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“Umno deader than doornail and will be completely wiped out”

The title above is DAPspeak ©, i.e. the kind of trash talk I’m subjected to whenever an article of mine appears in the portals.

Through this DAPsterism tactic, it is hoped that any writer harbouring contrary opinions to the DAPster holey ideology is harassed into silence.

They – the Robocop enforcers – crawl all over the place. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide from them, muahahahahah.

I had translated ‘Isu “kuil Hindu terancam” dan pakar ilmu menghasut‘ into English for a Letter to the Editor which was published in the Malaysian Mirror and its most read story for the day.

A reader who calls himself ‘Damned’ penned the comment below in the Mirror, which I’m copypasting. To view the original, you can go there through clicking HERE.

The Mirror reader commented: <Quote>

[Helen Ang is] “Another Ms Tow Truck doing ‘national service’ as ordered by her masters in Umno?

No wonder Umno treated these beggars the way it did.

With cold, disdainful, wanton disregard.

Just throw them some crumbs and these beggars will do everything under the sun and even the moon for them!

So, command them to antagonise the Chinese since this deader than the doornail party is of no consequence to them anymore.

And as expected this female falls for it, hook, line and sinker!!!

And you can be certain that everything these beggars talk about are lies, not truth!

Not only will such people lie to earn their keep, they are only capable of talking about inconsequential matters instead of things closest to the heart of Malaysians.

And these are the blatant, brazen corruption, lies, cheating, doing things that are contrary to the interests of the citizens and the country and countless others.

Why doesn’t she talk about such things?

Or is she so scared of her masters in Umno that the mere mention of such things will make her go limp?

So, now Umno has the support of the Malays to fall back on and MCA can go and do what they want with the proverbial spiders!!!

Or so they thought!

But look at what happened at Bersih 3.0, it showed that the Malays have woken up to the abysmal treatment they received from their ‘caring’ government for five and a half decades!!!!!

And the situation for this government has never looked shakier!!!

It is widely predicted that GE13 is the last GE for this coalition as they will be completely wiped out.

And Ms Tow Truck will have to pander to others to earn her keep!”


Orwell’s Big Brother (Big Sister Hannah) is watching you

For more on Orwellian terminology, click HERE.

Prostitutes and beggars

What’s most astounding about DAPsters is their limitless capacity to insult.

First, about the degrading nickname ‘Ms Tow Truck’. It was applied to the Beliawanis MCA Selangor chief Jessie Ooi. For more about the lynch mob against Jessie, read HERE.

Next, the tenet of DAPsterism which states that any Chinese who is not enamoured of DAP must be a “beggar” waiting to be thrown “crumbs” from the master’s table.

A non-DAP supporter (an endangered specie amongst the Chinese) is automatically depicted as being so cheap as to be begging for crumbs.

The “lapdog” grovelling at the Umno table for crumbs is a common and recurrent imagery employed by the DAPster ringleaders. This core group inserts strategic comments (in the vein of the Anwar-Azmin hand signal) to motion a herd stampede of cyber thumbs up.

Five hundred or so of the Righteous can soon be seen to ‘Like’ whatever the insult levelled at the Umno or MCA lapdogs.

These are fire ants. Tasty when fried

Liar, liar ants on fire

It is the DAPster credo that any non-DAP supporter must be telling lies all the time. These Barisan lost souls just can’t help themselves, poor dears. Either it’s lies or venom that spew from their mouth because they’re racists who are full of hatred.

Reporters and bloggers who are critical of DAP write even bigger lies to earn our keep. And that’s a fact, so there!

Only Pakatan has “the interests of the citizens and the country” at heart.

Those that fail to echo the DAPster creed … ABU! ABU! ABU! … are yellow-livered cowards who do not dare speak up because of being scared shit of the Master of the Universe. That would be U-M-M-N-N-O (cue Darth Vader score)

Cowards die a thousand deaths.

That’s why a typical DAPster campaign must hurl a thousand smears at their target.

