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VS: What do the Chinese want, really?

Reported today in The Star:

“As up-and-coming new face Rowena Yam pointed out, the plan not only addresses the economic gap between island and mainland, it also addresses the aspirations of the Penang middle class.

Penang has a large middle class that is very private sector driven. The features of the plan has particular appeal for this group,” said Yam.

Rowena Yam is a Penangite.

Penang is where the Chinese middle class are the loudest of the loud.

Rowena herself is very loud too. As loud as the woman in the Bersih 3.0 viral video. Tengok lah sendiri kalo tak ‘cya — the YouTube (below) was recorded at Speakers’ Square in the Esplanade.

English is their mother tongue


1:17 — Rowena: “Now they have damned us to be a silent majority because we were silent way too long. Alright, now if you want your voices heard, if we want our voices heard, alright, then you must, must, must work together. This is not our battle, this is all of us. All of us must go. Register ourself. Give the mandate to the people to go and fight for this PPSMI as an option. Right?”

[The crowd replies “Yeah”. “Malaysia Boleh”.]

2:02 — Rowena: “Now they say that Science and Maths is best taught in mother tongue based on a Unesco report. Now I ask you all, what is your mother tongue?”

[The crowd replies “English”.]

2:16 — Rowena: “Thank you. That answers the question.”

And then we have that other woman who, from her sunglasses and dyed hair, looks like someone also from the middle class.

She’s speaking in accented English ya (not in Chinese).

TRANSCRIPT (begin 4:18)

Woman: “You should basically take this down, show it to the world. This is your duty as a reporter, as a journalist. Otherwise get out of this country. Get out of this country, get out of this country, get out of this country. You’re corrupted, corrupted. Respect Malaysia, you white idiot!”

Foreign reporter: “Saya boleh cakap bahasa Melayu. Saya orang Islam, saya tinggal di sini, isteri saya orang Malaysia. Jangan biadab kau. Saya buat kerja.”

Woman: “Shit attitude! Shit attitude!”

Then there is Auntie Bersih — Anne Ooi, another Penangite and a Christian.

Her BM is quite good.

Speaking at a DAP fundraising dinner, Anne says:

“Malaysia is practising racism. There are two classes of people, one class there (gestures high) and one class here (gestures low). I don’t want to be in the second class anymore.”


Reporter: “We’re all from alternative media ya.”

Anne: “Authoritive?”

Reporter: “Alternative media.”

Anne: “Alternative? Kita ada pilihan, alternatif? Alternatif apa tu? Siapa yang ada pilihan?”

Reporter: “It’s your choice. Now we’re giving you a choice. It’s your choice.”

Anne: “What bloody choice?”

Reporter: “You can say whatever you want. We’re recording.”

Anne: “Berambus lah.”

Below is the Bersih 3.0 song. Its Chinese singers tell Malaysia and the world what they want too. They are soft-spoken and polite.

They sing in Mandarin and the video is subtitled in English. (Where’s the national language?)


我 们 要 的 不 多

不 分 肤 色 区 分 你 我

和 谐 共 处 和 安 乐 的 生 活

A claim by HuaYong – “their number [i.e. Malaysian First] is quite small no matter how you count it” – is something we ought to appraise.

How much influence does Malaysian First have on public discourse and national ideology, and how far are they capable of eroding the position of vernacular school?

HuaYong has several times already pointed out the irony of how the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua group fail to realise that the Christian, Anglophile DAPsters are really the SSS’s best ally to abolish SRJK (C).

It looks like HuaYong and I belong to the same generation. Like him, my BM was better than my English when I was in primary school.

I do not remember speaking English as a child (before reaching 10-12 years old).

HuaYong and I were unlike some preschoolers today, i.e. urban children whose mother tongue is English according to Rowena Yam in the video above (she’s Gerakan btw, not DAP).

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113 thoughts on “VS: What do the Chinese want, really?

  1. “Their number is quite small” err look at the Jews in the USA. Their number is small, less than 2% of the population, yet they dominate the national discourse. Why ? I’ll tell you why.

    They are the dominant players on Wall Street, they control Hollywood, they are active in many institutions, indirectly, institutions such as the Heritage Foundation, Brookings, Rockefeller, you name them. When you control the very institutions that form the foundation of the nation, and you advocate loudly your agenda (the Jews are very discreet, very subtle, unlike the Anglophiles here), you set the course of the national debate.

    The Malaysian First crowd’s best friends, allies are in fact the same people who are calling for One School for All. Why ? Because, they know once vernacular schools are gone, they will be the only ones left, and they will be the ones fighting out for the final word.

    Now you see, when the Malaysian First crowd shout for PPSMI, the One School for All crowd fall silent, because they know the other side is doing their dirty work. Just because someone is silent on an issue doesn’t mean they are against it. In fact, silence is also a form of compliance.

    Now who among the Chinese community is playing the role of Boxer and who is playing the role of Squealer ? Don’t know who they are ? Go read George Orwell’s Animal Farm ! He he he !

  2. The Pigs have already learned to walk upright, carry whips and wear clothes. Yet the majority of the animals still think they and the pigs are still living in a farm.

    While history is slowly being rewritten by the pigs alone, the other animals continue to think that history is rewritten by them and the pigs.

    Helen, I m sure you know what I m referring too. Helen, I need your help. I m really not good at writing. I need you to simplify what I’ve written about the pigs and the animals rewriting history. Many thanks if you are willing to help.

  3. I m going to make comparison here, I hope Helen, that you won’t mind me making a mess of your blog.

    The Pigs = DAP & PKR Anglophiles

    Boxer = those doing their best to defend their community but not knowing that they are being manipulated by The Pigs.

    Squealer = the alternative media, although some of the mainstream media are also in cahoots with them. Need me to mention them ?

    Mr.Jones = the BN, although its hold on power is wobbling.

    Mr.Whymper = PAS and PKR, my oh my, they just tell the Malays, come vote for us. New beginning. Messiah. God’s gifts. My on my.

    Sorry Helen, there some other characters from Animal Farm, but I list only those that are very visible in our political arena. Okay, okay, I post too many comments today. I’ll come back tomorrow. Helen by the way, thanks for yet another “smashing” article.

    1. There is no Snowball in the Malaysian political landscape.

      Please don’t consider any of the existing clowns as potential Snowball. Nanti aku tercekik on my teh tarik…

  4. A little off topic here, Helen. You can either let this comment be published here, or use it in another article/post, i leave it to your good judgement.

    I was given this link by a friend. I find it to be quite interesting as PAP is the big brother of DAP, under LKS and LGE.

    Will we see the same 180 degrees change if DAP comes to power? I truly believe so. It is always those that shout the loudest for freedom and democracy before gaining power that will kill off the very eesense of what they were fighting for once they are in power.

  5. Middle-class lalas support SSS as their next demand will be for the government to turn all schools into a version of ISKL or Sri Garden.

  6. what do the chinese wants,
    power. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. really.

  7. “It looks like HuaYong and I belong to the same generation.”

    Perhaps, I was from a Hakka village, we don’t even know there is national school, it is just something natural that every one of us enrolls into a SRJKC. Secondary level we start to mix up with all race, and this is the period I get to know many estate Indian I told MiNY, and start playing football against the Malay from SRK, we never win any game even when 15 Chinese against 8 Malay+Indian (common to segregate the opposite team by race) because SRJKC have only basketball field and no one really know how to kick a ball, and no one care about English.

    But I did end up in a urban secondary school, and that is why I can grasp Helen point when she talk about the difference, in fact at that time I stay in an interesting place, BANGSAR, at my aunt house, my cousin from La Salle and Assunta use to call me one from the Communist school. Perhaps this is where I depart with Helen, probably she use to call her classmate with similar background like me as communist as well :) I can sense the English Speaking patronizing and superior attitude, and how they look down one that speak and write Chinese, but that is also the time I start to learn English in a serious manner.

    Oh btw, I speak Cantonese at home with my kids today, and the funny thing happen is when they tell me none of their classmate in primary level speak Cantonese. Most of them speak only English or Mandarin. Not sure if this is a good thing.

    1. My Malay was better than my English until late secondary and early tertiary level. I read all the famous five (lima sekawan), the three investigators (tiga penyiasat) and a lot more of the classic hardy boys and nancy drew in Malay. I was never “chinese”-schooled, but I can read Chinese and write with the aid of modern pinyin method. I’ve read a few classics, but I am a bigger Louis Cha fan. I don’t know how to quantify my Chineseness, but I can tell you this, I am proud of being a product of the national schools through and through, and whatever shortcomings I have, it is not because the education system failed me, but rather, I have not been the more hardworking or disciplined person I should be.

      I want my kids to go to a good public school, have true friends in life and be a useful member of the society. No parent would wish for anything less.

      1. I truly enjoyed your sincere feelings in written form. I was from a 100% Sekolah Kebangsaan, and have many Malay and Chinese and some Indian very, very good friends.

        I will tell this to LGE. To hell with your Malaysian Malaysia. We are all Malaysians, and I will not change history and what was agreed by our forefathers. I work hard, and certainly have a blessed life. It’s not about the school. It’s all up to me.

    2. HY, on your last para, I think you know the answer, a question that you posted earlier ” However my question is (a repeat), does subscribe to anglophile a bad thing if it meant democracy, human rights, judicious, justice and fairness? My concern is more on capitalism that have no restrict on greed and power.” The restriction on greed & power due to capitalism i guess lies on the parents who nurtures their children for how the politics of the day dictates ie English & Mandarin.

    3. “but I am a bigger Louis Cha fan”

      wow, can enlighten me a bit how u learn chinese? bec jinyong work, unlike the romance novel from taiwan at that time, use pretty high standard and classical chinese as well. something to do with your family background?

    4. Vernacular schools like Chinese and Tamil should revert to its original purpose i.e allowing Chinese and Indians migrants to keep their culture so that they can migrate back to where they come from.

      With independent of Tanah Melayu naturally the Malays would run their own country in their own language and ways.

      Vernacular schools allows Chinese children a link to their homeland and this is good as the option of gooing back acts like a safety valve.

      Knowing that they can always go back doesnt make it a a do or die situation for migrants. This I suggest why Malaysia is peaceful, the Chinese and Indians have option to leave once they have come out of the dulang washing poverty or estate labour.

      With Malaysian identity, which is highly regarded the world over, Chinese and Indians can easily find new places in Canada, Australia etc.

      There is no stigma attached to Malaysia unlike if they introduced themselves as Chinese or Indians. This lead to better race relationss and the Govt should in fact encourage this if they encourage vernacular education.

      With the wealth they gather, their homefolks would always welcome returning Chinese.

      1. I heard of a few ‘ex-malaysians’ who still go around UAE claiming there are ‘Malaysian-British’ or ‘Malaysian-Australian’. I don’t know what the fuck that means.

        If they were so keen on becoming ‘British’ or ‘Australian’ then they should drop the ‘Malaysian’ label forever. I am sure they still keep their malaysian passports, ‘just in case’.

        I heard one of them had a last name ‘ Zhou’ and a western first name . When invited to attend a RM300 luncheon with a few affluent American ladies, he didn’t turn up. Obviously, such parsimonious behavior is something he brought from his old country (ie China).

  8. “HuaYong and I were unlike some preschoolers today, i.e. urban children whose mother tongue is English”

    i am against ppsmi since day one. however base on the common understanding of morther tongue (mt), i think the pro ppsmi that claim their mt as english has a point. the pro and not pro ppsmi is actually non pasrtisan in my view. that said, i still find it odd for a chinese to claim that english is their mt, but no one can deny their right to do so.

    1. Look who else is using a loudhailer to shout about restoring PPSMI (click photo).

      If their mother tongue is English, then I hope the actions of such politicians will not be described as “Chinese chauvinism”. They ought to be rightly called Anglophile chauvinists.

    2. Hannah is still chinese to any foreign observer. The Malaysia First label is an artificial creation that lacks any substance.

      Helen and all other Chinese would have to disavow Hannah Yeoh’s ‘chineseness’, which is of course impossible and absurd.

      Race isn’t a club you create where you can enlist and expel members. That’s why to consider ‘bumi’ as the same as ‘han’ is quite inaccurate and illogical.

      Bumis are NOT defined solely by race!

      When someone mentions ‘han’ you picture a person with distinct physical characteristics. You might even make judgments on their level of rudeness.

      Namewee would certainly fail the ‘han’ test in terms of looks but would succeed in terms of rudeness !

      Mention ‘bumi’ and people can’t tell for sure how such a person would look like.

      If only namewee converted to Islam, adopted Malay culture and repented for his notorious past, i am sure he’d be accepted as ‘Bumi’.

      No amount of plastic surgery can make Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir a ”Han Chinese”. Nga Kor Ming and his ilk must be proud they aren’t ‘hitam metalik’ and can fall under the “Han” category. Helen, too (maybe?).

      The Malaysia First movement desire to dispel or diminish the concept of race is sheer stupidity. If it is not by race, judgment would be by other physical criteria – such as skin color, or as I posted in another comment, the paucity of apocrine sweat glands (to explain differences in body odor).

      The sad part is that the chinese (and many East Asians) are very prone to discriminate people based on innate/genetic factors (skin color, level of hairiness, hair type, body/face shape).

