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‘Muslim yang pura-pura Kristian?’

hipokrit (kata nama)

Maksud: “[orang yang] berpura-pura memperlihatkan keadaan diri yang berlainan daripada yang sebenarnya” atau munafik

Kenapa evangelis Kristian mahu memakai tudung?

Dan siapa pula si “Muslim yang pura-pura Kristian”? (Tapi kesian lah kat penganut Hindu dan Buddha yang dituduh low class …)

Untuk mengetahui jawapan kepada teka-teki, baca SINI.

Juga SINI.

Oh, yang ini juga: Kim Guan Eng calls Malaysians to reject hate


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10 thoughts on “‘Muslim yang pura-pura Kristian?’

  1. Singaporeans yang pura-pura Malaysian… got plenty in Penang I think.

    If I really wanted to be cheeky I would go with “rejected emigration applicants” instead of “Singaporean”. Since some of our fellow rakyat prefer to perceive themselves as American or Australian. Hehehe…

    Pity the non-Chinese living on Penang island today. — Helen

  2. Was in Dubai and I met an american girl who professes strong belief in evangelical Christianity. She told me her entire story of how she was ‘saved’ by Jesus. You know that she and people like her believe that Jesus lived at the same time as dinosaurs, and that the world is but a mere 6000 years old??? I wanted to laugh in her face, but I remained polite all the time.

    The crazy part is that I know of some PASters in my family who also profess similar beliefs because they entirely reject the scientific theory of evolution.

    It’s no wonder the PAS and DAP somehow tolerate each other — both are willing to sacrifice rational scientific thinking in order to perpetuate their age-old beliefs. Theirs is the confluence of narrow-minded conservative thinking.

    I want to see the liberal fembots, LGBT supporters and daddy-haters (ie Marina Mahathir) come out and reject the anti-modern mentality of DAP and PAS conservatives. But, it seems they’d rather have a political orgy with them than stand up for what’s right.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that PKR fauziah salleh is also anti-science, given her stance on Lynas. At first glance, she certainly fits the PAS mold.

    1. Political orgy with them. That sounds like porn to me hahaha ! But you know what, porn is OK with them as long as it leads to mutual satisfaction. They are not conservatives at all, really. If they are willing to indulge in political orgies, they are surely very “open”. After all, they preach about transparency right ?

  3. Orang PAS yang aku kenal kata LGE tu dah masuk Islam. Tapi dia tak umumkan takut bapaknya mati kecewa bunuh diri.

    Samada yang itu sebabnya ataupun dia takut kena potong…..

    Itu pasal orang PAS panggil dia kalipah? Kalipah tak bersunat.

    1. Dia tu Khalifah tak bersunat, jadi maksudnya dia tu Khalifah palsu. Palsu namanya ! Macamlah orang-orang yang berniaga sekarang ni, ramai yang ada sijil yang katanya tulen, barang-barang yang di jual tu halal, tapi sebenarnya tak halal. Kalau benar dia dah masuk Islam, dah lama gereja dia buat rusuhan, Dah nampak dah, dia ni palsu, Khalifah palsu.

  4. Bonjour les gar ! Quelle belle journee. Salut Mekyam ! Merci pour le conseil. Je me souviendrai que. La prochaine fois, je vais donner la traduction. Viennent d’y penser, ecrit en Francais que c’est amusant. Au moins les voyous de Pakatan se regardent, incredules, ne sachant pas quoi faire quand ils voient que nous ne sommes pas ecrire dans leur langue Anglais chere, Ces Anglophiles ! Ceux des garcons Pakatan, ils n’ont pas de classe.Quand vous allez a leurs blogs, la plupart des son Anglais de l’epoque. Mais a bien y penser, ils sont apres tout la foule Bangsar, si l’anglais est tout ce qu’ils savent. Hey, la plupart d’entre eux ne savent meme pas notre langue nationale. Je dois m’excuser, , mon commandement de la langue Francaise n’est pas bon. Mes excuses.

    Translation :

    Good morning guys ! what a nice day. Hi Mekyam ! Thanks for the advice. I will remember that. Next time, I will provide the translation. Come to think of it, writing in French is sure fun. At least the thugs from Pakatan will stare in disbelief, not knowing what to do when they see that we are not writing in their dear English language. Those Anglophiles ! Those Pakatan boys, they have no class. When you go to their blogs, its English most of the time. But come to think of it, they are after all the Bangsar crowd, so English is all they know. Hey, most of them don’t even know our national language. I must apologize, my command of French is not good. My apology.

  5. Appel prostituees personnes et les noms d’autres comme des chiens et ainsi de suite. Et pour couronner le tout ils insultent les gens dans la langue Anglaise. Oui c’est vrai, la langue Anglais, vous m’entendez. C’est ce que les ecoles Anglaises enseigner a leurs eleves, les personnes malediction. Allez, si je veux insulter les gens, les gens Pakatan qui est, je voudrais utiliser un langage beaucoup plus raffine. Que diriez-vous d’utiliser le Francais pour insulter ces cingles Pakatan ? Ces hordes Pakatan, ils sont tellement pretentieux, tout cela ou le drame est l’une mascarade grande. Porter des foulards, s’adressant a des Musulmans en Arabe, oui, comme LGE cher leader, oh mon pretentieux et si frauduleuse. Ce qu’est un bouquet de fraudes !

    Translations :

    Calling people prostitutes and other names like dogs and so on. And to top it all, they insult people in the English language. Yes that’s right, the English language, you hear me. So that is what English schools teach their students, curse people. Come on, if I want to insult people, Pakatan people that is, I would use a much more refined language. How about using French to insult those Pakatan crackpots ? Those Pakatan hordes, they are so pretentious, this whole thing or drama is one big charade. Wearing the headscarves, addressing Muslims in Arabic, yes like dear leader LGE, oh my so pretentious and so fraudulent. What a bunch of frauds !

  6. hi AI, thank you for the personal greeting and indulging us all with one of my favourite languages. thank you also to OverseasBumi (and others i may have missed) in picking it up too, in spite of his expressed abhorence of the french. ;)

    languages and dialects are my passion as well as my vocation. however i think of them as nothing more than tools. those familiar with robert e. howard’s “conan, the barbarian” may recall how when conan finally figured his dying father’s wish for him to find out the “secret of the steel,” the answer turned out to be “the hand that wields it!”.

    that too is the way of words for me. regardless which language is used to achieve whatever, its effectiveness lies in the way it is handled by the user. whether one uses it to poke or to parry, to dice or to slice, to damage or to dispatch, in the hands of the clumsy the desired effect may not be achieved.

    for make no mistake, the result may not be damage (if at all) to the target only. unseen damage may also be inflicted on the users’ own credibility because the audience weighing in with their impressions will be part of the overall result. even those who aren’t nifty with words can still discriminate which are the credible and deft hands. and whether these onlookers realise/admit it or not, they inadvertently can be affected by the mastery of some.

    which is why i can only sympathise with most of the “pakatan hordes,” as you put it, and their penchant for indiscriminate hacking. they do appear to prefer using their tools crudely [i swear i wasn’t at all thinking of the bengkok-tooled anugerah when i typed that latter phrase! :)]. it does say much about the users themselves. so coarse, so clumsy, it’s pathetic.

    btw, i’m sure there are those among their ranks who speak two or more languages, including french. it’s just that they prefer english. maybe because they fancy themselves anglophiles?.

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