Repeated a thousand times, the accusation becomes truth becomes becomes a law of physics.

Truth is the sole preserve of DAPsters and their Dear Leaders.

The truth of the matter is that non-DAPsters are immoral people who engage in cheating and who wallow in corruption. Always. All the time, believe you me.

And if you still refuse to believe me, I will tickle you — urm, cross that out, I mean torture you — until you cry surrender.

Anyone who does not chorus his support for Pakatan is tacitly approving “blatant, brazen corruption”. Shameless hussy.

Arise O ye Malays

Then there is the DAPster article of faith that “the Malays have woken up”.

“The situation for this government has never looked shakier!!!” because many Malays have now woken up.

“Umno and its running dogs MCA and MIC will be completely wiped out!” because the multitudes of awakened Malays are joining DAP which is running out of membership forms due to over-subscription.

Join now and you stand a chance to be appointed Vice Chairman as a vacancy under the Malay window-dressing quota has just opened up.

Because wide-awake Malays are registering as party members and will be voting DAP in droves, Umno is kaput. Finito.

It will be the end of the world as the BN-ites know it.

Malaysia shall be cleansed of its sinners. No more celebrity sex videos. Hallelujah!

The dawn of a new and Kim, err, I mean Clean era is at hand. Suzanna! Marina! Alannah! Hosanna! Hosanna!

THIS OTHER ONE of the ‘Hosanna’ series, which I enjoyed writing, might also interest you.


* Copyright for ‘DAPspeak’ word invention belongs to Ahmad Ibrahim.


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36 thoughts on ““Umno deader than doornail and will be completely wiped out”

  1. The Malays have woken up indeed (most Malayians in fact)… to realize that the experiment of giving BN federal governance and handing over individual state governance to PAS, DAP or PKR might not have been the best idea in the world… instead of getting balance, we get “politics is war”.

  2. Anger aside, present trends suggest a heavily Malay shift to BN. I said BN, not UMNO. UMNO still carries a kind of distasteful resentment among some Malays, but BN has become a softer and more acceptable taste for them. The wow factor is Najib. Yes, the Malays do have woken up, no doubt. But they are waking up to the fact that PAS cannot carry through their ideals and aspirations. The down factor is Abdul Hadi. He doesn’t have ideas nor speak his mind. Anwar Ibrahim? He is no longer seen as the ABIM firebrand, or the Reformasi leader. Malays are very sensitive to moral and religious issues, especially personal ones. Anwar Ibrahim has become a baggage for some of these people. He cannot win on moral and religious grounds. In fact, he no longer talks about moral and religious things the way he does in ABIM or UMNO. If you go to the Malay ground, you can sense their insecurity with a commanding DAP in Pakatan. 2008 was a time when many Malays were hoping that PAS could become an alternative to UMNO, and BN. Today, this is no longer the case.

  3. Lawak of the century lah this Dapster,must be living in her wet dream being poked by the smelly full of smegma uncircumcised the Little Emperor of Pulau Pinang,the maha rascist LGE from Melaka.Hahaha,hehehe

    Dapster is a joke!

  5. keep going helen..

    just ignore the dog..

    they will stop barking when they’re tired..

    anyway, dog which bark loud usually doesn’t bite..

    same goes to the dapster


  6. Whooooa. You must be angry when you wrote this. Nice article though. Me too already fed-up with those self righteous hamsters oooops Dapsters. Keep on writing dear Helen.

  7. the dapster are actually correct!

    not only the malay have waken up but the indian too!

    now they know that they have been shitted and make fool by the khalifah iguana eng & his comrade!

    let see who will be wipe out!

  8. This is a typical shiok sendiri posting by someone who has been paid to “watch” over DAP. Go get a life, fat girl. Go get laid.

    1. Godfather, you are so predictable, you know why, go figure it out. Look at the element of a typical you know who.

      I am sure most who comment here are the fence sitters, who seem to see the logic on what Helen has to state as they they are not affliated to some party or i know best attitude.

