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The ‘size of balls’ no joke with MCA

There’s a popular joke which many of you may have heard before. It goes like this:

Usually the shop floor staff of the company play football.

The middle-level managers are more interested in tennis.

The top management usually has a preference for golf.

Finding: As you go up the corporate ladder, the balls reduce in size.

Little MCA news in Star

I’ve got the MCA website favourited on my Internet menu bar as I can rarely find any meaningful or up-to-date news about the party in The Star (stats HERE).

Yesterday there were three MCA press statements on the party home page regarding the Pakatan hudud imbroglio.

(1) Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, the MCA national organizing secretary, made a press statement titled ‘If a sincere agreement has been reached, then PAS should withdraw implementing hudud once & for all’.

(2) Dated the same day was a statement by MCA Youth Federal Territory chairman Senator Chiew Lian Keng — ‘No consensus on hudud at Pakatan meeting as Kit Siang had disregarded Karpal Singh’.

(3) And then there was another press release too by Loh Seng Kok (member of the presidential council and deputy chairman of MCA publicity bureau) titled ‘Lim Guan Eng should stop indulging in fake illusions and start to oppose PAS’.

Why The Star so slow?

The Star should have carried online the statements yesterday itself when they first appeared in the MCA wesbite.

Better yet, the paper could have taken the initiative earlier – in tandem with Karpal Singh’s rebuke of Abdul Hadi Awang as reported in other print media on May 11 (five days ago) – to explore the implications of the PAS bombshell.

Like what Terengganu blogger Din Turtle did.

On May 13, Din Turtle posted:


“Kalau saya kata macam ni ok tak — PAS akan tipu orang Melayu, sementara DAP pula akan tipu orang Cina dalam kempen PRU13 ini. Sebab GERENTI apa pun hasil perbincangan nanti (kalau dah menang), akan ada satu pihak yang menipu. Samada Buat atau Tak Buat?”

Bravo Pak Din! If only we could see such great common sense like yours in the mealy-mouthed Star.

Instead of striking when the iron was hot, the paper only published the three relevant MCA press statements belatedly.

My comment on Datuk Tee

Datuk Tee had thundered, “why is there no public condemnation of PAS Ulama chief Dato’ Harun Taib who had claimed that PAS can work together with other non-Pakatan parties to implement hudud?”

Coming from the party “national organizing secretary”, no less. Datuk, you go ahead and condemn all you want lah. Even The Star pays little attention to you.

Datuk Tee’s full statement logged 366 words. It is circumcised to 112 words in the paper today. The Star had snipped off more than two-thirds of the original. Ouch!

In comparison to Datuk Tee’s truncated treatment, one Star article quoting Hannah Yeoh’s tweet (‘Protect our kids‘ on 4 May 2012) was allowed to run to 1,064 words — 10 times ‘longer’ than Datuk Tee’s.

The segment on Hannah alone (see below) of the tweet article totalled almost 100 words.

“Mother and Subang Jaya assemblyman, Hannah Yeoh applies some basic preventive steps like never taking her eyes off her daughter when she’s with her. Yeoh leaves her in the care of someone she knows and trusts deeply and does not post her pictures online — something I should now reconsider since I’m such a tweet freak and constantly post pictures of my children on social media. Yeoh added, “Police have to increase presence on the streets especially near schools. I think it’s highly important for the community and parents to work together to ensure the safety of our children.”

Hmm, compare with Datuk Tee’s delayed-in-publication hudud statement on an issue which affects the future of the Chinese community. At 112 words, it is cut to a mini-size condemnation of DAP despite its original length, sound and fury.

I’m beginning to understand why my Malay male friends are fond of cracking ‘tiny’ jokes about the typical Chinese guy’s anatomy.

My comment on the Senator

Senator Chiew is quoted in The Star today along with Datuk Tee and Loh Seng Kok. 

The senator’s statement is 409 words. It is sliced down to one-quarter or 109 words in The Star.

Chiew said: “It is sad that DAP said nothing to oppose the religious extremism remarks made by their comrade-in-arms PAS regarding hudud law during the Pakatan senior leadership meeting.”

