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Zina, ‘potong’ and the suckers born every minute

PAS’s Tok Gurus have repeatedly stated that the prime minister must be Muslim.

Dr Chua Soi Lek caused a verbal flap when he remarked that Kim Guan Eng must “potong” (berkhatan) should the latter wish to become PM. His comment was predictably highlighted by those media indulging their readers’ favourite pastime of taking potshots at the MCA president.

Harakah was not tardy either to get in a dig by bringing up what the party organ dubs Dr Chua’s “tryst with prostitute“.

The Harakah article quotes the Yang Berhormat of Subang Jaya in its second paragraph as saying:

“‘Is it just me or does anyone else think that was such a crude remark?’ snapped Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh.”

It’s perfectly in sync for the PAS paper to be quoting a Christian Taliban who characterized Dr Chua as “crude” (read: “low class”, i.e. Hannah’s favourite word to throw at those disdained by her holy order).

A few months ago at the DAP national confab, Hannah had delivered a similar Christian homily to the party delegates.

Taking her turn at the podium, she preached against adulterers that are the “politicians from BN”.

0:51: “Politicians who value families, marriages, their spouse, will legislate with that in mind and govern like a caring government. We must never be like politicians from BN. Some of them, you know, have belittled the institution of marriage and even caused public humility [sic] to their spouse because of adultery.”

We’ve seen many instances of double standard from Hannah.

Like how she rapped “lackadaisical government officers” for missing state assembly sittings when she herself is a kaki ponteng.

And how she promised to push for reforms in local council elections but instead pushed for the appointment of her own many Special Assistants as Subang Jaya local councillors.

So be prepared to see another piece of double standard from Hannah on adulterers as well.

Below is a screenshot of the Lowyat forum discussion on Dr Chua’s “crude remark”. One commenter wrote that the MCA president is “a loser try[ing] to get some attention”. Note his avatar — it’s the self-portrait of a typical DAPster.

Swaying the multitudes

As you may be aware, Hannah Yeoh has many, many, many opposition supporters following her on Twitter.

One of the Yeopies responded to her tweet (that was quoted by Harakah). The fella Simon S.C. Lim tweeted that crude remarks are only to be “expected from Malaysian politicians from both sides of the political divide”.

Hannah replied saying:

“disagree with u on that, I definitely have higher expectation of a party president and senior politician”.

Now note her words, yah. She disagrees that Pakatan politicians are like BN politicians. (Oh no, Pakatan pollies are saints. It is only the BN-ers who sin.)

And she has “higher expectations” of senior politicians, especially ones who hold the position of party president.

Therefore, the same standard must apply to the secretary-general of DAP whose position is party chief as well.

Snake oil potion

Hail the hallelujah salesmen

Why is it that Hannah commands such a huge Twitter following? Part of the reason is the ‘agenda setting’ (more on this in next posting — updated, read here) by the opposition media.

The trick is to get your name in all the various media — that’s why Kim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh hire so many ‘special officers’ to canvass the pressmen. Today, for example, Hannah is in the Malay Mail.

Her name can even be plastered across the police pondok — a remarkable feat (photo).

The publicity blitz is fuelled when Malaysiakini carries a live feed of Hannah’s tweets and categorizes her as a national ‘newsmaker’.

Another opposition media, The Star, has devoted several articles already to promote Hannah’s Twitter activities.

Reporters from Selangorkini, Malaysiakini and The Star feature constantly in her Twitter conversation threads and even some Star editors are her fans.

Charting Christian growth, and Muslims too

In late September 2011, Hannah Yeoh had about 30,000 Twitter followers. The number had risen to almost 38,000 in late December and by early February 2012, it was 40,000. A month later in March, her Twitter followers reached 42,000 and grew steadily to 44,000 over the following month. Currently it is close to 46,000.

Averagely, Hannah acquires 2,000-2,500 new Twitter followers each month. Besides the Christian crowd, they include young, urban Malays — her ‘Occupy Masjid’ campaign seems to have paid dividends.

This rapid expansion exemplifies the savvy marketing techniques carried out by DAP, such as their gimmick featuring the hornbill mascot. The Jom Ubah cuddly toy is a sales item at the DAP online store and reportedly a popular hit.

The party has even cut an album, recording the Ubah soundtrack in Mandarin and Malay with music video to boot. DAPSY chief Anthony Loke said that their sales pitch through songs was intended to “project a young image and target young voters”.