      You DAP cyber troopers are so obvious and I think what a waste of space you are. Please get more of your troopers in as it only makes it more interesting in unveiling the veil for your agenda.

      Oh, yes another thingy, the typical branding exercise as you have stated in your comment becomes dull and mundane, take it to your master and educate him/her, you lap dog.

    2. Godfather, you know what I think I need to educate you a tiny winy bit more. I have no qualms about this because i an a fence sitter. BN/DAP really does not matter to me, but the truth and reality for one another does.

      Your comment on Helen shows what low life mentality breeds amongst your camp. When I say low life does not mean your industrialized or materialized achievement but low life in the sense of morality and responsibility.

      I know this is too much to grasp for your type of low life but what can I do, we always must have hope amongst us to uplift those immoral and irresponsible low life like you to achieve eureka for the community. I know you will not take it personally because, when you are thick skin without any individual moral dignity it is always easily deflected as long it serves your master’s agenda.

    3. this is typical shioK sendiri comment by someone has been paid and blindly follow “double standard and racist LGE” to menghalalkan penipuan, , please don’t laid any women, i don’t want your stupidity effect the future.

  9. Salam dek Helen,

    Satu masa dahulu komunis di negara kita melakukan gerakan memaksa rakyat menyokong mereka dengan ugutan dan ancaman terhadap diri dan keluarga. Kebanyakkan yang menjadi mangsa adalah penduduk Cina. Penoreh getah dan petani Cina dipaksa memberi bantuan makanan dan maklumat. Mereka diasak dengan propaganda bahawa itulah perjuangan untuk orang Cina. Sesiapa yang tidak menyokong adalah penderhaka kepada bangsa.

    Cara yang digemari bagi menakut-nakutkan penduduk adalah dengan kekejaman terhadap mereka yang enggan berkerjasama. Dalam ketakutan, ramai yang menurut sahaja kehendak pengganas-pengganas ini. Dalam pada itu ada juga yang mempercayai dan memyokong dengan kerelaan hati. Keadaan ini menimbulkan kesukaran bagi mengenali siapa yang terpaksa dan siapa yang rela, siapa seteru siapa sahabat.

    Orang Melayu yang melihat dari luar seakan-akan semua Cina menyokong komunis atas dasar perkauman. Era selepas itu menyaksikan orang Cina dikait dengan komunis, ketidakpercayaan terhadap kesetiaan orang Cina sentiasa ada. “Memang perangai Cina komunis” adalah ungkapan biasa.

    Ekstremis Cina ini terus menggunakan cara sama hingga tercetus pula kejadian 13 Mei.

    Orang Cina tidak ada pilihan dari terpaksa memihak, tiada jalan tengah. Menyokong bermakna bersatu dalam perjuangan, jika tidak bermakna penderhaka kepada bangsa Cina. Kecintaan kepada bangsa dan keturunan dan kebergantungan kepada ikatan perkauman begitu kuat dalam jiwa orang Cina menyebabkan mereka takut untuk dilihat tidak sealiran.

    Contoh teladan pula sentiasa ditunjukkan berselang masa. Tragedi pegawai atasan polis berbangsa Cina ditembak mati oleh “komunis” di tengah-tengah pekan sudah cukup memberi ingatan. Rakyat melihat seorang pahlawan negara terkorban tetapi ada yang melihat penderhaka yang dihukum.

    Masa tak banyak mengubah rupanya, cuma watak dan halaman yang berbeza, matlamat tetap sama. Dulu ideologi siasah menjadi tunggangan, sekarang agama dipergunakan untuk mengikat kumpulan dan menyemarak semangat penentangan.

    Cara masih juga sama, tidak bersama bererti musuh yang perlu dihapuskan. Apa yang mereka kata baik mesti juga diakui oleh orang lain sebagai baik. Menghina adalah biasa kerana mereka mulia dan benar. Tanpa segan dan malu mereka mengakui mewakili rakyat terbanyak dan sentiasa diwar-warkan begitu agar dipercayai dan akan ada yang tertipu untuk kononnya mengikut arus semasa.

