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Why Tunku Aziz is right to say they’re “utterly mad” dan “biadab”

Media is open domain. I wonder what lies they’re spreading about Tunku Aziz in the protected Twitter and Facebook.

In the news report headlined ‘Tunku Aziz says Penang Institute “utterly mad”, the former DAP vice chairman was responding to a press conference called by the state-funded institute repeating its offer of Senior Fellowship.

“They must be utterly mad. Do they really think they can tell people it is not a DAP think tank?” the 78-year-old told The Malaysian Insider.

“Penang Institute executive director Datuk Woo Wing Thye was quoted by The Star as saying that he would be “very happy if he accepts it” and the offer was not tied to whether the founding president of Transparency International Malaysia was a party member.”

(TMI, 18 May 2012)

The next day on May 19, a widely read blog The Unspinners had picked up on a posting of mine on the news item above.

Unspinners wrote, “Ada banyak bola tanggung terhadap DAP dan khususnya Lim Guan Eng dan Hannah Yeoh tetapi The Star sengaja tidak laporkan”, and included the fact that The Star hanya mengambil sudut pusing 180-darjah dan bersahaja dengan laporan dalam akhbar tersebut bertajuk, ‘Fellowship offer still open, Penang Institute tells Tunku Aziz’.

One Unspinner reader calling himself ‘nasi dan kicap’ left the comment below (see screenshot, right) this morning.

nasi dan kicap says:

May 20, 2012 11:46:00 AM GMT+08:00


moto korang unraveling spin and lies tapi korang langsung tak buat homework. main ikut je apa yg helen ang si lesbian ni cakap.

ni bukan unraveling spin and lies but spreading lies. u should know who this helen is before believing in what she told u.

the star, like any other newspapers such as berita harian, harian metro, nst, sinar harian and utusan publish various editions – north, east, south, cental, sabah and sarawak.

dalam kes the star ni, semua dakwaan helen ni karut sebab semua berita tu dah dimuatkan dalam edisi pulau pinang the star. orang johor tak minat baca hal politik penang dan kelantan.

aku tak salahkan korang sebab korang tak pernah keje newspaper dan tak tau operasi editorialnya 100 peratus tapi at least verify la dulu tuduhan si helen ni atau cal editor star di penang untuk sahkannya.

tak baik tuduh2. blog ni memang bagus tetapi akan lebih bagus kalau semak fakta dan jngan dengar tohmahan seperti ni tak tentu pasal.

si helen ni bukan saja anti kerajaan malah anti islam dan anti melayu. nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai dia ni, aku akan bagi input dalam e-mel korang nanti.

hati2 bro, jgn termasuk perangkap orang macam ni.”

***   ***   ***   ***

The comment by ‘nasi dan kicap’ – which is typical of the kind of smear campaign carried out against Pakatan critics – illustrates just how low the troopers will stoop when opposition hotbed Penang is touched.

In paragraph (1), ‘nasi dan kicap’ throws the allegation “helen ang si lesbian”.

Tunku Aziz had said Penang Institute “must be utterly mad”.

I will now repeat the exact same phrasing about this Penang cybertrooper’s accusation that I’m a lesbian — “He must be utterly mad!”

Further accusations made by ‘nasi dan kicap’ include this: “semua dakwaan helen ni karut sebab semua berita tu dah dimuatkan dalam edisi pulau pinang the star”.

There are contradictions and illogic inherent even in the above one statement alone by ‘nasi dan kicap’ .

About the news items that The Star failed to report on, The Unspinners had summarized:

“Helen Ang sini mendedahkan The Star tidak melaporkan beberapa peristiwa penting di Pulau Pinang:

  • Perbicaraan kes saman malu RM30 juta Umno Pulau Pinang terhadap Lim Guan Eng yang mendakwa Umno terlibat dengan kebakaran pejabat DAP
  • Chan Lilian, seorang petugas pejabat Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dipanggil polis untuk memberi keterangan berkaitan tweetnya yang mengatakan penganut Kristian dianiaya.
  • PDRM telah menerima aduan tuduhan rasuah bersabit ganjaran RM50,000 yang ditawarkan Tunku Aziz oleh Penang Institute, badan yang dipengerusi Guan Eng.
  • PDRM menyiasat kes Hannah Yeoh didakwa memfitnah Lee Chee Leong, timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri.”

