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Seorang lagi pemimpin dituduh sebagai Trojan horse Umno

Antara lainnya, Zaid Ibrahim, Hasan Ali dan baru-baru ini Tunku Aziz dituduh DAPsters sebagai Trojan horse Umno.

Malah Karpal Singh pun pernah didakwa sebagai dibeli Umno serta digesa untuk meletak jawatan pengerusi parti.

Komen pembaca di
Komen pembaca di

Tohmahan-tohmahan dilemparkan terhadap Karpal tatkala pertelingkahan ‘Godfather lawan Warlord’nya dengan pembantu khas Our Beloved Chief Minister iaitu DCM II P. Ramasamy.

Lagipun, sekarang ini hanya tinggal Karpal di partinya yang masih terkontal-kantil menentang hudud manakala gerombolan DAPsters sudah rela supaya dilaksanakan hukum potong tangan (ke atas “penjenayah Umno”).

Namun, ada sebab lain tak, kenapa DAPsters begitu bersungguh-sungguh dalam usaha memfitnah (character assassinate) barang sesiapa, termasuk Karpal, yang mengkritik parti mereka?

Komen pembaca di dan
Laporan berita semalam. SP Setia juga pemaju projek sPICE melalui anak syarikatnya
Komen pembaca di

Adakah tuduhan-tuduhan DAPsters masuk akal?

Sekilas pandang kata-kata para individu yang pernah dituduh.

Zaid Ibrahim menangkis:

“Unlike Khalid [Samad], I do not aspire to have an office in Putrajaya because I had it before. Only a stupid fellow would think that I can be an Umno agent. No one resigns from a position as Minister just to become an agent.”

Berjiwa Umno?

Hasan Ali itu nampaknya seorang pejuang jihad Islam.

Umno sepanjang sejarahnya tidak mempunyai imej sebegitu rupa. Cuba mengenang kembali keperibadian happy-go-lucky Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Tun Razak digelar Bapa Pembangunan sementara Tun Hussein Onn bersekolah rendah di Singapura, kemudian menyambung pelajaran di English College, Johor dan selepas itu mengambil jurusan undang-undang di Lincoln’s Inn, London. Beliau bukan jihadist.

Dr M yang no nonsense itu mana ada berkhutbah macam Pak Imam (atau macam pastor dan high priestess DAP 2.0).

Adakah Hasan Ali membayangkan budaya Umno?

Alahai DAPsters, tolong guna otak sikit, boleh tak?

PAS menuduh ‘Hasan Ali dan Nasharuddin terperangkap dengan agenda Umno‘.

Hasan Ali membidas, “Berapa peruntukan ruang untuk saya dalam Harakah?

Harakah ada melapor ‘Gugur Hasan Ali hanya fitnah Utusan‘.

Hah, akhirnya siapa yang cakap benar?

(Nota: Kalau benar saya diupah MCA atau Umno, kenapa tulisan saya tidak diberi ruang dalam Utusan atau The Star ataupun blog saya diberi publisiti oleh media arus perdana? DAPster-DAPster memang bahlul betul!)

Tunku Aziz pula berhujah:

“… the point is it’s not as if I asked to join [DAP] to be a mole or Trojan horse. I was invited to join …”


Siapa ‘Toffee’s Turn’ (nama samaran blogger) yang membuat tuduhan Trojan horse terhadap P. Uthayakumar?

(kiri) Screenshot biodata dari profil di blognya.

Dia mahukan semua orang mempunyai pemikiran Malaysian First seperti dirinya.

Dia mencemuh orang keturunan India yang berpegang kepada identiti keIndiaan mereka.

Posting saya akan bersambung dengan Bahagian 2 — huraian kenapa blogger Toffee’s Turn ini layak dikelaskan sebagai DAPster Gred A1.

Bersambung: Kaedah untuk “deliver Selangor to Umno”


Anda mungkin juga meminati:

Penang developers “big financiers of certain political parties”?

Take heart, Lim Boo Chang, the truth is out there


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11 thoughts on “Seorang lagi pemimpin dituduh sebagai Trojan horse Umno

  1. Bringing down Karpal could be the Dapters’ greatest achievement he he he ! With the way things are going now, it looks like the endgame is near for Karpal. I could be wrong though. Karpal is a fighter. He could survive the “purge”, but with all those crazed dung lined up against him, this looks remote.