      I spent 8 months in Seoul. They have a very high degree of discrimination against any non-East Asian looking person, so bad in fact that white people (who usually feel privileged elsewhere in the world) feel discriminated as victims of racism!

      1. OB,

        Just FYI: Namewee in an interview previously revealed that he has Baba-Nyonya blood, which may account for his looks.

        I’ve noticed that you have issues with skin colour & it’s a recurrent motif running through your comments in the various threads,

        such as your sensitivity over Michael Jackson’s supposed vitiligo, and earlier when you wrote: “All brown skin thai ladies actively seek to have a ‘farang’ (ฝรั่ง) or western (white) boyfriend …”, and where you observe “it doesn’t explain why chinese women pursue white european men” and several others comments in the same vein.

        Here you write: “Nga Kor Ming and his ilk must be proud they aren’t ‘hitam metalik’ and can fall under the “Han” category. Helen, too (maybe?).”

        I wrote (copypasted below) in a chat with Darlyn Azlinda on 1 Dec 2011 (link):

        (I’m not dark but) I make it a point to boycott any facial cleanser that advertises ‘Whitening’. It’s a small start against the prejudice. Cheers Darlyn. — Helen

        The memorable comment (below) took some digging through the archives but I finally found it — an exchange between me and Lazy Dragon (link).

        Helen: “I’m somewhat puzzled as to why the Siamese are included as Malay but not one bit baffled by the deliberate and pointed exclusion of non-Muslim Chinese and non-Muslim Indians.”

        Lazy Dragon: Helen, ever try telling another chinese that he is a malay, or better still that ‘otak dia otak melayu’ ???? you dare, meh????, can you predict the outcome ?

        I appreciated the riposte by Lazy Dragon — touche! It’s a clear-headed observation.

        Perhaps you Malays should corner the Chinese into some honest answers rather than let the Firsters get away with their high falutin’ hogwash.

        Has the thought of emigration never crossed the mind of the loudest, most patriotic chest thumpers? If their children had the chance of, say, American/Australian citizenship, would the Malaysian First paragon – as a father – advise his son or daughter not to take up the offer?

        In the context of the raison d’etre of this blog: I’m born Chinese, I want to be Chinese and being Chinese is what I seek to be.

        It is idiotic of DAP to keep attacking TS Muhyiddin’s Malayness. It’s bloody hypocritical of them to be attacking Hindraf for racism, konon.

      2. I am taking my valuable time away from designing a dehydration unit for a Bahraini client just to respond to you.

        I may not cover everything.

        First off, MJ is dead. When he was alive, he probably made a bad choice to whiten his skin instead of darkening it to hide his vitiligo condition. I can’t tell what went through his mind. Maybe you can inquire what Jon Hamm is doing—is he darkening or lightening his skin to hide the same condition?

        My theme of mentioning skin color and other physical features is an attempt to cut to the core and find the mechanics, the psychology, and the sociology behind the collective Chinese mind. I want to understand what drives the Chinese, what’s their wants and desires.

        If I apply sociological, anthropological, evolutionary biological, psychological sciences to the race-based issues we have, then patterns start to emerge.  When taken into context with historical factors, we can understand the cultural and even political issues that are at play today.

        I want to give citations, examples, analogies and research papers, but time does not permit. All I can give you now is from memory.

        A German researcher decided to go on a train with his face painted black like a Somali immigrant. Though he spoke fluent german, he still received racist comments like ‘go back to the monkeys in africa’. 

        Conversely, a black man in New york decided to paint his face white, don a beard to hide his facial features, and then attempt to call taxis. He found that he could flag a taxi much more easily.

        I bring up an unusual case such as the baseball player sammy sosa who turned from black to white  (he’s actually Cuban with some African and latino ancestry). After being ripped apart by the US media for his insecurity and racism, he reverted to black and claimed his rather convincing skin/race change was due to steroid abuse.

        I also submit to you a case of my friend. He is mixed malay-chinese. He always gets mistaken as Chinese and gets favourable treatment by the Chinese. They approach him in the Chinese language. He gets greeted first and served first. He quickly points out, however, that he isn’t Chinese, and hates being called so. However, he admits to me he dislikes darker skinned people. Does that make him racist? I don’t know.  Is his dislike due to his nurtured preference or a genetic trait that enables his preference for fair skin?

        I myself am mixed. I get mistaken as many races—malay (of course), Japanese, thai and sometimes even Eurasian. Surprisingly I can associate myself with many races , though not very well with the Chinese. Could it be due to genetic or historical differences and tensions between the Chinese and the part of me that is Japanese?

        All my examples should demonstrate to you there is a subconscious bias at play. It’s in everyone one of us. It takes education and effort to overcome it.

        A one-school concept may help a bit. But people can still be segregated under one roof.

        I think it would be better to introduce mandatory racial/cultural sensitivity training at school and at the work place. It can’t be a one-time thing. It has to be ‘drilled in’.  That would probably be much more effective at bridging the racial divide.

        One last thing, u have to credit Hannah for marrying an Indian. I have known many Chinese ladies who would avoid Indians like the plague. As I have explained, there may be scientific reason based on differences in sweat glands between the Chinese and non-chinese.

        However, hanna’s choice to register her child  as Chinese and refusal to register as Indian speaks volumes about her and her partner. Fingers can equally point to her husband, who may be ashamed to be Indian. That’s another thing worth looking at – dark skinned MF’ers who are ashamed of who they are (be it Indian or malay) or even chinese who hate their own heritage and ancestry.

        1. Thank you for taking your valuable time away from designing a dehydration unit for a Bahraini client just to respond to me especially since you admit that you’re unable to associate well with Chinese.

          For the benefit of other readers, I’m repeating the fact about MJ that photos of him as a boy-young man show the singer with Afro hair, broad nose, flat cheekbones & thick lips. Even if I accept that he has a rare disease that turned his skin white, it doesn’t explain the cosmetic surgery that took away his African features.

          About the Indian factor vis-a-vis Hannah Yeoh: Her husband is needless to say, a lay Christian pastor like herself. He tweets in English. They chose a Hebrew (Shay) Latin (Adora) name for their daughter. Hannah loves gospel music and Italian food aglio olio (the couple’s shared passion, perhaps?)

          If you were to hear Tunku Aziz speak on radio or over the telephone, you wouldn’t guess he’s Malay. He sounds (Queen’s) English. I don’t hear any Indianness coming from Mr & Mrs Hannah Yeoh in public.

  9. dap struggle have very little to do with vs, but there are leaders from dap that was isa due to vs, and lks did from time to time talk about the right of diversity and vs, however anyone that have relatively good grip of chinese know lks is insincere, he do so because of vote, his thought and values is not chinese, and lge is the same.

    i know where helen come from but i cant claim the father and son is wrong, from a broader perspective, it seem their ideal is more receptive to the malaysian idea of integration, which ironically (helen word) reject by some here that want the same thing.

    many support dap for reason other than vs alone.

  10. What do the Chinese want with vernacular education?

    I think it is more accurate to just say that the Chinese in Malaysia want to send their children to private or international schools.

    Why? Most of them lost faith in the national schools. The missionary schools have also lost their luster over the years, especially with stupid gestures like changing convent to sri puteri. You would guess that methodist and anglican won’t be too far away from being sri putera someday. Kita suruh mereka jadi pendidik, tapi ada yang kat pejabat tu otaknya kat lutut dan jadi tukang karut.

    Many Malaysians thought it is a race or language issue. It isn’t. Lets be honest for the sake of the national education system. No country should tolerate a schooling system that divides the younger generation into separate ethnic conclaves. The SRJKs are meant to be transitional institutions for disadvantaged non-Malay students to master the language before rejoining others at the national secondary schools, not to perpetuate an education based on Chinese, Tamil or French from primary to tertiary levels. Get a grip!

    Every time a Malay, Chinese or Indian parent talks about bringing back the English medium or PPSMI, I get a headache. Who will defend and perpetuate the Malays language if not Malaysians? The Koreans don’t go England, nor the Japanese. Are we counting on the Indonesians to preserve our national language?

    Go back to the basic and most important matter – quality of education. Everything else is just a smokescreen, INCLUDING the recent move to remove the quota for local students in international schools in Malaysia.

  11. i think the meaning of ‘mother tongue’ (although clear as day to me and my ilk) gets lost on its way from Penang to Putrajaya..


    A most brilliant line! Salute, Kak Kama. — Helen

  12. I think we misread issues most times. DAP does not and cannot dictate the mode or direction of the Chinese at large. Whether it is a vernacular/national school is not going to solve the problem but rather how we participate on an individual and allow both to progress in tandem with the multicultural society we are without infringing one’s culture and their practices. Both are needed without any political interference. Both have existed since independence and it had never created any polarization amongst Malaysian until natonal schools begin to deteriorate in the mid 80’s after Dr M when education became a political tool. Now of cause DAP is running the same agenda but at least BN is making attempt to rectify it. Did you notice how quiet is PKR and PAS on this? I don’t know how many are aware of these facts, Sarawak probably the sixth state with the highest population of Chinese in % is the number one with the most most number of Chinese gov aided government school (105) as well as the Independent Chinese Secondary School (13). Why? Integration is a a human’s ability to preserve their culture and their way of life as well of others within the community. If someone wants vernacular/national school and he is Malaysians, then is his/her choice. It should be his/her rights for their offspring. It is not because politics of the day will not allow him/her or how it dictates it to be. I am sure we don’t need our integration that we have seen in the past amongst us to be disintegrated for political notions that appears prevailent in any conversation that we embark on between each other. This is my opinion for better or worse.

    1. well said, but not that agree with “at least BN is making attempt to rectify it”, i think the right statement shd be bn is forced to rectify it, but if we want to be more specific, i dont know clearly what bn had done. my friend raise an interesting question, why ppsmi when even the the non malay has no complaint after all this years? so i think u r right wrt mahathir.

      1. HY, Interlok was an example, No!!!

        Although those 54 Hindraf guys are still charged, but the stakeholders here BN did withdraw the book after acting tough with zero participation from PR.

        The funny thing is where were the individual Malaysians irrespective of their origin to stand by for M’sian Indians. They would rather stay quiet or say this is not our problem, let them sort it out.

        You see the selective process is the problem, not the issue in hand so how do you gauge it other than it is all about me, me and me thanks to capitalism that breeds power & greed that you have eloquently stated.

        I remember the “zero participation from PR” b’cos I took part in the anti-Interlok rally & they were missing. Spoke to your friend ‘T’ (blogger name) on that occasion who was there. — Helen

      2. MiNY, BN were forced to rectify what they started, so i dont think this fall under your description of making an attempt to rectify. I dont have a clear stand on ‘interlok’, i still think it is sort of literature, but i also try to understand the feeling and sentiment of those that most marginalised.

  13. What do the Chinese want? Very simple. Ask the question: Why do the Chinese feel they are second-class citizen despite all the economic benefits they are getting and enjoying their life in this country? This is a fundamental question that must be addressed. Despite all the things they have, they feel they are somewhat less in terms of who they are as Malaysian. You see how the Chinese shifted their hope to Pakatan the moment PKR came out with the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ slogan? What is it about this slogan that made them feel good about being Malaysian? It is what the Malays call ‘harga diri.’ That’s why until today, MCA still cannot win over the Chinese because they were not able to answer this question.

    1. Swee Leong, can you imagine the position of the Malaysian Indians, when they are squeezed between the ecomically strengthened Chinese and politically enhanced Malays. Seriously do you think Ketuanan Rakyat is so noticeable and if so where was this when it effected Malaysian Indians that is classified amongst Malaysians. I don’t think the Chinese shifted the hope, nor the malays but the malaysian Indians made them realize it takes more than politics to divide what a Malaysians society can be if and when we can recognize a truth that haunts our mischievousness beyond politics if it is humane enough. Are you ready for it or is this going to be a typical hula hoop for what is political expedient.

      What do you think of Uthaya’s candidacy? — Helen

      1. Helen, such an easy question. The candicacy is not the issue but how the rest observe it is it be it a racist? What does it take to be a racist, because of what you believe or what you want someone else to believe in it. Don’t we all need some nurturing on humanity when we can see and observe it and deal as well treat in with care for Malaysians when the grievances is real besides how it fits the agenda for the deprived ones. Of course I did not answer your question and why should I if truth and reality does a Houdini when one chose it to be.

  14. Speaking of education, the recent announcement by the Education Ministry abolishing the quota imposed on International Schools will surely have an impact on education in Malaysia. For starters, those well off Malaysians, I mean those from the affluent class,whether they are Malays, Chinese or Indians, they will surely send their children to these schools since there is now absolutely no need for their children to be put on the waiting list (those of you who have children studying at these schools know that because of limited places, children are put on waiting list). Will Chinese parents whose children are now studying at Chinese schools, or Indian parents for that matter, whose children are now enrolled at Tamil schools and Malays whose children are at national schools, will, they send their children to International Schools now that the quota is no more ?

  15. I think the Chinese did pin their hopes on BN and MCA, otherwise they wouldn’t give their backing to Pak Lah in the 2004 GE11 so that PKR was reduced to only one parliamentary seat – Wan Azizah of course.

    They were looking to Pak Lah to change Mahathirism; this was the good guy with a good feel image – and so they thought this man would bring about sweeping changes.

