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Hudud: Karpal, don’t get mad, get even

Open letter to Karpal Singh

Karpal sir, may I humbly suggest that your stubborn approach to this hudud business is all wrong!

You’re just not getting it.

Read my lips: Your DAP people do NOT mind hudud at all.

On the contrary, they’re all for it.

So why do you keep throwing tantrums and doing your darndest to block their heart’s desire?

Please lah. Be humble and do not seek to exert your iron will just because you happen to be party chairman.

You need to instead listen to your colleagues (who are profoundly silent, and silence means consent) and to the grassroots.

They are your DAPsters after all. And they’ve said they support hudud and are “tired of hearing this same thing over and over” again from you.

So kindly pay attention to feedback and ponder on their overwhelming consensus.

You should learn from other people’s experience and thus avoiding their mistake.

There is a certain Datuk Chai Kim Sen who is apparently the sec-gen of MCA Youth. He and his sinking party object strenuously to PAS’s determination on carrying out hudud.

Their objections have been overturned by Vox Populi (a Latin phrase, which as a lawyer you ought to be quite familiar with).

The small handful of noisy hudud objectors are on the wrong track, standing on the wrong side of history and so very outdated.

It is for this reason that MCA has been soundly rejected by the rakyat.

The rakyat are walking with Pakatan and your own people the DAPsters have spoken loud and clear.

The Voice of the People is saying that you must stop dancing to MCA’s tune by slamming PAS. You need to move on, sir.

Just “because everyone in MCA is a stupid fag” doesn’t mean that you, especially as a senior leader, should be as stupid and as faggy as those in the rival party.

Karpal sir, your failure to understand the issue is because you’re the odd one out — a Punjabi, not a Chinese.

In short, your problem Mr Karpal Singh is that you’re Sikh.

Because you’re not a Christian, you’ve been left really clueless. Let me try to explain it to you. The crux of the matter is ‘sin’ and ‘sinners’ (see below).

I’m sad to say this but you’re simply a sinful Sikh who has yet to see the light by persisting in your one-man crusade against God’s law.

The Muslims who want hudud implemented are merely obeying God’s will to punish sinners.

As for the DAP Christians; they are truly sinless (read HERE) and thus will be the first to cast stones.

See the comment topmost of this page – all screenshots taken from ‘DAP slammed for being silent, Malaysia Today – but identical sentiments are expressed everywhere in cyberspace and DAPsterland.

Karpal sir, the truth of the matter is you’re a little lost sheep that has strayed from the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Permit me to redirect you back to the straight and narrow.

Roadmap to political salvation

Bila sesat hendaklah kita pulang ke pangkal jalan

Now, you’re chairman of a party that is constantly fighting for equality.

You’re also DAP chairman where the evangelical Christians not only make up the core leadership but also predominate among your legislators (elected representatives).

So far and for too long you’ve been banging your head against a brick wall trying to prevent PAS from getting their hudud law.

Trust me, this is not the correct approach.

On the other hand, here is what you should do.

Do not deprive PAS but get the same for yourselves.

Remember that your party champions equal rights. There is no justification for Christians to be treated unequally when Muslims have already gotten their hudud under the able administration of your partner PAS.

You should demand for the enactment of the DAP Christian God’s law too.

Discrimination based on race and religion is so yesterday. Today we are all Malaysian First.

Do not allow your people to continue to be treated like second-class citizens. It is most unfair for Muslims to be given the privilege of hudud whereas the Christians are denied the same. Our country cannot be allowed to have two classes of citizens.

Followers of Jesus Christ have got their own ecclesiastical law provided by God and written in their Holy Bible.

For example, I read that 21 different offences called for the death penalty in the Old Testament where 10 of them are for various moral crimes (source: here), and this capital punishment is assumed or validated in the New Testament.

It is God’s word that the wicked must be punished.

Karpal sir, do not worry. All the wicked people are on the Dark Side in the Barisan Nasional. They fully deserve what is coming to them.

On your side are only The Good.

Hence hudud and Christian biblical punishment will not affect your congregation and constituents because you are all perfectly sinless.

Here are some of the punishments handed down by the Christian God.

Deuteronomy 22:22

“If a man is found lying with the wife of another man, both of them shall die, the man who lay with the woman, and the woman.”