The cybertrooper ‘nasi dan kicap’ claims that the Penang edition of The Star had published all the news listed above. And that these articles may not have been in the other regional (i.e. Central and South) Star editions because Johoreans are not interested in reading about politics in Penang (North region).

The Star Online- Archive Search DATE: 2012-05-20 TIME: 19-39-17

Lim Guan Eng

The Star carried two stories on the RM30 million defamation lawsuit by Umno Penang against the chief minister heard in court. Screenshot above of Star archive search taken about half an hour ago (on Sunday).

My blog posting had gone up on May 18, 2012 at 6:59 pm, i.e. two days ago on Friday.

The time-stamps prove that at the material time I published my posting, there were no Star articles as yet. Furthermore, I had read that piece of news much earlier in the day in the other media before I put fingers to keyboard to type out my story.

Chan Li Lian

Lim Guan Eng’s Christian aide was questioned by police again on 16 May 2012.

Searches in both The Star‘s archives (see also screenshot bottom of page) and through Google turned up zero on the above episode.

I doubt that the ‘nasi dan kicap’ hatchet man can substantiate his claim that any story – on Chan Lilian being questioned by police for a second time – had ever appeared in The Star, even if only in the northern edition as he claimed.

Huan Cheng Guan

The story on the corruption complaint against Lim Guan Eng vis-a-vis Penang Institute was indeed carried by The Star. I had missed it in my online search because the paper misspelled the name.

The name of the PCM vice-president who made the MACC report is Huan Cheng “Guan”.

The Star mispelled it as Huan Cheng “Huan”, hence no result turned up when I searched and leading me to mistakenly conclude that the paper didn’t print the story.

Such shoddy copy-editing standards at The Star !

Hannah Yeoh

Such a pathetic spin by ‘nasi dan kicap’ does not hold water because Hannah Yeoh is the Subang Jaya state assemblyman and the report against her was lodged at the USJ police station in Selangor.

The news, i.e. MCA visited police station and Hannah summoned by police for questioning, was never printed in the paper according to a search through Star Online.

The inherent contradiction is this: On the one hand, this ‘nasi dan kicap’ cybertrooper claims that all the four news items listed above were published in Penang Star because they’re local happenings but may not have been published in KL Star and Johor Star. 

Going by his own proclamation that Klang Valley/Johor readers are not interested in Penang happenings, and conversely Penang readers are not interested in Johor/Klang Valley happenings, it is totally senseless for the cybertrooper to then twist it that the Hannah Yeoh story had appeared in the Penang edition but at the same time is missing from the KL edition of the paper.

Their cybertroopers are truly demonstrating the same lack of logic seen in certain populist DAP politicians.

Their berserk smear campaign

The hatchet man going by the pseudonym ‘nasi dan kicap’ who made the gila “lesbian” fitnah against me at the Unspinners blog also alleged “si helen ni bukan saja anti kerajaan malah anti islam dan anti melayu”.

It is interesting that he declares, “si helen anti melayu dan anti islam” like how some DAP politicians as well as some pro-Pakatan bloggers are always labelling their opponents “racists”.

One minute they say I’m an “Umno/MCA prostitute” and the next minute they’re claiming I’m “anti-government”. They can’t even get their stories straight and to tally with each other.

Tunku Aziz was quite correct to conjure the word “biadab” during his fallout with the DAP.

I’m not the least surprised at his disgust given the vicious character assassination carried out against any critics of DAP.

And it is the DAP Anglophile, evangelist politicians who are prone to calling their rivals “low class”.