Can I say to you, Senator, that it is sad, nay indeed most sorrowful, that the paper owned by your party thinks three-quarters of your opinion is not worth republishing.

A person who writes but has no political power is called a blogger … like me.

A person who should by right be in possession of power and thus has little need to scribble words is called a politician … like you.

Voicing out is still only a matter of talk, versus action.

I agree that DAP has been damningly silent. But can you tell me what your party is DOING to oppose this religious extremism?

My comment on Loh Seng Kok

You’re the deputy chairman of the MCA publicity bureau. Nonetheless you cannot manage to convince The Star (which belongs to your party) to treat with some urgency the need for MCA’s anti-hudud stand to be widely publicized.

For impact, your statement should have been out some days ago when the other papers were hot on the trail; not today when current news items (such as Tunku Aziz) are hogging the headlines.

Here, check out this recent story in The Star:

“Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh who was at the site said the council’s building department could revoke the billboard company’s permit if they did not fulfil the requirements within 60 days. Yeoh who was notified of the issue by residents in the area said neither MPSJ nor the company involved contacted her on the issue before applying to construct the 70ft high pole.” — ‘Unipole in SS15 did not fulfil requirements‘ (7 May 2012)

And another one:

“Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said the federal JKR cited lack of funds as the reason for not building the bridge. ‘It said it would try to apply for funds in the next Malaysia Plan. It also said the signalised pedestrian crossing at the Kewajipan interchange at the Shah Alam Expressway (Kesas) was sufficient, but we found it was too dangerous,’ she said. Yeoh said Khalid was invited to the site and subsequently, the state government approved the funds for the bridge to be built in front of SJBA. She added that besides ensuring the safety of the pedestrians, who had to risk their lives trying to cross the 10-lane Persiaran Kewajipan, the bridge would also help reduce traffic congestion in the area.” — ‘Devotees relieved as pedestrian bridge begins to take shape‘ (7 May 2012)

Barely a week ago, The Star saw fit to devote TWO! stories to Hannah Yeoh – an opposition state assemblywoman (oops, the paper called her a state assembly’man’ wor) – on a single day.

And you Mr Loh Seng Kok, despite heading the MCA publicity bureau cannot get yourself some decent column inches for your hudud rebuttal?

Loh’s press statement is 484 words. He is given space for a mere 84 words in The Star. Heck, the paper’s report last week on Hannah Yeoh (quoted immediately above) was already 123 words.

The more VIP the player, the smaller the ball

Really, really pathetic

It looks like the trio of Datuk, senator, and presidential councillor are not considered worthy ‘newsmakers’ (see here) by the paper supposedly belonging to their party.

These three MCA top management i.e. ‘golfers’ do not even possess enough clout to compel The Star – never mind the rest of the media – to carry their views adequately much less to carry their ahem.

As far as I’m aware, Hannah Yeoh doesn’t play football (surely not), tennis or golf.

Yet The Star editors acknowledge that she wears the pants (the paper terms her state assembly’man’) and by that token accords her more coverage than the MCA datuk, senator and presidential councillor combined on the all-important hudud topic.

One must really wonder about the paper’s priorities.

How neh?

Well, the MCA men could lower their handicap (through improving their golf) enough to make The Star take notice. Or start paying a few visits to the tennis court with coach in tow.

Sigh, hoping for them to take up the game of football would be asking too much.


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16 thoughts on “The ‘size of balls’ no joke with MCA

  1. The editorial board of the Star newspaper (an MCA-owned newspaper) is opposition-friendly probably because it would be easier for them to turncoat if the opposition wins the GE13. There is no concept of loyalty among Chinese. They only want to use their friends and ready to be dumped when they are no longer useful. Beware PAS and PKR. You have forewarned.

    1. … so, Because of some potential turncoats from Star … The Whole Chinese Race should be Vilified ? …. n ” Beware PAS and PKR . You have Forewarned ” … Why are U forewarning PAS n PKR ? …. ShangTingLong ?