    The Indians showing the Chinese the way? The Chinese, to be honest, don’t really look up to the Indians, except for our dear ADUN from Subang Jaya. Do LKS and LGE really think the Indians are worth the money for them? Does Anwar think the Indians are really worth the money for them?

    Hindraf just announced they will stand as independents in Selangor for the coming GE13. These are the guys who drove the Indian votes to the Pakatan in GE12. Why the sudden change of heart?

    The Chinese are more concerned about themselves rather than anybody else. I don’t think you see Chinamen talking about others except themselves. That’s why Ketuanan Rakyat has become a hopeful slogan for them, maybe not so much before, but very much so now. They want everyone to be on par, not a cent less. That’s why Chinese votes are going in droves to Pakatan in GE13.

  16. Hannah Yeoh doesn’t look up to the Indians actually. If she did, why did she put Chinese on the birth certificate of her daughter instead of Indian after the authority told her Anak Malaysia was not allowed ? If Hannah Yeoh does indeed look up to the Indians, she should acknowledge the Indian part of her daughter instead of denying it. All this talk about equality is nonsense.

    1. AI, as a presumptions i am not a stickler.There is something about you that everything is about poilitcs and that is a red flag. I maybe worng in my perception. You sound too good to be truthful for what most of us desire as it seems so obvious. You know why?, go figure it out as i cannot find anything genuinety in our approach besides how you need it to be. That is the biggest giveaway. I know I have thought you what it has to be, but it is not what it has to be but how you can be when you chose to be. Please take your agenda elsewhere because you are not a Malaysian in a true sense.

      1. I don’t have to prove myself to be Malaysian. The Federal Constitution already defines who I m. But of course, for those who are not defined by Article 153 of the Federal constitution or other articles similar to 153, it must be hard, isn’t it, to be told time and time again to prove their loyalty to this nation, hence you hear time and time again, people calling out names like “pendatang”. My agenda ? Simple, the preservation of the Federal Constitution. Now can anyone say that the preservation of the Federal Constitution is morally wrong ? I don’t have to call anyone pendatang, nor have I ever called anyone a pendatang, but, if you’re called a pendatang, ask yourself, why is it that people call you a pendatang ?

    2. He…he…AI…..depend Who’s on top…xrated sikit Helen bolehkah…..lighten up teh diskusi on sikit……

  17. What do I want ? The hyprociticai me of what is is or how it should be beyond what serves me for Malaysians at large. I know I am a sucker for a Malaysians agenda, but what can i do if only if fits what is good for me individually rather than what what beholds for the community when I choose the agenda according to how it fits me when it is politically expedient when the rest cannot or unable to comprehend how we can forsave humnaity for how it selfs us well.

  18. It’s quite simple. We just don’t feel we are Malaysian, say the Chinese.

    Look at the civil service. How many of them are Chinese, they ask. We all know that the civil service is the heart and mind of the nation. Policies and secrets are found here.

    Don’t trust us? The Chinese would ask. We are Malaysian. Why regard us like this? They ask. This psychology is not recent. It has been there for the last 50 years. If you lived in the Chinese society, you will find the same questions asked over and over again.

    Put simply, the Chinese have basically given up, and if you ask them what next step is best, they will tell you, if you can and are able, migrate. Their morale is low.

    Then things suddenly turned bright for them. No Chinese would imagine there would be Malays, in in quite a big number, to support the idea of a Malaysia where the UMNO slogan of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ is derided by them. Melayu tak sokong Ketuanan Melayu. Suddenly, hopes came. Pakatan becomes the beacon of hope for them.

    That’s why you see how the Chinese are invigorated these days. They know the Malay votes are turning in the direction of BN, but they also know BN cannot have all the say as there will be Malays who will balanced their power base.

    You see Soi Lek going around trying very hard to win the Chinese? They ask him a simple question: Are you an equal of UMNO? See the psychology? You can solve this psychology, you can have the Chinese on your side.

    1. Go on dreaminglah Swee Leong… “We just don’t feel we are Malaysian”… right so if you continue to behave like Chinese, you will be treated like one..simple logic , right!

      You say “Ketuanan Rakyat” offered by Anwar Ibrahim bring a beacon of hope to the Chinese. If you want to know the inside of people , analyse him when he was in power. When he is not in power, he can promise a lot of things, even the moon and the sun. As far that I can recalled, when this guy was in power, he had done nothing to help the Chinese School Remember, the case of an Education Minister that put Malay administrators in Chinese School. Is this is your man that you adored and willingly give your life!?

      Go on read the I-files about Anwar Ibrahim at Read chapter 4. Interesting reading.

  19. I think everyone is looking beyond Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar will eclipse into the sunset of his political life, but the nation has to go on. The Malays who support BN previously know very well how they have to struggle to appease the Malay warlords in UMNO in order to get their piece of the economic cake. They then turn to PAS in hope of a breakthrough. Why are many Malays turning against UMNO despite the fact that they were enjoying the benefits of the NEP? Why are many rich Malays turning against UMNO? There must be something wrong here. If you are getting much from a policy that is benefitting you, why turn against those who make this possible? This says a lot about what is happening on the surface and what is going on beneath. When a few lieutenants can dictate who gets what and who gets what not, it doesn’t matter what slogan you are chanting, the tide will eventually turn against you from within your own ranks. Do you want to fight for a cause that sees you sitting by the side of the road while some others are enjoying the perks, and then telling you to continue fighting the cause you believe so strongly. We hope everyone will learn from this, especially UMNO and BN. And we hope they will come out becoming an UMNO and BN for everyone, not the arrogance that brought them to their feet in GE12.

    1. in short, anwar join the rakyat, not the other way round. anwar is the tool. the rakyat kept him as long as he perform, and this apply to every politician.

      1. I think you are wrong HuaYong.. Anwar is not the tool, He was the master.. others were his tools… Others mean Ahmad Totonji, TDM, UMNO, PAS, Malay, Chinese, Indians and the Rakyat were his tools to achieve his ambition

        After reading the I-files, I realised that we were fools because we were made as tools by this opportunist guy. How can you explain he changed his skin to suit the environment. A principle man will always stick with his principles no matter what happened.

    2. Yes , kotey panjang is back !
      “Do you want to fight for a cause that sees you sitting by the side of the road while some others are enjoying the perks”

      Yes, the malays need reminding “who” have been enjoying the perks the last 300 years , Typical “habis madu, buang hampas” policy of the ‘ communist enjoyers ‘.

      Glad you’re back. — Helen

      1. OHH you miss me ? , that touching.

        Sorry got some major project in my old stomping grounds, Singapore . Not much time to read and follow your blog , but notice many old diehards are still at it and some new ‘face’ or i suspect new ‘relabeling’ from DAPster ‘Markas.’

        Keep hammering at the keyboard helen , i can smell the Dapsters panic, look how they have moderated their comments lately.The best is yet to come, helen(Wink,Wink).

        The the dapsters are trying more to be like Hua Yong in their comments, small jabs and doing Mohamad Ali’s ‘Rope a Dope’ waitng for an openig , but not greedy when an opening present itself. They are all trying to remain under the radar

        As for the ole Diehards , from both sides of the political divide, keep at it , remember what doest kill you will make stronger.

        As for the “kotey clones” if you are reading this ,GET BACK TO WORK!

        Yes, welcome back (busy work schedule permitting). — Helen

    3. Persoalan Utama ‘Apa Kaum Cina Nak’
      Persoalan Kedua ‘Orang Melayu Nak Bagi ke’

      Kalaulah bagi Alhamdulillah…..Kalaulah tak macam mana….

      Jawap soalan ini dengan ikhlas……

  20. Swee leong,

    Yes. you are right. MCA is not the equal to UMNO. Just like PAS is not the equal to DAP.

    The only reason why UMNO holds supreme position in Malaysian politics is actually very simple. It has the largest seats as compared to other parties, within or outside BN.

    And why it has the largest number of seats? A factor that all of us call “demography”. The largest group in Malaysia is Malays. As an example in Selangor, out of 20 seats won by BN, 18 are from UMNO.

    In Penang, all seats won by Bn are from UMNO. Even if Penang BN Chairman is from Gerakan, we all know UMNO has more clout than Gerakan.

    There is nothing magical about this. UMNO earns the dominance by virtue of securing the lion share from the largest racial group in Malaysia. Are you saying UMNO should learn to treat others as equal to it? Tell me where in this world that a political would want to renounce its position. I know DAP wont.

    As for why Malays dominate civil service, well the reason can be found in Constitution. Malay rulers at eve of independence agreed to give citizenship to non Malays. In return some provisions are accorded to them such as civil service to be largely Malays among others.

    PERHAPS you are not aware why there is surge of support among Malays to UMNO. It comes from people who previously support PAS. These people are upset that PAS abandons its principle just to “kowtow’ to DAP.

    It takes two to tango. Just as Chinese generally wants their interest enhanced and protected, they must show some support to the govt of the day. Najib will have no answer to Malays if they say “padan muka’ to him for giving so much to Chinese but receive nothing from them.

    Meaning if Chinese still reject BN then he is forced to agree to what malays have been saying, that is “why giving so much to ungrateful people “.

  21. Shamsul, You say ” As for why Malays dominate civil service, well the reason can be found in Constitution. Malay rulers at eve of independence agreed to give citizenship to non Malays. In return some provisions are accorded to them such as civil service to be largely Malays among others” We had visited this before in Helen’s blog and you know this is not true.There is nothing expressed in the constitution that Malay needs to dominate the civil service nor it has such provision as you claim this was payback for citizenship for the Nons. Article 136 is very clear on this and you should read it in cross referencing with Clause 5 of Article 153. Let’s just be truthful in our approach and it does not matter whether you or me are either BN/PR supporter.

  22. When Mahathir became PM, he brought in business people into UMNO to replace the cikgu(s). He thought having business people would enhance the economics position of the Malays, and thereby teaching the Malays how to control the economy. But as it turned out, the ones he brought in were making themselves rich, and with few competitors to match their knowledge and know-who, they were the few Malays enjoying the big piece of the economy that was meant to distribute among the Malay underprivileged Malays. And UMNO gradually turned into a place for people who want to be rich, not a place to help the rest of the Malays. And because UMNO was the supreme party having all says, cronyism and corruption became ever rampant with no check and balance, whether from within the party or outside the party, including the Opposition that is ever powerless to do anything. And so you have in 1986, if I am not mistaken, a very fierce onslaught of one group against the other in the party election. Mahathir won by a mere forty-over votes. Of course the damage was severe. You have the Semangat 46. and then you have the Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh factions that were splashing money like nobody’s business to heckle each other from UMNO’s political hierarchy. And what is the result? Day by day, the Malays became dissipated because of what happened in UMNO, the so-called bastion of the Malays. By the time Pak Lah came into power, corruption was an everyday practice among the civil servants, and you know very well who are these people. Can you blame those Malays who lost faith in UMNO and BN? The bastion of Malay interest was themselves the very source of problem for the exodus of the Malay support and the current situation in Malay politics.

  23. Swee Leong, before Dr M’s regime, there was no issue amongst the Malaysians irrespective of origin, just look at your neighbors and how everyone co mingled. DR M more than UMNO created the monster.

    You must understand the Malay votes are always divided since 1957 but UMNO was riding on the non Malays. However saying that, UMNO being the seasoned politicians (you must admit the Malays are good at politics) realize the only way to unite the Malays is through religion which coincidentally seems to be the main agenda for the opposition under the pretext of democracy these days.

    In all fairness, the vices you mentioned is not reserved only to UMNO or Malays but also the Non- Malays and we should not turn a blind eye to it as the Non malays taught them how to do it. HY had raised a very valid point in stating “My concern is more on capitalism that have no restrict on greed and power”.

    All the superficial democracy, justice, freedom, just and fairness takes a backseat when greed & power seeps in and this does not chose its perpetrator amongst the politicans whether it is UMNO/ DAP but our own inability to stand out and be counted to recognize the issues in hand.

    Like what Tok Rojak says in an another article “Today, Uthayakumar (Hindraf) has declared he will run as an independent based on his beliefs and conviction for the Indians. Win or lose, he is standing up to be counted. I think this will be our future…”

    I don’t think the bastion of Malay interest is the source of the problem, but the stakeholders. Before 1980 the stakeholders were genuine Malaysians, post 1980 and henceforth, polarization increased as power & greed become overwhelming factors just like us any individual Malaysian in a micro scale.

    I think the problem lies with us ,we just got too selfish for our own needs just like the modern day politicians in Malaysia whether it is BN/PR and now we are re-running the same script with PR.

  24. Malaysian in New York,

    In it written clearly in Constitution. It says priority is given to malays in term of civil service, scholarship, among others.

    You must understand that Constitution takes a middle path, trying to accomodate the interest of all communities. No one community gets all its wishes.

    I had already explained quite a number of time. It is not what we call “payback’. Rather, no Malay Rulers would agree to en bloc citizenship that changes the very face of “tanah Melayu” without substantial provisions for Malays.

    Attitude like that( questioning the provisions for malay) so common among so many Chinese politicians will only reinforce the perception among Malays that Chinese are not willing to give and take.

    There is no denying that malays also have some problem unique to its community. And many of the predicaments are resulted from Malay politicians themselves. But simply because some useless UMNO or PAS politicians do not warrant denial on Malay provisions as enshrined in the Constitution.