Mark 9:43

“And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable fire.”

Malaysia cannot continue to run on two separate legal systems, the superior one for Muslims and the inferior one for non-Muslims.

It is time that DAP puts its foot down — Enough is enough! No more of this dissatisfying nonsense that the Malays and the Muslims always get the best of everything. The Chinese and the Christians want what is their due, and fair share of the bounty.

Giving them their Christian law is equal treatment.

Stone the adulterer and chop off the hand of the thief as has been clearly stated in the Bible.

And while you’re at it, burn witches at the stake too. You can start with that Helen Ang. Throw her into the fire as she shows no sign of repentance.

“You shall not permit a sorceress to live.”

Hannah Yeoh, the 2-in-1 face of Christian-Muslim DAP

Why Christians must be given their ‘hudud’

For Christians in Malaysia, God is Allah. Allah is God: father, son and holy ghost, amin.

This makes DAP Christians and PAS Muslims all in the family, and brothers in arms.

Therefore what is good for PAS is also good for DAP.

Unlike the Barisan Nasional and its evil rule of divide and conquer, Pakatan Rakyat believes in building bridges and uniting the various communities.

This noble task should be undertaken with increased vigour and greater commitment. There is hudud law in Kelantan and Terengganu with Kedah next in line.

The most righteous thing to do would be to connect the Pakatan populace heart to heart in a northern arc.

Penang must take the lead and be the first to introduce and implement Christian law.

Onward Christian soldiers

The Christian Caliphate of Umar Abdul Aziz Lim can get the ball rolling by criminalizing adultery for non-Muslims and installing the biblical punishment as prescribed by the religion.

After all, DAPsters have long got a favourite candidate in mind whom to illustrate the stoning penalty as a public deterrent.

With DAP having already been fervently witch-hunting and burning offenders at the stake, further resistance on your part, Karpal sir, is futile.

You might as well bow gracefully to the people’s wishes. Look what happened recently to your deputy – the party vice chairman – who miscalculated his revolt.

We don’t want to be stepping over your dead body too.


You might like the prequel: ‘Muslim yang pura-pura Kristian?’


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50 thoughts on “Hudud: Karpal, don’t get mad, get even

  1. I like…!!!! So the evangelist Christians in DAP will support a Christian version of hudud when the PR capture Putrajaya? Bagus lah..nanti boleh establish another department like JAKIM for Christians to enable Christian hudud to be implemented :-)

  2. Vous perdez votre temps Karpal. Votre parti a deja accepte de la mise en oeuvre de la loi Islamique. Leur silence est un clin d’oeil a Pas. Regardez LGE. Regarder le pretresse haute, Hannah Yeoh. Vous voulez la liste complete Karpal ? reveillez Karpal. Certains de vos employes dans le cyberespace sont deja vous appelle un grain de beaute envoyee par Barisan lorsque vous oppose a hudud. Vous etes toujours disputent hudud ? Votre parti a decide de lui garder le silence. Vous voulez la familie Lim de vous dire, directement dans votre visage ? Karpal, vous avez besoin de se reveiller ! Demamder Tunku Aziz. Lui demander ce qui se passe lorsque vous aller a l’encontre de la familie Lim.

    Translation :

    You are wasting your time Karpal. Your party has already agreed to the implementation of Islamic law. Their silence is a nod to Pas. Look at LGE. Look at the high priestess, Hannah Yeoh. You want the whole list Karpal ? Wake up Karpal. Some of your people in cyberspace are already calling you a mole sent by Barisan when you objected to hudud. You are still arguing over hudud ? Your party agreed to it by being silent. You want the Lim family to tell you straight in your face ? Karpal, you need to wake up ! ask Tunku Aziz. Ask him what happens when you go against the Lim family.

    “The high priestess” … good one. — Helen

  3. Karpal as “Singh is king” is no more. Looks more like a sinking ‘sinki’. Little did he realise he was put there merely as a figurehead. Much like Tunku Abdul Aziz. One to attract the Indians; the other to attract the naiave Malays. The only two things Karpal has that is in sync with his PAS counterpart are his designation and his turban. Dear Karpal, you’re no match for the Dear Leader.