No results on Chan Lilian questioned by police


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18 thoughts on “Why Tunku Aziz is right to say they’re “utterly mad” dan “biadab”

    1. For them ‘anything goes’ as they do not recognize any limit in their personal attacks. Tunku Aziz is also very right to say “This man (Guan Eng) has no sense of decency”. ‘No decency’ describes their whole gang.

      1. The reason the man has no sense of decency is because you see, the word “decency” does not exist in his “vocabulary”. In his “vocabulary”, there exist only words like Caliph, Righteous, Good vs Evil, words that describe the complete opposite of what the man really is.

      2. Hi mekyam, the correct word to describe these people is Anglotitutes ! You know what that is ? Anglotitutes = they prostitute themselves to Anglo culture.

  1. Pakatan rakyat troopers are pathetic..they like to attack the grass roots like us and helen ang basically ppl with an iota of disagreement with they like to call bn supporters corrupt and evil without acknowledging their or our rights to democratically elect a firaun and evil UMNO government….such undemocratic behavior is shameless…just like nik aziz imbecilic offer for muzakarah if umno join pakatan rakyat which is utterly stupid…

    1. forrestcat, they attack people like Helen because people like Helen can think rationally, have ability to reason. In other words, these Pakatan cybertroopers are anti intellectual, anti reason.

  2. As usual this kerfuffle is avoidable if all concerned understand that:

    1. The Star is essentially a pro-opposition rag masquerading as a neutral newspaper. Sift through the garbage cloaked as news and turd disguised as erudite commentaries and you will see what I mean but do so with a critical mind and observant eye for the double meanings, the unsaid echoes and of course the gremlins between the lines. The Star is the purveyor of a holier than thou gutter journalism, the vendor of stale limpid commentary that implicitly pokes fun at the government, the retailer of hogwash.
    Mind, you, it is on record for having been cited for dishonourable sanction by the related Ministry over the Ramadan slur, a singer’s offensive body-art, so who is “anti-Melayu or anti-Islam” is best left for your thinking caps to decide upon.

    2. Pakatan Trolls are just that trolls who are so blinded to reality that they will hock their crown jewels for political expediency. Just like a rag that hocks its journalistic ethics for the sake of survival, so do immoral people pawn their balls or cunt for the sake of their stomachs

    The public discourse sphere in Malaysia has been compromised by the presence of immoral cretins both in the form of shapers of opinion and as informed critics of policy or knowledgeable analysts of issues. The end result has been the hijacking of public opinion especially in the urban areas by self-styled “conscientious, intelligent critics” whose only input has been to run down anything Melayu or Islam and whose only cause is to promote the supremacist myths of a certain ethnic group and the religious fervour of a certain pseudo-faith.

    Civil society discourse in Malaysia has not been advanced an iota despite the many claims to the contrary. Rather than a critique of policy or an intelligent dissection of issues, we have name-calling, mockery, calumny and other forms of inane chatter emanating from the so-called educated class. “Educated”, my arse!. All we have are civil society champions wannabes and sundry poseurs whose innards are crippled by ingrained race prejudice, religious bigotry and political partisanship and whose mental faculties so one-dimensional in thinking that are unable to mirror their own realities. Hence, we have political theatre of the absurd where an elite of the liberal/conservative bourgeois manipulate and exploit the eternal dreams and fears of a hapless proletarian hoi polli to generate a street drama of public violence fueled by personal angst.

    Little wonder, we have a cast of Golums led by Lucifer, Belial, Jezebels et al for whom social disturbance is the oh-so-classy, trendy and chic way of giving a semblance of meaning to an ultimately empty, insignificant and inconsequential existence . You know that age old Inggeris speaking quintessentially Bangsarian mentality of being rich in inherited or ill-gotten wealth but poor in intellect and even poorer in morality.

    Warrior 231

    1. The Star is not Pro-Opposition my friend. As I have mentioned, The Star is the Opposition. But because The Opposition is not in power yet, The Star has to adopt cloak and dagger strategy to serve its function as a mouthpiece of The Opposition.