    Article 153 while mentioning some provisions on malays and things matter to them like religion, language, Malay Royalty also say that other races rights are to be protected.

    For people who refuse to accept the Constitution, then be ready for their rights to be questioned. tHere is no question of payback as you mentioned. rather it is sort of bargain. Malay Rulers agree on citizenship( again need to appreciate on scale unprecedented by world standard) AND in recognising this generosity, some provisions are made for malays.

    It is that simple. Both communities get something. Both communities do not get everything. Both communities must appreciate each other rights.

    Questioning Malay communities right and do not get upset they may want to tell you to “cari negara lain “. But again some people think it is allright to challenge but can not accept the response.

    Please do not confuse challenging Malay rights with genuine criticism on operation of govt of the day.

    1. Shamsul, thank you for your response. Nothing that you have stated addresses the issue except for how your perceive it. You are harping like a cuckoo bird saying it is clearly written on the constitution, yet unable to rebutt on the articles and clauses that I had provided in the constitution.

      Friend I am not your enemy, nor I intend to subjugate the Malay races to be subservient to Non Malays.This is 2012 not 1957. What you have is Malaysians who want Malaysians to feel like Malaysians irrespective of our origin in the present today. I don’t think Article 153 would be of any relevance for discussion if Malaysians can be Malaysians for one another by addressing the issue rather some goddamn constitution BS being the malaikat like our heroes the politicians.

      Friend nobody is challenging the Malay rights, but rather a right of being a malaysian in 2012 for what we are amongst us for each other as a community. Whether Malay, Chinese Indian or lain-lain is not the issue but for how handicapped we are in our thoughts when humanity is the sacrifice for our own individual whims and fancies in 2012.

      1. “Friend nobody is challenging the Malay rights, but rather a right of being a malaysian in 2012 for what we are amongst us for each other as a community. Whether Malay, Chinese Indian or lain-lain is not the issue but for how handicapped we are in our thoughts when humanity is the sacrifice for our own individual whims and fancies in 2012”

        Nice words and very pleasant to hear. Can you ask your DAP friends to say this loudly in public of not challenging the Malay rights. I will sleep peacefully if that is the case.

        However, History of DAP tell a different story In 1969, they were challenging the Malay rights and were poisoning the Chinese mind that the Chinese were third class citizen even though at that time there was no NEP, the economy were in control by the Chinese and 70% of division A civil servants came from the Chinese community. Apa lagi u mau!, tak cukup ke!

        In 2008 onwards, I don’t hear anymore of DAP poisoning the Chinese mind that the Chinese being third class citizen.They said a different music tune..UMNO is a racist (after many things UMNO had done for the Chinese inculding allowing vernacular school,UMNO got this racist label), and corrupt party, the whole government machinery is corrupted and the famous mantra ‘ Equal right for all Malaysians’.

        Just testing.. is this ‘Equal Right’ also mean “Economic cakes” to be distributed equally?

      2. Dear Goondoo,

        Is Malaysia a socialist or communist country where wealth is to be distributed evenly? Or in your mind, the wealth should only be distributed evenly between the races as per their proportion? i.e. Malays get 60%, Chinese 25%, Indians 10% and others 5%?

        Like Shamshul before you, the Malay supremacist supporters consider themselves to be a generous lot. This “generousity” cost the average Malays daily hardship – this was the implied reality, and as such, they have to be compensated with perks and special treatment, the so called quid pro quo. This mentality is so ingrained in the Malaysian mindset that nobody seems to realize that the perpetuation of the perception also means that the non-Malays will forever be taken as foreigners in the land of their birth, to be tolerated with economic and political concessions, specifically from the Chinese.

        This is our way of nation-building, I suppose.

        Because of the average Malaysians’ inability to pierce through the web of deceit and lies, false hopes pinned on imaginary positions created people like Shamshul and Goondoo. Yes, it is legitimate to fight for Malay, Chinese or Indian or Kadazan etc. etc. rights, but all this must be fought in the context of national development – how much are we willing to forgo in the name of preserving social harmony and peace (including environmental sustainability too).

        Unfortunately for us, politics loom large in our governmental and non-governmental institutions, and expecting professionalism and desire for excellence (from all individuals of different walks of life) is foolish. We have neither the proper incentives nor motivation.

      3. I hate N’Sync;

        When I raised the subject of economic equality; I am baiting any Dapnster over here to explain their version of economic equality. After all they were the one that championed the equality mantra irrespective of race and religion. Or their version of equality solely touched on something that currently belong to the Malays (i.e Malay and Islamic priveleges) that they want to be equally shared but whatever currently belong to Chinese shall remain Chinese. “orang lain punya saya mau, tapi saya punya, orang lain tak boleh ambil. Itu macam ka!

        Any DAPnsters here care to explain their plan to address the economic gaps between the so called “marginalised” Chinese and the “priveleged” Malays..

        Malays since memorial time were not “kiasu” like the Chinese. If the Malay were half “kiasu”, I am sure the Malays will prevent the Chinese from prospering from this nation like the Americans did when they introduced the “Chinese Exclusion Act”.

        Just imagine, at the height of NEP, the Malays leaders were giving a low target of 30% for the Malays/bumiputeras to achieve their share of the economic cake. If they were Kiasu; they should be put a higher target of 60% proportionate to the Malay population.

        How they intend to achieve this target?Did they follow the Zimbabwean ways by making the Malays mobs to repossess the Chinese properties.No this is not the Malay way. No Chinese get molested and no Chinese property were confiscated. Just imagine, at the height of Chinese boat people immigration from Vietnam, they were countless people get molested and killed by the Thais, anyone heard the Malays did these heineous crime to the boat people in Malaysia.?

        Instead the UMNO leaders devise a social engineering programme to helps the Malays. They built a lot of sekolah berasrama penuh to enable the ‘have nots ‘ rural Malays to focus on their education The government also encourage the Malays to venture into business via ALI BABA arrangement with Chinese partners, They provide scholarships to the deserving Malays.

        I am not saying all this affirmative programmes were successfull. But the fact currently there are many middle class Malays in Malaysia show that some of these affirmative programme were successful . Just imagine, 30 years before, most Malays were mere rubber tappers or padi farmers but their sons and daugters because of these affirmative actions are now heading GLCs or work in corporate sectors.

        By doing these affirmative action, did the Chinese getting marginalised and poorer?


        Kalau dah kalah dalam debate, please do not label people as Malay supramacists.

        Pls excuse my flippancy in a serious discussion but I see Zairil as more kiasu than a Cina totok. — Helen

      4. As a self-avowed racist, I will say that Zairil is probably genetically predisposed to act ‘kiasu’.

        It’s in his chinese nature.

        1. I was anticipating someone to say that.

          But seriously …

          It saddens me that DAP’s Malay ‘faces’ instead of improving the party’s reputation only makes it worse among non-Chinese.

          With the DAPster, it’s this huge disconnect between reality and their own wishful thinking (the Chung Hosanna Syndrome of SepetLalaland).

          On their part, they’re deluding themselves, okay, now we got this anak Tan Sri Khir Johari on board and we’re maxing our bragging rights by introducing him as the ‘DAP Malay’ at every turn (quite forgetting that their own M’sian First posturing means no racial identification & as such Zairil ought by rights just be trotted out as their “Towering Young Malaysian/sarc.

          It’s possible that the Malays might also have noticed, as I have, that Zairil is inordinately kiasu.

          Which segues into what you’ve just said, i.e. the Malays will be even more inclined to believe that Zairil is the Chinese pretender face of DAP. And his kiasu-ness further reinforces the Chinese stereotype instead of successfully leading the DAP away from its Chinese image.

          I believe someone like Wee Choo Keong for instance, a Kelantanese, could have played the role better to soften DAP’s image among non-Chinese.

      5. How do the Chinese view Riduan Tee? Is he a poseur in the eyes of the Chinese?

        To tell you honestly, I sometimes feel those who convert easily to Islam (or should I say ‘revert’, as PASters would claim) may one day convert back to their original beliefs. Can’t trust them to stick with what they got.

        Christian missionaries give something like a trial period before real conversion (see DUMC). It’s that leniency that allows them to convert through subliminal suggestion.

        Missionaries are like used car salesmen.They would give would-be buyers a test drive without letting them see what’s under the hood. Savvy yet sneaky.

        It’s called marketing!

      6. Dear Goondoo,

        That is precisely what we need to define here – equality or equity. Opportunities can be given, but wealth or success should never be handed out on a platter, especially on a crooked basis.

        Some Malaysians do not realize that the NEP has been abused to create a rent-seeking economy based on patronage power. We should forever be grateful for the middle-class of Malaysians the national development has created, but it does not mean we should stop fine-tuning and rein in the excesses. Too much cronyism and corruption is going on and we need to put a stop to this, so that legitimate Malaysian businessmen of all races are not feathered and tarred by the same stereotypes.

        The Malay supremacists don’t see this. They only see the earmarked permits and licenses to offset the wealth of non-Malays – a form of “leg-up” for the disadvantaged, but we are not talking about the average Malaysians here, but tycoons and millionnaires who made money “atas angin”.

        I just came back on a ride with a cabbie the other day and he described to me the precise problem with the labour power in this country – the rich exploits the workers so that they can become richer at the expense of others. He pointed out that the cooperative’s top people sold out the ordinary members for a handful of taxi licensing and permit, thus betraying the original concept of a cooperative union in the first place. It was as if the whole exercise was a sham so that the few people on top can secure personal wealth for themselves by selling or crossing over.

        I told him that it is not surprising, considering everyone has a price tag. Even those not for sale by cash can be bought with something else.

        When you asked me if the Chinese in Malaysia becomes poorer, I realized that you obviously do not understand the concept of growth. When income remains stagnant and wealth gap grows, you know very well that it is not just about the Chinese Malaysians, on average, becoming poorer. It is about how the elites are systematically robbing the average rakyat and some morons are cheering them on.

        Equality and equity are social concepts and constructs. If your idea of what is equal in terms of economic power is proportionate by population numbers, then it becomes obvious that we should all stick to the same proportions for social, political and cultural power. Malays should have higher proportions in all the good and bad, baru-lah normal.

        Helen: Your views?

      7. Read Hisham’s modeling attempt earlier. Like he said, and as the series noted, the correlational analysis and regression models are not necessarily causative, and the direct impact of corruption and wealth gap on macro economics is weak (or indeterminant). In fact, in some instances, big scale industrial development, even if laden with cronyistic contracts, will still funnel a lot of public money into the market. This is a study on the economics of corruption, and so far, the jury is still out there.

        Malaysia needs to actually sort out our dependency on subsidies, suppressed wages, petroleum, palm oil and get some traction on business linked to the innovation fountainhead or the last mile products and services in the consumer chain. We couldn’t even get a proper footing in food security, and we already compromised our groceries market to international operators. Despite whatever inefficiencies of Proton and Perodua, at least we kept most of the money within our borders, supporting a local auto industry. It is a costly endeavor which enriched only a handful, but our failure was not in the initiation, but in the competition.

        There is a lot we can achieve, provided the federal and state government are committed to the job. With all the partisan politics flying about, you might wonder who is actually doing anything to keep the country going.

    2. “In it written clearly in Constitution. It says priority is given to malays in term of civil service, scholarship, among others.”

      – Shamshul

      Shamshul ini betul-betul Raja Twist. Sejak bila “perizaban kuota” bermaksud “priority”? Kalau DAP itu Malaysian Firsters, Shamshul ini kira Malays Firsters-lah tu?

      Susah untuk membicarakan sesuatu dengan waras apabila apa yang munasabah dan apa yang sudah jelas itu masih dipusing-pusing.

      Perkara 153. Perizaban kuota berkenaan dengan perkhidmatan, permit, dsb. bagi orang Melayu dan anak negeri mana-mana antara Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak.

      (2) Walau apa pun apa-apa jua dalam Perlembagaan ini, tetapi tertakluk kepada peruntukan Perkara 40 dan peruntukan Perkara ini, Yang di-Pertuan Agong hendaklah menjalankan fungsinya di bawah Perlembagaan ini dan undang-undang persekutuan mengikut apa-apa cara yang perlu untuk meindungi kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan anak negeri mana-mana antara Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak dan untuk memastikan perizaban bagi orang Melayu dan anak negeri mana-mana antara Negeri Sabah dan Sarawak apa-apa perkadaran yang difikirkan munasabah oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong daripada jawatan dalam perkhidmatan awam (selain perkhidmatan awam sesuatu Negeri) dan daripada biasiswa, danasiswa dan keistimewaan pendidikan atau latihan yang seumpamanya atau kemudahan khas lain yang diberikan atau diadakan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan dan, apabila apa-apa permit atau lesen dikehendaki oleh undang-undang persekutuan bagi mengendalikan apa-apa pertukangan atau perniagaan, maka, tertakluk kepada peruntukan undang-undang itu dan Perkara ini, daripada permit dan lesen itu.

      2. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, but subject to the provisions of Article 40 and of this Article, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall exercise his functions under this Constitution and federal law in such manner as may be necessary to safeguard the special provision of the Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak and to ensure the reservation for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak of such proportion as he may deem reasonable of positions in the public service (other than the public service of a State) and of scholarships, exhibitions and other similar educational or training privileges or special facilities given or accorded by the Federal Government and, when any permit or licence for the operation of any trade or business is required by federal law, then, subject to the provisions of that law and this Article, of such permits and licences.