    1. I agree with you that Mr Singh is a figurehead as seen in the Kg Buah Pala issue and it is politics as usual. The issue is here i think is not agreeing to what we already know but what and how we develop our thinking beyond race, religion or creed for issue that goes beyond politics. Politics is a never ending game as they will even sleep with their enemies like Karpal & Anwar. Let’s put aside that and see how many people like us who spend voluminous time in the cyber blog to agree on something that is obvious rather than making the change and pay heed for changes that we can make on our own sense for one another on the field.

      1. Just to instigate him yo get evev with Dear Leader and berambus from the Dapsies.

    2. [*** edited ***]…gone are the days when his Lat drawn cartoon exude a sense of pride and he is [*** edited ***] …or a chicken skin to be worn by the DAP foxes to fool the masses.

  4. OK next time I m either going to write in English or Malay. Writing in French is OK, occasionally. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

  5. What we see here in indentured servitude for religion & party affliances not one based on humanity in a multicultural Malaysia. I am sure if HUDUD is such a concern for PR in whatever game they are playing then why not just have a referendum amongst the Malay Muslim in Malaysia to see if that is what they want as it is not supposedly going to effect the Non-Muslims. Who draws the line, the politicans or the public sentiment? From your write up above it appears that the Non -Malay DAP anglophized lot are acceptable to this, so let’s put it to the Malays, is HUDUD something they gladly embrace to regulate their lives in a multicultural nation like ours.

    1. Ahh.another malaysia should be like this lecture from the soon to be atlantis of the york…you like the zionists and blind liberals are quick to stab the malays muslim fundamentalists without studying the history and psyce of the malays

      As i said many times, for many hundreds of years and efen thousands of years, the malay people if not their sub cultures have embraced multuple religions..hinduism, buddhism, and lately islam.the malay muslim sultanates, regardless whether in indonesia and the malay peinsular let alone brunei never implemented full hudud let alone full syariah law that was merely dictated marriages and docile spiritual fulfillment…..though at times, i am very sure past ulamas like wali songgo and various ulamas tried to impose full fledging hand cutting laws, none succeeded, either due to rejection of the sultan themselves or by the people.

      Hence the non muslims are foolish to assume that the malays will be fooled by their fake admiration of the hudud, the malays somehow either have doubts about hudud and may even see it as an unnecessary law, hence its never been implemented by even past malay sultanates which were said to be the symbol of islamic heritge..hence..we do not need the non malays to cajol us to chopping hands and feet..or ask whether malays would welcome mutilating limbs to cure sinful souls…as in the past..we know what laws to pass..and it wont be hudud if we chose not to!!

      1. Hello friend, don’t antogonize just for the sake of it. You say “you like the zionists and blind liberals are quick to stab the malays muslim fundamentalists without studying the history and psyce of the malays”. Aisah Man!!!, this is assumption. You don’t know me from adams. What is your Malay & Muslim fundamentalism? Go read comment #19. Don’t argue blindly. Then you say ” we know what laws to pass.and it wont be hudud if we chose not to!! So in literal sense,you are saying what we the non-Malay think in a muticultural Malaysia like us that we have grown up to is of no consequent but just accept what the Malay decides in the present scenario when you decide to do so. The funny thing is i asked a question whether the Malaysian Malays itself are comfortable with such introduction of HUDUD. and I get a lecture. If I wanted to debate on Hudud, I would have stated so, but that was not the case This was a genuine question without any malice in a multicutural society such as ours. You sound very Wahabbi Mah!!! My way or the highway.

  6. And when a Chinese or more Chineses hijack a Muslim’s car, does he or they be subjected to Hudud law?

    Or when a Muslim or two or more Muslims robbed a house belongs to non Muslim…what law they must be subjected?

    and when a muslim or more muslims raped a non-muslim girls, and the girls admitted she was raped…(in Hudud Pas…you are committing adultery), do the muslim(s) is freed since there were no 4 witnesses who are ‘adil’ & ‘pious muslims’ but the girl was a commited adulterer…what happen then..AND worst if vice versa happen?

    Please to say to non-muslim, we Muslims will demand an equal treatment of Hudud law to all, Muslims & non-muslims alike. But in implemented it in our multiracial, multi religious country, we believe in pragmatic approach as construed by A-Quran & Hadith.

