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The groups in Bersih 3.0



“They know that all the evil forces….

-the Christians, the Communists, the Closet Racists and the LGBTs-

Hand in glove with the Zionists- have conspired to form this demonic Bersih!” — quoted from this famous blog (click)


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9 thoughts on “The groups in Bersih 3.0

  1. You are so blinkered. So dumb. Did you not detect the sarcasm? Cmon, please make your masters proud. Try again.

    1. Is my blog your screensaver Mr Alphabet Soup? Always reading me. I’m flattered.

      1. ROTFL. If I’m so dumb, what does it make YOU to be so eagerly reading me the minute any new posting of mine is uploaded?

        1. :)

          I was hoping some readers would have picked up on the “evil” and “demonic” business for discussion.

          Sarcasm only works if there’s a contrast, i.e. if the boss praises the worker “You’re punctual today” meaning the employee is usually late clocking in on other days.

          If their lot are prone to calling people “evil” all the time and as a matter of course, I don’t see how the Honorable Men sarcasm can work at all.

      2. Helen, for once, just once, try to make sense when you’re proven to be utter rubbish? Try, just try a decent retort? If thats beyond you, which you have proven so, then just shut up? Your boss is going to call for elections soon. The people will decide, give or take how much you lot move the goal posts, but ultimately there will be an outcome. If possible, try and not lose all credibility till then. If you started with any, that is.

        You’re overly obsessed with me lah. Other men lose their hair but Mister Alphabet Soup here loses letters from his name, from Ccscsc (6) to Sshsn (5) to dbdn (4) to duh (3) and now ed (2). What will happen to you after (1)? Nirvana? — Helen

  2. Good one Helen! These people are shameless.

    No, no! Bukan saya yang kata. Gambaran “evil” dan “demonic” tu blog Haris Ibrahim yang sebut. — Helen

  3. Haris Ibrahim, he is so yesterday. Why do people still bother to read his “musings” ? His blog is nothing but an incubator of “mosquitoes”. What “mosquitoes” ? What are you talking about Ahmad Ibrahim ?

    Ahmad Ibrahim says : you see, when his readers (Haris Ibrahim’s readers) are not happy with what others have to say about Haris, his “mosquito” cavalry will storm the blogs of those that are critical of him (Haris) and bites the hell out of those who offended him. It is obvious that Helen offended dbdn (the mosquito cavalty) so he/she has to come here and take a bite at Helen.


    dbdn = Sshsn = Ccscsc = d-u-h


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