      Bahasa apa yang Shamshul tak faham-faham ni?

  25. Malaysian in New York,

    “this is 2012 not 1957”. If that is the way you think, may i ask why after 54 years of independence the Chinese still insist on vernacular school. Please do not tell me it is guaranteed in Constitution. Constitution only guarantees the right to learn or practise mother tongues without hindrance.

    Whether it is 2012 or 1957, the provisions are clearly stated in Constitution.

    “what you have is malaysians….”. Maybe you should tell this to Chinese politicians who simply refuse children at tender age to mix under one roof.

    From Malay point of view, those who cry out loud about being wanted to be treated like malaysians are the most racist. They want specific provisions for Malay being dismantled but they themselves refuse to compromise. They question why civil service is heavily Malay dominated but ignore rampant discrimination against Malays in private sector.

    “friend, nobody is challenging malay rights”. I am not so sure about that. I know DAP for sure will change Constitution in no time if it comes into power.

    I am not saying you are my enemy. Because Malays in general are tolerant, we continue to choose MCA candidates in Malay majority areas. If we are racist, Ong Tee Keat would not have won in Pandan, a Malay area.

    Because Malays are forgiving lot, they do not make noise when a racist DAP assemblyman insulted Dr Zambri by calling him “bastard’.

    I am not harping of the past. Rather i want to remind some Malaysians who “intentionally” forgetting that specific provision in Constitution for the Malays exist in return of Malay Rulers granting citizenship to non Malays.

    I am not forcing non Malays to accept the specific provision. But if they want to question the provision, I may be tempted to say “sila berambus keluar”.

    Of course this is very unpleasant. Just the same when I feel the Malay rights are questioned.

    As for “humanity” that you keep mentioning but nobody understands, it has been the practice of the malays. Not to worry about that.

    1. Shamsul, you say “As for “humanity” that you keep mentioning but nobody understands, it has been the practice of the malays. Not to worry about that. That is precisely my point. I don’t think humanity is only restricted to the Malays but the Non Malays as well when and if we can think of it as a Malaysian agenda.

      However the politicians on both equation ride and abuse this on religion, race and origin whereas as Malaysian irrespective of his/her religion it boils down to bread and butter issue. I am sure you would agree that if the bread and butter issue is infringed because of religion, race or origin, it demoralizes a community like a multicultural society like Malaysia.

      Whose fault is this because it is race, religion or origin or putting food on the table? Shamsul, we can go arguing about what is just and fair but how many of us will actually get down to the ground and make the changes for the deprived and manipulated ones without a consideration of race, religion or origin but purely for what is humane.

  26. Wow!! Just glacing through Helen’ s pieces & see my name pop up with MsianInNY. Again, slow but trying to understand what’s going on here (ie. discussion). Strange phenomena in humans, Northern people tend to dominate over Southern people. Like in China, Northerners are generally fairer (like in India) and also taller verses the shorter southerners who seem, short, fat & darker. The people in North India verses the Tamilians?

    Early civilization started in the Indus Valley, then spread to Persia and beyond (as the anthroplogist tell us). Nazi’s had a thing for this Aryan blood theory. So they liked the Indians because some looked Aryan (ie. Punjabi’s).

    Not sure about these Singapore sarong party girls or Chinese chiong sum party girls (again, reminder I’m a feminist) why they like Orang Putih so much. If in social party, they phuttt Chinese guy over Orang Putih fellow. Somehow, these Orang Putih people have magic wand (even Malay or Indian girls go crazy lah). They seem to get away with many things…

    Folks, we live in a broken world with false values like fairer skin means superior and darker, inferior.. Says who? I liked it when Mahathir hantam orang putih… I really felt proud to be Malaysian & Asian because first time we felt equal, no need kow tow to anybody.

    Consistitution says anyone who lives like Malay, practice Malay adat, Muslim etc is Malays. SatD just did a number on the Consitution today…. So if I live in garage, sound like car engine when sleeping, I’m a car. Riduan Tee Abudullah’s & Hannah Yeoh’s of the world dream on…. You are still Chinese but for RAT (sorry RTA), you still Chinese… even Malays say so. Its just that you embrace Islam, no problem.

    The trouble is 1) we don’t accept who we are 2) we don’t try to find the middle path… 3) Maybe Malays can’t/shouldn’t/won’t lead… (then you better kiss the Orang Putih’s toes).

    Methink many Malays, Chinese, Indians & East Malaysians are fed-up with the grade 1, grade 2 stuff…. banyak mahu jadi ketua tapi boleh jual mamak pun…. However, in deep respect to the Malays, I think independent, progessive Malays should stand up to be counted (for example Marina Mahathir) and take the lead…. We (you & I) are tired with the same political spinning while we lose ground each day to our neighbours. We see the plight of the Malays & Malaysians and know more can be done.

    As Karim Ruslan said recently, its gone beyond race issues, its now a war among classes (Bersih 3.0 is a watershed. See who are the major participants – displaced rural & urban Malay youths mixed with middle class urban Chinese youths).

  27. Tok rojak,

    Wow. Reading your comments make me think are the Malays that bad.

    The problem is many want to rewrite constitution( meaning takes away the provisions for Malay).But they insist on separate school and wont bulge although it is the main source of disunity in Malaysia.

    As for you mentioning Dr Ridhuan Tee and Hannah, I fail to see any relevance here.

  28. Hi Shamsul, I think you misunderstand my direction. My present & previous comments are very consistent… one can be Chinese and be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and whatever but cannot alter one’s culture. Why I mentioned RTA is because if we critize Hannah, then we must be also aware that he is trying to be what he is not & cannot be… Not my words… SatD’s words yesterday (ie. consitutional Malay vs born Malay).

    If people like Hannah does not “awake” to this fact, then it will cause more tension. Creating strive used to be spread in coffee shops or MSM. Today the alternative media has taken a life of its own (better or worst) and shaping our thinking (even maybe making us believe in our own disinformation/biasness).

    First, Chinese or Indians in appreciating their culture should appreciate the culture of others, especially Malay adat & perpatah. Second, the human race should throw away this sublime distinction between the “fairer” and “darker” skin mentality. ie. Kipling’s “White Man Burden”. This is why I respect Dr. M tremendously – he stood up against the West and placed Asians on a “same playing field” (his favourite words). He is a verocious reader & thinker. Love him or hate him, have we seen any PM on par with him?

    When the white man exited from Africa, they did not believe that the blacks could rule themselves. Why? Was it because they were black? When they left Malaya, they already “categorized” the three main races (to suit their “divide & rule” policy & made it easy for them to pigeon hole the groups they had to deal/kau tim with).

    So when a person like RTA tells people, “you can’t trust the Chinese, I know them. I can’t trust even my relatives” (not exact words) plus mixed with religion (how can I argue with the PhD when I’m only a layman? He is the expert by virtue of his title) it becomes poison lacing our cultural melting pot. See my point? If Hannah is biadap not recognising her culture & to say her daughter is Chinese then should we treat people like RTA any better. Why the distinction?

    Point being made is that politicians are fighting for the minds & heart of every ethnic group amongst us. MCA/DAP/Gerakan working on Chinese, MIC on Indians etc. The greatest fight is going on for the largest voting block…. So gajah sama gajah, siapa jadi mangsa? But the victim is not totally innocent and no part to play in his own death… If DAP continues in the “biadapness”, do you think they are helping the Chinese cause? They are killing the Chinese slowly.

    So, today among the largest voting block, what is the issue? Its a class war… why propagandize diamond rings, bags etc…. But remember there will be no smoke without a fire. It “seems” therefore there is uneveness in the wealth distribution… otherwise, why the “real” unhappiness among the young people?

    We cannot retreat from alternative media, therefore we need to find a way forward. Thus my call to visionaries, progessive thinking, good leadership to unite the Malays, then Malaysians. A clear Malay agenda will lead to a Malaysian agenda. MCLM, RPK, SABM do not agree to this view because they espouse civil liberties and equality. I’m a realist living in a real world.

    Shamshul, I’ve read your comments…. I’m glad we can share dialogue through Helen’s blog. We don’t need to shout obscenities and run each other down… like I say, leave race & religion aside…. nation building and national issues are most important.

  29. Tok rojak,

    Rest assured I will not shout obscene words to get the message accross. I accept that i do not have monopoly of wisdom. I accept views. I believe obscene and racist remarks are hallmarks of people like Mohd sabu or Guan eng.

    What irritate me is that some politicians under guise of freedom or meritocracy is trying to dismantle what belongs to Malays. Malays, being humble and not so articulate together with the attitude of not wanting to create a scene. often implicated as racist or clinging to some provisions in Constitution whoch construed as a weakness.

    But the other side simply refuse to integrate. Race and religions are played by people who often cry wanting to be Malaysians.

    1. Shamshul,

      c.f. your description of “Malays being not so articulate”.

      As an outsider who doesn’t belong to the Abrahamic faith, I see that the Muslims have got a reasonable case in the Allah dispute but that the Christians are better at manipulating public perception and opinion to portray themselves as the victim and the Muslims as the aggressor.

      The questions are:

      (1) Is it the Christians who are stealing Islam’s worldwide ‘trademark’?


      (2) Is it the Muslims who are taking away the ‘right’ of Christians (specific to Sabah & S’wak) who have been using the word for centuries, ever since the white missionaries landed in Borneo?

      The dispute concerns native speakers of BM (the pribumi of Sabah & S’wak) but the most vocal ones milking political capital, i.e. aggravating the sense of grievance and oppression, out of the situation are not the BM speakers themselves but the evangelical politicians who do not worship in BM (since their mother tongue is English).

      You guys should tell the Christians:

      If you want to use the term Allah, we (Malays/Muslims) expect you to subject yourselves to this country’s syariah law too.

      The above is just my example of how the Malays lose out to the competitor who is more silver-tongued on a contentious issue.

      Back to the original point of “Malays being not so articulate”. A friend of mine suggests that b’cos Malays are not so articulate & tend to lose in verbal fights (e.g. Allah, DUMC controversies), there is the ‘mengamok’ syndrome to compensate.

      It is the Malays after all who contributed this word to the international lexicon — a fact I hope DAPsters will bear in mind.

      So if DAP keeps on baiting dan bermegah b’cos their DAPsters come out tops in argument & if they don’t win the argument against a fellow Chinese like themselves, then they resort to verbal thuggism against the rival.

      And they carry on bermegah thinking that they’re the Righteous Ones, since it appears to themselves that they’re winning the debate in the court of public opinion.

      Furthermore, nobody is allowed to tell them that their arguments are not sound. Anyone who tries to do so is given 999 Thumbs Down or otherwise subjected to personal harassment.

      DAPsters really shouldn’t gloat that the less articulate Malays are at the losing end, especially in using the English medium and among the sympathetic foreign press. It is a lack of wisdom and foresight to realise the bigger picture in the longer term.

      Now what I wish to ask your (Shamshul & any other Malay who cares to) give an opinion on is this: If the Malays get so frustrated at unfairly losing the verbal battles, then how far away is the mengamok (line to cross)?

      I ask this sincerely & without any intention to offend as I sense an increasingly worrying climate.

      However it’s useless for me to appeal to rationality in the Chinese as they’re quite happy whenever I’m unable to publish my writings for a wider audience due to the aggression & abuse thrown at me each time any critical piece of mine appears in alternative media.

      In fact, the reason I had to start this blog is b’cos the DAPsters, through their relentless and remorseless assaults, have made it rather emotionally draining for me to publish outside my own turf.

      The sheer variety of accusations that they’ve hurled at me is testimony not only to their cunning, conscienceless ingenuity but should also give us a good idea of the kind of people we’re dealing with.

      1. You expressed this issue very well.

        I want to get into the issue of ‘marketing’ on behalf of one’s race, religion and political/ cultural identity but i dont have the time now (designing the dryer section for the same bahraini client).

        You should have made this a separate blog entry. It is very interesting topic and it can explain the political climate we are in.

      2. HELEN, your are right on ALL account, you save me a lot of typing.

        We shall wait for PRU 13 then, Only then the Chinese shall see the fruit of their labor. May be it will be too late, what ever the results may be.

        You know the how the saying goes” You may win the race , but in your heart you know you lost an even bigger race” almost like what happen during the opening attack on Pearl Harbor.

        You may win the battle , but you will loose the War.

      3. How far must DAP cross the line before Malays run amok? I don’t know. When does Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk?

        Maybe when DAP wins another wealthy state like Johor?
        But there was no major case of Malays running amok when Selangor and Penang fell to the opposition.

        Or maybe after DAP supporters drive around the streets with brooms to signify that they would ‘sweep’ UMNO out of power?
        But most Malays probably won’t get the reference. This was done pre-May 13,1969 by Chinese opposition members.

        Or do we just want the Malays to run amok to see them fulfill their racial stereotype?

        What do you think Helen? Is that your racial bias? Are Malays now educated enough that they know violence is not the answer? Or maybe we need a KFC-like incident on a larger scale?

        Who were the ones who actually perpetrated the violent acts in Bersih 3.0? Probably the uneducated Malays, who are prone to running amok! They support Bersih and PAS.

        The only time I feel like running amok is when TMI censors my comments. But, my plans for taking TMI down would be much more devious!