    Akhirnya, Pak Ard terlupa, adakah sejarah mengajar kita?…..

  10. That lowlife Dapster must be a first class graduate from Comical Ali School of Deception. Remmber the guy?

    Cast your mind back in 2003 during the Iraqi War. Comical Ali (real name Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf) is an Iraqi Info (Propaganda to be accurate) Minister. He’ll appear on TV, passionately assuring the Iraqis that the infidels were soudly crushed by the ‘mighty’ Republican Guards. But the whole world can see that Baghdad is falling apart, their army in disarray, while the American troops destroyed every inch of the city. He’s a big joke, really.

    So everytime I read Dapspeak (usually ‘Dapparroting’ from Mk/Mi) it’s really cracks me up.

    Ha…ha…ha…ge’ ou o’dis kauntree, ge’ ou o’dis kauntree. Ooops…speaking Irish la pulak!

  11. Helen,

    Talking about DAP, you might find this interesting.


    KUALA LUMPUR: A DAP state assemblyman has written a stinging letter to his party leaders to describe the four years of Pakatan Rakyat rule in Selangor as a comedy of errors.

    Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin said party-appointed local councillors could not take their oath of office because they could not read or speak Bahasa Malay-sia.

    “Party whips even called for a walkout to boycott council meetings when they are in the ruling coalition.

    “Also, a 23-year-old fresh graduate has been appointed a councillor,” Dr Cheah said in his 12-page letter addressed to DAP advisers Dr Chen Man Hin and Lim Kit Siang, national chairman Karpal Singh and secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

    The letter, made available to The Star, said a party that preached competency, accountability and transparency should not merely use it as an election slogan to fish for votes but should put it in practice all the time.

    Dr Cheah also had a string of complaints against the Petaling Jaya City Council and a certain “powerful MP” who apparently had “the final say”.

    He claimed that city councillors from the DAP had failed to respond to complaints and had also not attended council meetings to address problems of his or her constituents.

    He also cited incidents of favouritism, such as in the allocation of Chinese New Year hawker stalls and the handling of the city council’s debt collection.

    Dr Cheah alleged that the city council had approved the debt collection to a legal firm recommended by a PKR representative for a RM15,000 fee but a DAP councillor diverted it to her associate’s firm for RM55,000.

    He said there was a need to stay united but warned that there was no place for “little warlords” who could subvert and undermine the DAP’s ideals.

    1. “a DAP councillor diverted it to her associate’s firm for RM 55,000.”

      Exactly how many female councillors from DAP are there at MBPJ? I am still trying to pin down details on ECK Sdn Bhd…

  12. This is the comment from Wong Koon Mun of MCA. I must say that he’s spot on…


    Dr Cheah had alleged that the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) had approved debt collection to a legal firm which was recommended by a PKR representative for RM 15,000 but the DAP councillor had then diverted the project to her associate’s firm for RM 55,000 instead. This is a serious accusation of impropriety of ratepayers’ funds and warrants MACC probe if necessary. Why should ratepayers have to cough out more funds if the expenses can be capped?

    Connecting the above scenario with past examples would be allegations formerly by popular blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin that most of the legal work by MBPJ was given to council members Derrick Fernandez and Latheefa Koya who are both PKR members as well, and to Subang MP Sivarasa and PKR VP N. Surendran too. This is an abuse of power by Pakatan, and the matter should be looked into as it involves public funds

    It is apparent through this letter that many of Selangor’s Pakatan-aligned councillors are inept and irresponsible, and the fact that some are still being re-appointed is blatant proof of cronyism and nepotism. It is disappointing that the Petaling Jaya City councillors, who are supposed to serve the people, have ended up serving themselves instead, and the Pakatan parties are doing absolutely nothing about it.


    1. Watch how the DAPsters will now say Dr Cheah is a “turncoat”, “Trojan Horse”, sold out to Umno, bought by MCA, etc, etc, etc.