      These Opposition trolls remind me of Squealer, the propaganda chief in Animal Farm.

      Just as Squealer preys on the stupidity of the animals and alters the Commandments from time to time to suit the pigs’ agenda, these trolls twist the story from time to time, as what the troll nasi dan kicap a.k.a rice and ketchup did to Helen, in order to prevent people from asking serious questions as to what is really happening out there.

      1. First some corrections. The following should read as:

        1. The Star is the purveyor of a holier than thou gutter journalism, the vendor of stale limpid commentary that implicitly pokes fun at the government, and the retailer of free hogwash for the public trough.

        2. opinion shapers NOT as stated above

        3………..mental faculties are so one-dimensional that they are unable to mirror their own realities. Hence, we have a political theatre of the absurd in which an elite from the liberal/conservative………………….

        4. meaning to their ultimately empty, insignificant and inconsequential existences.

        Sdr Ahmad

        Yes Squealer aka the Nazi Goebbels,or the Communist Pravda comes to mind while PAS angling the Islam trump card to the gullible is akin to Moses the Crow promising heaven to the compliant. Remember, it is not Islam the problem but a bunch of hypocritical, heretical weirdos wielding the pristine faith of Allah like some magic staff with remote control access to the Almighty.

        In addition, don’t forget Minimus the Poet Pig, the boar who crafts paeans to dear leader.

        All totalitarian societies, be it from the Fascist, Fundamentalist (Christian or Islam) or Communist extremes have one thing in common, the innate ability to use rhetoric to manipulate and con the unsuspecting masses into supporting their self-serving agendas.

        Aligning the above characters to their contemporary Malaysian equivalents is not difficult although a like to like approximation is not possible. Generally, a reading of Animal Farm in the Malaysian context would witness a character profiling as follows: :

        Squealer : read the Star, the MI, MK et al

        Moses the Crow: PAS, the Christian Church

        Minimus the poet pig : the Dapster lackeys who sing the praises of the Great Helmsman : Guan Eng aka Mao aka Kim Il Sung (read Hannah, Teresa et al) or conversely the PKR rabble (read Arsemin et al) who do the same for Anwhore or the PAS piglets (read Karl Sam et al) who squeal in unison for Nik Aziz

        The Old Major : Kit Siang / Nik Aziz

        Napoleon : Anwar, Guan Eng

        The Sheep : The Bar Counci
        The Cat : Ambiga ( remember her dalliance with Dol Badawi and now PR)

        But then again, we would need a reconfigured version for Malaysia to account for certain variances in context. Anyway, Orwell’s comment here is redolent of the opposition’s lack of principles:

        “Orwell originally wrote a preface which complains about British self-censorship and how the British people were suppressing criticism of the USSR, their World War II ally.

        “The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. … Things are kept right out of the British press, not because the Government intervenes but because of a general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact.”

        I can almost hear our local banshee, Marina Mahathir ranting about self-censorship in there somewhere whenever she is relieved from gushing about Louboutin and Gucci that is or about the insanities of raising Ineza or carping about the prices at Marks and Spencer while our village hoi polli fresh from stuffing some one ringgits into a holed Milo tin can at the latest PAS ceramah tends to his cow’s dung under the sweltering heat in Pendang….surely an absurdity worthy for Albee, Arrabal, Ionesco or Pinter hahahahaha

        Warrior 231

  3. Have not purchase even a copy of Star newspaper since 2008. I agree with Ahmad Ibrahim, The Star newspaper is the Opposition itself; neither “if ” nor “but”.

    I visit Helen/JebatMustDie/SatdThinks/SyedOutsideTheBox/RockyBru blog @ a ratio of 100:1 more than I visit The Star website because I do not even want to support them even with an online readership capacity in enabling them to earn or having capacity to charge more on online advertisement.

    As “On The Fence” registered voter since 1992, I decided to choose side for GE13 after the aftermath of the 2008 GE12 and subsequent behavioral and action of DAP/PKR/PAS leaderships and also supporters.