        The Malays now know how to express themselves. The problem is they are being drowned out in cyberspace, esp social media.

        1. OB,

          It’s not so much losing an argument as the deviousness with which the other side obtains their victory, (DUMC) might be a case in point.

          Let’s say I have a fistfight with Arman Azha, the ex-Perkasa Youth chief. After we land a few punches and give each other bloody noses that’s that, we lick our wounds. Nobody mengamok b’cos we’ve let it out in an open fight.

          However, the kind of fight that the DAPsters engage in is using poisoned daggers and stabbing in the back (remember that episode when I was accused of “bringing shame to my family name” — you were the one who noticed & brought it up).

          Feint & dodge. Baling batu sorak tangan, and then they turn their noses airily in the air & whistle insouciantly.

          To borrow from Tunku Aziz, this kind of shadow boxing is “a different kettle of fish”. Or as Tunku implied, for an Umno man a fight with LKS or KS is a different dimension from a fight with LGE.

          Shadow boxing is more frustrating than a brawl with Arman Azha or Namewee. Don’t you think a slithery & sly nemesis is far more likely to evoke amok than a hulking opponent?

          Or for “Malays [who] now know how to express themselves”, then in the non-physical plane let’s take your frustration at being censored. And how they rig the already tilted playing field so much so that the environment becomes 999 Thumbs Up or 999 Thumbs Down.

      4. I have always known the Chinese-Malaysian to be kiasu.

        I have always known the Chinese-Singaporean to be kiasu.

        Now, I hear the Singaporeans complain about mainland Chinese being very kiasu.

        See a pattern here?

        Helen, just convert la (even in jest, we’d still accept) and change your name. You can come over to the ‘dark side’ and declare yourself Bumi , la… No need tudung.

        1. I’ve been asked so many times, “Bila Helen nak masuk Melayu?”

          There was once I replied after having been asked too many times, “**** [ex-boyfriend’s nickname] yang nak masuk Cina.”

          It was said in jest but the clan – you know lah how close-knit the Kelantanese are – didn’t think ’twas funny. Tok (grandma who asked the question) almost had a heart attack I think.

      5. Helen, you say

        “Now what I wish to ask (Shamshul & any other Malay who cares to) give an opinion on this: If the Malays get so frustrated at unfairly losing the verbal battles, then how far away is the mengamok (line to cross)?”

        Now i would like to point out the mengamok thingy has a totally different connotation in a vocab sense as oppose to a common folk day to day understanding amongst Malaysians. Based on the later, I think anyone will run amok and it is not just related to the Malays when bread and butter issues are on a tight leash for discrimanatory institutionalized policies like what happened with HINDRAF for the Indian segment of the community.

        I am not so sure whether losing a verbal battle would cause the malays to amok but rather one that concerns their bread and butter. Then here is the question again, whose bread and butter? The politicians and the super rich or the typical demured regular Malay society?

        Someone had earlier spoken of a class war, and indeed I think it is a class war between the capitalist and proletariat classes. Capitalist is one without any fixed affliance except for material enrichment, whereas proletariat is what is humane amongst each other within the society.

        Now my question is why would the majority Malays mengamok against fellow Malaysians if it is just and fair that the present day Malaysians whether Malay or Non Malay are afforded their rightfull position to earn their bread and butter like any one else without any interference from a fixation on race, religion which is very subjective to one’s own desire.

        The sad part of the whole thingy is we always bring race and religion into the picture rather than dealing with issues in hand that concerns the common folks’ bread & butter and play right in to the hand of the the politicians for their convenience.

        My humble thoughts as an apek dishwasher in New York like me who like to feel worthy to be humane in my ability to earn my bread and butter without infringing into the rights of another for their inability to do so through institutionalized policies that befits the politicians and their alter ego against regular common folks.

      6. Dear Helen,

        Why should we molly-coddle any Malaysian and give them an excuse for violence? Yes, amok is a Malay word, but why should Malaysians live with under the shadow of fear over slighted Malays, Chinese or Indians running amok?

        Violence indicates the failure of reason, morals, diplomacy and willpower.

        Maybe I have more faith in humans than you do. I think despite May 13th, history have shown that sanity prevailed, common sense prevailed and human decency prevailed.

        We cannot hide our flawed positions behind threats of violence. We should address genuine grievances, but we should never let a spoiled and petulant child get away with unacceptable behaviour simply because we fear their tantrums. We can only engage people who are capable of dialogue, and that can even include Perkasa or DAPsters.

        I was trying to get some risk assessment. How far do you think common sense prevailed during Bersih 3.0? What do you make of Anwar & Azmin’s hand signals? Don’t you think Tian Chua was a rabble-rouser in Bersih 2.0? If the hooligans could turn against the law enforcement, what makes you think they will not turn against some other group that is made scapegoat if incited? Study Anwar’s personal history & MO. Lastly, since I’m close & personal with DAPsters, from my POV I’ve no hesitation to say they do lack decency. — Helen

      7. we use words to communicate accurate information, not to inflame. really dun know where and what some trying to lead us into.

      8. Well, tepuk sebelah tangan tidak akan berbunyi. Even if there were indeed policemen injured or killed in action, the force must be disciplined enough in discharging their duties. Focus on apprehending the culprits, not take it out on bystanders. Those thugs in Bersih 3.0 should be reprimanded and punished, but we hold our police to higher standards, and imho, they did ok under the circumstances.

        We all can only soak up whatever insults and pejorative others can come up with, and for any politician, it comes with the job description. It does not mean we should ignore them. You are engaging everyone on the spectrum, but of course, you can only respond to those who have a coherent argument.

        As for street protesters looking for a fight, let me put it this way, there comes a point where the charlatans will be exposed. Did Anwar and Azmin incite the crowd to break the law? The court will hear about it and lets give the foolish supporters a break, they were just too enthusiatic.

        We are all grown ups, we can take the words and venom and let it slide. Let’s just hope the other side doesn’t start crying when we are dishing it out.

        Have a look at the Chinese media. I see a lot of Dear Leader coverage too. Which makes the estimated 80% (let’s ride on Daim’s intel fig.) support unsurprising. — Helen

      9. Have a look at this article- the ‘Allah manipulation’ by Anglophile Christians, the DUMC using deceptive songs called ‘Alhamdulillah’ and ‘Allahuakbar’ are all simply pathetic strategies to make Christianity more palatable to Muslims and these deceptions are not just used in Malaysia. Christian or more accurately, Paulian theology of the triune godheads is clearly shirk (polytheism) which is the one sin Allah will not forgive. Even though we were colonised by Christian forces for more than 400 years, their missionaries never had much success with us (except the non-Muslim indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak).

  30. Helen you should change the topic to what the Chinese will get?

  31. Helen,

    The very basic foundation of islam is accepting that there is only one God( Allah). While for christianity, there is a concept called “trinity” in the form of father, son and Holy spirit.

    Sharing the name will eventually bring Muslims into only one thing in future: CONFUSION. Because I can foresee Christian missionaries will say this “samalah ugama kita. Nama Tuhan pun sama”.

    For Muslim to equate Islam with Christianitysuch as uttering the above word) is consided to have done an unforgivable sin:EQUATING GOD WITH OTHERS.

    In short, allowing Christians to use the name “allah:’ will effect the very foundation of religion. To Muslims, it is worse than Portuegese iNvasion of Malacca, Malayan union or even having a Yahudi( Guan Eng) overlording Penang.


    The above saying aptly describes the actual situation. I believe the intention of Christian missionary to use the word “allah” is not that they are so fascinated with the word. rather, what better way that to influence muslims to convert to christianity than sharing a name.

    For gullible people, it is seen as an innocent request. What is in “name”. BUT WHAT THE NAME REPRESENTS?

    Muslims voice are unfortunately weaken as PAS, in its quest to unseat UMNO uses the name as a bait for Chinese votes. Therefore, if UMNO objects, DAP can easily says “itu taktik UMNO nak takutkan Melayu. Orang PAS ok saja”.

    As mentioned in quran, Allah SWT said that there will be time when people who look so religious are selling religion for material and worldly benefit. This is what exactly PAS is doing.

    Despite what people may want to associate Malays with going berserk, I on the contrary admires and more importantly are upset that Malays are so “lembut” in their reaction.

    They are forever patience. Even the carnage on May 13, 1969 was actually started when some Chinese extremists ( ask kit siang) showing “penyapu” to Malays and Malays being killed in a cinema in Kuala Lumpur.

    But when their patience were tested beyond comprehension , they will leave their mark for all to see.

    Therefore Helen, please do tell DAP or Ambiga actually they are practically out of line .

  32. MsianInNY.. Its not just capitalist. Leaving aside Wall Street, capitalist isn’t necessarily a bad word. Its the juxtaposition between the BOURGEOISIE and the proletariat.

    “These inefficiencies manifest themselves as social contradictions in society in the form of class struggle… this struggle materializes between the minority (the bourgeoisie) who own the means of production, and the vast majority of the population (the proletariat) who produce goods and services. Taking the idea that social change occurs because of the struggle between different classes within society who are under contradiction against each other” Wikipedia on Marxism.

    “the bourgeoisie describes a social class “characterized by their ownership of capital, and their related culture”; hence, the personal terms bourgeois (masculine) and bourgeoisie (feminine) culturally identify the man or woman who is a member of the wealthiest social class of a given society.” Wikipedia on Bourgeoisie.

    It was in Karim Raslan’s article that first highlighted the underlying class war that is happening in our midst. We more or less know it exist but is afraid to call a spade, a spade.

    And to the question when society “mengamok” – “You get tragedy where the tree, instead of bending, breaks” – Ludwig Wittgenstein.

    Dear Leader Kim’s most recent press conference tells a lot about the man & this is the man who is “God’s Gift” to the Chinese. Does it reveal a bender or a bulldozer? — Helen

    1. Of course it takes two hands to clap… So if the tree snaps, it isn’t hard to figure why. I’m for justice, equality but am a realist about MALAYsia & despise political pundits & charlatans. To me, Lim & Lim consitute a dynasty, therefore mildly putting them into the “bourgeoisie” class like their nemesis.

      Since you bring up ‘tree’, I’m minded of CSL. He bent by admitting & resigning & he’s made a comeback. — Helen

    2. The South Korean President Lee Myung Bak earned the nickname The Bulldozer when he was the Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Construction. He even dismantled a malfunctioning bulldozer to study its mechanics and figure out how to repair it. So is the Dear Leader also a bulldozer ? Or is he already busy bulldozing the State of Pinang in order to remake it in his image err his Family’s Image ?

      Hahaha, statues soon? But here’s the Pakatan equivalent of the ubiquitous ‘Ini satu projek Barisan Nasional’ signboard. CLICK photo. — Helen

  33. Okay Tok Rojak, i am sure we have enough of the lingustic rojak but as you say ” Its the juxtaposition between the BOURGEOISIE and the proletariat”. Why do you need a juxtaposition when it is a bread and butter isssue ( maybe nasi lemak in M’sia). What makes us not to make the call that a spade is a spade?

    Our race, religion, or what is only humane when it fits our agenda. This is something that we as a community need to ponder if we are able to dwelve for the community beyond me, me and me and what is it for me.

    The me in me, like you don’t break but just bend and that is truth as many like me & you will sit and talk about what is proper and real without lifting a finger yet will not recognize nor acknowledge when truth and reality falls upon the common folks until we have blogs like Helen to voice our frustration in a form of escapism.

    It is like watching those marvel movies waiting and hoping for a hero. I must thank Helen for she has taken her step to provide us the platform to suffer in comfort.

  34. MsianInNY.. It may seem that I love linguistic gymnastics but there is deep meaning in these given words. “Juxtaposition” can mean mild or deep conflict between opposing sides. So to be nice in Helen’s blog (“so that we suffer in comfort” or at least help change views openly. “Iron sharpens iron”).

    My use of Bourgeoisie is not trying to be politically correct or a smart aleck but to mean Bourgeoise!! This means ruling class either by birth, membership (paid or unpaid) or “guangxi” (string pulling). It also means distinction between the not so well to do and those who have amassed wealth & power through the means pointed out or the practice of where power is held in a small circle/clique (maybe like Lim & Lim).

    Food for thought, with the new restrictions of intake lifted for international schools, will it help elevate or entrench the class war? Which groups will be futher “defranchised” in terms of social classes & ethnic groups? (ie. bigger impact)

    If “meritocracy” should/cannot be applied due to lack of general consensus, societal restrains (like the social contract), can it be applied to a certain group to ensure equality among that group, thereby fulfilling national policies that were first intended to help that group?

    Teasing here…. must chill out now….

    1. Tok Rojak you state that “Juxtaposition” can mean mild or deep conflict between opposing sides”. Now i ask you a simple question, you get stopped by a policeman in the highway, maybe you were speeding maybe you were not but would you not just pay him $50 rather to be dragged to the court to prove that you did not speed as a matter of principle.

      The rudimentary elements that had been imbibed in our day to day life is the biggest giveaway for how hypocritical we can be as and when we chose it to be convenient. Trust me I would rather pay the $50 than try to prove in principle what is just and fair just like any other Malaysian.

      The problem is not the politicians nor their self interested motivation which is a mirror image of the society at large but rather how we individually keep choosing sides to perpetuate their survival.