    I believe the majority of Muslim have no problem with Hudud if it could be implemented and apply to all, regardless of races & religions if all you Malaysians accepted it. So the Indian murderer of Sosilawati will get ‘an eye for an eye’…

    But Allah allow for a pragmatic approach. Even in Quran, there are no direct mention to Hudud at all, unlike the Bible (based on what I read above), There are more words about ‘ehsan’ and ‘pengampunan’

    … In Islam, preventing chaos is more important than creating it.

    1. There you go Arm, the first amongst Helen blog commentors to accept Hudud in Malaysia for all Malaysians irrespective of their believes on behalf of the Muslimat folk in Malaysia. Thank you.

  7. All this while i have known that stoning of adulterers are written in the bible, not only that but many “Islamic” rules are found in the bible, yet why do the holier than thou christians abandon thier own bible. (Kawin sejenis, anak luar nikah sekarang ni dah OK dgn Kristian)

    Since the Christians in Malaysia are so adamant on using “Allah” i guess they ought be subjected to the rules of Allah too. hudud that is.

    1. Here we go Helen, we have another commentor agreeing to HUDUD as everything unhudud had let to be what it is all these years in a multicutural society that appears to be anglopholized by DAP in the current sphere.

  8. Helen, I am sure most people have heard of Hudud law that is probable but do they know that it is only practiced in Saudi,Iran, Nigeria, Oman, Sudan, Yemen in its truest form. Now if DAP anglophize is ready to bed PAS in this is Malaysia, who do i blame? The politicians or people like us.

  9. Helen, since we are so politically and semua boleh & semua tahu gungo ho on this Hudud thingy and the assimilation with the Christian thingy, what happens to all the rest of us non Islam & Non Christian,do we just toe the line for what is politically appeasing to fit into the momentum or are we allowed to be ourselves for our own believes in a so called multicultural & multi racial Malaysia? Just curious, who dictates this, the politicans or our fellow malaysians.

    1. My guess is it is our fellow Malaysian who voted for the politicians who will dictate this.

  10. You are misconceived as most are as to what actually constitutes Hudud. It is part of Allah’s grand scheme of things with regard to sin, punishment, redemption, repentance and forgiveness but it has been misconstrued by many people, Muslims included save for the Prophet (pbuh and HF) and the rightfully guided ones. That is why Allah azza wa jalla in His Infinite mercy expressly forbade the interpretation of the Holy Quran by fallible mortals lest schisms and polemics (fitnah) like these engulfed Mankind. Read Ali Imran 3:7 here: and contemplate on the expressed meaning. In the end, all these misconceptions render a humane, benevolent and loving “Logos’ as a vengeful, spiteful, wrathful Being that you will find in the Old Testament, the type of Being that the ancient Jewish priesthood fostered as they waged war on Allah in all their heretical arrogance. The Being against whom they attributed numerous blasphemies and against whom they turned their flock in perfidy.

    In the end, the “Muslim” priesthood (note the inverted commas) of today are no better than that of the Jews and the Christians of yore. They wield just as much influence and due to that sense of importance and arrogance, they are blinded to the Mercy of the Almighty, the hikmah behind His Will. Dint the Prophet (pbuh and hf) once warn in a famous hadith ” bit….by bit…you will follow the paths of the Jews and the Christians…like the lizard returning to its burrow” (or something to that effect)

    Hence, you have men garbed in formal symbolisms of piety but whose hearts are cloaked by prejudice, hatred, ignorance spouting the words of the Almighty, issuing edicts against fellow Muslims,overseeing the mass slaughter of innocents who don’t bend to their will, why even usurping Allah’s right by promising heaven and the hereafter as if they have a lien over Paradise and a mortgage over all souls. Sheeesh…you call these Muslims!!

    What PAS is intimating as Hudud is a fraudulent misrepresentation of Islam’s judicial system and by default, the very concepts of mercy and forgiveness it espouses.Its concept of Hudud is a travesty of Allah’s. justice, a wanton trespassing of His Domain, a rude intrusion of His Will. Hudud has become a political chattel in PAS’ filthy hands, a bauble to tempt the faithful with, a trinket to be exchanged for votes and power.