    As for Tunku Aziz, if he was indeed a Trojan Horse, and you invited a Trojan Horse into your party, that really tells something we all here have known for quite sometime. That the DAP is a party manned by not only crazed souls but also dumb pricks.

    Speaking of this Toffee boy, let’s quote what he said :

    “I am willing to pay the price for a better Malaysia because I am a true son of this my beloved country.”

    Yes, you heard him, a true son, remember Anak Malaysia ? He is Anak Malaysia. You see, Anak Malaysia is not a recent phenomenon. Hannah Yeoh didn’t invent Anak Malaysia. She merely brought this Anak Malaysia thing to the surface. This Anak Malaysia was already in existence way, way back to the years when this Toffee boy was a boy cub oops Junior Scout.

  2. Helen, I think you should ignore this tofee’s turn bloke. He can’t even articulate well. He talks like he was born yesterday typical innuendos and the semua tahu attitude that did nothing and yet gloating.

    In light of him being a Malaysian, benefit of doubt needs to be afforded, yet it does not take a rocket scientist to figure him out amongst your commentors irrespective of their origin when they do observe and see the reality amongst their common folks besides for how it is politically driven, it would such a waste of time to dwelve into such susceptible character that holds no weight.

    I would definitely prefer a PERKASA character that fights for its race compare to pseudo namesake Indians who ply with an artificial Indian agenda for the Malaysian Indian vunerability to make ends meet for their own means.

    The slander against Uthaya needs to be rebutted. And it’s not just this ‘Toffee Turns’ bloke alone. The DAPster horde, particularly their English-speaking, Christian ‘Indians’ (oops sorry, a label they reject) have long been turning the knives into Uthaya. As the saying goes, ‘A lie repeated a thousand times …’. — Helen

    1. Helen, like you say, ” A lie repeated a thousand times…” I can understand that in alternative media like MK, MT, MI but in your blog, I think except for a few fanatics, a few semua tahu and a few for escapism purpose most will ignore and stay silent as why should do they interfere in an Indian lawan Indian issue.

      I must say whenever an M’sian Indian issue is discussed it is regarded as frivolous that warrants no further discussion. This is the truth for most not all, so why even bother although I do appreciate that you raise it to create the awareness amongst our intellectual commentors in your blog that an issue should trangress beyond raise, religion or creed if the issue needs to be addressed.

  3. These Dapsters must be mad, must be the tapeworms from consuming too much pork that must have penetrated into their brains.

  4. Karpal had been sidelined not only by Dear Leader but also lately by Ketua Umum. See, who the Ketua Umum chose to defend him on his Bersih mischief case? People may dismiss this as perkara kecil of little significance. But doesn’t the Malay words of wisdom go: sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit (Gelugor)?

  5. Karpal knows very well even if Pakatan forms the next Gomen and Anwar appointed as PM, its only a matter of time before fights among the 3 parties will lead to Pakatan’s crack…and before you know it Karpal would once again quote “I told you so”, “Anwar Ibrahim has caused enough trouble to this country, Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat”…..

    ….”look brother Anwar, I know what you did in Sodomy 1 and 2”, shut the fc..k up and resign, Lim Guan Eng will replace you as Prime Minister”….i told you so, I”ll fight till a non Malay becomes PM.

  6. ‘half of UMNO can’t even sing Negaraku till today”?

    It might be true, but I just wonder how come a RACIST race like Melayu UMNO and this damn proud Melayu UMNO to claim it as this is a country of Ketuanan Melayu, dont know how to sing Negaraku?

    Ahh, how about more than half Indians and Chinese DAP dont even know how to speak Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia? How about calling all races are brothers and sisters but only care for Malaysian Firsters, and cant wait to change the Malaysian flag because they have this optical illusion, saying it is so UMNO and BN-like?

    This Toffee guy is so pahit.

    The Malaysian flag is actually Anglophile. It looks like the East India Company (British colonial exploiter) flag (see here).– Helen

    1. UMNO and BN-like, is because they were accused as British-oriented now and then. Anyhow, thanks for the info. Now I am very pretty sure they have optical illusion.

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