      Like what “I hate N’Sync’ says: “Don’t preach to the converted, take it to the folks who haven’t considered a matter differently”. This is very true. Having considered the matter differently for another besides me, me & me is what makes or breaks a society. Do you think this is possible?

      1. First, on every occassion being stopped by the police & being asked for a gratitous renumeration, I’ve said “no”. Simple, if I’ve done wrong, haul my ass to the police station or issue me a ticket. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no idealist by saying I’m the perfect guy. I’m not the shouting activist that says, “I don’t want to perpectuate the system of corruption etc”. Yes, its inconvenient but I live with it. Most times, I’m let off.

        Spheres of influence is your answer. Peers, community/culture play a great part… You say, self interested politicians are a reflection of societies’ wrongs. Yes & No…. Is like “the people make the king or the king makes his people.” Does a king still wish to be king of a people that are so decadent?

        We know several things: that society is disjointed, there are sometimes false dichotomies (like how we differ so much in our cultures when our shortcomings is actually prevalent in every culture – the human malady eg. overt or sublime racism even within our own culture), something is seriously wrong and failing in the economy.

        We also know that a two party system needs time to evolve but the raw material is already flawed (ie. my damaged goods term). Even the good can’t last long in the present political system eg. pride & hubris or if you can’t beat them, join them (sphere of influence).

        Our problem is that we are so high on our hate for the present system & prejudices that it’s totally clouding good judgement. For every bad choice, I see other good men/women out there. Watching “The Lady” halfway… It still gives me hope…

  35. I swear, I have nothing to do with this article…

    Folks, I mingle (and really, really have friends among Malays & Indians.. Funny, few Chinese friends. Try to learn, understand & appreciate them if not trying to choose some good adat along the way) but this malady discribed by this sweet Indian girl happens in every community (like I told you so). So, faster we accept ourselves & others, faster get cured (a bit simplistic thinking though!).

    I was with one East Malaysia group & they were telling me that some village elders will not allow the boy to marry a certain girl. Why? Her great, great, great were their slaves!! Talk about long memories & not letting go… we keep reminding ourselves why we need to hate & outcast others so that the fire can keep us warm & cosy in our hearts!! Again, was just chilling out when this crazy article popped up.

  36. Lagi Satu Soalan ‘Kalaulah Keistimewaan Adalah Hak Orang Cina Sanggup Ke Nak Lepas?

    1. NadZree, apalah kefaedahan hak keistimewaan ini yang hanya memberi kemewahan material untuk segolongan rakyat tanpa membentuk akidah yang menyanjungi keperimanusian untuk semua yang berhak sebagai manusia dikalangan kami di Malaysia.

      1. Miny,
        Tak usah lah bersyarah pada saya yang sememangnya tinggal di negara ini, soalan saya itu mudah aje jawap saja la…kalau kita di sini ingin mencari jalan penyelesaian, jawap dulu jawapan jawapan seperti ini kalau tidak berbuih mulut pun tak kemana lah kita…..
        (juga soalan saya yang sebelum ini)

      2. MalaysianinNewYork

        “NadZree, apalah kefaedahan hak keistimewaan ini yang hanya memberi kemewahan material untuk segolongan rakyat tanpa membentuk akidah yang menyanjungi keperimanusian untuk semua yang berhak sebagai manusia dikalangan kami di Malaysia”

        Bombastic words. Terkedu saya sekejap dengan mainan kata-kata tuan. Apakah selama ini tiada keperimanusian yang ditunjukkan oleh parti pemerintah, BN selama memerintah Malaysia semenjak 1957 lagi. Kalau ada ciri-ciri tidak keperimanusian yang dilakukan oleh BN , perlu diperincikan oleh MINY.

        Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman saya dengan MINY, semoga cerita saya boleh menjadi iktibar untuk MINY dan geng geng Cina yang sewaktu dengannya.

        Saya rakyat Malaysia, dilahirkan di Malaysia tapi dibesarkan di Singapura. Ayah saya rakyat Singapura walaupun lahir di Malaysia kerana waktu Singapura berpisah dari Malaysia, ayah saya bekerja di Singapura.

        Dalam tahun 70an dulu, selepas kematian nenek saya, saya tinggal dengan Ayah saya di Singapura tapi bersekolah di Johor Baru. Ayah saya bekerja sebagai kuli saja dengan pendapatan kecil .Hidup kami daif dan miskin. Untuk makanan harian terpaksa berhutang di kedai Cina, dan pabila ayah saya dapat gaji dilunaskan hutang ni dulu sebelum berhutang baru.

        Saya mempunyai lima orang adik beradik dan ketika itu saya belajar didarjah lima. Kecuali seorang yang masih kecil ,adik beradik yang lain tu masih bersekolah ketika itu.

        Dalam tahun 70an, Singapura melaksanakan polisi “Stop At Two”, satu social engineering untuk menghadkan pertumbuhan rakyat Singapura, dikhuatiri dengan pertumbuhan rakyat yang ramai, menyukarkan mereka untuk mencari kerja nanti. Untuk menjayakan polisi ini, mereka yang beranak ramai akan dikenakan kos perubatan yang lebih tinggi , prioriti persekolahan anak yang lebih rendah dan juga akan dikenakan cukai pendapatan yang lebih tinggi berbanding dengan mereka yang kurang anak. Digalakkan juga agar ibu dan bapa yang mempunyai anak yang ramai dimandulkan. Polisi ini hanya dihadkan kepada mereka yang kurang berpelajaran dan kurang berpendapatan saja sedangkan yang kaya dan yang berpelajaran diberi insentif untuk beranak ramai.

        Ibu saya ketika itu tengah mengandung anak yang keenam. Satu hari ayah dan ibu keluar rumah dari pagi dan hanya balik di penghujung petang. Pabila ibu-bapa saya balik, yang saya ingat perut ibu saya telah kempis kembali. Dari perbualan ibu saya dengan jiran, saya terdengar yang ibu telah menggugurkan anaknya dan seterusnya mengikat saluran peranakannya, Saya percaya, ibu bapa saya berbuat sedemikian bukan kerana kesempitan hidup tapi kerana ditakutkan dengan polisi kerajaan Singapore “Stop at Two”. ketika itu.

        Selepas saya besar, saya sedar polisi ini diadakan untuk menyekat pertumbuhan orang Melayu di Singapura kerana majoriti orang miskin dan tidak berpelajaran adalah orang Melayu. Seorang blogger mengesyorkan saya untuk google ” Eugenic” dan bila membuat pencarian “Singapore Eugenic” , apa yang saya jumpa menimbulkan kemarahan pada diri saya.Dalam buku “A Nation Cheated ” oleh Dr Chee Soon Guan, saya petik kata-kata LKY berkenaan polisi eugenic ini.

        “Free education and subsidised housing lead to a situation where the less economically productive people in the community are reproducing themselves at rates higher than the rest. This will increase the total population of less productive people. Our problem is how to devise a system of disincentives, so that the irresponsible, the social delinquents, do not believe that all they have to do is to produce their children and the government then owes them and their children sufficient food, medicine, housing, education and jobs…We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two. We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic.”

        Saya sedar orang Melayu mengikut pandangan pemimpin SIngapura adalah yang dipanggil sebagai “physically, intellectually and culturally anaemic”. Syukur lah polisi ini telah dihentikan beberapa tahun kemudiannya.

        Bandingkan pula dengan layanan kerajaan Malaysia terhadap kumpulan minoriti Cina dan India. Ada ke mana-mana sekatan yang dikenakan kepada mereka.

        Panjang cerita saya. Semoga menjadi iktibar pada MINY dan rakan-rakan sewaktu denganya.Kalaulah MINY dalam situasi saya ni, i.e MINY orang Melayu, saya rasa MINY akan marah dan berdendam.

        Saya tak berdendam dengan orang Cina, tapi saya amat berharap mereka sedar apa yang dipinta kerana apa yang dipinta mungkin akan menyebabkan perbalahan kaum yang panjang.. Bersyukur dengan apa yang ada.. Insyallah satu hari nanti apabila orang Melayu boleh berdiri sama tinggi dengan bangsa lain, orang Melayu sendiri akan menghapuskan hak hak istimewa ini.

  37. Malaysian in New York,

    “….Hanya memberi kemewahan material…..”

    Betul ke? Atau itu hanya pandangan anda. Hak orang Melayu adalah hak mereka. Jika ada ketidak adilan itu hanyalah bahagian pelaksanaan. Boleh dibetulkan tanpa gadaikan hak.

    Ingatlah. Hak orang melayu diberi kerana Raja raja Melayu sanggup buat apa yang orang lain di dunia ini pernah buat:MEMBERI KEWARGANEGARAAN dalam satu jumlah yang besar dalam sehari dan dengan itu menjadikan orang melayu berkongsin satu negara dengan bukan Melayu WALHAL negara itu dulunya eklusif milik Melayu.

    Jika ada yang tak sanggup terima kenyataan. Thankyou so much. pack your baggage and out you go.

  38. Shamsul, marahkah!!! Macam you cerita “Jika ada yang tak sanggup terima kenyataan. Thank you so much. pack your baggage and out you go”. Apa yang menjadi kenyataan di M’sia, hak you atau keperimanusian. Bolehkah kita buat kesimpulan disini dari segi pandangan anda ini, Malaysia yang hanya apa yang penting untuk Melayu and yang lain can fly kites. Apalah brother, sudah pakai, kena buang pula, betulkah ini dari sudut keperimanusian walaupun kita ini rakyat Malaysia?

  39. Wah to Tok Rojak, what an exemplary Malaysian. If only I can be like you. Then you say “We also know that a two party system needs time to evolve but the raw material is already flawed”. That is is a red flag in my perception. Now when I say red flag it does not mean that the rest eventually run your agenda but it is what I perceive in my own thoughts. I like Shamsul as he is truthful and sincere for how he/ she feels with an ability to speak his/her mind out without an entrenched agenda. What you see is what you get.

    1. My agenda? What agenda? Entrenched agenda? If the British were so concerned about democracy, why didn’t they enforce or at least advise on a two party system? First, Malaysia is disjointed.. BN isn’t even a one party system – its a marriage of convience.. Look at CSL’s comments today… PAS one day can marry UMNO, then divorce, then start courting again… Why? Because they realize the unity among the Malays & umrah is upmost… and because moving towards their ideals is seriously being hampered by scandals in PR and the “perception” that they are subservient to DAP.

      In the last few days, so many views going to and fro.. First, I don’t believe in a two party system and the junk PR is dishing out. If they talk so much, dissolve their individual parties & merge. But they will say, let BN do it first… We are not in a school yard trying to see who shows what first. Red flag?? Its always been a red flag slapping our faces long ago. Its just that we are clouded by our anger of injustice, prejudice etc.

      In Malaysia, Malays calls the shots.. full stop. Hate me, love me… what you see is what you get… If they are inclined to accept the state of disparity, the anemic educational system, the slowly but definite ecomonic regression in terms of direct investments, capital building, development of technical skills besides prudently developing our natural resources and the worrying national deficit, then I accept my lot and is happy. But some Malays are taking a harder look at their communal & political representatives in light of the present situation.. Bersih 3.0, who made up the majority? Neither might is right nor mobocracy as Miriam Mokthar so aptly coined our present predication in the public square discourse.

      There are many progressive and concern Malays, first worried at the state of Bangsa Melayu, Keadaan Melayu dan Perkembangan Melayu. They need to be empowered with a vision for themselves, rise to their place under the sun, have a self worth because of the accomplishment, stand up above or shoulder to shoulder with Chinese & say with impunity that this is the true Bangsa Melayu. Therefore, it should be first setting out the Malay agenda before a Malaysian one. If you feel short changed, blame the British. Malaysia isn’t the first place that we feel screwed.

      If there is a such leader to lead, so what, why can’t I follow?

      1. I don’t think we need to teach and educate the Malays or Melayu to be humane and sopan satun as they are for what is compassionate for others. I think we the non Malays need to understand their aspiration and work with them as we have done in the past.

        The regular majority Joe/Jane Malays are not unreasonable, but the Non Malays are to a large extend for how we manipulate and use the semua tahu Melayu with material enrichment.

        Maybe i am wrong in my thoughts but to a large extend you cannot blame regular Malays folks. This is a Non Malay opinion who do appreciate the majority Malay folks who are sober in their thoughts fo the betterment of the society irrespective of the origin in Malaysia.

        I think you’re correct in your second paragraph. These Malays that you speak of can be found aplenty among the Twitterers following a certain Twit. — Helen

  40. Helen

    Sorry need to repost this….

    Soalan Utama ‘Apa Orang Cina Nak ?’
    Soalan Kedua ‘Orang Melayu Nak Bagi Ke ?’

  41. Malaysian in New York,

    Because of humanity, Malay rulers agreed to citizenship an an unprecedented scale in human history. So, stop insinuating that I imply only Malays have rights.

    It is quite simple actually. If you want to challenge the malays, they would likely response the way I answered you. Pack your things and get out if you are unable to accept their rights as enshrined n the Constitution.

    Meaning the Malays will start challenging your citizenship. It will be very unpleasant as Malays do not want to do that despite having the power to do so.


    Malays can accept criticism. But they are not stupid to think that BERSIH 3 is about free election. The intention was to provoke the police.