    The Hudud of PAS is the Hudud of the Wahabis NOT Islam. Its invocation is the pathway to bloodshed, its promulgation the doorway into anarchy and its imposition the passageway to suffering. The Hudud of PAS is NOT consecrated to the Will of Allah but offered to the darkness of Jahiliyah. It is a weapon to control the Muslims, the sword to implant fear and tyranny against fellow Muslims and the scabbard to pierce our Faith. That it has become a political football, kicked every time the poll tolls is evidence enough. If you are true believers, the Mukmins of Allah, why haven’t you offered your bodies, sacrificed your blood and parlayed your souls to make Hudud a reality in Kelantan? (after all you rolled in front of vehicles in Kuala Kangsar and fought the police in Kuala Lumpur-proof enough of your quest for worldly gains and disbelieve of akhirat intangibles). Moreover, isn’t 22 years a pretty long time to dilly dally with Hudud in Kelantan when you can send your forces to partake in a kaffir-led Bersih twice in 10 months!!

    The Hudud of Allah is an imperative to mankind but to be imposed and presided over by a just, merciful, and benevolent Caliph descended from Muhammad (pbuh and hf). In simple language, he is the Mahdi (the promised Messiah) not some scruffy uneducated waffling Wahhabi turban lollipop from Trengganu and any sundry senile Kharijite charlatan from Kelantan. Call me a heretic, a kaffir, a murtad whatever that suits your fancy but I will never ever, insyallah, succumb to the will of the PAS and PKR Kharijites / Wahhabi coterie. Remember, the promise of Allah…victory will be the provenance of the few in the field of many.

    Warrior 231

    1. Dear Wazir, I agree with you on the Wahhabi clan.They worked very well with the British then as they do with the Americans now. As for Malaysians,both the Non-Malay as well as the Malay has limited actual knowledge other than to regurgitate rather than understand wahhabbism as extremist and heretical.This is a good read for women on the HUDUD implication in

      1. MalaysianinNewYork

        The Wahabi heresy being propagated by PAS and Anwar via his ABIM genes is not a figment of my fevered imagination as many Muslims would blithely dismiss.

        It is a clear and present danger which many Muslims ignorant of the tenets of their faith misinterpret as “Puritan Islam”. Wahabism is NOT puritan or fundamentalist Islam. It is a heresy born of Kharijite beliefs and sustained by Wahabi revivalism. Its desired aim is to paint the humane Adden of our Holy Prophet (pbuh and HF) as a violent, obscurantist, stone age creed inimical to the interests of Mankind. The contemporary version of the age old crusade is not to confront openly but to poison from within- the enemy knows that, but the complacent Muslim doesn’t.

        The Prophet (pbuh and hf) himself foretold of these munafiks in a famous hadith when he berated the first kharijite as “the progenitor of descendents from whose throats the Holy verses emanate to beguile and seduce but whose faith is hollow and is akin to an arrow departing its bow..” (note the similarities with the PAS scum).

        The PAS creed is a modern copycat version of (1) Kharijism. Just like those munafiks who shed fellow Muslim blood based on a holier than thou precept of Islam, our local Kharijite version thrives on Kafir Mengkafir, 2 imams, the kosherness of non-Passite Muslim sacrifice, the total revocation of womens’ rights and their humiliation, the call to open rebellion and killing of Muslims (as per Amanat Hadi), the open rejection of any conciliation between members of the Ummah based on the common syahadah they uphold etc.

        1. or…/THE_KHARIJITE_HERESY_-_Shaykh_.htm

        The prime movers of this heresy in Malaysia received their religious education in such Wahabbi standouts as the (1 & 2) Deobandi madrasah of Darul Ulum, India (the spiritual home of the Indian subcontinent Talibans and Nik Aziz) and the (3) Saudi Wahhabi funded institutions in Madinah, Jordan etc.




        Within Wahabism sprout the seeds of Islam’s destruction. Osama bin Laden was the archetypal CIA trained and funded Wahabbi used to demonise Addeen and later killed when of no strategic value (when Muslims began expressing a general distaste for Al-Qaeda style tactics from 2005 onwards) and a potential threat to the nefarious double dealing activities of the US. (Just look at the closeups of corpses from the battle of Abbotabad in May 2011 and you will find gangland style murders, not victims of a firefight as claimed in the press + can you believe a wanted man hiding incognito in public view for 5 years at that!!)