      1. Teresa is angry with the Star for publishing the letter without approval from DAP…mmmmm….since when a newspaper requires approval from DAP to publish any news on the party ? I guess this is DAP’s brand of democracy and media freedom.

        Did you also notice that MI and MKini are keeping elegent silence on the whole matter ?

        Teresa is angry with ‘The Star’ for publishing the letter without approval from DAP b’cos although the paper is owned by MCA, the anti-establishment people in the paper dalam diam sayang DAP. — Helen

      2. Hahahahaha Helen…that’s very true….

        BTW did you notice that ever since Terence Fernandez took over the MM, that paper also now has become another the Rocket ?

  13. Of course the Malays have woken up, they now know what Pakatan is all about.
    DAP = Dynastic Autocratic Party
    PKR = Parti Krew Rosak
    PAS = Parti Asyik Syiok
    To conclude, Pakatan is a grouping of dynastic autocrats manned by damaged crew that are also self indulging.

  14. Calvin, what took you so long to realize that Terence Fernandez is DAP’s mouthpiece ? When he was at The Sun Daily, he was already peddling DAP’s ideology. Him going to The Malay Mail was just to spread the Rocket “virus” further. At The Sun, he had Tricia Yeoh and Oon Yeoh to help him out. Now that he’s at The Malay Mail, both Tricia Yeoh and Oon Yeoh have to work overtime at The Sun Daily. But he has nothing to worry about actually. At The Malay Mail, he has good company. He has K J John and Frankie D’ Cruz to help him out. At The Edge Financial Daily, there’s R B Bhattacharjee doing the peddling.

    Tricia is a regular at ‘Selangor Times’. — Helen

    1. Ahmad…I knew this long ago when he was at the Sun. It is an open secret that Terence is very close to DAP leadership. Many of the MBPJ councillors are his friends. He used to write daily about the happenings at the Klang Valley local councils extensively but the moment PR took over, he avoided the issue.

      BTW, to the list of DAP and Pakatan reporters, we can add Himashu Bhatt (the Sun),

  15. and may I add one more thing, The mainstream English print media i.e The Star, The Malay Mail etc, have all been infiltrated by DAP agents. One wonders when The News Straits Times will be next, if they are not already infiltrated.

    1. This is absolutely true. They command the English language, so they spread their screwed up ideology through that medium.

      I think I met a malaysian chinese DAPster in the Mid East. He wanted to sell me his belief in Christianity. I just listened and pretended I was taking in what he was saying.

      Then I told him there was a great Western thinker who, while on his deathbed, had uttered a great response to a priest who told him to renounce Satan . His rseponse was – now is not the time to make new enemies! That man was Voltaire.

      My tip to those who want to argue against those evanglistic malaysian chinese. Tell them that White people no longer find Christianity appealing. Tell them the latest fad is ‘Atheism’.

      Knowing how the chinese think, they’d probably abandon christianity if they think white people are doing the same!

  16. The below is from the DAP Mail…oops…sorry the Malay Mail.
    One wonders why Teresa is so upset and has jumped so quickly to the defence of MBPJ ? Could it be that the “powerful MP” who has the “final say” is none other than God’s Gift to Puchong ?

    SHAH ALAM: The Selangor DAP committee has defended the party’s choice of councillors for Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ), saying they are capable of assuming the responsibilities.

    Its chairman, Teresa Kok, said yesterday the appointment of councillors was made after rigorous discussions among state party members.

    “All the DAP councillors in MBPJ have professional backgrounds and they are among the most dedicated and effective council representatives in the state,” she told a press conference after the state executive council meeting.

    Thanks Calvin. I believe the DAP councillors in Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya should be scrutinized too as to whether their appointment was due to cronyism. — Helen

  17. BTW Helen you heard about the scandal linking Teresa to the Dear Leader ? It was the talk of Penang when LGE first became the CM…..

    In which case, this one is good for a re-read. — Helen

  18. Helen,

    What you had written confirm what many said about DAP. Despite trying to project an image of clean, democratic, multiracial party, DAP actually is the opposite.