  4. Those of us who are defined by the Federal Constitution (our identity) through articles such as Article 153, we must stand up, we must stand up to defend not only us, but also ordinary Malaysians who genuinely respect the Federal Constitution. We can do this peacefully, we don’t have to call the other communities names, but we must let them know that if they respect the Constitution, we will also defend them as we would defend our community.

  5. Helen, before I sign off for today, I would like to recommend this following subject as the title of your next article if you don’t mind me doing so. “UMNO-PAS Muzakarah…….a message to the Chinese community by UMNO and PAS ?” What do you think Helen ?

    I know what you mean but there is no getting through the thick skulls of self-deluders. — Helen

    1. But Helen, at least it will infuriates them for a while.

      Hahaha, but even without much provocation, they’re already like hornets. — Helen

  6. good piece helen. i don’t think you are a lesbo. but anyways, the fact that you are getting attention, showed that you writings are correct in a way.

    well, just kudos to you. i know some blog like aspan or sakmongkol have been losing fans slowly. some of those comments are coming from the same person with different names.

  7. Tunku aziz was a big baggage to DAP. It is good to get rid of this oversized and old baggage.
    Truly an opportunist.

    1. Mohd aziz, I think the bigger baggage is you. In this blog, we deal with rational adults not political schizophrenias & innuendos. You have something substantial to say, then speak out, don’t come with a one liner comment and make a fool of yourself. I am sure you have enough alternative medias that would get you a lot of positives with the herd mentality. So go play somewhere else child.

  8. I don’t always agree with Sinchew, since most of the ediors are either closet or self-declared DAPsters. However even these editors are alarmed at the extremism, cult of personality and insanity that have taken hold of the DAPsters and their Dear Leaders.

    Read below the heart-felt comments of Tay Tian Yan, editor forrmerly a committed DAPster. Strangely I hear the same views more and more here in Penang among the more educated Chinese. But DAP is still in their syiok-sendiri mode and thinking the Chinese voters are in their pocket and got drunk with their own Kool-Aid.


    “Some might think it would be alright just by calling Tunku names, accusing him of being bribed by BN.

    No way! If DAP goes on this way, it will only find itself sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire.

    Tunku joined DAP all because of an aspiration, thinking his move could propel the nation’s democracy and progress. Lim Kit Siang can testify on this.

    When this party begins to lose its ideals to favouritism and utilitarianism, its culture begins to recede.

    Tunku’s resignation could be just a blasting fuse, a more profound factor being the populism and fanaticism that are beginning to take shape within the party in recent years. These people are eager to drift with popular sentiments, and lose the rational thinking and democratic traits the party enshrines.

    As if that is not enough, DAP has found itself infiltrated by a bunch of mundane folks lacking in both democratic qualities and political ideologies.

    As these people ascend the leadership ladder, they begin to create issues and foes while engaging themselves in all sorts of seditious and provocative tricks, causing the moderate thinking to feel disgruntled and disenchanted.

    Under the spell of populism and fanaticism, the party surrenders its capacity to think and debate logically, rendering it less tolerant to criticisms.

    While the Tunku incident might appear on surface as an aftermath of the Bersih 3.0 rally, or even some may say he acted on the spur of the moment, similar incidents would still get exposed and erupt anyway if not for the Bersih rally or Tunku.

    Having won unprecedented triumph in the last general election, DAP has since failed to entrench its cultural connotation and ideologies, basking instead in public cheers and a sense of well-being. It has tripped into the trap of its own victory.

    In the short term the party can still win the hearts of people chronically unhappy with the BN government, but bear in mind that politics is a marathon race, and the real race is just about to be flagged off when its rivals shift strategies.

    That is when a party’s objectives and ideals will have the say on its eventual competitiveness.

    The departure of Tunku Abdul Aziz signifies the banishment of DAP’s ideals, and once these are gone, the party will be left with nothing but a hollow shell


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