        So why the (1) wahabbi hudud and (2) & (3)why are the non-Muslim crowd in thrall of PAS?

        1. Wahabbi Hudud- to butcher and maim fellow Muslims of differing political beliefs and to instil fear in the Ummah while simultaneously portraying Islam in the worst light possible with wantonly blasphemous acts

        2. The notion that such modernist looking chaps like Anwar can harbour stone age mentalities is too absurd a dichotomy
        to fathom. Ever heard of “A Caliph in Zegna”?.

        3. Nonetheless, one segment of the kaffirs, namely the Christian right, can understand and fathom that holier than thou mien for don’t they thrive on it as well. More importantly, any depiction of Islam by a Wahhabi is guaranteed to project it as the faith of a savage, a windfall that will ultimately benefit the Christos. They know that, hence their silent consent as long as it does not impinge on the infidel and more importantly, them.

        Warrior 231

  11. Read through the entire post going “hehe… hehehe… hehehehe…” :)

    “Singh is King” is now just plain sin(gh)king. Let the pretend mullahs and pretend evangelists campaign next to each other… it should be quite the eye-opener.

  12. This is one of your finest article ever Helen, I couldn’t help laughing out aloud.

    I think Karpal is old and so out of tune with the aspiration of the Righteous Army of the Christian Right that has taken over the party. He’s like a dinosaur in the era of Transformers. He’s from the old DAP, anti-Hudud and secular….the new DAP is so forward looking !

    In fact DAP has so much more in common with PAS than PAS with UMNO. I would even suggest DAP and PAS merge and form a new party – Parti Umum Kristian & Islam (I will leave the abbrevation of the party name to the imagination of the readers…LOL !!)

    1. May I suggest a name for this DAP + PAS animal ? What about Party Anus Shag ? Since both frown on homosexuality and “unnatural” sex, Party Anus Shag would do just fine for them. After all, both claim to be righteous and are obsessed with religious “purity”. Party Anus Shag or PAS would be the ultimate parody for this new political animal.

    2. Parti Ultra Kristian & Islam sounds like observation of the obvious. Altho Ibrahim Ali’s mob might have words to say about it… hehehe…

  13. … good ol ‘ Helen … BrahimKatak must be so Proud of You … Your Drivel Tak Laku elsewhere , kot … Try sending this Article to FMT , TMI or MC … Would Love to See Your Face … at the Exact Moment PR are Declared Winners [ GE 13 ] … Your Article is so Full of Holes …. you could get a Golf Membership for free … btw … why your Inglis like dat one , ah ? you not Learn in Skul , ah ?

    1. It’s always fun when a DAPster specimen drops in so that we can have a Show & Tell. This one’s from the heartland — Penang wor, no play-play (profile here).

      Why am I not surprised that Inderjit (our previous acquaintance with him here) is a creature of the Chronicle?

      And why in the world would I want my article to have anything to do with MC when (like The Nut Graph before it), that PKR-driven portal has predictably come to a splutter (MC’s ‘stop operations’ announcement here).

      When the GE results are out, it’d make my day to see a Penang hatchet man like you fall on your axe.

      1. The Komtar hatchet man could be out of work after the GE. But fear not. He can always switch sides. After all, Pakatan hacks have a reputation of crossing over. Speaking of crossing over, didn’t a few of their reps crossed over due to “internal” differences ?

        While these DAPsters are busy doing the dirty work for their masters i.e the High Priests and High Priestesses, their “partners” from Pas i.e Harun Taib and Hadi Awang have openly said that they will contemplate working with “other” pacts to achieve their dream of establishing an Islamic state.

        Now PAS contemplating seeking other partners. That would be a game changer indeed. This whole thing is getting more interesting. Woohoo !

      2. Helen, you think Penang will fall?

        So many rabid supporters, how can? If Penang falls, DAP will probably sulk, get a stroke and hit the streets to protest that their state was robbed by naughty ECs.

        A reduced majority seems more likely, and this applies to BN in Johor too.