    1. Shamsul,

      You say:

      “Because of humanity, Malay rulers agreed to citizenship an an unprecedented scale in human history. So, stop insinuating that I imply only Malays have rights.”

      Friend that shows how much history you know of your country for how it got its independence and who were there stakeholders. Did you know and history does not lie — In 1957, Federation of Malaya’s total revenue was over $180 million of which rubber and palm oil contributed 68 percent, tin 30 percent with the rest 2 percent. This is public information in Kew Gardens maintained by your previous colonial master and not some figure plucked out from the sky.

      I think the contribution speaks for itself from which segment of the community it came from. So it was not humanity but to ensure the elite Malays along with the elite Non-Malays can continue to monopolize the regular joe/jane and replace the British.

      You are truthful in your approach for how you feel, but don’t be another BN/PR blind trooper without your facts in place with emotions without understanding the problems the Non-Malay faces with present day colonizing masters.

  42. I’m sure despite the big mess, many people came out to Bersih 3.0 with good intentions. For certain, it was hijacked by politicians.

    Second, we cannot say that 60-70% were paid to come out. Therefore, people have higher expectation & aspirations for the country – Malays standing side by side with Chinese. Don’t need to recount stories of how the Malays were helping some of the injured & elderly Chinese – this is the stuff Malaysians are made off in times of crisis.

    Third, if it was just “duduk” & bantah, everyone has their right to do so. But will it change the process of electoral change? Maybe, maybe not.

    Gerrymandering takes place in every democracy including the most sophisticated ones. My greatest objection to Bersih 3.0 is that politicians left innocent civilians to fend for themselves while they slipped away quietly (videos were so clear). Instigators pushed the police to test their limits while people heading home had their backs to the tear gas cannisters!! In my book, its called cowards. Our politicians are cowards.

    But Bersih 3.0 is historical & a political watershed not because it has never happened before in such numbers but it’s a final culmination forcing Malaysians to decide what happens at GE13 and beyond. Bluntly speaking, it’s forcing the Malays to decide between Najib (UMNO) or even replace him within if there is a political mis-step, Anwar or Hadi Awang. Or none of the above.

    If Anwar wins, he will try to stay on as long as he can like Mahathir (age catching up with him too), even maybe consolidate with UMNO since there isn’t much prestige running a rag tag team like PKR. Hadi Awang & Tok Guru is already old, so if the Malay chooses this option, then they must accept the second liners like Mat Sabu, Nasruddin etc..

    Forget about Ah Pek Lim, without Anwar, they will still be talking about Tanjung IV, V, VI… They have become strong because MCA & Gerakan have lost their way…

    Or is there another option? Maybe not today but if we do not pursue a new or newer agenda, then we keep living with the choices we have. Therefore, I live with the hope of independent candidates like Uthaya or anyone else from the other communities to keep our present system honest. I heard an ant on the elephant’s back can still give a pretty powerful punch!

  43. Tok rojak,

    No need to wait for crisis to know that Malaysians help each other irregardless of race, religions .

    Whatever said about BERSIH 3. one thing is clear is that it is about Anwar refusing to accept Qada and Qadar that he is not the Prime Minister. Clean and fair election, something that Anwar was not bothered to talk about when he was in power is just a facade .

    The problem is his “nafsu’. and other useless politicians like Mohd sabu or Kit siang tagged along, eager to earn some political advantage.

    Contrary to what you may like to see, BERSIH 3 exactly does the opposite. It shows the real character of Anwar who is willing to do anything for power.

    In Islam, the intention is off paramount importance. What is one intention as an example to pray. To earn accolade in this world or we do it sincerely as it is the foundation of religion.

    Similarly, is it really about Clean and fair election? Why rejected the offer to conduct the demonstration in a stadium. Only a moron will not be able to see that the intention is to clash with the police and to paint the force in bad light.

  44. Salam dek Helen,

    Masih ingat lagi Ops Lalang 1987? Ianya berlaku tatkala UMNO menghadapi krisis dalaman yang paling buruk, 24/4/87 menyaksikan team A dan team B berentap dalam perhimpunan agung UMNO, 25/6/87 UMNO diheret ke mahkamah, 27/10/87 PDRM lancarkan OPS Lalang, 4/2/88 UMNO dibatalkan oleh mahkamah.

    Apa kaitan dengan isu semasa? Kaitannya banyak. UMNO sedang berantakan sesama sendiri dan pada masa itu jugalah isu pendidikan Cina dan bahasa kebangsaan dimainkan. Parti politik Cina bersatu (MCA, DAP, Gerakan) menuntut kerajaan memberi perhatian lebih kepada VS, menolak 100 guru Cina yang tidak fasih berbahasa Cina dari menjadi penolong kanan dan guru besar di sekolah Cina. Bahasa Cina juga dituntut untuk diiktiraf sebagai salah satu bahasa kebangsaan. Budaya Malaysia berteraskan budaya Melayu juga ditentang. Isu-isu berkaitan Islam dan Kristian juga berkumandang.

    Ops Lalang menangkap lebih 100 orang yang terdiri dari ahli-ahli politik dan aktivis-aktivis lain. Tun Mahathir adalah PM pada masa itu, menteri pendidikan adalah Anwar dan PM Najib ketua pemuda.

    Jika UMNO dibaca sebagai Melayu dan MCA, DAP, Gerakan dibaca sebagai Cina, banyak yang Melayu belajar. Saya percaya banyak juga yang Cina belajar.

    Secara jujur dari hati Pak Ard kepercayaan Melayu terhadap bukan Melayu belum ada. Sikap mengambil kesempatan (opportunist) dan terlalu pentingkan kaum sendiri jelas kelihatan. Kesempatan timbul kerana UMNO ketika itu lemah. Mengambil kesempatan menindas ketika lemah bukan sahabat.

    Berdebat dengan teori dan falsafah politik dengan istilah-istilah ilmiah memang menarik didengar. Akhirnya yang dipertimbangkan adalah maksud tersirat dan niat. Perlembagaan dan kemanusiaan diperjuang serentak secara berpilih-pilih. Bila sesuatu perkara yang dituntut boleh disokong dengan kehendak pelembagaan lalu perlembagaan dipertahankan konon, tetapi bila perkara lain yang dituntut bertentangan pula dengan perlembagaan, disebut pula istilah kemanusiaan dan hak asasi konon, dan orang yang mendengar hujah disuruh telan mentah-mentah kerana dipandang bodoh dan tak reti berfikir.

    Apa perbezaan dan persamaan keadaan sekarang berbanding masa itu? Mempergunakan isu Kristian, pendidikan Cina, bahasa kebangsaan, dan perlembagaan untuk mengubah dasar negara sewaktu Melayu dilihat berpecah berderai. Lalu cerita basi muzakarah UMNO dan PAS timbul balek.

    Dalam waktu terdekat yang boleh kita harapkan ialah agar tidak ada pertelingkahan kaum dan pertumpahan darah, itu sudah cukup baik.

    Kemudiannya, perpaduan kaum tidak mampu digerakkan oleh parti politik, itu pandangan Pak Ard. Gerakan sosial yang bebas dari pengaruh parti politik mungkin boleh. Ianya akan mengambil masa. Tidak salah untuk memulakan. Tetapi jika ingin dimulakan dengan pindaan perlembagaan, itu satu kesilapan.

    Terima kasih Pak Ard atas komen. Saya pun berpandangan “dalam waktu terdekat yang boleh kita harapkan ialah agar tidak ada pertelingkahan kaum dan pertumpahan darah, itu sudah cukup baik serta perpaduan kaum tidak mampu digerakkan oleh parti politik”. Ini penilaian yang realistik berbanding dongeng Hosanna, Hosanna. — Helen

  45. Salam Pak Ard,

    Buat masa ini rasa nya ‘pertembungan’ yang Bapak dan Helen maksudkan itu cukup sulit untuk dielakkan, mungkin soalan Nya sekarang adalah bila….tapi ini cuma pendapat saya. Ini berdasarkan kepada analisa terhadap diri saya sendiri sebagai seorang Melayu.

    Saudari Helen,

    Saya ingin berterima kasih kerana diberi ruang disini meluahkan isi hati saya. Saudari tentu perasan komen saya sebelum ini adalah amat ringkas dan didalam ‘tajuk ini’ adalah berbentuk soalan.

    Sebenarnya saya ingin memancing jawapan dari para komentar di ruangan di ruangan ini……tapi hampa

    1. Apa yang Sebenarnya kaum Cina Nak?
    Jwpn Saya – Penghapusan ‘Hak Keistimewaan Orang Orang Melayu’

    2. Orang Melayu Nak Bagi Ke ?
    Jwpn Saya – Tak Mungkin, Biar Sampai Berputih Mata

    3. Katakan Hak Keistimewaan ini milk kaum Cina mereka nak ke Hapuskan?
    Tekaan saya – Nak kot……heh…heh…

    menakutkan tapi ini lah saya…..
    yang lebih menakutkan saya…

    1. Adakah mereka senekad saya ?

    2. Adakah lain Melayu yang berpikiran seperti saya?

    Jadi Pak Ard, Saudari Helen,

    Mengikut pehatian saya buat masa ini tak nampak jalan ‘Keluar’ yang lebih terang adalah ‘Pertembungan’

    Cukup dulu disini…..Samsung lain Kali

    Wsalam wbt

    1. Buat Saudara NadZree,
      Pak Ard pun sedang perhati,.. macam ada sumbang langkah tari, macam ada selubung litupi diri,…macam ada seloka menduga rasa hati,…hanya kita kenali diri sendiri…Semoga berjaya…

  46. Dear Goondoo, thank you for your response. Every regular Malaysian like you irrespective of their origin has a similar story including me (meaning the regular Joe/Jane).

    My post in #98 & #101 is very clear on my stand as to whom I am relating to the prevailing current day problems. You say “Saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman saya dengan MINY, semoga cerita saya boleh menjadi iktibar untuk MINY dan geng geng Cina yang sewaktu dengannya”.

    Kawan, my friends are Malaysian tak sekadar Cina sahaja because that is how I grew up. Lived in Malay majority area with pockets of Chinese & Indians.

    The polarization of Malaysia as you know is perpetuated by the politicans ie BN/PR and the sooner we grow out of this, the better it is for the regular Joe/Jane. How and where does this start, easy, see and understand the issues in hand that is being raised if there is any validity for the growth of Malaysian irrespective of origin rather than permeating the desire of the politicans as we see these days.

  47. simple – the chinese want everything but would think many, many times to give back. The chinese are BIG complainers even though that there are others around them who have less than the chinese.

    And the chinese are extremely good at taking advantage when the powers need them.
    The idea of bertolak ansur in the chinese society is not there.

    Survival is an important element in the chinese culture to the extend that their own survival comes FIRST and FOREMOST!

    It is not surprising to see malaysian chinese who still cannot speak properly the unifying bahasa malaysia.

    Who else can ratify these shortcomings? Only the chinese can do this themselves but again – self survivality needs always come first.

    If Singapore attacks Malaysia – i personally wouldnt want a malaysian chinese soldier to watch my back.


    1. I think the likelihood of an attack by singapore is far less than an attack by indonesia… so called ‘serumpun’

      Its ironic while we call the indonesians saudara sebangsa and serumpun, they spit at us and call us ‘malingsia’

      1. at least in Indonesia all the chinese there speak very good bahasa indonesia but over here….still apek tongkang level.

        With dear leader readily accepting visits from PAP to Penang… it makes me wonder…if the DAP is planning to rekindle its old blood ties to the PAP?
        Its no wonder…you hear reports of abuses against indonesian maids are always from chinese families…..perhaps venting their senseless anger against the malays through the serumpun connection?

        A chinese in Malaysia will forever think for himself first…. never for his neighbours or friends….this is the problem. And the chinese are extremely efficient in complaining and making demands after demands when you think that the chinese make up the highest number of the upper class and middle class.

        Seen any chinese police constables or rank and file soldiers lately? NOPE…. theyd rather send their wealth overseas than signing up to fight for Malaysia.
        And theyd rather be officers than the rank and file…and if there are indeed chinese in the rank and file, is extremely rare.

        OWN survival AND greed s the chinese’s only priority which is understandable but at the same time deplorable when you think the other races have always bee welcoming and accommodating.

        Time to change this silly mentality perhaps?

  48. We live in Malaysia, and if all its citizens cannot speak to each other using its ” Mother ” tongue than its a sad situation. Let me relate a story that I see frequently during my travels and particularly to our Neighbour Singapore. ” I was in the Hotel lift, and together with me was a big family of 6 , wife, husband and 4 adolescent kids. All were communicating in Bahasa Indonesia, and of course I could understand and smiled at one of the kids who said something. I then asked the Father if he they were from Indonesia, silly question but meaningful, as I then proceeded to ask them if they were Chinese which they all looked like, and he said Yes. I asked him if they all spoke Chinese, and the wife said YES. ” I did not ask anymore questions as then I would have shown my stupidity. In France, UK, Japan, Sweden, Germany and a few more countries I encounter the same thing. So fellow Malaysians, what kind of society are we raising in this country, and what will the future hold for all of us. Every Immigrant worker I have met speaks fluent if not very good Bahasa Malaysia. So what kinda of excuses can we as adults make for our future generations. Are we one nation ? Or are we Chinese , Indians and Malays ? What are we if not Malaysians.

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