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Gelagat DAPsterisme di Bersih 3.0

Dari Facebook DAP — ‘’ ada tertera di sudut kanan bawah gambar.

Teliti wajah dalam gambar kedua. Kenal pada lelaki itu?

Boleh baca:

Mengapa kanak-kanak dibawa ke Bersih?

Disyorkan baca:

Papa & Mama DAPster tidak mengucapkan selamat Hari Wesak

Gambar dari ‘Malay Mail’
Gambar dicekup dari video Euwing Tham; ramai Cina kali ini
Zairil Khir Johari menyertai demo; di sebelahnya ialah Hannah Yeoh

Adakah semua tuntutan Bersih munasabah dipenuhi SPR?

Contohnya tuntutan No.5 supaya liputan adil diberikan kepada pembangkang oleh media arus perdana. Di Selangor, pembangkang ialah BN. Adakah Selangor Times pernah memberi liputan yang adil kepada Umno dan MCA/MIC? Tahu pun.

Adakah ianya dalam lingkungan bidang kuasa SPR untuk mengukuhkan institusi-institusi awam (tuntutan No.6)? Bersih ingatkan SPR itu dewa Tua Pek Kong ke, ada kuasa sakti?

Tuntutan No.7 & No.8 – hentikan amalan rasuah dan politik kotor. Saya rasa (7) lebih wajar ditujukan kepada politikus dan (8) kepada parti politik, bukan? Hairan juga mengapa Bersih mahu SPR melaksanakan tanggungjawab ini.

Kupasan di laman DAP:

“Hence, we are in total support for Bersih’s 8 demands which are:

  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal voting
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. A minimum campaigning period of 21 days
  5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics

“In the last 10 days we [Ahli Parlimen DAP Ipoh Barat dan rakan-rakan partinya] have been distributing Bersih 3.0 pamphlets at wet markets and at pasar malams all over Ipoh areas. The effect of the distribution was meant both as an awareness campaign and urging people to attend the 3.0 Bersih gathering on the 28th.”


Adakah DAP menjadi tulang belakang Bersih 3.0?

DAP dalam laman ‘Jom Ubah’ telah mempromosikan himpunan 428 melalui pemberitahuan maklumat berikut.

Pre-Bersih 3.0 gathering points:

  1. Pasar Seni start: 1:30 PM
  2. Masjid Negara start: 1:30 PM
  3. Jalan Sultan start: 1:30 PM
  4. Masjid India start: 1:30 PM
  5. Brickfields start: 12:30 PM
  6. KLCC — Himpunan Hijau start: 12:00 PM


Profil Auntie Bersih

Nama: Anne Ooi

Status: Penangite

Pekerjaan: Bersara (bekas guru bahasa Inggeris)

Agama: Kristian

Transkrip video #1

Pemberita: We’re all from alternative media ya.

Auntie Bersih: Authoritive?

Pemberita: Alternative media.

Auntie Bersih: Alternative? Kita ada pilihan, alternatif? Alternatif apa tu? Siapa yang ada pilihan?

Pemberita: It’s your choice. Now we’re giving you a choice. It’s your choice.

Auntie Bersih: What bloody choice?

Pemberita: You can say whatever you want. We’re recording.

Auntie Bersih: Berambus lah.

Sebenarnya Auntie Bersih agak fasih cakap Melayu, yakni tidak gagap dalam pertuturannya dan tiada pelat.

Tontoni lah video untuk mendengar bagaimana Auntie Bersih mampu bercakap bahasa Melayu dengan lancar.

Nampak gaya (dengan kedua-dua tangannya terhulur itu) Auntie Annie macam evangelis saja.

Video #2: Lagi garang Wanita Umno

Video #3: Yakin “BN akan buat kotor, Umno akan tipu”

Transkrip (minit 3:28)

Auntie Bersih berkata:

“Malaysia is practising racism. There are two classes of people, one class there (gestures high) and one class here (gestures low). I don’t want to be in the second class anymore.”


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10 thoughts on “Gelagat DAPsterisme di Bersih 3.0

  1. These dapsters including that auntie bersih are already wired into their brains that they are victims, righteous..others like the malay journalists, thenumno wanita are wrong corruted and to be shouted at anytime of the day…their capacity to talk with budi bahasa is limited because like their christian masters..they mow down their opponents and talk about human rights later….

    True,.that viedo with auntie bersih flapping her wings like paedophile priests indeed refelct her insane convictoon to impose DAP only allowable brand of malaysia…wnat first class citizen? So she wants to be first class and impose on the other as secomd class because they are corrupted….how can wants an equal malaysia when she refuse to talk even to a bunch of makcik eanita umno nicely..any malay watching that video will see auntie bersih as an insane woman attaking a gaggle of soft spoken mak cik…everything is intolerable to the DAP.

  2. actually huh all these are fake propagandas to tighten their grip on power

    still going to the streets although their request attended. Believe they purposely list out vaque requests so that they can go to streets later on. That’s why they still go although being attended to at the highest level

    Now Dong Zong has withdrawn from the school teacher talks. This is to enable them to go to the streets as well

    Remember, the RCI for TBH where the affected party also pulled out?

    Maybe its not about the issue at all.

    Its about creating an issue to motivate rakyat to vote for them

    Sicklah this type of game.

    May all the rakyat see them for what they are
    Bloodsucking draculas
    Willing to see/sell the beloved country in ruins just to get power

  3. In one of auntie bershi+ pictures, it is like she is trying to impersonate an anal sphincter. I guess that explains why she is auntie bershit.

  4. Why aren’t buddhist clerics and monks making more protests against the evangelic movement? I will tell you why. They are in league with them. Ever heard of the malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST)?

    The pattern is clear. the chinese in malaysia are just like the chinese in singapore… And see this link and you will see the rise of christianity there–

    1. I think it is unavoidable, every action would have a reaction, and the MCCBCHST has been around – strength in numbers. I think the purpose is interfaith dialogue, not clash of civilisations.

      1. Google this

        see how many articles involve that group. They have a hidden political agenda just like ‘bersih’ and they use an opposition website as their mouthpiece. Dont be naive.

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