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Subang Jaya mama “Spirit, Heart and Soul of M’sia”

At the Aliran website, one ‘Bersih Mum’ claims that April 28 was the day when she and other courageous rally goers around the globe held hands to say they are “the Spirit, Heart and Soul of Malaysia”.

In her article, she wrote that “truly everyone who was anyone was represented here [@Bersih 3.0]” and giving a blow-by-blow account of the 428 rally in the heart of KL.

(All those chickens who failed to show are ‘nobodies’ lor. Sad.)

She also wrote: “… to my Indian brothers and sisters … Anneh, Thamby, where were you? We missed you-lah at Bersih 3.0″.

Reader’s comment in Malaysiakini article ‘Forget the blame game, focus on Bersih 4.0’

An NST article today, ‘Najib regains Indian support’, was aggregated by Malaysia Today only to be greeted by a first-off-the-block comment from one reader calling him/herself ‘Revolution’ who proclaimed: “They are Malaysians ! Not Indians !”

How confusing. There in Malaysia Today, an Indian is not allowed to be Indian whereas over at Aliran, the “Indian brothers and sisters” are asked why they were MIA when the yellow revolution was taking place.

What to make of the attitude of both writers, i.e. the Subang Jaya Bersih supporter and the commenter in Raja Petra’s portal, towards ‘Indians’ (word said in a hushed whisper as it’s taboo).

But one prominent ‘Anneh’ (to borrow from Bersih Mum Subang Jaya) did turn up for the Penang chapter.

P. Ramakrishnan, Aliran past president told Citizen Journalists Malaysia powered by Malaysiakini:

“Penangites did not disappoint us, I see. This is the biggest gathering in Penang organized by a NGO, that I had ever [witnessed] since March 8. I can sense the impending change approaching. The big crowd here tells me that people are not happy with the Election Commission. They know that the Election Commission is not fair. Yes, Malaysians have completely lost faith in the Election Commission. The only saving grace for the Election Commission now is for the entire team to resign, not just the chairman.”


Hosanna! Bersih, so pure, so naked


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8 thoughts on “Subang Jaya mama “Spirit, Heart and Soul of M’sia”

  1. Rama, Malaysians have not lost faith in the Election Commission. Only people like you, the Malaysian First types, lost faith in the Election Commission.

    When you need people to vote for you, or when you need people to support you, depending on the crowd, you will say “Indian brothers and sisters”. But when someone “talks about language” that does not confirm to your standards, you bark, as in “they are Malaysians, not Indians”.

    Now see what I mean when I quote Salvoj Zizek, who said : the true victory (the negation of the negation), occurs when the enemy talks your language. When the enemy does not talk your language, you come out with all guns blazing, saying this and that. Nice try DAPsters, nice try Firsters.

  2. Pray who will replace the entire EC team if the whole team resigns…DAP members? PAS members? foreigners? christian only?

    I say since you do not have faith in the country’s democracy, dont vote la…dok umah diam2 act like delusional abused housewife.

    aliran is one site i have stopped visiting along with malaysia today, both sites ate not consistent and flio flop all the time or shall we say hypcritical in all manners… at least malaysian insider and malaysiakini have a convivtion to which they stick to…

    1. Hahaha, forrestcat, sometimes I wonder what would satisfy them. You know, Bersih says that the next general election cannot be held until the 8 demands are met. You know, demand number 5, 6, 7 and 8 is a bit hard to guarantee, although perception of progress can be made in those areas. I think the Government should try to stop corruption (Bersih demand 7) and dirty politics (Bersih demand 8) asap. Perhaps Najib should suspend the democratic process until Ambiga and her friends are satisfied that ALL the 8 demands have been met. The PM should take Bersih 3.0 seriously, NO GE UNTIL ALL THE 8 DEMANDS ARE MET!

      History will recognize Ambiga and Bersih for their “historic” role, hahaha! Well, will PKR or PR apologize over the Wan Ahmad Wan Omar debacle by Saifuddin? I will wait to see if Malaysiakini will correct the slander. And did you notice? Bersih participants are saying that if the shops have been opened, they would be doing a roaring business! I suppose Bersih demonstrators would be buying cars, jewellery, furniture, shopping for clothes, do grocery, make banking transactions and take out loans on 28th April. This is the level of Bersih participants’ mentality – no concept of liability and risk management. Maybe that explains why they brought their children and think of it as a fiesta.

      ROTFL about “no GE until ALL the 8 demands are met”. Do read this article, Methinks the country will indeed by cleft in twain. — Helen

      1. Well we can see where the 3 million plus dubious voters come into play for Selena. I am still very upset over that misleading piece of disinformation by Dr. Ong. BN might be beyond repair, but the decision to abandon the coalition is not in her hands, it is in the wishes of the electorate. The end of their rule might be near, but in politics, we cannot write BN out. Adat orang bertanding, mesti ada kalah dan menang. BN dah lama menang, tapi ini tidak bermakna secara otomatik PR patut mengambil alih. Sedarlah bahawa lebih 50 tahun merdeka, konsep Perikatan masih menjadi pilihan rakyat dan DAP, PKR dan PAS perlu meminjam ‘template’ ini. Itu realitinya. Ini bermaksud konsep BN masih relevan, yang ditolak oleh rakyat ialah korupsi, nepotism dan penyalahan/penyelewengan kuasa.

        If it is a choice of the lesser of two evils, I think we need to examine the term evil carefully. Is the PR coalition stable enough to prove itself a viable alternative to BN? This is what the rakyat is trying to watch in the PR-ruled states. So far, we cannot convince the party diehards, but we can continue to try and bring sanity to the middle.

  3. They said BN has been rigging the ballot box for the past 50 years. I say BN must have been forgetting to unload extra sacs of phantom votes in Kelantan that they keep losing for the past 20 years. Come next election hope to see truck drivers by the dozens unload extra sacs of phantom votes through the back door. Hope the polling agents from Pakatan Rakyat do not look at the CCTV now that they are so phobia about it.

  4. Ahaaaa…DAP is trying to Philippinised Malaysia…..Christian Chinese will be the aristocrats …….Mat Sabu and goons will end up as Mindanonised Malays peasants….

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