        No, I don’t expect Pg to fall but I think the scales will slowly drop from the eyes of disillusioned DAPsters as even they can now glimpse the possible PAS trajectory. I do enjoy watching tho’ the rabidly pro-DAP blogs now pretzelling on Hadi’s hudud bombshell (a ‘bombshell’ to them as they’ve been in denial). — Helen

      3. … Penang Hatchet man ? … DAPster ? My , my … I am a humble Retiree … at least I’m not a Political Prostitute like U , dear Helen …. DoYou want a point by point Rebuttal to this Article ? … will U print it ? … BERSIH ABU UBAH …

        Wow, with all the froth spilling from your mouth, it’s a wonder that your home is not perennially flooded. As for ‘DAPster’, yeah, can spot you guys from a mile away … the foaming lah. — Helen

  14. Wong Choon Mei is the infamous “reporter” (not to mention the girl friend of a prominent PKR leader) who came up with the “news” about Najib’s “Manifesto”.

    She even worked with the Harakah and then finally ended up with MC. I guess her boy friend has run out of money. I wonder where she will go next…MI ?

  15. “Karpal, don’t get mad, get even”. Yes he should get even. But the relevant question is, can he get even with them ? With the Lim Family and the DAPtology clergymen and clergywomen in complete control of his party, does he still wield the power to confront them ? Her High Priestess Hannah could well tell Karpal to “shut up you sinner” or you’re going to join the other sinner Tunku Aziz in the barn house if Karpal were to confront this mad clergy.

  16. Mr Karpal sir,

    No need to ‘langkah your mayat’. Don’t need to. The tiger’s roar(?) (was it a roar in the first place?) has already become a mere kitten’s meow meow

    King?…yeah whatever

    Meow Meow

  17. sorry helen

    hudud is must not be implemented because the basis of hudud is more of ulama’s doctorine rather than following quran and sunnah. usually moslem with less islamic education will jump and accept it. but if following quran and sunnah strictly , hudud is more of political doctrine.

    Istac’s Prof. Hashim Kamali who examined the Kelantan enactment found that the PAS law chose the harshest interpretation rather than a compassionate reading. — Helen

    1. Nice one Helen..Jesus was a practising Jew.. He followed the Torah’s law to the letter. If Christian claimed to follow Jesus; they must also follow Jesus’s practices. This including circumcision (macam orang Islam jugak), dietary law (No more pork to the Christians, macam orang Islam jugak) and also the hudud law as prescribed)

      However, please be inform that Tuan Syed Ali (Outsyed the Box) mentioned that there is no hudud in the Quran. Orang Islam yang taksub ugama cuba terikut-ikut dengan ajaran Kristian dan Yahudi . Sila lawat blog beliau untuk kupasan lanjut.

      Ini bermakna, dalam kes zina, mengikut hukum hudud Yahudi dan Kristian, orang yang bersalah akan dihukum dengan rejam dengan batu sampai mati tapi ikut hukum Quran, tiada hukuman sedemikian.

      Sepatutnya tiada orang Kristian yang “pious’ dari DAP perlu takut dengan hukum hudud kerana hukum tersebut mendekatkan mereka dengan ajaran dalam “Old Testament”

  18. Singh means Lion in Punjabi…Sadly Mr Karpal Singh is nothing but a toothless, ageing Lion. Singh’s truly sunk !

    This is the batte between the Old DAP vs New DAP and there is no prize for guessing who gonna win. The ageing Punjabi Bhai’s a lamb for the Christian Right Lions and Lionesses.

    The Old DAP leaders fought against the religious extremism but the New Dapsters don selendangs and recite Qurannic verses. The old timers based their struggle on socialist principles while the new gen relies on Twitter and sleek marketing hype machine in myth making.

    The old gen eschewed titles and positions while the new ones revel in titles such as Dear Leader, Lady of Liberty,etc.

    1. … Really Calvin ? … old timers …socialist principles … new gen. relies on ….. myth making … what’s the connection between these points ? … care to clarify ? … btw Dear Helen … n i mean only Helen …. lets have a Discussion on your Article , with a point to point Rebuttal … i asked U a Question yesterday … Salam Satu Malaysia … Bersih , ABU n UBAH ….

  19. Think that they are desperate to do or concede anything to win, as Mr SABI will be past his prime next election, so this is the final time to ride the wave. They are putting all their chip in

    Hudud or no hudud, they may close one eye and hope for the best, after the dust has settled.