      1. You posted in FMT that I’m “an incoherent little Twit” (I do not tweet btw and do not have any Twitter account) and told me to “stick to my blog” — recall here.

        Well, this is my blog and you’re the FMT reader who objects to my “incoherent” writings being allowed to be published there.

        So what are you doing here so often consorting with what you’ve labelled a “political prostitute”? You’ve left more than 10 comments already.

      2. … ooo so sorry la Dear Helen … i humbly apologise to , you if my Comments have Offended You n Your Helenistas … I shall now Restrain myself from Commentlng at Your Blog . Hope you can Restrain yourself from making Snide Comments after This Comment . … n a Bersih ABU n Ubah to U and Your Helenistas … so , farewell my Dearest Helen Ang . ps can i comment when U post an Article in FMT ? Luv ya !

  2. Of course Her High Priestess Hannah wears the pants. On the birth certificate of her daughter, she put Chinese as the race of her child, as we all know the father is Indian. That tells you something. So no need to elaborate further (I might elaborate further, when I come up with more hilarious ways to address The High Priestess, he he he !).

    Both The Deranged Autocratic Party and The Party of Arab Sheiks are definitely lying to one another. One is oriented toward Anglophile racism with a heavy dose of Christian morality (read : to bash enemies with tags like sinners, adulterers etc) while the other is a concoction of washed out Sheik wannabes who have been brandishing theocratic credentials for over half a century (the irony being that in the previous GE, it owed its success to Infidel votes i.e Indian and Chinese due to to the ruling coalition’s “own goals”).

    Now in a game of poker, the question is : who is going to blink first ? who is going to say “show hand” ? The Anglophiles or the Sheiks ? This is interesting though as the first to call “show hand” is going to be the party that will call the shots (I may be wrong though. There are times when the weak player calls for show hand in an apparent strategy to force the dominant player to concede the game, without the dominant player knowing that the other side has a weak hand).

    As I have said previously, the MCA should have sold The Star a long time ago. But it is not too late yet to sell. I m sure that under new “management”, The Star will prosper even more. After all, under new ownership, The Star can simply come out of its shelf and proclaim openly that it is The Opposition’s official mouthpiece.

    That will certainly attract more Opposition readers to buy the paper. Since the Opposition say that the mainstream media is pro-government, “giving” them The Star is not a bad thing at all. Why keep a Trojan Horse inside the Fortress ? The Star is not pro-opposition my dear readers. It is the Opposition. It is the Opposition that dares not say its name.

  3. Helen, something smells fishy! Is somebody aka Mak Bangsa Malaysia holding somebody in Starry-starry land by the balls (I mean golf balls). Either a romantic hold, sexual hold (yucks!) or a skeleton in the closet!

      1. Bodoh Punya Dapster, mesti dia kecewa sbb orang native tak berminat dengan slogan “Malaysian for Malaysia”….

  4. she got ’em by the balls..mebbe she’s the real prostitute, i dunno. The ‘them’ can be the toilet ‘paper’ or the tupperware ‘party’’s also time for some sleuthing don’t u think?

  5. Did you read an article in The Star today? Shocking!


    The former Transparency International head for Malaysia also said that a phone call from Guan Eng on Sunday offering a new post sped up his decision to quit.

    “I do not know if it was an act of compassion or the need to compensate me for the loss of the senator’s post. He offered me a senior fellowship in the Penang Institute dangling travel as an attraction.

    “Then yesterday, Zairil Khir Johari (Guan Eng’s political secretary) called and repeated the offer and stated there was a stipend of RM50,000 to go with it.

    “I regard the offer as totally insulting. It came from someone who had no sense of respect. Did he think I was that sort of a person?” said Tunku Aziz, adding that he considered the move as an attempt to bribe him.

    “This man has no sense of decency. As a senior person, I think it is biadap (uncouth). This was what really made me decide to announce my resignation. I will not work with this man.”


    BURN!!!!! You can’t get any better than this!

  6. hannah yeoh, asking more police presence in school? during Bersin 3.0 more than 12000 police personnel been asked to be there…where PDRM got all this personnel??? from the street lah..!! no enough personnel to patrol the street…

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