      For the Selangor one, I can provide with better details. All Buddhist groups were invited over, and the amount of participants were high. It was a festive event to say the least, of course, one which is more geared towards the youths who are less “formal” and not as traditional, at least that is from my observation. And this was the first time such a thing was held in Selangor. I think this explains on the lack of wishing, while they were busy promoting this event instead.

      1. BenG, I understand the frustration how political these events can turn out to be.Sometimes getting nothing what you expect can be a stroke of luck to develop your humanity because such things presents us with the opportunity to enhance and develop our tolerance & understanding of your enemy.

      2. MiNY,

        Erm to be honest, when I’m dealing with Buddhist issues (issues pertaining to the group which I am in), I do not find that the Selangor State Gov (SSG) or Fed Gov (FG) is interfering with the things we do at all. Infact, from what I hear, the current SSG is a bit more observant as compared to the previous SSG, in that SJBA was one in a land issue of sorts, which I think now has been settled, and also for this event. You see, Buddhist societies are very divisive and autonomous, controlled by their respective temple committees. In short, there is a distinct lack of relations between each of these groups, however, certain events in the past few years had manage to close that gap between groups, and I see this event by the SSG as a solution for this problem as well. It is something good, particularly for the youths. So, from this perspective, no frustration at all. The SSG knows what we can do, and stay out of it, only occationally coming in when the need arises.

        We’re not frustrated with the SSG in that matter, infact we understands that it is natural human nature to want to do such acts of hijacking stuff for ones own benefit. Our solution? Let him be. We can only be a moral compass and point you in the right direction (ie, advice him to perform otherwise), but we are not the ones to take him to the destination. That is Buddhist philosophy. We don’t see it in terms of politics or what (as mentioned, we’re not bothered with politics), we see the bright side of things, that this is an opportunity to mix and foster a relation between different groups.

  9. Hua Yong, you said ” however my curiosity is toward Confucianism on how it get the status of religion” Easy Mah!!! The core teaching of Confucious is humanity. I am sure you know this involves ren,yi & li. Like how N’Sync says semua kena syncretized. The approach by Confucious can be akin to a way of life that had been preached by Hinduism time immemorial and now newly introduced by Hadi in Malaysia with his Addin concept through Islam. Whether theistic or non theistic should never be an issue when humanity is all matters in each and everyone’s way of life. All is well if we mean and act well for one another.

    1. Thank you all for explaining the finer details in this post and in the earlier post about Han etc. I appreciate it. Increasing contact and learning about each other can only be a good thing for our country.

      When I was in high school, we carried out an experiment for the school magazine asking students they knew about beliefs of ethnicities in Malaysia other than our own. Although, merely qualitative, the results were revealing, how much we knew or didn’t know or were misinformed. We learned a lot about each other. I am so glad I went to a regular school where I had friends of all ethnicities.

  10. Dear Helen,

    I must say i am dissapointed that i don’t see that many comments in this topic from the Malay community. Is this because we are dealing with Wesak day thingy rather than an Islam or something political that challenges the Malay folks and their forbearings in not indulging in a Non Malay issue.

    i am sure the Malays in your comments have their own thoughts but why are they shying away (my assumption) from voicing their valid voices if we are all Malaysians at the end of the day.

    In the present time and day, the Malay voice is no matter how petulant it is, relevant for us Malaysians to chart the way for a Malaysian community on a basis of humanity.

    Dalai Lama has put it very succinctly “It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others.” So my fellow malay Malaysians, let’s hear your thoughts.


    I have a variation on the Dalai Lama saying. The Chinese minority complain about how the Malay majority & Malay authorities treat them. But when they themselves are on top, i.e. Pg DAP govt & put to the test, i.e. Kg Buah Pala, as a majority in power they treated the Indian minority worse. It was the pressing situation that allowed us to see DAP’s true colour.


    1. Adversity tends to bring out the worse in most people, especially those who feel they have something to lose.

      On Hindu shrines in the Hermit Kingdom of Pinang “if this can happen before the general election and if UMNO returns to power after the next general election, I feel all Hindu shrines will be threatened. But then after the Dear Leader was pressed, he said “all Hindu shrines might be threatened. Going from “will” to “might”, what a turnaround. But before that he also said “saya tak main-main”. Hahaha ! If going from “will” to “might” is not main-main, what is ? Hahaha !

    2. Helen, the adversity that Dalai Lama speaks is of humanity not how politically driven agenda one runs. Naturally you know the hula hoop that the DAP heroes did on the Kg Buah Pala folks, but this are lessons to learn along the process.

      My concern is the Malay Malaysians, why are they still shying away for what is the truth and reality for fellow Malaysians.The Malaysian Malay knows the facts, and i am sure it is not their religious dogmatic practice that had enhanced them but how the rest ensured that they should not be left behind and ensured that they progress in tandem with the rest as we are Malaysians after all.

      The silence of the Malay Malaysians to defend their fellow Non Malay is a secret recipe that the politicians take advantage of when it fits their agenda without a rational thinking.

      As Dalai Lama says “Love and compassion is absence of judgement.” I don’t know about you, but I have absolute & undivided faith that the Malay Malaysian will never let their guard down for humanity amongst us the Non Malaysians.

    3. Helen;

      “The Chinese minority complain about how the Malay majority & Malay authorities treat them. But when they themselves are on top,” Go back into history lah Helen…

      1.Bintang 3 atrocities in 1945 towards the Malays the moment the Japanese surrender. The power vacuum then made the Chinese led Bintang 3 killed a lot of Malays before the British authority returned back. Some Malay leaders like Kiyai Salleh and his silat members retaliated to the Bintang 3 atrocities.

      2. Go down south and learn a liitle bit more on Singapore Eugenic policy; a social engineering programme mooted by PAP that favour educated and rich citizens (aka Chinese) over the poor and uneducated citizens aka (Malays). I quoted LKY remarks on this policy as in the book “A Nation Cheated’ by Dr Chee Soon Juan . The rest please do your own research.

      “Free education and subsidised housing lead to a situation where the less economically productive people in the community are reproducing themselves at rates higher than the rest. This will increase the total population of less productive people. Our problem is how to devise a system of disincentives, so that the irresponsible, the social delinquents, do not believe that all they have to do is to produce their children and the government then owes them and their children sufficient food, medicine, housing, education and jobs…We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two. We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic”

      Helen, how do you feel if you are Malays and labelled by this guy as “physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic”

  11. Hannah Yeoh twitted today : My baby has finally said it “Mama, Mama”! Yay!!! – So she is teaching her kid chinese language not papa Indian language.. Why not she teach her baby to say ‘Amma’ also?

  12. i actually have a former office mate who quit but we have each other facebook, as you may know, he is anglophile and christian and he regularly posts dtatuses and posters depicting umno and bn people as dogs and babi negara…and yup..he is a proud DAPSTER…as usual..have no shame even in facebook.

    DAPsters are hyperactive in social media, incl Dear Leader Kim’s media staff. Take Chan Lilian whose tweet that our Christians are persecuted caused her to be investigated by police. Since then her Twitter has been ‘protected’. We don’t know what they’re always saying among themselves. — Helen

  13. hi helen..nice blog u have here from syed akbar ali blog..anyway i am a malay and fence sitter in terms of political but not a fan of anwar and his hooligan.i think any matured thinking person would not support the likes of these people.anyway it is good to see this blog written in both malay and english.keep it up and be patient with all the nonsencical unconstructive comments by those mindless cybertroopers

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