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Guan Eng accused “BN-controlled media” of exploiting Buddhist bodies to run down Penang govt

The headline above is an accidental walk down memory lane.

On Saturday I blogged how Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP in their websites as well as the Hannah Yeoh blog and the DAP Subang Jaya Facebook failed to wish Buddhists a happy Wesak Day.

A reader calling himself ‘Tao tze’ left a comment asking if “they wish[ed] Christians ‘Merry X’mas’ on their site? Or Deepavali for that matter?” (see comment timestamped Mei 6, 2012 at 10:48pm)

Tao tze’s question piqued my curiosity as to whether there was ‘equal’ treatment granted in this matter — equality being something that the DAP ostensibly champions.

Guan Eng failed to extend Wesak greetings the day before yesterday — we know that as a fact.

To answer Tao tze’s question, yes, Guan Eng remembered to wish Merry Christmas, Selamat Awal Muharam and Selamat Aidil Fitri.

It is only Wesak that he seemingly ‘forgot’ (screenshots of his webpages below).

Guan Eng 2011 Christmas message
Guan Eng 2011 Awal Muharam message
Guan Eng 2011 Aidilfitri message

It’s quite clear that Buddhists are way down there on Guan Eng’s priority list.

However, that said, it was adding salt to the wound to find that Guan Eng had the gall to accuse the purportedly BN-controlled media of exploiting religion, specifically “Buddhist bodies to run down the Penang state government”.

He admonished, “However, the BN-controlled media should not stoop so low as to try to exploit religion (Buddhism)”. The irony of this when Wesak does not even blip on his radar.

Not content with throwing that accusation, he himself plays the religious card by asking if mosques would be “the next tool to be used by the BN-controlled media”.

He makes all these accusations against organizations he deems to be aligned with the establishment. He’s famous for labeling his critics “Umno agents” (even if they’re NGO), he bans so many media, issues so many gag orders and files all those lawsuits.

Yet how many of the said allegations against his opponents has Guan Eng managed to prove thus far?


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17 thoughts on “Guan Eng accused “BN-controlled media” of exploiting Buddhist bodies to run down Penang govt

    1. It’s a great wonder to me too how his DAP colleague managed to garner 44,400 Twitter followers. Not so much my wonder regarding the Twitterer but the multitudes of the twitted.

      1. Helen, remember LGE’s much criticised Wesak day message in 2011 which he used it to blast UMNO, Ibrahim Ali and BN? He was heavily criticised for politicising Wesak day. He is a typical case of a pot calling the kettle black!

        Yes, I do remember. Gerakan and other Buddhists made a police report against him for inciting religious sentiments. — Helen

  1. You see, the Dear Leader has no need to prove any of his allegations. As I’ve said so many times, the purpose of making all these allegations is to provoke the other side of the political divide and those he deemed to be close to the “other” side into making a response. And when the other side responses, and responses in a way that he expected them to, he gets to frame the debate according to his prescribed script.

    Remember what I posted previously regarding Salvoj Zizek’s dictum “the true victory (the true negation of the negation) occurs when the enemy talks your language” ? Now, if you’re on the other side of the political divide and you responded as LGE expected you to, you’re playing into his hands.

    If you want your enemy to talk your language, make a calculated provocation. That is the first step. Then frame the debate accordingly as opportunities arise.

    I’ve always wondered, why can’t the UMNO/BN do the same too ? Or is it because even the UMNO/BN controlled media are themselves infiltrated by DAP’s agents ?

    1. People can also say is infiltrated by Ministry of Information officers. Hah! and hahaha.

      Am sure this forum is being monitored by both or even several sides lah.

      Perhaps readers – the ones here particularly – should simply cultivate the approach of evaluating arguments on their inherent merit as well as keep an open mind to countervailing points of view, with an eye on logic and reason.

      I’m willing to grant that some commenters as well as the blog owner herself may have an agenda. But it wouldn’t make a good argument any less valid. Fair enough?

      1. Hahaha ! Helen we could use your sense of humor sometimes. But then, some fora could also have an agenda that is independent of both political divides. And yes, readers and those making comments too have their own agenda. Well, if they don’t then why the need for such a medium ? Hahaha !

        Helen, if you’re looking for material for your next article, kindly allow me to suggest that you write about the DAP’s latest attacks on Tunku Aziz, their so-called towering Malaysian when he joined the party in 2008. After all, M Manoharan, the Kota Alam Shah assemblyman has called for Tunku Aziz to leave the party on his own accord, claiming that the latter does not understand the party leaders’ struggles, especially those who were held under the Internal Security Act. What do you think ?