Alas, the MCA – despite being heckled as Umno’s whore – is no match in the art of selling its politicians. In fact, poor MCA is no better than an old cuckold as their own newspaper is surreptitiously selling the DAP darlings.


The ‘size of balls’ no joke with MCA


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5 thoughts on “Zina, ‘potong’ and the suckers born every minute

  1. Suggest Malaysia should follow Singapore example. kalau ada sex scandal,, sack the ADUN/MP?

    Sapa yang kena?

    1. Anwar Ibrahim (PKR)
    2.Azmin Ali (PKR)
    3. Badrul Amin (PKR)
    4. Mat Sabu (PAS)
    5. Elizabeth Wong (PKR) and many more ADUNs from PAS Kelantan.

    We should set a high standard. If the leaders have low morale, how they intend to become a model leader.

  2. all tweets but no action makes her a dull toy.

    They are only good at talking newmedia wise, name calling/character assassination or angkat bakul promotional blitz but cannot deliver at all

  3. These DAP dung politicians. They remind us of a certain African American senator who parlayed ‘Change and Hope’ in the 2008 American Presidential Election. Yes, Change and Hope. Now after 4 years of Limited Change and Diminishing Hope, the African American President is hawking Forward as his re-election theme. Yes, you heard that, Forward. Forward what ?

    The DAP, after 4 years of CAT, yes you heard that, 4 years ago, of competency, accountability and transparency, has now adopted the “Change” slogan shouted to the top of the heavens by that African American man. Incidentally, the African American President has abandoned Change and Hope. That really says a lot of the DAP, that the DAP is a garbage truck party, “collecting” a theme used by someone thousands of miles from Malaysia 4 years ago because they (the DAP) are what ? Intellectually bankrupt ? That really is the case.

    As for whoring, The Star comes out top really. Look at the coverage they provided for the DAP. But not to worry. The Malay Mail is a close second, followed by The Edge Financial Daily.

    The DAP and their partners should stop complaining that the mainstream media is government media.

    Now, with so much coverage provided by these 3 print outlets, they should be thankful that the owners of these publications for being too accommodating. But it also says a lot of the owners (BN/UMNO). That the owners (BN/UMNO) allow dissent while the other side is, well, the reincarnation of Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union.

    As for Hannah Yeoh, she should demonstrate family values, first by acknowledging that her child is Indian and Chinese. Well actually, her child is Indian since the dad is Indian. By denying that your child is Indian, you’re also telling everyone that your husband is not Indian, how do you honor your marriage ? Talk about family, marriage ! What a fraud !

  4. Heh. “New generation” politicians showing they are better at selling hot air rather than actual honest work. Malaysians deserve who they vote for…

  5. Salam dek Helen,

    Tertarik dengan tajuk kali ini, ia mengimbas kembali cerita “potong” dan “tak potong” yang kerap menjadi gurauan dari dulu. Jika ditempat yang sesuai ia satu jenaka, tetapi di keadaan lain ia berubah maksud. Pak Ard tidak bersetuju dengan kata-kata CSL sebegitu dalam kedudukannya memberi komen kepada LGE. Komen beliau dilihat dari sudut berbeza oleh orang Melayu Islam. Hannah dan Harakah dapat menangkap rasa hati itu lalu memainkannya untuk kepentingan mereka. Apabila komen balas Hannah disokong ramai, dimana puncanya?

    “Potong” dilakukan oleh setiap lelaki Islam dengan membuang lapisan kulit luar dibahagian sulit lelaki. Kulit ini akan berlipat-lipat apabila organ itu dalam keadaan mengecil. Ia menyebabkan kotoran mudah berkumpul dicelah kulit berkedut tersebut. Oleh kerana ia berhampiran dengan saluran kencing, kemungkinan air kencing akan meleleh dan terkumpul disitu.

    “Potong” juga dilakukan oleh orang bukan Islam atas pelbagai alasan mereka sendiri. mereka tak jadi Islam selepas “potong”. CSL patut fikirkan juga untuk “potong”, kerana ia mungkin boleh memperbaiki “performance” beliau??….dalam politik.

    “Potong” juga tidak mustahil dilakukan atas tujuan politik dan kepentingan diri. Ianya “kecil” berbanding dengan kesanggupan wanita menjual tubuh sendiri dan suami “memjual” isteri seperti yang dilakukan oleh sesetengah orang. “Potong” jangan tak “potong”.

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