    And i notice many of its assemblymen are plain rude and ‘merciless’.

    Just like many malays are deemed as “sinful: for questioning PAS, many chinese are looked as “betraying the community” simply by challenging DAP.

    As if DAP has monopoly on the right to speak on issues important to Chinese community. It is up to Chinese to reject DAP. Chinese must understand that they simply do not have to sacrifice their own interest by supporting Lim Dynasty.

    Lim dynasty is busy cultivating a cult status for Guan Eng. Lim Dynasty misleads the Chinese that their interests are met by challenging the Malays.

    Sooner or later, Malays will response to DAP provocation. And the chinese has the unenviable position for consenting to DAP racist attitude.

    1. The Chinese in Malaysia will find a way to accommodate DAP, just as how the Malays have found a place for PAS. It won’t do if the pro-UMNO Malays demonize the Chinese for having its own sinocentric version of PAS, just like how the pro-MCA Chinese did not desert BN and UMNO in its darkest days against radical Islamization. If the average Malays respond to racial provocations, it will fall right into the trap of politics of race and discord, be it from BN or PR.

      “It won’t do if the pro-Umno Malays demonize the Chinese for having its own sinocentric version of PAS, just like how the pro-MCA Chinese did not desert BN and UMNO in its darkest days against radical Islamization.” Thanks for this reminder. Well put. — Helen

      1. You can always put things into perspective when you compare the wider political scene with what happens in a family microcosm.

        How many of you have DAPsters or PASters in the family?

        I am sure you’ve learned to accommodate their political views by totally ignoring them!

    2. The said family is like a power based pied pipers leading the whole platoon of hynotised followers to the longkang.

      Their choice of flute song to mesmerise the public is just corruption, corruption, corruption.

      Which is funny as they are of such nature, perhaps worser off when benchmarked against their recent tenure (tailor gate, developergate,councilprojectgate,councilappointmentgate, sandgate, and many others)


  19. I hate Nsyc,

    Again people say a lot of things on those who are fond of assuming. Since when pro UMNO malays demonise the Chinese for their views on PAS.

    What i stress is that the Chinese does not have to sacrifice their own interest by pandering to DAP’s antic. As far as I can remember, DAP is relentless in creating imaginary enemy for the Chinese. The enemy of Chinese community is not Malays or UMNO. For decades, UMNO stands on principle of cooperation with MCA despite being termed as “sinful” by PAS. UMNO easily can choose the easy way out if it had really wanted too. It had ample time to do so. Remember at one time, more than half of seats are won by UMNO.

    I am not trying to be nostalgic or cocky. Rather,every time people criticize Chinese or DAP., most likely they will be accused as trying to demonise Chinese .

    Who provokes who? I am more worried that Chinese falls into DAP’ s trap that strives to power by slandering Malays and UMNO.

    Just as a Malay politician aptly said ” Kalau DAP nak undi orang cina kita peduli apa. Tapi kalau kita( Melayu) difitnah hanya kerana dia nak kuasa, tentu kita akan bertindak balas”.

    1. Well, if there is stupid comment here, it is frm u, and the ilk of u..

      Been a silent reader, one of many reasons that kept me here is the reader’s comments, which i think is brilliant, balanced,well written, and informative…and most important, realistic.

    2. Godfather maybe you should get your cleverer fellow brethen on board. Don’t you get it? You can’t even [get] another DAP trooper to write something here to defend you. You see that is where the difference is as many here (fence sitters) have no agenda but to ensure that we are on a level playing field on a truth and reality sense without being shufted with either BN/ PR political bullshit. Comprehende!!!

      There’s that other guy, Mr Alphabet Soup. — Helen

  20. …are yellow-livered cowards who do not dare speak up because of being scared shit of the Master of the Universe…

    haha.. i think the correct idiom is ‘scared shitless,’ but then again, DAP is the ‘ber-shit’ party, so your description stands.

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