        Thanks. I’m glad you’re taking part in this forum as I enjoy your comments. (I also miss Anon’s!)

        Am exactly now writing about Tunku Aziz. Could you pls pop over to FMT later — that is if they accept my article for publication. The crowd there is intensely hostile. They shoot to kill the messenger.


      2. even if not an agenda, certainly a bias. no harm in that. :)

        well-reasoned thoughts carry their own validity, regardless of where they’re coming from.

        p.s. btw, just want to say i also enjoy reading Ahmad Ibrahim’s comments and miss reading Anon’s and calvin’s. whatever happened to them…

        Perhaps I should pujuk Anon … :) — Helen

  2. Intensely hostile crowd, hmmmmm that sounds like my cup of tea. I’ve been to FMT a couple of times but i didn’t comment on any of their articles, not because the articles were badly written but because of the responses of the readers. Don’t get me wrong, a hostile crowd is fine with me, but reading their comments, it is as if you’re just been to a ghetto where the level of comprehension (by those readers) is just too below average. Well, maybe it’s their modus operandi, or rather the level of their modus operandi is just way too low.

    They’re taking their attitude to a point where the majority (i.e. Malays shouted down b’cos the DAPsters are simply too loud & rude) will soon wash their hands off them. Then the Chinese will truly be consigned to ethnic ghettos. As it is, the Indians are already withdrawing. — Helen

  3. HuaYong, everyone here is a potential mole. You could be a mole for A, B, or C, even D, E, F. But then again, you could also be a mole sent here and there to monitor other mole(s). That makes the whole business more interesting, and exciting, like a James Bond movie.

    Helen, could you please name the title of the article you’re writing on Tunku Aziz ? That way it will be easier for me to find it, or maybe a link to the article will be just as helpful.

    Titles are ultimately determined by the editor(s). Will put an alert out later, thanks. — Helen

    1. petential mole? possible by applying the “true negation of the negation”, but i rather see it as something like neocon versus the liberal. if me and u r from the opposite camp, it is much easier to deal with a neocon compare to the liberalist, neocon style is quite predictable.

  4. this lge really have selected memories problem, last i checked it was him the one that proposed that masjid should run election to choose the imam and ajk, also for the past 50 years lah ahpek your cronies PAs has been using masjid surau as their tools to spread propaganda of pakatan haram…and it become so ovios lah ahpek since you take over penang 4 years a go and yet u have guts to have said bn will used masjis as a tools…

    really lah ur sindrom is very serious maybe u should go see fuziah the “miracle” doctor…

  5. Dear Helen,

    I think there is a misunderstanding on your part. A statewide Wesak celebration was held in Penang on the 22nd of April. A similar event was done for Selangor, on the 1st of May instead. This is the first time the state gov did such an event, and there are reasons as to why they did a separate event for Buddhist, and also as to why they did it on a separate date. To understand the reasons, you have to view it from the perspective of a committee member of a Buddhist society. I was at the Selangor event and it was fairly merry.

    From what I gather from my sources, and also the internet, LGE did his usual hijacking stuff in his speech.

    Okay, thanks BenJ for the tip-off. I was looking at website comparison only. — Helen

  6. terlalu risau n takut dengan dengan bayang-bayang sendiri..kesian lge hidup tak pernah tenang…hilang kebahagian hidup.

  7. So funny yet disgusting

    It was his sin not to have greeted buddhist a happpy wesak day(but used the event to bash everybody else particularly BN) and now he turns around to blame BN pulak.

    All his mistake he offload to BN.
    If he walks into a deep puddle he’lll also probably say the puddle was BN’s design


    Are we in slimyland?

    The “Buddhist bodies” statement was Oct 2011 but nonetheless it’s fair to describe Dear Leader Kim as a “basher” (bashing is something he does daily) & his latest accusation about Hindu temples “mungkin terancam” oleh Umno prompted a walkout in the Pg DUN yesterday. — Helen

  8. helen,

    this will be my 3rd time reading your blog. and i found it …. fascinating. the crowd / commenter here from the look of it kinda not from the ghetto. even there is one or two with blocked mentality still.

    Mr Ahmad Ibrahim,
    Sir, love how you type your comment. sometimes i kinda need to read between the lines. maybe it just me. but its still great.

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