    Likewise, PAS which has been probably superficially putting on their poker-follow-you face has finally raised their trump card just before election, in order to win the heart of the hardcore.Probably also simialrly hoping for the best after the dust has fallen-going into the battle with eyes closed.

    Do we trust these guys to lead us(touch wood) when they themselves are busy playing ART OF WAR among themselves

    Meanwhile PKR is playing up the sentiment of rakyat, their game plan always, elections after election. Maybe also painting a scenario that it is modern, classy and chic to fight the govt since the elite lawyers are doing it. You know, something like being trendy.
    Hmm..apa dah jadi……?


    “apa dah jadi” … Calvin noted that DAP 2.0 has sunk the kapal. — Helen

  20. Good morning. So now that Tunku Aziz is toast, when will it be Karpal’s turn ? This is getting more and more interesting. I m sorry. Actually, Tunku Aziz quit DAP. So he’s not toast. He left with his dignity intact. But now, the hatchet men will go overdrive. Oh Helen, if your next article concerns Tunku Aziz, it surely will elicit a lot of favorable comments. Errrr….maybe the hatchet men would even pay you a “courtesy” call.

    Hi Ahmad,

    Chuckle. The thing about Dear Leader’s hatchet men is that they despise Anwar & Azmin & the whole bevy of PKR ex-Umno-ites, distrust TGHA, ustaz Nasha, the Dewan Ulama & Harun Taib, mock Hasan Ali & Dewan Pemuda PAS/N.H.Tantawi but yet keep pleading that Chinese MUST vote Pakatan. Pelik bin Ajaib: These same bloggers can accuse critics of their “Beloved CM” of having sold our souls to the devil.


    1. I sold my soul to the devil when I became a regular of your blog Helen. Hahaha !

      Witches at greater risk of being pursued with pitchforks than wizards. — Helen

      1. Really Helen!!! Gotcha to watch Harry Potter again whether the soul or devil dictates the cause.

  21. Helen, I understand that there is the Sunni schools that is the majority like Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hanbali etc.Then you have the Shia, Sufi, Twelver, Ismaili, Aga Khan etc.My curiosity is where does Hudud practice that is espoused by PAS actually origin for that DAP is willing and able to accomodate. My believe is it is a Wahabbi type, what do our fellow malay muslim malaysians think. No I am not writing a thesis on this, but to gauge the amount of understanding amongst our fellow Malay Muslimats in Malaysia on their own religion. I hope that my fellow Malaysians understand that i am not trying to mock them, but to understand their trepidation whenever a religion issue is raised. For me, the only religion I know is humanity, therefore it makes it easy for me to grasp any religious believe as long it does not trample over another human. So my fellow Malaysians, educate me, don’t suffocate me with religious believe unless it serves the community in its pure sense ie humanity.

  22. Drama minggu ini PR @ PAS
    Tajuk. :Pilihanraya dah dekat…, DAP Tolooonnngggg

    Pelakon utama. : H Taib
    Pelakon Pembantu : H Hadi
    K Singh


  23. Imagine this folks. The government, now on the verge of passing new anti-sodomy laws, facing a hostile opposition making a scene at parliament. They are shouting Pas ! Pas ! Pas ! The other parliamentarians are wondering what this Pas ! Pas ! Pas ! is all about. Then one brave soul stands up and says “Pas stands for Penalize Anus Shaggers”. This brave soul says that by passing these new anti-sodomy laws, the government means business. But not all parliamentarians are happy about this law. One of them is the leader of a so-called Justice Party, whose partners, one of them actually shares the initial of PAS. Ironically, of the 3 opposition parties, the one making the most noise is none other than PAS. This explains why the so-called leader is very upset, so says the brave soul.

  24. Plain and simple AI will be executed and soi lek go to jail as he is not a muslim and only common law apply.Great article

  25. Anything goes now for the three rakyat stooging parties just to win the election.

    They have nothing to lose but everything to gain, ain’t it?

  26. I do have high respect to Karpal Singh as he stands on what he’s believe in. He’s more like Tunku Aziz Tunku Ibrahim but Karpal is easily played down by the Lim family, thus his dignity are now in question.

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